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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 13, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, September 13, 2004

Since Chris' best man has had an accident, Alison pressures Chris into asking Aaron to stand up for him in the wedding. In spite of Aaron's extreme misgivings, since he is the only one who knows of Chris and Emily's attraction, Aaron agrees. All three go home to get a good night's rest before the last day of the Keys of the Kingdom contest.

Carly stands outside a house in which she thinks she will find Jack. Meanwhile, Jack is inside nurse Julia's house on the brink of making love to her. There is a knock on the door, and to our surprise a state trooper stands at the door instead of Carly. Simultaneously Carly faces a boy named J. J., and realizes that she has not found Jack after all. Jack and Julia get romantic again, but Jack is stunned by a memory flash of making love to Carly. He and Julia both come to the conclusion that Jack must find out about his past before the two of them can move forward. Carly goes home and vows to Jack, "If that was you at the water park, Jack, you're lost, and you need me." She calls detective Everhart and asks him to keep looking for Jack, as hard as he can. Carly dozes and has a vivid vision of Jack, and Jack has a similar vision of his own.

Lucinda walks in to B.R.O., where she finds Jordan Sinclair packing to leave town. Jordan gives Lucinda a quote for the City Times, "Stenbeck had better pray that he is never found, because if I ever lay my hands on him, I will kill him." Lucinda is impressed by his fire and leaves her business card with Jordan, but as soon as she leaves, he tears it up.

Rosanna admits to Paul that she slept with Jordan. Jennifer interrupts with a vitriolic outburst at Rosanna, but Paul sends his sister away. Paul surprises Rosanna by telling her that he doesn't want to let her go, but Rosanna responds with, "My baby is dead because of you. You made your choice - now we both have to live with it." She leaves and goes to the Snyder farm, and Craig shows up immediately. Craig asks Rosanna if the two of them can see each other from time to time. Rosanna declines, but she has a little sparkle in her eyes.

Paul finds Jordan at B.R.O., and each brother accuses the other of acting like their father and of being the cause of Cabot's "death." Jennifer arrives and separates the two men, then asks Jordan to leave. She is surprised when Paul tells her that the believes that he and Rosanna will find their way back to one another.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Chris says to Alison that today he will spend the entire day with her. He had forgotten but will take the day off to find the perfect photographer for their wedding. They look at pictures and choose, and then Alison receives a call from Aaron. She has forgotten that the last clue in the contest was to come out that day, and Aaron has been waiting for her. She asks Chris if it is all right and he says yes.

Earlier, Lisa met with Aaron and Curtis to try to help them with the search for the last key. Aaron asks about whether or not anyone has heard from Alison. Lisa says no and Aaron cannot believe that. Lisa has come up with something and Aaron rushes to where Lisa suggests. She then calls him while he is there and Alison also arrives. Lisa says that the "heir to the throne has to be Lucinda's children or grandchildren. They look in Lucinda's office and find a picture on the desk. There is a huge hullabaloo in Lucinda's office at the moment. Alison strips the picture, and instead of finding the key, finds a note that says the two "geeks" who had the other five keys have found the sixth. They walk into the room and announce to the crowd, "too bad!!" However, they haven't turned in the key yet and all of a sudden everyone is rushing them to reach the spot the key must be turned in. Everyone leaves but Aaron and Alison. He blames her because they lost. He says that it is all her fault. He never should have gotten mixed up with her. She just stands there.

Lucy has a special breakfast for Dusty. He had a restless night and thought he deserved to be treated special. She asks him what is wrong. He tells her that he has made some decisions and she needs to hear what they are. Dusty says he wants Craig out of both of their lives. He wants to sell his share of Metro, but, he needs to do something else first. She wants to know what Dusty is getting involved in that she can't know about.

Carly waves goodbye to Parker as he boards the bus to school. She re-enters the house and sits down to look at Jack's picture. In the meantime, Emily goes to remind Hal that today is the last day that he can be fitted for his tux. He feels bad but tells her he cannot make it and can she just take a suit from home that fits him and have the tailors use those measurements. She again, has no choice and agrees to do so. Hal receives a phone call while talking to Emily from a Police Chief in Missouri, that they have someone being held by the name of Jack Snyder. He immediately heads for Carly's place. Carly is in no mood to see Hal, but he tells her that there is some evidence that Jack might be alive. Police in Missouri have found someone and they need to leave and go there. They arrive there, but, when the man turns around, Carly tells them that it is not Jack. They question him, and find out how he has Jack's wallet and then realize that Jack might truly be alive.

Julia enters her house and sees Jack. She is carrying a bag with his clothing in, that he entered the hospital with. Jack tells her that he has been hanging up flyers all over town of himself. A knock also comes to Julia's door. It is a policeman announcing that she and Jack need to come down to the police station. He tells Julia that they cannot hold her ex-husband in custody any longer. If she wants to file a restraining order, she needs to come down to the station. She says no, she's tried that before, and he just ignores it. Jack says it will be all right, and that he will take care of it so the policeman leaves. They get back to the problem at hand, which is where to look for clues about Jack. Julia tells him that his shoes were made by a small company, and they may be able to trace something there.

Somehow, Casey has arranged that he, Tom and Margo end up at the alteration place at the same time. Casey claims there was a mix-up and Margo says that she is there to pick up Casey's tux. Casey asks about how everyone is going to get to the wedding and suggests that they all go together. Margo says that other arrangements will have to be made. However, Tom says that it is okay with him. He is ready to leave and Margo grabs Casey as he admits to setting this whole thing up. Margo says that it was the wrong thing to do, and he should not have done it, but "thanks." They all leave.

Bob and Chris run into each other at the alteration place also. Bob asks Chris, if everything is all right now. Chris announces that everything is just fine. He is back on track and has no more doubts. He is sure about Alison and the other woman is out of the picture. Bob says ok and leaves but is not quite sure of his son's decision. Emily walks in carrying Hal's suit, and sees Chris. She walks up behind him and awkwardly announces why she is there. Chris tells her that whenever she shows up, his heart starts to race and he knows that hers does too. He tells Emily that he knows how he feels and this isn't going to go away. He tells her that he loves her. She starts to cry.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Alison talks with Aaron about the contest. She is sorry they didn't win but she was planning her wedding. He gets furious with her when she starts to tell him how fabulous Chris is. Aaron tells her again that she shouldn't marry Chris. Alison claims he is jealous of Chris' career. He tells her he has no right to be in her wedding and wishes her good luck with Chris because she is going to need it.

Dusty and Lucy turn up at the gym. Lucy asks Dusty if he thinks that in one night he will be able to earn enough money to get out of Metro. They talk. She wants to use her trust fund to help him but he refuses. She says what happens if tonight doesn't work out. She walks away giving him the big freeze. Dusty tells her that he has to do this because he doesn't want her parents to think he's after her money. She tells him having money doesn't prove anything. Dusty agrees to let her help if tonight doesn't work out. She is going to meet the trainer with him but sees Aaron jabbing at a punching bag. She goes over to him and asks why he is behaving like he is. He asks Lucy why he ever let Alison back in his life, she has not been anything but selfish and trouble for him. Aaron tells Lucy that Chris is definitely not the right guy for Alison. Lucy looks at him strangely, and then says, "My gosh, Aaron, you are in love with her yourself."

Julia and Jack are looking at the van that looks like something from the 60's, when two hippy looking guys emerge from the van. One of them recognizes Jack. He says that they gave his wife a lift. Julia and Jack are taken aback by the conversation. The guys talk about the woman having pictures of the two of them and always trying to shove them in their faces. She never stopped talking about him. They tell Jack that they stopped at a mini mart and she got out and they took off leaving her there. Her stuff is still somewhere in the van. Jack asks if she told them what her name was, and she said it was Julia. She told them that he divorced her and it sent her over the edge. He finds a picture and shows it to Jack. Jack looks at it. It is a picture of him and his first wife, Julia. Julia and Jack come back to her house with the picture in hand. Julia #2 leaves the room and Jack studies the picture. He starts to have flashes of things that happened in the past. He remembers all about her. She tried to kill him, remembering Julia #1. Julia #2 walks in the room and Jack tells her what he remembered. He is glad that Julia #1 isn't there anymore. He takes off his ring and hands it to Julia #2, and says that he doesn't want it anymore.

Carly is going to take Parker to the scene where the guy in jail found Jack's wallet. Hal says that they need to verify what they were told first. Carly says no, that Parker's word is good enough. Hal argues with Carly. He tells her he will even reopen the case but Parker stays out of it. Carly begs Hal to give her and Parker this chance. Hal brings Carly and Parker to the site. Carly tells Parker to just think about Jack and let his mind be at ease. She tells him that if he feels something, that is fine, and if he doesn't, that is fine also. After a while, Parker tells Carly that nothing is there, and Hal insists on taking them home. He takes Parker's hand and they leave, but Parker keeps looking back. At home, Parker tells Carly that something did happen. He tells Carly that Jack is going away from him.

Carly notices that Parker has developed a rash on his ring finger. Parker says that it happened when Jack took his ring off. Carly reminds him that the only ring that Jack ever wore was his wedding ring. Parker blames Jack for it happening.

Emily slaps Chris when he tries to tell her how he feels. Chris tells her that slapping him will not make the feelings they are having go away. Emily tells him that he is selfish. How could he say these things to her and not think that she would not tell Hal about them. Emily tells him to marry Alison. Nothing is going to take them to the next level. What does he expect her to do, leave Hal and run off into the sunset with him? Chris tells her to call his bluff then, and see what he does. They embrace and Alison walks in on them. She asks for an explanation. One is offered by Chris. He tells Alison that Hal has been very busy lately and has left Emily alone to do and deal with a lot of things. Alison turns to both of them and thanks them for everything they have done. She tells Chris that she didn't win the contest and that Aaron is mad at her. Emily leaves. Alison is caught off guard by Emily's behavior and tells Chris that something more than her problems with Hal, is bothering Emily. The alteration expert re-enters the room and tells Chris that he is not his only customer and the alterations must be done now. Chris says that they will talk later. Alison stops him and says, she thinks she's beginning to understand, and maybe there won't be a wedding after all. Emily barges into the police station looking for Hal. She grabs at him and tells him that she needs him now. He tells her how sorry he is for leaving everything up to her but he has to take care of this business about Jack first. He says that he is sorry for leaving her alone so much and by herself, but after this over he will make it up to her. Alison tells Chris, that nothing more is happening until he tells her what is going on. Chris and Alison begin to talk. He says that everything is okay and they will be married. Emily calls Alison and wants to meet her and tell her something.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Will puts his scheme for revenge against Barbara into action. While continuing to play the good patient, he sends a message to his psychiatrist that he'd like to see his family. Then, as Dr. Walters meets with Hal, Jennifer and Paul, Will eavesdrops, learns they will visit him tonight and he pays a little visit to Barbara's room. He gives her a stolen nurses' uniform and directions to his room, telling her to come tonight. Later, Will has an emotional reunion with his father, brother and sister. At the same time, Barbara, now disguised in her nurses' uniform, slips out of her room and bursts into Will's room to find herself facing Hal, Paul and Jennifer!

Emily calls Alison and instructs her to meet her at her house in ten minutes. Chris realizes that Emily intends to tell Alison about the two of them and follows. Later, Chris calls Emily from his car and insists that she let him tell Alison that there's someone else but not name names. Alison arrives at Emily's, but so does Susan, with Alison's wedding dress in hand. Seeing Alison's excitement over the wedding, Emily can't go through with telling her sister the truth. Emily and Susan go upstairs and leave Alison alone to answer the door to Chris. Seeing Alison in the wedding dress, Chris realizes he can't break her heart. He keeps his secret and promises that he is going to do everything he can to make Alison happy. A shocked Emily and Susan return to the kitchen to find Alison and Chris in a major lip lock. Chris silences Emily by firmly stating that he and Alison are getting married and that everything is going to be fine. Meanwhile, Aaron laughs off Lucy's claim that he's in love with Alison but, in protesting too much, he realizes she's right. Lucy urges him to tell Alison, but he insists it doesn't matter. Alison is too blinded by her love for Chris. Lucy questions Aaron's negative attitude about Chris, and Aaron finally blurts about seeing Chris and Emily kissing. A whipsawed Lucy insists that Aaron has to tell Alison. Aaron argues that Alison will never believe him, but Lucy says he has to make her believe him.

Bob refuses to let Ben resume surgery because of the injury to his hand. Ben asks for more pain pills, and when Bob declines, Ben begins to sweat. Later, Mike, Nikki and Henry get together again and, much to Henry's chagrin, Nikki takes the boys indoor rock climbing. In an effort to impress Nikki, Henry refuses to let Mike help him, and ends up falling. Mike and Nikki rush him to the hospital, where Ben diagnosis him with a concussion and informs Mike and Nikki that they're going to have to keep Henry awake all night. Later, after telling Mike and Nikki that Henry only needs to take Tylenol if he complains of a headache, Ben writes a prescription in Henry's name and pockets it.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Ben falsifies a prescription for himself by using Henry Coleman's name. Jessica comes up to Ben and the bottle of pills falls to the ground. She picks it up for him and asks what's wrong. Ben replies that, "nothing is her concern. Nothing in his life has anything to do with her anymore." He wants her out of his life and if she wants to do something for him, he suggests a divorce. She is willing to do anything but right now Ben is not listening. After Jessica leaves, Ben starts to get a severe ache in his hand continues to take more pills.

Mike and Nikki have brought Henry back home. Nikki realizes that Mike had a few drinks before the rock climbing episode and offers to go and make coffee. When Nikki walks out of the room, Mike turns on the radio, full blast, and a dozing Henry, shoots up and stands practically at attention.

Barbara walks in on Hal, Jennifer, Paul and Will. She is surprised at the reception committee for her and even more surprised when security is called and she is taken away. When Barbara is taken out of the room, Jennifer tells Will that none of this is his fault. Will's Doctor comes down to find Paul rushing to her and telling her that this is unacceptable. She will keep trying to see Will. Jennifer comes out of Will's room. The Doctor tells them that she will need to sedate Barbara. Jennifer asks to see her before she does. In the room Barbara tells Jennifer that she needs her help. She has always been able to count on her and Jennifer replies that it won't be this time. Barbara comments that the courts have told her how to be a parent. Jennifer understands that it was Barbara that took Will's childhood away from him. She is going to do everything possible to keep her away from Will, before she causes him to have a relapse. Later as Hal is speaking with Will, he tells his son that it could be possible to have him released. Will is sure that it is Barbara that needs to be in there, not him. Outside the door, Jennifer tells Paul that she's getting on with the rest of her life, and leaves. She knocks on the door and Nikki answers. In the background, Henry is singing. She tells Nikki what she has just been through. She stays and the foursome end up having a relatively good time. Paul makes a phone call to Jessica. He asks her to meet him at Metro. He wants to discuss Will and it's urgent. Jessica doesn't want to, but she relents and agrees to meet with him. At Metro, Paul enters and sits down at the table with Jessica. Jessica is having the second of two drinks, so far. She seems distracted. Paul lets her know what they would like her to do to help Will. Paul sees her distraction and asks what is wrong and can he help. Jessica ends up telling him that she should not be discussing her personal problems with a client, but, she will do what she can for Will.

Julia and Jack talk. Julia feels that she doesn't want to open the door at some point and find Julia #1 standing there, wanting her husband back. Jack reassures her that that won't happen, because he is divorced. They are going to watch TV, but Jack puts the mute button on and he and Julia start to make out on the couch, oblivious to what is happening on the television.

Carly and Parker come down the stairs. She tells him that reading that story to Parker has given her an idea to find Jack. She won't let it be too late for Parker or for Jack. She believes she has a way to reach a lot of people without having to go door to door and house to house. Kim arrives at Carly's place and tells her that every station within a 500 mile radius will hear Carly ask for information about Jack. She is more than willing to help her. They set up to broadcast in the living room. When all is ready, Carly begins. She pleads for information about Jack and Parker holds a picture of him for everyone to see. Inside their van, the two hippies have heard the broadcast. One of them has written down the number to call. Carly thanks Kim for letting her do this, and Kim hopes it will lead to getting her husband, Jack, back. At the station, calls are coming in with information. At a telephone, outside in the rain, the hippies are trying to call the station. The line remains busy, but, they keep trying. When they have given up and return to the van, they have not reached anyone and the rain has soaked the telephone number off the paper. One of them asks the other, "how they are supposed to get a hold of this lady now?"

Back at Julia's place, Jack notices that the cable has gone out on the TV.


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