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Passions Recaps: The week of September 13, 2004 on PS
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Monday, September 13, 2004

Kay and Simone tell Tabitha they are unsure if their plan to alter Chad's medical records was successful. The trio heads back to the hospital to double-check Kay's work.

Eve and Julian attempt to console Chad and Whitney. Whitney turns to Theresa for comfort.

In the chapel, Ethan prays both babies are Gwen's. Ivy overhears and is stunned by Theresa's latest stunt.

Martin realizes that as long as Alistair is alive, his family will never be safe. Sheridan asks Luis to marry her.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

As Gwen dreams about her twins, Ivy corners Theresa, hoping for a confession about the parentage of the babies.

In Mexico, Luis surprises Sheridan with a romantic commitment ceremony.

Katherine and Martin are overjoyed when they are asked to participate.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Sheridan and Luis are so much in love and so delighted to finally be together. They celebrate at their reception, which leads Martin and Katherine to think about their past -- especially in Harmony.

Martin and Katherine are getting more and more concerned when Paloma tells them she's about to send a live video feed of Luis and Sheridan's ceremony to Pilar through the Internet. Martin decides to finally confront the past and speaks via live video directly to Pilar.

Chad is horrified to have confirmed for her that he and Whitney are brother and sister. Whitney is equally horrified and she runs to her father, TC and breaks down that she's been committing incest.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

In Puerto Arena, Mexico, Luis and Sheridan return to their honeymoon suite at the inn after their commitment ceremony. Luis makes a toast: "To Sheridan, the most beautiful, sexy incredible woman I've ever known. It is hard for me to tell you all the things I feel for you, how much I love you and how much your love means to me. You are such a strong person and have such compassion for others. You have such optimism everyday and find joy in the smallest things. You are the love of my life and I cannot imagine being with any other woman. You make my life worth living." Sheridan comments on how beautiful the champagne flutes they are drinking out of are. Luis tells Sheridan that Tia Maria gave them to him and explained to Sheridan the story behind the flutes. They were blessed by a priest centuries ago and are handed down in his family to a newly married couple and when they drink from them, the couple's love and the glasses are tied together. There's a catch, as there always is in Passions . . . that if the glasses stay in tact, the couple's love will flourish, but if the glasses shatter, the couple's love will be destroyed as well. Sheridan, nervous by the curse, sets the flutes down on the end table. While making love to Luis, Sheridan breaks the champagne flute!

At the Crane Mansion, Alistair tells Ethan that the Crane Empire is facing its toughest challenge yet and they are not giving up as he throws a full glass of brandy at Julian's picture. Alistair tells Ethan to be thankful that he doesn't have crane blood running in his veins because the massacre will be inevitable!

At Harmony Hospital, Pilar is astonished as she, Theresa and Gwen watch Paloma convince Martin to say hello to her mother (and his wife) via her web cam. Martin nervously tells Katherine that they can disguise their appearance, but his wife will always remember his voice and now that Paloma has gotten him to speak over the web cam, Pilar will know that her husband is alive. Pilar is puzzled and tells Theresa that the sound went out just as 'Mr. Wheeler' began to speak. Theresa calls Paloma in Mexico to tell her that the sound went out, so Paloma hands the phone to Martin to talk to Pilar. Martin hangs up the phone and tells Paloma that they were disconnected. Privately, Martin tell Katherine that perhaps the audio on the web cam failed for a reason and that he would like to tell Pilar the truth in person. T tells Gwen that Pilar is well enough to be released from the hospital, but has nowhere to go, so Gwen offers Pilar a room at the mansion.

Gwen, Theresa and Pilar arrive back at the Crane Mansion. E tells Pilar that he had some of her belongings sent over from Grace's Bed & Breakfast, including her memorial candle for Martin's safe return to Harmony. As Pilar lights the candle, Alistair walks in furious that Gwen has allowed the Lopez-Fitzgerald's a place to stay, puts out the candle, telling Pilar that she'll "never need the candle again." Ethan tells the group that it sounds as if Alistair knows where Martin has been all these years.

At the Russell House, Whitney tells Eve that she and Chad have been "incredibly intimate." Eve sympathizes with her daughter, telling her, "It could be worse. You're not married and thank God you're not pregnant." Whitney, remembering the dreadful pregnancy results slaps her mother Eve! Julian tells Chad and Whitney not to blame Eve for the outrageous discovery that they are half-brother and sister, and they need to forgive and move on. Liz continues with her outlandish accusations of Eve and Julian: Eve was bribed by Alistair to abandon her son at the hospital in exchange for the Crane's paying her way through medical school. Liz goes on to Julian, saying that he abandoned Chad because he is racist and did not want an African-American child! Chad tells Eve and Julian to stay out of his life. TC tells Eve that he would never have married her if he knew she was Julian's whore all those years ago and kicks her and Julian out of the house. Outside, Julian assures Eve that Chad and Whitney's hatred won't last. Meanwhile, Chad vows to make his parents pay for what they've done to him!

Back in Mexico, Katherine tells Martin that she wants to go back to Harmony with him. Martin refuses to allow Katherine to go back with him, telling her, "Harmony is not safe until Alistair is dead." Paloma asks Martin and Katherine to come back to Harmony with her. Paloma is upset when Katherine tells her that she cannot go. Seeing the disappointment on Paloma's face, Katherine changes her mind and decides to go back to Harmony!

Friday, September 17, 2004

At the Harmony Music Studio, Chad, speaking to a picture of Whitney, tells her, "I know we can never have a romantic relationship again, but we can be friends." Chad calls Whitney but Liz tells him that it's not a good time and to call back later. Upset, Chad goes to the front door to get the newspaper and sees the front-page article, "Crane Bastard Son," with a picture of him and Julian!

At the Russell house, Liz consoles Whitney as she wakes from a horrible nightmare of giving birth to a monster. Whitney tells her Aunt Liz that she never wants to see or talk to Chad again. Liz tells Whitney blame Eve for everything that's wrong in her life, not Chad. She tells Whitney, "At least you found out now, before you and Chad got married and started having a family. Oh my God, what a nightmare that would have been." Whitney, knowing that she really is pregnant, breaks down. Chad calls her again, but Whitney answers this time. She tells him that she wants him out of her life! Liz convinces Whitney to come out with what is bothering her.

At the Crane Mansion, Pilar, Theresa and Little Ethan watch a streaming video through the Internet of Luis and Sheridan's commitment ceremony. Little Ethan asks Theresa why Uncle Antonio isn't at the ceremony. Theresa explains that he is in heaven with the angels. Gwen and Ethan come in and see the ceremony and Gwen tells Ethan, "Thanks to Theresa one day we'll be able to watch our children get married." Gwen and Ethan go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Theresa. Pilar is shocked to hear that Theresa is still planning to keep both twins and get Little Ethan back as well. Pilar tells her daughter that there is no way Ethan, Gwen, Rebecca and Ivy will let that happen. Theresa replies, "I'm not going to lose anything, Mama. I know what I'm doing. I can take care of Gwen and Ethan & Ivy and Rebecca, too." Pilar tells Theresa that Ethan won't keep the truth from his wife forever. Looking at the pictures of the ceremony, Gwen asks Pilar who the Wheelers are. Pilar tells her that she doesn't know much about them, but they have been very good to Paloma and look very familiar to her. Luis overhears Theresa telling herself, "I took a chance and it paid off." Ethan demands Theresa admits to raping him!

At the Crane Industries office, Julian pushes Fox's hard work aside, telling him that his brother Chad is more of a priority. Julian tells Fox that Chad is his firstborn son and that he wants him to hold a position at Crane Industries. Laughing, Fox tells Julian that Chad is so upset at him and Alistair that he doesn't want anything to do with the Cranes. Fox tells his father to "forget about Chad Harris ever being a part of your life." Julian responds, "No, I won't accept that. Chad will be a part of my life and Eve's. I just have to make him realize how much we love him." Fox is disappointed to hear his father say that he would give Chad the entire company if it would bring him closer to Eve and himself. Before being called away by his secretary, Julian asks Fox to try to convice Chad to forgive his parents. After Julian leaves, Fox says, "Yeah, Dad. I'm going to convince Chad to forgive you, to come and work here, to take half my inheritance, to accept that he's your firstborn son. I don't think so! I don't care if he's my half-brother and my best friend. I don't care if he's the second coming. He is not taking my place in the Crane hierarchy."

In Puerto Arena, Mexico, Paloma prepares for her trip back to Harmony. Katherine asks Martin if he is excited to see his real wife after all these years. Marin tells her, "You ran away from a dangerous, hateful marriage. I left a woman who I loved and loved me with all her heart. I can't even possibly imagine how Pilar will feel once she finds out the truth." Upstairs Luis and Sheridan cuddle in bed as Alistair and his associates barge in and kidnap Sheridan from her soon-to-be husband! Martin, hearing Sheridan's screams runs to the rescue. Struggling with Luis, Alistair drops his gun and Luis picks it up. Luis, holding Alistair at gunpoint, tells him that unlike Harmony, he won't be able to buy his way out of a Mexican jail! As usual, this good fortune turns out to only to be dream Luis was having. Waking up, Luis finds Sheridan gone! Outside, Alistair's new henchman tells Alistair over his cell phone that Sheridan has been "taken care of." Frantic, Luis runs downstairs asking if anyone has seen Sheridan. Paloma suggests that maybe Alistair had her kidnapped too, so they all go looking for her. Luis tells Martin about his dream and thinks maybe it was his subconscious trying to warn him. Katherine fears for her daughter. Watching from his office in Harmony, Alistair tells his wife to save her tears for later, because they are all going to die. Hunting for Sheridan, Luis goes into a church and finds Sheridan lying on the altar...DEAD!!!

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