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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 20, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, September 20, 2004

Paul meets Jessica outside Holden and Lily's door, and goes in with her when she asks them to help petition the court to let Will out of the state mental hospital, because they think that Barbara is a danger to Will. Lily is adamant in her refusal to go along with the plan to release Will, because she is still certain that Will's repeated attempts to kill Rose were deliberate. After Jessica and Paul leave, Holden tells Lily that he is considering signing the petition, but Lily tells Holden that she wants Will locked up until someone proves to her that he has changed. In spite of Lily's feelings, Holden leaves to find Jessica and sign the petition.

Barbara awakens in the mental hospital to find herself restrained in her bed, with Will at her bedside. Will coldly tells Barbara that his plan has worked out "exactly as it was supposed to." He further tells her that his plan is to get himself out of the state hospital, but that he intends for his mother to stay there, "where you belong." He tells Barbara that he wants to get away from her and all her hate. Barbara cries and begs Will, "Untie me and let me hold you." Will snarls, "I wouldn't untie you if the room was on fire," and leaves Barbara hysterically crying for him. After Will returns to his room, Paul comes in and tells Will that he and Jessica are working to get him released. Will pretends that he is sorry for killing Rose and that he is afraid of Barbara, so Paul hugs him and promises to stand by his brother.

Skydog and Wyoming call Carly in response to Carly's plea on WOAK to help find Jack. They make the call from the pay phone in the parking lot where they have been hanging around and begging for money. They sound so drugged that Carly hangs up on them. They call Carly again and ask for money, telling Carly that they saw Jack in the parking lot. Convinced that they only want money for drugs, Carly hangs up on them again, but that only convinces Skydog and Wyoming to go to Carly's house since she won't speak to them on the telephone. They break into the house and threaten Carly and Parker.

At nurse Julia's house, Jack and Julia have a romantic morning, talking about their night of lovemaking and Jack's marriage proposal. Julia is afraid that Jack's homicidal ex-wife (the old Julia) will find Jack and might be a threat to them. Julia is called in to work, so Jack leaves to take J. J. to a baseball game. Julia finds the bottle with Parker's message to Jack in J. J.'s backpack, and she also finds a note from her ex-husband to J. J. Just then she gets a call telling her that she does not have to go to work after all, so she leaves to confront her ex-husband about the note in the backpack.

Meanwhile, Jack and Parker arrive for the ball game at the parking lot where Skydog and Wyoming had been hanging out. His detective skills resurfacing, Jack recognizes their tire tracks, and goes to the same pay phone to call Julia to warn her. Instead, he instinctively calls Carly instead. Carly, surrounded and frightened by Skydog and Wyoming, picks up the telephone and hears, "Honey, it's me, Jack."

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Alison speaks with Aaron as her wedding rehearsal draws near. She finds that he is still angry and she thinks it is because of his jealousy of Chris. She can't believe that her best friend is turning her big day away. Aaron doesn't think that Chris is good enough for her and never will be.

Inside the church waits Chris. Kim comes in and tells him that his Dad cannot make it. She looks at Chris and tells him that for a man about to be married, he doesn't look very happy. She suggests that maybe they have a talk. Chris says that everything is just fine and what could possibly be wrong. He thanks her for everything that both she and Bob have done to prepare for the wedding.

Lily bursts into Emily's place. She tells Emily that Hal, Jennifer and Paul have a petition to get Will out of the hospital. Emily doesn't know a thing about this. Emily is reminded of what Will did to Rose, and how her family needs to be protected. Lily informs her that one of the conditions of the petition states that Will, will have to live with Hal. Emily is taken aback by this information.

At the Church, they are preparing for the rehearsal and everyone is there but Alison. Tom, Margo and Casey have arrived. The Minister arrives and is rushed somewhat. He says that they must proceed with the practice and will have to tell Alison the details later. He asks Emily to stand in for Alison and she once again is thrown together with Chris. Susan tries to put it off, until Alison can arrive, not knowing that Aaron has gone after Alison and is talking with her now. Alison thinks that he has changed his mind and is now going to be a part of the wedding, but, he says no, and insists that she give him a few minutes so that he can tell her something. He finally blurts out that he loves her.

As the rehearsal proceeds, Emily runs out saying that she cannot do this. She runs into Hal and is angry because he made the decision about Will, without so much as consulting his wife. She turns to him and says that Will cannot live in her house. She will not permit it.

Julia and Jack talk about marriage. She still isn't sure it's the right thing to do, but, is caught up in the moment. She is concerned because a note from her ex was found in JJ's book bag. Jack says that if things were more permanent, he would be able to protect them both. They decide to marry, but realize that Jack doesn't have any legal ID. He calls Frank, his boss and asks him for help.

Jack is connected to Carly on the phone, but doesn't realize who she is. The two hippies have tried to sell information to Carly as to Jack's whereabouts but things go awry. Rosanna arrives at the door as the two men race out. Carly is disconnected and is yelling that she was talking to Jack. Rosanna, at this point, isn't sure what has transpired. A mix-up in circumstances keeps Jack and Carly apart once again. Rosanna says that Carly must call Hal. She does so and he comes over. Rosanna can describe the van the two men were in and perhaps they have Jack or know information about him. Carly talks with Parker, and tells him that he was right about Jack, all along and now they are going to find him.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Susan overhears Chris and Margo talking. She is concerned about what is being said, but Chris lets her know that Margo is family and just concerned about things. Everything is fine.

Aaron tells Alison that he loves her. She tells him that she loves him also. She wouldn't know what to do without her best "bud." He is her very best friend. Right now though, she has a wedding rehearsal to go to, but they can talk later. Aaron, to prove his point, grabs her and kisses her. Alison is beside herself, she can't figure out what Aaron is trying to do, after all, she's getting married tomorrow. Aaron begins to tell Alison why he loves her. He loves her for all the silly things she's done, the kind things that she does, how she makes everyone feel. She responds by punching him, and saying that she spent an entire year of her life chasing him but it didn't do any good. Now, he is in love with her. He tells her that he just realized how he felt about her. He tells her that Chris is not good enough for her. He wants her to know that Chris is afraid to stop the wedding, but, is involved with another woman. She calls him mean. She never wants to see him again. She slaps him and Susan sees it. Alison leaves and Susan asks what is wrong. Aaron tells her to ask Emily. Susan wants to know what she can do to help fix it, but Aaron says that it can't be fixed, he can't fix anything for anybody. Alison tells her Mom that Aaron won't be at her wedding. Alison tells her that Aaron told her Chris is involved with another woman. Aaron is not the friend she thought he was.

Jack teases Julia about their getting married. Jack leaves to find help so that he can marry Julia. He goes to Frank (his boss at the club) and puts him in touch with a guy that will give him what he wants, but it will cost him $1500.00. Jack tells him that he doesn't have that kind of money. He goes to Frank, and asks to borrow it from him. Frank, knowing part of the story, will lend it to him. Jack goes back to Andrew, and tells him to start the paperwork. He will have the money for him shortly. Andrew then says that by this time tomorrow, Jack's past will be history. Andrew also tells him that if he doesn't come through with the money, he has friends that will take care of him. Julia talks to JJ about how things used to be the two of them and now it will be the three of them. JJ thinks that two is ok but three is awesome. She tells JJ to get cleaned up because tonight is a very special night. JJ and Julia welcome Jack home. Jack says that tomorrow she will be his forever.

Rosanna goes with Carly after she finds out that the phone call from Jack was made from a nearby rest stop. When they arrive there, Carly says they will comb the area themselves to find some information about Jack. Rosanna takes notice of a baseball hat on the ground. Carly picks it up and sees the initials JJ on the inside. She remembers JJ and the other woman. She tells Rosanna, they need to find her and they will find Jack.

Emily tells Hal, that he left her alone too much. He takes care of everyone else, but her. He apologizes. She tells him he has to start caring what goes on at home, or else, something might happen. She tells Hal that she doesn't want Will staying in their house. The boys don't know Will. He has to put her first now. They will have to make other arrangements for Will. They are shouting at each other and Chris comes out. He asks them to please keep everything cool for Alison. A little later, Hal decides that they need to finish their conversation and Emily agrees. As usual though, Hal is interrupted by a call from the station. Emily says that she is headed for the Lakeview to drop a few things off and will see him at home later.

Chris and Alison go through the wedding ceremony with the Minister. He tells them what is expected and Chris kisses Alison.

Chris stands in the honeymoon suite at the Lakeview, thinking about Alison. He daydreams about them on their wedding night. Alison, in his daydream, is putting on her lingerie for Chris, after closing his eyes so that she can surprise him. When she says that she is ready, he opens his eyes, but the woman in front of him, turns out to be Emily.

Emily knocks on the door, and Chris snaps out of his daydream, to open the door to Emily. She drops the things off that she has brought over, and hurries out the door. Alison happens to call him to see if everything is all right. He says that it is.

Aaron, at Metro, is thinking about Alison.

Margo, Tom and Casey arrive home from the rehearsal. Casey asks his Dad if he wants to stay for pizza. Margo also tries to get him to stay. He tells them the offer is tempting, but he'll take a rain check. Casey makes the comment that nothing is impossible and tells her to imagine what can be forgiven when one is in love. Tom and Margo look at each other.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

It's Chris and Alison's wedding day. As Susan fights her worries about Chris's possible involvement with Emily, Chris exhibits pre-wedding jitters to an anxious Bob and Kim. Privately, Kim tells Bob she has a bad feeling about Chris's wedding, and it has nothing to do with her feelings toward Alison. She urges Bob to have another heart to heart with their son. Meanwhile, Susan calls Emily, summons her for a Stewart family "something borrowed, something blue" ceremony. Alison surprises Emily with a strand of pearls, as a thank you to her matron of honor. When Alison exits to take a walk, Susan wheels on Emily and demands to know if she's the woman Chris is rumored to be in love with. Emily has no choice but to confirm and Susan blasts her for betraying her younger sister. Meanwhile, Bob gives Chris one last opportunity to come clean but Chris assures his father he wants to marry Alison. Later, while taking her last walk by the pond as a single woman, Alison voices her hopes and dreams for a blissful life with Chris while Aaron overhears. Alison discovers him and accuses him of spying on her, but Aaron insists he just wants her to know that he hopes she'll be happy.

Jack and Julia prepare to marry in front of a Justice of the Peace at Costello's. But before they begin, Jack asks JJ for his mother's hand in marriage and he accepts. At Costello's the ceremony is about to begin when brutish Les interrupts and causes a scene. JJ summons his courage and denounces his father. Jack suggests Les stay and witness the wedding and creation of a new family. When Jack and Julia are pronounced husband and wife, Jack warns Les to stay away from his family. Meanwhile, Carly is determined to find JJ and his mother, convinced they're the key to Jack's whereabouts. She calls a forensic artist to sketch portraits of JJ and JJ's mom. Unable to capture JJ's likeness, Carly asks Parker to help. He does so and experiences another "connection" to Jack as he hears Jack's wedding music in his head. Spinning to the music, Parker passes out as a horrified Carly and Rosanna hurry to his side.

Paul and Jennifer pick Will up at the state hospital and leave for Oakdale. Meanwhile, as Holden and Lily square off about Will's release, Hal and Emily reach a compromise about Will's homecoming. She'll take Daniel and stay at her mother's for a week and Hal thanks her for meeting him halfway. Emily leaves and Will arrives home, voicing his concern about his reentry into Oakdale. Paul assures him everything will be okay and goes upstairs. Will starts to make an omelet, hears a knock at the door and moves to open it with a knife in his hand, startling Lily.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Carly is at Parker's side. He has collapsed on the floor. She tells Rosanna to call the Doctor. Parker wakes up and tells Carly that Jack belongs to someone else. There is so reasonable explanation as to what happened to Parker, other than the fact that he perhaps did not eat a good breakfast. Bob prescribes better eating habits for him. When Bob leaves, Carly tells Rosanna that the whole thing with Jack has to stop; it is affecting Parker and her also.

The wedding ceremony between Jack and Julia is over. Jack thanks everyone for attending and they arrive back home where Jack carries Julia over the threshold. Jack realizes that JJ did not have a part in the ceremony and is not surprised when JJ asks him if he will be his Dad. Julia tells him that he is an important part in JJ's life now.

At the ceremony between Alison and Chris, it seems more like a three ring circus than a wedding. Susan and Kim are at each other again. This time they are both wearing very similar dresses and Susan is miffed. Before he left for the Church, Chris had a visit from his Grandmother. She presented him with a very special watch that belonged to his Grandfather. He is to keep it and to rely on the meaning behind it.

Aaron, taking a cool dip in the local pond, thinks of Alison. The Church bells ring and he knows that the wedding is about to begin.

Henry and Mike attend the wedding. Tom, Margo and Casey also attend the wedding.

The procession begins. Emily comes in walking down the aisle to the altar. She is followed by the bride, Alison, and Susan who is giving her away. The ceremony is presided over by the Minister and as the vows are given. Alison has already made her vows to Chris and now it is his turn...

Lily goes to Hal's house. Will opens the door. At first, he has a flashback of Rose collapsing at the altar, but then recovers and lets her in. She thinks that he was left alone there, but Paul appears. She is cold to Will, but somehow understandably, as she lost a sister that she loved, because of him. She leaves and Paul talks to Will. He tells him that "the only way to get people to believe that you are well and deserve to be out is to be the great kid that you are." Later, Will calls Lily's house to apologize to her, but Luke answers the phone, and Lily takes the phone from him, and tells Will not to call the house again.

Jack takes Julia to the pond, where he has hold of his wedding ring from Carly. He tells Julia that his past life is over and he is beginning a new one. He tosses it in the pond.

At home, Carly pledges that someday Jack will make his way back to her.


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