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Ian rescued Lucy from Kevin, who was promptly arrested. Chris informed Jack that Tess suddenly had DNA. Caleb learned that Alison and Rafe knew they were not siblings. Caleb found the hidden cameras. Elizabeth tried to kill herself after Joshua haunted her.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of February 3, 2003 on PC
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Monday, February 3, 2003

At his Cabin, Ian desperately tries to raise Lucy on the phone but is unsuccessful. Then Ian catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror, complete with fangs and red eyes. Then the mirror suddenly shatters. Ian frantically runs outside to look for Lucy.

In the meantime, Jack checks in with Rafe and explains that Jack plans to keep Tess in public places, such as the Recovery Room, because Jack believes that a lot of witnesses would slow down any move Caleb might try to make against Tess. At the same time, Tess is impressed that Jack is making a special 'date' night out for them, complete with champagne. Jack is surprised when he lets Tess choose a song from the Recovery Room's Jukebox and Tess picks a song that was also a favorite with Livvie. As Jack dances with Tess and wonders WHY she picked one of Livvie's favorite songs to play on the jukebox, Chris suddenly arrives at the Recovery Room. Jack sends Tess back to the Jukebox so that Jack can speak privately with Chris. Chris quickly informs Jack that, when Tess was taken to the Hospital after her encounter with Caleb, the Hospital staff ran blood tests on Tess. Chris explains that he intercepted the tests so that no one else could learn that Tess had no DNA. But, when Chris looked at the tests, he discovered that Tess NOW has DNA!

At Rafe and Alison's Place, Caleb looks down at a sleeping Alison. But, as Caleb bares his fangs and reaches out to touch Alison, the evil monster is suddenly hurled against a wall when Rafe arrives. When Alison suddenly wakes up, she automatically rushes in to Rafe's arms and kisses him. Caleb gleefully admits that it was all a trick to get Rafe and Alison to betray that they now know that they are NOT siblings. When Rafe accuses Caleb of being the one who set Rafe and Alison up to believe that they were siblings in the first place, Elizabeth overhears. Alison went on to accuse Caleb of being responsible for her father's death, an accusation which also shocks Elizabeth. Caleb declares that, since it appears to be truth-telling time, Caleb is demanding to know what Rafe did to Joshua. But when Rafe denies that he did anything to Joshua, Caleb is shocked when Elizabeth suddenly announces that SHE was the one who killed Joshua - because Joshua attacked Alison!

As Elizabeth explains to Caleb that Elizabeth killed Joshua to protect Alison, Caleb surprises Elizabeth by admitting that he is impressed by her courage in admitting that she was the one who killed Joshua. But Caleb announces that Elizabeth KNEW there would be terrible consequences for Elizabeth if Elizabeth ever bit any one, because Caleb had warned her what Caleb would do. As Caleb advances menacingly toward Elizabeth, Rafe suddenly blocks Caleb's way. But Caleb suddenly materializes behind Elizabeth and kisses her. Rafe and Alison demand that Caleb leave Elizabeth alone. Caleb declares that it is good for all of them to have everything out in the open, then vanishes from sight. A shaking Elizabeth went out on the porch for some fresh air and flashes back to her memories of her life with Caleb, including the first time she saw herself with fangs - AND killing Joshua! Meanwhile, inside, Alison told Rafe that, since Caleb now knows the truth about their relationship, they are free to be together openly. But Rafe warns Alison that that ALSO means that Caleb will become even more determined to target Alison to get even with Rafe. However, Alison reminds Rafe that it ALSO means that they are now free to work TOGETHER to defeat Caleb.

Meanwhile, at his romantic hide-away, Kevin kisses Lucy and assures his wife that their love will get them through this crisis, the way they have conquered all the other obstacles they have faced over the past ten years. Lucy reluctantly admits that she is impressed by the way that Kevin has stocked his getaway with all of her favorite things, including her favorite dress and the skimpy nightie that Lucy wore on their wedding night. At the same time, in the woods, Ian calls out to Lucy to help him. Back at Kevin's hide-out, Lucy listens to Kevin as Kevin relives the important memories from their wedding, but Lucy keeps eyeing the phone as Kevin talks. When Kevin looks away briefly, Lucy slips her cell phone out of her handbag. On the pretense of looking at the view from the Hotel window, Lucy tries to dial Ian. But, when Kevin gets the sudden urge to dance and grabs Lucy, he discovers Lucy's cell phone. Kevin angrily smashes Lucy's phone against a wall. As Kevin angrily accuses Lucy of trying to call Ian to come rescue her, Lucy repeats her belief that Kevin needs help. Kevin replies by repeating his position that all he really needs is some time alone with Lucy. Lucy announces that Kevin will NOT be able to change her mind, and bolts for the door. But Kevin grabs Lucy before his wife can scurry out the door. As Kevin accuses Lucy of rushing off to cuddle up with Ian, Lucy protests that it has NOTHING to do with Ian. As Lucy and Kevin struggle, Ian suddenly bursts through the door and knocks Kevin across the room. Lucy looks in horror at Ian's fangs and red eyes!

Tuesday, February 4, 2003

At the Recovery Room, Jack finds it hard to believe when Chris informs Jack that Tess now has DNA. Chris reminds Jack that now Tess can live her life without anyone bothering her as an oddity, which is what Jack has always wanted. When Jack asks how it could happen that Tess would suddenly have DNA, Chris admits that he does not understand HOW it happened. When Jack mentions that it is strange, Chris replies: "Yeah. Well, everything in this town is strange! But SHE is special - and you have always known that. NOW she is special - AND she is real!' When Jack continues to worry about the news, Chris advises Jack to quit asking so many questions and to just be happy. Jack confides to Chris that Tess just played Livvie's favorite song on the Jukebox - and now she has DNA. Chris assures Jack that Tess will NEVER be anything like Livvie and urges his brother again to just be happy. But, after Chris leaves, Jack remembers Tess telling him that she was a part of Livvie and that Tess IS Livvie. Jack told Tess that they need to head home, because they have something important to talk about.

When Jack and Tess arrive home, Jack confides to Tess that Chris told him that Tess now has DNA. Jack asks Tess if anything had happened that would return her DNA. Tess at first evades Jack's questions, then finally admits that Livvie is inside her. Tess finally explains for Jack how Caleb took Tess out of Livvie and made them into two separate people. Tess went on to explain that, when both Tess and Livvie fell into the water, Tess knew that, in order for them to survive, Tess and Livvie needed to be together and they merged again. Tess admits that she is afraid that now that Jack knows Livvie is inside her, Jack will hate Tess the same way Jack hates Livvie. Jack assures Tess that he did NOT 'hate' Livvie, but reminds his wife that the reason Caleb is after Tess is because Caleb is determined to have Livvie back. Jack promises that he will NEVER let Caleb near Tess and assures Tess that he loves her. They head to the bedroom.

In Kevin's romantic hideaway, as an enraged Ian bursts in and menaces Kevin, Lucy suddenly kisses Ian and reminds him that IF he hurts Kevin, there will be NO going back! Lucy's kiss works like magic on Ian - Ian's fangs and red eyes suddenly disappear. But Kevin demands that Ian get away from Lucy, just as Police Officers arrive, acting on reports that other guests have complained about people fighting in that room. Kevin told the police that he and Ian just had a disagreement, but Lucy contradicts Kevin's story. Lucy announces to the police that Kevin kidnapped her and that Kevin was keeping her as a prisoner. Kevin denies Lucy's accusations, insisting that he and his wife were just enjoying a little romantic rendezvous. Kevin told the police that Ian has been making several 'house calls' to Kevin's wife and now Lucy is lying to protect her lover, and that Kevin's wife's lover just burst in on them and made an unprovoked attack on Kevin. But Ian insists that Kevin is a psychopath and Lucy shows the police officers the marks on her arms, informing the police that the marks were caused by Kevin when he grabbed her to prevent her from leaving. Lucy told the police that she wants Kevin arrested. As Ian lunges at Kevin and Kevin lunges at Ian, the police grab both of them, read Kevin his rights and hustle Kevin away to jail. After Kevin leaves with the police, Lucy confides to Ian that she no longer recognizes Kevin. When Lucy told Ian that she is happy that Ian received her message, Lucy is surprised when Ian admits that he received no message from Lucy. Lucy asks HOW Ian knew where to find her if Ian did NOT get her message. Ian admits he does NOT know HOW he knew where to find Lucy. As Lucy told Ian that she is glad he is in her life, they begin to kiss. Meanwhile, the police show Kevin to his jail cell and announce that he is going to be there a while. Kevin says only: "Lucy!'

Elizabeth arrives home at the apartment she shares with Caleb. Announcing that she SHOULD hate Caleb for everything that he has done to her and to her daughter, Elizabeth confesses that she only wants to be with him. Elizabeth told Caleb that she believes he has overlooked the incident with Joshua's death and pleads with Caleb to continue their marriage. But Caleb told Elizabeth that the marriage was a mistake. Elizabeth declares that Caleb has doomed her to spend eternity - once again married to a man who does NOT love her! When Caleb informs Elizabeth that she will survive, Elizabeth announces that death would be a gift and begs Caleb to kill her! As Elizabeth begs Caleb to kill her so she will NOT have to spend eternity loving a man who can NEVER return her love, Elizabeth reminds Caleb that he told her that IF she ever bit anyone else, Caleb would have to kill her. As Elizabeth begs Caleb to carry out his death sentence, Caleb suddenly announces that he is impressed by the courage that Elizabeth showed when she admitted openly to Caleb that she DID kill Joshua. Caleb declares that he wants Elizabeth to become part of his family - but NOT as his wife! Elizabeth guesses that Caleb is STILL fixated on his lost love - Olivia. Elizabeth reminds Caleb that she gave up everything for him, but Caleb can't get Olivia out of his mind. Elizabeth asks what it is about Olivia that Caleb can NOT give up. Caleb explains that he and Olivia have been bound together for centuries and are always seeking each other out. Caleb explains that both he AND Olivia had tried to find happiness with others, but it never worked. Elizabeth begs Caleb to turn her back into a mortal if he no longer wants her, admitting that she does NOT want to be a vampire. But Caleb sadly informs Elizabeth that it does NOT work that way and that what is done can NOT be undone! Caleb promises that he will always take care of Elizabeth. When Elizabeth reminds Caleb that Olivia is gone, Caleb assures Elizabeth that Olivia is NOT gone! Later, as Elizabeth walks outside, she suddenly realizes that someone is following her - and is horrified when Joshua suddenly looms in front of her, confronting her.

Meanwhile, back in his apartment, Caleb flashes back to the day he found Livvie in his bed and vows to bring Olivia back!

Wednesday, February 5, 2003

A trembling Elizabeth returns to Rafe and Alison's Place, but finds it empty. Elizabeth tries to convince herself that the images of Joshua that she keeps seeing are all in her head. But Elizabeth is horrified when she looks in the mirror and suddenly sees Joshua again. Joshua declares: "If you thought life with Stephen was hell, just you wait, Mrs. Clay. Just you wait.'

In the meantime, Rafe and Alison are at their Loft, getting it ready, so they can move in soon. Alison suddenly gets a desperate call from Elizabeth, begging for Alison's help. As Alison tries to determine what is wrong with her mother, the phone suddenly went dead. Rafe and Alison rush home and discover Elizabeth, huddled on the floor, sobbing. As Elizabeth shakily tries to explain about the images of Joshua that she keeps seeing, she hysterically complains that her head is splitting and that Joshua is haunting her! Alison suggests that Elizabeth just needs some of Caleb's magic water. Alison sends Rafe to find some aspirin while Alison runs to the kitchen to get some of Caleb's magic water. But, when Alison leaves, Elizabeth takes a gun out of her purse and pulls the trigger. The sound of the gunshot sends Rafe and Alison running back to the living room. A dazed Elizabeth confesses that she just tried to kill herself, but the bullet made no impact on her. Rafe sadly informs Elizabeth: "Once a vampire crosses over, it can NOT take its own life! Only a slayer can do that. And I won't!'

Elizabeth exclaims: "Then I'm trapped! Forever! Like this! I'll never be free! Never!' Alison puts her arms around Elizabeth, trying to comfort her mother.

When Jamal arrives at the River House, Jack quickly informs Jamal that Tess now has DNA. Jack assures Jamal that Tess is sleeping and Jamal asks if Jack now believes that he ended up marrying Livvie. However, Jack insists that Tess is in control of the two personalities, but the real problem is that Caleb loves Livvie and will keep trying to get Livvie back. Jamal reminds Jack that, even with all of Jack's returning super-strength, Jack can NOT beat Caleb if they meet face to face. Jack insists that he CAN love Tess with all he has got and that the part of Tess that is Livvie and is drawn to Caleb, will NOT be able to get any stronger!

However, Tess is NOT sleeping, as Jack believes, but is meeting Caleb at the Scenic Overlook that Caleb showed Tess earlier. Tess accuses Caleb of NOT being honest with her. Caleb announces that he LIKES being honest with Tess and begs her to stay. When Tess agrees to stay, Caleb produces a blanket on the snow and then confesses that he married Elizabeth to try to forget Livvie. Caleb confesses that his goal is STILL to recover Livvie. Caleb asks Tess to tell him WHAT she wants with him, and Tess admits that she wants to know HOW Caleb was turned into the evil monster that he has become. Caleb reluctantly begins to explain that he was born into a family of vampire royalty that had been in power for centuries. It was Caleb's destiny to become the head of his wicked family. However, on the night that Caleb's mother was killed, Caleb heard her screams and later, refused to become a party to perpetuating the family curse. Caleb's father angrily banished Caleb and Caleb left the family estate. While he was wandering, Caleb met the first Olivia and believed that, with her, he could overcome the family curse. But, when Caleb decided to marry Olivia, he went back to the family estate to get his mother's wedding ring for Olivia - so Olivia would be protected. Caleb was met by his stepmother, whom he had come to trust in the intervening years. His stepmother had promised to to give his mother's ring to Caleb. But, when Caleb reached for the ring, his stepmother dropped the ring. When Caleb bent down to retrieve the ring, his stepmother bit him. That night, when Caleb went back to Olivia, he still believed that, even with the family curse now clinging to him, they could still deal with his doomed life, if only they were together. However, just like his mother, Olivia died that night. Caleb had killed the only woman he ever loved! Tess reaches out to touch Caleb and told him that she CAN help. But Caleb suddenly orders Tess to stay away. Caleb backs away before Tess can touch him, and then vanishes!

In the Park, Ricky helps Casey, posing as Marissa, to finish off some new lyrics for 'Stephen.' Ricky told 'Marissa' how much she reminds him of Casey and admits that he never stopped loving Casey. Ricky is amazed when Casey suddenly begins to cry and he tries to comfort her. Casey brushes off Ricky's concern by claiming it is only her artistic temperament that produced the tears. Casey gets Ricky to play his song, "Hey, Sister,' for her. After Ricky sings, Casey kisses Ricky and he remarks about how much she reminds him of her angelic sister. But, as they kiss, there is a sudden clap of thunder and Casey nervously announces that the kiss was a big mistake!

Meanwhile, back at Jack's River House, Jack confides to Jamal that the real issue is that he needs to find a way to convince Tess that Caleb does NOT really want any help from Tess but, instead, is just using Tess to get to Livvie. Jamal suddenly confides that Jamal believes that Stephen has already gotten to Marissa. Jack warns that it will soon be too late for them to defeat Caleb. Jack declares to Jamal that they need to find a way to get to Caleb first, if they want to succeed this time in defeating the evil monster. Jamal decides he needs to head out to check on Marissa. But, before Jack can check on Tess, Tess suddenly arrives in the living room and confesses that she has just been with Caleb!

Thursday, February 6, 2003

At Ian's Loft, Ian discovers that, when Lucy's blood is co-mingled with Ian's blood, the mutations in Ian's blood stop and Ian's blood returns to normal - but only for a short time. Ian told Lucy that her blood is O Positive, which makes Lucy a universal donor. As Lucy and Ian kiss, Lucy suddenly admits that she loves Ian. Ian promises that Lucy will never lose him and they hit the sheets.

Caleb returns to his apartment and angrily begins throwing things around, as he flashes back to his most recent encounter with Tess and remembers Tess' conviction that she WOULD be able to heal Caleb's heart. As Caleb throws a fit, Rafe and Alison keep an eye on their evil enemy via the monitor from their hidden cameras. Rafe and Alison are interrupted when Jack arrives at Rafe's Loft and reports that Caleb is putting increasing pressure on Tess to produce Livvie. Meanwhile, downstairs, in Rafe's gym, as Tess explains to Jamal that Caleb's powers can NOT reach her, they are soon joined by Alison. When Tess declares to Alison that Caleb has always been kind to Tess, Alison informs Tess that Alison's mother, Elizabeth, just tried to kill herself because of what Caleb has done to Elizabeth. But, Alison explains, in the beginning of her mother's relationship with Caleb, Elizabeth also truly believed that Caleb was really wonderful. Alison warns Tess that Caleb is VERY deadly. Alison reminds Tess that, sometimes, Caleb can make you feel that you are the most important person in the world - right before he destroys you! While Alison and Tess talk, Jamal joins Rafe and Jack upstairs in the Loft and gets a good look at Caleb, destroying his apartment!

Meanwhile, in the Park, Casey, posing as Marissa, assures Ricky that Casey would love his song and tries to brush off her reaction to Ricky's kiss. Casey confides to Ricky that she and Jamal split up because Jamal did NOT understand Marissa's dedication to The Stephen Clay Experience. As they talk, Ricky and Casey end up in another passionate embrace. Casey suddenly pulls away and, when Ricky told her how much she reminds him of her sister, Casey apologizes for freaking Ricky out and runs away. After Ricky heads to Stephen's Studio for rehearsal, Casey watches Ricky leave and then kicks herself for almost blowing her mission. Casey reminds herself that she needs to resist the pull toward Ricky and complains to heaven about her assignment - which produces an answering clap of thunder!

As Rafe, Jack and Jamal watch on their 'Bat Channel,' Reese and Caz arrive to see Caleb about some concert dates. Reese and Caleb walk over to a corner of the room NOT covered by the hidden camera. Reese reports to Caleb that Rafe has been all over town, asking questions about Caleb. Reese also reports that Ricky is a threat, as long as Ricky is 'not one of us.' Reese told Caleb that he either needs to kick Ricky out of the band for good - OR let Reese turn Ricky into one of them. But Caleb orders Reese to stick to the plan and get out. After Reese and Caz leave, Rafe, Jack and Jamal puzzle over the nature of the plan that Reese and Caleb appear to have been discussing. Jack confides that Tess believes that Caleb is just some misunderstood, lost soul. Rafe suggests that the solution might be that they need to show Tess exactly WHAT Caleb really is! Jack announces that he has a plan for exposing Caleb's nasty side to Tess. Later, Rafe convinces Tess to go with him to 'speak' to Caleb, while Jack rushes ahead to Caleb's apartment. Jamal and Alison stay behind at the Loft to keep an eye on Caleb's activities through the monitor. Jamal confides to Alison that Caleb has somehow managed to win Marissa over to his side, although Jamal remains confident that Marissa has NOT been bitten - yet! Jamal confesses that it was almost as if Marissa suddenly had a 'personality transplant!' As Jamal and Alison watch, Jack suddenly shows up in Caleb's apartment. While Jamal and Alison are watching, Jack baits Caleb, telling the evil monster that Tess has told Jack that Caleb has lost his edge. When Jack announces that Livvie will never come back so long as Tess is with Jack, Caleb threatens to get rid of Jack and begins bouncing Jack around, on and off of the apartment walls. Jamal and Alison call Rafe to alert Rafe that Caleb is beating around on Jack and that Jack is getting the worst end of the fight. Rafe rushes Tess toward Caleb's apartment and Rafe makes sure that he and Tess enter the apartment, just as Caleb is about to administer a lethal bite to Jack. An anguished Tess calls out to Caleb to stop - and Caleb is stunned by the sudden sound of Tess' voice!

Friday, February 7, 2003

As Ian works on his experimentation with Lucy's Vampire Slayer Blood and Ian's Vampire Blood, Ian realizes that, although Lucy's blood might return Ian's blood to normal, it is not a long-lasting effect. Shortly after Lucy arrives to check on Ian's progress, she receives a chilling call from Kevin. When Lucy announces that she believes she needs to confront Kevin in jail, Ian insists that she let him accompany her. But Lucy reminds Ian that, if Ian should lose his temper with Kevin, there is no telling what might happen if Ian's fangs and red eyes were to reappear. Ian finally agrees that Lucy should visit Kevin alone. When Lucy arrives at the jail to see Kevin, Lucy announces that she has obtained a restraining order against Kevin, that she plans to press charges against Kevin for kidnapping her and that she wants Kevin to stay away from Lucy and her daughters until Kevin gets serious about getting the help he needs. But Kevin shocks Lucy when Kevin proclaims that, after Lucy's latest betrayal, Kevin is no longer interested in salvaging their relationship. Kevin declares that he no longer has any loving feelings left for Lucy - but he is NOT finished with Lucy yet! Lucy defiantly reminds Kevin that making threats seems to come easier for Kevin all the time, but that there is no way that Kevin can hurt her any more than he ever has. Kevin warns Lucy not to be so sure and vows that, one day, Kevin will be out of jail and will be planning to pay Lucy back with interest for the way she betrayed him with Ian and kept locking Kevin away, first in a mental institution and now in the jail. Shaken by Kevin's cold threats, Lucy takes off her wedding ring and leaves it with Kevin, stating that their relationship is over! A light suddenly flashes in Kevin's jail cell.

At Rafe's Loft, Jamal and Alison watch on Rafe's hidden camera monitor as Caleb attacks Jack. Rafe and Tess bust into Stephen's apartment, just as Caleb is preparing to administer a lethal bite to Jack. Rafe points out to Tess that she is seeing the REAL Stephen Clay, in all of his blood-thirsty glory! Tess is horrified by what she sees and runs away. Jack warns Caleb that Caleb will NEVER be able to reach Tess now, and then Jack runs after Tess. When Jack catches up with Tess in the alley, Tess apologizes for the foolish way she believed in Caleb and truly believed that Caleb had been turned into an evil monster against his will and that Caleb truly wanted Tess to help him change. Jack assures Tess that many people have been fooled by Caleb for centuries, but, Jack points out, Caleb is really a DEAD soul. Tess admits that what shocked her most when she saw Caleb about to bite Jack was that Tess could see for herself that Caleb truly enjoyed the prospect of murdering someone. Jack urges Tess to go away with him, so they will have a chance for a 'normal' life. Tess finally agrees to go with Jack.

Meanwhile, back at Caleb's apartment, Caleb brazenly informs Rafe that Tess will "get over" the shocking revelation she just witnessed. But Rafe retorts that Tess is NOT like Livvie! Rafe confidently declares that Caleb will NEVER have what the evil monster came to Port Charles to have - Caleb has lost Livvie, and now Caleb has turned Tess against him. Rafe offers Caleb a deal: Rafe promises that IF Caleb leaves Port Charles and NEVER returns, Rafe will agree NOT to make Caleb's life any more miserable than it already is. But, after Rafe leaves, Caleb arrogantly announces: "All deals are off!"

Rafe returns to his loft, where Alison and Jamal are waiting and continuing to watch Caleb on the monitors. Caleb flashes back to his encounter with Tess and remembers how Tess gently told Caleb that she believed Caleb had a good heart. Then Caleb remembers the look on Tess' face when Tess saw Caleb preparing to take a bite out of Jack. Caleb angrily proclaims: "You will pay for that!' Then Caleb finds the hidden camera! Caleb angrily declares into the camera that he is declining the offer to leave Port Charles, because he has some unfinished business. Then he crushes the camera. Once the camera is out of operation, Caleb opens a secret compartment in the wall of his apartment and takes out a book, decorated by a Pentagram on the cover. "This is going to be a massacre," Caleb declares! Then Caleb begins an incantation: "Your master calls!"

The lights suddenly go out in the jail. Jack and Tess are shocked when the lights go out in the alley where they are standing. And, when the lights go back on, Jack realizes with horror that Tess is gone! The lights go out at Rafe's Loft as well. Rafe informs Jamal and Alison that this is the beginning of Caleb's revenge!

Then Caleb suddenly materializes in the fog enshrouded woods as lightning flashes. Reese shows up and Caz soon follows her. Hidden in the bushes is Ian - with his fangs bared!

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