One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 19, 2005 on OLTL

Todd rocked the rowboat he sat in with Margaret, knowing that she couldn't swim. Kelly learned she was a good candidate for surgery, though Kevin heard of the many risks. Evangeline offered to help Cristian after learning the truth. Evangeline accused John of using her to get to Natalie.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 19, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, September 19, 2005

Dorian played dirty with her daughter Adriana when Adriana discovered that her mother had a disc with all sorts of stuff on the Buchanans. Adriana threatened to tell Duke when Dorian counter-threatened: she'd drop the news that Adriana had kissed Rex. Dorian tried to convince Adriana that she was only snooping around Buchanan business because she has the Cramer interests at heart. Adriana couldn't believe that her mother was actually threatening her. When Duke showed up, Adriana appeared to be about to tell Duke everything, but she just said that Dorian had hacked into her wedding gift registry because she wanted to see how much people were spending on her. Adriana won, sort of. She was still able to paint Dorian as an awful person. She also left her mother with the following parting words: I hate you. Adriana and Duke went out and immediately ran into Rex. (Duke was getting changed for the juke box, so Adriana was alone). Poor Rex got blasted: "Because of you I had to lie to Duke."

David tried to cheer up a moping Dorian, who told him she had had a fight with Adriana. David sent her up to prepare a bath. David then tried to find that mysterious disc in her purse but instead found a key, the key to Spencer's hotel room, the one Spencer had lost.

Starr seemed quite burdened with the secret Todd had asked her to keep. She couldn't sleep (neither could Jack, apparently) so she came down to see Blair. She decided not to tell her mother anything, but kept asking very pointed questions: "What if Margaret had a baby with dad, would that baby deserve to be loved?" asked Starr. Blair didn't understand why Starr was even thinking those things. "The whole thought of it makes me sick to my stomach," said Blair.

Spencer popped in on David at the Craze offices. David accused his brother of being after Blair, "I'm on to the con. You came here to talk about Blair." Spencer would neither confirm nor deny (as usual) but did say he wanted to be friends with Blair. Spencer predicted that Todd would soon self-destruct and that he'd be there for Blair. Spencer accused David (more or less) of having taken his hotel room key for snooping purposes. David denied, as he had nothing to do with that. (See paragraph no. 2.)

Todd took Margaret out in a small rowboat, destination a deserted island. Todd played along with Margaret at first, he was quite nice to her and agreed with Margaret that they needed to trust each other. Todd was so convincing that Margaret even tossed her gun into the water. Though Margaret made no secret of the fact she couldn't swim, she did get into the rowboat. But then Todd started to get creepy. First he said he wasn't sure the baby was his. Then he added that he never wanted to see the baby, because then he might care for it, and he didn't want that to happen. "You can't kill me," Margaret said. Todd replied, "You signed your own death warrant when you went after my daughter." Todd then stood up (not recommended when in a rowboat) and Margaret began screaming out for help. The next time we saw Todd, he'd climbed onto the dock, and Margaret was nowhere to be seen or heard. The rowboat was empty. Fade out.

Happily reunited Kelly and Kevin snuggled a bit and talked about their happy future and starting a family. Kevin admitted he didn't like being indebted to Spencer (because Spencer was going to help Kelly get pregnant) and made it clear to Kelly that her having a baby wasn't a prerequisite to their reconciliation. Kevin brought up the subject of remarriage, but Kelly wasn't eager to walk down the aisle again.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Todd crawled up on the dock, dripping wet (naturally), and immediately had to hid from some guys hanging around the dock. The two men noticed the empty rowboat just drifting, but didn't really do anything about it.

Kelly woke up with a start. She had had a nightmare; she dreamt she and Kevin were sleeping happily and someone came into the room, someone who would destroy them and their newly-refound happiness. After some self-analysis, Kelly explained that the person in her dream had been her, she would be the one to destroy their happiness. Kevin assured her that wasn't true.

Spencer caught Ginger in Blair's Craze office with her hand full of cash she had recently taken out of the cookie jar, er, petty cash box. Ginger tried to explain her way out of it — she was originally in Blair's office to find Starr's IPod — but Spencer accused her of stealing from her employer. Ginger said she'd pay them back and asked him to please not tell the Mannings. "Please, I need this job..." and added that she loved Llanview and was interested in Duke Buchanan. Spencer promised to keep quiet, got her to put the money back and then gave her some cash, from the looks of it, a lot of it. Ginger was grateful and Spencer assured her he would find a way for her to pay him back.

Bo popped in on Blair looking for Todd. Bo and Blair talked about Todd's rage, the hell Margaret had put the Mannings through, etc. Bo asked Blair to have Todd contact him and headed out. As Bo was leaving, Todd came up the back staircase (still pretty wet) and then waited for Bo to exit. He tiptoed in to the penthouse, dried off, grabbed some clothes and headed out into the hall, ostensibly to change in the stairwell. Unfortnately, his chatty neighbor was suffering from some jetlag and caught him sneaking out. After some small talk about Ginger and how responsible she was (see above paragraph, obviously NOT) the neighbor did ask, "How did you get so muddy?" Uh-oh. Todd then changed in the stairwell, dumped his clothes down the garbage chute, wiped the mud off the floor and entered the penthouse where he was greeted by Blair perched on the stairs. "Where were you?" Where indeed. Todd told Blair that he knows, JUST KNOWS, that Margaret is out of their lives for good. Blair wanted to believe him but wondered how he could be so sure. Meanwhile, the boat was seen just drifting away.

David asked Dorian who the key card belonged to. He suspected that not only was the key Spencer's but that Dorian had already done some snooping. Dorian did some quick Dorian-style thinking and said it was the key to the honeymoon suite. He bought it, yeah right. David proposed a toast to their new era of trust. While the two were dancing a disc fell out of Dorian's jacket pocket and David demanded that Dorian tell him what was on the disc. David popped the disc into Dorian's laptop and saw the file on Buchanan stuff. "My, my, Spencer, what are you up to?" Adriana came home, ignored her mother and just said hello to David. She made it clear that she wasn't going to be bullied by Dorian again.

At Rodi's, Rex interrupted Adriana and Duke's date. Rex asked Duke if he was going to ditch Adriana yet again. Duke agreed that Rex was right but from now on he'd focus his attentions on Adriana and with that kissed her. Rex glared from the bar. Duke (a very nice guy it seems) understood why Adriana befriended him but then suggested they not hang out too much, because, in Duke's words, "that guy is trouble."

Paige and Bo talked her imminent relocation to his house. Rex updated Bo on his investigation — Jackie was pretty sure Todd had plans of his own to rid the world of Margaret. Rex reclaimed his bar stool and continued glaring at Adriana and Duke. Ginger called him on the glaring which caused Rex to storm out to the boxing club where he began to punch things. Adriana feigned exhaustion and wanted to go home via cab even though Duke had his car. Ginger, not one to miss a golden opportunity, offered Duke some sympathy (she assumed, incorrectly, that Adriana had just been dumped) and then told him all about the Rex/Adriana kiss she had witnessed.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

As Kelly sleeps soundly, Kevin awakens her with a kiss and breakfast in bed, which they share. He brings up marriage but she's too happy and is afraid they'll be jinxed if they tie the knot again. He's concerned in the event they have a baby but Kelly tells him it's a big if and if things work out she'll reconsider.

Duke surprises Adriana by storming into the house as she sits down to eat a bowl of cereal. He's heard about her kissing Rex and wants some answers. The argument erupts as he's not only positive that she's guilty but suggests that she's changed since hanging around her mother. Adriana is fit to be tied and even more so when he accuses her of having feelings for Rex. She charges him with having a big ego and of being spoiled since he's a Buchanan. When she learns that Ginger is the one who passed on the information, Adriana can hardly contain herself. Ginger has been after Duke since she met him, she exclaims. Duke scoffs at the idea. Adriana admits to enjoying the kiss with Rex but is now angry with everyone, including Rex. When Duke indicates that Asa's opinion of the women in Adriana's family is correct, she storms out of the house.

Nat wakes up to a dismal looking John who promptly tells her that it's not going to work. He wants to take more responsibility; he's thinking he'll hurt her and blame himself. He acknowledges that his feelings for her are growing stronger while she reassures him that she doesn't expect him to share his feelings with her 24/7.

While Rex searches for the meaning of life in his cup of coffee, he's approached by Layla who tries to make some small talk. When he doesn't go for it, she mentions that she'd like to know more about John. Rex thinks he's trouble which provokes Layla into spouting off her usual novel about John ruining Evangeline's life. Rex reminds her that John is now with his own sister, though he does say that he believes that John is just too closed down to love. John and Natalie arrive just then and she's not too happy to see her brother with Layla. She'd prefer that Rex defend her honor; Rex thinks she should defend her own and dump John before he does it first. The two begin to bicker but Rex is merely worried about her, he says. Nat justifies her relationship by reminding Rex that John went through a great deal to save her life and that he's good to her. She accepts his faults and she will have nothing get in the way of her happiness. Off to the side, John and Layla chat briefly as he wonders where Evangeline might be. When she brings Cris into the conversation, John is immediately suspect, especially when she mentions his secret files. John excuses himself and tells Nat he'll see her at the station.

Cris receives a visitor and expecting to see Natalie, is surprised to find Evangeline instead. She immediately goes on the offensive by announcing that she knows he's Cristian and not to bother denying it. He does deny it but she flaunts the DNA test results report in his face and announces that furthermore, she knows that John knows. When he finally gives in to her accusations, she admits that John doesn't know she's there. He explains how he didn't know his true identity until his memory started to return; it was a shock to him as well and too late to say anything after he had already pleaded guilty. He divulges that he asked John to keep his identity a secret as well as to keep Natalie safe. Evangeline suggests that his case should be re-opened due to his brainwashing though Cris doesn't buy into her positive spin. He can't remember anything or place or any of the people. She offers her help in defending him and getting him out of prison, using Natalie as bait. She won't let him be accountable for his actions and he can be with Natalie if he loves her, she entices him. He can be a martyr and die alone or reclaim his wife and life.

Rushing home, John heads right for his closet and the hidden files. He searches through them frantically but he can't locate Cris' file and goes crazy.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rex presses an irked Natalie to dump her inconsiderate boyfriend. Meanwhile, John searches frantically through his closet and is outraged to discover certain files missing. Though Cris advises her to forget about him and the DNA results, Evangeline insists on going forward with plans for an appeal. Hugh admits to a startled Marcie how he went behind her back to create a blog of her latest work. Roxy describes for John the girl she caught snooping near his room recently. Todd promises a worried Starr that Margaret will never bother them again. Though Marcie berates him for stealing her private journal pages, Hugh points out how hundreds of women have already responded to the blog with positive feedback. Evangeline finally convinces Cristian to fight for his freedom and his wife. Matthew catches Bo off guard by expressing a hope that his dad and Paige will soon give him a baby brother. Michael's casual remark about Evangeline's sudden interest in DNA sends chills down John's spine. Bo gently explains to his son why he's not ready to share him with another kid just yet. Rex helps Hugh persuade Marcie to continue blogging for the sake of her many new fans. Evangeline confronts John following her trip to Statesville.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Tess and Nash are hanging out in a bar. The manager notices that Tess looks just like the Jessica Buchanan pictured on the MISSING poster. He goes off to make some phone calls, and Tess approaches the bar tender to order some drinks. When the bar tender calls her Jessica, Tess is livid. She pays him off to keep his mouth shut and throw away the poster, then fights off Jessica's attempt to gain control of the body. Jessica warns Tess that there are people who love her and will not stop looking for her. Jessica/Tess runs out of the bar, leaving Nash puzzled.

Kevin drops by the penthouse to speak with Todd. Todd sends Starr off to check the mail, so that she will not overhear the conversation. Blair comes downstairs and is livid that Todd has let Starr go off unattended. Todd's mood is very different, and he assures Blair that they no longer need the bodyguards. He informs her that Margaret left town, but Blair feels that the lunatic will come back when they aren't looking for her. She runs off to check on Starr, and Kevin tells Todd that he knows something went down the previous night. Todd tells Kevin that he doesn't care what he believes, but Kevin persists. He tells Todd that he would have taken drastic action if a woman had kidnapped and raped him. Starr comes back upstairs in time to hear Kevin's words towards Todd. She takes off for her bedroom, and when Dorian and David show up to take she and Blair to visit Addie, Starr says that she has too much homework. Blair leaves with Dorian, but David makes an excuse and cuts off to see Paige. When they are alone, Todd calls Starr downstairs and asks her how much of his conversation with Kevin she overheard. She cuts to the chase, asking her dad point blank if it is true that Margaret raped him.

Bo and Paige are excited to be living together for the first time. Paige is concerned about a comment she heard Bo make to Natalie, about her past connection with Spencer. Bo assures Paige that he was simply using her marriage as an example of how people from the past can continue to effect the present. Bo leaves to get Paige a surprise gift, and David shows up to talk to her. He tells her that he has a way to get the upper hand on Spencer and lets her in on the file that Dorian stole from Spencer's office. Paige is not pleased to learn that Spencer has a great interest in the Buchanan family.

Evangeline storms over to John's room to confront him about the Cristian Vega secret. She rips into him, accusing him of using her to help him keep the John Doe behind bars. John feels that she is making the case emotional, but Evangeline insists that she is simply disgusted at what he is doing to Natalie's life. John defends his actions by saying that he was following Cris's orders, but Van thinks that is no excuse. John doesn't want her to say anything to Natalie, and Evangeline is disgusted that that is his major concern. She believes that he simply doesn't want anything to come between he and Natalie and their newfound romance. John says that if Van comes forward with the truth, she will blow apart a half a dozen lives. "Go ahead and tell Natalie," he spits, just as Natalie walks into the room. "Tell me what, John?" she asks.

Kelly shows up at Spencer's office for her tests. When Kevin arrives from his visit with Todd, he discovers that Kelly is quite giddy. She informs him that they gave her a tranquilizer. Kevin begins to understand how serious these tests are. When Spencer comes back to his office, he tells Kelly that her results are positive, and that she looks like a good candidate for the procedure. He leaves Kevin and Kelly alone, and smirks evilly about something. Meanwhile, Kevin demands to know what kind of risks are involved with Spencer's procedure. When Kelly is silent, Kevin asks her if the surgery could pose a danger to her own life ...

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