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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 27, 2003 on GL
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Monday, January 27, 2003

Alan and Alexandra had an argument about the conflict going on with Alan, Phillip, and Olivia. Alexandra told Alan he needs to mend relations with his son. Alan questioned her about why she has been so afraid of the Spaulding family unit. Alexandra only said that he is a man and needs to take charge of his family.

At the Lewis's, Marah is outside her house when someone came up behind her and touched her shoulder. It was Olivia. She had scared Marah and when she screamed everybody came running. They accused Olivia of being the stalker but later learned she just stopped by to tell Reva she had been to see her sister. Her sister sent Jonathan to Switzerland to boarding school because her husband had become abusive. She gave Reva the information on how to contact him. Tony surprised Marah by taking her to the lighthouse where he had fixed it up so they would have a place to be together and get away from all the excitement.

Harley and Gus called 911 for Roy Baker, he was still alive. Harley took the key that was on a chain around his neck. As they were trying to figure out what might have happened to him, Edmund walked in. Edmund was shocked that Roy had been found on the floor but he told Gus and Harley that he had never met the man before. Word got back to Alexandra via Edmund on finding Gus and Harley at Roy Baker's apartment and Alexandra went to see them. She told them again to stop investigating her. They told her that they know she knows something about Gus's dad and to just let it out.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Alan finds out that Olivia is back in Springfield and goes to the Beacon to see her. Alan makes Olivia believe that Phillip read her letter and then left with Beth and Lizzie. Alan comforts Olivia when she gets upset that Phillip did not respond to her letter. Olivia allows Alan to comfort her. Later, Phillip calls Olivia and Alan answers the phone. Alan makes Olivia think that the call was only the front desk. Phillip rushes back to Springfield to save Olivia from Alan's clutches. Marah is perplexed as to why the picture frame from her house is under Tony's blanket, leaves Tony's without an explanation and encounters Michelle at Company. Marah confides in Michelle that she questions Tony possibly being the stalker. Tony, who followed Marah to Company overhears her suspicions and storms off. Marah comes to the conclusion that she should just ask Tony why the picture was in the lighthouse.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

At the Lighthouse

Marah went to see Tony. He told her he saw her at Company with Michelle and that she thought he was the stalker. She said that she thought he wanted to be a hero for her parents. She showed him the picture frame that she found at the lighthouse. He told her to put it down because there might be fingerprints on it. Tony called the police. Frank enters. They showed him the picture frame. Frank said that it seemed as if someone was setting Tony up as the stalker. Marah asked Frank to tell her parents that she was ok. Frank exits. When Marah asked Tony if he was ok, the look on his face said it all. Marah apologized for accusing him and running out on him. Tony hugged Marah. Tony reassured her that nobody was going to mess up their relationship. When Tony closed the blind, he told Marah that he was making the world disappear for both of them. Marah said she would like to go to an island thousands of miles away. She would like to lie on a beach with white sand. With her eyes closed, she pretended they were on that island. She turned to Tony and suggest4ed they get some sun as she started to unbutton his shirt. He told her that she is all he needed. She asked him to make love to her. After making love, Marah told Tony that she felt as if every cell in her body was alive. She said it felt like her first time.

At the Lewis house

Reva called Europe to check on Jonathan Baines. The person told her that she needed permission to see him. But the connection was broken, since the person hung up. Reva was furious that she didn't know where her son was. Josh reminded her that she did what she had to do for the right reasons. Josh wanted her to think about what they had to offer Jonathan since Richard was gone. Jonathan really doesn't know Reva and Josh wanted to know how this was going to help him. Reva felt that he didn't want Jonathan around in their lives. But Josh said he wouldn't turn his back on a child. He suggested she make the call to find out about Jonathan. Marissa told Reva that Jonathan was in a boarding school. But Reva told her that she didn't believe her. She told Reva that she was to blame for Jonathan's behavior. But Marissa hung up. Reva told Josh that Jonathan knew he was adopted.

Frank enters. He showed Reva and Josh the empty picture frame. Frank explained that the stalker planted the evidence on Tony. Frank said this person was fixated on Reva's family. Frank said he would run some prints on the frame. Frank exits. Reva said Frank was describing Jonathan.

At the Beacon Hotel

Alan told Olivia that it was glorious to wake up in her arms. But she seemed troubled. He suggested he have Nolan move her things back to the mansion. But she told him to stop. She said she wasn't ready to move back into the mansion. She wanted Alan to know that what they had was the moment that she was hurt. But Alan knew that they both needed to be together. But she couldn't agree. He continued to say that he knew he had to earn her trust. But she said he couldn't just make it go away. He said that Phillip couldn't give her the life that she deserved. But she refused to discuss it. Alan knew that nobody could live up to Phillip's standards. He reminded her that Phillip left her in the lobby with a broken heart. But Alan said she would always be first to him.

Olivia found Phillip when she opened the door. But when he entered he saw Alan in his robe. The look on Phillip's face was shock. Alan told him he thought Phillip was room service. Olivia waned to know why he was there. She asked about the letter. Phillip was surprised that she sent him a letter saying that she wanted him. He said he never got the letter. Crying, she said that Alan told her Phillip was there when the mail arrived. Phillip said that Alan was there all afternoon and he made sure Phillip went out of town. Phillip asked Olivia what she was playing last night. He was furious that she went to bed with Alan. Phillip approached Alan and congratulated him for giving them the best moment. But Alan said that Olivia wasn't a trophy they needed to fight over. When she told them to stop it, Phillip said he would. He also told Olivia to ask Alan what he said about not giving her up. Phillip reminded her in less than twelve hours she chose Alan and lost faith in him. Phillip exits.

After getting dressed, Alan apologized for Phillip's behavior. But Olivia said Phillip was right that Alan knew exactly what he was doing. But he said he was saving her from the man who didn't love her or appreciate her. Olivia screamed at him to leave. She said she needed to be alone. As he left, he told her he loved her and he would be there if she needed him. Alan exits.

At the Spaulding mansion

Phillip found the letters lying next to the trashcan in the study. He read the letter stating that Olivia knew what she needed now and that was Phillip. He set fire to the letter and threw it in the fireplace.

Thursday, January 30, 2003

At the Lewis house

Reva couldn't believe that she thought that Jonathan did it. She told Josh to forget that she mentioned his name. But Josh said they needed to consider every possibility. They couldn't understand how Jonathan got their phone number when he was in Switzerland. Josh insisted that Marissa and Jonathan might not be speaking. Cassie enters. She wanted to know why Reva thought it was Jonathan. Reva told Cassie that Marissa told him that he was adopted. They explained the events leading up to their thoughts. Reva told Cassie that Olivia told her that Jonathan got into trouble and was sent to boarding school because he wasn't getting along with his father. Josh said the phone calls started about the same time that Jonathan found out. But Cassie had her doubts. Reva said she needed to leave and interview Alex Spaulding. Reva and Josh exit. The phone rang and Cassie answered it. Cassie motioned for Josh to listen. Whispering, he told her to keep this person on the line. Cassie pretended to be Reva and asked why they were doing this to her. Cassie told this person about Richard and how he couldn't breathe and how he suffered. She said he didn't ask Cassie because he knew she couldnt watch him take his last breath. She said that she (Reva) was the only person that could turn to. The caller hung up. Josh apologized that she had to go through that. Cassie said it had to stop. The phone rang. Josh was told that the call was traced and the police were on the way to his place now.

Reva enters. She told Josh and Cassie how nervous Alex was. But Josh said he had to tell her something. They explained what they did when the stalker called. Josh answered the phone. Josh told Reva they got him. His name was Dale Hansen. They said they found articles in his apartment pasted on the wall. Reva said they could now sleep at nights. They decided to celebrate with a bottle of champagne. Cassie exits.

Since it was so quite, Reva said she was bored. But outside someone was looking in.

At the Spaulding mansion

Nolan escorted Edmund into the study. Alex was on the phone. Nolan exits. Alex wanted to know what he found out about the ring. Edmund said he would get the ring for a price. But she reminded him that he was on the payroll. But he wanted her trust in what she was hiding. Alex wanted him to swear that he wouldn't repeat what she was about to tell him. She explained about a letter she received regarding some information that this person had to sell. She found out that he had proof of something on the Spaulding family, so she paid him. She decided to return to Springfield and find out herself. Edmund said he had more questions and thought that what Roy Baker had on her could be damaging. She said she was saying all she was going to say. She wanted Edmund to find out about the ring since she thought it was the missing piece of a puzzle. But he agreed to do it anyway since he liked her so much. Reva enters. Edmund exits. Reva said she came on her own. Alex said she wasn't going to answer any questions. Reva reminded her that anything she had done didn't make sense. Reva sensed there was something she wasn't telling anyone. Alex told Nolan to show Reva the door. Reva exits.

At the Lighthouse

Marah woke up to find Tony touching her face. She said she was starving, so he brought her a fruit tray. They decided they would like to stay at the lighthouse for the rest of their lives. Marah said she wasn't going to give up on their relationship. Reva asked Marah to stop by the lighthouse and check it out to see if the stalker left anything behind. Marah agreed and they hung up. Tony and Marah began to look for evidence the stalker had been there, but couldn't find anything. Marah took Tony's shirt off. They began to kiss passionately. They made love. Reva called Marah to tell her the news about the stalker.

At Company

Harley told Gus when she got up out of bed he was gone. She told him that his mother's ring had a story. Gus said he found the funeral director that buried Jane Doe, and his father paid for the funeral. He thought that someone destroyed the autopsy. Gus thought that maybe this woman was having an affair with his father. He said they sent out an announcement of his arrival, which would mean that he was adopted. Gus said if this was true, his life was a lie. But Harley tried to convince him that he still belonged to his parents because they both loved him. She felt his parents were trying to protect him. He told her he didn't know what he would do without her. Harley had to leave to go to the jewelers to get the ring appraised. She told him she loved him. Harley exits.

Gus called the hospital to check on a patient Ray Baker. He was told there was no change.

At the jewelry store

Harley asked the jeweler to appraise the ring while she took care of something else. Harley exits. Edmund enters. He told the jeweler he was looking for something special. The jeweler exits to retrieve some pieces of jewelry that Edmund may be interested in. When he returned, he found Edmund looking at Harley's ring. The jeweler told him that the ring wasn't for sale. After writing something on a piece of paper, Edmund exits. He called Alex and said he didn't get the ring. He told her he saw it and needed her help.

At Cedars hospital

Gus said, "Hi, Uncle Roy." He said he wasn't going to leave until he woke up.

Friday, January 31, 2003

Gus went to see Roy Baker in the hospital. He appeared unconscious from the stroke but Gus believed he was awake. He told him he knows that he was in with the Santos family and told him he knows about the Jane Doe and the safe deposit box. He grabbed his head a few times and said how easy it would be to kill him and kept telling him to open his eyes. He told him that he was going to make him pay when he found out what was in the safe deposit box. When Gus walked out, Roy opened his eyes! When Gus left Roy, he had his blood taken to have a DNA test ran on it. When Gus showed up at Company looking for Harley, he wasn't looking well. When Buzz noticed he was looking sick, Gus said he thought he was coming down with a "bug."

Alex was desperate to get a hold of Edmund to see if he got to the safe deposit box and was also dealing with Alan and Phillip arguing over Olivia. Phillip called Olivia a fickle tramp and told Alan he could have her and that him and the kids were moving out. Edmund finally showed up with a small brown envelope from the safe deposit box. There was a bracelet inside. Harley went to pick up the appraisal on the ring owned by Gus's mom and found out it had no value but had a 3 digit number engraved on it. Harley went to the safe deposit box and found it empty and knew Alexandra had something to do with it. She went to see her and told Alexandra she knows she's behind the safe deposit box being empty. Harley accused her of snooping around in Gus's past to gain more evidence for Phillip so she can't have Zach back. Alexandra tried to defend her self and explain that was not why but Harley stormed out saying she'll never trust her or any of the Spaulding's again. Harley was due to meet Phillip and Zach at the ice rink to skate. When she got there, Phillip was talking on his cell phone and Zach saw Harley. He ran to meet her and ran right in front of a car!

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