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Todd located Margaret, but she escaped with Kevin's help before Todd killed her. Tess and Nash traveled to Napa. Evangeline watched John and Natalie share a kiss. Layla sneaked into John's apartment with Evangeline's key. Layla pretended to be Antonio's girlfriend in order to help his custody case. Spencer forced Paige to accept the hospital position.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 29, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, August 29, 2005

Todd finds Margaret at the hotel and confronts her. She insists that that the fact that he survived his stab wounds means they are meant to have a chance together. Todd tells her there will be no "them" and that he wants her dead. He figures that having his child should be enough for her, but she informs him that she wants more now. She wants to have a family with him. He tells her that there will be no family but he will let her live and stop going after her if she goes off and raises the child alone. She does not want to settle for that though. She dares him to kill her but thinks he will not be able to because she is carrying his child. He informs her that contrary to her belief it's not the baby stopping him from killing her. He does not want to go to jail and leave his family. He knows he cannot be a good father or husband from behind bars. Margaret then agrees to leave Todd alone if he will accept the baby into his life and raise it with his other children. Todd tells her he cannot do that. The baby she is carrying disgusts him. It embodies the thing he hates most about himself. He sees the baby as the product of two rapists, and that he could never raise the baby. After arguing she decides she will go to the cops because that will mean that Todd will be stuck with the baby when it gets out that it is his. This turn infuriates him even more and he decides he can't let her do that. He chases her and begins to choke her.

After her surprise party, Natalie shows up at John's. She informs him of all of the revelations she had while stuck in the pit. She mentions that she's lost Cristian and so much and that she doesn't want to lose him either. She does admit though that she is not sure they will be able to make it as a couple under normal circumstances. She continues on with her doubts and fears when John decides jus to go for it and kisses her. She kisses him back, and then he remembers Cristian being stuck in his jail cell and that he is hiding something from her. He forces it to the back of his mind and then continues to kiss her.

Kevin and Kelly stay behind for a while after the party and are talking to Viki. She informs them that she's decided to postpone her trip to London and her visit with the heart doctor there. She knows that Natalie is safe now but is still worried about Jessica. Kevin tries to persuade her to stay but she kindly insists that he not worry about it. After Kelly convinces him to let her make her mind up the two take advantage of the chance to spend some time together. They head off to a hotel where they can have a romantic night. As they arrive to their hotel room (Kelly riding piggy back) their lighthearted mood is spoiled a bit when they overhear what sounds like a couple in a heated argument. They try to forget the nuisance, but after it seems that the arguing is getting very intense Kevin decides to go check on things. He is very surprised though to find Todd choking Margaret.

Antonio decides to go to Bo for help finding Jessica. He tells Bo that she's gone missing and informs him of her DID and the risks that Tess could pose. Bo realizes how much danger Jessica can be in when he correlates the similarities between Tess and Niki smith. He then resolves to find Jessica, and they both decide not to bring Viki into the search. Bo would rather she go to London and get the help she needs and in the long run be mad at him for not telling her about Jessica, than keep her from going to London. After meeting with Bo Antonio decides to go check in on Viki. She tells him about the message she got from Jessica and plays it for him. She notices a difference in her voice. Antonio convinces her that Jessica sounds good on the message and that it would be safe for her to go to London. Viki agrees and puts her worries behind her. Antonio lets Viki finish preparing for her trip and heads back to Capricorn, and shortly after Bo shows up. Viki lets him know that she is going to go and he helps her take her things out to the car and takes her to the airport.

Evangeline decides to spend the night at Capricorn. She is getting ready to enjoy her drink when Michael walks in. Michael sits with Evangeline and the two find themselves talking about John. Evangeline has come to the conclusion that the reason they did not work out spurred from the fact that she fell in love with him and he did not fall in love with her. Michael doesn't believe that is the case. He tries to convince Evangeline that there had to be something there because John seemed to care so much about her and they were together for a very long time. Evangeline gets frustrated because John is the last thing she'd rather talk about tonight. She walks off to get another drink. Michael goes after her and finds Marcie. The two exchange awkward glances and the situation gets even more awkward when Hugh walks in behind her and proposes the two share a drink. She is unsure at first but he convinces her sit with him at the hopes that it might cause a bit of jealousy on Michael's part. Michael proceeds to the bar to finish talking with Evangeline. When they get to the bar she introduces him to Layla. She quickly recognizes the last name and starts grilling Michael about John. While talking about John she talks negatively about Natalie. Michael informs Layla that Natalie is actually a good person. She then goes to deliver Marcie and Hugh's drinks. The two talk about their relationships and remember the night at Ultra Violet. Hugh mentions Marcie write another book, this time maybe she could write about good things in hopes that they come true as well. Chapter one would be that Hugh find a keeper in one of the models he dates. Hugh suggests that chapter two include reconciliation between Michael and Marcie. She finds it hard to believe that the two would get back together and mentions that on a serious note she will not write another book again. Layla overhears the affirmation and interjects. She admits that she stayed up all night reading the Killing Club and that Marcie really is a good writer. Hugh agrees but Marcie still seems reluctant to write anymore. She adds that she doesn't see much in the future for her and Michael since he sits across the room and doesn't even act like she's there. Michael however seems to be rather upset over Marcie and Hugh's closeness. Evangeline catches the forlorn look on his face and he admits he's still trying to get over his breakup with Marcie. He offers to help Evangeline with the process of getting over John and the two decide to go get burgers.

Spencer, Blair and David are also at Capricorn. David acts as a chaperone to keep Spencer in line. Blair asks Spencer about Todd's wounds. He admits they could have been caused by an attack but gives her no clear indication that the wounds were caused by Margaret stabbing Todd. Blair steps a way for a few moments and while she's gone David and Spencer find themselves remembering their old days and their scams. David noticed Spencer's interest in Bo Buchanan and asks about his agenda. Though Spencer denies his interest in Bo being caused by the fact that he's dating his ex wife he does not deny a hidden agenda.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Kevin walks out of his hotel room and discovers Todd violently choking Margaret. He grabs Todd and shoves him up against the wall, ignoring his uncle's protests. Margaret says that Todd is not being very fatherly to Todd, Jr., and Todd once again threatens to kill both she and the unborn baby. He breaks his way out of Kevin's hold and starts strangling Margaret, and Kevin once again tears him off of the pregnant woman. Kelly sticks her head out of the hotel room door and asks Kevin what's going on. He tells her to go inside and lock the door. Kevin tells Todd he can't possibly consider killing his child and tries to persuade Todd to let the police handle Margaret. Todd pretends to have cooled down, but ends up lunging at Margaret once again! This time, the psycho pulls a gun on Kevin and Todd and tells Todd that she must have fallen in love with the wrong man. She runs out of the hotel, and Todd screams at Kevin that now she is going to try to murder his family. Todd tells Kevin that he can't tell anyone about this confrontation, reminding Kevin that he owes him one for not locking Asa up in jail. Todd takes off after Margaret in his car, and calls to order extra body guards for Blair, Starr, and Jack. He comes upon Margaret's car crashed by the side of the road and hopes that she's dead. However, the car has been abandoned. Meanwhile, Margaret takes shelter under a nearby graffiti strewn bridge, where she collapses from cramps.

At the hotel, Kevin goes back to his room and wrestles with his conscience. He decides to tell Kelly that it was simply a lovers' quarrel, which he promptly broke up. The two of them get naked and hit the sack.

At Capricorn, Antonio calls his P.I. and demands that the man work harder to locate Jessica. He reminds the P.I. that he can't look for her himself, because he will ruin his chances at winning custody of Jamie. Ginger approaches the bar and recognizes Antonio. She asks him about Jessica, but her turns the tables by inquiring about Tess. Ginger says that she hasn't seen Tess since the time in St. Anne's when Jessica informed her about the multiple personality disorder. Desperate for any information at all, Antonio asks Ginger to tell him all she knows about Tess. She shares the story of the time that Tess saved her from the guy outside the bar, and also relates Tess's good qualities of loyalty and free spiritedness. Antonio wants to know if Tess mentioned a boyfriend, but Ginger has no such information to offer. Left alone at the bar, Antonio looks sorrowfully at a picture of Jessica.

Meanwhile, Ginger watches as Adriana tries to lure Duke to an inn to make love for the first time. Adriana is dressed somewhat scantily, wearing the new bra that Duke had purchased for her. She tells him that they can't keep putting off their love making, but Duke is forced to take an important phone call related to Buchanan Enterprises. He tells her that he will be gone for just one hour, but Adriana is disgusted. She walks over to Ginger, and the two girls engage in a minor quarrel. Ginger accuses Adriana of trying too hard, and of being a phony. Rex has also been watching Adriana and Duke with disdain, and he now comes over to tell Ginger that her attack on Adriana was pointless. Ginger tells Rex that she knows Duke is interested in her by the way he looks at her. Balsom then runs to Adriana's rescue, lavishing her with praise in his drunken state, telling her how sexy she is, as Ginger storms out of Capricorn.

Meanwhile, Nash and Tess are headed to California by train. They have left the train to spend the night in a hotel, and their romance continues to blossom. Tess points out that although she is usually a party girl who likes to be around loud music and lots of people, she has never felt so comfortable as she does right now, alone with Nash. She starts to feel guilty about the horrible things she's done, but Nash reminds her that everybody has things in their past that they are not proud of. Tess says that she was afraid to let Nash into her life, because she never thought someone could care about her in the way that he does. They begin to kiss passionately, and end up making love.

Back in Llanview, Jessica's sister Natalie is about to make love with John McBain. John stops himself, telling Natalie that he has something he must tell her. He says that it's about Cristian. Nat declares that there is nothing he can tell her about Cristian that will change how she feels about him. John says that Cristian is alive, but Natalie thinks he is referring to the impostor. She tells John that she doesn't want to think about that man ever again. She also says that nothing will ever change the love she had for Cristian before his death, but that she can't live in the past forever. She insists that it was John who kept her going in the pit, not memories of Cris. They start to make love once again, but Natalie is the one who stops things this time. Although it's the thing she wants most, she is still fragile from the kidnapping and thinks that making love might be too much for her emotional state at this time.

The episode ends with a montage of Kelly and Kevin, Nash and Tess, and Natalie and John set to the song "You and Me" by Lifehouse.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

At Capricorn, Evangeline tells Nora about how her life is changed. She sees John and Nat together in her mind and is also no longer a workaholic. Layla thinks she should find the truth because she's sure that John has a secret and that her sister is still in love with him. Ginger is questioned by Antonio on Tess' whereabouts but Ginger has other thoughts; she thinks Jess is better off being Tess. R.J. overhears the conversation and immediately has his curiosity aroused but is unable to learn anything from Antonio. Instead, Vega tears into him for not letting him speak to Jamie about their missed visit. They rip into each other before R.J. goes off to get the child who is with the social worker. Antonio asks Ginger not to say anything to R.J. about Jess. Jamie is angry with her dad for missing their last visit but Layla gets the little girl to smile. R.J. corners Ginger, tries to charm her and asks for information on Jess. Ginger lies that Jess is doing something for her family. R.J. tells her she's underage and will have to go elsewhere for fun, that she'll no longer be allowed into Ultraviolet.

An awakening John and Nat share a kiss but decide to take it slowly. John agrees that he doesn't care about the opinions of others except Cristian. Natalie thinks that now that she's with John, she can safely put Cris into her past. An uncomfortable John rips the DNA test page from the file on Cris after Nat goes to take a shower. She's decided to go into work to keep busy. Plus, she'll be near John.

Tess and Nash arrive in Napa but to an unkempt property with dirt, bugs and mice. Not what Tess expected at all and the two argue. Not even a restaurant in sight, Tess exclaims. She decides to leave but returns shortly after, broken shoe in hand. She admits that she'll be like Jess if she settles down and works hard but realizes that she does need love after all. Nash promises that she doesn't have to do anything at all. She presents him with the broken front sign, newly lettered with his name in lipstick. They share a toast to the future with a couple of grapes.

Paige informs Spencer that she hasn't accepted the position of chief of staff of the hospital which annoys him since he recommended her. He can't accept that she's happy and wanting to move on or forget about one particular incident that she wouldn't want anyone to know about. When Bo arrives on business, Spencer just happens to mention the appointment. A surprised Bo congratulates Paige but she quickly decides that she'll turn it down to spend more time with Bo. He wonders if Spencer is bothering her. She denies it and embraces Bo as her former husband looks on. Nora shows up at the hospital for yet another doctor's appointment and is angry that Paige knows about her illness, wondering if she and Bo talk about her in bed. Paige is angry in turn and Nora decides to leave, asking that her visit be kept a secret from Bo. Spencer threatens Paige, wondering what Bo would do if he learned of her secret. He wants friends in high places and would certainly be Paige's enemy if she declined the position.

Bo checks the airlines, but no sign of Jess going to California. Nat and John arrive, share a kiss and are spotted by Evangeline. It's awkward as Evangeline drops off something to be given to Bo. John goes after her to talk but she speaks for him. She advises him that he'll never have to worry about how she feels, ever again. Bo welcomes Nat back and offers to hang out with her. He refuses to be pulled into any disagreement over his feelings about her new relationship with John. Paige stops at the station and tells Bo that she's accepted the offer to be chief of staff after all.

Evangeline heads back to Capricorn and confides her newest feelings to Layla. She saw Nat with John's jacket so she knows they spent the night together. She still has a spare key and wants to toss it. Layla offers to take care of it and she does by letting herself into John's apartment. Evangeline orders Antonio not to miss any more visits with Jamie. She informs him that the social worker has been very impressed with R.J. and Lindsay and warns him not to chase after Jess.

John takes his frustrations out on a punching bag. Later, he makes arrangements to visit Cristian in prison.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Tess sweeps her new home at the winery and is interrupted by James Pavano, who is upset to see a squatter living at his winery. Tess tells him the cottage was filthy when they arrived, and they did him a favor by cleaning it. When Pavano threatens to send her to jail, Tess initiates a sexual flirtation with him, but she is interrupted by Nash, who walks in and demands to know what's going on. When Pavano finds out that the cabin's occupants are among the new orders of the winery, he relaxes and leaves. Nash, on the other hand, is not relaxed; he is upset about seeing Tess using her sexuality to get what she wants and says she is never going to change.

Evangeline tells Antonio that he must focus on proving he is the best parent for Jamie because they are out of time since the custody suit has been moved up to approach the beginning of the school year. Evangeline tells Ant that stability is important and his missing visitation looked bad. She tells him he has to stay in Llanview until the custody hearing and can't go to find Jessica because R.J. has Lindsay on his side, and the two form a functional family for Jamie. Antonio, on the other hand, spends too much time searching for Jessica while Jamie stays with her African-American grandfather. Antonio protests that Jessica is good for Jamie, and asks if Evangeline is asking him to give up on Jessica.

Meanwhile, Rex tells Lindsay that her relationship with Jamie can't erase the pain she feels over losing Jen. She says she knows that no one could replace Jen, but she was trying to do her best to have a life without her. Rex says he knows the feeling but doesn't want Jen to be forgotten, and Lindsay says she thinks of Jen every minute of every day, just as he does. Lindsay tells him Cristian's paintings are in high demand since Cristian is dead.

Layla rummages through John's closet and finds his box of files while Natalie asks Roxy to let her into John's room so she can wait for him. When Roxy and Natalie enter John's room, Layla hides behind the door, but Roxy remarks that she smells flowers. Layla sneaks out before she is discovered, but Roxy catches her in the hall a few moments later as she starts to knock on his door. Thinking quickly, Layla says she's looking for her girlfriend, and after Roxy leaves knocks and introduces herself to Natalie. She berates Natalie, telling her that if it weren't for her, Evangeline would still be happy with John. Natalie then realizes that Layla had come to John's room without knowing Natalie would be there, and she asks her what she is really doing there.

John pressures the prison warden to let him see Cristian, even though the inmate is in solitary because he lost control after learning that Nat had been kidnapped. Later, John spars with a fellow boxer and is distressed when he sees him as Cristian. After "Cristian" lands a punch on John's mouth, John pommels his sparring partner. Catching another punch, John sees an image of his father, who asks, "You aren't mad at me, are you, son?" He gives John, who is still sparring with "Cristian," boxing advice, saying John had called him there. But John becomes angry, saying that his father had lost his right to tell him what to do when he died. John's father observes that his son is mad, and after John knocks "Cristian" down, his father advises him to make sure he knows whom he is really angry at. A vision of Cristian stands by John's father and meets John's eyes levelly. After his sparring partner leaves, John's father points out that Cristian had gotten himself put in solitary confinement by tearing up his cell after hearing about Natalie's kidnapping and may have changed his mind about wanting her to think he's dead. John questions how he knows anything since he's been gone since John was a child. When John's father replies that he has always been there for him, John tells him that he and Mike have been on their own since his death, and that he has been angry since the day his father died. He told his father that his death had messed him up and that everyone he gets close to gets hurt. Protesting, his father points out that he hasn't lost Natalie, but Cristian had. John turns to his vision of Cristian and asks him why he won't talk. John's father answered, saying that Cristian won't answer because John doesn't know what he would say if he found out he and Natalie were embarking on a relationship.

Friday, September 2, 2005

Todd places a phone call to one of his hired hands, informing the guy that he has sent Blair and the kids away to Savannah. He wants Margaret eliminated, even with the "special circumstances" of her pregnancy. Todd goes to answer a knock on the door. It's Ginger, getting ready to leave town. She has brought over good-bye gifts for Starr and Jack. Before she can leave, Todd offers to hire her as a full-time, live-in nanny for Starr and Jack. Ginger is thrilled and immediately accepts the offer. She takes off to Capricorn to tell Antonio that she still hasn't heard from Tess, and that he can get rid of the application she filled out. Antonio thanks her for not telling R.J. about Jessica. Ginger then accepts another phone call and rushes out of Capricorn.

Margaret continues to sit in the alley, plotting her next move. Her cramps have subsided, and she talks to little Todd, Jr. about their lack of money and shelter. She still has the gun, though, which she uses when a shady looking guy comes by for a drug deal. Shocked to discover that the gun has no bullets, Margaret begins to panic. Then she remembers the one person she can turn to and places a phone call. Before long, Ginger shows up in the alley and exclaims, "Aunt Margaret?"

Meanwhile, Kevin shows up at the penthouse to berate Todd for his actions. Todd tells his nephew to mind his own business, but Kevin reminds him that Margaret became his business when she pointed a gun at him. Kevin doesn't believe that Todd could possibly kill his unborn baby, and he says as much. Todd says that Kevin has no idea what he will do, and Kevin starts to take off for the police station. Todd reminds him that he and Blair kept Asa out of jail. If Kevin goes to Bo about Margaret, Todd threatens to spring Hesser from prison and let him take care of Asa. Reluctantly, Kevin agrees to keep mum about Margaret unless she does something else to hurt somebody.

In California, Nash gets ready to go into town and pick up supplies for the winery. Tess is nervous, and begs him not to leave her alone. Nash wants to know why, and she says that she's not sure what will happen if she's left alone. She is also beginning to get sick. Nash tells her that she needs to rest, and promises to return before long. While he's gone, Tess falls asleep and dreams of Jessica. IN the dream, Jessica and Antonio threaten to get rid of Tess once and for all, but Nash comes to her defense. Antonio scoffs that Tess isn't even real. The dream ends, and it appears that Jessica is the one who wakes up. She discovers Nash's note and says "Who's Nash," just as he arrives back from town and opens the door.

Evangeline warns Antonio that R.J. and Lindsay are starting to look very good in the eyes of the courts. She suggests that Antonio put a stop to his search for Jessica and that he tell the case worker that they have split up. Van then takes off for the gallery, hoping to get some information out of Lindsay. While there, she realizes just how close Lindsay and Jamie have become. Evangeline accuses Lindsay of using Jamie to fill a gap left by Jen, and Lindsay assures her that the situation is mutually beneficial for she and Jamie. She also deflates Van's case further by revealing that she is about to move in with R.J. Before Evangeline can leave, Natalie shows up to sign off on some papers concerning Cristian's art. Natalie and Evangeline have words about John, but agree that fighting over a man seems petty in the wake of the tragedy they endured together.

Back at Capricorn, the case worker arrives for a meeting with Antonio. Things are going well until she starts grilling him for information about Jessica. Layla has been eavesdropping on the meeting, and she immediately makes her way over to the table. She announces to the case worker that Antonio and Jessica broke up months ago and that she is now dating Antonio. Layla goes on at length about Jamie and starts to win over the case worker. When the case worker leaves, Antonio blasts Layla for lying. Layla stands strong, reminding Antonio that he needs to play hard ball if he wants to win his daughter back. Reluctantly, Antonio agrees to go along with the charade until the custody hearing is over. He and Layla embrace, just as Natalie walks into Capricorn and spots them together!

Cristian Vega, still known as John Doe to the state, is removed from solitary confinement in order to receive a visitor. He reads an issue of "The Sun" that details Natalie's ordeal and subsequent rescue by Lieutenant John McBain. The warden informs Cristian that McBain is on his way to visit him. Cristian says he's looking forward to seeing him. John soon arrives

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