One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 3, 2005 on OLTL

Tess's pregnancy test was positive. Antonio received custody of Jamie after R.J. was arrested. Nora's brain aneurysm required surgery, and Bo felt responsible for her seizure. Antonio flew to California with Layla and Jamie to look for Jessica. Cristian realized that Carlo had programmed him. A fisherman found a body. Dorian threatened Spencer not to perform surgery on Kelly.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 3, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, October 3, 2005

Though Tess scoffs at the notion that they could be pregnant, Jessica orders her alter to stop consuming alcohol at once. Rex reminds John that Antonio will lose custody of his young daughter unless they can prove R.J. has returned to a life of crime. At Statesville, Cristian begins to wonder if Carlo had a hand in his abduction and subsequent brainwashing. Michael rushes to treat Nora as she suddenly suffers a seizure on the floor of Bo's office. Confident that Jamie will soon be his, R.J. taunts Antonio about his revolving door girlfriends. Natalie returns for Cris' sketch but assures John she's completely happy with their renewed romance. Tess takes a home pregnancy test and is stunned to discover that Jessica was right. At the courthouse, Viki cautions Antonio and Layla they're walking a very thin line with their masquerade. Tess assumes she's carrying Nash's child but Jessica insists the baby belongs to Antonio. In the emergency room, Spencer explains to an anxious Bo how Nora's brain aneurysm will require immediate surgery. As the custody hearing resumes, Layla describes for the judge how devoted her live-in "lover" is to little Jamie. After Nora is wheeled into the O.R., Bo admits to Viki how guilty he feels about his ex-wife's collapse.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Spencer and Michael prep Nora for surgery as Hugh and Marcie arrive at the hospital. They ask Bo what happened, and he fills them in on Nora's aneurysm. As Spencer performs surgery on Nora, Michael tells Bo that she might pull through, or that she might emerge with severe brain damage. She could also die. Bo calls Rachel to give her the news about her mother, while Marcie opens up to Hugh about how much Nora's friendship has meant to her. She also reveals that she once worked at the hospital and was fired for falsifying records! The Assistant District Attorney continues to be smitten with Ms. Walsh and becomes curious when she begins typing a new blog entry in the hospital lobby.

John works against the clock to get the men that Rex brought in to name R.J. Gannon as the man who hired them. Using trickery, John finally gets one of the men to verify that R.J. is involved in illegal contraband.

At the courthouse, Antonio tries to stall for time by making an impassioned speech about the love his family has for Jamie. The judge calls a recess so that she can render her verdict, and things seem to be looking good for R.J. and Lindsay. At the eleventh hour, John and a couple of officers burst into the courtroom with a warrant for R.J.'s arrest. The judge awards custody of Jamie to Antonio, as R.J. cries out in rage. The police haul him off in handcuffs, with Lindsay following frantically behind.

Rex confronts Natalie about her ongoing feelings for Cristian. She admits that she will always love him, but that she has moved on because that's what you have to do when a loved one is murdered. Natalie wants to help Rex get over Jen. Together, they write Cristian and Jen's names onto paper airplanes, which they then send soaring into the air.

Meanwhile, in Statesville Prison, Cristian demands to know if Carlo Hesser gave him the piece of paper with the words "You have a job to do" written on it. The guard offers him no information, so Cristian goes about reading his law reference book (provided to him by Hesser). He suddenly demands that the guard arrange a visit with Evangeline Williamson.

Tess continues to argue with Jessica over who is the father of their baby. She finally silences Jessica's voice just before Nash arrives home with a bottle of wine. When Nash proposes a toast, Tess is reluctant to drink because of the news of the baby inside her. She makes up an excuse about not having eaten all day, and Nash goes to fire up the barbecue. When they finally sit down to eat, Nash can tell that something serious is on Tess's mind. He asks her to open up, but she simply says that she loves him and would do anything for him. Later, she calls to make an appointment with the local Family Planning clinic.

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Adriana storms off, refusing to have an early morning discussion with her mother. Having been summoned, Kelly shows up for a chat instead. The atmosphere is less than pleasant when Dorian voices her usual strong opinions on the negativity of all of "her girls" and not being kept in the loop with their various problems. She also feels that they've all lost their senses, citing Kelly's going back with Kevin as a prime example. Kelly gives it right back to her by reminding her of her controlling ways. Dorian mentions that she's heard about the procedure to have a baby and is quite clear where she stands on Kelly risking her life. Her niece accuses her of risking her own life when pregnant with Manuel Santi's child. After trashing Kevin again, it is suggested that Dorian decide whether she wants Kelly to be at her wedding. Kelly mentions the newspaper article divulging the incident with Blair and the gun and Addie.

Duke explains to Kevin why he thinks he's lost Adriana and what happened during their last evening together. He's upset that he compared Adriana to her mother but he won't allow Kevin to do the same. He does think she's changed but is forced to stop talking abruptly as Adriana herself arrives to have a chat. He can't bear to talk to her and leaves quickly; Kevin suggests that Adriana just let him go for good. She's not giving up, she says adamantly and denies having any feelings for Rex. Kevin believes his son deserves better but when he brings up Dorian, Adriana alludes to the fact that she knows something that Kevin would like to know. She refuses to say anything more.

Ginger finds herself in Spencer's office after her knock goes unanswered. The newspaper with the article about Blair, along with some pictures, lie on his desk. She jumps a mile when Spencer returns and claims to be there to pay him back his loan. She knows he has a thing for Blair, she says, and wonders what he's doing with the pictures. A quietly bad-tempered Spencer is no one to threaten, as he gives it right back to her. Her money is hardly a repayment, he sneers.

As an annoyed Blair is disgusted to find herself on the front of a rival daily tabloid, with an incident that was supposed to remain secret, Todd quickly asks if "they've found her?" He covers and promises that Margaret won't be a bother again though he can't bring himself to state that it's undeniably true. Blair wants her bodyguards back and also tries to call Margaret on an old disconnected number from a previous address in Ohio. She vows to kill the woman should she come near her kids again. Later, Todd informs her that he's taken care of the reporter who divulged the messy scene at St. Anne's, thanks to an employee who turned up some dirt. She's scared about Todd and what he might have done, since he keeps saying that Margaret will not cause another problem. He assures her that he handled things his way, for their benefit.

Nora's surgery is completed, though time will tell if it was successful or not. Bo blames himself as Rachel arrives to see her mother. Paige explains that Nora had the symptoms previously and was being tested which causes Bo to be angry for a few moments, even though Paige had promised Nora not to tell. Spencer eavesdrops and after Bo goes into Nora's room, Paige asks her ex if he's heard all he wanted to. He accuses her of being sorry he saved Nora so that she could have Bo and Matthew all to herself which appalls her. Asking why he wanted her to be chief of staff, Spencer only looks in Bo's direction. Rachel talks to her mom and hears Bo take blame again. She doesn't buy into Bo's guilt, even though he voices that he wished he had known. A weeping Rachel leaves Bo to take a turn talking to Nora. Paige demands answers from Spencer but is interrupted by Bo. Spencer calls Blair and denies having seen the tabloid; he has a list of psychologists for the Mannings to look at in order to get Starr some help. Blair announces that they've decided to handle the problem as a family. She's just happy that Todd is there. He's frustrated hanging up and mutters that he'll see her sooner than she thinks. Suddenly, Dorian is in the doorway with a disk in hand. She has a copy and she wants him to refuse to do the procedure on Kelly or she will have to go to the Buchanans with the information she's learned.

Duke takes out his frustration on the basketball court but is interrupted when Ginger, shaken up by her encounter with Spencer, sees his car and stops. He asks to be alone but seeing that she's upset, he tries to help her out. She only mentions a bigshot, power hungry guy who has been hassling her. He asks her to play, she feigns ignorance and he shows her how to take a shot. This leads to a kiss but when Ginger murmurs how she's waited for this, he pulls away hastily. He can't use her to forget he says, as he storms off. Ginger shows her actual prowess on the court after he's gone.

A body surfaces to the top of Llantano Lake.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Paige warns David that his slimy brother is out for Bo's blood. At the precinct house, an outraged R.J. accuses John of causing him to lose custody of his beloved granddaughter. Viki questions her brother about Jessica's long absence from Llanview. Meanwhile, Tess assures her boyfriend she's not "knocked up" after Nash finds the discarded home pregnancy test. Antonio comes to the gallery to collect Jamie but encounters fierce resistance from Lindsay, who grows frantic at the thought of surrendering the little girl she's come to love. Dorian orders Spencer to cancel Kelly's procedure or face being exposed as the Buchanans' secret enemy. Todd shakily confides to Viki how Margaret wound up carrying his child. Nash admits to an uneasy Tess how much he would like to start a family with her. John and Natalie try to spend a stress-free day together but their plan quickly goes awry after they bump into Layla and Antonio. Later, Antonio asks Layla to accompany him and Jamie to Napa to search for Jessica.

Friday, October 7, 2005

Natalie and John enjoy drinks at Capricorn. When John tries acting like a "normal guy," Natalie teases him and tells him to go back to his brooding. Viki shows up and speaks to John while Natalie goes to the ladies' room. She apologizes for what she said before going to London and tells John that she is happy Natalie has moved on with a man as honorable as him. John is grateful for Viki's words, but he doesn't tell Natalie exactly what her mother said.

At Statesville, Cristian tells Evangeline that the man who brainwashed him is in prison with him, and that the man is Carlo Hesser. Evangeline grows frightened and reminds Cris that he could be in grave danger. He tells her that her priority is to keep his identity a secret, but she insists that the most important thing is ensuring his survival. She takes off for Capricorn to meet with John, filling him in on Cris's accusations against Hesser. Van asks John what he would do if he knew that Cristian had changed his mind about staying in prison. John says that if Cris wants to come forward about his identity, he will fight to get him out of prison. Natalie walks in on their conversation.

Back in Statesville, Carlo Hesser has Cristian join him for a private dinner that he has arranged seemingly by paying off one of the guards. Cris comes armed with a sharp blade that he has fashioned in his cell from art materials, and he easily gets the jump on Hesser. Threatening to kill Carlo, he is stunned when Hesser begins to laugh maniacally and to praise Cristian for coming over to the dark side. Carlo insists that he can take the credit for turning Cris into a killer. When Cris falls to his knees with yet another excruciating headache, Hesser gets the upper hand and begins choking him, vowing that no one resigns from Carlo Hesser's employment!

Blair and Todd meet up at Capricorn. Blair tells Todd to empty his pockets of pagers and cell phones, because she wants to spend the day focusing on them. Viki comes by to talk to Todd, and Blair calls in a phony tip on Margaret to distract Todd. When she has Viki alone, Blair plies her for information, but Viki will not betray Todd's confidence. Todd comes back, enraged at the trick Blair pulled on him. They have a few bitter words, and then Todd announces that he knows just what he and Blair need: to get away from Llanview!

A red headed woman's body washes up on the shore of Llantano Lake, and a lone fisherman stumbles upon it. Could it be the body of Margaret Cochran?

Antonio, Layla, and Jamie take a private jet to Napa Valley, California, hot on Jessica's trail. Layla wants to know why Antonio continues searching for his love, in spite of the fact that she has run out on him twice. Antonio says that Jessica is a complex person who is trying to deal with her feelings, but he doesn't mention her Dissociative Identity Disorder. He tells Layla that once Jessica sees him and Jamie, she will hopefully remember that they are the people she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

Meanwhile, Tess learns about her options at a Planned Parenthood clinic. The nurse practitioner tells her that she is eight weeks pregnant, and Tess realizes that Jessica could have been right about Antonio being the father. She also cryptically mentions that she doesn't want to bring a child into this world, because children are defenseless and prone to bad things happening to them. While she's at the clinic, Nash receives a visit from Bruce, who presents him with a file of information on Jessica Buchanan. Bruce also brings up some shady elements from Nash's past, including the fact that he has used and manipulated several women, one of whom had to be committed to a mental institution after Nash toyed with her heart. Bruce leaves just as Tess comes home and asks Nash how much he enjoys the freedom of their life together. When he admits that he loves what they have, Tess decides that she can't go through with the pregnancy. When Nash leaves the room, she calls to schedule an appointment for an abortion.

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