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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 20, 2004 on GL
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Monday, September 20, 2004

At the lighthouse, Michelle and Danny get closer as they prepare to make love. She asks him to be patient with her since she has no memory of ever making love and this will be like her first time. They are interrupted by a noise outside. It's Michelle's contractor who needs measurements so he can begin working on the renovations the next day. Michelle is excited her plans are moving faster than she expected. She apologizes to Danny that their romance has to be put on hold, but she wants to call Tony with the good news.

Tammy goes to a bar and orders a rum and coke. Tony is there and congratulates her for bluffing the bartender about her age. She wants to talk but Tony doesn't, telling her he has problems of his own. Tammy doesn't care and tells him she's tired of being good and perfect; she wants to be evil and mean like everyone else in town. Tony realizes Tammy is getting drunk and calls Sandy to pick her up. Sandy arrives and tries to comfort Tammy. She tells him the man she wanted to give herself to has gone and slept with someone else. Outside, someone watches Tammy and Sandy.

Tony arrives at the lighthouse and Danny accuses him of sending the contractor in an effort to disturb his time with Michelle. Tony denies it, saying he is only there because Michelle called him. Danny tells him whatever he thinks he has going with her he needs to remember Michelle is his wife and that's the way it's going to stay. Inside, Tony tells Michelle he has a surprise for her but she has to leave to see it. Michelle takes the bait and convinces Danny to stay behind with the contractor. Danny suspects Tony is only trying to get Michelle alone but doesn't say so as he glares at him. Outside, Tony confesses he bought Michelle a motorcycle. She is thrilled and wants to learn to drive it right away. Tony is happy Michelle likes her gift.

At the police station, Ross leads Dinah to the interrogation room where he says there are people waiting who could help her. Dinah realizes her audience is going to be Blake and Cassie. In the hall, Reva comments to Ross that he is very brave to let Dinah go in there and face her accusers. He assures her it is not bravery, but belief in his daughter and her desire to rehabilitate. Cassie leaves the interrogation room and joins them in the hall. Reva tells her she is willing to play 'good cop' if it will give Cassie what she needs from Dinah. Cassie is sure Dinah won't pass their pass their test, but will prove she's as hateful as ever. They return to the interrogation room where Dinah is waiting with Blake. Cassie and Blake hurl insults at Dinah while Reva plays devil's advocate hoping Dinah will snap. Dinah admits she once hated Cassie but now only wants to be loved and forgiven. Cassie wonders if Dinah's remorse is real, while Blake refuses the idea and insists she wants to see her rot in prison for the rest of her life. Jeffrey interrupts the gathering, saying they did not get approval from him and Ross can't grant it since he is guilty of aiding and abetting his criminal daughter.

Later at The Beacon, Ross tells Blake he can no longer be silent concerning her fury towards Dinah. Though he doesn't want to, he reminds Blake she has always stood by her father, Roger Thorpe, who has a long history of committing heinous deeds. Ross leaves. Blake receives a note from her father saying he will arrive in town on the 28th. She calls her father to confirm his arrival and tells him she misses him and needs him now.

At The Beacon, Sandy is receiving email messages from someone who repeatedly types 'You let him die.' Sandy asks who is sending this and receives the response 'Wouldn't you like to know?' He recalls holding the hand of someone who has just fallen over a cliff. He loses his grip and as the person falls, Sandy screams, 'Jonathan!'

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The instant messenger tells Sandy to look behind him. He turns around with a small knife in hand to find Reva! She shrugs it off to Sandy perhaps being a little jumpy. Coop vows to protect Buzz. This reminds Buzz of Jenna. Coop insists on helping at Company. Buzz introduces Reva to Coop. She asks if they are registered to vote. Buzz and Reva compare being "new" parents, while Sandy and Coop compare having "new" families. Sandy tells Reva the importance of Rock the Vote. She acknowledges Sandy's positive presence in her life. Coop ends up being almost a disaster working in the kitchen. Coop asks Buzz if there was anything he really wanted to do besides run the restaurant. They agree to team up against Phillip. Reva becomes concerned over the emails Sandy has been getting. He tells her that they are untraceable.

Phillip comes to visit Alexandra. She shows her irritation to Phillip, and then wonders if he has lost it again. Alex shouts about her worry over what Phillip is doing to Buzz. She wonders if she and Alan have created a monster. Gus arrives to see Alexandra. She assures him there is still has a chance with Harley, and vows to help reunite them. Alex says Beth is Phillip's Achilles' heel and the only person he really loves. She tells Gus to recruit Beth to his cause.

After a run in with Gus, Harley is stunned when Bill asks her to reconsider taking back Gus. She asks about Bill and Olivia. Harley receives a phone call from the school about Zack. She calls Phillip. They learn Zack is having outbursts and hitting other children. Harley tells his teacher Phillip is causing this, by what he is doing to Company. Phillip adds that Harley likes to over dramatize a little bit. The teacher reveals Zack said he saw Phillip hated Harley and Buzz, so he figured it was OK to hate.

Phillip threatens to take Zack. Harley thinks he will go too far. Phillip threatens her never to come between Zack and him. Harley tells Bill it is only a matter of time before Phillip blows. Phillip hires someone to watch over Zack. He also asks to have Olivia held up in Customs; whatever it takes. Phillip calls Ruth and offers her the research project: to dig up as much dirt as she can on Harley Cooper! Ruth diligently agrees.

To Tammy's surprise, Lizzie arrives at the farm and makes herself at home. She asks Tammy to go with her to register to vote. Tammy says she's lying, but Lizzie swears she wants to make things right with her. She listens in disbelief as Lizzie tells of her night with Joey. Lizzie wails about how Joey doesn't recall their night together. Tammy gives her no sympathy on that account. Lizzie hopes they can be friends, but Tammy shrugs it off. JB calls Lizzie on her cell phone. Tammy throws her out. JB tells Lizzie to come to Farley's right away. When he hangs up, we see Joey in the background. When Lizzie arrives, JB tells her about Tammy getting drunk and hitting on Tony Santos. Joey overhears. When they leave, Joey finds a vial of the same drug Lizzie used on him. He calls Lizzie and asks to see her face to face. Meanwhile, Tammy wonders how Joey could have slept with Lizzie and not have any memory of it. Joey confronts Lizzie with the vial. He asks why the night they spent together is such a blur to him. Joey figures out she drugged him.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

AT THE BEACH Michelle tries out the new bike - with Tony as a passenger! Michelle wants to re-live the good times she had with Tony. After a late night swim, Michelle disappoints Tony when she tells him she must explore her relationship with Danny.

AT COMPANY Blake calls to speak to Roger. Roger is not in, so she must leave a message with a very strange man. Later, when Blake does reach Roger, she wants to know what this has to do with Michelle. She asks Roger if he is coming here, then hangs up. Danny looks for a job. Marina enlists Danny's help to take on Phillip. Break a few knee caps. Coop meets Danny, then wonders about the Santos reputation. Danny advises Marina against going after the Spauldings, and says he would never do anything to jeopardize his life with Michelle and Robby. Joey demands the truth from Lizzie, or he promises to walk. Lizzie carries the tale to the extreme when she tells of Joey touching her. Joey declares Lizzie as crazy as Phillip. Lizzie begs for another chance with Joey. But Joey turns her down and says goodbye. Coop encounters a very upset Lizzie. He gives her sanitary napkins.

AT THE FARM Edmund recalls that Dinah saw him set the fire. Dinah's upcoming trial makes news headlines. Cassie feels like she is losing it when she thinks she sees Dinah standing with RJ. Cassie and Edmund tell Tammy about their engagement, which makes Tammy very happy. RJ spots a photo of Hart and Dinah on the front page of the paper. Edmund swears he can erase all of the pain, and asks Cassie to go away with him to start a new life. Edmund was very charming while vowing to protect her. Cassie declines, as she would not want to keep wondering if the past would catch up with her. Edmund says he must tell Cassie the entire truth about Dinah. Cassie then hears a noise, and assumes it is Dinah. She grabs her gun. She aims it square at the door, and almost mistakenly thinks Joey is Dinah. Cassie apologizes profusely to Joey, and swears she saw Dinah.

AT THE BAR The pusher meets Tammy - and she wants nothing to do with him. He doubts she wants to be alone, and implies that she is sweet. Tammy says she can be just as bad as the next girl. He offers her something to relax should she ever need it. Later, Joey calls as they leave together. Tammy refuses to answer it.

AT THE END Blake goes to the light house - and begins to search. Michelle and Tony arrive, and suspect someone is there. Cassie prays to Hart, and asks him what to do now. She vows it has to end tonight.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Blake searches the light house for what Roger wants her to find. Michelle and Tony arrive and find Blake snooping around. Blake explains that she was just checking out the light house for real estate purposes, as the value of the place will go up when it becomes a club. Michelle calls her bluff. Blake declares Ed asked her to look after Michelle, and says Ed gave her a key. Tony asks Michelle why she didn't tell Blake about the gold coin. Outside the light house, Blake holds a gold coin - and makes a promise to do what Roger wants her to do before he arrives. Michelle assures Tony that they can make something work. Tony reminds that they must stick to a business relationship.

Tammy brings JB back home. Joey spies on them, when he receives a call from "Ruth." She asks him to come to Spaulding immediately, and his scholarship depends on it. Back inside the house, JB tells Tammy to let what will happen just to happen. He asks her to leave with him. When Tammy passes out, JB contemplates giving Tammy the same drug Lizzie gave Joey that night. Before he can give her some, Joey arrives with some news. JB slips out the back.

Phillip learns Olivia has been arrested in Copenhagen. "Ruth" learns that Alan is only allowing Phillip to run the day to day operation. Lizzie approaches "Ruth" and asks her to call Joey to say Phillip wants to talk to him. "Ruth" gives Phillip the info he requested on Harley Cooper. "Ruth" learns Phillip holds Olivia's release documents. "Ruth" must get them. Joey arrives, and is stopped by Lizzie. She begs for another chance. Joey intends on getting Tammy to understand. "Ruth" attempts to break in to Phillip's briefcase. Joey finds out Lizzie put "Ruth" up to calling him there. Lizzie tells Phillip how she drugged Joey. Phillip bullies Joey into keeping quiet about it. Phillip says he will foreclose on Joey's mom's house unless he agrees to leave town. Lizzie demands that Phillip not do this. Phillip says it's for the best. Phillip catches "Ruth" going through his briefcase. "Ruth" explains it away, by saying that there was a 6pm deadline with the governor. Phillip rushes "Ruth" to get the docs faxed to the governor right away. "Ruth" learns it has to do with Company.

Dinah tells Jeffrey she wants her freedom, or she will start talking. Edmund arrives when he cannot find Cassie. Cassie arrives to face Dinah. Dinah says there are some things Cassie needs to hear before she sends her off to her lethal injection. Cassie says she wants this to end here and now. Cassie offers to let Dinah go. Cassie says she won't testify. Cassie declares Hart's shooting an accident, just like she almost shot Joey Lupo tonight. Cassie wants her family to be spared from a long trial. Jeffrey tells Cassie that she must be able to live with her decision. Jeffrey informs Dinah that if she steps out of line, he will charge her with involuntary manslaughter. Dinah walks. Edmund and Jeffrey agree that they would both sleep a lot better knowing Dinah was in the state penitentiary. Dinah gets into a car she thinks is Ross' - but it's Cassie behind the wheel! Cassie takes Dinah for a little ride.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Joey goes to the farm to talk to Tammy about him and Lizzie. He notices that she's a little tipsy, which she gets defensive about. After a little bit, Tammy admits that while she is mad, she doesn't hate him. Tammy then starts ranting about Lizzie and how she manipulates you while pretending to be your friend. Tammy suddenly wonders if Lizzie tricked Joey into sleeping with her, maybe she drugged him? Tammy asks Joey if that night is coming back to him, because she wants it to be all Lizzie's fault and tells him she loves him. Joey thinks back to not only his confronting Lizzie about drugging him, but also Lizzie's warning that Phillip will take Joey's mom's house away if the truth comes out. Although it appears as if he may tell Tammy the truth, Joey panics over the thought of he and his mom losing everything and blurts out that he slept with Lizzie because he wanted to. He tells her that he lied to her when he told her he didn't remember anything. Joey cruelly tells Tammy that he wanted to celebrate with a more experienced woman and Lizzie was there. After breaking her heart, he informs her that he's leaving for Boston University and wanted her to know the truth before he left. With that, he tells her they weren't meant to be. He leaves, with both him and Tammy devastated.

At Company, Sandy gets another mysterious email telling him that he can't hide. He's asked "Why did you kill Jonathan?" While a picture downloads from the screen, Reva happens by Sandy's table and he quickly closes the laptop so she can't see. As Reva and Sandy talk, they're being watched from the outside by J.B. Later, Reva and Sandy are conducting a pre-interview in regards to Reva's upcoming adoption segment. In the middle of the interview, Sandy starts imagining Reva confronting him about not being her son, accusing him of killing Jonathan to get the trust fund, and basically conning her by playing on her sympathy. Sandy has been nervous around Reva this entire time. After she leaves, the picture finally downloads--it is J.B.

Fresh from her conversation with Joey, Tammy encounters J.B. outside Company. Flirting, she lets him know that her mother and Edmund will be gone for the night, subtly inviting him to the farm. Although he declines the offer, she kisses him, thinking he might change his plans. Smiling, he tells her he can't say no to her. As she walks off, he calls her "cousin"

At the police station, Edmund berates Jeffrey for scaring Cassie into changing her statement, and accuses him of doing it so Cassie would never find out he was impersonating Richard. As the men bicker, Ross walks in ready to pick up Dinah. Jeffrey and Edmund are both speechless since Edmund saw Dinah leave already--he assumed she got in Ross's car. Edmund suddenly gets frantic and starts calling Cassie but she can't be found. Edmund and Jeffrey suddenly suspect that Dinah may have abducted Cassie. Later, Jeffrey and Edmund race to farm to find Cassie, but she's not there. Jeffrey informs Edmund that Cassie's car was spotted and tries to reassure him that she can take care of herself. But Edmund finds the gun box empty and tells Jeffrey his suspicion--that Dinah stole the gun and carjacked Cassie.

Blake is leaving a message on Roger's machine telling him to call her. She knows he was supposed to come in today, but she has no idea when. Later, she meets up with Ross, who has been trying to reach her about Dinah. When he tells her about Dinah and Cassie disappearing, Blake immediately suspects that Dinah's going to kill Cassie. She then laments that if her father were, this never would have happened. A suspicious Ross asks Blake if she called Roger about Dinah, but Blake denies it.

Cassie's in her car with Dinah, telling her they're going to a neutral location so they can discuss how they are going to coexist in the same town. Finally they stop in a secluded spot in the woods where suddenly Cassie pulls out a gun and aims it right at Dinah. Rattled, Dinah asks Cassie what she wants and promises she'll leave her family alone. But a cold Cassie doesn't believe her. Cassie thinks Dinah's spent the last five years hating her and waiting to get back at her. Cassie tells her she wants justice for Hart and her family. Dinah tells her she doesn't believe she'll kill her--Cassie's a princess and princesses don't do that. Dinah calmly tells Cassie that Cassie has always felt superior to her, she wouldn't "stoop herself" to Dinah's level. When it becomes obvious that Cassie's not backing down, Dinah tells her she wont' get away with it, Cassie informs her that she'll lie and say it was self defense. Her story will be that Dinah kidnapped her at gunpoint and Cassie was forced to kill her.

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