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Passions Recaps: The week of September 27, 2004 on PS
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Monday, September 27, 2004

At the Crane Mansion, the original Fox returned as Theresa told him not to push Whitney into getting over Chad before she was ready. Theresa accused Fox of scheming to get Whitney and asked him to tell her what he was up to. He refused to tell her and turned the tables, asking her why she'd slept with someone after the embryo procedure. She told him that she'd never said she'd slept with someone else and attempted to change the subject back to Fox's plans. Fox told her that she needed a nap and left.

Upstairs in Alistair's office, he pulled out a picture of Katherine and revealed one of his secrets: "Katherine, I should have killed you the first time you denied me your bed, but I didn't. I kept hoping that you'd come to love me like your sister Rachel loved me, but you didn't. You never even came close! If only Rachel hadn't died in that boating accident, I would have married her and not you, her second rate sister. Damn you for not dying instead of Rachel!" Martin, who had been roaming around the mansion with a gun in hand, searching for Alistair, followed the scent of the cigar smoke into Alistair's office, but Alistair had disappeared. Frustrated, Martin went downstairs.

Outside the church, Whitney begged Chad to stay away from her. Chad left, and Whitney kneeled down in front of a statue of Mother Mary to pray for direction. As Whitney broke down, the statue shed a tear as well.

At Sheridan's cottage, an emotional Pilar told Paloma that having her home was a dream realized. Meanwhile, Paloma remembered Alistair telling her that her family did not want her. Paloma told her mother, Luis, and Sheridan that she was tired after the flight and went to her room to lie down. As Pilar went to the kitchen to make dinner, Sheridan told Luis that she'd never seen Pilar that happy.

Luis told Sheridan that the only thing that could make her happier would be if his father returned home, too. Sheridan replied, "Well, this is Harmony, where everything seems to be possible." Luis told Paloma that he and Sheridan were going to go out on a romantic getaway, and that would give her time with Pilar. Talking to herself, Paloma said, "That man I met at the mansion was right. Luis just brought me here to take care of my mother so he can come and go whenever he wants...with our dead brother's widow."

Whitney went to visit Theresa, who tried to comfort her best friend. She told Whitney, "Your life is not over. You've just hit a minor pothole on the highway to happiness." She went on to say that people in Harmony had short memories, and soon she and Chad would be "yesterday's news." She said, "It's not like you got pregnant and have Chad's baby to look at as the constant reminder of the cardinal sin that you committed with your brother."

Theresa tried to convince Whitney to give Fox a chance. She told Whitney that Fox would make a really good husband. Whitney agreed with Theresa. It looked like Theresa was not the only one plotting. Aloud, Whitney said, "Yeah, Fox would make a really good husband." Thinking, she continued, "and a father."

At the Harmony Recording Studio, Fox checked in on Chad. He said that he was sorry for the way things had turned out and said, "Welcome to the family. Now you can ruin other people's lives just by being a Crane." Chad asked Fox to look after Whitney and make sure she was okay. Fox told him that Whitney was not too fond of the Cranes right then, and since he was a Crane, she probably wouldn't talk to him.

Back at the Crane mansion, Julian saw Katherine from behind and asked if she was his mother. As Katherine turned around, he apologized, "Your face, as lovely as it is, it looks nothing like my mother." Katherine told him that there was nothing to forgive, and Julian was astonished because she sounded exactly like his memory of his mother's voice. Katherine introduced herself to Julian and Eve as "Mrs. Wheeler." Julian offered to show her around the mansion. They all got into a discussion of Pilar's blood disorder.

Eve told Katherine that she was in remission, but seeing Paloma should do her a world of good. Katherine told Eve, "Yes, being close to a child again that you've been separated from for so many years is like an answer to a mother's dream." Eve seemed to be hurt by the comment, since her own lost child wanted nothing to do with her, so Julian tried changing the subject and asked Katherine if she had any children. She told him that she had a son and a daughter that she had been estranged from for many years. Julian explained to Katherine that Eve was the love of his life, despite the fact that he was married to Rebecca.

Julian told Katherine that they had a child together that they had been separated from. They explained to Katherine that after Chad had been born, Alistair had had him kidnapped and they had been told that he had died. Katherine was outraged. Tired of the depressing conversation, Julian offered Katherine a drink. Katherine accepted and went to where the bar had been when she'd lived there. Julian explained that the bar had once been where Katherine was going, but it was on the other side of the room.

Julian said, "Not only do you remind me of my mother, but you seem to think like her, as well. I wonder why that is." Katherine explained that they probably just missed their loved ones, so they were seeing things that weren't there in perfect strangers.

Martin went downstairs and told Katherine that he was going to check on Paloma. Katherine told him that she wanted to stay and visit with Julian and Eve a little longer, but she walked him outside. In the foyer, Martin and Katherine hugged as he told her that he knew she wanted to see her son but to be careful. As they let go of their embrace, Katherine took Martin's gun and hid it behind her back. She told Julian and Eve that she was going to the restroom to freshen up.

Talking to herself, Katherine said, "Martin has sacrificed so much for me because of Alistair. I can't let him sacrifice himself as well. I'll take care of Alistair myself. Who knows? I might even enjoy it." Martin arrived at the cottage. While talking to him, Pilar grew weak and fainted.

Katherine, hunting for Alistair, heard his voice outside his office. She hid the gun and went into the office. Alistair, facing the window away from his wife said, "Katherine, my dear, it's about time you came back to me, your loving husband. It's so good to finally see you after all these years." As he said the last sentence, the camera rose, and Alistair's face was finally revealed.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

At the Crane mansion, Theresa and Whitney were talking. Theresa told Whitney that Fox would make a good father, and Whitney agreed with her. Theresa went on to say that Fox wasn't the only guy out there; there were others, but Fox was in love with her and would treat her well. They went on talking a bit longer, and Whitney thanked Theresa for caring. Theresa said they'd been friends forever, and of course she cared.

Theresa left to read Little Ethan a story. Whitney left and thought to herself that if she got together with Fox right away, nobody would have to know that her baby was Chad's, but she didn't know if she could do that to Fox. She went on thinking that it was something that Theresa would do, but she'd do whatever she had to for her baby. She left to find Fox.

Over at the recording studio, Chad was thanking Fox for looking after Whitney for him. He said he had trusted him as a friend, but since they were half-brothers, as well, he trusted him even more. He went on to say that he knew that Fox would keep the "wolves" away from Whitney while she was vulnerable to them. Fox left thinking to himself that all was fair in love and war.

Later on, after getting a message from Chad, Theresa went to the studio. He told her she hadn't needed to stop by; he'd just wanted to know how Whitney was doing. She told him that she was dealing with things, but it was hard. Chad told her that he had Fox looking after Whitney. Theresa was surprised to hear that, and Chad wondered if there was any reason why he shouldn't trust him. Theresa said no, and Chad told her that he trusted Fox as a friend and as a brother.

Chad went on to say he knew he'd never be with Whitney again. Theresa told him that both he and Whitney had to move on. Chad said he didn't know if he could go on because he couldn't imagine seeing Whitney with another man. Theresa said she'd had to do it when she'd realized she'd never be with Ethan, and he had to do it as well. Chad said it was killing him, and he knew it'd happen eventually, but he didn't know what he'd do when she did find someone else.

Back at the Crane mansion Fox ran into Whitney and asked her what she was doing there. She told him that she was looking for him. He said that he was surprised after she'd yelled at him, and she apologized. He thanked her and asked her what she wanted to talk about, and she told him "the future."

Fox and Whitney sat down, and Whitney said she wanted to say some things and just wanted him to listen. She went on to tell him that she'd reacted badly when she'd found out he had been in love with her, and she hadn't mean it when she'd said he'd used her like all of the other Cranes. She said she'd only gotten that upset because of what her mother had done. Fox said that he'd reacted badly as well, and he was sorry. She went on to say that she was the one who was sorry; they'd had a good friendship, and she should have been more understanding.

Whitney apologized again, and Fox interrupted her to take a phone call. While he was talking, she told herself she felt like a sleaze for using Fox, but she didn't have any other choice. Fox ended his call and told Whitney that he was impressed by her positive attitude. She said there was no use in living in the past, and she knew what she had to do. She kissed Fox.

At the cottage, Martin put Pilar on the couch after she fainted. Paloma wanted to know why she'd fainted. Martin said he didn't know and added that her pulse and breathing were good, and maybe the excitement had just been too much for her. He sent Paloma for a cold towel for Pilar's head and started having flashbacks of when they had been married. Paloma returned with the towel, and Pilar called out Martin's name. Paloma heard her and thought Pilar had to be dreaming about her father but wondered why.

Pilar drifted back into her flashback. In her mind, she was trying to convince Martin to leave his job with the Cranes and move away. Martin didn't know why she'd suggest that, and she said that their lives were too tangled up with the Cranes, and she had a feeling something bad was going to happen. Meanwhile, Paloma flashed on the conversation she'd had with Alistair and what he'd said about her family using her and tricking her into going back home. She began to wonder if what he had been saying was true.

Pilar continued with the flashback, begging Martin to leave, that something horrible would happen if they didn't leave. Martin recalled what Pilar was flashing back on and wished he had listened more carefully to her at the time. Paloma wondered why Pilar hadn't woken up yet, and Martin told her that her mother had always been a strong woman. Paloma wondered how he knew that.

Martin caught himself and said that Tia Maria had talked about her for years, and he felt like he'd known Pilar just as long. Pilar finally awoke and opened her eyes to see Martin as he had been and said, "It is you!" Paloma wondered why her mother seemed to know him, and Martin said she was sick, but Pilar grabbed hold of him and hugged him.

In Alistair's study, Alistair was telling Katherine that it was good to see her again after all those years. Katherine told him that she wouldn't let him hurt them, their children, or the Lopez-Fitzgeralds anymore. Alistair wondered if she meant Martin, the one who'd made her into a whore. Alistair went on a rant about what a terrible mother Katherine was for deserting her children and how spineless she was. He went on to say she was pathetic, she didn't have the guts to stop him, and she was weak. He told her she'd given up everything; she had been living in a fairy tale.

Katherine told Alistair it had been no fairy tale; it had been a nightmare, but it was going to end. Alistair said it sounded like she meant to try to stop him, and she said she was going to stop him and that his reign of terror was going to end -- that night. He asked her what she planned to do, and he said she was a coward and had always been a coward. He went on to ask her if that was why she'd had so much surgery done to her face, so she wouldn't have to look in a mirror and face herself after what she'd done. She told him that she hadn't chosen to leave their children. She'd had to leave because if she hadn't, he would have killed her and Martin. He told her she could have taken "the brats" with her, but she said he would have hunted them down to take them back.

Alistair said that Julian was as spineless as she was, and Sheridan was worthless as a daughter, who was a waste in the whole scheme of things. Katherine told him that he was a sick man. He responded by saying he was the most powerful man on the planet, that the president called him to ask for favors, and he could do what he wanted, when he wanted, to whomever he wanted. He went on to say that at that moment, he wanted to punish her, Martin, Sheridan, and the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Katherine told him that she'd do whatever he wanted her to, as long as she left the rest alone.

Alistair asked Katherine if she could turn back time and give him back all the years she'd stolen from him. She didn't understand what he was getting at, and he told her to return and be his wife again. She told him she didn't think she could do that; he told her that her friends and family wouldn't be spared then. She told him that it was madness. He said she had the power to stop it. She finally relented and agreed to go back to him and be his wife again.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Luis took Sheridan away to a cabin where he'd planned a romantic night for them. Sheridan couldn't believe it because they'd just gotten home. They made a toast and kissed. Later, after dinner, Luis gave Sheridan a massage, and they made love.

At the recording studio, Theresa and Chad were talking. Theresa told him that he couldn't be with Whitney ever again, and he had to move on, even though she knew how hard that would be. He said he just couldn't imagine Whitney with another man, and seeing her with someone else would drive him crazy -- he'd kill the other man. Theresa said he was talking crazy, and he had to stop talking that way. She suggested they go to the new café so he could meet some new people.

Chad wasn't sure; he said he was worried about Whitney moving on to someone else. Theresa said that Whitney was as hurt as he was and wouldn't move on for a long time. They headed to the café, and Theresa wondered if it was a good idea. She wanted Chad to calm down, but the caffeine would probably do the opposite. Chad said that he and Whitney hadn't had a normal breakup, where they fell out of love or when someone died; they were both still there and in love, but she was his half-sister.

Theresa told Chad he could still love Whitney as a sister, but he had to move on. Chad responded by saying he didn't know how he could deal with Whitney moving on and having a baby with another man. Theresa told him he didn't have a choice.

Outside the Crane mansion, Fox was surprised by Whitney's kiss. He wanted to know what was going on because one minute she hated him and the next she was kissing him. She said nothing was going on and kissed him again. She apologized for it getting out of hand, and Fox said it was all right; they were friends, and she needed him right then. Fox was interrupted by a phone call and went to take it. While he took the call, Whitney felt guilty for what she was doing but said it was the only thing she could do to hide the truth about the baby.

Fox returned from the phone call and told her that he was glad they were still friends and that he'd never stop caring about her. They talked for a while about who had been wrong when Whitney had found out that she was the one Fox was in love with. She told him it had to have been hard for him to stay friends with Chad while they had been together. Fox asked her about the future and wondered if they stood a chance.

Whitney said she didn't know what was in the future and suggested she and Fox go out to dinner to talk about it. He went to make a call to the Seascape to make reservations. Whitney thought to herself that on that night, she'd take a page from Theresa's book and make love to Fox, then everyone would think her baby was his.

Inside the mansion, Eve and Julian talked about what Alistair had told them about the group of people landing in Harmony that could be a threat to them. Eve said that it was not Paloma, and Julian said it couldn't be the Wheelers. Eve agreed and said the Wheelers were nice, and Julian said he felt a connection to Mrs. Wheeler like he'd known her his whole life.

In Alistair's study, Alistair felt like he'd won, since Katherine had crawled back to him. She told him she was only doing it to save the others. He said that was just talk, and she'd wanted to leave that third-world place. She told him she loved it there. Alistair grabbed her by the throat and told her to say that she wanted to be back with him, that she didn't want to be with Martin. She asked what difference it made, and he continued to choke her and tell her to say it.

Katherine begged Alistair to stop, and he said the reason why he'd told everyone she'd died instead of telling them she'd left him was because he'd wanted her dead. Katherine said she'd do whatever he wanted as long as he spared the others. Alistair told her she'd forgotten that he was Alistair Crane -- he did what he wanted, and nobody could stop him. She said she'd stop him. Alistair asked how she was going to stop an important man like him and told her to admit that she'd fantasized about him while she'd been in bed with Martin and that Martin could never be the man he was.

Katherine said it was all true; Alistair was a better lover, man, and provider. He told her that she was his, and she'd never get away, and he told her to get her face fixed. Katherine asked what would happen if the surgeon couldn't fix it. Alistair picked up a letter opener and said that he'd do it himself without anesthesia. He stopped and said he knew a plastic surgeon that owed him a favor and forced her to kiss him. He forced her down onto the desk and made her tell him that she wanted him.

At the cottage, Paloma asked why Pilar was calling Martin "Martin." She said Pilar was scaring her, and seeing her like that made everything else important. Martin wondered what she meant by that, and Paloma remembered what the henchmen had told her about her family using her. Pilar awakened when she heard Paloma calling Martin "Mr. Wheeler," and his face changed back to its present state. Pilar passed out again. Martin checked for a pulse but couldn't find one.

Martin called Julian, asking if Eve was still there. Julian said she was, and Martin told him about Pilar. Julian said they'd be right over. Paloma wondered how Martin had known to call Julian and had known the phone number. Paloma asked Martin what was going on and who he was. He said he didn't know what she was talking about. Pilar was sick, and that was why she'd called him by Paloma's father's name. He went on to say that he'd met Eve at the house, and there was a phone directory by the phone with everyone's numbers.

Paloma apologized to him, but she was worried about Pilar. Julian and Eve showed up, and Eve looked at Pilar and then at Paloma. Paloma asked if she was dead, Eve said Pilar was fine; she just needed to rest. Pilar woke up and asked where Martin was. Eve explained to Martin who Martin was and said that Pilar lit a candle every night for his return and for Antonio's return while he had been away. Paloma wondered why her mother hadn't lit a candle for her and suspected that maybe the man had been right about her family not wanting her back.

Martin said that when he hadn't been able to get a pulse on Pilar, he'd thought he had lost her. Everyone found his statement strange and asked him if they had any history together. He told them that he'd known Paloma since she had been a little girl, so he felt like he knew Pilar. Martin inquired about Katherine, and Julian told him he was not sure where she was; she'd excused herself and hadn't returned. Martin said he had to find her.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Theresa encouraged Chad to move forward, while a conflicted Whitney charmed a surprised Fox.

As Paloma got acquainted with her sister and nephew, her resentment built over the luxurious life they appeared to have.

Under the stars, Sheridan and Luis dreamed of the future and thought of the past.

After forcing Katherine to return to him, Alistair tried to have his way with her. Martin showed up to protect her but was shocked by Katherine's reaction.

Friday, October 1, 2004

Luis and Sheridan's romantic evening at the beach was cut short when wreckage from the Crane jet washed ashore, and they were reminded of Antonio's death.

Pilar was perplexed over why she'd dreamed about Katherine and Martin, not realizing she'd heard their voices while she'd slept. Katherine couldn't stomach the deal she'd made as Alistair made his demands, and she finally lashed out at him.

At the Seascape, Eve turned the tables on Ivy as she vowed to tell Sam all about her schemes. Chad attacked Fox after catching him and Whitney kissing. Fox explained he'd always loved Whitney but had respected her relationship with him until they'd broken up. However, it did nothing to abate Chad's anger and feelings of betrayal.

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