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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 3, 2003 on GL
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Monday, February 3, 2003

Phillip started yelling at Gus in the hospital saying it was all his fault because he wouldn't let him pick Zach up to carry him to the hospital to get quicker care. Rick explained to Phillip that Gus actually may have saved Zach from being paralyzed and that he did the right thing by not moving Zach. Phillip calmed down after that and instead of blaming Gus, was blaming himself for being on the cell phone when Zach ran out in the street. Harley told Phillip not to blame himself and in front of Gus she told Phillip that he's the only one who knows how she feels because he's the only one who loves Zach as much as she does. Their fear was only escalated when Rick told them that Zach was bleeding internally and had to have his spleen removed. This whole incident has made Phillip realize that he's turned out just like Alan who he can't stand. Rick told him that since he can admit it, he could fix it. He told Phillip he may hate Gus but he poses no harm to his son. Harley and Phillip comforted each other in the waiting room of the hospital while Gus watched from the corner.

Bill received reward money for taking down Carmen and saving Robbie and Michelle but he didn't want the money and tried to give it to Father Ray. While Ray was questioning him on why he didn't feel he deserved the money, Bill admitted that he felt he took Danny's wife and mother away in the same night. Father Ray said he wouldn't accept money to clear someone's conscience.

Michelle told Holly she didn't trust her with Robbie because of the incident in the past where she kidnapped children. Holly was terribly upset and tried to assure her that she posed no threat to Robbie. After Holly left, Ed tried to defend Holly saying that was in the past and she's changed but Michelle stood her ground saying that she's not going to let anybody else hurt Robbie. Ed went to comfort Holly and they talked about their relationship. Can their relationship survive without drama? That's what it was always based on in the past. Holly told him that maybe she lost herself when she stopped drinking, got rid of Roger and stopped putting so much drama in her life. Ed said he wanted to find out and they kissed.

Bill went to see Michelle who was starting to feel like she was overreacting about Holly. Bill said she may have overreacted but after all she's been through, she's entitled. Michelle told Bill she always feels better when he's around

Tuesday, February 4, 2003

Phillip agrees to stop the custody battle with Harley and do right by Zach. Alan overhears Phillip telling Harley he is dropping the custody suit and warns Phillip that he is making a big mistake. Harley rips into Alan for arguing about her ability as a parent when Zach's life hangs in the balance. Later, Rick delivers the news that Zach's condition is still critical but stable. Olivia and Alexandra arrive at the hospital after hearing about Zach. Olivia instinctively hugs Phillip when she finds out that Zach's condition is stable. Meanwhile, Harley informs Alexandra that Phillip dropped the custody case. Gus alerts Alexandra to the fact that they know she took the contents of the safe deposit box. Alexandra lies about what she found in the box. Danny throws an old associate out of Infierno when he finds him hitting on Cassie. She suggests that she and Danny join forces to renovate Towers. Danny is hesitant at first but later agrees that Cassie's reputation will bring legitimacy to their project. Danny agrees to Cassie's partnership on the condition that Tony is also going to be a partner. Cassie agrees.

Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Tony is shocked when Danny introduces Cassie as their new partner. Danny counters Tony's doubts of the partnership by telling him that Cassie's name will help them obtain their goal. Josh warns Cassie about going into business with the Santos family and Tony overhears. Tony tells Josh that he is tired of trying to prove himself to Josh. Tony reminds Josh that he and Marah are happy together and that he wants to be a part of the Lewis family. Harley and Phillip are happy with the news of Zach's steady recovery. Phillip warns Gus that though he has come to a custody agreement with Harley he still does not trust Gus and will be watching his every move. Alexandra visits Roy Baker at the hospital and explains that she is going to send him far away from Springfield. When Gus walks in on Alexandra she covers her true motives for visiting Roy. When Alex leaves, Gus swears to Roy that he will find out whom the Jane Doe really is. After visiting Harley and Zach at the hospital, Reva decides it is time to go back to work. Reva runs into Alexandra at the hospital and lets her know that she is continuing her expose on the Spauldings. Reva vows to find out what Alexandra might be hiding. Meanwhile, Roy Baker is trying to get Reva's attention. Later, Reva returns home and finds her house broken into and a message from the stalker saying, "I'm still here." Alexandra's orderlies come to take Roy Baker away and as they do he grabs Mel's arm.

Thursday, February 6, 2003

Josh returns home and makes sure the intruder is no longer in the house. Frank shows up at the Lewis house and confirms that the person they arrested is still in jail and that the person who broke into their house is either the original stalker or a copycat. Meanwhile, Roy Baker grabs Mel's arm and whispers that he has a secret before being wheeled away by Alexandra's men. Mel informs Harley that Alexandra had Roy shipped to Germany. Harley and Mel rush to the airport where Roy whispers to Harley that the name of Gus' mother is Gina. Meanwhile, Michelle bites Bill's head off for crowding her by visiting her at the hospital. When Bill explains to Michelle that he just came to get a tetanus shot, she apologizes. Danny approaches and is upset to see Bill with his son. Michelle tells Danny that he needs to deal with the fact that she has a new life that Bill is a part of. Danny storms out and back to Infierno, steaming from his encounter with Michelle. Cassie has a dream that she is kissing Richard who suddenly turns into Danny and awakens very nervous. Danny comes to Cassie's room to tell her that their deal for the new Towers went through. Later Blake assures Cassie that her dream does not necessarily mean that she wants Danny. Danny notes to Cassie that he wants to work with the contractor she used for the Beacon and she reveals that it was Bill. Danny calls Bill and asks him to work on the Towers' project. Bill agrees to work with Danny and they make plans to get together. Michelle is not thrilled about Bill working with Danny.

Friday, February 7, 2003

Olivia was at the Spaulding mansion getting her mail and other belongings. When Phillip asked WHY she was moving out, she said he obviously didn't know her and reiterated she's not staying with Alan. They started to argue but Olivia said they shouldn't be fighting against each other and that they should be fighting FOR each other. Phillip told her that he doesn't want to be the kind of man he's who would sleep with his father's wife and that if Alan did indeed intercept the letter, he was only trying to fight for his wife. Olivia couldn't believe he was showing sympathy for his dad and doubt that he kept the letter from him. When Phillip left, Nolan came in with the mail and let it slip that he handles ALL the mail. She questioned him and could tell he knew what had happened to the letter she sent for Phillip and threatened him that she would press charges for tampering with the mail if he didn't tell Phillip the truth about Alan getting the letter. She couldn't wait to get to Phillip to tell him she had proof of Alan taking the letter.

Beth and Frank were at having dinner together and Frank asked Beth out on a date! Beth declined saying she just was not ready for that.

Harley and Mel were at the airport trying to stop Roy Baker from getting transferred. They were too late but found a piece of paper that was dropped off Roy's stretcher. On the piece of paper was the name Gina. Gus was on his way to Chicago to find information on the "Jane Doe" and ran into Harley. She lied to him and said she was only there to see him off to Chicago! Mel was totally confused as to why Harley would lie to Gus. Harley explained to Mel the whole story about Gus...his dad, Roy, the dead "Jane Doe", Alexandra, and told Mel she had to keep it quiet. She was afraid if she gave this name to Gus that he would harass Alexandra for information and that would upset her, which would upset Phillip. She said she loved Gus but her son came first.

While Gus was in Chicago, he found the deed to the apartment his mother lived in and it was owned by Miguel Santos.

Danny and Cassie were discussing Bill working on the Towers project. Danny said he could work with Bill but Cassie felt they should talk to Josh about getting someone else. At the hospital, Bill and Michelle got into a little argument about it because Michelle felt that Bill shouldn't take the project. Bill went to see Danny about it and found out he's in partnership with Cassie. He could sense a connection between the two. Bill didn't commit to doing the job and told Danny he needed time to think about it before agreeing to the job. When Bill returned to Michelle and gave her the news about Danny and Cassie being partners, Michelle was upset that Danny didn't discuss it with her. Bill asked if the two of them had to discuss every little thing they did together and of course Michelle said "no" but you could see she was not happy about the news.

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