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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 12, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, September 12, 2005

When Dusty confronts Jennifer about her crystal meth use, she lashes out, "Who the hell are you to tell me what to do?" Near hysterical in her need for the drug, she continues, "If you breathe a word of this to anyone, we are finished!" Determined to confront her, Dusty shows Jen that she is "creating" the same design over and over. Jennifer screams that she is quitting Street Jeans, and orders Dusty out of Barbara's suite. As soon as Dusty leaves, Jennifer swallows handfuls of prescription antidepressants. Barbara returns to the suite and is surprised when Jen suggests that the two of them go back into business together. Jennifer desperately spins a story, telling her mother that Dusty has become so possessive that she must sever their business relationship. She even warns Barbara that she is afraid that Dusty might lash out at her in some way. Just then, Dusty calls and asks Barbara if he can come up and talk with her. When he arrives, he shows Barbara the crystal meth he took from the drug dealer, as Jennifer listens from the next room. Although Barbara defends her daughter and ushers Dusty out the door, she begins watching Jennifer carefully.

Gwen arouses after being drugged by Carly to find baby Rory missing. When Carly arrives with Nancy Hughes, she calls the police, and Gwen frantically calls Will. The fellow who sold Carly the "bottled water" returns Rory, saying he found the pram abandoned around the corner. Margo arrives to question Gwen and asks Gwen what she had to eat and drink. Gwen accuses Carly of drugging her water bottle, and Carly retaliates by demanding that Margo arrest Gwen for endangering Rory. Margo easily talks Carly out of arresting Gwen, since Carly's objective is only to retain custody of the baby. After everyone else leaves, the water vendor returns and Carly pays him for his help. He assures Carly that he has switched water bottles, leaving a clean bottle in the pram for the police to check.

Holden comforts Lily, who is both disappointed in Keith and frightened for Lucinda, when she discovers that Keith has flown her mother to the clinic in Mexico. When they cannot find Luke, Holden and Lily meet a friend of Luke's at Java. Luke's friend tells them that he gave Luke a fake ID so that Luke could buy a bottle of vodka. Meanwhile, in Mexico, Keith tells Lucinda that he has told Lily that Lucinda is there at the clinic, and that they must leave as soon as possible so that he can go home to explain to Lily that he has been transporting human organs illegally. When Keith and Lucinda arrive at the airplane, they find Luke's backpack and an empty bottle of vodka. Keith leaves to try to find Luke, leaving a weak Lucinda in the plane with his gun, with orders to "shoot first and ask questions later." Lucinda quickly calls Lily and Holden to tell them what has happened, but their phone connection fails before the conversation can go any further. Lucinda hears a noise at the door of the plane. Keith goes to the clinic and hears someone (maybe Luke) screaming in pain, just before someone knocks him out.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Will refuses to believe that Margo or Nancy were involved in some conspiracy against Gwen and an angry Gwen throws Will out for not believing her. After, Paul blasts Gwen for ever trusting Carly. Paul is secretly pleased to hear there is a rift between Gwen and Will. Later, Cass informs Gwen that he's dropping her case. Paul persuades Cass to stay but to keep Paul's name out of it. Meanwhile, Jack confronts Carly about what happened. Jack finds it too convenient that this happened right before the next custody hearing, and that it is very similar to what happened to Iris's baby. Carly begs Jack just to support her through the next hearing, but he sends her up to bed alone. Meanwhile, Emily meets with Margo and learns things look bad for Gwen. Later, Margo questions whether moving Daniel into the penthouse with Paul is a wise decision and Emily orders Margo to mind her own business. Meanwhile, Casey tells Will that Gwen played Will just like she played Casey. Though Will does have doubts, he doesn't like hearing Gwen badmouthed and refuses when Casey invites Will to his senior year kickoff party. Maddie reads Byron's latest email about how he always admired Katie's pink sweater. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Henry has gotten a clean bill of health, and a suspicious Mike asks if he's faking. Henry denies, but feels guilty. Later, a delivery boy brings a package for Katie. Puzzled Katie opens it to find a pink sweater and admits she has no idea who it's from. Mike confides in Katie that he thinks Henry sent the sweater and the flowers, and is faking his injury. Inside, Maddie slips up and Henry forces her to come clean about Byron. Angry Henry demands that she stop and throws open the door to get rid of Maddie's computer only to find himself face-to-face with Mike and Katie.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dusty went to the hospital to ask Meg's advice on how a person reacts on Crystal Meth. Meg explained that the drug was very addictive, was very bad for the person's health, and was a very hard drug to kick. Meg told Dusty she knew about Jen's drug habit and that she tried to tell him about it but he blew up at her and told her to stay away from Jen. Dusty apologized for his behavior and wanted to know what he should do about Jen. Meg said Jen could not be helped unless she wanted to help herself. Meg asked Dusty about their relationship and why he did not want more than just fun and games out of a relationship. Dusty told her that he is not that type of man and that is all he could offer her.

Will told Paul that he had a fight with Gwen because he did not believe her accusations against Carly. Paul told Will that he should just walk away from his friendship with Gwen. Outside Jen took a handful of antidepressants before going into see Paul and Will at the coffee shop. Jen sat down and told them that she quit Street Jeans and was partnering up with Barbara. Paul thought that was a terrible idea and wanted to know why she left Street Jeans. Jen told Paul that Dusty was becoming to controlling of her life and that Dusty started to make up lies about her and warned Paul not to believe Dusty if he can to him. Jen asked Paul to come and work with her and Barbara. Paul was reluctant at first but when Emily came and told him she thought it was a good idea Paul agreed to give it a try.

Jack tried to convince Carly to the judge the truth about she did to Gwen. Carly refused by saying she was doing what was best for her sister's baby. Carly asked Jack to go to the courthouse with her but he refused. At the urging of Cass, Gwen told the judge she did not know who the father of her baby was. The judge asked Gwen about the incident at the park and Gwen told the judge that Carly drugged her. The judge told Gwen that the lab results showed no evidence of drugs. The judge ruled that he needed to further evaluate Gwen and in the meantime Rory would remain in the custody of Jack and Carly. After everyone left the courtroom Iris showed demanding more money from Carly. Carly told her she would not be blackmailed anymore and told Iris to get out of her life.

Henry admitted to Mike and Katie that he had been lying about the extent of his injury. They accused Maddie of being Katie's secret admirer but Henry not wanting his sister to get in trouble took the blame. Katie is so hurt by Henry's actions she threw him and Maddie out of the cottage.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

When Carly won't cave to her demands for cash, Iris threatens to call the papers about Carly's past. But Carly calls her bluff and in the end, Iris is thwarted. As she leaves, Iris learns the name of Rory's birth mother for the first time and reacts. Meanwhile, an angry Gwen lashes out at Will over her frustration of losing at the hearing. She calls Will on his motives for helping her and drives her only friend further away. When he leaves, Gwen is left all alone until she gets an unexpected visitor - her mother, Iris! Meanwhile, as Dusty finds Hal and tells him about Jennifer's Meth abuse, Jennifer is thrilled over Paul's agreement to work with her and mother. Alone, Emily tells Paul that Gwen has failed to get her baby back and feels they must have a back-up plan to keep the baby away from Jennifer. Paul decides to propose a trip to get Jennifer away for a while. In the meantime, he suggests Emily do her best to convince Carly to give the baby back to Gwen. Meanwhile, Jennifer is coming down from the drugs and Barbara nearly catches her freaking out. Jennifer covers and Barbara insists she rest. Hal then arrives but both Barbara and Paul stop him from seeing Jennifer. As they battle, Jennifer finds the death certificate of her baby and has a hallucination that her child is alive. She screams when she realizes there is no baby and the others rush in to see a broken down Jennifer. Lily and Holden arrive in Mexico and learn that now both Keith and Luke are missing. When Lily blames some of what's happened on her mother, Lucinda tries to shift the blame by revealing Keith's line of work. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Holden confronts the doctor at the clinic. In the middle of the argument, Lucinda shocks all by suddenly collapsing.

Friday, September 16, 2005

At La Clinica de la Vida in Mexico, Lucinda collapses, and Lily says she's burning up with fever. When Lucinda comes to, the doctor wants to examine her, but Lily and Holden won't let him. He lets them go into his office to wait for Lucinda's next treatment, which Lucinda insists she intends to have. Holden follows the doctor out and accuses him of running an illegal operation involving smuggling human organs; the doctor says Keith only met a former employee of his there and that the clinic has nothing to do with it. He leaves, and Holden overhears a conversation in Spanish between a Mexican couple and the clinic receptionist; they're rebuffed by the receptionist when they ask to speak with the doctor, and Holden overhears the daughter tell the father that last week, everything was okay, but the father replies that perhaps it's for the best, because he is the one who should "be doing this," not his daughter. Speaking Spanish, Holden asks them what their appointment was for; they don't want to talk to him, then he shows them a picture of Luke and asks if they've seen him. The say they haven't seen Luke, and they leave. Holden asks the receptionist/nurse why she told them they couldn't see the doctor, and she says because people come in all the time hoping for free appointments or treatments. He then asks the nurse what is kept in the room she just locked up, and the nurse says it's where they keep their patient records.

Meanwhile, Lily tells Lucinda they are all in this illness together and that Lucinda needs to start acting like they are; they embrace, and Lucinda agrees to return to Oakdale with Lily. Holden comes in, and Lily tells him she's arranged for a pilot to fly Lucinda back to Oakdale. Holden tells Lily she should go with Lucinda, because Lucinda is feeling so weak. Lucinda and Lily leave, with Lily telling Holden to call her whether he hears anything about Luke or not. Holden says he will, and after they leave, he takes a screwdriver out of his pocket and breaks into the locked room where the clinic nurse said they kept their patient records. On the floor of the room, he finds something that belongs to Luke.

Iris visits Gwen, saying she heard that Gwen was in trouble and had had a baby and was fighting for custody. She says she can't believe her little girl has grown up and made her a grandma. Gwen suspects Iris wants the trust fund money; Iris claims not to know about it and says she just wants to help Gwen, and that maybe between the two of them, they can figure out the motherhood thing. Despite Gwen's misgivings, she invites Iris to stay, and Iris asks Gwen to tell her the whole story. When Gwen mentions Carly by name, Iris acts like she has no idea who Carly is, but she tells Gwen that everyone has a weak spot, and if they hit Carly in the right spot, she'll come tumbling down.

Jack comes home to find that Carly has arranged for the whole family to go to the Lakeview for dinner. The boys are excited, but Jack is still upset with Carly about setting Gwen up and doesn't want to go out. The boys bring out the family's mailbox, to which they've added Rory's name (at Carly's suggestion), and Jack finally agrees to go to the restaurant with them. At the restaurant, while Jack parks the car, the kids talk about Rory and ask Carly if his "other mommy" will get to visit him. Carly says no, that the judge decided the other mommy couldn't take care of a baby properly; she tells the kids the other mommy left Rory alone, and the kids say that's a bad thing. They see Jack, who has overheard the conversation and is obviously upset. Carly gets the desk clerk to agree to keep an eye on her kids while she goes after Jack. Jack is now mad because not only has she lied to the judge, she's also lied to their kids about Gwen, and he thinks that's pretty rotten. She tells Jack it sounds like he doesn't really want Rory in their family.

Upstairs in Barbara's suite at the Lakeview, Hal, Paul, and Barbara hear Jennifer scream; they go in and find Jennifer crumpled, speechless, on the floor. Jennifer finally comes around and says she found the baby's death certificate and lost control of herself. Hal insists on talking to Jennifer alone, and he accuses her of abusing meth. She denies it, becoming angry and saying that Dusty is being vindictive and controlling, that he wants Jennifer to be in trouble so he can protect her. Hal tells her that Meg Snyder told Dusty that she found a bag of crystal meth in Jennifer's purse; Jennifer denies that too and says Meg's motivation would be to get Dusty to not be interested in Jenn. Hal says that doesn't make any sense and that Barbara might believe Jenn's stories, but he's not buying them. He tells her quite firmly that he has seen plenty of drug users, and he knows what he's seeing. Jennifer swears she's not using drugs; just then, Hal gets a call from the station and has to leave, but he tells Jennifer that their conversation is not finished. Jennifer says it is because she's fine, and Hal hugs her and says he hopes she is. When he leaves, Jennifer has a flashback to the day she spilled some meth on the carpet in Barbara's suite, and she drops down to her knees and begins frantically clawing at the carpet, trying to scrape up some of the spilled meth.

Downstairs in the restaurant, Paul and Barbara have drinks and discuss Jennifer's situation. Paul tells Barbara that Jennifer needs to get away, and Barbara agrees and suggests a place, but Paul says Barbara isn't invited, that Jenn needs to get away from Oakdale and from everyone who will remind her of her son. Barbara is angry with Paul's tone, but Paul insists he's right about this. Then Paul notices Jack and Carly at the bar and sees a waiter carrying a high chair over by them, and he realizes they're out for dinner with the kids, including Rory. He excuses himself and heads over in their direction; as he passes, he overhears Jack telling Carly that she can try to justify what she did all she wants, but it won't change the fact that Gwen should not have lost her baby that way.

Jennifer gets off the elevator and walks past the pram; looking inside, she asks Parker and JJ if she can hold the baby. They say sure, so she picks him up, and looking at him in amazement, she says, "It's you, isn't it? You're my baby!"

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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