All My Children Recaps: The week of October 4, 2004 on AMC

Ryan and Greenlee finally made love. Babe told Jamie that he could be the father of her baby. Babe got emotional when Krystal confirmed that she was Ace's mother. Babe learned who Ace's biological father was. JR wanted Babe to sign away her parental rights to Bess. Kendall and Ethan kissed.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 4, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, October 4, 2004

Greenlee refused to make honeymoon plans until Ryan told her what kind of epiphany he'd just had about Zach. Ryan opined that Zach was really Alexander Cambias, Jr. and angry that Ryan got the fortune. Greenlee thought it might be a crazy theory but they couldn't deny the possibility as they put together what they knew. They went back to planning a honeymoon to somewhere very private.

JR was upset that Bess wasn't home and yelled at Stuart for letting Babe take her out. JR was confrontational and Stuart said he didn't trust him as much as he trusts Babe. He warned him that if he isn't careful, Bess will be gone for good, just like Liza and Colby.

At the park, Jamie confronted Babe, Ace, Bianca and Bess and asked if Ace was the son she's been talking about. Babe said yes and asked Bianca and Jamie to continue trusting her. She admitted that Ace was the reason she got back with JR, after hearing Kevin talk about proving Kelly was an unfit mother and getting sole custody and being afraid of losing Bess. Jamie told Babe he'd been to the chapel in the woods. Bianca said she knew all about it and the memorial for Miranda. Jamie said the minister thought the memorial was for Babe's own child. Bianca defended Babe's sisterly actions. Babe gasped and said she is not wonderful and only wanted to figure out a way to bring Miranda back. Babe continued to blame herself for that awful night, but Bianca only wanted to thank her for the memorial and said she wants to see it. Babe said they'd go when it's finished and worried that the minister had said more to Jamie. Ace's nanny showed up to bring Ace to his daddy. Babe and Jamie exchanged meaningful glances.

Adam learned that Liza and Colby had cleared out and yelled at a minion to find his daughter right away. JR reported that Stuart knows Liza and Colby are gone for good. Stuart stammered and reminded Adam it's his fault they left and he doesn't know where they are. Adam berated Stuart, but he defended Liza's actions to protect Colby from Adam. Stuart tried to warn JR not to turn into Adam. Adam threw Stuart out and JR gently told Adam that Stuart was only telling the truth. Adam warned JR not to be taken in by Stuart's greeting card view of the world. JR couldn't help but think the sins of the father are really visited on the son. He actually defended Babe as a mother. Adam was furious and warned JR to learn a lesson from what just happened with Colby. JR was happy to see Babe and Bess return and told Stuart he'd think about what he said. Stuart tried to talk to Adam and begged him not to take JR down into the deep, dark hole he lives in.

Alone, JR asked Babe where she'd gone and yelled at her for taking the baby. Babe tried to make friendly chatter about baby care, but JR only coldly warned her to never take the baby out the house without checking with him first. JR told Adam he knows exactly what needs to be done. Babe told Bess she hoped Jamie is Ace's father.

Zach admitted to Ethan he knew Ethan's father and Michael and that no one else in town knows. Ethan was furious with Zach for keeping quiet. Zach expressed sympathy for Ethan but urged him to stop looking for proof that he's a Cambias. Zach stopped short of admitting he believes Ethan is a Cambias and said he only wanted to protect Ethan from the fate that drove his father away and killed him. Ethan wondered if he is like Alex and Zach said he wants to make sure he doesn't end up like him, dying to escape a birthright and curse. Zach said Ethan's mother was sweet, pretty and bright and Alex didn't know she was pregnant. Zach also still held the theory that someone besides Bianca was involved in Michael's murder. Zach offered Ethan a job and career, if he will let go of his Cambias claim. Ethan distrusted Zach's motives. Bianca showed up, looking for Ethan and told him she may have the proof he needs.

At the campaign headquarters, Jamie learned that Paul Cramer was Kevin's ex-wife's brother.

Tuesday, October 5

As Kendall and Bianca walk in the room, Zach is telling him to give up the Cambias name. Ethan ignores his offer and asks Bianca what she has that may help him prove he is a Cambias. Bianca shows him the shirt that she wore when she gave birth to Miranda. He is touched by her generosity. Bianca admits that at first, she thought Ethan shot Ryan, but now she understands that he needs to know where he came from and if he is a Cambias. Erica walks in and immediately tells them that Ethan can not use the shirt for DNA testing. Ethan and Zack leave at Erica's request and she immediately accuses Ethan of trying to kill Ryan. Kendall jumps to his defense and tells her that the bullet from the gun that shot Ryan did not match the bullet from Ethan's pistol. Erica dismisses the notion and says that it proves nothing expect he could have used another gun. Erica adds that the shirt is too precious to give to Ethan and both of her daughters tell her that Bianca will get it back. Bianca also adds that if Ethan is a relative, he deserves her help and Kendall says that she understands where he is coming from. Erica tells them that they are forgetting their loyalty to Ryan and the companies, Enchantment, Fusion and Chandler Enterprises.

Ethan and Zach wait in the lounge and Zach can see Ethan's pleasure from getting closer to the proof he needs. Ethan admits he is having fun, soon he will inherit millions and he only wishes he could get revenge on his father for leaving his mother. Zach asks him why he wants to be part of a family he seems to despise so much and Ethan insists he will be nothing like his father or grandfather. Zach tells him he is playing right into Alexander's hands, just like he wanted, even after his death. When they walk back into Zach's office, Bianca tells him her offer still stands. Ethan accepts and he, Kendall and Bianca head to a lab. Erica immediately rushes to the door, but they are gone and then she tells Zach she will not let him destroy her family.

When Anita goes into Joe Martin's office, papers are flying out of the copier. She goes to pick them up and Jamie walks in, telling her to leave the papers alone. Anita tells Jamie that she does want to get involved in his plan because then she will have to notify the hospital that he is breaking into patient files. Jamie tells her that he trying to find out who the rightful parent of a baby is and that Paul Cramer may be involved. Anita agrees to help and they look up Paul's work history, which shows that he did deliver the DNA test results for Babe when she had the first paternity test. Jamie realizes that Paul could have switched the results and he may be a dad. Anita leaves and Jamie takes the papers.

Before sneaking out of the Chandler mansion, Krystal tells Babe that she will call her as soon as the lab results are in. When JR calls her into the study, she is shocked to find candles, a romantic dinner and her husband standing with two glasses of champagne. He tells her that he wants to work on their marriage and asks if she still wants to work on it too. He tells her that no matter what has happened, they both love Bess and want her to have a great life. Babe tells him that Bess will have a great life anyways. When he goes to wrap his arms around her, she pulls away and tells him "get your hands off me you dirty son of a bitch." Seeing JR as the liar he is, Babe tells him Bess will go with her mother and she runs out of the room. She goes to the nursery, locks JR out, and immediately begins searching for a way out. Jamie comes and grabs JR by the throat. He tells Babe she can come out and together, they stand in front of JR.

David insists that the genetic lab hurry up with the results and Tad walks in. Immediately, they begin bickering-Tad accusing David of probably fixing another paternity test to claim his rights on Babe and David saying he truly is Babe's father. He points out that Krystal is the one who wanted a second test and that he has done more for Babe than Tad has. Krystal comes in and is surprised to see Tad. She tries to get him to leave but is rooted on staying and hearing the results himself. Eventually, David leaves and Krystal puts more pressure on Tad to leave because he is only making David mad. Tad realizes that Krystal has been more on David's side than against it for awhile, but Krystal claims she only helps David because he claims to be Babe's dad. Once the results say otherwise, she will kick him out of their lives, so she says.

Bianca, Kendall and Ethan walk into the lab room, with David following behind. Bianca tells them about the shirt and then David explains that she won't get the shirt back in one piece unless they can find a high concentration of amebic fluid or tissue. Bianca admits they probably won't find a high concentration, but tells Ethan that she has many other memories to remind her of Miranda. Ethan thanks her but says he can't take something so precious to her and leaves. Kendall quickly follows behind and Bianca wishes David luck before leaving. Tad also follows out. The lab tech comes back and tells them that the preliminary test is a match!

Wednesday, October 6

Greenlee and Ryan arrive at a private island in the Caribbean for their honeymoon. Shortly after settling in their suite, Greenlee slips into the bathroom promising to return with Ryan's daily surprise. She comes back in to the room wearing a sexy black negligee which Ryan admires with great appreciation. As he embraces her, a blissful Greenlee tells him that she feels like a real bride. They make love while a romantic montage of their past together is woven into the scene.

Afterwards, cuddling together in bed, they decide to draw up a new contract that will ensure the magic between them lasts. The terms are simple: never go to bed angry, always be straight with each other - no lies or secrets, continue the ‘surprise a day' clause from their original contract, never expect Greenlee to cook and Ryan promises to love her more each day than the day before.

In Ethan's motel room which is in total disarray after an outburst, an angry Ethan is torn between regretting his decision to cancel the DNA test to prove he's a Cambias and the feeling that he did right by sparing Bianca from having to lose the last link she had with Miranda. Kendall tries to convince him that he shouldn't feel so conflicted and that he should just have had the DNA test done. Ethan feels that it would have been wrong because the cost to Bianca would have been too high. He confesses that he had always wondered whether his own mother had kept a memento when she had left him.

Deciding they need to take a break from Ethan's problems, Kendall suggests that Ethan trust her and leave with her. They end up at a park with some fast food where Kendall proceeds to pick up a basketball. She intends to teach Ethan how to play, claiming that it will help him to focus on something other than what's been going on in his life.

Kendall has Ethan put his arms around her so that she can show him how to make a basket. While she is giving him instructions, Ethan begins to nuzzle her neck. Kendall isn't immune. She turns in his arms and they end up sharing a passionate kiss. Kendall, however, pulls away before it can go any further, explaining to Ethan that she feels a connection with him but that she is destructive when it comes to relationships of that nature. She doesn't want to do anything that might jeopardize their connection. Ethan plays it light and agrees to honor her wishes. He then proceeds to successfully shoot a few baskets at which point Kendall realizes she's been had. Ethan clearly knows how to play basketball. A smiling Ethan confirms her suspicions by admitting that he has not only played before but even considered doing so professionally.

Bianca, Reggie and Danielle arrive at SOS where they run into Maggie and Jonathan who are sitting at a table enjoying a drink. Jonathan invites all three to join them and begins to apologize to Bianca for his behavior at the police station. Bianca accepts his apology but tells him that she still believes Ethan to be innocent of shooting Ryan. She goes on to tell everyone that Ethan recently declined Bianca's offer to use her only keepsake of Miranda to prove he's a Cambias which reinforces her belief that he's an honest and decent man. The subject is dropped temporarily. Reggie and Danielle head toward the dance floor while Jonathan goes to the bar to get some drinks.

While everyone is gone, Maggie takes the opportunity to tell Bianca that she feels their friendship has suffered since Maggie told Bianca that she loves her. Maggie goes on to tell Bianca that she wants their friendship to go back to where it was before the confession. Bianca reassures her that she still considers Maggie her best friend then they share a hug. Jonathan returns to the table and Bianca watches with a rather reserved expression while Maggie and Jonathan cuddle together over their drinks.

After Reggie and Danielle arrive back at the table, Jonathan shares his theory that maybe Ethan's refusal to use Bianca's shirt to prove his claim that he's a Cambias wasn't as noble as it appears. That perhaps he only did so to hide the fact that he isn't really a Cambias. Bianca appears a bit shaken at the possibility but refuses to discuss it further. She suggests that they stop speculating over Ethan's motives and just have fun. Shortly afterwards she, Reggie and Danielle leave.

Alone again, Maggie thanks Jonathan for being nice to her friends, especially Bianca. Jonathan tells her that it wasn't difficult in the least and that he likes her friends. He then surprises Maggie when he asks her if Bianca was the person she was in love with.

Outside of Bess's room, Jamie, JR and Babe, who is holding Bess, are arguing. Jamie asks Babe what the chances are that her baby is his. JR immediately reminds them that there were DNA tests which confirmed that he was the father, not Jamie. Babe tells JR to go but he refuses without Bess. Realizing she won't be able to talk to Jamie otherwise, Babe hands Bess over to JR. After he leaves, Babe and Jamie go into Bess's room where Jamie asks her once again if he could be her child's father. Babe tries to stall by asking where he had gotten such an idea. Jamie tells her that he knows that Paul Cramer handled the DNA results. Babe admits that she did ask Paul to alter the tests if they showed that JR was not her baby's father but that Paul had told her it wasn't necessary. Jamie questions whether Paul could be trusted. Babe agrees that he couldn't be and that there is still a possibility that Jamie could be the father. Jamie is a little surprised that she would admit as much. Babe explains that she was tired of lying to him and keeping secrets. He asks her if there is anything else she would like to tell him which prompts her to confess that David is at that very moment running tests to see once and for all who the father of her baby is. She goes on to tell him that she's been secretly hoping that he was the father. Not because she doesn't love JR anymore but because she truly believes Jamie would be a much better father. Jamie tells her that he too hopes he's the father. He goes on to ask her if there is anything else she wants to tell him, assuring her that he can handle whatever she's still keeping from him. Before Babe can tell him about Ace, Krystal enters the room and asks to talk to Babe alone. Seeing Krystal's determination, Jamie reluctantly leaves.

The moment they are alone, Babe asks Krystal if the results are back. Krystal tells Babe that they were and it was as they had hoped. Ace is Babe's son. Babe then asks about the paternity tests but Krystal tells her that they are not completed as of yet. Babe shares with Krystal her determination to tell Jamie the truth that night if the results confirm that he is Ace's father. Krystal tries to caution her about acting rashly but Babe won't hear of it. She's worried about the possibility of being sent to jail for what she's done and wants to know that if she is, Ace is with Jamie and not JR. With Jamie there's hope that she might get to see her son one day, however with JR, she knows there's no such possibility. Their discussion is interrupted when Krystal's cell phone rings. It's David with the results.

Meanwhile Jamie walks up as JR is playing Bess on the sofa. JR baits him with insults about Babe's promiscuity and then warns Jamie that he'll do whatever it takes to keep Bess. Jamie suggests that JR enjoy fatherhood while he can. He goes on to tell him that karma can be an amazing thing before pointing out to JR how badly he has treated both Babe and Bianca, both of whom cared deeply for him. JR is visibly shaken as Jamie leaves the room.

Jamie returns to Bess's room where Babe is just getting off of the phone with David. He hears her thanking David and asks her if he was calling her with the results of the paternity test.

Thursday, October 7

Erica shows up at Jack's apartment to find a surprise romantic dinner waiting for her. She is blown away and admits that the scenario plays right into an important question she has for him. However, before she can let him in on her thought process, she wants to know if they are alone. They aren't - but Lily, who has been worrying him lately, is tucked away in her room.

Erica insists that he tell her what's wrong, but Jack tries to blow it off by saying that the only problem is him talking about anyone but the two of them. His kiss does nothing to distract her, but the sudden entrance of Reggie, Bianca and Dani does the trick.

Apologetic for their intrusion, they insist that they were going to invite Lily upstairs to Bianca's new place for the night. This would provide alone time for Jack and Erica but Erica is not so easily swayed. Jack finally confesses that even though Lily worked very hard to be mainstreamed into regular high school this year, and has done well (as far as her teachers and mentors are concerned), there's something is still off. Lily lives for her schedules and she hasn't been adhering to them.

Just then, Lily walks into the room. Jack addresses her, but she quickly tells him that she would prefer to be called "Lilith." She tells the room that she had been invited to be a part of an elite group of girls at school. She says that they told her they like kids from the "short yellow bus" and they would make her cool if she followed the rules they laid down for her.

Jack asks her to tell him what the rules are, but she is hesitant at first. After convincing her that it would be okay - Lily admits that they make her do their homework. Jack is shocked and Erica is furious. Erica insists that she will take care of this herself the next day, but Bianca doesn't think it's a great idea. Dani pipes up and says that school is her turf, and that SHE will take care of the girls' harassment of Lily.

A short while later, while Reggie, Bianca and Dani are trying to "de-program" Lily in her room, Jack is horrified that he forgot to put dinner in the oven. Erica laughs at his concern and tells him that she is in the mood to go out - with the entire family. The romantic evening and the question she had can wait.

At SOS, Maggie is visibly shaken that Jonathan figured out that her feelings were for Bianca. She initially tries to convince him that he is wrong, but recognizing how bad she is at lying, she finally confesses. She tells him that she even thought she loved Bianca.

She tells him about how she showed up in Pine Valley, wanting to find out what happened to her sister. She and Bianca bonded, and there was a rough period where Bianca wanted to be romantically involved. Maggie admits that she understood - simply because she has the same face as the woman Bianca loved and lost. However, they got through it and they were better friends for it.

Maggie continues to fill him in about the time after the rape and during the pregnancy, and how that brought them even closer. Confused about her feelings, Maggie admits that she got to a point where she couldn't hold it in any longer. She confessed her feelings to Bianca and was met with kindness and understanding, but because Bianca was with Lena (and still is), nothing ever came of the confession. Maggie insisted that afterward, her feelings dissipated.

On a roll, Maggie starts in on Jonathan and assumes that she knows how he feels. She announces that she will understand if he is freaked out and wants to leave. Jonathan, unable to get a word in edgewise, silences her with a kiss. While she stares at him starry-eyed, Jonathan tells her that with his lack of experience in the love department, he is in no place to judge her. He says that they are both romantically challenged, and that while she figures things out, he won't leave. He tells her that he is okay with hanging around until she makes peace with her feelings.

Maggie is disbelieving because he seems to have a lot figured out. She said that she doesn't know what to do with the feelings she has. Jonathan assures her that she will figure it out, and he will be with her every step of the way. Maggie is amazed that he isn't freaked out. He admits that he is too - but that it just feels right that they are together.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam says that the video that JR had filmed has been edited into a great piece of work that will guarantee him custody of Bess. He is insistent that what has happened with Liza and Colby will not be revisited on his son.

Adam is gleeful that the footage will not only send Babe to jail, but will send Jamie with her. JR balks and asks if there is any way that Jamie could be edited out. Furious that Stuart got to his son, Adam says that if that happens, there is no point to the video - and he will surely lose custody of Bess. Unfortunately, Adam notes, JR is going to have to make a choice: his baby or his brother.

Up in the nursery, Jamie is waiting to hear the results of the paternity test on Babe's baby. Babe asks Krystal to leave so that she can speak to Jamie alone. Once she has gone, Babe tells him that the baby is not his - it's JR's. Jamie is crushed because although he tried not to, he made plans to spoil his baby rotten and to raise the baby with her, surrounded by love.

Babe admits that she wanted Jamie to be the father, but now knowing that the baby is JR's, she needs him to go. She tells him that even though she came to Pine Valley because she believed it was her destiny to be with JR, things are messed up now. She knows that she was destined to become a mother, find her father and meet wonderful people (like Jamie and Bianca). However, there are terrible things she has done along the way, and she has dragged him though it all.

Jamie corrects her by saying that he made his own choices every step of the way, since the day they met. Even though he isn't the father, he will do whatever it takes to get Bess back where she belongs. Babe, openly crying by now, appreciates the gesture but insists that she go it alone from here on in. She promises that by doing things her way, she will avoid causing him (and everyone else involved) more pain - and she will finally make everything right. She goes on to tell him that his future will be much better and brighter without her getting in his way.

Downstairs, David meets up with Krystal in the living room. While she is thankful that he was able to prove that Ace is really Babe's baby boy, he thanks her for changing his life by giving him a daughter, and then a grandson. No thanks are needed as far as Krystal is concerned - she just can't wait to announce it to the world and get her grandson home.

David warns her against getting too free with her words because they still have to figure out how to get the babies back to their real mothers without any criminal charges being brought against Babe. David is angry at Paul Kramer for having put them in this situation, but Krystal reminds him that he needs to focus on the here and now and what they can do to fix things.

David wants to take the blame for everything, but Krystal reminds him that he wasn't even aware that Babe was his daughter when the chopper went down. In addition, Bianca is like family to him and no one would believe that he intentionally kept Bianca and her daughter apart.

Their conversation is cut short when Adam and JR walk into the room. Adam knows that they are there to see Bess and he insists that the parents go see the baby as quickly as possible. David quips that Adam would stick a knife in his back when he turned around to go upstairs. Adam cryptically tells him the knife is already in place.

Back upstairs, Jamie finally concedes defeat. Krystal and David reach the door just as he prepares to leave. While Babe looks on tearfully, Jamie asks David to do whatever he needs to do to help Babe through this rough time in her life. Of course, David agrees, and Jamie leaves. The door is shut and Babe breaks down. She fills her parents in on what she told Jamie and said that she did what was best. She sent Jamie away because she thought it would break her heart to see the look in his eyes when he finds out who she really is. What she never expected was the heartbreak she was feeling watching him walk away.

Babe tries to steel herself for dealing with what is to come alone, but Krystal insists there is no way either she or David would let her go through this by herself. Krystal tells her that she and David will figure out how to break the news about the baby switch and how to deal with the Chandlers. They just want her to focus on a long life ahead with her baby boy.

Babe isn't completely assured, but David gives her his word that everything will work out. He has a plan in mind and he is ready to do what is needed to make it happen.

As Jamie reaches the front door of the Chandler mansion, JR calls to him from the living room. JR wants the two of them to find some sort of common ground. Jamie is furious because everything is messed up and people aren't where they should be - and he believes it is all JR's fault. He goes on to say that things wouldn't be the way they are if JR had thought about anything or anyone but himself and what he wanted.

JR is taken aback and says that he wanted to talk to Jamie man to man, brother to brother. Jamie lays it out for him: as an Adam clone, JR doesn't qualify as human; and the brother issue isn't relevant because JR means nothing to him. With that, Jamie turns his back on JR and walks out.

A few moments later, as he holds Bess in the study, JR tells Adam that he had a momentary lapse of reason earlier and that he is now done protecting Jamie. Currently, he seems just as happy as his father that Babe will go to jail and Jamie will go down with her.

Across town, Jamie walks into SOS. Distracted, he doesn't notice Maggie and Jonathan until Maggie calls out to him. Jonathan re-introduces himself, reminding Jamie that they met in the alley when Babe was drugged. Jamie is close to blowing him off, so Jonathan suggests he get drinks for everyone so that Jamie and Maggie can talk.

Jamie tells Maggie that he doesn't give a damn about his life anymore - and Maggie guesses that he has given up on Babe like he promised. Jamie alters what she says to more accurately fit the truth: his vote doesn't matter because Babe kicked him out of her life. Maggie, stunned that he would give up so easily, asks what it is that Jamie wants.

Friday, October 8

Adam continues to get his people to search for Colby and Liza, but no luck. JR walks in with a legal document and tells Adam how impressed he is with it because it absolutely has no loops. Adam admits that he used to be scared JR would back off with their plan, but now, he has only exceeded his expectations. JR tells him that his father's words mean so much to him and shipping Babe off to prison will only be used as a last resort.

While at Edmund and Maria are preparing to eat breakfast, Anita and Bobby walk in, saying they have big news but then Zach interrupts their announcement. When Edmund asks him why he is there, Zach tells them he has a meeting with Bobby. Opal and Palmer come in, bickering as usual, and immediately Opal guesses that Anita and Bobby's big news has to do with a baby. Anita says they are not pregnant yet, but have just closed on a four bedroom house because Bobby just came into a good deal. Everyone rejoices for the couple and when Edmund asks about wheelchair access, Bobby says it will be installed immediately. Zach pulls Bobby outside in the garden to talk and tells him that the deal has gone sour. Bobby is shocked and realizes he will have to tell Anita they can not buy the house. Zach offers to loan him money for his mortgage and that they will work out the conditions later. Bobby seems hesitant but leaves to join Anita. Edmund comes out and begins to ask Zach who he really is. He tells him about the real Zach Slater dying. As Maria walks out, Zach admits he faked his own death, but has always been Zach Slater. Zach leaves and Edmund asks Maria why she got so pale when Zach mentioned faking his death.

Tad finds Jamie shooting hoops in the park and asks him what is wrong. Jamie does not tell him so Tad challenges him to a match-loser has to tell the other person what is wrong. Jamie agrees and then kicks Tad's butt pretty badly. Jamie still does not say anything to Tad and then Tad says that they were both lead on by Carey woman. When Jamie asks him what he means, Tad explains about the paternity test revealing David as Babe's father. Tad tells him that they were thrilled when the results came in and Jamie mutters that they had to be sure. When Tad asks him what he means, Jamie tells him not to ask anymore questions. When Tad realizes Jamie knows more about the test than he does, Jamie admits that the test was for him, to see if there was any chance he was the father of Babe's baby. Tad does not believe it; he asks him why would they be so happy that JR is the father then and not Jamie? Jamie admits he isn't ready to be a dad because he has school and work and is way too young. Tad still doesn't buy his story and tells him he can always talk to him then leaves. Jamie gets upset, throws the ball on the ground and leaves.

Krystal finds David and Babe discussing the plan. She tells him that is she is worried everything could wrong and David agrees, but also reminds her of what they could gain if it goes right. David tells Krystal that all she has to do is make Kelly admit that Paul Cramer stole her baby and gave it to her. David adds that Krystal has a good chance of getting Kelly to spill-after all, she has lost Ace and she hates her ex-husband, what better what to ruin his political career than to drop another bomb on his campaign? Krystal adds that Paul might have lied to Kelly about the real mother because she thinks he got Ace from a homeless woman. David warns her not to let Kelly know her connection to Ace then Babe begins to worry Paul might know about her connection to the baby switch. David reminds Babe that Paul started this whole thing and she is not to blame. Krystal calls Kelly and she goes off to meet her for coffee as David and Babe wait anxiously. Adam and JR walk in and Adam asks to speak to Babe in private. They leave the room, allowing Adam and David to begin their routine arguing. Adam immediately brings up the irony that almost one year ago, David had lost Leora and Anna, and now he has gained a new daughter and a possible love interest with Krystal. David tells him there is nothing romantic with Krystal then Adam warns him his daddy days are numbered. Zach comes in to meet Adam, who offers him a reward if he can find the tapes that prove David crated him off. Zach says he will consider it, but offers David the chance to make a counter offer. David and Zach go, while Adam tells them to come back.

JR shows Babe the legal document, which would grant full custody of Bess to JR, and tells him she will not sign it. When she refuses, he tells her that if she does not sign it, she will be sending Jamie to prison. Babe tells him no one is going to prison, but JR disagrees. He says she and Jamie plotted to have someone kill him and then begins to show her a tape.

When Kelly meets Krystal, she immediately asks what she wants from her. Krystal explains that she hates Kevin for treating her so unfairly and tells her that if she loves Ace, she should give him back to his real mother. Kelly pretends that she has no clue what Krystal is talking about before Tad walks in and interrupts their meeting.



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