All My Children Recaps: The week of August 30, 2004 on AMC

Krystal blew up JR's car and demanded to know where Bess was. Kendall and Greenlee faced off. Erica and Jack made love. Zach's murder game began.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 30, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, August 30, 2004

Krystal was gloating to JR about blowing up his favorite toy when Tad strolled onto the terrace, carrying a much-damaged steering wheel. JR called Krystal a bitch and she warned him against keeping Bess away any longer. Tad warned JR to stop hiding Bess and to stop threatening Krystal and reminded him how ashamed Dixie would be. Tad warned JR to think about how Bess will feel when she's old enough to understand what's happened. JR said all he needs is his real father's love, a father who would never side with outsiders. JR stalked off. Krystal said keeping a baby away from its mother is the lowest thing a person can do and it's all her fault. Tad was confused and Krystal tried to explain but Tad stopped her and said Adam usually gets what he wants and she couldn't have stopped Bess being taken. Krystal was grateful for his help and understanding. They hugged and she told him she loves him. Tad was surprised and she said he is the best thing that ever happened to her, calling him a true blue hero. Tad was confused and Krystal told him that whenever they end, he should know this moment is real. Tad promised her a long, slow, hot conversation once this crisis is over. JR returned and saw them kissing and blew up at Tad about the people Tad hired to follow him.

In Babe's room, Jamie and Babe were stunned by the sound of an explosion. They worried about JR's reaction, but were thankful for Krystal's help. Babe opined that sometimes JR loved that antique car more than he loved her. Suddenly, Jamie was in pain and worried about popping a stitch so he unbuttoned his shirt so Babe could examine him. She got a first aid kit to put a new bandage on his wound. Babe was feeling terribly guilty and told him she'd told JR about Jamie being undercover in jail. Jamie wasn't mad and they wondered how things got so out of control. Jamie confessed he did not regret the night they spent together and never would.

Aidan and Ethan talked at the bar of the casino. Ethan said Zach encouraged him to stay and wondered if Zach could help prove who he is. Jonathan walked up and told Ethan it's all over and news of Ethan Ramsey and a recent scandal in the UK is about to break. Ethan was unconcerned and Jonathan reminded him that Alexander could have found him if he'd wanted. Aidan tried to be sympathetic and push Jonathan away, but he continued to warn Ethan that his secret would come out. Ethan was unfazed, but did almost let something slip later to Aidan. Aidan knew he was hiding something and Ethan told him about a failed pyramid scheme in college.

Kendall held Greenlee's arm and yelled at her for ruining her life and warned her that everyone would be better off if Greenlee disappeared tonight. Greenlee explained she was in Kendall's room looking for the pictures she's using to blackmail Bobby Warner and how he'd told her the whole truth. Kendall didn't think Anita would believe Greenlee and Bobby's story about being set up. Kendall was hateful about how much it costs to find a man willing to sleep with Greenlee. Greenlee called her pathetic and demanded the pictures. Kendall accused Greenlee of betrayal and only caring about her marriage and whether or not Ryan slept with Kendall. Greenlee was aghast at Kendall's cruelty towards Anita and smugly told Kendall all she has to do is ask Ryan to get the truth. Kendall went on about Ryan wanting to let Greenlee down easy. Greenlee called her desperate and Kendall reminded her she could lose everything to Kendall once Ethan is declared a Cambias. Kendall handed the pictures over to Greenlee as she left.

Ryan continued his grilling of Zach about the photos in his office, all of whom were accused of trying to kill Michael. Zach put the envelope from a DNA lab back in his pocket and refused to answer any questions. Ryan thought he was behind Ethan's arrival and Zach accused him of stealing everything from Alexander Cambias and threw Ryan out of his office. Ryan warned him against hurting any of the people in the photos as he left. Zach opened the envelope and read a test report on Ethan Ramsey. Kendall ran in Zach's office and begged him to tell her that Ethan Ramsey is really Ethan Cambias. She complained about what a fool she'd been with Greenlee and how she couldn't let them win. Zach calmly told her Ryan would not win. Kendall demanded an explanation but Zach only said he had a feeling that Ryan would get what's coming to him.

Up in the room, Ryan and Greenlee were getting ready for the big party. She wanted to talk about last night and Ryan suggested they wait. She couldn't...and told him about kissing Bobby and knowing he kissed Kendall. She told him of Kendall's plot and Ryan knew she wouldn't break her promise to not sleep with anyone else. Ryan told her nothing happened with Kendall and Greenlee was tickled. But she told Ryan it was getting too hard and she wanted out of their marriage agreement. Ryan said he'd been rethinking things too. He hesitated, but told her she is his best friend, amazing, and real and truthful. He stammered along and finally told her he's not done with love. Greenlee was upset and tried to stop him from saying more. Ryan told her she is the one who's made him feel again and how he feels at home whenever they are together. Greenlee was confused and even more so when Ryan told her he loves her.

Tuesday, August 31

In his office, Zach looked at a photo of Ethan and then at a lab report with Ethan's name on it. There was a knock at the door, and Maria entered. He could tell from the look on her face that he wasn't going to like what she had to say. She declared that after the dinner that night, she could never see him again.

Maria apologized for sending Zach mixed messages and reiterated that their relationship was over. She swore that she was committed to Edmund and her kids. She said that she was sorry, and he smiled and politely thanked her for clarifying things. He agreed to never see her again after that evening.

Maria was surprised by Zach's ambivalent attitude. He asked whether she had expected him to bless her union with Edmund. He was irritated that she had dictated how things would be for both her and Zach. She wanted him to respect her decision and to stop loving her. He said that he had always respected her, but he couldn't control loving her.

Maria felt terrible for hurting Zach and asked him to tell her how he felt. He didn't want her pity and said that he had a long night ahead, but she didn't want to leave things the way they were. He wanted her to leave, since she had already refused to see him after that night. She asked if he was still going through with his plans to right a wrong. He said that he wasn't going to be pushed over the edge just because she had dumped him.

Maria claimed that she didn't want things to be the way they were, but Zach escorted her out. Zach closed the door behind her and opened his cabinet. "Time to get this show on the road," he mused.

Kendall joined Ethan at the casino. They agreed that it would be an unforgettable evening. Kendall couldn't wait for Ryan to get what he deserved. Kendall wanted to order champagne to celebrate Ryan's impending downfall. Ethan asked for specifics about her plan, but she didn't want to ruin a day full of surprises.

Erica and Jackson entered, and Erica was livid to see Kendall talking to Ethan. Kendall introduced Ethan to Jackson. Erica pulled Kendall aside, and Jackson warned Ethan not to make life difficult for the Kane women. Ethan suggested that if Kendall was hurt in any way, Jackson should take it up with Ryan.

Kendall asked Erica to stop worrying, but Erica didn't want to see her daughter get hurt. Kendall defended Ethan and pointed out that people shouldn't be judged by their bloodlines. Erica scolded that Kendall couldn't make Ryan love her, but Kendall believed that he already did. Erica reminded her that Kendall had thought that Erica and Bianca's love would make her life complete, but even though she had earned that love, it hadn't been the answer for everything. Erica promised that she'd always be there for Kendall. Kendall told Erica to relax, because great things were going to happen. A frustrated Erica begged Jack to leave.

Ethan and Kendall compared notes about Erica and Jack's lectures. Kendall ordered champagne, but Ethan thought she had consumed enough alcohol. She said that he didn't know what she needed. Ethan commented that he had just spotted his only friend in Pine Valley, Aidan. Kendall warned him that Aidan wasn't his friend, but a private investigator working for Ryan. Ethan was skeptical that Aidan's intentions weren't true, but Kendall warned that Ryan was relentless when he wanted something. She explained that there had been a time when Ryan could have been trusted, until Greenlee had turned him into a male version of herself. Kendall vowed to stop them no matter what it took.

Ethan and Kendall toasted to getting what they wanted. Ethan commented that she had really loved Ryan. Kendall explained that they had loved one another until Greenlee had interfered. Kendall was confident that Ryan would eventually dump Greenlee and return to Kendall. Kendall excused herself to talk to a bellhop, who informed Kendall that Greenlee and Ryan were in their room with a "do not disturb" sign on the door. Kendall returned to her table and at first seemed despondent, but she soon swore that she would win as she picked up a knife and gripped it tightly. Ethan worriedly pointed out that she was bleeding.

Kendall toasted to Greenlee learning one of the biggest lessons of all: that romantic fantasies never lasted. Kendall refused to back down and smiled at the thought of Greenlee and Ryan's walls crashing down around them. Kendall was certain that Greenlee would end up with nothing, and Kendall would have everything that she ever wanted.

In their casino room, Jackson asked what Kendall had said that upset Erica. Erica was worried about her daughter, but mostly Erica had felt pressured to drink at the bar to forget about her problems. He pointed out that she hadn't succumbed to temptation. She knew that she'd be in recovery forever, but it was difficult.

She said that being alone with him made her feel something she wanted to feel -- love. She admitted that she wasn't an easy person to be with, but he assured her that they had been involved for 16 years, and he loved every part of her. They kissed passionately. He pulled away and suggested they look at the stars, but she wanted to make love. He didn't want to push her, but she claimed that she was pushing him. He carried her to the bed.

For his undercover work, Aidan posed as a wine steward. "You call this low profile?" Edmund asked him. Aidan said yes because waiters were invisible. Plus he had everything bugged and was keeping Zach away from Maria.

Aidan pointed out to Edmund that everyone who had wanted Michael Cambias dead was assembled at the casino. They talked about how it was the anniversary of Michael Cambias' death, and they suspected that something was going to blow up. Aidan worried about Maria, but Edmund trusted that things were over between Maria and Zach.

Greenlee questioned whether Ryan had meant his profession of love. He explained that his feelings had progressed from friendship, and he wanted their marriage to be real. He asked whether she could ever feel the same way. He understood that they had an agreement and was willing to handle things however she wanted. When Greenlee remained speechless, he begged her to say something.

Greenlee inquired how long Ryan had known that he loved her. He claimed that he had been falling for a while, but he hadn't wanted to say anything until he believed that he could love her as much as Leo had. Ryan knew that he could give her his whole heart. A stunned Greenlee wanted exact dates. He admitted that he had suddenly realized it at the circus, when she had let go of the trapeze, fearless and laughing. He had wanted to be the one to catch her and to put a smile on her face.

Greenlee recalled that Ryan had left when they returned from the circus. He explained that he hadn't been ready to push her, and he had no longer been able to be casual about risking everything. As he declared that he was ready to stand beside her for the rest of their lives, she blurted out that she wanted him. "Don't you get it, Ryan? I love you, too," she cried, and they embraced.

Greenlee admitted to a surprised Ryan that she had wholeheartedly loved him even before they had been married. She had married him, hoping that it would work out. He realized that she had risked it all, and she said it had been worth it. She had been afraid ever since Leo had died, but with Ryan, she had just had to go for it instead of sitting on the sidelines of her life. He said that was why he loved her.

Ryan picked a giggling Greenlee up and stood her on the bed. She thought that her feelings for him had been obvious. She recalled the picnic during which she had talked about the perfect guy for her -- it had been Ryan. They agreed that their love felt like flying. She fell into his arms, and they kissed.

Ryan and Greenlee began to make love, but she halted their passion to give him his daily surprise. She pulled out their prenup, and they gleefully ripped it up together. He said he had a surprise for her, also, and presented her with a jewelry box. She was stunned when he revealed a beautiful engagement ring.

Ryan bent down to one knee and professed his love. He said he wanted to be her friend, partner, lover, husband, and father of their children. He asked her to marry him, and she tearfully accepted his proposal. He slid the ring onto her finger, and she said it was perfect. He proclaimed that she was perfect for him, and they kissed again.

Greenlee and Ryan talked about how they were ready for a real honeymoon. They began to get passionate when there was a knock at the door. Aidan called out for Ryan, and Greenlee asked Ryan to get rid of him. Ryan kept Aidan from entering the room and said that he was busy. Aidan saw Greenlee and smirked knowingly. Aidan asked Ryan to meet him downstairs.

Ryan thought that something was going on involving Zach. He explained to Greenlee that he was expecting a surprise that evening. He revealed that Zach had a secret cabinet full of surveillance photos of the people who would be attending the dinner. Ryan suspected it had something to do with Michael, and possibly with Ethan arriving in town to stake a claim on the Cambias fortune. Greenlee said that they had decades to spend together and offered to join him downstairs.

A dressed-up Maria and Edmund greeted one another fondly in the casino. He said that they couldn't stay because he had a meeting with someone who could fill in a lot of blanks. She wanted to stay to keep an eye on Zach, because she thought that he was up to something. Edmund was worried, but Maria assured him that she was in a public place and would be safe. He cautioned that Zach would do the unexpected, but Maria insisted that Zach knew where she stood and that he wouldn't hurt her.

Edmund said he'd be back as soon as possible. Zach entered, and Edmund excused himself to run an errand. Zach was disappointed by the timing. Maria pushed Edmund out in his wheelchair.

Jackson and Erica returned to the festivities. Erica thanked Zach for imploring Bianca to rest after her fundraising efforts for the Miranda Montgomery Center. Zach flashed back to the lab results report as Kendall and Ethan entered. Ethan greeted Zach as "Mr. Slater." Kendall congratulated Erica and Jackson on their reunion, but she stopped mid-sentence when Greenlee and Ryan arrived hand-in-hand. Greenlee declared that she and her husband were in love as a jealous Kendall looked on in disbelief.

Meanwhile, Ethan told Ryan that Ryan had played Ethan, but the game was over and Ryan had lost. Ethan swore that he would get what was his, and Ryan couldn't take it away from him. Ryan was surprised by Ethan's attitude, but he understood when he spotted Ethan with Kendall.

Everyone took their seats around the dinner table, and Zach thanked them for attending. He said that the dinner had originally been intended to recognize the major donors of the Miranda Montgomery Center, but the evening wouldn't end with dinner. He announced that there would be a finale that none of them would ever forget.

Erica delivered a speech to express her gratitude for everyone's generosity. She gushed that Kendall had opened her heart to Miranda immediately and had helped Bianca and Miranda to face their obstacles. Erica complimented Kendall's spirit and stubborn nature and declared that when Kendall put her mind to something, others should watch out. Erica reflected on what Miranda had given to her family and declared that Miranda would continue to live in their hearts and through the center. Jackson burst into applause and others followed suit.

Zach announced that that they had raised nearly two million dollars at their event. He stated that casino owners were successful because they knew their customers, especially high rollers like the people in the room. He had planned the perfect entertainment for that evening -- a game of chance called murder.

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 1

Standing in the bar at the casino Adam called JR. He told his son to stay calm and that after tonight's finale he would take Bess and the nanny to a "secure location." He told JR not to worry if he didn't hear from him soon. As he hung up David walked up next to him. He demanded to know where Bess was. Adam refused and David said "Surrender Bess or you forfeit everything!" They argued and exchanged threats. David remarked "We live in an uncertain world Adam. Sometimes the good people of Pine Valley get pushed past their limit and who knows what one of them might do." Adam replied nonchalantly "Oh, should I get a body guard?" David told Adam to stop what he's put in motion and return Bess to her mother. Adam quipped "You forgot to say please!." David said "You just gave me the freedom to make your life a walking nightmare" and he stormed away.

In the dining room there was stunned silence at Zach's entertainment announcement. Erica stood up and said it was best if they all said good night. Kendall agreed saying "Yes, before someone gets murdered!" as she glared at Greenlee. Zach said he meant no offense and tried to explain it was just a game of "whodunit." He said after playing for a couple of hours everyone would gather together and for each correct guess at who the killer is, the casino would donate $100,000 to the Miranda Montgomery Foundation. Greenlee and Ryan were the first to half-heartedly agree to play along. Kendall piped up "Me three! Who wouldn't enjoy a little game of homicide in the name of charity?" Bianca walked in at that moment and the room fell silent again. She said she felt left out of her daughter's memorial event so she returned. No one could look her in the eye as Kendall tried to convince her to go with her to the casino and play the slots. Bianca refused and wanted to know what was going on. Erica said they were having a slight difference of opinion and suggested she go with her sister. Bianca refused and wanted to be let in on the game. Greenlee spoke up and said it was a high stakes game of murder. Everyone agreed to let Bianca make the call as to whether they played or not. Bianca commented that she was the only one in the room qualified to make the call, as she was the only one who had actually committed murder. She also mentioned that it was one year ago that evening that she had killed Michael Cambias. Erica told her to forgive Zach because he couldn't have known that. Bianca said to count her in on the game. Ryan offered to just cut a huge check from Cambias Industries but she said she's played this kind of game before and it was fun. David walked in and Greenlee headed over to see why he looked so angry. Kendall stopped her and told her she was "on someone's hit list tonight." Zach began to hand out cards with everyone's game personality on them. Jack and Erica looked at their cards. She was to be a glamour queen with multiple divorces behind her who was devoted to her children. He was the Honorable I.M. Justice, circuit court judge. They wondered out loud just what Zach's point was with all of this. Bianca and David looked at their cards. David was a doctor who uses humans as guinea pigs, she an ivory skinned sad eyed woman, dreaming of lost love. She asked David about Bess and he said the baby hadn't been found but that the Chandlers weren't the only ones with power in this town. Across the room Ryan and Greenlee snuggled and kissed while Kendall just stared at them. Adam strolled in and David asked if his card described his character as a control freak who steals children from their mothers. Ryan quietly told Greenlee that "things are going to turn all kinds of ugly tonight." He remembered the conversation he had with Zach in his office regarding the wall of photos.

Zach went into his office and turned on surveillance monitors. He watched as Bianca and Ethan joked about their personality cards. They picked up their first clue and Bianca thought it meant they should go to the beach. Zach watched as they left together. Kendall burst into the office and snarled "You promised Ryan would get his tonight! Do it now or I'll blow the lid on this whole set up!" She stared at a monitor as Greenlee and Ryan are shown walking into Zach's Casita room. Ryan told Greenlee that he had more on his mind than Zach's game and began kissing her. Kendall growled that tonight was supposed to be about taking Ryan down. Zach told her that if they couldn't keep control they would both lose. He told her to be patient and that the less she knew about his plans, the better. Kendall began getting panicky when she saw Ryan and Greenlee lay down. Zach told her to just play the game and that there was a fine line between winning and losing. "If you're not careful to walk the line, you'll take the fall" he told Kendall. Kendall stared at the monitor as Ryan and Greenlee kissed and talked about falling in love with each other. Zach suggested she leave because the last thing "you want to watch is Ryan and Greenlee making the beast with 2 backs." She ran out of the room.

In the gazebo Erica found David standing alone. They wondered why Zach would set it up for them to end up together. David said it was probably because the two of them plotted to take down Michael Cambias. Erica wondered how Zach would've known that and why he would want them to relive it. She said this game of his was just ghoulish and that Michael's death wasn't murder it was self defense. David sent Erica to find Zach and ask for another clue. A moment later Adam showed up. David told him they had unfinished business when Adam tried to leave. David said he may have found a way to bury their differences, a solution that was agreeable to both sides. He offered to buy Adam a drink and put his hand on Adam's shoulder. Adam fell to the ground, out cold. David held up a tiny object and remarked "Better living through technology!" David got the unconscious Adam to a crate he had prepared with food and water. He started pounding in nails when Erica came in and declared "I knew it! I knew you were the murdered!." She thought it was all part of the game they were playing and wanted to see who was in the crate.

Ethan and Bianca went down to the beach. They searched for another clue but came up empty. She thought maybe they misunderstood their first clue. The two of them laughed and joked like old friends. When they sat down on a large rock Bianca noticed Ethan staring out at the water. She asked if he was looking towards home. Ethan said home was a long way away. Then he told her that she had a lot of people there tonight looking out for her, worried about how she would react to the game they were playing. Bianca said the game wasn't the problem, it was the memories. He asked if living with the rape ever got easier. Bianca said it does if she focuses on the positive, like getting to know Miranda. Ethan was touched and impressed. He told Bianca that she was beautiful and she smiled at him. "If things were different I'd ask you out" he told her. Bianca told him she was gay and he said that was his bad fortune, but perhaps another woman's good. Bianca said she had Lena and then asked if he had someone special. Ethan said he'd been focusing on other things in his life. They decided to head back in and find another clue.

Greenlee and Ryan were lying on the floor kissing when Maria began pounding on the door. Finally Ryan got up and let her in. She said she was looking for Zach. Greenlee straightened her dress and said she was going to look for more clues and headed out the door. Ryan asked why Maria thought Zach would be in this particular room. By the look on her face he realized that this room meant something. She admitted that it was a replica of the casita they had lived in together. Ryan told Maria about the collection of photos in Zach's office. He also said that while researching Zach he found that all information stopped 10 years ago. Maria tried to defend Zach but Ryan told her the man was obsessed with Michael Cambias' death and with getting her back. He told her not to be fooled by Zach Slater. Ryan wondered if Zach had something to do with Ethan coming to town. Maria was intrigued and Ryan left her alone in the room. She looked around the room and then up at the ceiling, where she spotted the video camera. Maria ran out of the room and straight to Zach's office. She found him sitting in front of the monitors and yelled "What do you think you're doing?"

Kendall went to the beach alone and sat on a large rock. She stared out to the water then imagined that she saw Ryan. She reached out her hand to him and he joined her, pulling her into an embrace. They danced to the crashing waves and slowly Ryan backed away. Kendall reached out for him but he vanished. She sat down as though the breath had been knocked out of her. Kendall remembered the two of them together, dancing, kissing, making love. She gazed out over the dark water lost in thought.

Greenlee found Bianca and told her she needed her help with Kendall. Bianca said she didn't want to be the go-between. Greenlee said Kendall has gone over the edge and that it was Bianca's job to pull her back.

Ryan walked into the empty gazebo with an envelope in his hand. He looked at the front of it and his name was written there. He opened it and found a card saying "You're the victim!"

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 2

Aidan arrives at the courtyard and finds Ryan holding a clue for the game. Ryan reveals that the card he is holding ID's him as the victim, but Aidan has bigger news. It turns out that according to Edmund's sources, the real Zach Slater died 10 years ago. Edmund awaits them in the bar to fill them in on all the details. Ryan asks if anything has come up about Ethan, and Aidan admits the only thing he has found is what Ethan has already confessed to: participation in a pyramid scheme gone wrong. Ryan thinks that incident is good information - because it indicates Ethan tried to scheme people once and he would do it again. In addition, Ryan now knows that Ethan will be more careful. Aidan warns Ryan that Ethan's temper is volatile and that he could land in the crossfire. There is no other place that Ryan wants to be - because he is certain that Zach and Ethan are working together, and he is bound and determined to prove it. He tells Aidan that he has something to check on, but that he will meet up with him and Edmund at the bar momentarily.

Meanwhile, in the control room, Maria overhears Aidan blowing Zach's cover. She demands that Zach tell her what is going on, but he remains flippant and calm. He tells her that murder is in the air tonight, and invites her to stay and watch the game play out.

Out in the maintenance shed, Erica is convinced that David is the game's "killer" and that there is a body in the crate. Knowing that she is entirely too close to the truth, David continues to try to make her leave. Despite all of his efforts, Erica is determined to believe that this is all a part of the game. She wants to know who is in the crate, and is incensed when he won't divulge any information. She starts to try to open the crate by herself but David grabs her wrist to stop her. He tells her that this night is just like the night they were outside of Michael's condo. Curious as to what parallels the two nights could possibly have, Erica inquires into the meaning behind the statement. He tells her that just as everything they did that night was for Bianca, so was this. In addition, he needs her to trust him completely now, as she did then. He asks her one more time to please leave, and she finally acquiesces. Shortly thereafter, a vehicle arrives, and is, according to David, right on time. The driver comes in, assesses the situation and confirms the instructions for handling the crate with David. David then helps him to get the crate loaded.

Inside the casino, Greenlee pleads with Bianca to rein Kendall in. Greenlee fears that Kendall has gone over the edge and wants Bianca to step in and help protect everyone from Kendall - including Kendall! Bianca tells Greenlee that Kendall's actions really have little to do with her - it's all about Ryan's heart. Greenlee says that she already has it, and that is what is making Kendall act so erratically. Greenlee, careful not to mention names, fills Bianca in on Kendall's blackmailing scheme and how she couldn't care less about who she hurt - as long as she destroyed what Greenlee and Ryan have. Bianca tells her that Kendall loves Ryan and that she can't expect Kendall to give them flowers. She tells Greenlee that Kendall will work this out in her own time - but they have to just give her time, and try not to make it worse. Greenlee admits that she did just that by breaking into Kendall's room and trying to steal the surveillance pictures that intimate something steamy going on between her and her would-be lover. In retaliation, Greenlee confesses, Kendall told her that she needed to get a bulletproof vest.

Bianca appears unfazed and instead comes to Kendall's defense. She starts by saying that Kendall has spent her whole life trying to be loved, but Greenlee interrupts and says that everyone does that. Bianca admits that when Kendall throws her whole heart into getting something that she wants, she often goes overboard. Despite that, she insists that Kendall has a good heart. Greenlee is skeptical until Bianca reminds her that Kendall is the reason that she kept Miranda. Bianca insists that she knows her sister well, and that she believes Kendall has good intentions. Greenlee takes her turn and reminds Bianca that, even though it is difficult to believe, she and Kendall were close at one time as well. Greenlee believes that Kendall is a different person now. Bianca tells her that she just needs to stop flaunting her victory (with regard to winning Ryan's heart) in Kendall's face - but Greenlee refuses to tiptoe around her life because Kendall can't deal. She will not let Kendall hurt her or Ryan ever again.

Back in the control room, Zach admits that everything he is doing is to get at the truth. He feels that during the course of the game, someone will say or do something that will reveal their true nature. The point of the game is the rip off the masks that everyone has been hiding behind. Maria, still confused, pleads with Zach to tell her what he truly means, but he doesn't budge. Determined to figure out what it is, she starts by noting that all of the people involved in the game hated Michael. She asks Zach what his relationship is to Michael - but Zach's silence on the subject continues.

Out on the beach, Kendall is sitting on some rocks and hears voices coming back to her: all of the people that told her to stop her vendetta because she was the only one getting hurt swirl around in her head. One lone voice is singled out, and it is calling out to her. Kendall rises and walks toward the water.

Moments later, Ryan drags Kendall back from the water, saving her from certain death. He expresses concern for her, and she thanks him profusely for rescuing her. She kisses him in gratitude and when they part, we see a confused Ethan looking at Kendall. Her eyes closed, she is blissfully unaware that it wasn't the love of her life that saved her. He shatters her reverie by asking if she is okay, and reconfirming his concern.

Getting up, Kendall is slightly bewildered and tries to regain some emotional footing. Ethan tries to convince her that she needs to see a doctor but Kendall insists that there is no need, and brushes off the request in lieu of ranting about what she feels he needs to know. She tells him that he can't trust anyone because people pretend to care so that they can put you in a box instead of letting you live your life. Her "speech" sounds like it is partly about Ethan, but mostly about her and what is going on in her head.

Still at a loss as to how to deal with her, Ethan makes her promise that whatever else she does, she will stay out of the water. She promises as much, but refuses to change out of her wet clothes. She insists that she must play the game, fight for what is hers and win. Ethan agrees to help her - but only if she change into dry clothes. After a moment's though, weighing the pros and cons, Kendall finally agrees.

Ryan finally meets up with Edmund and Aidan at the bar and Edmund tells them that while the knowledge that the real Zach Slater died of mysterious causes is good to know, it's not the most important thing: the real Zach Slater was the college roommate of one Michael Cambias. They have a lot of dead ends about the real Zach Slater, as well as the man posing as him. They agree that it is possible Zach and Ethan are working together in an effort to steal Cambias from Ryan.

Ryan wonders aloud why they don't attack him head on - he doesn't see a need for all of the games that have been played. There are no answers, but Aidan swears he will track Ethan down and get them. Once he takes his leave, Ryan tells Edmund that if it was indeed Zach on the intercepted phone call about murder, he is the target. He shows Edmund the card from the game that states he is the victim, and then tells him that he is going back to the gazebo where he is supposed to be murdered. Edmund doesn't know if it is such a good idea, but Ryan is determined to get to the bottom of the story.

Erica joins the conversation started by Bianca and Greenlee, and the volatile relationship between Greenlee and Erica quickly heats things up. Bianca fills her mother in by simply stating that Greenlee thinks Kendall is unstable. Quickly angry and immediately protective of her children, Erica tells Greenlee that she is the cause of most of Kendall's pain. Greenlee tries to convince them that she is just trying to help by insisting that everyone needs to get Kendall out of their lives, but Erica is unwilling to hear that or to help.

Greenlee thinks that both Bianca and Erica must have problems because they seem unconcerned for Kendall's mental health and well-being, as well as the fact that Kendall has become dangerous. Greenlee apologizes for her hand in the pain that Kendall is suffering with but she can't help but be concerned about what Kendall might do to herself. Erica tells her to stay away from Kendall, and Greenlee assures her that anywhere near Kendall is the last place she wants to be.

After Greenlee leaves, Bianca admits that Greenlee is right: Kendall is spinning out of control. They feel helpless because regardless of the fact that she is finally back with her family, and everyone loves her unconditionally, she still carries her pain and anger with her. She keeps fighting because that is all she knows to do. Erica revisits the idea that it's all Greenlee's fault - and does so with such venom, Bianca balks at the force of the words.

Erica apologizes and says that having the game "Murder" on the one year anniversary of Michael's death has brought a lot back to her. She goes on to admit that even though she has been dealing with all of the anger directed at her father in therapy, she hasn't even begun to address the anger she feels toward Michael. She admits that if he were alive right here and now, she would kill him again - just to see him die.

Bianca, refusing to hear that kind of talk from her mother, tries to refocus them on the matter at hand. Bianca confesses that she is afraid that Kendall will spin so far out of control, they will lose her. Erica refuses to even see that as a possibility.

Maria tells Zach that she thinks he is obsessed - but he counters that he isn't the only one. He finally lets more out and says that he doesn't believe that Bianca was actually who killed Michael. He believes that one of the other people in the game is the real killer and that Bianca was set up. Through the game, Zach expects that someone will slip up and reveal himself or herself as the killer. Maria is still confused as to why he cares so much.

Ryan and Edmund arrive in the courtyard and talk briefly about Ryan's choice to essentially put himself in harm's way. Moments later, Greenlee shows up and hears that her husband is planning something dangerous. Without knowing all the details, she refuses to allow him to be a target for Zach to attack.

Kendall and Ethan arrive at the machine shed with her clue and read it aloud again. After thinking on it a moment, Kendall realizes that the answer is "coffin." Quickly figuring out that it must be a miniature version, they start to look for a smaller version. Kendall finds success, and inside is a note and a gun. She says that this discovery means that she is going to win.

Ethan, reading the note, proclaims that she is the killer and that she needs to proceed to the gazebo, where her victim is waiting. He hands the note to her and after looking at it briefly, Kendall bursts out laughing as a puzzled Ethan looks on.

Zach is steadfast in his quest to reveal someone's duplicitous nature, but Maria thinks it is insanity. She flies off the handle about Michael - saying that he was subhuman and committed egregious acts against women in Pine Valley, and indeed the entire town itself. It has been a year, and everyone is glad that Michael is dead.

Maria is completely at a loss as to why Zach would be bringing this all of this up again a year later, just when people were starting to feel a small amount of normalcy again. Finally able to take no more, Zach reveals that Michael was his brother.


Jamie goes into Babe's room and when he does not see her, he finds her snooping outside of the library, where JR is inside sleeping. She tells Jamie that she just wants to talk to JR, but Jamie pulls her back into her room and makes her realize that talking to JR would not do any good. He says that the best way to win a Chandler fight is to wait it out because eventually they get sloppy. Babe tells Jamie that she doesn't stand a chance in court and she has not even heard from the judge yet. Jamie reminds her that she has her friends and her mother who love her and are helping her find Bess. While Babe is sleeping, she dreams that she at the edge of her bed, rocking Bess to sleep. She looks down and suddenly Bess is gone! There are two arms pulling at her, she breaks free and runs towards the sound of a helicopter, begging to have her baby back. She wakes up, saying that her baby has died and when Jamie rushes over, he assumes she means Bess. She tells her that Bess is not in any harm, but Babe tells him he does not know that. Jamie tries to calm Babe down by telling her to remember all the things about Bess he could, such as her smell, softness of her hair, and what she feels like. After Babe gets calmer, he admits that he wish he would have been the father, not JR. Babe is surprised at his confession, but she admits that maybe if she had met Jamie before JR, things would also be different. She receives a phone call and says, "What about my baby?"

Inside the library, Krystal awakes JR by pretending to tie a rope around him, which gets his attention. Although she doesn't seem to get the lassos tied his body, she mentions that her next move was hooking a car battery to his private area! David walks in and when JR tells them both to leave, David starts to talk about Adam. David begins to ask JR about Adam's health, such as if his father is afraid of small, dark places and has frequent anxiety attacks. JR tells David that he spoke to Adam earlier and he seemed fine. David admits that he heard Adam talking and taunts him to call his father, just to make sure he is fine. When Krystal dials the number, she gets voicemail, but JR still acts unconcerned. He threatens to put David in jail if his father is in danger. JR storms out and David admits that he wasn't bluffing about Adam being locked up in a box. Krystal squeals with joy and hugs David!

Maria is stunned when Zach claims he is Alexander Cambias Jr. Zach explains that when and he Michael were younger, they faked his death with the car accident and no remains were found expect ashes. He says that Michael saved his life in a way by helping him escape the Cambias name and his father's overprotective nature. Maria explains to Zach that Michael was no longer the man he once knew. She tells him all of the horrible things he did to torment Bianca and her friends. Zach refuses to believe that Michael had anything to do with raping Bianca and that his death was not self-defense, it was murder. Maria tries to sympathize with Zach's loss, but his continuous allegations that his brother was nearly a saint does not make it easy. Zach begins to point all of the people who hated his brother and who had the motive to murder him, then make Bianca look as though it was in self-defense. He even thinks that Ryan somehow stole the inheritance money from his father. Maria tells him he can not accept Michael's death until he accepts the way he lived -- which wasn't exactly good.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she is worried something bad will happen to him, since he is "the victim." Ryan assures her that it is just a game and he will be fine, although Greenlee argues that it is more than just a game because Zach is behind it. She says she would not let him go to Kendall and she sure isn't going to let him go because of Zach's warped game.

Kendall seems to be empowered just by holding the gun and being cast in the game as "the killer." Ethan, bewildered by her behavior, tells her that the gun most likely has blanks inside. Kendall realizes that but now she can play out all of her dreams by getting Ryan back, without actually hurting him. Ethan tells her that she has to let go of Ryan and if playing the game is her way, then so be it. She admits that she does not want to hate Ryan, but he hurt her by loving her and then stopping so suddenly, as if he never loved her at all. Ethan tells her to give him the gun and let him be the murderer, but she refuses. She tells him she has to play the game and that he should just watch from the sidelines. With that, she smiles and heads out to find her victim kissing Greenlee. She holds the gun to him, although Ryan doesn't seem shocked that she is the killer. He tells her to go ahead and shoot him, but Greenlee stands in the way. Ryan tells her to stand back and then Kendall tells Ryan that "no one deserves this more than you do." She pulls the trigger and Ryan, drops down flat, with a stunned expression on his face. Kendall applauds his performance and when Greenlee goes over to get Ryan up, she is horrified to pull her hand away and find blood dripping off her fingers.



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