Port Charles Recaps: The week of January 27, 2003 on PC

Rafe and Alison rejoiced in the fact that they were not siblings. Lucy chose Ian over Kevin, but Kevin kidnapped her in order to get her back. Caleb apologized to Tess. After discovering that Caleb, Reese, and Caz were vampires, Marissa's angel sister, Casey, rescued Marissa from the group. Casey posed as Marissa.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of January 27, 2003 on PC
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Monday, January 27, 2003

Gail runs into Kevin at the Hospital and informs him that she is worried about Lucy. When Kevin announces that he and Lucy have been having marital problems, Gail admits that Lucy told Gail that Lucy was taking some time to get away for a retreat at a cabin in the mountains. But Gail reports to Kevin that, when Gail tried to contact Lucy to find out when Lucy would be home, Gail discovered that the phone at the cabin was out of order and Lucy's cell phone was out of range. Kevin decides that he should drive up to the cabin to check on Lucy.

Meanwhile, at Ian's cabin, Ian and Lucy are amazed that their bedroom liaison had made Ian feel like he has never been bitten. Lucy wonders momentarily if someone might have bumped Caleb off while Ian and Lucy were in bed, but decides she probably is NOT going to be THAT lucky! Ian and Lucy decide that it must have something to do with Lucy OR Lucy and Ian together that has wrought the transformation in Ian. Ian suggests that they take a shower and heads up to start the water. After Ian leaves, Kevin arrives at the cabin and knocks on the door.

In Capri, Elizabeth realizes that she has just killed Joshua and that Alison now knows Elizabeth's terrible secret - that her mother is, indeed, a vampire! Elizabeth tearfully begs Alison not to hate her for the monster she has become and Alison assures her mother that Elizabeth did NOT kill Joshua! Rather, Elizabeth SAVED Alison!

Meanwhile, in the woods, Tess is amazed when Caleb produces a horse-drawn sleigh and invites Tess to take a ride with him. Tess agrees and Caleb takes her to a Scenic Overlook above the city. At the Scenic Overlook, Caleb apologizes to Tess again for the extremes he went to in his efforts to try to draw Livvie out of Tess. And Caleb promises that it will NOT happen again. Tess declares to Caleb that she does NOT believe that he is bad - only that his way of showing love hurts other people. As Caleb and Tess look at the city lights and the twinkling stars above, Tess sees a shooting star and Caleb urges her to make a wish. Then Caleb guesses that Tess wished for everyone to be happy. Tess protests that she truly believes that everyone CAN be happy! Caleb suggests that maybe Tess could help him begin to see the world through her eyes! However, Caleb is disappointed when Tess announces that she must get home to Jack - and Tess leaves! After Tess leaves, Caleb reminds himself: "It is OLIVIA that you want - NOT Tess! You were just this part of Olivia that I had to get rid of, and I never gave you a second thought, Tess. Alert! Focus! Focus! Don't forget about what is going on in the other half of the world!' Caleb decides to call Joshua to see what kind of progress Joshua is making with Alison and Elizabeth in Capri. In the meantime, Tess returns to Jack's River House, snuggles back into bed with Jack and told him that she loves him.

When Lucy hears a knock at Ian's Cabin Door, she hurriedly gets dressed to answer the door and is shocked to find Kevin standing there. Lucy hesitantly explains that her car broke down and the phones didn't work, so she was planning to hike down the mountain to get help in the morning. But Kevin insists that everyone in town, including Lee, Gail and the girls, are worried about Lucy and, since Kevin IS already there, Kevin insists on giving Lucy a ride down the mountain. Lucy suddenly decides to go along with Kevin and hustles Kevin out the door with a bag of groceries, all the while, insisting that she just needs to turn off the water in the shower and get her boots. After Kevin leaves the cabin, Ian emerges from the shower, complaining that the water is getting cold. When Lucy admits to Ian that Kevin is there and is offering her a ride back to town, Ian angrily pulls on his trousers and shirt and went outside, insisting on confronting Kevin, over Lucy's protests. Kevin is surprised when he sees that Ian is WITH Lucy at the cabin!

In Capri, Elizabeth warns Alison that, now that Elizabeth has killed someone, Alison is no longer safe and that 'Stephen' will find out all about Joshua's death. Alison admits that she has ALWAYS known that Elizabeth was a vampire and is NOT afraid of Elizabeth, but, instead, wants to help her mother. When Alison assures Elizabeth that they WILL be able to keep Stephen from finding out about Joshua's death, Elizabeth insists that Stephen always knows about everything. But Alison insists that she will NOT let her mother deal with this situation alone! Alison and Elizabeth decide they need to hide Joshua's body until it is dark enough to move the body out of the Hotel and make it appear that Joshua just vanished! Alison informs Elizabeth that her mother can NOT go back to Port Charles or even talk to Stephen any more. But Elizabeth protests that it is impossible to hide - or hide anything - from Stephen. Elizabeth finally agrees that she will tell Stephen that she wants out of the marriage and pretend that she does NOT know where Joshua is. As Alison and Elizabeth try to find a way to get rid of Joshua's body, Joshua's cell phone went off in his pocket and Alison realizes that Caleb is the caller. Alison decides NOT to answer the phone, but Joshua's silence makes Caleb all the more suspicious on the other end. Alison and Elizabeth decide to hide Joshua's body in the armoire until later in the evening. But, as they begin to move the body, Caleb comes to the door of Elizabeth's hotel room and knocks, calling to Elizabeth to open the door.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

At Ian's cabin, Kevin is shocked when he discovers that Ian is WITH Lucy! Ian declares that he loves Lucy and the fact that Lucy is married means nothing to Ian! Kevin reminds Ian that this is the second time Ian has rushed in to steal Kevin's wife. As Ian and Kevin trade insults, Lucy suddenly announces that she KNOWS exactly what she wants - and it is time Kevin and Ian knew as well. But Kevin stops Lucy, then apologizes to Lucy for the way he has been acting. Kevin went on to remind Lucy that he loves her and that they have loved each other for a very long time. Kevin then announces to Lucy that he is going to go sit in the car for a few minutes. If Lucy plans to try to salvage their relationship, she can join him in the car. If, after Kevin waits, Lucy does NOT come out, Kevin promises to leave and NOT bother Lucy again. After Kevin leaves, Ian invites Lucy to return to the cabin with him. But Ian is devastated when Lucy turns and follows Kevin. A dejected Ian returns to the cabin. However, Lucy returns shortly and announces that she told Kevin that she was staying - because she WANTS to be with Ian. Ian and Lucy begin to kiss.

In their Hotel in Capri, Alison and Elizabeth get rid of Ian's body before answering the door to allow Caleb to enter. When Caleb demands to know what took so long, Alison declares that Alison and Elizabeth had been arguing about the way Caleb treats Elizabeth. When Alison complains about Joshua acting as their chaperone, Caleb asks WHERE Joshua is and Alison and Elizabeth agree that they have NOT seen Joshua since breakfast.

Meanwhile, Rafe returns to the Hotel and went directly to Alison's room. Rafe becomes alarmed when he finds Joshua's body and sees the teeth marks - but finds NO Alison! In the next room, Caleb listens suspiciously as Elizabeth and Alison claim that they saw Joshua flirting with a waitress at the restaurant and speculate that maybe Joshua managed to get a date. Caleb promises that he will speak with Elizabeth AFTER he tracks Joshua down - but Elizabeth demands that they talk right away. Alison excuses herself and returns to her room. After Alison leaves, Elizabeth finally told Caleb that she wants OUT of the marriage. At the same time, Rafe is thrilled when he sees Alison return to her room and Alison quickly fills Rafe in on the way that Elizabeth attacked Joshua after Joshua attacked Alison. Rafe sadly informs Alison that, even though Elizabeth killed Joshua to protect Alison, Elizabeth is STILL a vampire who has just made her first blood kill. Rafe explains that that means that Elizabeth has crossed over and is now a full-fledged vampire - AND that Elizabeth has lost her soul!

In the Park, Marissa looks at the pictures she had developed from the roll of film that Marissa found in Reese's backpack. As Marissa looks in horror at the evidence that Caleb, Reese, AND Caz are ALL vampires - Reese and Caz show up and catch Marissa with the pictures. Even though Marissa tries to claim the pictures are her, Caz and Reese bluntly state that they do NOT believe her and NOW - Marissa has come to know too much for her own good! Marissa claims that she has already sent copies of the photos to the newspapers, but Caz and Reese don't believe her. Then Marissa promises that she will destroy the pictures and never say a word to anyone, but Caz and Reese still refuse to believe Marissa. When Marissa reminds Caz and Reese that they can't do anything without Stephen's OK, Caz and Reese admit that Caleb does NOT know about the pictures and, if Caleb found out, they'd be dead! When Marissa observes that she thought they were ALREADY dead - Caz admits that Caleb could drive a stake through their hearts and make a PERMANENT end of them. So - to prevent Stephen from learning about the pictures, Caz and Reese will have to get rid of Marissa. But, as Reese and Caz attack Marissa, the two band members are suddenly frozen in their tracks when a clap of thunder and flash of lightning suddenly reveal Marissa's twin, Casey, tumbling down to earth! When Marissa recognizes Casey as her sister, Casey demands to know what Marissa thinks she is doing!

When Elizabeth announces to Caleb that she wants out of their marriage, she is stunned when Caleb's response is to begin kissing her - and they soon hit the sheets! Meanwhile, in the adjoining room, Alison informs Rafe that Caleb is in the next room with Elizabeth and that Elizabeth had decided she would tell Caleb that she wants to end their marriage. Alison reminds Rafe that there is no telling WHAT Caleb would do to Elizabeth if the evil monster learns what Elizabeth did to Joshua. Rafe assures Alison that Rafe CAN take care of hiding Joshua's body so that Caleb does NOT find out about his henchman's demise. Rafe gets a laundry cart from the hall and stuffs Joshua's body into it. Rafe orders Alison to STAY in her room and not even answer her door, while Rafe leaves to hide Joshua's body. However, while Rafe is gone, Alison begins to worry about Elizabeth and sneaks a peek into her mother's room, where Alison gets an eye-ful of Caleb and Elizabeth in bed. Alison dissolves in tears on the other side of the door. Later, Elizabeth told Stephen that she is STILL determined to end the marriage and Stephen agrees that he was NOT trying to change her mind - he just wanted Elizabeth to realize what she is about to give up.

When Rafe returns to Alison's room, Alison tearfully reports to Rafe that she saw her mother and Caleb in bed and Alison shares her fear that Elizabeth will NEVER be able to break away from Caleb! When Alison told Rafe how wonderful it would be if she could only throw herself into his arms and forget everything - Rafe surprises Alison by announcing that Alison CAN do that! When Alison disagrees because of the possibility they might be siblings, Rafe shows Alison some of her father's personal journals. Rafe explains that the Captain had hidden some of Malcolm's personal affects - including pages from Malcolm's personal journals - when Malcolm disappeared. Rafe fills Alison in on the way that Rafe dug up the papers and Rafe shows Alison entries that speak of the missing sibling and a legal document that plainly states that the missing sibling is a GIRL. So Alison has a sister and NOT a brother! Alison is thrilled by this news and Rafe and Alison begin to kiss.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

In her Hotel Room in Capri, Elizabeth is shocked when she realizes that Caleb plans to take her up on her stated desire to end their marriage. Elizabeth accuses Caleb of having never given up on his obsession for 'Olivia!' Although Caleb claims that Elizabeth is wrong, he walks out any way. As a parting shot, Caleb warns Elizabeth that he WILL find out what REALLY happened to Joshua.

Next door, Rafe and Alison rejoice in the news that Alison's missing sibling is definitely a sister. As they begin to kiss, Alison hears Elizabeth calling and Rafe quickly ducks out of sight. Elizabeth enters her daughter's room and informs Alison that Caleb walked out without any protest and Alison tries to reassure her mother that it was best that way. Elizabeth notices that Joshua's body has disappeared and Alison reports that Alison took care of Joshua's body. Alison promises her mother that no one will ever learn what happened to Joshua. Elizabeth confides to Alison that Caleb left his jet for them to use and suggests that they should probably just pack their bags and return to Port Charles as soon as possible. Alison reluctantly agrees with Elizabeth's plan and hustles her mother out of the room before Elizabeth accidentally discovers Rafe. After Elizabeth leaves, Alison confides to Rafe that Alison wants to tell Elizabeth their good news that Rafe and Alison are NOT siblings. But Rafe cautions Alison against confiding the truth to Elizabeth, because Caleb could STILL sweet-talk the truth out of Elizabeth. Alison begins to pack. But, when Alison joins Elizabeth with her bags packed, Elizabeth announces that a fog has mysteriously rolled in and closed the airport. Elizabeth thanks Alison for promising to stand beside her. But, when Elizabeth suggests that Alison join her in a visit to a restaurant around the corner, Alison announces that she is very tired and is just going to turn in early. When Alison returns to her room and reports to Rafe that a mysterious fog has just rolled in and prevented all the planes from leaving, Rafe does not appear to be all that mystified. As they discuss the mysterious fog, Rafe and Alison begin to kiss and soon head for bed.

In the Park, Marissa is shocked when Caz and Reese suddenly freeze in their tracks as they are about to attack Marissa. Then a clap of thunder and flash of lightning reveals Marissa's sister, Angel Casey, tumbling down from the sky. Marissa at first admits that she believes that she is dreaming. But Casey makes Caz and Reese disappear and informs Marissa that Casey has just used her angelic power to put the undeveloped roll of film back in Reese's backpack and Caz and Reese will NOT remember that they caught Marissa in the very act of snooping on them. Casey announces that she was sent back to earth to rescue Marissa. Casey explains that, in order to save Marissa's life, Marissa will have to return home and will NOT remember that she was ever in Port Charles or discovered the dirty little secret behind the Stephen Clay Experience. Marissa protests that she has a boyfriend, Jamal, whom she cares about, but Casey explains that the ONLY way Marissa can protect Jamal is by returning home, while Casey takes over Marissa's life in Port Charles. As Marissa continues to balk, Casey flashes back to Caz and Reese's attack on her and Marissa is finally convinced. Marissa finally agrees to Casey's plan, Casey snaps her fingers, and Marissa disappears. As Casey exultantly strolls through the park, savoring her return to earth, Jamal spots her and mistakes her for Marissa.

Tess returns to the scenic overlook she visited with Caleb and is surprised when Caleb suddenly appears beside her. When Caleb asks if their little rendezvous earlier got Tess in trouble with her husband, Caleb is disappointed when Tess reports that things are wonderful between Tess and Jack. When Tess announces that she can tell that something is troubling Caleb, Caleb admits that Elizabeth plans to end their marriage. Caleb finally asks Tess if she meant it when she told him that she could help him to find the goodness inside him. Tess assures Caleb that she DID mean it when she said that she would help him, but she can't. When Caleb admits to being puzzled, Tess reminds Caleb that, when Tess was in the Hospital, Caleb promised Tess that there would be no more tricks. But, Tess declares, Tess can tell that Caleb still wants Olivia and believes that Caleb can still draw Livvie out from Tess. Tess points out that Caleb lied, broke his word, and just tried to trick Tess. After Tess leaves, Caleb told himself: "Got to hand it to you, Tess. You ARE something special!'

Thursday, January 30, 2003

In Capri, Rafe and Alison rejoice about the fact that they can now wake up in each other's arms every morning from now on. Rafe promises that, one day, Alison WILL have the wedding of her dreams. But, he cautions, for the moment, they will need to keep their good news a secret, so Caleb does NOT realize yet that they have foiled the evil monster's sinister plot. Alison worries when Rafe announces that he has NO other choice except to return to Port Charles and defeat Caleb. Alison demands that IF Rafe MUST go back to defeat Caleb, then Alison MUST be allowed to be part of Rafe's team. Rafe warns Alison that, once Caleb realizes that Joshua is gone for good and that Rafe and Alison had something to do with Joshua's disappearance, the REAL battle will begin. Rafe and Alison decide that they will need to keep the truth from Jack, Tess, Ian, Lucy, Elizabeth and Jamal. Rafe declares that it WILL take ALL of them working together to defeat Caleb this time.

Meanwhile, in the Port Charles Park, Jamal mistakes returned Angel Casey for her sister Marissa and quizzes his girlfriend about the outlandish outfit she is wearing. Casey defends her choice of clothes by claiming that IF she is working with a rock star, she has to look the part. When Jamal reminds her that the plan was for her to QUIT the band, Jamal is shocked when Casey announces that she has changed her mind and is NOT leaving the band! When Casey heads to Stephen's Studio, Jamal follows her! Meanwhile, at Stephen's Studio, as the band sits idly by, Caleb struggles with a new song and realizes that he no longer seems to have a gift for words and music. Caleb also finds it impossible to keep his mind off of Tess! When Casey and Jamal arrive at the Studio, Ricky is amazed at 'Marissa's' new appearance. When Reese orders Casey to stay away from Ricky, Casey deliberately insults Reese and goads Reese into starting a fight. Stephen hears the commotion and breaks up the fight. When Caleb demands new lyrics from Marissa, Jamal announces that Marissa quit the band. Casey openly disagrees with Jamal and tries to hush Jamal in front of the band, but Jamal angrily declares that he does NOT understand what is going on and storms out of the Studio. After Jamal goes, Ricky, Reese and Caz report to Caleb that they have NOT heard from Joshua since the first day that Joshua was in Capri. Caleb angrily begins making calls to try to locate Joshua. But, after a few minutes of questioning Joshua's contacts, Caleb announces to the band that Joshua appears to have disappeared.

At Ian's Cabin, Lucy and Ian discuss the strange way that Ian's cravings disappear whenever Ian hops in bed with Lucy. Ian reports that Caleb's water helps Ian CONTROL the cravings - but, when Ian is in bed with Lucy, the cravings completely disappear! Meanwhile, at the Light House, Kevin vows that he will NOT let Lucy get rid of HIM! Kevin angrily gathers up Lucy's crystals, tarot cards and crystal ball and announces that he WILL get rid of Lucy's presence at the Light House! Kevin vows that he will NOT let Lucy do this to him! At the same time, Ian and Lucy hit the sheets again in front of the fireplace at the Cabin. In the meantime, at the Light House, Kevin looks at the video of his wedding to Lucy. Meanwhile, Lucy and Ian wonder if hopping in to bed together is some kind of miracle cure that has reversed the effects of Elizabeth's bite on Ian. As Lucy and Ian continue to kiss, Kevin secretly arrives at the Cabin and watches them through the window. Afterward, Lucy and Ian decide to go for a walk in the woods. But, when Ian went upstairs for his sweater, Kevin grabs Lucy and bundles his wife into a waiting limousine, equipped with candles and champagne! As Lucy protests, Kevin declares that he will NOT let anyone get in the way of their love for each other! Kevin orders the driver to take off and they drive away from the cabin. In the meantime, Ian returns to the living room with his sweater and wonders WHERE Lucy has gone.

Back at Stephen's Studio, after Caleb demands new lyrics from Casey, the angel is surprised when the band leader throws the lyrics back at her and told her they are awful. Casey quickly realizes that she does NOT have Marissa's gift for lyrics. Reese gloats openly as she watches Caleb blow up at Casey. Casey slips into a quiet corner and secretly makes a plea to heaven to give her some of Marissa's gift for words. Caleb continues searching for someone who has seen Joshua and becomes increasingly angry when he realizes that Joshua appears to have dropped completely out of sight. Caleb announces to the band that, even though Joshua is missing, they must all continue to work hard until Joshua returns. When Caleb storms back into his office, he suddenly decides that RAFE is the one who knows what has happened to Joshua. As Caleb spells out his defiance of Rafe, Rafe gets the message in Capri and declares: "Caleb! It's you, isn't it, vampire? That's right! I'm coming after you. I am ALWAYS coming after you!'

Friday, January 31, 2003

Ian runs around the Cabin, desperately searching for Lucy, with no luck. Meanwhile, Kevin tries to interest Lucy in the amenities of his luxury limousine. Kevin declares that he plans to keep Lucy driving around in circles until she listens to him but Lucy accuses Kevin of kidnapping her. Kevin reminds Lucy that - once upon a time - Lucy would have thought this was a romantic gesture on Kevin's part - rescuing her before she made a serious romantic mistake. But Lucy coldly orders Kevin to turn her loose.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Alison arrive home at Rafe and Alison's Place and Elizabeth admits to being depressed by the roller-coaster turns of events that have become her life in past weeks. As Alison tries to remind her mother that Elizabeth saved Alison by killing Joshua, Elizabeth suddenly confesses that she enjoyed sinking her fangs into Joshua's neck. Then Elizabeth suddenly begins to have visions of Joshua, angrily accusing Elizabeth of murder - and Elizabeth screams. When Alison sees no one, Alison tries to calm her mother but Elizabeth only grows more agitated. Finally, Alison slaps Elizabeth and Elizabeth tearfully admits that she is being haunted by Joshua. As Alison assures her mother of her love, Elizabeth sees another vision of Joshua but, this time, does NOT tell Alison about it. Declaring that she is tired, Elizabeth announces to her daughter that she is headed to her room for some rest.

In the Park, Rafe wonders if he is spinning his wheels down here and Caleb suddenly arrives. Caleb announces that Caleb KNOWS that Joshua is gone and the evil monster accuses Rafe of being the one who is responsible for Joshua's demise. Rafe tries to convince Caleb that maybe one of Caleb's creepy cohorts in Europe offered Joshua a better gig, but Caleb refuses to buy into Rafe's notion. Caleb declares that, since Rafe broke their agreement, Caleb WILL retaliate and promises that: "All hell is about to break loose!' Caleb suggests that, since Alison was the last to see Joshua, maybe Caleb should go after Alison to make Rafe pay for Joshua's death. When Rafe suggests that Caleb just troll for a new lackey, Caleb declares that he is never alone for long, then disappears. After Caleb leaves, Rafe calls Jack and warns Jack that Caleb MIGHT be headed to the River House - and Tess!

In Kevin's limousine, Lucy secretly worries that her absence will drive Ian back to his craving for blood. But, the more Lucy tries to convince Kevin to take her back to the Cabin, the more determined Kevin becomes that the only RIGHT thing for Kevin to do is hang on to Lucy. When Lucy grabs her phone on the pretense of calling Christina, Kevin grabs Lucy's phone out of her hand and informs his wife that Kevin has already called Christina and announces that he suspects that Lucy is attempting to call her lover-boy! Lucy finally admits that she is worried about Ian because Ian did NOT feel well and is now stranded alone at the Cabin, but Kevin remains unmoved, pointing out that Ian is a doctor, who can surely handle his own bout with the flu! As Kevin demands to know how their great love became so badly derailed, Lucy claims that she never stopped loving Kevin, but reminds Kevin that he has turned into a stranger she no longer recognizes. Kevin asks for only a few hours to be with Lucy and try to reclaim their relationship - but Lucy insists that she can NOT do that. Meanwhile, alone at the Cabin, Ian begins to unravel. Ian becomes convinced that Lucy did NOT leave on her own - but was taken away. And Ian suspects that it was Kevin who snatched Lucy! Ian vows to kill Kevin if Kevin harms Lucy in any way. Later, Kevin ushers Lucy into a Motel room, stocked with all of Lucy's favorite things!

At the same time, back in Port Charles, as Alison sleeps in her room, Caleb suddenly appears and bares his fangs.

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