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Passions Recaps: The week of September 26, 2005 on PS
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Monday, September 26, 2005

The bailiff at Eve's trial has an announcement to make... has the jury arrived at a verdict? Julian agrees to give Rebecca anything she wants, as long as Eve is found innocent. Tabitha rushes to bewitch the remaining juror into casting a "guilty" ballot.

Fancy debates whether or not to be with Noah, while Sheridan encourages her to follow her heart. Sam tells Noah to pursue Fancy and to hold onto true love, which leads to Noah reflect, negatively, on what true love has brought to Harmony.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

At the park Noah and Fancy met to break off their relationship while Alistair's spy phoned in to tell him that they were together. He didn't want his family or Fancy to suffer at Alistair's hands. She wasn't worried about herself, but based on Sheridan's information, Fancy was really worried about the Bennetts. Neither of them wanted to put others in danger. They started listing all the reasons why they were wrong for each other and realized how much they liked about each other. Noah leaned in for a kiss and Fancy stopped him so they could break up. They kept trying to walk away and stopped just a few feet from each other.

In Alistair's office at Crane Industries he threw Fancy's photo in the trash while swearing that she had lost her last chance and then swore he'd get them all with his announcement that night. He called a henchman to make arrangements for the evening and specified that a video camera would be available to play his announcement over and over again as his family's world fell out from under them. In Fox's office, Fox was working at a feverish pace to get in China's good graces and Kay decided she couldn't help him stay working at that intensity so offered her resignation. He talked her out of it and she agreed to be there to protect him. Meanwhile Valerie and Chad discussed his rise to the top of Crane. She kissed him and that took him aback. She bragged about her sabotage and Chad said he didn't like doing that to his brother. Valerie assured him that with her, they'd make it to the Chairman's office. Chad and Valerie went to Fox's office to tell them Alistair wanted to see the four of them. He listed off their failings and when he dissed the Bennetts, Kay stood up to him. Alistair gave her a week to work there and told her she'd never get her job back at the cannery. After several racist remarks flung at Chad and Valerie, they tried to stalk out and Alistair stopped them with a proclamation that he was going to change their lives. He commanded them and their minions to be at the Seascape that night or they'd lose their jobs.

At the B and B Chris was on the internet and got off quickly when Sheridan walked in with the newspaper movie listings. She asked him why he got off the net and he said he must have hit the wrong key. She accused him of lying and she jumped to the conclusion that he was working for her father. To allay her fears, he went back to the web page and showed her an article that she thought said Luis had died. The headline was misleading but the article went on to say that Luis had been hurt chasing Beth and then left the hospital before he was healed. They argued about Sheridan's commitment to Luis and then decided to go to the movies to relax.

At the court, Rebecca confessed that she saw the vial of poison in Liz's hand and she must have drunk from the wrong cup because Liz meant to poison Eve. (Tabitha was watching the proceedings and spun a spell to make the jury convict Eve.) Liz denied it and T.C. and Eve exclaimed at the news. The prosecutor was aghast at the suspicious claims. Ethan wanted the jury to hear Rebecca's testimony. The judge was ready to just dismiss her story, but Rebecca claimed that the evidence was the bottle of poison and it was in Liz's purse. She was more than happy to empty her bag to show them it wasn't there, but since Rebecca had planted it there earlier, she pulled it out for everybody to see. (Tabitha didn't want the jury to see the poison, so she put a spell on them to stay in the deliberating room. Endora woke up and did a counterspell and the jury thundered back in time to see Rebecca's story about Liz wanting to poison Eve.) The judge was appalled at the case degenerating. (Tabitha despaired that Endora helped Eve.) He declared a mistrial and reinstated Eve's bail amid cries from the jury that they wanted their verdict to be heard.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Theresa is with Whitney at the convent. Whitney protests that Theresa can't do this, because if she does, there is no turning back. Theresa says that if she wants Ethan and Jane back, this is the only way. She says Ethan loves her, and she was hoping Whitney would back her up, but if she can't, Theresa understands and can do this alone. Whitney eventually agrees to come with her, only to try to talk her out of it.

Most of the citizens of Harmony are tricked into meeting at the Seascape. Sam and Ivy receive a text message they think is from Kay to meet there, but Kay denies ever sending the message. Kay, Valerie, Chad, and Fox were forced to come by Alistair. Pilar and Martin also received a message to go there, and Katherine got one she thinks is from Sheridan. Sheridan brings Chris to the Seascape, saying that Fancy sent her a message to meet there, and Fancy shows up with Noah, saying Sheridan sent her a message to meet there. Rebecca, Eve, Julian, Gwen, and Ethan come to the restaurant to celebrate Eve's mistrial and because Ethan thinks he is supposed to meet a prospective client there-but there is no client. After a while, Alistair arrives and tells them to stay put. He promises them that this will be an evening they will never forget, no matter how much they try. He says he is very pleased all of them are here tonight, because this night is very special. He tells them that from now on, everything will change and the "House of Crane" will never be the same. But relax, he says, as weddings are joyous occasions! Everyone is confused, and he tells them to calm down. Alistair announces that he wants to introduce them all to his beautiful bride before the ceremony. A curtain behind him is opened to reveal Theresa standing in a wedding dress!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Alistair gathered all the people in his life at the Seascape restaurant to make an announcement that would change all of their lives. Tabitha, not wanting to miss a word arrived with Endora and sat where she could try to be inconspicuous in her sparkly red and black dress with boa collar and full-length black lace gloves. With almost spooky wedding music playing, Alistair presented his bride-to-be, Theresa dressed in a mini-skirt wedding dress and excessively made up. Everybody else stood in clumps of two or three people making snide comments to each other about this absurd event and then Martin and Pilar stood up and forbid Theresa to marry Alistair. Theresa just stood there silently, unmoving like some sort of evil dressed up doll. Pilar was outraged about the sinfulness of the plans and Alistair urged Theresa to go talk to her mother. Alistair told everybody else to enjoy champagne and appetizers while they waited for Father Lonigan to arrive. People began to mingle and find the people they needed to talk to in efforts to end this sham wedding. Whitney walked away from Chad and Valerie in an effort to get away from the proceedings but was accosted by Tabitha who told Whitney it was a good thing she could leave the convent to see her best friend's wedding then asked her if she'd gotten knocked up the way she had with Julian. Whitney was disgusted with Tabitha's innuendos and assured her that Theresa still loved Ethan and that the wedding was complicated. Tabitha remarked that love is never simple and Whitney readily agreed adding that it can ruin your life and destroy any chance for happiness then she hurried away from the party. Chad followed and a jealous Valerie lingered behind. Tabitha tried to stuff a lobster into her evening bag and Endora told her with pop up thought bubbles that stealing was wrong and made the lobster pinch her on the nose. Tabitha told her to keep her powers to herself tonight because nothing was going to stop her grandfather from turning Harmony on its ear. Gwen tried to convince Ethan to talk Theresa out of the wedding because Theresa aligned with Alistair would mean they'd lose Jane. Ethan swore that she wouldn't go through with it and was reluctant to talk to her. He bet that since she looked so miserable when she was on display that she'd walk away once the ceremony started and reality set in. Gwen was sure that Theresa would do anything to get what she wants. Gwen was so worried about what Theresa would do to get Jane back that she sent Ethan on a mission to do (carte' blanche) whatever it took to get Theresa to agree to stop the wedding. He was sure that Theresa wouldn't go through with the wedding because she wanted her wedding to be perfect and Gwen reminded him that meant having the perfect groom—him! Fancy was struck by the enormity of Alistair's ability to be evil and decided she couldn't bring anymore disaster on Noah's family. Noah was surprised that Alistair had time to run the Crane empire since he was so busy ruining people's lives. She told Noah that they had to split before Alistair did anything worse to the Bennetts and quickly left the party. Martin and Katherine discussed how it wasn't possible that Alistair could marry Theresa when he was still married to her. Rebecca insisted to Martin that he stop the wedding. She told him that if they got married Theresa and Alistair would be able to take Jane away from her Gwennie and that wasn't fair because Theresa had already killed two of Gwen's babies. Martin balked saying that she knew that wasn't how it happened. Rebecca reminded him that they both had their reasons for wanting this wedding stopped. She insisted that since he was Theresa's father, he should go talk to her. Martin insisted to Katherine that she tell Theresa what she would be getting into by being married to Alistair. She didn't think Theresa would listen to her. As Alistair walked by in the background, Fox told Kay that just when he thought Alistair couldn't be more shocking, he pulled a circus stunt like this. Kay shuddered at the thought of Theresa and Alistair on their wedding night. Fox was sure that whatever went on, for Theresa this was all about Ethan and her kids. Kay started to have pangs of insecurity as she thought about Fox having been involved with first Theresa and then Whitney and asked him if things had been different, would he still be with Whitney. Fox asked her the same about Miguel and then reassured her that they'd both had loves in their past but he was very happy being with her. As Ivy walked past, eavesdropping in the background, Kay agreed she couldn't be happier. Ivy determined to set Kay straight. When she got a chance, Ivy pulled Kay off to a corner by themselves to have a chat. Eve asked Julian how Theresa could even think of marrying Alistair after all the pain and death he's caused for her family. Julian wondered how he could marry her since he was still married to Julian's mother. Eve said that this wedding made a mockery of everything she held dear about marriage and Julian assured her that if they married; he'd make their marriage everything she deserved. When she demurred he told her that he and T.C. just wanted her to be happy with whatever her decision was between the two of them. He said that if he was the lucky one, they could start being happy right away since the murder charges against her were dropped and his divorce from Rebecca would soon be final. Julian walked away and T.C. joined Eve at the bar. They talked about how Simone and Theresa and Whitney fantasized about their weddings when they were little girls. Eve commented that it didn't look like any of them would have the wedding of their dreams. As Eve listened and appeared to wonder how clueless T.C. could be, he. said that at least Simone could find a nice boy and settle down. She didn't correct him, but remembered back to the conversation she'd had with Simone about Simone being a lesbian. She just wanted both of her girls to be happy. Sheridan despaired to Chris that Luis wasn't there to stop it and swore it would kill him to find out. Sheridan blamed herself for Luis not being there to stop the wedding and Chris tried to get her to think logically, reminding her that Luis would have gone to look for Marty even if she hadn't sent him. She left to call Luis. Chris found Sheridan trying desperately in vain to get her cell phone to connect with Luis's cell phone. She'd gotten the number from Pilar to use in an emergency and this constituted an emergency. She wandered off looking for a better signal and Chris pulled out his cell phone, called an anonymous person and asked for a favor. Julian found Alistair and told him to stop the wedding, tell everyone it's a joke and send everyone home and Alistair assured him that it wasn't a joke. Julian protested saying that he couldn't marry Theresa when he was still married to his mother. Alistair slyly told him he'd see and the wedding was just the beginning of the surprises. Alistair warned him to mind his own business, especially the unread contract he'd signed with Rebecca. He laughed as he told Julian he'd be paying for that mistake for a long time. Julian said that whatever the price, he was glad to pay it and Alistair astutely told him that he wouldn't be so happy when he found out what he'd really signed and then walked away, smiling wickedly at Gwen and Rebecca as he passed them. Gwen was a wreck as she asked her mother what they would do if Ethan couldn't stop Theresa from marrying Alistair. Rebecca told her that they didn't have to worry about their security anymore. Gwen asked her in hushed tones if it had anything to do with helping Eve stay out of prison. She purred, "Maybe" and then told her that they were set for life. Julian and Eve joined them and asked Rebecca to have a chat with him He finally got around to asking her what exactly he signed. She coyly touched his mouth with her fingertip and said, "Pookie, soon enough." He was more insistent and she just smiled. Chris went looking for Sheridan and told her he could get Luis for her. He told her she needed to be absolutely sure that she wanted him to and she stood there thinking about the offer.

Pilar and Theresa met privately in a room off of the dining room. Pilar told her to come to her senses and Theresa swore that this was just part of her plan to get Jane and Ethan back. Pilar asked her if Alistair would mind that she take a lover. Theresa was sure that being Mrs. Alistair Crane was the first step in getting Ethan. Theresa wouldn't listen to her mother's pleas to stop trying to get Ethan, another woman's husband, so Pilar slapped her. Theresa complained to her mother that the slap hurt and Pilar asked her if it hurt as much as Alistair forcing himself on her. Theresa said it had only been rough because she hadn't kept up her end of the bargain. Pilar asked her how she could even have a bargain with Alistair and swore it was madness to contemplate marrying him. Theresa said she couldn't call it off because she wanted her daughter back. Pilar railed at her about how degraded she would feel after Alistair took away her dignity and life bit by bit. She was vehement that Alistair would never help Theresa get Ethan back and ordered her to call off the wedding. Pilar sternly told her that she can't marry Alistair or she'd be marrying the devil himself. Theresa swore there was nothing Pilar could say that would change her mind. Katherine and Martin entered the room and he told her that Katherine could change her mind. Theresa fumed that she didn't want advice from the woman who tore apart their family. Martin accepted the blame for that and motioned for Katherine to talk. Pilar told Theresa to listen because nobody knows better what a monster he is since she was his wife. Katherine finally spoke up saying that she still is. Pilar rejoiced and Theresa panicked that they were saved, but that was short-lived when Alistair came in and told them the wedding was still on. Martin reminded him that he was still married to Katherine and Alistair just grinned as he told Martin that he'd had her declared legally dead when she ran off with him. Katherine was aghast that he'd never told her and he said it would have spoiled all his enjoyment watching her snivel and cower. He announced to the assemblage to take their seats because the wedding would commence as soon as the priest arrived. And then he snickered to himself that the night was just beginning. The real fun would be afterward.

Whitney was outside on a patio and Chad went out to talk to her. She told him that Theresa had come to the convent to explain all of her twisted plans. They commiserated about Theresa's bullheadedness. Chad said he couldn't understand what Theresa was thinking and Whitney told him that in Theresa's sick mind it was her way to get Jane and Ethan back. Chad scoffed at the foolishness knowing that Ethan would never leave Gwen and Whitney reminded him that Theresa believes it's fate that she and Ethan be together. She said that Theresa felt the love between her and Ethan was so strong that it would win out over his marriage to Gwen and Theresa tying the noose with Alistair. She admitted that Theresa's dream had her convinced that she was doing the right thing by moving away from everybody into the convent. Chad asked her how that could be and Whitney insisted that love destroys lives and causes pain. She used the examples of her parents, the Bennetts, Theresa and themselves. He disagreed because he was happier since he'd had her love and besides they had Miles. She was disgusted that they'd all have to live with the cloud of Miles being a product of incest hanging over their lives forever. He sloughed it off saying it wasn't as bad as she thought. She angrily said that she couldn't love him now because he is her brother. He felt lucky that they'd found each other and begged her to go home with them to be a family. She told him that their love made their lives hell and if she stays it will do the same for Miles. She said she had to go back to the convent and be away from everyone, especially him and Miles and then she left him there. He ran after her and Valerie emerged from the restaurant to say aloud that he should let her go back to the convent and stay there so he'll be free to move on with her.

In another part of the terrace, Fancy sat alone until Noah finally found her. She'd been sobbing and didn't want to talk because she'd change her mind again. She said if she looked into her eyes, she's never be able to leave and he insisted that she look into his eyes because he wasn't going to let Alistair come between them. She teared up as Noah told her that he didn't care if Alistair threw him in jail or blackballed him so he never got a job, he didn't want to lose her. He begged her not to let Alistair win. He told her that what they had together was worth risking Alistair's wrath. She told him she knew he was right but she was afraid, and he told her he was too but when he thought about her he wasn't afraid. She sniffled as she told Noah she wanted him.

In a seedy part of Harmony, Simone found Jessica walking the street. Jessica explained that she was doing it because she and Spike needed the money. Simone asked her why Spike didn't get a job and Jess reminded her that Noah had destroyed his bar. Simone told her that he was no good and urged Jessica to go home with her. As they started to walk away, Spike emerged from the shadows and ordered Jessica back to the street so they could cover her bail. Simone sniped that she wouldn't have to pay bail of Spike didn't keep her drugged and on the street. Jessica begged Spike to let her get some rest at Jessica's and he pulled out some drugs to pep her back up. Simone started to pull her away and Spike poured on the guilt telling her he risked getting arrested by going to the police station to bail her out. He said he only did it because he loved her. Simone urged her to get rid of the drugs and Spike pulled a knife on her. That scared Jessica who jumped to Simone's defense. Spike grabbed Jessica, forced her to take the drugs and flashed the knife at Simone as they walked away so he could pimp Jessica for the rest of the night. He warned Simone to get out of there and to stay away from Jessica. As Jessica and Spike walked away, Simone pondered how she could get through to her.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Spike convinces Jessica to keep popping pills, then orders her to stay away from her do-gooder friend. Meanwhile, Simone wonders how to save Jessica from a horrible life on the mean streets of Harmony. Noah assures Fancy he's not afraid of her grandfather. Ivy warns Kay she's not going to let her son waste his life on someone so wrong for him. Rebecca gleefully informs Julian that the document he foolishly signed without reading obligates him to remain married to her forever. Chris suggests to Sheridan that calling Luis back into town at this point could be a mistake. Father Lonigan arrives at the Seascape but balks at performing a marriage ceremony for Alistair and Theresa. Watching from the wings, Tabitha chortles to Endora that all hell is about to break loose. Whitney bitterly tells Eve how love is at the root of everyone's troubles. Calmly reminding Ivy of all the dirt she has on her, Kay advises Fox's fuming mother to drop her vendetta or be exposed as the scheming liar she is. Jessica picks up a trick who immediately starts roughing her up. Martin and Sam commiserate about how helpless they feel watching their out of control daughters making the biggest mistakes of their young lives. Fancy and Noah enjoy some private time together just out of range of the chaos inside the Seascape. Valerie assures Ivy she'll handle Kay. Jessica calls Simone to shakily report that she just killed her john.

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