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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 12, 2005 on GL
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Monday, September 12, 2005

Harley and Gus find Coop inside the garage, moments before the dangerous gas leak could do any serious damage. Harley insists Coop go to the hospital to get checked out, but Coop rushes off to Lizzie instead. Meanwhile, Lizzie is disappointed Coop's been a no-show and is giving up on their surprise wedding when he finally arrives. Lizzie is sure that Beth and Alan are to blame for trying to keep Coop away from her and Harley promises to investigate. Later, she and Gus come up empty and decide to resume their honeymoon instead, while Coop and Lizzie reluctantly part ways. But, Coop gets a surprise when, unbeknownst to Lizzie, he finds out about the wedding she was going to spring on him. Michelle declares her love for Danny when Marina enters. A guilty Michelle suggests to Marina that she feels close to Danny only because of her realistic hallucination. Marina questions Michelle about the night she lost her baby. Meanwhile, Father Ray and Danny discuss the possibility that the baby could have been Danny's. Later, as Danny and Michelle continue to push aside their feelings, Marina calls Mallet with a request. Dinah uses Edmund's cell phone to call Cassie. However, Edmund is with Cassie when her phone starts to ring and he answers the call first and covers. Edmund leaves Cassie and Jeffrey to a fun, romantic day while he goes off to reprimand Dinah. But, when he arrives at the recreated farmhouse, he gets a surprise when Dinah tries to seduce him into accepting a future with her. But when he rejects her, Dinah forces him to face the fact that Cassie loves Jeffrey, not him. Hurt, Edmund leaves Dinah alone to wallow in her loneliness while he goes off to play family.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Harley and Gus arrive for a planned welcome home party from the Coopers. In all the joy of being back with the family, it's clear Gus is reluctant to end their honeymoon and re-enter the real world. It's especially evident because he knows it's time to take the Spaulding reins. Later, Mallet welcomes Harley home and assures her he'll be as tough a mentor for Marina as he was for her. Harley heads off to Spaulding to remind Gus the honeymoon isn't quite over yet.

Marina continues to be a good friend to Michelle. But when Michelle speaks of her inability to understand how the accident could have happened, Marina can't help but start to wonder if it was really an accident. She becomes suspicious of where Michelle was living before the accident and whether or not she could have made any enemies. She gets nowhere when she asks Mallet to look into the 911 calls made the night of Michelle's accident. Mallet encourages her to keep following her gut instinct. Meanwhile, Michelle has another vision of her mother. Maureen tells her that her baby is not dead. Michelle relays this dream to Danny. When Marina gets word of it, her suspicions continue to grow. Meanwhile, Danny struggles with his conflicted feelings.

As she prepares to leave town on a business trip, Olivia lets Ava know what she expects from her while she is gone. The topic of conversation turns towards Ava's unprofessional appearance. She quickly sells Olivia on the idea of letting her borrow clothes from the Beacon boutique. She models them for 'judge' Jonathan. Jonathan, in spite of himself, enjoys it.

Meanwhile, Tammy continues her investigation into Sandy's past. Unknown to Sandy, goes to a town he mentioned. After a tip from Jonathan, she checks out the local church. Sandy meets with the suspicious character, Fallon, and warns him to get lost.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

After a nightmare in which Cassie learns Hope is Michelle's, Edmund is more determined than ever to use the baby to draw Cassie back to him. He pushes her to move ahead with the baby's christening and though Cassie is thrown, she ultimately agrees. They ask Reva and Josh to be the godparents and though Reva and Josh have reservations because of their separation, they accept the offer. Meanwhile, Michelle confides in her brother all the heartache she feels at the loss of her child. She tells Rick she needs to find some way to let go of the baby and asks him to deliver a present to Edmund and Cassie. Later, Rick comes to the house on behalf of Michelle and Edmund fears he may be caught until he realizes Rick has simply brought a present from Michelle. Later, Rick returns to an eager Michelle and reports that they named the baby Hope. Meanwhile, fearing that the situation is beginning to get out of control, Edmund discourages a concerned Cassie from going to see Michelle but decides that he needs to pay Michelle a visit, himself. Later, Reva and Josh get into a heated conversation where Josh admits that though he wants to get back together, he might not always be available. Reva then gets a visit from someone she's very happy to see while Josh is propositioned by a beautiful woman. Jonathan tracks down Tammy to a small town where she is looking for clues about Sandy's past. They speak to a minister who tells them he can show them Sandy Foster but the pair are confused when the minister brings them to a tombstone with the name Sandy Foster on it. Tammy doesn't know what to think about her enigmatic boyfriend and Jonathan offers her a rare showing of support.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Lizzie surprises Coop at the garage. He tries to push her away. But then he confronts her about her failed plans for their wedding. He is angry about her lies. She asks him to teach her about being open and honest.

Alan arrives at Cedars complaining of illness. When his guard leaves him to his own devices, he calls Beth to warn her about the board meeting to select a new CEO. He has a little surprise in store for Gus - his allies on the board will back Beth instead of him.

Lizzie comes to Cedars to see her "Grand step-daddy." She demands to know why he sent someone to kill Coop. She tells him she's finally found someone worth fighting for. Alan asks her to come to the board meeting. She plans to vote for Gus. He tells her the right person for the job is Beth, who is flying in for the meeting. Lizzie shows her true Spaulding colors and tells a nurse to run every test available on Alan. She phones Beth's pilot to report Alan has been Med Evacuated to Boston.

Stephanie, an employee at the television station, comes on to Joshua, much to his surprise. He tells her he is a very married man. Reva confides in Billy about her problems with Joshua. She arrives at Company to see Joshua laughing with the attractive young employee. Reva pretends she is on her way to see a friend. Joshua tries to explain what happened with Stephanie, but Reva says she is fine with it.

Marina continues to probe into Michelle's accident. Danny cautions her that investigating the accident will prevent Michelle from healing. Marina promises Danny to stay out of it but asks a nervous Edmund if he saw Michelle before the accident. He tells her that she's way off base and she should be worrying about where Danny is.

Michelle thanks Edmund for all he did for her. She vows to do whatever it takes to remember exactly what happened the night of the accident. He asks her not to tell anyone else about how he helped her. Danny arrives with Robbie to take her home from the hospital. When she plans to leave town, Danny tells her that he and Robbie need her.

Friday, September 16, 2005


Edmund is holding baby Hope outside Company, telling her how she'll help reunite him with Cassie, but before everyone can live happily every after, Michelle and Jeffrey need to "go away." He then goes into Company where he comes across Cassie and Jeffrey (who appears to have caught a cold) having lunch. When asked if there's been any word from Dinah, Edmund says no, prompting Cassie to state that she's really worried about her. Edmund then leaves Hope with Cassie since Hope has a doctor's appointment, Jeffrey goes with her to get medicine for his cold.

In the farmhouse replica, Dinah starts to read about Michelle losing her baby in an accident. Suddenly, Edmund comes in, ranting about how devoted Cassie is to Jeffrey. Dinah tries to explain that the hold Jeffrey has is that he looks like Richard, but Edmund's not really listening. He starts to talk about how he wants Cassie and him to raise their child together. When Dinah questions what he means, Edmund quickly changes the subject. Dinah's getting frustrated by all his talk about Cassie and demands to be let out of confinement. Edmund's not willing to do that though. He's shocked when she brings up the news about Michelle's baby. Seeing the look on his face, Dinah reads the article and figures out that Edmund must have taken Michelle's baby! Edmund doesn't deny it--in fact he appears to relish in telling her about his perfect plan. As Edmund tries to convince a horrified Dinah that this was the best solution for everyone, Dinah suddenly starts to freak out about being held prisoner. Telling Edmund she's suffering from a panic attack, Dinah gets him to refill her anti-anxiety prescription. While he's gone, a very calm Dinah decides to drug Edmund so she can escape and make him pay for what he's done to her.

Jeffrey and Edmund have gotten their respective prescriptions filled and literally run into each other on the street. Edmund drops Dinah's prescription which Jeffrey picks up. Jeffrey is shocked to see that they're for Dinah and they were filled today.

Michelle and Danny are at the Bauer house discussing her plan to leave town to put distance between herself and what she lost. Danny doesn't think her leaving is a good idea, and tries to convince her that her other baby, Robbie, needs her at home. At this point, Ross arrives to check up on Michelle. After they talk about the missing Dinah, whom Ross is very worried about, Michelle asks Ross if he's seen Cassie's baby. Before Ross can answer, Danny pulls him aside and explains that he's trying to distract Michelle from thoughts of her baby. When Ross leaves so he can file a missing persons report on Dinah, Michelle asks Danny if they can go see Cassie and the baby. Danny's not too keen on that idea and tells her she should just focus on Robbie. Michelle quietly states that she's surprised he even wants her to stay. Michelle starts to lament that had the baby had lived, things would be totally different between them. Danny's not so sure since they don't even know if that was his child. Michelle asks Danny what would have happened if it were; Danny can't answer that question. Soon after, the rosebush that Danny ordered is delivered. He tells Michele that he thinks they should plant it in honor of her child. Michelle is very moved and gives him a hug, which causes her to wince in pain. Danny decides to take Michelle to the hospital. There at Cedars, Michelle sees Cassie holding her baby.

Gus and Harley arrive at Spaulding Enterprises for the board meeting. While Harley is trying to encourage Gus that he'll do fine, Blake walks in and informs them that Alan is at the hospital. Gus is certain this is a ploy by Alan and leaves to confront him. Blake meanwhile tries to get Harley to admit that Gus running Spaulding might not be the best thing for their marriage, considering that Harley's other two Spaulding marriages were disasters. Harley shrugs it off and tries to convince Blake, and herself, that she's okay with Gus running the company because Gus is different.

Alan receives an unexpected visitor--India! India is not happy to see Alan at all since he killed the only man she ever really loved. Alan points out that Phillip never loved her to begin it, his heart was always with Beth. After discussing Beth, who India doesn't have a high opinion of, India informs Alan that she's there to ensure that Spaulding Enterprise's doors are closed to him forever--even if that means voting for Gus as CEO. After telling Alan to rot in hell, India leaves. Soon after, Alan gets another visitor--Gus. Gus tells Alan that he knows he's in the hospital because of the meeting. Gus tells Alan that he only wants to save the company ad the family, but Alan's not impressed and tells Gus it's a bad idea. He tells Gus that he'll ruin his marriage in the process. Alan tells Gus that the position of CEO will shift his priorities and eventually Harley will lose all respect for him.

Back at Spaulding, everyone has arrived for the board meeting (except for Beth who, thanks to Lizzie, is stranded in Boston) and the meeting begins. While Gus is giving his speech about wanting to get the company back on track, Alan's words come back to haunt him. Suddenly doubtful, Gus tenses up and then just walks out to get some air. While he's gone, Alan calls for a vote, but Harley asks to speak first. Harley speaks eloquently about 'Spaulding needing to embrace honesty and integrity and working to make people's lives better. She encourages the board to vote for Gus. When she's finished, she leaves the room so the board can vote and runs into Gus. Harley tells Gus that she spoke on his behalf, but he tells her not to worry about it since he's decided he doesn't want the job anyway. Gus is convinced that the board isn't going to vote for him, especially since he just cut out and decides to go to the cafeteria to get something to eat. After he's left, Blake comes out and tells Harley that the board has voted on a new CEO. In the boardroom, Harley is shocked to learn who they picked---her!

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