One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 5, 2005 on OLTL

John visited Cristian and told about his relationship with Natalie. Cristian refused to give his blessing and beat up his new cellmate, Hayes Barber. Tess and Jessica fought for control. John and Natalie made love. Todd hired Jackie to kill Margaret. Bo agreed to allow Rex to do some undercover work. Layla stole some files from John's room that provided information on a very much alive Cristian.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 5, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, September 5, 2005

Due to the Labor Day holiday, today's episode of One Life to Live was a rebroadcast of an episode that aired earlier this summer.

Regular programming will resume tomorrow where Friday's show concluded. There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this pre-emption.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Jessica woke up, horrified to find herself in unfamiliar surroundings. When Nash approached the bed to comfort her, she yelled at him to stay away and said that she wanted Antonio. Nash asked her why she would want to see the man who had dated her dead sister, and Jessica was suddenly struck by a painful headache. She heard Tess's voice, telling her to stay away.

Tess managed to take over once again, and Nash cradled her in his arms. She was rather distant, scared that Jessica might take over at any moment. Nash asked her what was wrong, and Tess said that she had been dreaming of the time when she'd received the news of Jessica's death. In reality, Tess was thinking about the childhood trauma that had caused her to emerge and protect Jessica. When Nash went to fetch her a wet rag for her fever, Tess threatened Jessica to stay away and leave her and Nash alone once and for all.

When Natalie stumbled upon Antonio and Layla in a clinch, she unleashed her fury on behalf of her sister. "How could you do this to Jessica?" she demanded. Layla informed Natalie that while she had been busy stealing John from Evangeline, Jessica and Antonio had broken up. Natalie finally got Layla to shut her mouth, but Antonio knew he had to play along with the ruse if he wanted to win custody of Jamie. He told Natalie that Jessica had split town and that he couldn't take it anymore.

When Natalie expressed disbelief, Antonio pointed out that Jessica hadn't visited her in the hospital. Natalie finally accepted that Layla and Antonio were a couple then she remembered why she had gone to Capricorn in the first place. She informed Antonio that Lindsay had found a buyer for Cristian's art. She also insisted to Antonio that his brother would always be a part of her, no matter what happened between her and John. After she left, Antonio ripped into Layla, who stood firm in her belief that they needed to pose as a couple in order to win him custody of Jamie.

On the Palace terrace, Todd met with Jackie and ordered him to kill Margaret. He warned that she had a medical condition, but did not specifically mention pregnancy. Meanwhile, Dorian and David had lunch with Spencer, and Dorian insisted that she was prepared to let the Truman brothers' secrets remain in the past. David was skeptical of his fiancée's sudden disinterest in the past.

Spencer got called to the hospital, but he realized that he'd misplaced the key to his room. At that moment, Todd marched by their table, and Spencer heard him mention Margaret's name. Dorian let Todd have it, vowing that if Margaret hurt one hair on Blair's head, she would hold him personally responsible. Once Spencer and Todd departed, Dorian assured David that she'd meant what she'd said about letting the secrets stay hidden. Inside her hand, though, was the key to Spencer's room.

John visited Cristian in jail and called him by name. Cristian said that no one was supposed to know who he was, and John promised they wouldn't find out the truth from him. He did think it was time that Natalie knew the truth, but he said he would wait for Cristian to give him permission to tell her. Cristian told John that he wanted Natalie to find happiness with another man, but his tune changed when John said that she was already on her way to finding it -- with him. Cristian said that he wouldn't give McBain his blessing. After John took off, Cristian trashed his cell.

John rushed back to his room and prepared a romantic setting on the roof of the hotel. He summoned Natalie to his chambers, and when she arrived, he took her up to the roof. She asked him what that was all about, and John said he was hoping she would spend the night with him.

Ginger visited Margaret in the trash-strewn alley, but she couldn't understand why her aunt was hanging out in such a place. Margaret explained to Ginger that Todd had turned her out flat and wanted nothing to do with her or the baby. Ginger believed that Todd and Blair had every reason to hate Margaret, and she told her aunt that she could no longer assist her by spying on them. Margaret told Ginger that the Mannings were filling her head with lies. Ginger said that there was no way Todd would have willingly slept with Margaret because he loved Blair too much.

Margaret rewarded her niece's honesty with a slap across the face, then immediately apologized. When Ginger told her aunt that she was moving in with the Mannings and that she would not help Margaret anymore, Margaret pulled a gun on her. When she realized that the gun was not loaded, Ginger told Margaret to turn herself in; she then took off. Margaret shook the gun ominously, vowing that it was the only thing that would help her destroy Todd and Blair.

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Rex met with Bo at the Palace and asked to be considered to do undercover work for him. Bo was pretty skeptical after some of Rex's previous antics but finally relented, asking him to pursue the whereabouts of both Margaret and Jessica. Rex pressed for more information on why there was a need to find Jessica, but Bo basically said that he only wanted to know her whereabouts. Paige arrived to keep a date with Bo, and he asked her to move in with him. Letting him down gently, she explained that her life was too crazy right then. He asked her to think about it.

Kelly overheard Kevin making arrangements to see a woman's bedroom but later learned that she was a real estate agent, and Kevin was about to buy a home for their future. She asked again about the problem encounter that Kevin had had at the motel, and he disclosed only that a pregnant woman had been having issues with the man who was supposedly the baby's father. This pulled her down due to her inability to have children, but Kevin expressed his delight in being Duke's father and stated that he didn't love her any less. Later, Kelly called Spencer to arrange an appointment regarding his new procedure that might help her get pregnant, while Kevin called Todd and advised him that he wouldn't lie to Kelly any longer about Todd's situation with Margaret.

At Capricorn, Layla hung all over Antonio, which took Evangeline by surprise. She doubted her sister's story that she was rehearsing for an audition and informed Antonio that Lindsay was moving in with R.J. to show everyone what a happy family they were. She had her own date with Dr. Phil Jamison, which ended with her in tears as she was unable to talk about herself, telling him instead that she was in love with someone else. Antonio wondered why Layla was not telling the true story to everyone of their supposed relationship; she said she couldn't tell Evangeline because of John. In fact, she kept it to herself, but she still had the key to his room and intended on doing some further investigating.

Up on the roof, Natalie was confused as to why John was suddenly not as distant as he had been previous to his phone call, which she believed was regarding Hayes. He asked to be trusted and said that he had something to deal with. In answer to her question, he claimed that he would be able to accept her being secretive, just as he expected her to accept his keeping things from her because he had to. They shook hands on it and ended up making love.

Downstairs, Layla had let herself into John's room and made a quick grab for his secret file in the closet. Rifling through the files, she grabbed Cristian's folder again and read it more intently. She was able to piece together the fact that John Doe was Cristian Vega, and he was alive.

Cristian had a new cellmate, and it was Hayes Barber, who lost it when he saw Cristian's painting of Natalie. Introducing himself as John Doe, Cristian grabbed Hayes and pushed him up against the bars. Hayes immediately denied having done anything and pinned all blame on Nick Messina and John, offering to help out and go after Nick, since he was elsewhere in the prison. Cristian beat up on Hayes and was dragged off to solitary again but stated that it had been worth it.

Margaret purchased some bullets with the money that Ginger had given her and some wool to do some knitting for the baby. She needed to make a plan to get Todd's attention and thought she'd get Kevin's help, but as she happily knitted away, she heard a noise and began to randomly begin shooting.

Rex began showing both of the missing women's pictures around. When he thought he had a lead on Margaret, he gave Bo a call. They located the place where she had apparently spent some time, finding a baby bootie and a bullet.

Evangeline questioned Antonio about his scene with Layla, but he swiftly changed the subject, denying any involvement.

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Kevin confronted Asa about how his activities were interfering with his relationship with Kelly. He said he was upset with his grandfather for disappearing early in the summer, bribing Hesser to take the heat for what had happened to Blair, and leading Margaret to Llanview and hiding her. He threatened to go to Bo with what he knew, but Asa stopped him by pointing out that Kelly would be upset if Blair were arrested for perjury. Asa was surprised when Kevin let it slip that Margaret had gotten pregnant by raping Todd. Meanwhile, Asa worried that the Buchanan Enterprises merger wouldn't go through because the papers hadn't arrived, but Duke arrived with them in hand. Bo, fresh from a surprise he and Matthew had thrown for Paige to celebrate her job, arrived in time to join a toast to the Buchanans past, present, and future.

While the Buchanan men celebrated the merger, Spencer told someone on the phone that the merger could not have gone through after all he had done to prevent it. He took the call at the Palace dining room, which was the scene of intrigue and suspicion as a number of chance and planned encounters unfolded. Before receiving the call, Spencer dined with Kelly and gave her hope of having a baby. Kelly was thrilled and told David privately that she wouldn't change doctors because Spencer was the best. She made plans to begin treatments the following week, but she decided to keep the plan from Kevin for a while.

Kelly was not the only Cramer woman to share a heart-to-heart with Spencer. Blair had arrived from Savannah in time to hear Todd tell Jackie McNaughton that something had to be done without being traceable to him, and she confided to Spencer that she was concerned because all she and Todd did was fight. But Todd interrupted and told Blair he understood that her inability to lead a normal life because of Margaret was taking its toll. He encouraged her to go to the Craze office that evening to do some work.

After watching Spencer maneuver throughout the evening, David presented him with a napkin where he had diagrammed the people Spencer was stalking in Llanview. He said Kelly had been the target, but falling in love with Blair had been unplanned and had thrown a wrench in the works.

Meanwhile, Dorian had donned a disguise and sneaked into Spencer's room, looking for information on his and David's past. She found a computer file that looked promising, but she couldn't determine the password. She called Adriana to find out how to burn the file to a CD then took it with her.

Not all the action was at the Palace. At Capricorn, Rex called Bo and reported that he was still searching for Margaret then taunted Adriana about not having any fun after Duke left her to work on the Buchanan Enterprises merger problem. She grabbed him and kissed him to prove that he didn't know everything about her. Rex soon turned the tables and pulled her into a passionate kiss, which Ginger saw. As Adriana took the call from Dorian, Ginger told Rex that Adriana's cheating on Duke would make things easier for her. Later, she watched as Rex and Adriana left together after Rex promised to be a gentleman and escort Adriana safely home.

While the encounters took place in public, another was being plotted in a more private place. Margaret sneaked into the Craze office and sent Starr a text message, pretending to be Ginger and asking the young girl to meet her at the magazine office. Starr, who had told Todd she could tell something was going on, convinced her father to let her go to the Craze office to meet Ginger. When she got there, she convinced her bodyguard to wait in the reception area while she awaited Ginger's arrival in the main office. But soon, the lights began going off, thanks to Margaret, who had thrown all the circuit breakers. Alarmed, Starr waited to see what would happen next.

Friday, September 9, 2005

Michael and Natalie had a conversation at Capricorn, in which she told him that she knew how he really felt about her. Michael denied having any feelings beyond friendship, and things became slightly awkward. Meanwhile, across the room, Evangeline blasted Antonio and Layla for their scheme. She warned Antonio that he would lose Jamie if he continued to pretend that he was romantically involved with Layla, but Antonio felt he had to go forward with the plan. He knew he could lose Jamie anyway, so he wanted to give it his best shot.

Evangeline maintained that she could take no part in the scheme, and she asked Layla what she planned to do if Jessica showed up in town the next day. Layla said that all she cared about was keeping Antonio and Jamie together. She then sidestepped the issue by showing Evangeline the file on Cristian Vega that she had stolen from John's closet. Evangeline was horrified that Layla had used the key she had given her to break into John's room, but she was intrigued by the DNA report in the file. Because the report was missing the cover letter, Evangeline told Layla that she'd need to get a doctor to translate the report. Her eyes fell on Michael, but before she could ask him for help, Natalie walked over and blasted Evangeline for having Layla do her dirty work for her.

In Statesville Prison, Cristian was locked in solitary confinement. In the cell next to him resided a familiar face: Carlo Hesser. Hesser taunted Cristian from the other side of the bars, asking him why a John Doe would be so interested in taking revenge on Natalie's kidnapper. Carlo asked why Cristian cared so much about Natalie if he was not really Cristian. As Cristian fell to his knees with a painful headache, it became evident that Carlo Hesser knew that the "John Doe" was actually Cristian, but it was unclear just how he knew.

In California, Nash returned to the winery with cold medication for Tess, only to discover that she was missing. He tracked her down to a bar more than twenty miles away, where she was enjoying her solitude. She blasted Nash for intruding, but he kept his calm and reminded her that he was the one who should be annoyed that his girlfriend kept walking out on him. Tess managed to apologize without actually saying she was sorry and reminded Nash that she had some serious issues that had nothing to do with him.

Nash spotted a man across the room who he recognized as a serious investor in wineries. He took off to chat the man up, and Tess noticed a little girl watching her intently. When Tess walked toward the little girl, she ran into one of the bar's patrons. After excusing herself, she noticed that the little girl had disappeared.

Back in Llanview, at the Palace Hotel, Dorian ripped into Todd once again for drawing Margaret into Blair and the children's lives. Todd remained calm but was also slightly drunk. When he'd had enough of Dorian's badgering, he walked away in the middle of her tirade. Disgusted, she started to rant to David, who discovered the data disc that she was hiding in her bag. She didn't tell him that she'd stolen it from Spencer's room but instead pretended that it was something from the wedding planner.

David received a call from the Craze security monitors, informing him of a power outage. Todd overheard that, and he asked David what was wrong. When David said that the lights at Craze had gone out, Todd became worried.

Meanwhile, at the office, Margaret managed to knock out Starr's bodyguard. She locked Starr into Blair's office, with no lights and no phones. She emerged from the darkness, shining a flashlight onto Starr's face. A terrified Starr wanted to know why Margaret was terrorizing her family. Margaret insulted Starr's outfit and called her a little slut. She also tossed out several insults about Blair.

Starr called Margaret a "bitch," which enraged the pregnant woman. She revealed to Starr that the baby she was carrying was Todd's, but Starr refused to believe it. Margaret pulled a gun on Starr and said that she was going to kill both Starr and Blair, but that Jack would be allowed to live with her. Starr knocked the gun out of Margaret's hand and ran toward the locked door, banging on it, to no avail.

Margaret walked up behind Starr and held a broken piece of glass up to her throat, but Starr bit her and once again got away. Margaret wrestled with her and knocked her to the ground, unconscious. Then, she lowered the sharp glass toward Starr's throat.

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