All My Children Recaps: The week of August 23, 2004 on AMC
Zach agreed to help Babe and Bianca with their scheme. JR caught Babe and Bianca in bed together. Bess went missing. Jamie supported Babe. Kendall got annoyed when Erica refused to help her break up Ryan and Greenlee. Kendall caught Greenlee searching her room.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 23, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, August 23, 2004

Zach was pleased that Maria was so stunned by his recreation of their casita, down to the last detail. He explained he was hoping the memories would do for her what they've done for him and that she is the only woman to touch his soul. Zach hugged her and said he can't lose her. Maria went weak and they kissed and talked about how much they meant to each other, made each other complete. They tussled on the sofa and started undressing when Maria stopped, remembering Edmund and her feelings for him. Zach walked out. Maria stayed, clearly upset and jumped when the door opened again.

Babe and Bianca wondered what JR was really up to when he came in with a home pregnancy test. She wanted to wait until they got home and Bianca encouraged her to take it right away. Alone, Bianca asked JR about his marriage and his feelings for Babe...JR gushed about how much he loves Bess. Babe came back with the bad news that she really isn't pregnant. JR smiled behind her back and said they'd have to keep trying. Babe asked how he expected her to get pregnant while he's spiking her oj with birth control pills. JR accused Hayward of lying and denied doing it, accusing her of lying to him about being pregnant. JR kissed her and told her she is his future and everything he's ever wanted. She told him she believed him and JR left to gamble. Bianca tried to convince Babe that JR was still lying. They plotted to get even.

Ryan told Kendall he would feel safer in a tank of piranhas with steaks strapped to his body than with her. She pressed him to go with her to see what Greenlee was up to and guessed she was cheating on him. Kendall showed him a photo of Bobby and Greenlee and he defended Greenlee, saying he trusts her and nothing happened in the photo. Kendall pushed and Ryan finally told her the only thing he wants is her out of his life and that he loves Greenlee.

Bobby was kissing Greenlee in Zach's office and Greenlee pulled away. Bobby tried to convince her that Ryan is still in love with Kendall. Greenlee refused to be unfaithful until Ryan tells her he wants out. Bobby pressed on and Greenlee waxed poetic about trust, promises and love. Bobby heard enough and had to confess about being entangled in Kendall's plot. Greenlee punched him in the gut as Kendall was telling Ryan that Bobby and Greenlee were making love at that moment. Ryan didn't believe her and Kendall exploded. Ryan said it didn't matter if Greenlee was sleeping with every guy in the casino, he wouldn't take Kendall back.

Bobby explained to Greenlee how he tried to stop Kendall, to no avail. Bobby was worried about his marriage and what Kendall would say to Anita and Greenlee suggested before he put his marriage in the toaster, they cram Kendall in first. Since Anita was working, there was no way Kendall could get to her or even know what did or did not happen between Bobby and Greenlee. Bobby also told her about cueing Kendall when they were watching the security camera so it was likely the kiss with Ryan wasn't real. Greenlee knew Ryan would tell her if he wants Kendall back and urged Bobby call Anita and tell her he loves her.

Kendall sat with JR, asking if he's seen Bobby. JR urged her to chill out and to try faith. He bragged about dodging a bullet today and being able to stay focused. Kendall said she doesn't have the same power over Ryan that he has over Babe. JR told her nothing would stop him from cutting his slut of a wife loose and hand feeding her to the sharks.

Ryan went to his room and found Aidan, unable to report any news about Zach. Ryan discussed trust and Aidan guessed Kendall was up to her tricks. Later, Greenlee went up to their room and saw Ryan. They both said they'd been caught up and couldn't get away to find each other earlier. They claimed exhaustion and fell into bed together. They said goodnight and laid back to back, eyes wide open.

Babe and Bianca went to see Zach and asked for help.

Tuesday, August 24

Jamie calls Reggie, Danielle, and Maggie to visit him at the hospital. Thinking he's bored, they arrive bearing good cheer and smuggled chocolate chip cookies. Instead, Jamie wants them to smuggle something out - him. Jamie tells his friends that Babe is suspicious of JR, and he is afraid for her to go after him by herself. Jamie asks them to help him help Babe. "No," Maggie exclaims, "She made her double espresso. She can wake up and smell it all by herself." Everyone tries to convince Jamie he's not up to playing hero right now. After all, he just had his guts sliced out. Dani sees things differently and chimes in it's the perfect time. Think of the romance factor, a wounded Jamie rescuing his princess. Reggie still says Jamie is not up to a rescue so he will do it himself. Reggie asks Dani if she's up for another round of punking. She agrees so long as she's not the target and doesn't have to wear funny clothes. Maggie stays to make sure Jamie doesn't try to take off. Instead he convinces her to help him. She goes to get his shoes. Before Jamie and Maggie can make their get away, Reggie and Dani return wearing doctor's coats. Dani proclaims that as many people as she's been able to save, Jamie was just beyond her skills. They cover Jamie with a sheet like a corpse. Maggie walks along side wailing like a grieving widow as they wheel Jamie toward the morgue, or the nearest exit - whichever comes first.

Edmund finds Maria in the room full of candles Zach had prepared for her. He confronts her about Zach, and she realizes he knows about their past. Indeed, she says that's why she had not told him, because it is the past and means nothing to her any more. Angrily Edmund demands she stop lying to him. He just saw Zach leave the room. Maria wants to go somewhere else to talk about it. "Why? Too many memories?" Edmund snaps. That's a good thing to him. Maybe it will help him get to the truth. Edmund asks Maria to look him in the eye and tell him she doesn't want to have sex with Zach. She can't because she does and admits it to Edmund. But it's Edmund she loves she tells him. So she didn't go through with it because of him, Edmund thinks. "No," Maria tells him, "I almost went through with it because of you." We don't even sleep in the same bed any more, she tells him, and it's not just the sex she misses. It's the intimacy, the holding, the laughter and pillow talk. Edmund says that's not enough for him. If he can't make love to her the way he used to, he says he can't settle for just holding her. "What are we going to do?" Maria pleads. "You have no idea what it's like," Edmund tells her. "I have no idea because you never tell me anything," Maria reminds him. Maria begs Edmund to share with her, to give her a reason not to walk out the door. She accuses him of being so holed up in that chair he no longer cares about her feelings. Maria pleads for Edmund to come back to her. He says he can't. So she asks him to let her come to him instead. She wants to recapture their love no matter what it takes. Finally Edmund reaches out to her. Maria comes forward. Edmund caresses her face and they share a tender kiss. As they hug one another, Edmund tells Maria how much he's missed her.

At the fundraiser, Bianca and Babe get Zach alone in his office to ask a favor of him. They want Zach to help prove Babe is an unfit mother. Zach hesitates to go along with their idea. Babe leaves Bianca alone with Zach to further discuss their plan and the reasons behind it. Bianca gets him to go along with it, not just for her sake but for Miranda's as well. After all, without Babe, Bianca might never have gotten to hold Miranda at all.

Babe finds JR and acts tipsy. She says she's only had two drinks while holding up three fingers. Besides, it's okay since they found out she's not pregnant after all. She asks JR not to be mad at her for drinking and for not being pregnant. JR swears he's not upset with her. He suggests he take her upstairs to make love. Babe turns him down saying she'd rather stay and party some more.

Babe and Bianca take a suite. Bianca calls room service and asks them to hurry. "Mrs. Chandler needs it right away," she tells the steward. While they wait, David rings the room with test results for Babe. The same birth control pills that were in the orange juice were also in her blood. This news leads Babe to realize JR is trying to push her out of the picture so he can take their little girl away from her and increases her determination to turn the tables on him.

Ethan arrives at the door of the VIP room. The door guard tells him he's not on the list. Adam steps forward and assures him it's merely and oversight. Ethan is his guest. Adam invites Ethan to his table, gets him a drink, and begins buttering him up as only Adam can. Flattery aside, Ethan wants to know Adam's real motives and why he is so willing to help him prove his lineage. Even though he doesn't get a straight answer, Ethan refuses Adam's help and tells him he won't help him get Chandler Enterprises back from Cambias either if that's what he had in mind. Ethan politely thanks Adam for the drink and takes his leave. JR, too, is curious as to what Adam has in mind. Adam tells him if they help Ethan prove his identity then he will have to help them get Chandler Enterprises back or else he will be very, very sorry. Zach saunters into the room interrupting the father and son confabulation. He tells JR that if he had a beautiful wife waiting for him upstairs in their best suite with a thousand dollar bottle of their finest champagne, he wouldn't be sitting in the VIP room shooting the breeze. JR's eyes light up at this news. He can't believe he's getting this lucky. He promises Zach to go upstairs and check things out. JR and Adam ease the door to the suite open expecting to find Babe in bed with another man. Instead they find Babe and Bianca naked beneath the covers lip locked in a lover's embrace.

While looking for Bianca, Ethan runs into Zach. Going into protective mode, Zach comments about him being Bianca's guest. Recognition comes over Ethan's face as he realizes Zach is the man he saw in the cemetery while searching for his uncle's grave. He wants to know why he was there. Zach suggests he's asking the wrong question, "Why would I care?" Ethan still wants to know why he was there. Zach tells him he was just visiting the grave of a friend. The tension in the air causes Ethan to ask Zach if he wants him to leave the party. No, Zach wants Ethan to stay and promises a killer of an ending.

Wednesday, August 25

Tad and Krystal sat in the courtyard of the Chandler mansion. Krystal had fixed a dinner for them but neither had much appetite. Krystal said if JR turns out to be as bad as it looks like he may, Babe will be devastated. Tad said it would be Armageddon all around. He told her the prosecutor won't press charges against JR for drugging Babe. Krystal said it was ok for Tad to be relieved that JR won't go to jail. Tad said there has to be some accountability for what JR has done though. Krystal told him that JR knows that Tad knows what he's done and that means something. Tad didn't think so and said he couldn't reach JR anymore. He sadly told her that JR was the last piece of Dixie he had and now it was gone. Tad said JR wants Bess and will fight to get her. Krystal said JR better get used to disappointment because he'll never get the baby. Tad wondered if there was something he should know. Krystal just went on talking about why JR couldn't just admit he didn't love Babe anymore; Babe would've signed the divorce papers. Tad said the Chandlers enjoyed a good custody battle, that was what it was all about for them. Krystal said it was all about love for Babe, and that Babe had just been trying to do her best for the man she loved. "Is it so terrible to lie to spare the ones we love?" Krystal asked. Tad started to ask a question but David strolled in. He snidely informed Tad that Jamie had gone AWOL from the hospital. Tad said he knew where Jamie probably was and kissed Krystal goodbye. After Tad left David said to Krystal that when the truth comes out about Bess Tad won't have anything to do with her. Krystal said she knew that. David said when Babe finds out the truth about JR part of her will die, but she'll still tell the truth about Bess. Krystal said yes, the secret was too big and so is Babe's heart. She wished there was something she could do to keep Bianca and the rest of the town from turning against Babe. "Babe will lose her man, her baby and every friend she ever had" Krystal said sadly. David thought maybe she would decide not to tell but Krystal said "She'll tell, she's Babe." David offered to take Krystal out for a drink but she refused, saying she needed to stay there and keep an eye on the nanny because she didn't trust her. David asked if Babe ever talked about the little boy she lost, and if so he said he'd like to hear about it. Krystal told him that Babe says she has a picture of him in her mind and wished Babe could print it out so she could see it too. She told David about the chapel by the river that Babe was helping to renovate in her baby's memory. She offered to take David there to say a prayer sometime. David reached out to Krystal and held her hand as he told her that he would take care of Babe and her when the truth about Bess comes out. Krystal said it was "gonna get real bad" and David replied "I know. You can count on me." Krystal looked in his eyes and said "I'm beginning to think I can."

JR and Adam stood speechless at the door looking at Babe and Bianca in bed together. Babe looked at JR in horror and said it wasn't what it seemed. She asked to speak alone with her husband but he refused and said that now he "had a handle on your connection to Bianca." He ranted on about how he thought she was going after his brother and how she really had him fooled. Babe kept trying to calm him down and get him alone but JR would have none of it. Adam started to leave but JR stopped him and said he wanted a witness. Then he told Babe they had nothing to talk about and it was over between them. Bianca tried to tell JR it wasn't a long term affair but JR just started yelling at Babe, going over her infidelity with Jamie and how she lied about Paul Kramer. He said he would've done anything for her and Babe piped in "I wanted to do anything for you!!!." JR screamed "More lies!" They heard Jamie calling out for Babe in the hallway and JR opened the door, inviting Jamie and Maggie in. They came in and stood in shock at the scene before them. Maggie shook her head as Bianca said "Maggie, it's not what it looks like!." Maggie ran out as JR told Jamie to take a good look at the woman who has led him around like a dog. Jamie looked back and forth at the two women and said "The two of you?? How long?" JR kept snarking and making horrible, nasty remarks. Jamie told Babe he would have done anything for her. JR said she pitted the two brothers against each other. Babe told JR he had forgiven her for all that, couldn't he forgive her again. JR snarled "Forgive you?" and then asked Adam for his phone. Adam handed it over and JR took a picture of Babe and Bianca in bed, then said "I married you again to make sure I was Bess's legal father and so you couldn't take her." Babe whimpered "You married me because you loved me!." JR said as cruelly as he could "I married you because I hate you!." Adam tried to get JR to leave now that they had a picture but Jamie stopped them. He turned to Babe and asked how she could do this to them and then apologized to JR for how he had behaved. JR told him it wasn't his fault it was all Babe's doing. JR said he had done everything he had to in order to protect Bess. Jamie said "Everything you've done has been for Bess?" JR remarked that if he had known about Babe and Bianca things would've been easier. He admitted to drugging Babe at SOS and then putting birth control pills in her juice. Babe was reduced to tears. JR gleefully said the judge would take one look at the picture and Babe would lose all custody of Bess. Bianca got angry and said "So, a lesbian wouldn't be a good mother?" JR just smiled. Bianca asked "How did you turn into such a bastard?" They argued and JR insisted that no judge would let a lesbian have custody. Jamie finally told Bianca to forget JR, that he turned bad a long time ago. JR stepped back and asked "Now you're turning on me again? I don't get it!" Babe calmly said "No JR, what you don't get is this!" and she and Bianca pulled down the bed covers to reveal themselves fully clothed. JR growled "Check you out, you're not the dumb little tramp I thought you were!" Babe sadly told JR that she believed in him, even when everyone was telling her different. "Look at you now! You're pitiful!" she told him. JR asked if she loved him when she slept with Jamie or when she lied about the annulment. He slung nasty remarks at Babe and said she latched onto him like a leech. Bianca said she had no idea there was so much hate in him. JR said that it would be He said/She said in court but that he had a picture for the judge. Tad walked in and stood by Jamie's side. Babe told JR "I know I'll miss what we could've had but I'll have this reminder of what you became. Smile for the camera!" and pointed to a camera mounted near the ceiling. Bianca told them there was a copy in Slater's office and that he helped them and was a witness for them. She rewound the tape and played it for them. The tape showed Bianca and Babe in the room fully dressed. Babe told the camera that Zach was helping them and that she was hoping to prove that JR loved her as much as she loved him. But if he was watching this it probably meant he was as bad as everyone said and in that case he could "Rot in hell!." Bianca stepped forward and said she and Babe didn't have a sexual relationship and that she was just helping her friend find the truth. She said she hoped JR was a decent man and deserved to have Babe and Bess in his life. The tape showed them getting in bed with their clothes on and then Bianca fast forwarded it to when Adam and JR walked in, saying "You know the rest!." Tad turned to JR and asked "How long is this going to go on? Your vendetta against Babe has to stop now. If you don't love her, get a divorce, ask for shared custody while you still can. You can still be the kind of man your mother would be proud of!." JR just glared at Tad with disgust as Babe cried. JR snarled at Tad "You mean nothing to me. You're as dead to me as my mother. The baby is mine and I'll do whatever it takes to keep her." Babe stepped forward and said, "That's not your call. We don't have to step foot in a courtroom. I can put the baby exactly where she belongs and I'm gonna do it right now."

At the casino Reggie and Danielle waited for Jamie and Maggie to find Babe. Erica walked in and saw Reggie. She walked up to him and asked where Lily was, since he was supposed to be watching her. Reggie said Lily was with Myrtle and he was here with Jamie. Danielle started gushing over Erica who took it in stride. Erica said Jack would be upset to find Reggie at the casino when he was supposed to be with Lily. She said that Jack trusted him and that trust was a gift. Reggie felt guilty and said he got caught up in Jamie needing his help. Erica told Reggie he has a strong adult heart and hoped he would let it work with his strong adult head. Reggie and Erica bonded, and she told him how much she cares about him. Reggie admitted that he was really hurt when his idea of a family got trashed. He wondered if it could be salvaged from the garbage and Erica said she'd see what she could do. Reggie and Danielle went out to the gazebo after getting Erica to agree not to tell Jack he was there. In the gazebo he told Danielle he needed to go check on Lily. Danielle said he was a pretty good brother and friend and they started kissing. Maggie accidentally interrupted them. She was visibly upset and they asked where Jamie was.

Thursday, August 26

Aidan and Anita meet up in the courtyard at the casino. Despite an almost palpable tension, they are able to create some small talk. Trying desperately to divert attention from her obvious discomfort, Anita points out a shooting star. Aidan feigns ignorance of the rules for wishing on a star, so Anita explains it to him. Aidan starts to tell Anita what his wish is, but she interrupts and says she would like to go first. Ever the gentleman, Aidan allows this.

Anita wishes that she could find Bobby. Hiding his disappointment, Aidan assures her that she will be able to find Bobby - and confirms that her husband is indeed inside, at the fund-raiser, working the rooms. Anita admits that she hates the noise that comes along with large crowds of people, and wants to stay in the courtyard. She finds that nature gives her the peace she desires.

After seeing another shooting star, Anita can't bear the tension (or the look in Aidan's eyes) any longer and says that she needs to go find her husband.

A little while later, Anita goes into Zach's office during the course of her search for Bobby. She finds Aidan inside with a flashlight, searching Zach's office. Inquisitive as ever, Anita asks why Aidan is there. Although he attempts to put her off several times, even specifically mentioning that Bobby is not his subject, Anita is persistent. Aidan warns her that if she relays any of what he is about to tell her to Bobby, she may end up compromising Bobby, his job or someone they care about.

She agrees not to tell, so Aidan spills information. He admits that he and Edmund are working together, and that because of the way Zach blew into town and set up shop, they are worried about his real motive for being in Pine Valley. After a few moments of stunned silence, Anita reiterates her promise, and leaves. Soon after, Aidan successfully breaks into the cabinet behind Zach's desk - the one holding all of the pictures of Pine Valley's main players.

Back in Pine Valley, Maggie arrives at BJ's after it has closed. Looking for some comfort food after seeing Babe and Bianca in bed together, she bangs on the door, begging them to open up just for her. Just as she is about to give up, Jonathan shows up and manages to pay the lone employee enough to gain entrance. After promising that he will lock up, they get to know each other better over a beer and an odd combination of condiments.

As the conversation takes on a slightly more serious tone, Maggie flashes back to seeing Babe and Bianca, and Jonathan can read the pain on her face. Instead of allowing him to ask about the obvious, she does the asking: "Have you ever loved someone and then realized you were a jerk because you never had a chance?"

Jonathan tells her that he has never been in that situation, and Maggie wonders aloud if he has always been lucky. Almost to the contrary, Jonathan confesses that he doesn't believe in love. He has had crushes, had some dates, had sex - but he has never let himself be so far gone over someone that he loses sleep, loses weight or anything that extreme. Maggie thinks that love is always worth the risk.

The eye each other for a little while longer and engage in some overt flirting. Maggie tells him that his behavior (which she guesses to be pain aversion or self-preservation) makes him appear to be a "frosty" guy. He tells her that he's actually warm and offers his hand for her to test. She tells him that he actually seems kind of hot.

The moment passes, and Maggie snaps back into reality. They agree that they want to hang out again sometime (to get to know each other even better), and Jonathan asks Maggie to write her number on his arm so he won't lose it.

On the patio at the Chandler, Krystal expresses her sincere appreciation to David for all that he has done by supporting both her and Babe. Touched, David absently reaches out and caresses her face. Taken aback, Krystal jerks her face away and asks what he thinks he is doing. She overreacts and tells him that all of his sweet talk was just another way of a man trying to work her over. She makes it known that she has been around enough men to know when she is being played and she won't let it happen again.

David tells her that she has him all wrong - and that if he really wanted to kiss her...if he was really putting the moves on her...she would know it, and like it! Krystal, disarmed by how funny that sounds, apologizes and tells him that she is really tense because of everything that has been going on between JR and Babe. Completely understanding, David lets her know that there is nothing to forgive. Krystal decides that checking in on Bess and making sure that she is okay will help soothe her nerves.

In the hotel room at the casino, JR announces that there is no way that Bess belongs with her "lying, cheating skank" of a mother. Babe fires back that while she is not the skank in the room, she agrees that they baby does not need to be with her. Bianca is shocked and tells her not to give up and give JR what he wants.

JR tells everyone in the room that the baby is much better off being raised by her responsible, corporate father instead of her unfit mother and psycho godmother. Babe is infuriated at the way that JR is talking to the people that care about him. She reminds him that Bianca was grieving the loss of her own daughter, and that if he just took some time to recognize what that was like (as opposed to just thinking that someone took something that belongs to him), he might understand where Bianca's mind was at the time.

Unfortunately, JR is just getting started with the insults. He offers that Bianca should have just gotten a pint of ice cream and gotten over her loss - but couldn't because of her eating disorder. Shocked and appalled, Babe tells JR that she pities him - he doesn't realize that he had everything that he could possibly want in the family and friends that cared about him, but he blew it. JR doesn't feel like he has lost much of anything, and continues to strut about the room, a mirror image of his father.

Babe, swearing that JR will get what he deserves, prepares to confess the true identity of Bess. Before she can utter a word, the phone ringing interrupts her. Tad picks it up and discovers that it's Krystal. Babe gets on the line and is told that Bess is missing. Frantic, she is at a loss as to what to do. David takes the phone and asks if JR knows yet that Bess isn't his. Babe tells a relieved David that she hasn't dropped the bomb yet. He advises that she not do so until the baby is found. At that moment, JR had the upper hand and there was no telling what he would do if he found out the truth. Babe tells David that she knows what she has to do, and hangs up the phone.

Without missing a beat, she lunges at JR and screams at him, demanding to know where Bess is. While Bianca, Tad and Jamie hold her back, JR and Adam stand there smugly amidst her promises to kill JR and bring Adam down if they don't tell her what she wants to know.

Back at the mansion, Krystal jumps in her car, hell bent on finding her granddaughter. She blames herself for letting Beverly get away - and admits that she should have been watching her 24/7 instead of letting her slip through the cracks as she did. David, understandably concerned, feels that it is not safe for Krystal to be driving. He asks her to move over but she is adamant about being in control.

He hops into the passenger seat, but not long after they take off, her erratic driving becomes more and more dangerous. She tells him that the nanny and the baby could be over the state line by this point, and that she couldn't catch them driving the speed limit. David pleads with her to slow down, but in response, Krystal floors it.

To avoid any accidents, David finally grabs the wheel and veers them off to the side of the road. Krystal, more than irritated, wants to know why he did that. He tells her that he understands her need to get on the road and find her loved ones, but that they would be no good to anyone if they were wrapped around a tree or rolled over in a ditch. He succeeds in calming her down a bit, and takes over driving. She hugs him in thanks.

Finally, after skirting around the issue for a short time, the Chandler boys admit they know where the nanny and Bess are. Adam makes a phone call and tells the room that he has just spoken with Beverly and that both are fine. He refuses to let Babe speak to her, despite all of her pleading. Jamie lays into his brother for all of the stunts he pulled to make Babe look bad. Not realizing the irony, JR replies that Babe doesn't need any help in that department.

As Adam and JR prepare to leave, Tad tells them that they may have bought themselves some time, but that they wouldn't get away with their latest stunt. The Chandler boys say that with that time, plus the money and clout they already have, there's no way they can't win. Tad tells them not to be too sure of that before they take their leave.

Tad asks Babe for Beverly's last name (Lansing) and promises that he will track her down and find her baby. He asks Jamie to do nothing but watch after Babe and Bianca. Jamie agrees, saying that was his plan all along.

Back at the Chandler mansion, JR and Adam arrive home. JR is highly agitated, but Adam tells him he shouldn't worry because they have Bess. JR doesn't think they will have her long, considering that Babe picked a brilliant time to "use her two brain cells" to take control. He thinks they have lost the upper hand, but Adam tells him to focus. He reminds JR that Babe just threatened to kill him in front of witnesses. That slip up, according to Adam, will kick start their plan for framing Babe for murder into high gear. Soon, if everything goes right, they will have Bess all to themselves.

In the hotel room, Babe mentions all of the things that she did against Jamie, but for the love of her husband, and apologizes for them. Frustrated by the whole situation, Babe starts cry. Jamie and Bianca comfort her, and then Bianca tells her "we'll get our baby back." Knowing that truer words had never been spoken, Babe smiles and agrees.

Friday, August 27

Erica and Kendall brisk into her hotel room with Kendall saying that she is going to stop playing games with Ryan and Greenlee. Erica is relieved to hear that, but does not seem convinced. Kendall shows her the picture of Bobby and Greenlee, trying to prove that Greenlee is not a good match for Ryan and then asks Erica to help her get Ryan back. Erica says that just because Ryan likes her, it doesn't mean he will listen to her about Greenlee. She refuses to help Kendall and instead, tells her to let him go because he will only keeping rejecting her and hurting her. In desperation, Kendall even offers to give Enchantment back to Erica for her help, but again, Erica says no. Seeing that Kendall will not listen, Erica tells her she only wants her daughter to be happy. She asks Kendall to leave with her and spend some time together, but Kendall refuses. Kendall looks at the picture of Greenlee and Bobby one more time and daydreams that Ryan waltzes back into the room proclaiming his love for her.

Jamie finds Krystal outside on the back of the Chandler mansion terrace. She immediately asks him if there is any news on Bess and Jamie tells her no, but Tad and David are out looking. Krystal apologizes to Jamie for not believing him about JR, but Jamie says he does not blame her to doubting him and will do whatever it takes to protect Babe. When Krystal asks him if he thinks JR has any more tricks up his sleeve, Jamie hesitantly says yes.

When Greenlee and Ryan wake up, Ryan tells her that they need to have their "big talk." Greenlee, who is not so eager to talk, tells him not to bother and is happy when Jonathan knocks at their door. Jonathan tells them that he found a new small business that had a breakthrough in molecular machinery, but Ryan sadly tells him he has looked into the company and it's a money pit. Jonathan says that he has already put an option on it, which infuriates Greenlee. She tells him to come clean with Ryan about his credentials, but he acts as though he doesn't know what she is talking about. Greenlee informs Ryan about Jonathan never flunking out of school and that he is not qualified for his executive position at Fusion. Jonathan admits that he didn't finish school and was scared to tell his brother because he didn't want to let him down. Ryan does not seem disappointed at all-in fact, he tells Greenlee that Jonathan just embellished his resume a little. Greenlee points out that embellishing your resume is one thing, but having the skills for the job is another. Ryan tells Greenlee that he won't fire Jonathan and maybe they could give him another position at Fusion that suits his talents. Ryan gets a call from Aidan, saying they need to talk and he rushes off. Once he is gone, Jonathan spits out to Greenlee, "Why the hell couldn't you keep your mouth shut?" Greenlee, obviously startled by his words, steps back and Jonathan immediately apologizes for his harsh words. He tells her that she wished she had talked to him first before telling Ryan the truth. He says he always wanted to be someone and didn't want to let his brother down. He tells Greenlee she won't regret keeping him on Fusion and rushes out.

In Zach's office, Zach shows Bianca where the videotape and she thanks him for all of his help. Zach tells that it was a pleasure bringing JR down, although Bianca still isn't sure why he is so eager to help her. She tells him that Bess is missing and when he offers to send out a search crew, she tells that Tad and David are already out searching. They talk about Bess and the deep connection that Bianca has with her. They also talk about JR and how she never thought he would end up an exact replica of Adam. Soon, they breach the subject of Michael Cambias and he asked Bianca if it bothers her that she killed him. Bianca admits that it haunts her every day but she had to kill him or else he would have hurt her again. She even explains that she was so traumatized by what she did, she blocked it out of her memory for months, while everyone she loved took the blame and was a suspect. Zach agrees that a lot of people wanted Michael gone and if she was sure she killed him. Realizing how upset he has made Bianca, Zach apologizes and tells her she should go home and rest. He adds that her sister or mother would gladly cover for her at the farewell dinner, where she is supposed to make a speech. Bianca agrees to go home and rest and then gives Zach a hug before leaving. After she leaves, Zach takes the picture of her from his collection and hides it in a drawer.

When JR wakes up, he is shocked to find Babe handcuffed next to him! He demands that Babe uncuffs him, but she refuses to do so until he brings Bess back home. She adds that her lawyer has filed a motion for JR to bring Bess back, so it is only a matter of time before he is forced to. JR calls a locksmith, but his joy doesn't last long when Krystal comes in and tells him that the locksmith had an emergency to attend to, so the cuffs will be on a few more hours. Jamie walks in next and gives Babe her props for the handcuff job. He tells her that there are poster of Bess posted everywhere and even threatens JR that he will move in the mansion, if he has to. Eventually, babe unlocks the cuffs, lashes out at Babe and Krystal, and then leaves with Krystal at his heels. Babe tries to be strong but she admits to Jamie that she is worried about Bess more than anything. Jamie assures her that they will find her and when they do, she and Bess can get away from JR. Krystal goes to talk to a smug JR outside and pleads with him to tell her where Bess is. JR refuses, Krystal tells him he has ten seconds to tell her and when JR still keeps silent, there is an explosion behind them.

Aidan overhears Bobby outside the casino talking to Anita on the phone. Bobby tells Anita how much he loves her, hangs up, and then is rather disappointed to see Aidan outside with him. Aidan asks him about sneaking off with Greenlee last night and Bobby explains that him and Greenlee are simply friends. Aidan warns him not to hurt Anita and drag her into whatever games he is playing. Bobby tells him to stay away from his wife and goes up to visit Greenlee. Greenlee tells him not to bother her now, but he says he is going into Kendall's room to find the pictures before she can show them to Anita. Greenlee tells him to give her the key and she can go get the pictures herself. Greenlee sneaks into Kendall's room, relieved to see that it is empty, walks over to a drawer and starts sorting through things. She is startled when Kendall grabs her arm.

Ryan meets up with Aidan outside the casino and Aidan tells him about Zach's Pine Valley picture collection in his office. The two men begin to wonder if Zach is somehow connected to Michael Cambias.

Erica and Bianca are outside sitting on the bench and Erica gladly says she will do the speech for Bianca. She also admits that she is worried about Kendall's drive for revenge on Ryan and Greenlee.

Zach gets a letter from ChromoDynamic Laboratories and stuffs it in his drawer. Ryan walks in and confidently opens the case with all the pictures. He asks Zach what is going on with his picture collection.

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