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Kendall interrupted Ryan as he was about to tell Greenlee how he felt. Maria and Zach had a confrontation. Edmund told Aidan that he was aware of Maria's past with Zach. Krystal told Babe why Jamie was in jail. Seth incriminated JR as Tad, Derek, and Brooke listened via Jamie's wire. Seth stabbed Jamie.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 9, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, August 9, 2004

JR gloated to Bess about taking away Ryan's new toy. Liza commented on JR's low morals but succumbed to their blackmail. Babe walked in, wondering what was going on. JR said he had to work all afternoon and Liza told Babe about Jamie being arrested. JR also gloated to her about beating Ryan in the deal and Babe remarked that he was beginning to sound like Adam and she didn't like it one bit. JR spun a yarn about only protecting his family, but Babe still didn't like how cold he sounded, especially when he warned that no one crosses him and gets away with it. JR and Adam got ready to leave and Liza refused their offer of a ride. When they were gone, she came back to the room to talk to Babe about being married to a Chandler. Babe told her she'd already gotten the ex-wife speech from Brooke. Liza warned her about the Technicolor world that she's living in now is not the same as black and white reality, with right and wrong clearly defined. Liza warned her how easy it is for the Chandlers to feel betrayed and reminded her of JR's remark about no one crossing him and getting away with it. Liza mentioned how having a Chandler baby can change the rules...then asked Babe if she has JR's baby or Bianca's. Babe insisted Bess was hers and Liza guessed that Krystal switched the DNA test results. Liza opined it would be best if Bess were really Miranda and that if Babe sticks around long enough, she'll see what she means.

Reggie went home and continued to fret over Jamie being in jail. Danielle tried to get him to open up and explain what Seth did to his family. Reggie told the tale of his mother's gradually increasing drug use, his sisters going unfed and unwashed and having to call Child Protective Services to save his sisters. Danielle was very sympathetic and Reggie continued to worry about Jamie, vowing to kill Seth if anything happens to him.

In jail, Jamie complained about being locked up with Seth and when the guards were gone, threw him up against the wall. Jamie grilled him about JR and warned Seth to not trust JR. Seth insisted his deal for a six month sentence will come through. Jamie warned Seth that the last thing JR wants is Seth out of prison because he knows the secret. Seth stewed quietly as Jamie told him no one will care if he stays in prison for years. Jamie questioned how he can afford Archie, the high-priced lawyer. Seth told him to mind his own business.

Kendall complained to Ryan about Jonathan blowing the biotech deal. Ryan told her he was thinking about making love to her right there on the roof. He was remembering the past and how connected he'd felt to her. Kendall anxiously wanted to know how he is feeling now and he told her he feels nothing. He thanked her for using Bianca and Jonathan to ruin the biotech deal and helping him get over her completely by smashing what they had into a million pieces. He urged her to let it go and walked away. Kendall stopped him, arguing that he will never forget her. He asked what it will take to convince her that he's done and she said she'll never give up. He said in that case, she'll be fired at the next board meeting.

In the office, Ryan left a voice mail for Greenlee, telling her he misses her and talked with Jonathan about the biotech deal and Kendall's involvement. Adam and JR entered, saying they could have the biotech company back and are ready to trade it for Chandler Enterprises. Ryan turned them down flat and guessed that their finances are now over-extended.

Erica was astounded at Bianca's suggestion that Miranda was better off dead and felt guilty for putting those thoughts in her head. Bianca said she was proud that her daughter's name will become synonymous with good things and not a reminder of rape and death. Bianca was sure Miranda could not have had a normal life and Erica held her hands and told her she would have had a wonderful life with Bianca as a mother. Bianca said Miranda's life would have been as filled with pain as Kendall's is. Erica defended Kendall and Bianca informed her that Kendall is spinning out of control again these days. Erica continued to believe that Miranda would have had a wonderful life and reminded her that Bianca was right during the intervention in telling her she can't take on her pain. Erica reminded her that the love she'd felt for Miranda would have overcome any amount of pain. She was dismayed to learn that Bianca stopped seeing her therapist. Bianca was impatient and declared herself ready to move on. The thunder nearby reminded Erica they are not over their nightmares yet. Bianca insisted she was. Kendall rushed up, surprised to see Erica. Bianca asked what Kendall did to Ryan this time and asked her to stop using her to get what she wants. Bianca kissed Erica and left. Kendall tried to assuage Erica's fears about Bianca and insisted she is fine also. Erica asked her to tell the truth and said she wants to be there for her, as someone she can count on. Kendall was touched and got excited about how together they could get even Ryan and Greenlee for hurting her.

Bianca returned to Jack and asked for his help in telling Erica to stop worrying. Jack was worried that Bianca was still angry with Erica and asked her to give Erica some slack. Bianca said she is just sick of analyzing everything to death and Erica's concern and interest is too late. Jack was sympathetic but warned Bianca not to lose her relationship with Erica for good.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Bianca and Jack continued to discuss Erica and Bianca's relationship with her. Bianca said she'll never feel close to Erica again and was adamant that she is over the past, but did flinch when the thunder clapped. Jack was worried about her and Lily remarked that the storm is getting closer so they packed up the picnic. Bianca offered to take Lily home so Jack could find Erica and take her home. At home, Lily apologized to Bianca for asking too many questions at the park. Lily hoped Bianca would forgive her, but Bianca spilled a drink and got upset about that. Lily suggested she count backwards to keep from getting upset and feeling like the room is spinning. Bianca told her that her life is spinning, not the room. Lily tried hard to make Bianca feel better and offered to help her control what is wrong with her. Bianca said she doesn't want to control it, she wants it to go away. Bianca expressed her total frustration in feeling smothered and unable to breathe. Lily offered her a lifejacket and remembered how she'd felt the first time she tried to swim and the lifejacket helped her breathe. Bianca started to cry and told Lily how her daughter died in the water, with no one to give her a life jacket and the water is swallowing her now too.

Erica was aghast to hear Kendall admit she'd slept with Ryan's brother and worked with Adam and JR against Ryan. She continued to be bothered by the thunder in the distance. Kendall was very excited about the possibility of working with Erica to hurt Ryan and Greenlee. Erica was not enthused and tried to reason with Kendall about getting help to get over her anger. Kendall reminded her she hasn't worked through her own issues yet and continued to gush about the possibilities of them teaming up to get revenge and sharing pain with the people who cause it. Kendall said she could find someone else to help her, someone who doesn't have a choice. Kendall whined about all the times Ryan has rejected her and how she'd hoped things would work out perfectly in Las Vegas. Erica was sorry she didn't understand things at the time. Kendall asked what Erica would do if her father were there right now and Erica said she'd kill him. Kendall's thirst for revenge frightened Erica. Jack found Erica and Kendall left. Erica ranted and wondered how her daughters could have become the way they are, with Bianca believing Miranda is better off dead and Kendall so bent on revenge. Erica was very upset about Bianca using her own words and felt guilty. Jack tried to be supportive and Erica wanted to know how to stop the cycle and vowed not to stand by and watch her girls destroy their lives, vowing to take responsibility before they are all lost for good. Jack congratulated her on being sober and reminded her that all she can do is be there when her daughters are ready to come to her for help. The thunder got louder and closer and Erica refused to leave with Jack or tell him where she is going, wanting to face it alone.

Bobby went to look for Anita, determined to talk to her. He found her in the stables and she was annoyed that he ruined the romantic evening surprise she was setting up for them to celebrate their anniversary. He refused to leave to let her finish setting things up, saying they may not have a future to celebrate. He sat down to tell Anita the whole truth about "borrowing" the money from Zach in advance of his investment in order to repay Palmer and how he had to borrow money from Kendall. Anita guessed it wasn't a simple loan and wanted to know what the terms were, worried that he'd slept with Kendall. He said no and she didn't care about the terms, saying she was ready to live as a pauper with him, as long as he doesn't involve another woman. He left to let her finish getting ready. The wind blew out a candle and when someone walked in, Anita rushed up to kiss him and say she was ready to make a baby. A surprised Aidan thought it was a nice homecoming.

Greenlee returned from California and found Ryan at the Fusion office. Ryan told her he had big news to tell her, something he should have told her before she left. She was confused and more than a little anxious. He tried to stammer out his feelings but Simone walked in, eager to replace Kendall on the Enchantment fragrance project and work with Jonathan. They caught Greenlee up on Kendall's betrayal on the biotech deal. When Simone left, Ryan couldn't wait to tell Greenlee about his epiphany about Kendall and that he no longer has any feelings for her. He was working up to tell her the rest, how he feels about her when Kendall walked in to announce that world as they know it is about to end. Ryan and Greenlee were leaving to go to dinner but members of the Cambias board arrived to call an impromptu meeting after Adam Chandler told them about buying the biotech company himself. The board members wanted Ryan to agree to trade Chandler Enterprises for the biotech firm. He refused and they brought up their concerns about the legitimacy of his marriage and were poised to fire him when Jonathan stepped up to take the blame and offered to quit. Kendall offered up remarks designed to plant seeds of doubt behind Alexander Cambias's motives for leaving Ryan his fortune. Greenlee reminded everyone that Miranda Montgomery was the one who would have inherited, had she lived. She also bragged about Ryan's accomplishments, like keeping 612 jobs in America instead of being outsourced. Ryan warned he would fight the board on any dismissal decision. The board members went to a corner to discuss things and Kendall watched in complete envy as Ryan and Greenlee cuddled and cooed. A stranger walked in and introduced himself as Ethan Cambias, grandson of Alexander Cambias.

Bianca went to see her therapist and was stunned to find Erica there.

Wednesday, August 11

Anita was embarrassed when she realized it was Aidan she kissed, not Bobby. He just smiled and said "With a welcome home like this, I should go away more often!." Anita asked where he'd been and was told he had been "on the trail of a bad guy." She wondered if he was referring to Bobby, which started an argument. Aidan wanted to stop the fight and go back to the part where she kissed him but Anita told him she was back together with Bobby. He wasn't pleased to hear this and reminded her that Bobby had hurt her very badly. Anita told him they were going to make it work, but Aidan insisted that Bobby would hurt her again. Bobby walked in at that moment and disagreed. He asked Aidan what he was doing there and Aidan said just checking on a friend. Bobby got in Aidan's face and told him that any fantasy he had of Anita he should just drop. Anita said Bobby had it wrong, that Aidan didn't really care about her. Aidan said "No, actually I do, very much." Bobby told him to stop circling his wife and finally Aidan left, after saying he and Anita were just friends. Bobby turned to Anita and they kissed. He said he shouldn't let Aidan get to him. Anita told him to forget Aidan and they kissed again, but she remembered the kiss she just shared with Aidan moments earlier. Outside the stable Aidan called Edmund and told him he got the information he wanted.

At the ledge where the airplane crashed, Maria stood while the wind whipped around her and lightening flashed. She remembered the terrifying moment the plane fell to the ground below and suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder. It was Zach. Startled, she asked if he followed her. Zach said he knew what happened there 7 years ago today. Maria demanded that he leave things alone. She said she was trying to forget what had happened between them and that she didn't want the feelings she was having. She said since Maureen was gone the feelings should be gone too. But Zach said "They're not though!." Maria said she loves her husband and there was nothing Zach could do. Zach said she still loved him and Maria cried out "Why are you doing this to me?." Zach said maybe there was more at stake than her feelings. She demanded to know what and Zach tried to make up a plausible excuse but Maria saw through him. She asked what secret he had that could hurt someone here in Pine Valley. Maria started naming things Zach was involved in and mentioned Bianca's charity. They began to argue and she wanted to know what he was plotting. Zach finally said he was trying to right a wrong. She kept pushing for more information and when he wouldn't elaborate she yelled that she had been stupid to fall in love with him.

Erica and Bianca showed up for the same rape survivor group therapy session. Erica offered to leave but Bianca wanted her mother to stay. The whole group went into the session room and introduced themselves. Erica offered to tell her story first. She told them about being the 14 year old girl who was raped on her birthday and that her father had allowed it to happen. She described trying to bury that little girl and all the hurt with pills and alcohol and pushing her loved ones away. "My pain left no room for anything else. I was too consumed by hurt", she told them. Erica turned to Bianca as she said she wanted to make amends to the people she hurt, especially her two daughters. She said she didn't want to run anymore and that to heal she would have to feel everything that 14 year old girl felt. Erica told the whole group how she loved her father more than anything but that his business deal was more important to him than she was and that he put himself first. She turned back to Bianca and told her "When you lost your baby I treated you exactly the way my father treated me, I wasn't there when you needed me." Erica asked Bianca if she could ever forgive her. Bianca tearfully said that her mother has always loved her. Erica said "Not the way you and Kendall deserved. I'm just like my father." She went on to say that Kendall was spinning out of control and that she was too involved in her own pain to help her. Erica held Bianca's hands and said it was all her fault, she should've protected her from Michael Cambias and the rape. Bianca denied that it was her mother's fault and said she was so much like Erica. Erica said no, she had been so brave and loved her baby from the beginning. Bianca said she just had a different system for coping than her mother did. Bianca said Miranda was her escape from the rape, she used her daughter because she couldn't deal with what had happened. She said she embraced her grief when she died, filled up with it so there was room for nothing else. Bianca began to cry as she said that now she has to face all the pain, hurt and guilt, "I wanted Miranda to fill the hole in my heart and didn't think of what her life might be like." She wondered if because she was selfish, that was the reason Miranda was taken from her. Erica held her tight and told her her love for her baby was pure and selfless. Bianca began to sob on her mother's shoulder. After the session was over Bianca and Erica walked out together. Bianca thanked her mother for helping her and said she felt closer to her than ever.

At Fusion Kendall ordered Ethan Cambias to leave. Ryan clapped and told Kendall it was a nice job but her desperation was really showing. Kendall denied having set this up. Ryan told the board members that this was all part of Kendall's vendetta against him. Kendall told them Ryan wanted to get rid of her because he can't bear to keep his eyes and hands off of her. Ryan asked for a vote to remove Kendall as co-CEO of Fusion. Kendall retorted with "Fine! And this would be a good time to find out if their marriage is a big fat sham!." The board members wondered if Kendall was changing her story about the Lavery's marriage being the real deal. She said she was just trying to make a point, that maybe Ethan is as real as the marriage. Jonathon tried to escort Ethan out but Ethan shook his hand off his arm and stated "I am Ethan Cambias, grandson of Alexander Cambias and I have never seen this woman before (pointing at Kendall)." Ryan told him to prove his identity. Ethan told them that before his mother died 2 months ago she gave him some papers confirming his claim. Ryan read the document, which was a birth certificate saying Ethan's father was Alexander Cambias Jr. Greenlee looked at it and noticed there was no official seal. Ethan said his mother was too afraid of the Cambias family to have it officially filed. Then he handed Ryan a letter that his birth mother had written to her friend, asking her to take Ethan and keep him away from the Cambias family. Ethan told them all that he was there to claim everything that was his. Ryan took Ethan out into the lobby and told him he would investigate him to find the truth. Meanwhile Greenlee asked Kendall why she didn't blow the whole marriage story. Kendall said because she had promised Ryan and that was one promise she intended to keep. Ryan and Ethan returned to the group and Ryan said he would investigate every aspect of Ethan's life. "If what he says is true I will give him everything he's got coming" Ryan stated.

Thursday, August 12

Jack looks depressed. Reggie tells Lily that the only thing that will make his frown turn upside down is Erica walking through the door and telling him that she loves him off the hook (loves him a lot). Just then, there is a knock at the door and Erica and Bianca are on the other side.

Lily thinks that Reggie is magic and proceeds to explain why to the newly arrived family members. Erica agrees that it is indeed a happy, magical coincidence. She tells them about the breakthrough they both had at therapy. Acknowledging how difficult the journey ahead will be, they announce that they are committed to helping each other take their lives back.

Jack is absolutely ecstatic, and Lily notes that it's a shame Kendall wasn't there because now Erica needs to do her speech twice. Reggie disagrees and says that it's much better than Kendall was not in attendance.

They decide to try to have the picnic again, but this time in the apartment. They have a minor setback when Bianca mistakenly brings out the ketchup and the color bothers Lily. Not missing a beat, Reggie breaks out the ketchup made for kids in different colors. He puts some of the green on a plate for Lily to taste - and she agrees that it's much better than the regular kind.

After eating, cleaning up and a rousing rendition of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game," Reggie herds Bianca and Lily into the other room so that Jack and Erica can be alone. After a moment, Jack says that he could call them back if being alone with him makes her uncomfortable or is too stressful. Erica tells him that she has never felt better - and that she is grateful to Jack and "their" family. Slightly stunned, Jack confirms that she indeed referred to him, the kids and herself collectively as a family. Erica asks if there is a problem with that but of course Jack finds no fault at all. He seals his expression of joy with a kiss.

At Fusion, while Simone continues to flirt, Kendall voices her belief in and support of Ethan - and everyone thinks she feels that way because she set up Ethan's arrival. Ryan and Greenlee especially think that Kendall is behind this as the latest in her schemes to "stick it to" Ryan. The board admits that Ethan's arrival brings up more questions than it answers.

In the face of Ryan's scrutiny, Ethan says that he can provide cold, hard truth that no one can deny - his DNA. Forensics has come a long way, and Ethan believes that with a simple DNA analysis, all the questions will be cleared up. The only problem, as Ryan gleefully fills him in, is that Alexander Sr. was cremated and his ashes were scattered in the Nevada desert; Alexander Jr.'s body was burned to ashes in the car crash; and Michael's body can't be recovered. Apparently, Ethan is out of luck.

Instead of taking it lying down, Ethan launches into a speech about how he had never felt like he belonged with the family that raised him, and that he was just trying to claim his spot in a family that he always knew was out there waiting for him. Kendall listens, hearing herself in Ethan's words. Ethan declares that the issue is not over. He leaves, Kendall follows him and Greenlee goes after her.

Greenlee tries to stop Kendall from running away but fails to do so when Kendall informs her that Ethan has something Greenlee will never have - class. Greenlee watches her go and then rejoins the group. She wants to know what the next order of business is, but Ryan informs her that they are done for the night. Ryan confirms to the Board that should Ethan turn out to be authentic, he will concede defeat quietly. With that, the Board takes its leave, and Simone quickly follows suit.

Jonathan doesn't want to wait for the Board to do their investigation - he wants to start right now. Ryan tells him to wait on it, because there is something that Alexander told Ryan on his deathbed that it is now starting to make sense. He flashes back to standing at Alexander's hospital bed. Ryan remembers promising to keep Alexander's dying wish. He thinks that it is possible he knew that another Cambias heir would pop up. Ryan thinks it is possible that Ethan is the real deal. Greenlee remembers the codicil in the will (regarding the transfer of everything Cambias should there be a grandchild) and agrees to the possibility. Jonathan, angry that they could even consider it, storms out.

Once Jonathan is gone, Ryan wants to know Greenlee's secret to staying cool under pressure. She says that they have survived floods, a dive down the rabbit hole, "wedding interruptus" and Kendall 24/7. A surprise heir isn't enough to shake her. She thinks that together, they can survive anything.

On the cliffs, Maria is upset that Zach is attempting to distract her instead of being honest with her. Zach confesses that Edmund came to see him, and as a wild-eyed Maria stares at him in abject horror, he goes on to tell her that Edmund showed up in his office shortly after she stormed out. Maria wants to know what they discussed, and Zach tells her Edmund insisted it was purely business - Edmund wanted to do a bio on him for Tempo.

Maria, coming unraveled at the seams, tells him that he can't agree to it because a profile will mean research, and Edmund will surely uncover their relationship. Not knowing any other way to calm her down, Zach kisses her. The kiss lasts a few moments before Maria breaks it off. Zach tells her that the feelings they once shared are still there and he can't just forget about them. Maria says that he has to because she is with Edmund now. She is not with him out of pity - but because through the plane crash (where Edmund watched her die) and the 5 years of her memory loss, their love survived. She refuses to hurt Edmund because Zach can't accept that what they once had is over.

He calls her on the fact that she hasn't shared an intensity like what they had with their latest kiss with Edmund in a long time. He tells her that if she disproved his theory and said that she did have that feeling with Edmund this morning...yesterday...he would walk away. However, Zach knows that if she says anything of the kind, she would be lying.

Maria wants him to let her go for good - but Zach knows what he wants. She is shocked that in her memories of him, he was so tender, but now everything's changed. She tells him that she would gladly choose spend the rest of her life with a man that she adores, but may never make love to again over wasting another kiss on Zach.

As he waits in the park, Edmund flashes back to overhearing the conversation between Zach and Maria from the hall outside Zach's office. Aidan interrupts the reverie by joining him and telling him that he hit a few dead ends and big gaps of time while searching for information on Zach. He does have a possible lead - a name that Zach may have used before he "became Zach Slater", but it is mostly unconfirmed. Edmund tells Aidan that he can fill him in on one of the gaps - the one where Zach lived in the desert for six months, making love to Maria. Whereas Aidan bowed out like a gentleman when he realized that Maria had regained her memory and chose to go back to her life at Wildwind, Zach isn't as civil. Edmund says that Slater wants Maria back, but Aidan assures Edmund that won't happen because she loves him.

Aidan asks how Maria acted when she found out that Edmund knew about her past, and Edmund admitted that he didn't tell her. Aidan thinks it's a mistake, but Edmund has his reasons. He informs Aidan that he has no one to blame but David for Maria's memory loss, and that he knows she would just try to downplay the her time with Zach to protect him. Edmund believes the only reason Maria hasn't told him is because he is in a wheelchair and therefore can't take Zach on.

They agree that they need to figure out if Zach is in Pine Valley to hide from someone, or to find someone and do damage. They need to find out before he makes his next move. Edmund tells Aidan that if Zach was indeed on the phone call that he intercepted, he is certain that Zach's ordered hit is on Edmund.

Aidan ponders the possibility that Ryan was wrong - and that Zach is only in Pine Valley for Maria, not for Edmund, Erica or Bianca. Maria hears the last part and wants to know what Ryan could've been wrong about. Edmund thinks for a moment, and then decides to tell her that he and Aidan were trying to figure out the real reason that Zach is in town.

Maria offers to help again, and says that this time she is not taking no for an answer. She wants to help bring Zach down. Surprised by her forcefulness, Aidan asks where it came from. Maria admits having been with Zach that night and tells them that he said something to her that made her feel strongly about this cause. She says that the reasons he has for being here are known only to Zach, but she feels it is much more than the casino. Edmund asks if Zach's attraction to her is part of the reason.

Maria concedes it as a possibility, but says that it's merely a sideline to the issue and a one-way attraction at that. She wants to do all she can to help Edmund. Edmund, clearly relieved, poses a question: What if, in the intercepted phone call, the voice on the other end wasn't Zach's?

Kendall visits Ethan at the Pine Cone. He's staying in the same room that she did when she lived there with Ryan. She tells him that she is only there to help but Ethan wants none of it and slams the door in her face. Not one to give up, Kendall knocks again and continues to do so until he opens the door. She tries to explain to him that she knows where he is coming from - knows what it is like to be "nobody's kid." Unimpressed, Ethan tells her does not need her help and slams the door again. Kendall notes that with an attitude like that, he may not be a lost cause after all.

Back at his office, Zach gets lost in the picture of the casita and flashes back to the kiss on the cliffs. A knock interrupts his thoughts, and after permitting entry - one of the board members comes into the office. He tells him that the meeting with Ryan just ended and he knew Zach would want a report. Zach is upset that the Board didn't vote Ryan out, but the Board member tells him there was a good reason: the appearance of Ethan.

Friday, August 13

While Babe gets puts on her make-up in her bedroom, Krystal comes in and offers her a cup of tea. Babe immediately senses that Krystal is upset and asks her if she thinks JR is guilty. Krystal admits that she does believe it could be possible, even though she doesn't want to. Babe asks Krystal to help prove JR is innocent, if she truly wants to believe that he would not hurt her. Krystal also tells her about Jamie's plan to get Seth to incriminate JR by going to jail. Even with this information, Babe still refuses to believe JR is guilty so Krystal explains that the police must think there is some truth to it, or else they would not allow Jamie to put himself in such danger.

Bianca stops by the terrace of the Chandler mansion, where she sees Bess alone in her playpen. She greets Bess and then picks her up. When JR comes out to check on Bess, he immediately yells at Bianca, "What the hell are you doing with my baby?" Bianca begins to explain why she is there, but JR cuts her off and apologizes for his behavior. He tells her that he has been stressed out lately because of Babe's strange behavior. When Bianca asks him if he is having marriage problems, JR tells her that Babe has been distant with him by not allowing him to touch her. He even states that one time when he went to hug her, she called him out Jamie's name. Babe comes rushing in, with Krystal behind, and tells him all about Jamie's plans to get Seth to confess. JR is not even bothered by the news, says Jamie will get nothing from Seth and walks out. Krystal scolds her for telling him about Jamie, but Babe says she needed to see how JR would react to the news. Bianca tells her about what JR said to her alone and Babe denies being distant or ever calling out Jamie's name. It is then that Bianca agrees with Krystal and tells her she thinks JR is hiding something. Why else would he make those lies about his wife? Realizing they could be right, Babe whispers to Krystal "If it's true, then everything we have done...." but stops and simply looks at Bianca holding Bess in her arms.

Kendall goes to Zack's office, hoping he can help her prove that Ethan is really the Cambias heir. When she goes in, she asks him what it is that he can't discuss with Bianca. Back immediately pulls out a few designs for a fund raiser that he planning on surprising Bianca with. Not soon after, Kendall asks him if he can go a background check on Ethan, using the many sources she assumes that he has. Zack admits that he heard about the mystery man through a Cambias board member, who is a friend of his. Kendall tells him about the proof Ethan walked into town with, his Cambias accent, and the shared understanding she has of simply wanting to be part of family. Zack realizes that if Ethan is for real, Ryan will lose it all, including the money, but Kendall doesn't care. Zack offers to help her and then Kendall leaves.

Ethan goes to the police station seeking the files on Michael Cambias. When Ethan says he is a relative, the police officer tells him not to gloat it around and then goes to find the files. Ethan looks over and sees Ryan, also there for the same reason as he is. While they wait for the files, Ryan tells Ethan that if he a true Cambias, he will keep Alexander Sr.'s promise and allow him to have it all. He also tells him about signing over everything to Miranda, the way she was conceived, and her unfortunate death. Ethan retorts that Michael was murdered and Ryan immediately jumps to Bianca's defense, claiming she was only protecting herself from the man who almost raped her a second time. Ethan accuses Ryan of taking the files and Ryan accuses Ethan of the same. The police officer returns and tells them that the files are missing, which means they can not match his DNA with Michael's. Ethan tells Ryan he will get the proof that he needs and then storms out.

Ethan goes to the graveyard, where Zack just happens to be. Zack asks him if he could help him find the headstone, but Ethan admits he doesn't really know the relative and from the talks of things, it seems that was best.

Ryan goes back to Fusion, where he finds Jonathan. Ryan tells him about his encounter with Ethan and the missing files. When Ryan asks him if he deleted the files off the computer, Jonathan tells him he does not know anything about computers. Jonathan also points out that if the files are found, they could easily be tampered with. Kendall comes in and overhears Jonathan saying that if Ryan loses his inheritance, he could also lose his marriage, since it is supposedly a business arrangement, not a real marriage.

While Jamie is sleeping on his cot, Seth walks to him, as though he is going to check him for weapons, drugs, or anything suspicious. Tad, Brooke, and Derek watch what is happening on tape at the police station, frantic with worry that Seth may be checking for a wire. Luckily, Jamie wakes up in time to push Seth aside and start egging him on about JR. Tad takes control of the situation by borrowing a tie, glasses, and briefcase and then heads over the jail, where he pretends to be "Thaddeus Dero," Seth's new attorney. Seth immediately demands to speak to his attorney, but Tad explains his attorney is held up in CA with another case and can not represent him. Tad also makes it seem that Seth's prior "deal" is not going to work and the least he can get him is 8-10 years in jail. He also tells him about the evidence leaking him to the Chandlers. Tad slips away, heads back to the station and Derek is stunned he would pull such an illegal scam. Tad says he had no choice and they all watch as Seth gets more nervous and begins pacing back and forth in the cell. Shortly after, they get a visit from JR, who claims he just wanted to check on his brother. Seth pipes up that maybe JR should check on him too and JR assures him that from what he heard, his lawyer will get him a good deal. Seth says he has a new lawyer and JR tells him he is being scammed. Seth grabs JR through the metal bars, hangs him by the neck, and warns him that if he gets busted, he will tell everyone about how he bought the drugs that almost killed Babe. Jamie pulls Seth off JR, trying to protect his brother, and then accidentally rips his shirt, exposing the wire. Tad and Derek immediately rush to the jail and then Seth stabs Jamie with a knife saying, "No body messes with me." Brooke and JR watch in horror as Jamie topples over after being stabbed in the chest.



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