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Zach and Julia ducked bullets at Wildwind. Babe devised a new plan. Jonathan threatened to kill himself, Erin, and Ryan. Lily and Sam revealed that they had seen Ryan's ghost.
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All My Children Recaps: Daily Recaps | 2005 on AMC
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Monday, August 29, 2005

Julia and Zach were unharmed by the spray of gunfire that broke out at Wildwind. Derek and Mimi arrived on the scene and realized they had to find Julia before the shooter did. Zach didn't make it far before Derek and Mimi caught up, but Julia hid from their view. Derek and Mimi disclosed to Zach that Kendall blabbed to them about Julia having broken out of the Witness Protection Program. When the cops left, Zach dragged Julia off with him and vowed that he would take care of the Kendall problem. "Thanks," sighed the troubled Santos.

Simone was offended that Greenlee selected Kendall and not her as a surrogate mother. They assured her that they do value her friendship and she agreed to keep their secret. Ethan showed up and told the women he'd heard a report of gunfire at Wildwind. Kendall grew pale, concerned about Zach's safety. Simone sniffed that Zach's death wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. As the group tried to keep Kendall calm, Zach arrived. Kendall threw her arms around him. "You betraying bitch," he hissed into her ear.

Post-sexfest, Jamie and Amanda praised one another's skills in the bedroom, but he got moody when she brought up Babe. He made it clear to her that he'll bolt if he gets the sense that she's after anything more than casual with him. "I was made for fun," she promised. He then gave her money so she would no longer need JR. Myrtle then interrupted and pulled Jamie aside for a chat. He assured Myrt that he knew what he was doing with Amanda.

Dani asked Garret what was going on with his behavior toward her. When she tried to suss out whether he'd made an advance on her, he said she was flattered by her crush on him. She tried to clarify that she thought he had a crush on her. His smooth-yet-creepy response left her more muddled than ever. Livia showed up and Dani asked her aunt what she thinks of Garret. Livia encouraged Dani to give Garret a chance, saying that he strikes her as a good man.

At the Chandler manse, JR pressed Babe to admit that she staged the tryst with Josh out of love for Jamie. She claimed she was just sick of him hating her and couldn't take it anymore, adding that she had needed Jamie after JR smashed her heart. "You never loved me!" he shot back. She agreed that he wasn't the man she wanted to be with, then strolled away, leaving a confused JR behind. An exultant Babe returned to the Pine Cone, where she reported to Krystal that she thinks her new plan just might work. "I'm going to marry JR," she announced to Krystal. Back at Myrt's, a mournful Jamie thought back to happier times with Babe.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Krystal has great trepidation when she hears what Babe is planning. Krystal tries to talk her daughter out of marrying JR in order to get her son back but Babe refuses to be persuaded. She is convinced that the most expedient and efficient way to regain custody of her son is by marrying JR. Krystal isn't convinced. She asks Babe if she considered how Jamie will react when he learns that Babe married JR. Babe remains steadfast with her decision. Babe then surprises Krystal when she announces that she does not intend to stay married to JR. She is only doing it to gain custody of her son and once she has that, the marriage will be over. Resigned with her daughter's decision, Krystal and Babe discuss the various possibilities that could aid Babe with her matrimonial plans. Babe thinks that if Di is revealed to be someone other than Dixie, JR will be devastated and need someone to turn to. Babe has every intention of being that person.

Di and Tad have dinner together. They talk about their relationship and exploring it further. Di cautions Tad to not expect her to be like the old Dixie. She explains that she's a different person now and she wants him to get to know her as she is now, not as he remembers her. Tad assures her that he has every intention of doing just that. Their conversation eventually drifts to Del. Di tells Tad that she doesn't know where Del is but that she's not worried about any trouble he may cause. She's confident that she can handle Del. When Opal spots Tad and Di having dinner together, she is ecstatic. With Palmer in tow, Opal makes a beeline for their table and joins them.

Del shows up at the Chandler mansion and meets JR. It's not a warm fuzzy family reunion. JR doesn't trust Del and makes no attempt to hide it. After trading a few barbs, JR makes it clear to Del that he is not welcomed in his home. Overhearing the exchange, Adam quickly joins the two men and cautions JR about not being so hasty in showing Del the door. JR is a bit confused by his father's behavior. Adam ignores JR's confusion and sits down to talk to Del. He very deliberately begins questioning Del about his family specifically whether he has any brothers or sisters. Just then Di and Tad return from dinner. Di is surprised to see Del and asks him if he stopped by to say goodbye to her. Del disappoints Di when he informs her that he has no intention of leaving town. Tad wants to know why which prompts Del to tell a rather skeptical Tad and JR that he's a writer and he intends to collaborate with Dixie on a story about her miraculous return. Del subtly lets Di know that he expects her to cooperate with his plans or suffer the consequences. Di is reluctant but has little choice in the matter. She does her best to appear as if she's happy with Del's plans to stay in Pine Valley. When Di takes Del to find a room, JR lets Tad know that he fully intends to keep a sharp eye on Del. A triumphant Adam meanwhile sneaks away to place a quick call to Krystal. He lets her know that Del will be staying at the mansion and that he suspects Del is keeping a secret about Di. After Krystal gets off the phone, she turns to Babe. She tells her that Adam is on to something concerning Di and that she intends to use whatever he learns to help Babe with her plans to marry JR.

Zach is determined to speak to Kendall alone but he finds resistance in the form of Ethan, Greenlee and Simone who try to keep Zach from leaving with Kendall. Kendall decides to talk to Zach and leaves with him. They go to the roof where Zach doesn't mince words as he blasts Kendall for her interference in the situation with Julia. Kendall isn't intimidated and fires back that has every right to do what she can if she thinks he's in danger. In the heat of the argument, Kendall confesses that she's worried about Zach because she cares about him. Zach is momentarily taken aback but he quickly recovers and warns Kendall to stay out of his business. After Zach leaves, Greenlee finds Kendall on the roof and lends her a supportive ear.

Greenlee is forced to pull Simone aside when she nearly reveals the baby plans to Ethan. Simone apologizes for the slip and assures Greenlee that it won't happen again. Once Ethan and Simone are alone, Ethan expresses his frustration over how he continues to let Zach get to him. He wants more than anything to be able to stop hating Zach. Simone is understanding. She suggests that since Zach has such a negative impact on Ethan's life, Ethan should just write Zach off.

Ryan wants to take Jonathan to a private clinic but Erin is adamant that Jonathan stay right where he is. She is convinced that if they take Jonathan to a clinic the authorities will soon learn that he's alive and arrest him. Ryan understands her concerns but he fears that Jonathan's problems are too deep for someone who isn't a professional to deal with. They are interrupted when Jonathan knocks on the closet door and asks to come out. He seems to be deep in the grips of a hallucination in which Ryan is their father and Erin is their mother. Erin hands Jonathan crayons, sets him up on the floor with some paper so that he can to draw and then joins Ryan on the couch to continue discussing what is best for Jonathan. Ryan tells Erin that Jonathan is not going to receive the help he desperately needs with a box of crayons but Erin disagrees. She reminds Ryan that Jonathan is on medication and that the dosage can be increased if he needs it but for the moment he appears quite harmless. She points out that since he's been with her there haven't been any violent outbursts. Ryan doesn't believe her. He points to the bruises on her wrists and reminds her that Braden also tried to help Jonathan and he ended up being murdered by him. Erin refuses to believe that Jonathan is a danger. As Erin and Ryan argue back and forth, Jonathan listens to them. In his mind, he sees Erin talking to their father, trying to get Jonathan into trouble. He returns to coloring a picture that looks as if it's been drawn by a child. Ryan continues to argue with Erin about what would be best for Jonathan but he is unsuccessful in convincing her to agree to his plans. Erin refuses to believe Jonathan would be better off in a private clinic. After Erin takes Jonathan to his room, she returns to pick up the living room. When she finds the picture that Jonathan drew, she shows it to Ryan. She feels it's a glimpse into the person Jonathan is now. He's sweet, not a homicidal monster. Ryan isn't swayed by the picture. He still feels that Jonathan needs to see a professional. Exhausted, Erin decides to turn in for the night. Ryan insists on staying with her and locks up the house before settling down for the night on the sofa. Later, after Erin and Ryan are asleep, Jonathan sneaks out of the hidden room in the closet. Sporting a backpack, Jonathan quietly slips out of the cabin.

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 31, 2005

Adam roused Krystal from her sleep at the Pine Cone and gave her a wad of cash to dig up the dirt Del has on Di. Adam told Krystal he suspects Di might be Dixie's half-sister.

Di brought breakfast to Del in his room at the Chandler manse, then dumped it on his lap. She accused her bro of trying to ruin her life; he reminded her that it's Dixie's life, not hers. Di replied that the life fit her like a glove and she intended to keep it. Del insisted he doesn't want Di's money. Di agreed to give him the chance to be her brother — but reminded him not to call her Di. "You got it, Dixie," he winked. After Del left, Adam arrived and explained why he's letting Del stay with the Chandlers.

Mimi stopped by the Martins to discuss the shooting at Wildwind with Tad and Sam. Mimi acknowledged to Sam that her task force is looking for his aunt, Julia. Lily arrived, shaken by a newspaper headline about the gunfire at Sam's house. Tad sent the teens away, then learned from Mimi that Zach is aiding Julia. Lily spilled to Sam that she saw a ghost in the casino, then quickly changed the subject.

Zach woke up Julia from the nightmare she was having and assured her she was safe. She was antsy to leave, so Zach dared her to go and get herself killed. Julia relented and agreed to stay put for the time being. Zach then asked Julia what she knew about Kevin Sheffield (Di's ex), a man connected to The Dragon. Zach showed Julia the mug shot of Di (replete with brunette tresses) and they discussed how she might be key to discovering the identity of the man who did in Noah and is gunning for her. After Zach left the cabin, Julia let her anger out by throwing furniture. She recalled being taken away from Noah before being able to say good-bye, and Zach telling her that she'll have to continue moving. "Stop," she screamed.

Ryan and Erin freaked out when they realized Jonathan was missing from the cabin. He returned shortly, however, and Ryan tried to sell him on the idea of being institutionalized. Jon excused himself to think it over. Alone in the cabin's back room, Jonathan grumbled about not needing Ryan's help, then took explosives out of his backpack. Erin remained wary about hospitalizing Jonathan, but Ryan tried to assure her they will be helping their brother, not hurting him. She fretted about having no life once Jonathan is locked up, so Ryan told her to chase her dreams. From the other room, Ryan and Erin heard Jonathan agree to get help. Jonathan anticipated Ryan walking through the door.

A disguised Julia arrived at Tad's door.

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 1, 2005

Zach accosts Krystal soon after she walks into BJ's, demanding information on a woman incarcerated at the same time she was - Di Kirby. Krystal is flip when she answers, insisting that she and Di weren't very close and didn't stay in touch once they got out of prison. Zach informs Krystal that he is aware that Di visited her while she was still on the inside, but Krystal assures him that she doesn't know why. She then mocks how wound up he is over Di, and this only angers him. She tells him that if he gave her more information regarding his motives, she might go back through her memory and see if there isn't something that could help him out. Teeth clenched, Zach tells her that she should just tell him what she knows. Unmoved by his threatening tone, Krystal continues to blow Zach off, much to his chagrin. He throws in a mention about how the short time she was in prison was nothing compared to what she should have done for her role in Miranda's kidnapping, as if crossing him will net her a worse fate. Krystal, never one to bend to a man's will, declares that he is nothing more than a pain to her, and she leaves the table and approaches Del on the other side of the restaurant. She puts on a few helpless airs, and asks to sit with him for a while, insisting that Zach is scaring her.

Zach spots Myrtle at the counter of BJ's and crosses to ask if she knows the man Krystal is now keeping company with. Myrtle looks over, and immediately identifies the gentleman as Del Henry, Dixie's half-brother. She then takes one look at Zach's face, and knows that he's got something on his mind that he is working on diligently. Zach insists that in order for that to happen, he would have to have a heart which would in turn allow him to care about someone. Myrtle laughs, saying that she sees the good in him from time to time. Zach is amused, but doesn't give up any additional information.

Krystal turns on the charm and flatters Del by thanking him profusely for being so chivalrous. In an attempt to get to know him better, she asks what he's doing in town. He tells her that he is staying with his half-sister, and that he's writing a book. Feigning interest, she asks him to tell her the juicy parts of his story. He chooses not to, just so he doesn't jinx himself. She tells him that she understands, and shifts to ask more about his personal life. Jumping off from her compliment, she tells him that his sisters must have been a good influence on him for him to turn out to be such a great guy. She then quickly asks him how many sisters he has.

Brooke shows up at the Chandler mansion and congratulates Di on giving things with Tad another chance. Di is reticent in her opinions about where the relationship will go, but is curious as to Brooke's thoughts on it. Brooke tells her that the way she feels about the reunion is based on who Di really is. Nervously, Di asks for clarification, horrified at the idea that Brooke might know more than she should. However, it becomes readily apparent that Brooke is simply trying to get a hold on who she is now, as opposed to who she used to be. To cover up any negative reaction that Brooke may have spied, Di trots out a few of Dixie's old memories, saying that the person that she was then is still in her. The only difference is that now, she is trying to take into account all the pain she has caused Tad in his life. She is trying to make sure that she doesn't cause them to revisit that pain. Brooke tells Di how hurtful it was to tell Tad that Dixie died, and what it was like to see that look on his face. She admits that she doesn't want to see Tad's heart smashed again. She asks if Di really cares, and Di admits that she is trying to figure that out. She says that she would do anything, go through anything, to prevent Tad from feeling any more pain. She apologizes for holding Tad at bay, which prompts Brooke to admit that she isn't pleased with their sudden affinity for each other again. She offers that perhaps Di should take things slowly, especially because this is the fourth time the duo would be trying to make things work. Di insists that because of the years and the experiences, it's really like she and Tad are getting to know each other for the first time. Further, she reminds Brooke that she'd only been on one date with Tad, and she's already getting fed up at how many people are trying to control their fate. A beat later, Di apologizes for her outburst. Brooke brushes it off, saying that she appreciates her honesty. Before they can get into another round of it, Winifred emerges from the house, informing Di that Little Adam had awoken and wanted her. After taking a moment to thank Brooke for stopping by, Di takes off into the house.

Just then, Adam Sr. steps out from his hiding place in the bushes, wanting to know if Brooke had as much concern for him as she does her other ex-husband. Brooke isn't surprised to find that Adam still thinks Di is a fraud, but questions why, considering all of the evidence confirming that she is Dixie. Before he could give her a suitable answer, she fires out a more damning question: is Krystal still working with him to uncover the conspiracy? Adam refuses to let Brooke in on any of his dealings, saying simply that she will find out when the time is right. Brooke then tells him that she thinks Di really cares about Tad, and that Tad deserves a second chance at love. Unmoved, Adam tells her that his first and only concern is protecting his family - and he is sure that Brooke understands that. Further, he says that if he turns out to be right (and he believes that he will), he may end up doing Tad a huge favor. Brooke reminds Adam that Dixie is real, and that he should give her a chance to have a normal life again. Adam quips that he would have no fun if he did that and, disgusted, Brooke leaves. Once alone, Adam places a call to Krystal and asks for an update. She pretends that the call is from one of her close friends, and after a few curt words from Adam, she ends the call, and smiles coyly at Del.

Across the restaurant, Myrtle asks how married life is going. Zach hints that it's not all that it's cracked up to be, and Myrtle replies that many people think that. He asks for her take on it, and she passes, simply leaving it to him to figure out on his own.

After spending some time with Little Adam, Di comes back out to the patio and finds Winifred holding an enormous box with a red bow. She coyly asks if Winnie has a secret admirer, but she is quickly told that the box is hers. Believing that she knows who it is from, she takes the box, and Winnie returns to the house. She sits down, and opens the box - but when she removes the lid her pleased look quickly turns into one of horror.

Tad welcomes Julia into his home with open arms. She asks for his help in finding someone, and while he is perfectly willing, he also thinks the cops should be in on the search - if only because they have more resources and manpower. Julia strictly forbids it - she wants to be the only one to bring Noah's killer down. After getting her away from all of the doors and windows, Tad tries to convince her that she needs to go back into the Witness Protection program. She vehemently protests, telling him that the only reason that she survived the 9 years that she was in there was because she had Noah there. With him gone, she has made it her personal crusade to avenge his death. Tad, seeing the stubborn passion in her eyes, acquiesces, knowing that he would never win the battle or the war. He promises that she can trust him, and that he won't tell the authorities that they met. She then relaxes, and gives him the name Dragon, and tells him that she has someone looking into his connections. Tad admits that he knows she is talking about Slater, and that he found out from Mimi. He tries to tell her that aligning herself with Zach will get her killed, but she doesn't want to waste time on nitpicking. She tells him that she will be in touch with him soon to see what he has found, and then goes to leave. Tad asks where she is staying, but Julia thinks it's best if he doesn't know. Tad is mildly annoyed that Zach gets to know more insider information, and demands that she cut ties with Zach if she plans on working with him. They back off from the door, and retire to the couch. Julia fills him in on how Zach simply showed up and insisted that he would help her, despite everything that she did to try to get him to leave. Tad believes that there has to be something in it for Zach - and Julia immediately mentions Maria's name. Tad had a feeling that Maria was the reason, and notes that Julia should take the hint about Zach from that situation. Frustrated because she knows what Tad is saying is true - but still wanting to leave, she starts to pace the floor with indecision. Tad tells her that she can't go back to the place Zach found because the authorities are trailing him and it would only be a matter of time before he led them to her. Julia swears that she can find another place, but Tad tells her that she should stay with him. He doesn't think that the cops would look for her there, and he has a room on the top floor where no one would find her. In addition, if she stayed there, she would be that much closer to him as he tracked down information. Seeing all of the benefits of the plan, Julia agrees to stay. That settled, Tad takes a seat in front of the computer and asks for information that Zach is working on. Julia asks him if he'd heard of a woman named Di Kirby, and Tad can do nothing but stare at her, slightly slack jawed. The moment passes, and Tad asks if Zach has any leads. Julia tells him no, but that Zach is carrying around Di's mug shot. Tad plays skeptical, pondering aloud about how helpful Di Kirby or her ex-boyfriend, Kevin Sturgess, could be to Julia. Julia tells Tad that Noah last said that the person he was looking for was respectable and above suspicion. She notes that the authorities only stopped looking into Kevin's dealings because he moved to Thailand. She then pleads with Tad again to help her find Di.

Sam and Lily show up at BJ's, discussing the possibility that Ryan might be alive. Lily ponders why Ryan would pretend to be dead, but Sam thinks the bigger question is why Zach swore her to secrecy. Spotting Zach across the room, Lily announces that she will simply go over and ask him for the truth. Before she can do so, Sam pulls her back, insisting that she won't get the truth from Zach, especially if he is hiding something. Sam then tells Lily that if she wants to find out what is really going on, he has a better idea. Completely trusting in him, they take off together.

At her apartment, Greenlee administers the first hormone shot to Kendall. As she nurses the injection site, Kendall ponders what will happen when everyone in their family finds out the news - and further, who they will want to hurt more. Before they can delve into the possibilities, the phone rings. Greenlee answers and finds her father on the other end. A quick call to find out how she is doing soon turns sour as Kendall hears her best friend bark out confirmation that she still realizes that Ryan is dead. After she gets off the phone, Kendall immediately falls into best friend mode - asking if Greenlee wants to talk, or just throw something. Greenlee confesses that Jack was prodding her to plan Ryan's memorial service for next week. She further admits that while having the service so soon may be what others need, she just isn't ready. Completely understanding, Kendall urges her to do what she feels is best. Greenlee then tells Kendall that she isn't sure exactly what that is. Inspired, Kendall tells her that together, they are creating a memorial to Ryan - by bringing his child into the world. Immediately gladdened, Greenlee decides that once they know Kendall is pregnant, she can then say goodbye to her beloved husband.

A short time later, Sam and Lily show up at Greenlee's apartment. Sam leads into the reason they are there by saying that when he first found out about his father's death, he didn't want to believe it and thought that he could go home and find his father there, answering the door. He would have jumped on any piece of evidence that would have hinted that his father had somehow survived. Because of that, both he and Lily felt that it was important to bring some information to her. He turns it over to Lily, and she admits that she saw Ryan, after he supposedly died. Greenlee tenses up, and reminds Lily that they had a talk about ghosts and that they agreed it was all in her head. Kendall contributes that perhaps she "saw" Ryan because she was upset. Lily admits that while she was upset, she knows what she saw. Sam then adds, as a stunned Greenlee and Kendall look on, that they have reason to believe Ryan might still be alive. Sam admits that the scenario is crazy, but still important enough to discuss. He urges Lily to tell Greenlee and Kendall her story. Lily then relates how she thought there was a ghost at Wildwind but it turned out to be Julia. Because of that, she thought that perhaps the ghost of Ryan really wasn't a ghost at all. In an attempt to protect her best friend, Kendall dismisses the experience as impossible. Lily continues and describes her experience with Ryan's "ghost" - how she could see him and how she knew he could see and hear her. As much as she wants to believe them, Greenlee tries valiantly to discredit the experience. Holding the angry tone back as much as possible, she tells them that if Lily really saw Ryan, then the truth is that he survived going over the cliff, but chose not to come back to her. Teetering somewhere between devastated and infuriated, Greenlee stalks around the apartment, trying to figure out how Ryan could have possibly survived, at the same time denying that there is a shred of truth to what Lily and Sam brought to the table. Unable to handle it, she insists that she needs to go, leaving Kendall to deal with the young lovebirds. Kendall asks them why they thought it would be a good idea to tell Greenlee their theory, and insists again that it couldn't possibly have happened the way that Lily explained. Knowing that Lily can't lie, Kendall surmises that perhaps Lily was tricked. While Lily agrees that she isn't 100%, she is mostly sure of what she saw. The duo then tells Kendall that Zach also knew about Ryan. Kendall initially misunderstands, saying that she heard about Lily's experience from Zach. Sam then tells her that Zach actually saw and talked to Ryan - and then verbally smirks when Kendall's expression reveals that Zach didn't tell her that part of the story. Kendall asks if they told Zach about their latest theory, but Lily tells her no, and Sam follows by saying that because Zach lied to them, they didn't see the point. Kendall agrees, and sends them on their way. She contemplates all she learned, and then like a woman on a mission, she grabs her purse and quickly follows suit.

Tad promises that he will handle tracking down Di and finding out information - just as soon as he gets Julia settled upstairs. Before they can make a move, Sam comes bursting in from the patio out back and stops short when he sees his aunt.

At BJ's, Krystal presses Del a little more about his family, and he admits to having 2 sisters, but stops there. He tells her that he needs to get back to work, and she asks if she can walk out with him - in an attempt to keep Zach away from her. He agrees, but before she follows him out of the restaurant, she stares Zach down for a moment. Myrtle catches the locked gazes, and asks what was behind them. Zach tells her that he is going to find out and bids her farewell. Before he can get out the door, Kendall marches in and stops him. She calls him out as a liar, and tells him she knows that Ryan is alive.

Ryan tries to convince Erin that checking Jonathan into a hospital is the right decision, but she is trying to figure out if her oldest brother is trying harder to convince her - or himself. While they talk, Jonathan tucks his explosives away and sets up his remote trigger. Then, Ryan calls to him, asking if he is ready. Jonathan says that he is, which prompts his siblings to come into his small living space. Erin tries to get reassurance that Jonathan is really okay with the decision, and Ryan soothingly tells him that everything will be work out for the best. Jonathan tells them both how much it means to him that they are both going on the journey with him. After talking a bit more, Jonathan turns the tables and becomes more upset that the three of them can't stay together in the house, living off the land and supporting each other. Ryan tells him that if he stays, he won't be able to get the best doctors and treatment, which will in turn get him what he really needs. Jonathan is still agitated, questioning why it is that he is the one who has to leave - why he is the one that has to be alone. He then angrily rants about how every time Ryan rides in to save him, all he really does is just dump him somewhere else. Ryan tries to assure his little brother than he never meant to hurt him - and that his attempts to help him now are so that Jonathan doesn't hurt anyone anymore. Jonathan is frustrated because although he hurt people, he knows that Ryan did too - and he doesn't understand why he is still left holding the shortest straw. Ryan explains that Jonathan didn't just hurt people - he killed them, and that putting him in the hospital for treatment is a way to help him live normally without doing things like that. Jonathan becomes even more agitated and excuses the murders because the people got in his way. He says he doesn't like to be boxed in, and that's why he snuck out the night before. Ryan watches his brother, and starts to suspect that there is something Jonathan isn't telling them. He asks Jonathan where he was all night, and what he was doing. After insisting that he just lost track of time while hanging out at a building site down the road, Jonathan sharply changes the subject to other people that got in his way - Kendall, Lily and most of all Greenlee. Ryan, watching his brother's moves, suddenly decides to take control of the game. He stops his sister from touching Jonathan, and moves her behind him. He softens his tone and pretends that he wants to help Jonathan straighten up and look his best for his special day. Caught off guard, Jonathan relaxes minutely, just enough for Ryan to catch a glimpse of the wire trailing from Jonathan's hand. He quickly follows it with his eyes, and then lifts the cover on the bed to expose the dynamite. Erin and Ryan both ask Jonathan how he learned about explosives and why he would want to set them off. Jonathan admits that he listened to Ryan and Braden while they were growing up, as they talked about the booby traps they would set for their father. After trying to get Erin to leave, Ryan reminds Jonathan again that their father is dead and that there is no reason to blow things up. Jonathan demands that Erin stay where she is, and then he tells them that Ryan is the reason he wants to kill them all. He tells Ryan that he hurt him as much as their dad ever did, and he wants it to all be over for good. They try to convince him that everything they did in the past, and everything they are doing now is to help Jonathan, but nothing works. Jonathan is still livid that Ryan left him, and that Erin never saw pain at their father's hands. Because both of those things hurt him deeply, Jonathan feels that blowing them all up is justified. The more they try to talk him down, the angrier he gets and the closer he gets to pushing the detonator. Erin manages to break in and explain that she never wanted the special treatment from their father - she just knew that if he was off spoiling her, he couldn't be at home torturing Jonathan. She tells him that they are all free of him now, but Jonathan doesn't believe her. He still feels caged and alone. Ryan pushes Erin back against the wall and starts to walk slowly toward his brother, alone. Jonathan demands that Ryan stop, but Ryan continues his approach. He tells Jonathan that no matter what, he will never leave him alone again. Confused and unsure of what to do, he allows Ryan close enough to hug him.

Friday, SEPTEMBER 2, 2005

Di covered in front of Del when he grilled her about who sent roses to her, but he remained skeptical. She insisted that he drop the subject of Kevin Sturgess — and not make mention of him in his book.... Tad treated "Dixie" to a romantic date in the same place Opal and Ruth trapped them alone together on the 4th of July. He then broke the news to Dixie that he needed to talk to an old friend: Di Kirby. "Dixie" swore that was just a fake name she'd made up, but Tad said he needed more info on Kevin.

At B.J.'s, Zach deflected Kendall's grilling about whether Ryan is alive. Slater warned his wife that if she pursues her suspicion, she'll end up hurting someone. Kendall pointed out that she would never deliberately hurt Greenlee. Zach's barbs became pointed, leading Kendall to nearly throw a fit and draw stares from the other customers. When she stalked out, Zach sighed, "Damn you, Ryan."

An emotional confrontation between the Lavery brothers led to a reconciliation between Jonathan and Ryan. Afterwards, Jon wisely decided against blowing himself and his siblings to bits. Ryan drew Jon into a tight hug. He and Erin both swore to Jonathan that they would never abandon him. Ryan and Erin were preparing to load Jonathan up and bring him to the hospital when Zach called. Erin answered but handed the phone to Ryan when Zach insisted. Ryan blanched when Zach reported that there's a rumor going around town that he's on the verge of being resurrected.

On the beach, Babe and Greenlee met up and talked about love and betrayal. Greens was worked up, reeling from the idea planted by Sam and Lily that Ryan faked his death. She returned to her home, where she was soon joined by Kendall. Greens cried out to Kendall that Ryan couldn't possibly have done something so cruel as to fake his own death... Right?

At Tad's, a jumpy Julia nearly struck Sam with a baseball bat, paranoid that the person entering the house was after her. Sam explained to Julia that he felt he needed to step up and help to protect his family.

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