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Babe felt a connection to Kevin Buchanan's infant son. Jamie bonded with Bess. Babe decided not to divorce JR. David caught Paul Kramer spying on Babe. Anita realized that Maria still had deep feelings for Zach. Bianca interrupted a kiss between Maggie and Jonathan. Ryan regained consciousness.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 13, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, SEPTEMBER 13, 2004

At the hospital, Erica tried to send Kendall home. Greenlee came over to inform Kendall that the police were on the way to arrest her for attempted murder and to get her to stop stalking Ryan in the hospital. Jack defended Kendall and reminded everyone there was no proof Kendall had shot Ryan intentionally. Jonathan reminded everyone that Kendall has proven she will stop at nothing to hurt Ryan, even sleeping with him. Erica complimented him on his gallantry. Kendall said she is ashamed of the stunts she's pulled in the past. Derek came in to ask questions, in cooperation with the state police. Erica defended Kendall, explaining the game that Zach set up. Greenlee demanded Kendall be escorted out of the hospital and threatened to go to the media. Greenlee got upset with Jack when he tried to comfort her; she was too worried about Ryan's survival. Kendall told her Ryan would fight to live, to be with Greenlee. Jack advised Kendall to not answer any more of Derek's questions. Over Jack's objections, Erica tried to reason with Greenlee and said she understood how easy it is to be upset with Kendall. Greenlee reminded Erica that she could never forgive Kendall if she were her. They bonded a bit over their love for Ryan. Greenlee was sick of everyone protecting Kendall, though, and told her Ryan is the only family she needs and stomped off. Kendall told Jack the whole night was a blur, but she did remember pain and anger exploding in her head. But she insisted she thought it was a game, one that would make her feel better, and she would never have shot Ryan if she'd known. They bonded and he told her Erica will stay behind her too.

Bianca played with Bess as Jamie worried about Babe and they wondered what announcement she'd been about to make. Maggie came over and when she saw Bianca, said she had to run errands. Bianca wanted her to stay and talk and Jamie offered to babysit. Maggie and Bianca were uncomfortable about not having talked since Maggie found Bianca in bed with Babe. Bianca explained the ruse, for JR's benefit and that she and Lena are still fine. Maggie said she's been confused over the hetero-flexible thing, and told Bianca she's interested in Jonathan and wants to pursue a relationship. Bianca had to agree when Maggie said if you don't take a chance, you might miss the love of your life. Maggie left and went to the hospital to talk to Jonathan and express her concerns about Ryan.

Krystal was too stunned to respond to Tad's proposal. He said he surprised himself too, and joked around to calm her down and offered to become Mr. Krystal Carey if she didn't want to be Mrs. Tad Martin. Krystal was hesitant and asked for time and Tad blabbered on about giving her up to 8 minutes to decide or he'd go crazy. She gushed about his understanding and what a blue-ribbon, special man he is and how she would be a fool...and then Jamie walked in with Bess and went through to the kitchen. Krystal and Tad resumed the moment but she still didn't answer before David walked in and asked to speak to Krystal about Babe. He warned her to stop seeing Tad or it will be even harder for her when the baby truth comes out, which they both predicted would happen soon. Tad returned and gave David his cue to slither back out and leave them alone. Tad was extremely disappointed to hear Krystal say she couldn't answer him until after Babe returns and the whole mess with Babe and Bess is straightened out. He blamed David for turning her against him.

Jamie talked to Bess about how he wants her and her mother to be happy and changed her diaper like a champ. David talked to Bianca outside and they discussed Babe and how she needs her friends and family. Bianca reminded him they'd all be happy when it's all over. Tad, Krystal, David and Bianca were all together when Jamie returned with a crying Bess and Bianca immediately calmed her down by singing a song she used to sing to Miranda. Tad watched David and Krystal exchange a look and his radar went off; he demanded to know what the big secret is. Jamie and Bianca demanded to know too. David said he would give them all the answers.

Over in Llanview, Babe continued to comfort Ace and Kevin was grateful since she seemed to be the only one who could calm him down in the restaurant. As Babe gushed about how beautiful Ace is, Paul Cramer watched in distress. Babe told Kevin about Bess and they talked about making a play date for their babies. They discussed their pending divorces as Paul paced nervously in the background. Kevin was telling Babe how he's fighting for custody, as more fathers are doing these days, and explained he'd do anything for his son. Babe realized how much he loves Ace and saw Paul Cramer at the next table. Kevin explained Paul is Ace's mother's brother and Babe just pretended he reminds her of someone else. Kevin got beeped and took Ace and they did introductions before he left. Paul came over to talk to Babe and asked what she was doing there. He cautioned her against hitting on Kevin because he has enough problems right now. Babe was quite curious about Ace and commented that it was like he's known her his entire life. She then asked Paul why he was so nervous and asked him where Kevin got the baby.

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 14

Free from the loony bin and the police, JR charges into Tad's house and tells them he's taking his baby back. Krystal, David, and Tad line up. If he's getting to Bess, he's got to go through all of them. Jamie hands Bess to Bianca and takes his place in line with the men as Krystal moves to stand beside Bianca, who is holding Bess protectively against her chest. JR brushes past the men telling them they can't stop him from seeing his daughter. Bianca adamantly tells JR, "I can and I will! You'll take this baby over my dead body!" Just as Bianca makes her claim, the front door opens. Babe is back. Babe starts to talk. David cuts her off. He tells everyone Babe has an announcement that will change all their lives. David and Krystal promise to be there for her. Everyone except JR says the same without knowing what the announcement will be. Taking a deep breath, Babe tells them she has decided she needs to stay with JR. "There will be no divorce and no separation. I'm going to do whatever it takes to make our marriage work," Babe announces. JR screams, "No!" He tells her, "Our marriage could not be more over if it had blown up in my car." David and Krystal try to talk Babe out of this decision, as does Bianca. Jamie pulls Babe outside. He tells her, "I listened to that noise and now I want the truth." "It's what I have to do, just for now," Babe tells him. Jamie knows there's something else going on. He wants to know what it is. "Trust me and I swear we will fix it together," Jamie vows. Babe says she wants to trust him, but now she just has to let him down. "I'm staying with JR," Babe tells Jamie, "See. I let you down." Bess has had a long day. Babe thinks it's time to get her home and to bed. Obviously hurting, Babe goes back inside. As she takes Bess from Bianca, she tells her she knows it makes no sense right now but promises a happy ending "for all of us."

Krystal starts to leave Tad's house. He asks if she's running to the rescue or from him. He can't imagine what David could say to drive Krystal away from him. David follows Krystal out the door saying it's a time when parents need to be together. Tad comments that the next sound they hear will be his head exploding. Tad, Jamie, and Bianca sit around Tad's living room trying to figure out what was different about Babe when she got back. None of them can figure out what it is, but Jamie observes that whatever it is, it is big enough to turn her world upside down.

Anita encourages Maria to take some time off and go on a trip with her husband. She says it might give her new perspective. Maria wants to know what she needs a new perspective on. "Zach Slater for starters," Anita replies. Maria wants to know if Edmund told her. No, it was Aidan. Maria has built her world around Edmund but admits she loved Zach with her whole heart. It couldn't last because her memory came back, but before that Zach was her whole world. Anita observes there are two different Zachs. Maria confesses she didn't know the slick businessman side of Zach. Anita tells her she thinks she met Maria's Zach when they played poker for candy. "He told me to stay in the game. He helped me," Anita says. Maria confirms that's her Zach. Aidan arrives and interrupts their conversation. Aidan is suspicious of Zach. Anita trusts Aidan's instincts and asks Maria to do the same. Confused, Maria says she doesn't seem to know much of anything any more but thanks Aidan for always being good to her and her family. Maria goes about her hospital duties. Anita tells Aidan that Maria is wrong about one thing - she's not through with Zach.

Looking at pictures of them when they were children, Zach relives memories of himself and Michael from their youth. Then, looking at a newspaper clipping of where Michael was arrested for rape, Zach utters, "It should have been me. I should have been charged with murder." Zach remembers when he wanted to get out from under his father's suffocating presence. Michael argued with him telling him he couldn't give it all up. He remembers how Michael helped him "die" and disappear. Zach continues looking at pictures. Michael's ghost shows up and asks him, "How cool was that crash?" Glad to have a chance to talk with his brother in any form, Zach asks the ghost if their father gave him hell. Michael jokes around about it but tells him, "Yes. A mediocre live child could never measure up to a golden dead one." Zach asks if he hurt someone to take his pain away. Michael tells him not to buy the press. Bianca wanted to have his baby. Michael goes on about what a good father he would have been if she hadn't died in that crash. Zach reminds him she has a name, Miranda. Zach asks him about what Bianca says. Michael says the town made her do it. That's how Pine Valley works according to him. The town sentenced him to death and left him rotting in a garbage heap. Michael fuels Zach's determination by telling him that if he'd been around maybe they wouldn't have gotten away with it. Zach tells his brother he never should have left him - "first our father, then this whole town . . ." Maria's knock at the door derails Zach's conversation.

Babe puts Bess in her crib and tells JR she thinks she should sleep in the nursery with her tonight. JR objects. Babe teases that he must want her in bed with him then. "Don't you think it's a little soon?" Babe flirts with her angry husband. JR spits out the words, "Don't make me sick." He says he knows she doesn't really want the marriage. In his mind that leaves only one thing. He asks her how much money she wants. Babe tells him she wants just what she's got because "What I feel for you is huge and it's not going away." With anger eating at him, JR leaves the room. She's found the one way to drive him crazy. With JR gone, Babe remembers holding Ace. Bess is gone to dreamland when Krystal and David enter. They ask if she's gone crazy and really is back in love with JR. Babe bubbles about buying time and it being the only thing she could think of on the way home. "Home from where?" David and Krystal ask simultaneously. "My beautiful baby boy," Babe tells them with a dreamy look in her eyes. They think she's been to the chapel, which she has but that's not what she means. Babe tells them she talked to her son and she doesn't need the chapel to do it any more. Babe tells her parents, "He's alive." She tells them she held him and fed him a bottle, and he's as beautiful as the day he was born.

JR runs to the library and calls someone to help him find his dad. Liza strolls in and observes JR has misplaced his father. JR accuses Liza of working with David to harm Adam. Liza tells JR she's not the one who rips babies from a parent's arms. That's a Chandler thing, and she only married into it. JR asks Liza what she thinks Babe really wants and why she's staying there. Liza tells him she probably wants her daughter and reminds JR, "You know the old saying. If you can't beat them, stay married to them."

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 15

Bianca went to visit Myrtle, who was thrilled to see her. Someone knocked at the door and Bianca opened it, finding Ethan on the doorstep. She quickly invited him in and introduced him to Myrtle. He was holding a newspaper and asked if the room for rent was still available. Myrtle very angrily told him that if he was who he said he was, there was no room for him at her boarding house. Bianca calmed Myrtle down and convinced her that Ethan was a good guy, nothing like Michael Cambias. Bianca explained that this house was where Michael attacked her. Ethan was shocked and amazed that Bianca could stand to be there, drinking tea. She said that Myrtle was a big part of her life and she wasn't letting Michael take that away from her. Myrtle got upset again with all the talk about Michael, and Bianca reminded her that Ethan wasn't Michael. Myrtle said it was a bit early to say that but agreed to get him the paperwork for renting a room. While she was gone Ethan remarked that it was amazing that Bianca could stick up for him like that. Bianca said it was because he is her daughter's only surviving Cambias relative, and the only good one at that. When Myrtle returned Ethan told her he'd changed his mind and wouldn't take the room because he shouldn't be in that house, and that he may not be staying in Pine Valley that long anyway. Bianca asked why and Ethan said it wasn't looking like he would be able to prove he was a Cambias since there was no surviving DNA any where to be found. Bianca looked thoughtful and said she thought there might be one place there could be some DNA. She told him where he might look and Ethan left. Bianca turned to Myrtle and told her that Ethan was not like Michael. "I thought I was healing and then Ethan comes to town and all the hurt comes back." With tears in her eyes she told Myrtle that she missed Miranda so much.

Maria went to see Zach at the condo. She told him he really needed to find another place to live and that he needed to let Michael go. Zach replied "What if I don't want to let him go?" Maria told him about Bianca coming to her after the rape when she was pregnant and scared. Zach wondered if the sex could have been consensual. Maria said absolutely not, and Michael's ghost told Zach he wasn't capable of such atrocities. Zach asked Maria if Bianca could've been confused about the encounter. Maria told him that her sister had been raped and that she knows "that look." "Your brother attacked and raped her!." Michael told Zach not to believe her, "don't abandon me now brother!" Maria told him that once he accepted what happened, he would realize that "Michael's choices weren't your fault." Zach asked Maria to leave and she went out the door, looking at him with concern. After he shut the door Zach asked Michael if he did what Maria said he did. Michael pleaded with his brother to believe him. He said that if Zach believes the rape story, then "no one on earth will remember me with anything but hate and disgust." He begged Zach to remember what they meant to each other. Zach walked around the condo, put the photo of the two of them in a drawer and then sat down to think. Later Ethan showed up and asked to speak to Zach. Zach let him in and Ethan reminded him that he had once offered to help him prove he was a Cambias. Ethan asked if he would still do that. Zach asked how and Ethan said he needed to find just one thing that Michael had left behind, a toothbrush, or comb or something that might have DNA on it. Zach said the condo had been deep cleaned before he moved in but he did find a picture. He handed the photo of two young boys to Ethan. He glared at the picture and said this must be my father and Uncle Michael, "I hate them!." Zach got out an album full of newspaper articles and told Ethan to look closer at his family. Ethan became suspicious and wondered "Who are you, why are you so interested in the Cambias family and what connection do you have to Michael?" Zach answered that from what he'd heard there was a curse on the Cambias family that was better left buried. Ethan replied "Under landfill??." Zach said he couldn't help Ethan any further so Ethan left. Michael returned and told Zach not to let Pine Valley do to Ethan what it did to him. "You deserted me, left me in the muck of being a Cambias heir. I loved you so much and sacrificed so much for you to be free. Protect yourself."

Maggie brought Jonathan to her apartment to make him dinner. She went into the kitchen to get started and he looked around the living room. He heard her say Jamie had eaten all the ice cream and he asked if Jamie was the guy she talked about not having a chance with. Maggie came back in the room and said no, she had been talking about someone else. She said Jamie was just a friend and anyways, she was over the problem in the relationship department. She told him she was ready to jump back in the dating mosh pit. When she burned the nachos she offered to take Jonathan out for a burger. He said he had a better idea and began kissing her. They sat down on the sofa and began kissing heavily. In walked Bianca, startling them. She apologized for using her key. Maggie was not very forgiving. Bianca said she was just here to pick up a box she had left. Maggie went to get it and Bianca asked Jonathan how Ryan was doing. They began arguing about Kendall's true involvement in the shooting and ended up yelling at each other. Maggie returned and told them to stop it. She tried to get Jonathan to leave with her but he said he was going back to the hospital and left. Maggie turned to Bianca and said meanly "Thanks a lot!" Bianca handed her key to Maggie, picked up her box and left without another word.

In the hospital, Aidan and Edmund discussed 5 friends of Alexander Cambias's. Edmund told Aidan he wanted all the information he could find on these 5 people. Maria walked near the room and overheard the conversation. She heard Edmund say they had to find the connection between Ethan and Zach. When she walked into the room she asked if they were playing super sleuths. Edmund joked about getting the goods on Zach and then said he was going home to help Sam with some homework. He left and Maria turned to Aidan. She asked him to please help her stop Edmund's vendetta against Zach. Aidan said Edmund had plenty of reasons to investigate Zach. Maria said yes, and they were mostly about her. Aidan asked what she knew about Zach that she wasn't telling them. Maria said she knows that Edmund and Zach are both stubborn, impulsive and always right. She asked him to stop this investigation before someone gets hurt.

In Bess's room, Babe told her mother and father that her baby boy was alive. She explained that Paul Kramer took her baby and gave him to his sister. Krystal didn't believe her and Babe said it was true, she held her baby boy. Babe explained that she had gone to the chapel and on her way home she made a wrong turn and ended up in Llanview at a restaurant. Kevin Buchanan was there with her baby boy and she got to hold him, she felt the connection. She told Krystal and David that Paul Kramer was there and extremely nervous, totally freaking out at her holding Ace. But "My baby knew his mama!" she told them. David and Krystal tried to convince Babe that this wasn't possible but she said she felt that same connection that Bianca must've felt when she took Bess. David and Krystal just couldn't believe this and Babe got upset that they didn't find this to be the miracle she knew it was. Babe said she knew it was crazy for her to be in the Chandler house again but she was doing it to buy some time until she figured out how to get her baby back. David tried to explain it all away but Babe was sure that Paul stole her baby and gave it to his sister Kelly. She said Paul hated her enough to do it and that she needed their help to prove it. David and Krystal just looked at Babe sadly. She got angry and said she wasn't crazy and that she knew what she saw and felt. David said sometimes the mind works to protect us from painful things. He explained that he had been in her position too, when Leora died. He said he saw her everywhere but it was just a phantom. In tears Babe said she would find someone who would help her and started out the door. Her parents stopped her and David said she only saw her baby for a few moments, how would she know if she saw him again. Babe said she remembered every dimple, every tiny detail. He asked why she didn't tell Kevin the baby was hers. Babe replied "One thing I learned in the Chandler House is that the truth doesn't always work." She said she was going to work on a doozie of a plan to get her little boy back. David and Krystal went to the library to talk. Krystal seemed to think Babe could be right. David was absolutely sure Babe was imagining it. Krystal said David was just afraid to get his hopes up. He said that was ridiculous. Krystal said "What if it isn't? What if our grandchild is alive?" She said they had to check this out and David agreed to help.

In the nursery, Babe held Bess and told her a fairy tale about a little prince and little princess. She said a nasty troll was hiding the prince in the woods but that this story had a happy ending. Babe finished the story by saying the little girl and little boy met face to face and everybody lived happily ever after.

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 16

Worried that Ethan has deadly motives, Aidan stops him from going to an unconscious Ryan's hospital room. Aidan gets word that Kendall's gun was filled with blanks, thus making it impossible for her to have shot Ryan. Knowing that someone else pulled the trigger, Aidan instantly assumes that Ethan was the culprit.

Krystal is totally caught off guard when Tad suggests that they elope on the spot. Knowing that she'd have to tell him the truth about Babe's baby, she bides her time by asking for a little more breathing room. Later, Paul Cramer arrives in Pine Valley and spies on Babe, completely unaware that David is watching him. David later confronted Paul and dropped subtle hints designed to make Paul uneasy. David mentioned that he had just recently learned that he had a daughter - Babe - and wondered aloud why someone would want to keep anyone from their child.

David toys with JR by hinting that he has disposed of Adam. Bianca pleads with JR to do the honorable thing when it comes to Babe and Bess. She asked him to recount how not that long ago they were very good friends. She smiled and reminded JR of how they had stolen a can of beer and split it amongst themselves as they told horror stories of what it was like to be raised by a famous and controlling parent.

Determined to learn the truth about why Babe wants to reconcile with JR, Jamie heads to Llanview, where he learns that Babe spoke with Kevin.

Friday, SEPTEMBER 17

Zach arrives at the hospital to apologize to Maria for his behavior earlier. Maria tells Zach that she understands how much he loved his brother, leading Zach to comment, "When I love someone, I love them for life."

Ethan is listening to Aidan assuring Kendall in the waiting room that she did not shoot Ryan. Aidan explains that her gun was loaded with blanks and then turns to ask Ethan where he was when Ryan was shot. Jonathan and Simone come inside and Jonathan immediately demands that Aidan do something more to get Ethan arrested for shooting Ryan. Aidan explains that he is just a private investigator and does not have ties to the police anymore since his aunt left. Aidan promises to phone Derek and tell Jonathan what he hears. After Aidan and Kendall leave, Ethan tells Simone that he is going to find Ethan at his hotel room and make him confess that he is the killer. He says, "I don't want to see him hit again." Simone assumes that Jonathan is talking about Ryan being shot in the past. When Jonathan tells her about his father beating Ryan, him standing alone, unable to help Ryan, Simone tries to bring him back to reality. She tells him that he does not have to remember that time, but Jonathan brushes her off and rushes out.

Greenlee waits patiently for Ryan to wake up, but he continues to lay unconscious. Sitting by his bed, she urges him to wake up because the doctors told her that the longer he sleeps, the less likely he is to regain consciousness. Greenlee goes out in the hall and when Kendall tries to go see Ryan, Greenlee stands in her way outside. Kendall explains that she did not shoot Ryan, but Greenlee does not care. She says that it does not change the words Kendall spoke-it does not change the fact that Kendall said she wanted Ryan dead. Kendall pleads to go tell Ryan she is not guilty, but Greenlee says Ryan is not awake. "He may never wake up," she whispers before leaving.

Ethan gives Ryan a visit and is caught by Zach. When Zach asks him why he is there, Ethan says "I am here to finish the job." Ethan explains that everyone is accusing him of being the killer since Kendall is off the list of suspects. When Zach offers to help him find the best lawyer possible, Ethan refuses and spits back that he could help by admitting he is the one who shot Ryan. Ethan brushes past him and when Zach follows him out, Maria tries to find out what is going on. They go to Maria's office, where Zach says that Pine Valley is already prosecuting Ethan because he is a Cambias, similar to what they feel he did with Michael. Suddenly, Maria realizes that Zach is upset because Ethan is his son.

Greenlee goes back to see Ryan and finds Jonathan there. He tells her that the police are worthless and they do not have any new evidence to arrest Ethan. Sparking an idea, Greenlee runs off and finds Ethan herself. When the room is vacant, Kendall sneaks in and begins talking to Ryan. She tells him that she did not shoot him and would never intentionally harm him. She confesses that she still loves him and simply took his love for granted. She was so scared of love that she pushed him away. She begs him to wake up and when she touches his hand, his eyes open.

Kelly immediately gets defensive when Krystal starts asking questions about her baby, Ace. Krystal covers by saying that she is there to help a friend who has been in the same situation as Kelly. Kelly seems convinced and explains that her soon-to-be ex-husband, Kevin does not want her near Ace at all because he thinks she is an unfit parent. Krystal tells her that she wants to help Kelly, and Kelly assumes that Krystal's "friend" is going to take her to Ace. Krystal covers by saying that she will take Kelly to Ace, as soon as she receives a phone call. Krystal suggests that Kelly talk more about Ace as they wait for the phone call, which Kelly is happy to do. She says that Ace is special to her because she wanted him so badly and when Krystal brings up how happy Kelly must have been to give birth to him, Kelly gets quiet. She becomes upset and begins to cry. When Krystal keeps pressuring her to open up about what is wrong, Kelly remembers hearing the nurse tell her that the baby she had was stillborn. She blurts out to Krystal that she is a better mother than some homeless woman. Krystal asks her what connection a homeless woman has to Ace, but Kelly does not say. Instead, she asks about the phone call and Krystal says that if she did not get it by now, it probably won't happen. Kelly accuses Krystal of working with Kevin to bring her down, but Krystal denies it. She tells Kelly that she wants to help her but it has to be a secret. Kelly agrees not to say anything to anyone and when she leaves, Krystal realizes that Kelly does have a secret about Ace.

Babe tells Jamie that she ended up in Llanview because she got lost and just made a wrong turn. Jamie brings up her conversation with Kevin, which throws Babe off completely. Jamie admits that he went through her purse, found the map with the directions and followed up on the clues himself. Babe gets infuriated with Jamie for invading her privacy and destroying their trust. She continually says she is going to stay with JR for Bess and that he only did horrible things to her because he was hurt. She accuses Jamie of not being there to support her, breaking their trust, and demands that he get out of her life forever. Eventually, Jamie agrees to trust Babe and her decision to stand by JR. When he leaves the nursery, he is all smiles.

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