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Passions Recaps: The week of September 20, 2004 on PS
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Monday, September 20, 2004

In Puerto Arena, Mexico, Luis holds the lifeless Sheridan, begging her to come back to him. Katherine, Martin and Paloma arrive at the church and mourn for the "dead" Sheridan. Katherine is upset that Sheridan died before she got the chance to tell her daughter who she really is. Martin vows to kill Alistair once they go back to Harmony for taking Sheridan and Antonio away from them. As Luis tells Sheridan that he will love her for all of eternity, Sheridan awakens! Sheridan explains that she wanted to see the church where she and Luis committed their love to each other one last time before leaving to go back to Harmony, but doesn't remember climbing up the altar and falling asleep. Luis suggests that Alistair had Sheridan drugged as a warning not to return to Harmony. Katherine and Martin agree with Luis' accusation. At the inn, Paloma, Martin and Katherine say an emotional goodbye to Tia Maria. Alistair tells his henchman, who is outside, that by coming back to Harmony, Martin and Katherine are making the last mistake of their lives!

At the Crane Industries Office, Fox agrees to try to convince Chad to forgive his father. After Julian leaves, the jealous Fox reveals that he has a slightly different agenda.

At the Russell House, Liz asks Whitney to tell her what could possibly be worse than finding out that Chad is her half-brother. Whitney tries to tell her aunt that she's pregnant with Chad's child, but cannot get the words out. She ends up telling Liz that she's just upset at finding out the truth about Chad. Liz pries to get more information out of her niece, but Whitney tells Liz that she wants to be alone. On the Internet, Whitney researches for information on children born from incestuous relationships.

At the Crane Mansion, Ethan demands answers from Theresa. When Theresa denies tricking Ethan into sleeping with her, he tells Theresa that he has to tell Gwen his beliefs. Theresa tells Ethan that he'll only upset Gwen if he tells her that the best sex they ever had was when he made love to her worst enemy, thinking it was his wife. Theresa accuses Ethan of often fantasizing that she is in his bed and not Gwen.

At the Crane Recording Studio, Fox pays Chad a visit. Fox tells him, "Our old man was a lousy father to me growing up, but at least I knew who he was. You, on the other hand...everything you've known to be true has been turned upside down by him." Fox continues to badmouth the Crane family to try to get Chad to stay away from the family business, but his plan backfires as Chad receives a package from Crane Industries - the deed to the Crane Studio, a picture of the view from the corner office at Crane Industries that Fox has had his eye on and a job offer as CEO of Crane Records! Chad is delighted, but Fox is deeply hurt by their father's generosity. Chad tells Fox that by being CEO of Crane Records, he could launch Whitney's singing career. Fox tells Chad that Whitney will associate him with the Crane's and he'll never see her again. Having ulterior motives, Fox gives Chad some Crane advice: if he wants to be a part of Whitney's life to steer clear of Julian's offer!

Back at the Crane Mansion, Theresa finally admits the truth to Ethan! Ethan tells Theresa that Gwen deserves to know the truth. As Gwen enters the room, she hears her husband tell Theresa, "I have to tell Gwen!"

In Whitney's room, she discovers the many problems that a child might endure from being the product of a brother and sister, and she decides that she cannot have this baby! As she calls an abortion clinic, she is distraught with guilt when she sees an ad in the phone book for St. Margaret Mary's Catholic Church and hangs up the phone. Contemplating what she should do, a small statue of Mother Mary speaks to Whitney. Mary tells her that all life is precious. Whitney tells the statue that she does not have the courage to give birth to this child and calls the clinic again to schedule an appointment!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Ethan tries to tell Gwen about his infidelity, but Theresa interrupts and makes it impossible for him to come clean.

Sheridan worries about her future with Luis. Katherine and Martin plot against Alistair.

Julian comforts a severely depressed Eve.

Fox convinces Chad to avoid the Cranes altogether, but when the tabloids run a story about him and Whitney, Chad wonders if the Crane influence could help him.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Theresa stops Ethan from telling Gwen about his suspicions. Theresa is pained when she realizes her son thinks of Gwen as his mother, and Gwen decides to hold onto her bargaining chip.

On the plane ride to Harmony, Paloma fantasizes about seeing her family but the abandonment she feels overwhelms her thoughts. Sheridan confides to Luis she wants to have a baby with him soon. Martin and Katherine worry about how they'll be received when the truth comes out.

Fox is shot at while trying to stop Alistair and Chad from killing each other.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

In Julian's study at the Crane Mansion, Alistair tells Julian, Eve and Chad that there is a group of people are on their way to Harmony to destroy the Crane Empire and that they are all in danger. Eve says, "If someone's going to destroy you, they just can't get here soon enough for me!" Alistair receives a phone call that tells him that the 'enemies' have arrived. As Alistair leaves Julian's study, Chad threatens to kill him for telling the tabloids that he and Whitney are brother and sister!

As their plane lands, Luis tells Sheridan not to let her guard down just because they're back in Harmony. He tells her that he thinks Alistair will try to kill them again. Paloma is nervous about getting off the plane and finally setting foot in Harmony. Meanwhile, Martin and Katherine are terrified of getting off the plane and facing their past, but decide, "The time is now." Katherine tells Martin that she is nervous that when their families find out who the 'Wheelers' really are, they'll hate them. Martin agrees, but tells her that they have a mission to accomplish kill Alistair!

Outside St. Margaret Mary's Catholic Church, Father Lonigan consoles a crushed Whitney. He tells her that he was praying that she would change her mind and decide not to abort the child she was carrying, but her tears tell him otherwise. Father Lonigan asks Whitney to pray with him for forgiveness. He is delighted to hear Whitney say, "Father Lonigan, you don't understand. I didn't go through with the abortion." She tells him that there's nothing to be happy about, because her child could be a 'genetic nightmare.' She tells him that she may even miscarry, to which Father Lonigan tells her, "That would be God's Will." Father Lonigan says a prayer for Whitney and leaves, telling her that he will always he there for her, as will God. Chad arrives at the church and comforts Whitney.

Martin, Katherine, Luis, Sheridan and Paloma arrive at Sheridan's cottage. Paloma tells Sheridan that she has a beautiful home. Martin tells her that this was her first home. Luis wonders how he knew that and Martin tells him that Tia Maria had mentioned the cottage several times over the years. Luis tells them that he has many fond memories of growing up in the cottage, as Martin remembers a time right before Paloma was sent to Mexico. Luis invites Paloma to stay with them at the cottage (since Rebecca has taken away the Lopez-Fitzgerald's house) as Martin and Katherine excuse themselves to find a hotel. Sheridan suggests that they find out if Alistair has come home yet, and if not, they could stay at the Mansion. Katherine refuses, "I won't stay at the Crane Mansion!" Sheridan tells Katherine that if her father is still away that it will be perfectly safe to stay there. Sheridan understands as Katherine reminds them of how Alistair tried to kill them all in the jungle. Sheridan decides to call the B & B to book a room. As she walks to the phone, Pilar calls. She tells Sheridan that Gwen and Ethan offered her a place to stay at the Mansion while she recovers. Pilar asks them all to come over, but Paloma wants to unpack and freshen up before she sees her mother for the first time in 16 years. Pilar tells Luis that she cannot wait until later and (much to Martin's dismay) she is coming down to the cottage right now! Luis finishes his conversation with his mother and turns around to the Wheelers, but they are nowhere to be found!

Back at the Mansion, Chad tells his parents that he's had enough of being on the Crane Estate and has to leave. Eve tells him that she sees so much of Julian in his face. Chad coldly tells her that when he looks at her all he sees is Whitney, 'the woman I can never be with because of both of you.' Chad accuses Julian and Eve of never wanting him to be born. He continues, "Alistair is a sick, twisted son of a bitch. He deserves to rot in hell, but the bottom line is you two were reckless; you were careless and incredibly selfish. You didn't care what you did or who you hurt, as long as you were having a good time. But it was my life you ruined, mine and Whitney's. And you think by saying you're sorry it's going to make everything okay? It's never going to happen. I won't forgive and I won't forget!" Eve tells Chad, "No matter how you feel about me, it will never change the fact that I love you and I've always loved you and I always will." Eve begins to cry and (it seems that) seeing his mother break down makes Chad choke up, too, but he says he has to leave.

At Sheridan's cottage, an enthusiastic Pilar rushes over, so happy to see her son and Sheridan. Sheridan goes to Paloma's room to tell her that her mother is there. She comes back in the living room saying, "She's not there. First the Wheelers, now Paloma, where'd everybody go?"

Outside the Mansion, Katherine has an emotional flashback of the first time she admitted to Martin that she was married to a monster. A groundskeeper confirms to Martin that Alistair is back in town. Martin and Katherine walk toward to Mansion as "the battle begins!"

Paloma is also roaming the dangerous grounds of the Crane Estate and runs into Alistair! She asks who he is and how he knows her name and he just tells her, "Harmony is a small town and everyone knows that Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald's youngest daughter is coming back to town and with that face, who else could you be?" She tells him that the Mansion is beautiful, so Alistair tells her to go inside. She asks him if that would be okay and he tells her, "After all, this is where your mother and sister live." Paloma is very confused, since she was told that her family had fallen on hard times, losing their homes and jobs. Alistair continues to manipulate Paloma, " 'Hard times' is a relative term. I suppose some people might call it suffering to live in a Mansion with a full staff of servants: a butler, a maid to clean up, a cook to prepare meals, a nanny to take care of Little Ethan. Personally, I'd be happy to suffer like that." Paloma tells Alistair that the reason she was sent to Puerto Arena was because her mother was too poor to take care of all the children. Alistair says, "This doesn't look 'too poor' to me." He tells the na´ve, impressionable Paloma that the only reason the Lopez-Fitzgerald's wanted her back in Harmony was to cheer up the sick, depressed Pilar.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Theresa and Fox discuss his love for Whitney. Whitney hysterically pushes Chad away as he tries to comfort her.

While talking with Eve, Julian recalls a tense situation between his father and mother.

Luis looks for a missing Paloma, while Sheridan fills Pilar in on what her father did to them in Mexico. Meanwhile, Alistair turns Paloma against her family by telling her they are all users and will send her away once Pilar is healthy. Armed with a gun, Martin prepares to kill Alistair.

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