All My Children Recaps: The week of September 6, 2004 on AMC

Kendall was horrified to learn that she had shot Ryan with a real bullet. Edmund accused Zach of loading the gun with live ammunition. Babe had an emotional reunion with Bess. Babe gave Bess to Bianca and went to the chapel. On her way back from the chapel, Babe got lost and wound up in Llanview.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 6, 2004 on AMC
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Due to the Labor Day holiday, today's regular episode was preempted. In its place, an encore presentation of the "baby-swapping" episode was broadcast. Regular programming will resume tomorrow.

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Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 7

As everyone hovers over Ryan's felled body, Greenlee blames Kendall for shooting him. Bianca asks Greenlee what she can do to help. Greenlee tells her she's too late. She asked her earlier to take care of Kendall and she didn't. Maria tends to Ryan's wound as Zach orders paramedics. Kendall can't believe Ryan's really been shot. Edmund rolls back in accusing Zach of murder one. Zach swears the gun was filled with blanks. Kendall wants to go to the hospital with Ryan He needs her, she says. Greenlee tells Kendall not even in her dreams will she be at the hospital with Ryan. With Erica and Bianca holding Kendall back, she shouts to Ryan's body, "You know I would never hurt you," as the paramedics carry him away. With Ryan gone, Kendall turns to Erica crying, "What did I do, Mother? What did I do?" Erica and Bianca get Kendall inside, where she is once again determined to go to the hospital. She has to see Ryan. He has to know she cares. Bianca tries to jar Kendall back to reality telling her, "You can't see him now. If you see him now, you just might kill him." She explains he needs all of his strength for healing. Kendall can't accept not going though because if he doesn't pull through, his last memory is her laughing at him and pulling the trigger.

The paramedics get Ryan to the hospital. Joe Martin takes charge of the situation. Greenlee wants to be with Ryan. Jack encourages her to let the doctors do their job as they pace the floor outside Ryan's ER room door. Greenlee decides she will make travel arrangements for their honeymoon to keep her mind occupied. Jack tells her she doesn't have to be brave for him. Greenlee says she's not being brave. She's already lost one husband and can't lose another. This is going to be just one bad day, and they have thousands of wonderful days to look forward to. Greenlee goes about trying to get reservations at a hotel in Italy she'd once told Ryan about and is livid when she can't get the reservation she wants after all the loyalty she's shown that establishment.

Joe steps out to deliver news of Ryan's condition. Greenlee tells him just to hit her with it. Joe tells her they're transfusing Ryan but can't keep his blood pressure up so they need to get him to the O.R. as quickly as possible. If she wants to see him, now is the time. Greenlee goes into Ryan's ER room. She tells Ryan she's counting on him to pull through and planning a surprise for him but she won't tell him what it is. He's just going to have to pull through and find out. But first he has to get through the whole O.R. thing and he's going to need a lot of positive energy for that. Greenlee begins rubbing his hand and arm as if trying to transfer positive energy from herself to Ryan. With tears in her voice, she tells Ryan if it gets rough in the operating room to remember Dynamite Kiddo, and if that's not enough, Mrs. Dynamite Kiddo will swoop in and save the day. In Ryan's mind, he raises his head from the pillow and tells Greenlee not to cry. "No tears. I'm fine," he tells his love. Instead of Greenlee, Ryan is shocked to see Kendall's face replying, "You better be fine because you promised me forever, and I plan to take you up on it."

Meanwhile Kendall is really still with Erica and Bianca at the casino. She can't understand how this all happened. "It all seemed so perfect for a game. It was just a game. The gun wasn't real, and I wasn't really a killer," Kendall cries. But Greenlee was there and she knows Kendall was the jilted lover. Kendall worries what Greenlee will tell the police, and that she'll be right. Kendall tells Erica and Bianca about seeing Ryan and Greenlee kiss. The kiss was real, and that killed everything she had with Ryan. After seeing the kiss, Kendall says she went to the beach and things got fuzzy after that. Kendall goes through the events from the beach to the shooting with Erica and Bianca then asks, "Why doesn't love work for me?" Erica tries to assure Kendall that love does work for her because she and Bianca love her. This is no comfort to Kendall. Her mind goes back to the shooting. Kendall says she took the directions like a sign. She took the gun to the gazebo where she offered to kill Greenlee instead but it was all still just a game. But by the time she pulled the trigger, Kendall says the betrayal and hatred had taken over. It was real, and she wanted Ryan dead. Kendall can't imagine how she'll ever get through this if Ryan dies. She can't imagine how she ever wanted to hurt the man she loves. "Oh my God! Maybe I did do it, Mother. Maybe I'm guilty," Kendall says and breaks down crying on Erica's lap.

Edmund and Aidan discuss possible motives for Ryan's shooting. As they're ready to go ask Zach questions, Ethan comes back in asking if he missed all the fun. Edmund and Aidan go into a "good cop bad cop" routine. Edmund comes down on Ethan. Aidan tells him to lighten up, that Ethan is his mate. Aidan tries to get Ethan alone to question him. Ethan refuses Aidan's offer telling him he knows he's not really his "mate" and is working for Lavery to prove he's a fake. Both Edmund and Aidan think Ethan could have been the one who put a real bullet in the gun. They all argue about his motives. Ethan suggests they look for answers with the man who planned the party and planted the gun.

Maria confronts Zach in his office. Reminding him she's the one person he said he didn't want to lie to, she asks if he meant for Kendall to kill Ryan. Zach tells her in the desert they fell in love with each other, not a name or a past. "You knew the part of me that always stays the same," Zach tells Maria. He asks if she really thinks that man could be part of a cold-blooded killing. Maria responds that she just had her hands in her dear friend's stomach, which did not happen because of blanks. Zach tells her if he wanted someone dead, he would not need Kendall to do it for him. He asks her to believe him and tells her there is no need for the police to know who he really is when they arrive. It appears Maria will keep his secret.

The dream continues in Ryan's mind. He sees Kendall wanting him to get well so he can come back to her, but he wants Greenlee. Zach pops in with Greenlee and announces a new game. For a moment Ryan sees a gun in Kendall's hand but she turns toward him and asks "What gun?" as it disappears. Ryan hears a shot coming from the other direction and looks to see that Greenlee is no longer standing in front of Zach. Ethan pops in by his bedside and offers Ryan a bullet for every billion. In the end though, it is Greenlee Ryan hears in his dream. He sees her standing again and begging him to come back for her, for their love.

Joe comes in and tells Greenlee it is time for Ryan to go to surgery. "I love you. I'll be waiting for you when you open your eyes," Greenlee tells Ryan before leaving the room. Jack puts his coat over Greenlee's shoulders and comforts her as they wheel Ryan past them toward the O. R.

In the O. R., Ryan hears someone calling his name and asking if he can come out to play. As the person behind the voice comes into focus, it is Michael Cambias. "Hey, there you are buddy," Michael says as Ryan's baby blues stare wide-eyed at the apparition.

Police arrive at the casino. Edmund confronts Zach about his name being the same as the very dead college room mate of Michael Cambias. As Edmund needles him, Zach states, "I have no connection to Michael Cambias."

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 8

At the hospital, Jack held Greenlee's hand as she leaned on his shoulder. Jonathon rushed in and Greenlee told him they had no news yet, Ryan was still in surgery. Over Jonathon's shoulder Greenlee saw Kendall arrive. She ordered her to leave as Bianca and Erica quickly joined Kendall. Jack stood up and demanded to know why Kendall was there. Erica explained that Kendall got away from them. Greenlee called Kendall a murdering bitch and Jonathon walked Greenlee away from the scene. Kendall tearfully told Jack she thought the gun had blanks. Bianca took Kendall into an empty hospital room while Erica spoke with Jack. She told him that this was all a living nightmare. Kendall admitted to Bianca that there was a moment in that gazebo that she wanted Ryan dead. She cried "What did I do? Am I losing my mind?" as Bianca tried to comfort her. Outside the room Jack told Erica that Kendall wasn't helping matters by being there. Erica said she was extremely worried about her daughter. Jack asked why Kendall would shoot Ryan. Erica got miffed and said that it was an accident. Meanwhile Kendall told Bianca she really wants Ryan to live, even if it means he's with Greenlee and not her. She said she didn't want to be the horrible person everyone thinks she is. She broke down crying in Bianca's arms. In the waiting area Jonathon asked Greenlee exactly what happened at the casino. She told him Ryan thought it was all a game and that Kendall was as usual playing the obsessive-compulsive possessor. She said she tried to get Erica and Bianca to get Kendall some help but they refused. As she spoke Mia rushed into the room, saying she just heard what happened. She offered her help and Greenlee just asked how the Fusion was doing. Mia replied "My sweet friend, I will take care of the office, you take care of Ryan!" But Greenlee said Ryan would want to know about Fusion when he wakes up. Mia said there was a small problem with the perfume bottle tops but she had it under control. Before she left for the chapel to say a prayer she told Greenlee to call her when Ryan was out of surgery. Greenlee told Jonathon that maybe Kendall snapped when she realized that the marriage was the real deal. Jonathon smiled at Greenlee and said "He's got it bad, you took him by surprise!" Greenlee said when Kendall found that out she just couldn't deal with it. In the vacant room Kendall told Bianca that Zach set her up to shoot Ryan. She told her sister that Zach had surveillance cameras all over the casino and watched every move they all made. Bianca wondered how she knew that. Kendall said Zach had made her a promise and she had to make sure he kept it. Bianca became very worried and asked "What promise?." Kendall told her that Zach promised Ryan would get what he had coming. Outside the room Jack and Erica started to argue about Kendall's guilt or innocence. He asked a few questions and Erica replied "Is this the lawyer or the protective father of Greenlee talking? I won't let you sacrifice my daughter for yours!" Erica quickly realized Jack wouldn't do that and said she was just so worried. Jack asked if she was sure it was an accident, that perhaps someone set this up knowing Kendall would do what she was supposed to do. Jonathon burst into the room where Bianca was trying to comfort Kendall and called Kendall a "sick twisted whore." Bianca told him that Kendall loves Ryan and that she's a victim too. Jonathon told her that Kendall didn't get off that easy just because she said so and stormed out. Kendall said he was right about her. Bianca said that somebody else was behind this and she had a good idea who. Jack and Erica came in and Bianca told them she had to leave for a little while. She hugged Kendall and walked out, followed by Erica. She asked Bianca where she was going. Bianca only said "Just don't leave Kendall alone" and left the hospital. In the waiting area Greenlee sat alone in a chair crying. Jonathon ran over to her and she told him that she just spoke to Joe Martin, who said Ryan was out of surgery and they got the bullet.

Jamie and Babe arrived at a deserted building to meet the mystery man. Seconds later he arrived and said he knew where Bess was. Babe begged him to tell her where and he snarled "When I'm ready hot stuff." Jamie jumped in his face but Babe pulled Jamie back. She offered the guy money but he said he knew the baby's daddy was rich and that maybe he should talk to him instead. Babe told him to never talk to JR while Jamie wondered if this guy really knew anything about Bess. The guy described the baby's clothes and blankets and Babe knew it was Bess. She handed him a wad of cash and the guy took it but said it wasn't enough. Jamie threatened the guy if he didn't tell them where Bess was. He said he would go get the baby and they should stay there. Babe pleaded with him to keep Bess safe as he left the building. Babe sat down and said she'd really made a mess of things. Jamie tried to comfort her. She said a lot of people had been hurt. Jamie said JR was the one who betrayed everybody, not her. Babe said when she finally wanted to do the right thing it all blew up. Jamie told her to trust that it would all work out. She smiled at him and he told her how when they first met on the beach her smile lit up the water. He promised that Bess would be with her mother soon. They paced around the room and Jamie admitted that he had a bad feeling about this mystery guy. He wondered if JR was behind it because "JR is one sick sadistic piece of slime." But he said JR would never hurt Bess. He told Babe that when she has Bess back no one would ever take her away again. He looked at her and said he'd always be there for her. Babe reached up to touch his face and then put her cheek against his chest.

JR sat in the library and looked at the photo of himself and Adam. David walked in and quipped "Haven't you heard from Daddy yet? Do I look surprised?" JR snarled that David wasn't stupid enough for murder. David said it wouldn't be murder because Adam would expire from a natural cause like heart failure. He said "If you bring Bess home I'll welcome Adam back with open arms." Tad strolled in and said Bess was safe, he found her. JR said he was bluffing. Tad said it wasn't that hard to find her and that she was now hidden somewhere else, making it JR's turn to worry. JR still believed Tad was lying. Krystal came in and asked if anyone knew where Jamie and Babe were. Tad said he sent them to where he had Bess hidden. Krystal hugged him while JR called him a liar. JR picked up the phone and called the nanny, who confirmed that she still had the baby. He asked if she'd heard from Adam, but of course she hadn't. JR hung up and laughed at Tad, telling him he'd lost his touch. He also said Bess was in the last place they'd ever look. Tad said it was worth a shot, it was fun watching JR sweat. JR said he knew he was bluffing the whole time. Tad said the judge would make JR give the baby back so why torture them all now. JR said because he liked to see them all sweat. JR picked up the phone and punched random numbers in it, then hung it back up. He told Tad that was in case he tried to hit redial, and then strode out of the room. Krystal asked again where Babe and Jamie were. Then she explained David's scheme regarding Adam to Tad. Tad looked approvingly at David and said "You kidnapped Adam?" David said hypothetically. Tad said "You're walking scum but Adam in a box, I like!" Tad told them that JR wasn't as clever as he seemed because he just told them where the baby was. He said it would take finesse to get her and that as much as he hated to admit it, he needed David's help.

David, Tad and Krystal arrived at Oak Haven and an orderly took them in a padded room while he went to get the admitting doctor. Tad pretended to be delusional and David said he was convinced Tad was insane. They began to argue about the situation and Tad told them it made perfect sense. He said Adam donated money to the hospital almost monthly and that there were too many similarities between what Adam had done to Dixie and what was being done to Babe. "If we want to find Bess, we have to think like a Chandler" he told Krystal and David. Dr. Beaman, the admitting doctor, arrived. David introduced himself as Dr. Hayward and said that Thaddeus Murphy was his patient. He asked that Mr. Murphy be admitted to the hospital. Dr. Beaman said he could only admit him on orders from a licensed psychologist. Tad put on quite a show of acting completely crazy. David said Tad was clearly a danger to himself and others and since Dr. Beaman was a licensed psychologist, couldn't he admit him? Finally the doctor said he could bend a few rules. Moments later Tad found himself in a straight jacket. Krystal helped get him out of it and asked what they should do now. Tad said "Now we find that baby!"

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 9

JR's constant taunting drives Babe to the edge of telling him the truth about Bess's true identity. Meanwhile, Tad, David and Krystal find Bess and her nanny hiding out at Oak Haven.Tad strong-arms the nanny into turning against JR, whom she puts a call out to.

Tad calls Babe and Jamie to his house, where he reunites Babe with Bess. Riddled with guilt, Babe prepares to hand over Bess to Bianca. Back at Oak Haven, David slaps a straitjacket on JR!

Although he's not certain he should, Aidan fills in Anita about the relationship that Maria and Zach once shared. Bianca approaches Zach, wanting the truth about why he's in Pine Valley. Maria comes to Zach's defense and realizes just how guilty he feels about Michael's death.

Friday, SEPTEMBER 10

As JR tries to wiggle free from his restraints, David just sits in the chair, smiling in pleasure. JR is still confident that his father is alive and tells David that once he breaks free, he will make sure that David loses everything. JR punches David and then shoves him onto the bed and runs out, but he is hulled back in by one of the hospital's guards. JR tells the guard who he is, but David explains that JR is always making up names, such as Jimmy Buffet. The guard leaves and David tosses JR onto the bed, telling him that he deserves more than what David plans to do to him. Once again, JR threatens to destroy David's life, but David points out he has already lost everything, so there is nothing JR could do to hurt him even more. When David leaves, JR bribes the guard into allowing him to make a few phone calls. A few minutes later, Derek and Olivia bust through the door, all smiles and glee from just seeing JR get a taste of his own medicine. JR demands that Krystal, Babe, Tad, and David all be arrested for several charges, including kidnaping and harassment. When JR demand that Babe be arrested for kidnaping, Derek says that it is not against the law to take your baby on a trip for a few days. Olivia pipes up and tells Derek that she is going to represent Babe in court, but Derek says there might be a conflict of interest. Olivia disagrees and tells JR that he will get exactly what is coming to him. Palmer and Opal walk in, with Palmer demanding to Derek to release JR. Olivia tells him that Palmer has no place there and then explains to him about JR kidnaping Bess and holding her in the psych ward. Palmer is beyond shocked that JR would hold his daughter in the same place Adam put Dixie. Palmer tells JR that he is a disrespect to his mother and that he will not bail JR out. In fact, he encourages the police to keep JR behind bars as long as necessary and then leaves. Derek tells JR that is under arrest for the attempted murder of Babe! JR claims Derek has no proof, but that only presents more of a challenge to Derek. JR is handcuffed and then taken away.

David goes home and tells himself to stop thinking of Babe's baby's death. He tells God that he has lost his own daughter, wife, and now he will lose Bianca as well. He tells God to do whatever he wants to to himself, but to spare Babe and Krystal in the process.

Jamie, Tad and Bianca tell Babe that she doesn't have to give anything up now because she has her baby back and they will make sure JR never hurts her again. Babe tells them that what she has to give up has nothing to do with JR. Sensing Babe is upset, everyone begins to ask her if she is ok. Babe gets nervous and rushes out of the room, with Krystal following behind. Krystal offers to tell Bianca the truth herself, but Babe says that she has to do it herself. She tells her mother that she has to go to her "special place" first. Before she can sneak out, Jamie comes out and she tells him that she has to handle something. Jamie offers to go with her, but Babe refuses. Everyone convenes back in Tad's living room, immediately wondering what is bothering Babe. She should be rejoicing with her child, but instead, she has run off by herself. Krystal tells them that Babe is simply overwhelmed by the amount of love and help all of her friends have given her. Krystal also adds that they should always remember how much Babe loves them, no matter what happens or how crazy things can get. Bianca gets the sense that Krystal is trying to prepare them for bad news and Tad assumes Krystal is talking about the bitter custody battle that JR will bring against Babe. Bianca and Jamie takes Bess outside for some fresh air. Tad takes this time to tell Krystal how he feels about her and that he knew he could never love Simone or Liza. He adds that she caught him off guard and he has totally fallen in love with her! Then, he asks her to marry him!

Babe drives to the church that she is having renovated, where she runs in the preacher. He shows her the design of the stain glass window and Babe is touched. It is a picture of her baby boy, as though he watching over her in heaven. The preacher asks Babe if something is wrong and she tells him that she has come to speak to God. Once the preacher leaves, Babe holds the picture to her heart and asks her baby boy to give her strength to tell Bianca the truth. She says she is scared to lose all of her friends, but she would not blame them for hating her. She says what she has done is unforgivable and asks him to show her the right thing to do. Babe heads back home, but gets confused and accidentally takes the route heading toward Llanview. When she gets to Llanview, she takes shelter in a restaurant, where she sees Kevin Buchanan sitting at a table with his son, Ace. Little does she know, that Ace is really hers.....

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