All My Children Recaps: The week of August 16, 2004 on AMC
Tad and Krystal realized that they were falling in love with each other. Jamie was rushed to the hospital. Babe asked David to analyze the orange juice that JR had given her. Kendall and Bobby spied on Greenlee and Ryan in an intimate moment. Zach caught Maria searching his office.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 16, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, August 16, 2004

Greenlee went to see Ethan at the Pine Cone and apologized for their rocky start and offered to move him into the Valley Inn for his comfort. Greenlee questioned his life story and why he would have been suddenly told he is the grandson of a billionaire and hinted his adopted mother either lied about that or lied to him his whole life. Greenlee finally got around to bribing him to leave town, before he lands in jail for fraud. He said he only wants what's his and Greenlee left.

At the Fusion office, Ryan and Jonathan continued to discuss Ryan's marriage and if Ryan was planning to move forward with Greenlee, in a real relationship. Kendall, listening around the corner, was dismayed to hear Ryan say yes and admit he is falling for his wife. When Ryan sang her praises, Jonathan suggested he move slowly and Kendall walked out. Jonathan reminded Ryan that he doesn't know how Greenlee feels and that he should be prepared for rejection and wait until the Ethan mess is straightened out. He also warned Ryan that maybe he was only interested in Greenlee because she isn't Kendall. Before he left, Jonathan seemed to get through to Ryan about waiting to make sure he can make Greenlee as happy as Leo did. Greenlee returned, telling Ryan that Ethan could be the real thing and she was ready to turn over her Cambias shares, reminding him they could start over with her trust fund. She asked Ryan to tell her what he'd been about to before they were interrupted by Ethan. Ryan only told her how nice it is to have her to depend on.

During the cell fight, Seth saw the wire on Jamie and stabbed him before Derek and Tad could stop him. Brooke watched in horror on the monitor and JR grabbed Seth from behind and had him in a chokehold when Derek showed up with reinforcements. Tad rushed to Jamie, who gasped for breath on the ground, saying he shouldn't be in there and told JR he loved him. Brooke begged him to hang on as he was wheeled out by the paramedics. Derek grilled JR about what Seth said, saying a loving brother would be willing to talk. JR told him to talk to his lawyer.

Bianca and Babe continued to discuss JR and what he might be capable of which led Babe to second guess all her recent choices, especially about Bess. Bianca wondered what she meant and Babe explained she gave JR the baby as a gift and wondered if it had been the right thing to do. Bianca was even more curious when Babe said if JR did drug her, she would have to find the strength to do what needed to be done and make sure JR never gets Bess. JR walked in just then and told them about Jamie being stabbed. Babe was surprised that JR had been there when it happened and not at work like he said. JR stammered about this not being the way it was supposed to work out, that Jamie should have just stayed out of it, and Babe demanded to know if everyone was right and he was the one who drugged her. Bianca tried to leave, but Babe asked her to stay. Babe demanded the truth, warning him that if he did it, he'd get what he wanted and she'd walk out of his life forever, with Bess. JR played the victim and begged to know how she could hurt him like that when he is so worried about his brother. She apologized and gave him a big hug. When he left to call the hospital, Babe told Bianca that JR has changed and agreed he might be lying. Babe was determined to get to the truth and promised Bianca she'd do "the right thing" if JR is as bad as everyone says.

Aidan showed up at the hospital, telling Anita he was looking for a doctor or a brilliant PA. He explained he thought he had a foot in his mouth and apologized to her for ruining her romantic evening with Bobby. Anita told him she missed him while he was gone.

Jamie was brought in and Joe and Anita rushed to his side. Jamie asked for his mother. The medical staff rushed Jamie out and Tad stood staring at the blood on his hands. He called the police station and asked that a copy of the tape with Seth's confession be delivered to Livia ASAP.

Aidan was upset to hear about Jamie and told Anita he'd missed her too. She explained that she and Bobby were in a good place and the trust was back. Anita wanted to remain friends and was hopeful that Aidan and Bobby could be friends one day too.

Kendall showed up at the hospital and called Bobby to tell him she was about to have a friendly chat with Anita. She thanked Kendall for loaning Bobby the money and promised they would pay it back, with interest, whatever Kendall asked since Bobby hadn't fulfilled his end of the bargain. Bobby showed up and told Kendall he was done lying to Anita. Kendall said she knows he left out huge chunks of truth and warned him to seduce Greenlee at the upcoming fundraiser for the Miranda Center or Anita will get the photos.

Adam showed up and Tad blamed him for everything, accusing him of turning JR into the man Adam wanted him to be. Adam was shocked to hear that Jamie had been stabbed. Tad told Adam to get the gory details from JR, who had a front row seat. Tad warned Adam that if anything happens to Jamie, he'll tear his heart out. Adam found Brooke crying outside and tried to comfort her but she slapped his face. Brooke spewed venom at Adam about using his son to get her son killed and vowed to not suffer alone. Adam was dumbstruck. Tad and Livia discussed the tape not being admissible in court but Jamie having cleared his name. Tad and Brooke discussed Jamie and his excellent genes and good motives and how heartsick they were about JR. Tad blamed himself.

Adam returned home and talked to JR about Jamie, trying to calm JR down and remember their game plan. JR had no second thoughts about getting rid of Babe and keeping Bess.

Aidan met Ethan met in the courtyard of the Pine Cone and said was pleased to find a fellow countryman in Pine Valley.

Tuesday, August 17

Babe and JR sit on the sofa at Chandler Mansion with her giving him a hard stare. "What?" JR demands. Babe snaps that they're just sitting there when his brother could be dying. An upset JR tells her that's all he can think about but there's nothing they could do if they were there. As he prances around the room making a great show of concern for Jamie's well being, Reggie runs in and grabs JR by the neck and begins beating the crap out of him. Derek arrives and breaks up the fight. JR wants Reggie arrested for assault. Expecting his command to be followed, JR leaves saying he has things to take care of. Derek sends the other officer to the car so he can talk with Reggie. He tries to convince Reggie to back off and stop trying to get himself locked up. Derek promises he'll handle it. "Like you're handling it now?" Reggie retorts. For him, poking around and asking questions is not enough. Derek reminds him that patience and determination can be great weapons. He says Reggie should know that just by looking around him. Reggie seems to take the message to heart.

Tad, Brooke, and Krystal sit worried in the hospital waiting area hoping for word of Jamie's condition. Just as they decide it's been too long, Joe comes in. He tells them Jamie made it through the surgery. "And?" they all exclaim voices still full of worry. "And he's expected to make a full recovery," Joe gladly tells them. On hearing the good news, Tad hugs Krystal so hard she jokes that he's about to crack a rib. Brooke wants to see her son. Before she goes in, Joe warns her he doesn't look the greatest. Brooke tells Joe that it doesn't matter if he's green and sprouting tubes he will still look great to her because she knows he's going to be okay. Tad stands outside the door as Brooke visits a still unconscious Jamie. As he turns from the door to face the hallway, Tad sees JR approaching with Babe following closely behind. JR tells Tad he wants to put this behind them, that he is willing to forget about the drugging and accusations. Tad says he's not willing to forget, and neither is Jamie. JR wants to hear that from Jamie. Tad threatens to throw JR out. Before leaving JR says he'll call Jamie when he's feeling better. Babe tells JR she needs to stay and talk with her Mom. JR tells her to meet him by the vending machines when she's done. With JR gone, a shaking and crying Babe apologizes to Tad for Jamie getting stabbed. Tad tells her it's not her fault, but Babe still feels guilty for Jamie almost getting killed.

After Babe leaves to meet up with JR, Tad and Krystal stand chatting in front of Jamie's room. Brook comes out and breaks down sobbing in Tad's arms. She says she's happy. She knows her son is going to be okay and doesn't understand why she's cracking up now when she stood so strong through the surgery and the visit. Tad and Krystal assure her it's just because of all the stress she's been through. Krystal suggests some liquid would help. "What, more water?" Brooke asks with something of a smile breaking through. No, what Krystal had in mind was a nip of what Dr. Joe keeps hidden in his office. They leave to get Brooke calmed down but end up going for coffee instead of brandy.

Reggie, Danielle, and Derek show up at the hospital where Babe has met JR in the vending area. JR wants to know why Reggie is not in jail. Derek tells him when he got there JR was giving as good as he got. JR says he will press charges without Derek's help. Derek tells him it will be his word against Reggie's. JR says it will be his word and Babe's. Reggie uses his brain for a change and says he didn't really mean to hurt JR. He was just upset about Jamie. Babe says she thinks they should let it go. Reggie thanks Derek for the break before Derek leaves to track down Dr. Joe. Derek tells him if he uses his fists instead of his head again, he will bust him just like anyone else. Danielle asks what's up with Reggie and her dad. Reggie tells her he's still trying to figure it out himself.

Maggie sees the exchange and comes unglued on Babe for playing the dutiful wife to a man who drugged her and framed her brother for the crime, almost getting him killed in the process. Maggie screams in Babe's face for Babe to tell her how she's going to stand up for JR. "I can't," an upset Babe tells Maggie, "I can't tell you anything."

With Jamie's door unguarded, JR walks in and stands looking down at his unconscious brother. JR tells him he never wanted him in jail or hurt like this. He tells Jamie everything is the fault of his slut of a wife. JR says Babe knew he was his brother when she slept with him. He says she was just trying to keep him on the hook by saying he might be the daddy when she found out she was pregnant because Jamie was her backup plan. JR says Babe was using reverse psychology all along. "She's not fit to raise Bess," JR says, "That's why I had to drug her." He vows to Jamie he will get Babe out of their lives and they will be okay. Just as JR finishes uttering his vow, Babe walks in and finds him in Jamie's room. He wants to know what she is doing there. She tells him she was just looking for him and reminds him that Tad did not want him in Jamie's room. He tells Babe that Jamie is his brother and he loves him no matter what Tad thinks. To JR, that gives him the right to be there.

Aidan surprises Ryan at the Fusion offices. He tells him he's met Ethan and that they're "practically brothers" now. When he bumped into him at the Pine Cone, Aidan invited Ethan over for beers. Ethan told him the whole story of why he's in Pine Valley and how he is going after the Cambias fortune. Ryan asks when he got back and if he's checked into Zach's past. Aidan tells him he's only been back a couple of days and has been keeping a low profile. Aidan has checked up on Zach and it appears he did not exist for the first half of his life. No one seems to know anything about Zach's early life. Ryan asks about women as sometimes a woman knows more and is more willing to spill it. Aidan tells him the only female he's found in Zach's past is Maria from her days as Maureen Gorman. Relieved to hear Aidan knows about Maria/Maureen's past with Zach, Ryan comments that it's interesting, "A woman who can't remember her past with a man who is trying to hide his." Aidan asks if Edmund knows about Zach and Maria. Ryan confirms he does. "So, you think what Zach's up to might be murder?" Ryan asks. He says Edmund thinks that's Zach's ulterior motive and that the murder might be his own (Edmund's). Together they decide the event at Zach's casino to raise money for the Miranda Montgomery Center might be where he plans to commit the murder. That would make more sense as to why he's trying to bring everyone together than that he wants to raise money for a cause he only learned of recently. This realization causes Ryan to want to cancel the fundraiser. Aidan talks him out of it though as this might be just what they need to flush out Zach. Aidan will put together a security plan and keep a close eye. He says he won't let any planned harm come to fruition. Satisfied Aidan can handle security, Ryan asks what he thinks of his "new best friend," referring to Ethan. Aidan tells him he will know soon. After their chummy gathering, Aidan sent a beer bottle with a full set of fingerprints on it away for analysis.

Kendall tells Ethan the background of the Cambias men, how Michael was jealous of Alex Jr. And how Michael could never stand up to Alex Jr.'s greatness dead or alive. Ethan appreciates the information but doesn't understand why she's helping him. Kendall explains that she knows where he is and that she knows the way out because of her adoption and later discovery that Erica was her biological mother. Kendall empathizes with Ethan because she's been there. She says as a child she always knew she had a connection somewhere outside her family but did not know she was adopted until she heard her parents trying to figure out the dog's age. She heard them say they got the dog at the same time they got her. Then she knew. After that, her imagination got her through many long days and nights. She always dreamed she was born in a castle and invented all kinds of fabulous reasons why her parents gave her up for adoption. Ethan still doesn't understand why she wants him to stay. "Fusion and Enchantment," Kendall tells him. Ethan tells her he's bought a few rounds of drinks for friends who helped him but he's not going to be giving away a few companies. That's okay with Kendall. She just wants to run them. She vows to Ethan that she won't lose again to Ryan and Greenlee. She tells Ethan that with her he can win. Without her, Ryan will grind him into dust no matter whose blood flows through his veins. Ethan agrees to stay. Thrilled that she's talked him out of going back to London, Kendall wants to show him the town. More than once she asks him to escort her to the Miranda Montgomery Center fundraiser tomorrow where he can rub shoulders with Pine Valley's movers and shakers. "You mean you're not them?" Ethan remarks. No matter how she tries to convince him, Ethan refuses her invitation. He says he has other plans and will not tell her what they are.

Over a cup of the dredge called coffee at the hospital, Tad tells Krystal he never thought he'd feel that again. She asks what he means. He tells her he never thought a woman would be able to tell him what he was feeling before he could put words to it. She downplays her role telling him it's just because she's a momma and understands what it's like for your child to be in danger. Still, it is obvious Tad's feelings for Krystal are growing as they continue bonding while sipping their coffee.

Someone mysteriously stacks a group of four-by-six black and white photos of Pine Valley's elite ending with a color five-by-seven of Michael Cambias on top.

Wednesday, August 18

Maggie goes to visit Jamie in the hospital, taking food, books, and all the makings for root beer floats. While they are in his room, Babe shows up to see David, asking him about the day he claims he caught J.R. putting something in her orange juice. David swears that he would never make something like that up, and pulls an jar with orange juice in it out of her purse. She tells him she didn't drink it this morning, and needs to know if J.R. is really drugging her, needs to know if she has kept Bianca from her child for no reason. She warns David not to doctor the results, because she loves J.R. and doesn't want to believe he would do that to her, and David assures his daughter there is no way that he would do that just to hurt her, because more than anything, he wants her to be happy. He also suggests doing a blood test on Babe, which she reluctantly agrees to. Back in Jamie's room, Maggie is preparing to make the floats when she spots Babe hanging around outside in the hall, and tells him she forgot the spoons. In the hallway, Maggie tells Babe to stay away from Jamie, because she's caused him enough pain. Babe insists that she wants to see Jamie, and after swearing to Maggie that she needs to make things right, Maggie doesn't stop Babe from going in, but leaves the room once she does. Babe tells Jamie that she believes he never hurt her, and apologizes for ever believing he could have. He holds out his hand, and she takes it, sitting next to him and telling him that she just can't believe her husband could do that to her. He reminds her that J.R. is also his brother, and she doesn't want to believe it either. She worries about what will happen to her and Bess if J.R. is guilty, and he swears that he will look after the two of them. Babe reminds her that she is Krystal's daughter, and she's been raised to take care of herself, and Jamie reminds him that he is Tad's son, and he will not let her take on J.R. alone. David shows up in Jamie's room looking for Babe, and Babe tells Jamie there are things she nee ds to do. They go out into the hallway, where David shows her the results of the testing, and what she sees confirms her suspicions. David asks her what she's going to do.

Bianca mentally steels herself for the fundraiser, as Zach watches her from the doorway. After a brief conversation about her concerns about the fundraiser, she gives him a gift because he, like she, has lost someone important to them. He opens the package to find a silver frame, and she suggests that she put a picture of the person he lost in it and keep it on his desk so that it will help warm his heart each time he looks at it, and admits that her biggest fear is that one day, the pictures she has of Miranda in her head will fade away. Just then Kendall and Erica enter, and Erica has a large check to give Bianca. Zach excuses himself as the Kane women are offered champagne, yet all turn it down. Erica assures her daughters she is okay, and that she won't slip tonight -- she has cell phone with her, and her sponsor on speed dial. Both Bianca and Erica start talking about how they need to focus on Miranda tonight, but Kendall calls their bluff and assures them she won't make a scene with Ryan and Greenlee. Erica takes her leave, but Bianca stays, telling Kendall she knows her too well, and advises her to forget about Ryan. Kendall says she can't leave Ryan in the hands of "little miss lying, cheating, garden gnome." Just then Palmer comes in, and Bianca offers to take him to meet Zach. In his office, Bianca's words again play in Zach's mind as he looks at the picture of the person that he lost [which is not shown to viewers]. She notices he has put the frame up on his desk, and asks if he can see the picture. Zach tells her he's not ready to talk about it, and then compliments her on the gift. He asks her how she got to be so selfless, and while she rebuffs the compliment, she admits that she allows her love for her daughter to guide her life, praying that one day she'll be worthy enough to be with her again.

Simone puts a new fragrance on her wrist, and vamps over to Jonathan, begging him to test it out. Greenlee advises her to 'put it in park', and sniffs the scent herself, declaring it to her liking. She is a bit surprised when Simone admits that they're diluting the essential oils with vodka, but soon moves on to her computer as Jonathan leaves the room to do some number crunching. While on her computer, she suddenly announces that 'he' is a total fraud. Simone believes she means Ethan, but Greenlee admits that she did a check on Jonathan, since she knew more about the tax code than he did, and it turns out he flunked out of university in his junior year. Jonathan returns to the room and Greenlee tells him she needs to talk, but just then, Ethan Cambias comes into the room. Jonathan is immediately in his face, but Greenlee wants to hear him out. Ethan reminds her that he offered her money, and tells her he wants to take her up on it. Over Jonathan's protests, Ethan assures her that if he is wrong, he'll pay her back, but if he's right, it's his money anyway. Jonathan is shocked when Greenlee tells Ethan that she'll write him a check. After Ethan leaves, Jonathan tells Greenlee she's far too trusting, and Simone pipes up that Jonathan should know that. He looks confused, and Simone immediately realizes she's made a mistake. Greenlee tries to draw Jonathan out, telling him that if he's got secrets, he can tell Ryan, but Jonathan swears that he is completely open with Ryan. Once he leaves, Greenlee laments to Simone that the last thing Ryan needs in his life is another liar.

At the Chandler mansion, J.R. holds a beaming Bess on his lap as he talks to Adam about Babe. He swears that he didn't mean for Jamie to get hurt, and blames Babe for Jamie's stabbing in addition to everything else he blames her for. He tells Adam he's willing to do anything, and Adam suggests murder. At first J.R. thinks Adam wants him to murder Babe, but then is shocked when he realizes Adam is proposing Babe murder him, and tells him no way. Adam lays out his plan, which would cause no harm to J.R. They would hire someone to claim that Babe propositioned them to kill her husband, and then portray her as a lazy, lying, cheating drug addict. Then Adam lays out the final nail for Babe's coffin -- initially J.R. will angrily protest the charge, but as the evidence gets stronger, he will turn on her, ripping Bess out of her arms. [Throughout the conversation, Adam and J.R. both use the 'happy voice' people usually save for when dealing with small children. Bess is clearly fascinated by her grandfather, as she can't take her eyes off him.] J.R. is determined to go through with his plan, both for himself and because he blames Babe for Jamie's stabbing.

Bianca introduces Zach to Palmer Cortlandt, and there is a flash to the pictures, one of which is of Palmer. Meanwhile, Greenlee has just shown up, and Kendall greets her so enthusiastically that Greenlee is immediately suspicious. Erica approaches the two, wanting to make sure that they won't make a scene, and both Kendall and Greenlee assure her they won't. Erica isn't interested in listening to what she figures is most likely a cover story from Kendall, so she asks Kendall to have a word with her. As Kendall is heading off with Erica, Ethan Cambias comes bursting in and grabs Kendall's arm, demanding to know where she hid his uncle's body. When Erica asks who he is, he announces to the stunned audience that he is Michael Cambias. The citizens of Pine Valley are all stunned, and Bianca looks like her worst nightmare is coming true when she is confronted with the man who claims to be the nephew of her rapist.

Maggie and David talk about the situation with J.R., and Maggie wonders if he has any truth serum he can give him. David admits he's certainly thought about it, and Maggie tells him that knowing it was J.R. who put Jamie in that bed is making her crazy. David admits that it makes him crazy, too, that he has to go to all this effort to save Babe and Bess from Adam. Maggie tells him that she under stands why he is fighting so hard -- he couldn't save Leora, so he is trying desperately to save the daughter he just found. After their talk, David heads into Jamie's room, where he tells him he's going to make a full recovery. After trading barbs, David comments that he just needs him well enough to testify against J.R. When Jamie asks if he knows something, David just says it's a hunch.

Back at the Chandler mansion, Babe walks out to meet J.R. on the deck. He tells her that it's time to get ready for the fundraiser, but she wants to talk, suggesting he sit down. J.R. is visibly frustrated and a little worried, and wants to know what's up. Suddenly Babe smiles, and tells him that she's pregnant.

Thursday, August 19

At Ethan's announcement that Michael Cambias's body was missing from his grave, the room fell silent. Bianca was horrified as Ethan accused Ryan of taking the body. Ryan denied knowing anything about it and mentioned that Ethan was less than a truthful guy. Kendall stood up for Ethan and said she believed his story. Erica was disgusted by this. Palmer told Ethan to leave quietly but he demanded to know where his uncle's body was. Ryan said it was buried beneath 50 feet of garbage in the Pine Valley dump. Most of the room snickered at this and Ethan was angry that they found this funny. Erica told him that Michael Cambias was evil and that the good people of Pine Valley wouldn't let him lie in consecrated ground. Ethan ordered Ryan to tell him who did this but Ryan claimed he had no clue. Palmer stepped forward and said he did it and told Ethan to run along. Zach told Ethan to show some respect to the baby cousin they were honoring with this fundraiser. Greenlee realized that the two thousand dollars Ethan had borrowed from her was used to exhume Michael's grave. Ethan said he'd do what ever it took to find out who he is. Bianca stepped up and asked to speak to him alone. She took him into a private room . Zach got in Ryan's face and they argued about Ethan. Zach stormed off and Greenlee joined Ryan. She asked if he was mad that she loaned Ethan the money. Ryan said he would've done the same thing. Greenlee wondered what made Kendall "join the other side." She told Ryan to follow her outside to the gazebo for his daily surprise. When they got outside to a beautifully lit area, Ryan saw a tennis racket and a note. He read the note, which said he had "won" a year's membership to the tennis club at the casino. Ryan was thrilled and asked if they were going to play singles or doubles. Greenlee grinned and said doubles of course because they make such a great team. Inside the casino Kendall started to follow Ryan and Greenlee but Erica stopped her. Erica told her that she was addicted to hurting people who had hurt her, "You need a good belt of payback, but it's never enough." She said what worried her most about Kendall's behavior was what she was about to do to herself. Kendall tried to play it off but Erica was right on the mark. She tried to get away but Erica grabbed her arm and told her not to go, she would only look desperate. Kendall said she was desperate, she had to "save Ryan." Erica told her the game was over. Kendall told her that Ryan thinks he's falling for Greenlee and that she couldn't have him looking at Greenlee the way he used to look at her. Erica asked "You've hatched a plot? How is Bobby Warner involved?." Kendall was surprised that her mother might know about the scheme involving Bobby. Erica said she heard Kendall call Bobby and just put it together. She said she hoped Kendall would realize that if something was meant to be it would happen, without pain. Out in the gazebo Greenlee asked Ryan where her "surprise of the day" was. Ryan admitted that he hadn't purchased anything but he did have something. He walked over to her, put his hand gently behind her head and began kissing her passionately. Greenlee responded by putting her arms around Ryan.

Bianca and Ethan sat down in a private room. He was still very angry and blamed everything on Ryan. Bianca told him not to shred Ryan. She explained how Ryan signed over the entire Cambias estate to Miranda without hesitation. He questioned why Ryan was back in control and Bianca said she forced him to take it all back. Bianca said Ryan was a good guy but the question was, was Ethan? She tried to explain what Michael Cambias did not only to her but to the whole town. Ethan said he does have a conscience and that he has nothing to do with what his uncle did. Bianca said it would never be easy to be a Cambias in this town. Ethan apologized for disrupting the fundraiser and started to leave. Bianca said "Wait! I want to look at your face some more." Ethan asked if he reminded her of Michael. Bianca said no, but maybe she could see her daughter in his face. She studied him but then said she wasn't sure because she'd only seen Miranda for such a short time. Ethan said he was sorry and that it must be so difficult to never see your baby's face again, "although my birth mother seemed to manage it." Bianca smiled and said she sometimes saw Miranda's face in the oddest places. She asked Ethan to stay so she could get to know him better. Ethan said he wouldn't expect anyone to be pleased to have him be there.

Zach and Palmer discussed the casino and Bobby's work there. Palmer was impressed that Bobby had done so well. Palmer started to leave and Zach asked if he wasn't going to take his glass of champagne with him. Palmer looked at the glass on the table and said it wasn't his, it was Ethan's. Then Palmer left. Zach took out a napkin and wrapped it around the glass, taking it with him into his office. He stood in front of a wall with pictures of many of Pine Valley's residents on it. Then he placed a phone call, saying "There's been a change for this evening. Cancel the show. I've got something much more entertaining!."

Babe told JR she was pregnant and JR blurted out "Impossible!" Babe asked if there was something he knew about her body that she didn't. JR back-tracked and said she had just gone off the birth control pill and was surprised that it could happen so quickly. Babe giggled and said she was just a fertile turtle. JR tried to pretend he was happy. Adam and Krystal walked in and Babe told JR to announce their good news. JR could barely choke out the words. Adam wondered if it was a false alarm and Babe said she didn't think so. Adam tried to act thrilled while Krystal said nothing. Babe finally asked her mother what she thought and she pretended to be excited. Adam and JR said they had to get ready for the fundraiser and walked back in the house. Krystal said "I thought you were going to wait until you were sure about JR?" Babe admitted that she was lying to try to catch JR. She said she'd talked to Jamie and was having doubts about JR's honesty. Krystal was not very enthusiastic about the plan and wondered how long she could pretend to be pregnant. Babe admitted she hadn't thought it all out. She said JR was really smart and might figure it out quickly. She said she kept Bess to make him happy but wondered what she should do if he's really the dog everyone says he is. Krystal replied "If it turns out he's bad news, are you prepared to give the baby back to Bianca?" Babe said there would be nothing stopping her from giving Bess back. Krystal reminded her it might mean jail time. Babe said she deserved it but didn't know what she'd say to Bianca. She said she had to get ready to go. Krystal said she was staying home, she didn't trust the nanny with Bess. Adam and JR went into Adam's office and he scanned it for listening devices. When he determined it was all clear he and JR discussed the situation. Adam said he thought JR had been putting birth control pills in Babe's morning juice. JR said he hadn't missed a day. Adam said this would alter their plan a bit. JR said he couldn't stand the thought of Babe incubating his son. Adam's eyes lit up and JR said Babe was sure it was a boy. Adam said first thing they had to do was get Babe to a doctor to find out for real. He told JR to keep his "mask" in place and it would get easier. JR said his game face was cracking. Adam said if they welcomed Adam Chandler the third into the family it would all be worth it. JR smiled and said "A son! Maybe there is an up side!" Adam advised JR to show Babe the time of her life now and then he could enjoy pulling the world out from under her later. JR remarked "I didn't realize there was so much to being a Chandler!" Adam answered "Being us is a full time job!."

Friday, August 20

Babe arrives at the fund-raiser, looking for JR. An attendant, who hasn't seen him, offers her a glass of champagne. She declines, saying that she is pregnant. Bianca overhears and confronts her. Babe tells her that she isn't really pregnant, but wants to go someplace where they can have more privacy before she gives up all of the details.

Across the room, Jack and Erica have met up. Jack, calling her his good luck charm, wants to try his hand at some gambling. Erica is momentarily game until she sees Bianca looking upset. She starts to ditch Jack in an effort to try to rescue her daughter, but Jack refuses to let her go. He tells her that Bianca is strong and will be fine without her for a while. In an attempt to appease her, he gives her a diamond bracelet. It has the mantra "One day at a time" on it, to remind her to take her recovery slowly.

In the courtyard, as Ryan and Greenlee are locked in a series of passionate kisses, Kendall and Bobby look on from behind the bushes. The newlyweds consider what the kiss could mean in terms of their contract to keep everything platonic. They decide that they want to discuss it when they have more time and when they can focus on just the two of them. To stop them from going any further, Ryan makes up the excuse that he needs to check on security. Greenlee reluctantly lets him leave, grabs the remnants of her surprise and heads back inside.

Kendall is still of the mindset that there is a chance she can break them up. Bobby doesn't agree, because Ryan and Greenlee look tighter than ever. According to Kendall, however, there is always one more option - but in this case, they need to work fast.

A short time later, Kendall corners Ryan and demands that he talk to her. He's not interested but she threatens to "light a fire" under Ethan or Zach, or maybe do a strip tease that will mess up the fund-raiser. Ryan thinks that she wouldn't do such a thing to her sister, but can't take the chance. He follows her to a private room so they can talk.

Back inside, Greenlee runs into Erica. Erica tells her that she promises to heal all of the wounds that she caused Jackson. She also wants to have a friendly truce, for Jackson's sake. Greenlee is agreeable until Erica follows it with some advice: she tells Greenlee to be careful, because all she has done is set herself up for a world of hurt.

The gloves are off and Greenlee is done being friendly. She wants to know what Erica knows. She ends up answering her own question: Kendall is out to hurt her. Before Erica can confirm, Bobby interrupts them. He makes a bit of small talk with Erica before asking if he can borrow Greenlee. Erica insists on borrowing Bobby first and drags him off to the side.

Erica tells Bobby that she has noticed him getting close with both Kendall and Greenlee. Knowing how explosive that combination can be, Erica warns him that he would be sorry if her hurt her daughter or Jackson's daughter. Bobby tells her not to worry because he is back with Anita.

Leaving Erica and going back to Greenlee, Bobby hears Greenlee immediately say that he was wrong about Ryan. Greenlee confesses that while Ryan hasn't said the words, she is positive that he loves her. Bobby is skeptical, but lets it go for the moment. He says that there is something she needs to see. She is concerned about missing Ryan, but Bobby assures her that she won't. He whisks her away to a private room with a TV.

Erica returns to Jack in a tizzy about everything that has happened - Kendall dragging Ryan off, Bobby running off with Greenlee. She insists that she must do something to save everyone. Jackson tells her that they can handle themselves just as Bianca can - and he promises her the best night of her life, if she will let him. She agrees, and they go out to the courtyard. Underneath the white lights strung overhead, they dance. Jack tells her that he loves her, and they seal it with a kiss.

Zach catches Maria snooping around in his office, just before she opens a cabinet behind his desk where he has all the pictures of Pine Valley's main players tacked up. Momentarily stunned at being caught, Maria recovers and tells Zach that she was looking for something - anything - to tell her why he is really in Pine Valley. Although Zach insists that he has told her the truth, Maria thinks he was simply feeding her a line to get her off the trail.

Zach refuses to involve her in what is going on with him. Maria tells him she has an offer for him in a suggestive way. He calls her on it - but she denies that she would offer herself as part of a trade. She says she wants to prove something about him - and he finishes her sentiment: if she finds something that tells her once and for all that he is evil, she can finally let him go.

Zach tells her that while it is true that he wants to be with her, he will not do so simply as payment for traded information. He also will not be with her if she doesn't want the same things as him anymore. He can't believe that she could so easily forget how they felt about each other in the desert, and how their life was together. Maria insists that she was a different person then, but Zach counters and says that she had a different name but the same fire.

Not able to deal, Maria takes her leave. In the hallway, as she attempts to get herself together, an employee approaches her. Maria is informed that her husband wants her to meet him in room 313 in the back part of the hotel. She takes a few additional moments and then heads to the room.

When she arrives, there is no answer to the knock on the door or to calling out his name. She tries the door to find it unlocked. She is taken aback when the door opens to the interior awash in candlelight. She takes a seat and flashes back to another memory with Zach. In it, Zach presents her with the keys to a house he bought for her - and the room in which he does so is clearly the inspiration for room 313.

Zach enters the room soon after and shakes her from her reverie by asking her what she thinks. In his hand, he holds a replica of the keys given in that other lifetime.

In a private room, Babe tells Bianca that she asked David to test a sample of the orange juice JR gave her. Lab tests confirmed her suspicions that JR was secretly feeding her birth control pills. She says that she is 90% sure that JR is as guilty as everyone says, but that she really wants to catch him in a lie so that she can hear it from his own mouth. Shocked, Bianca reminds her that both she and Jamie almost died - what other proof is needed? Bianca tells Babe that, though she hates to say it, she is scared of JR and she thinks Babe should be too.

Thinking back, Babe relates the story of how lost she was, and how she was close to jumping off the pier in San Francisco when JR found her. She says that JR gave her hope - and that he is the only man who has ever loved her without wanting something in return. She gave him the only thing she had to give - her heart. Because of all they had been through, she confesses that JR still has her heart. She goes on to tell her that if it turns out that JR has been trying to get rid of her, that girl he saved would die.

Bianca promises that she won't die - and that she will be there every step of the way to make sure of it. Crying, Babe tells her that she doesn't think that Bianca will be there for her - but she will be there for (Mira)Bess.

Babe says that once she catches JR in the lie, she will be able to kick him to the curb easily. When all is said and done, Babe promises that she will be a better friend to Bianca - one that she really deserves. She promises that she will right all wrongs, and truly give back to her.

After reaching their destination, Kendall commends Ryan on a job well done with regard to the "performance" in the courtyard with Greenlee. Although he tries to convince her otherwise, she laughs off the possibility of him having a legitimate relationship with Greenlee. She tells him that she believes that the kiss was really about all of their pent-up sexual frustration. Ryan is adamant that he plans on taking his relationship with Greenlee to the next level, and making it as real as any other.

Kendall says that they can never have anything real because he and Greenlee are best friends, and the most that they can hope for is that friendship with a side of sex. Ryan, however, is solid in his feelings. He confesses that he truly loves Greenlee.

Kendall calls him a fraud but Ryan doesn't care. He tells her that she can believe what she wants and he will leave her to do so - alone. He tries to leave the room but he finds that the door is locked. He asks Kendall to let him out, but she refuses to do so until she is done with him.

Meanwhile, Bobby tells Greenlee that he saw Ryan and Kendall take off together and he thought that she might like to see what they are up to. He sends a signal to Kendall via cell phone so that she knows to take it to the next level. He brings up the images from the hidden camera on the screen, but there is no audio.

In the room, Kendall pretends to feel faint, and tells Ryan that she hadn't slept or eaten in a while because she had been working so hard on one of the projects at work. She starts to fall and grabs on to Ryan. He helps her over to the couch and as he does, she pulls him down into a liplock.

Greenlee and Bobby witness this for a moment, and then Bobby turns off the TV and tells Greenlee that she doesn't need to see anymore. She is visibly upset because she really believed Ryan when he said that he was over Kendall. She thought that he was starting to fall in love with her, and viewed the kiss in the courtyard earlier that night as proof.

Ryan breaks away from Kendall's clutches and tells her off. She still doesn't get it and rants on about how he could never be happy with her. He needs the excitement that only she can provide. Security (which is what Greenlee would supply) is not an adequate equivalent of love.

Ryan, visibly furious, threatens to call security. Kendall tells him to calm down and that she will let him out. She tells him that he is blind if he thinks that Greenlee truly loves him and tells him that if he follows her, she will prove it to him. Ryan wants no part of it, but Kendall challenges him.

Bobby comforts Greenlee as she cries in his arms. He tells her it will be okay, and that she will get through it - but she just wants him to take the pain away. As a solution, he kisses her.

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