Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 10, 2005 on GL

Billy's binge was a result of Olivia's greed and ambition. Bill was sickened to learn that Olivia had 'pushed' Billy over the edge so that she could hand him the Venezuela deal. Tammy made a deal with God that if Sandy recovered, she would stay away from Jonathan, but Jonathan had other ideas. Ava seemed to have some kind of connection to Sandy and his past that made Sandy very uneasy. Mallet and Jeffrey were onto Edmund, as all his secrets and devious deeds began to unravel when Dinah started to tell her story. Dinah presented baby Hope to Danny, desperately trying to convince him that Hope was actually Michelle's baby. Dinah tried to sincerely apologize to Cassie for the pain of the past and for more to come. Cassie was frantic that she might lose Hope and asked for Dinah to help her get Hope back as retribution for her bad deeds. Michelle returned to Springfield to allow Robbie to stay with Danny as she sorted out her depression over losing her baby; she left no way for anyone to get in touch with her. Meanwhile, at Cedars, Danny demanded a new DNA test for himself and Hope, the results of which could change his and Michelle's life forever.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 10, 2005 on GL
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Monday, October 10, 2005

Edmund sets fire to the farmhouse he constructed for Dinah; unaware she's in a hiding space in the wall, using his phone to try to contact Cassie. She gets through but the signal is lost. She suddenly realizes a fire is raging all around her. She tries to get out but is overcome by the smoke and passes out. Just in time, Mallet arrives, having been on Edmund's trail. He and rescues her from the burning building. He sees that she remains focused on the cell phone. When he presses redial, he reaches Cassie. Mallet explains that Dinah was in a terrible fire. Despite Edmund's best attempts to get her to stay, Cassie heads to the hospital to see Dinah.

Tammy is by Sandy's bedside, promising to stay away from Jonathan if only he would recover. Sandy's eyes slowly open. She's overjoyed but Sandy orders her to leave. She doesn't understand at first but finally realizes what he saw. She tries to convince him she has put Jonathan out of her mind, but Sandy wants no part of her. She vows she's going to win him back and leaves, only to encounter Jonathan in the hall. She tells him what's happened and he warns her not to confuse guilt with love. But, she insists she can't see Jonathan again. She leaves him crushed.

Olivia alerts Josh that Billy has fallen off the wagon. He arrives to find Billy partying it up with one of the men from the Venezuelan delegation. Josh confronts Billy and takes him off the project. Billy is about to call his AA sponsor, but alone and fired, he decides one more drink won't hurt. Meanwhile, Olivia gets what she wants when Josh approaches Bill about taking over the project. But it's a bittersweet victory for her, knowing she put Billy in danger to get her way.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cassie comes to the hospital to see Dinah and to get the truth from her. But Edmund is right on her heels, very much invested in keeping the truth under lock and key. At the hospital, Edmund devises a ruse to get them all out of the room. But he knows the walls are closing in when Mallet arrives to tell Edmund he suspects he caused the fire. Ross gives Mallet even more clues which cast Edmund in a suspicious light.

Later, Cassie insists once again on going to see Dinah. But to Edmund's relief they find the room empty upon entering. With no clue about where Dinah went, Cassie returns home. She is shocked when Dinah appears and collapses in her arms.

Back at the hospital, Edmund's trying to figure out what happened to Dinah when Mallet returns and slaps the cuffs on him.

At Harley's invitation, Coop and Lizzie come to the Spaulding house for dinner. There, Beth overhears Coop trying to talk some sense into Lizzie about their budget woes. Beth believes she may have stumbled on a way to drive a wedge between them. Later, Lizzie goes to Outskirts where she meets Ava. She learns about how Ava borrowed money from a dangerous loan shark.

Marina discusses Harley's situation with Frank and Buzz, then turns the conversation to their lack of love lives. Marina says since she finally has love in her life, she wants the same for them.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dinah shows up at Cassie's door and collapses in her arms. Mallet arrives to make sure Cassie is safe and Cassie hides Dinah, preferring to deal with Dinah personally. Once Mallet leaves, Dinah tries to apologize for all the pain she caused Cassie over the baby but Cassie doesn't want to hear it. Finally, a desperate Dinah fakes a medical crisis and uses the opportunity to snatch Hope and run off! Meanwhile, at the hospital, Jeffrey and Edmund face off. Edmund pulls out all the stops to convince Jeffrey that Dinah was the mastermind behind the baby switch but Jeffrey wants him to leave town. Edmund swears he can prove his innocence and begins to convince Mallet to let him do so. Olivia, having set up Billy to drink, plans a private celebration in honor of Bill's nomination to head the Lewis Venezuela project. But, Bill receives a call from Ava and realizes that his father has fallen off the wagon. He's horrified, but at the bar, he's unable to get through to Billy. When Reva arrives, she convinces him to let her take Billy home. When Bill returns to Olivia, he is unsettled by her lack of compassion for Billy and goes back to the bar. There, he questions Ava and learns that Olivia was in fact the one who led Billy to drink.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cassie frets about Hope's disappearance while Jeffrey tries to reassure her. Dinah hides from Frank and shows up on Danny's doorstep. Danny sees an amber alert and starts to call the police but Dinah stops him with the news that the baby is really Michelle's. Dinah finally reveals all about Edmund stealing Michelle's baby and keeping Dinah prisoner. Marina walks in and tells Dinah that the DNA test proved that the baby wasn't Michelle's. Frank arrives and Marina and Danny convince him to take the baby to the hospital for DNA testing.

Edmund takes Mallet to the faux pharmhouse and shows him a tape of Dinah's "unstable behavior." The highlight footage shows Dinah wearing Cassie's clothes and tiara and trying to seduce Edmund. Mallet does not buy Edmund's lies.

At the hospital, Mallet chuckles as Jeffrey punches Edmund. Cassie arrives and sees Danny holding Hope.

Bill angrily confronts Olivia about causing Billy to fall of the wagon. Olivia tries to deny it but then says that she tricked Billy into drinking so that she could help Bill succeed at Lewis Construction. Bill doesn't believe that Olivia is sorry for her treachery and walks out on her. Reva searches for Billy who is in his room staring at a bottle of Jack Daniels. Billy calls in a hooker to keep his mind off of his other temptation.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Tammy is at Cedars watching Sandy sleep. Remembering his previous words, she rushes out and bumps into Jonathan in the elevator. Suddenly the elevator stops, which upsets Tammy who states that she can't be around Jonathan. Jonathan starts to talk about Sandy and the engagement but that makes Tammy even more upset and she tells him that Sandy broke it off. Jonathan tries to get her to see that that's a good think--it's a wake up call for her and Sandy, but Tammy refuses to believe that. Jonathan reminds her that she doesn't know everything about Dandy, whereas with him--she knows what's she's getting. Jonathan tries to convince Tammy that she feels something with him, but keeps denying it. Jonathan promises that if they were together, he'd protect her from everything that she's afraid of. He leans in to kiss her and just as she's about to return the kiss, the elevator door opens and Tammy rushes out.

Tammy ends up on the rooftop at Cedars and starts talking to God about the deal she made. She intends to live up to her side of the bargain but needs help to stay away from Jonathan. At that point, Ava enters. Ava's gone up to enjoy the rooftop garden She introduces herself and notes that she overheard Tammy talking to God. Tammy mentions that she made a deal with God, and Ava states that she can relate since she did that too once. Ava mentions that she overheard Tammy mention Jonathan. She tries to tell Tammy that she knows from the way that he looks at her that Jonathan is crazy about Tammy, but Tammy doesn't want to hear that. Tammy tells Ava that she has a boyfriend and shows Ava Sandy's picture.

Jonathan, meanwhile, has gone to visit Sandy. Sandy wakes up to find Jonathan standing by his bed and assumes that Jonathan's there to kill him. He's not overly concerned about it and tells him to get it over with. An amused Jonathan points out that he's not there to kill Sandy. He's there to gloat over the fact that Sandy saw him and Tammy together. Jonathan tarts boasting that Sandy just wasn't enough for Tammy. Sandy starts to get a little upset and starts criticizing Jonathan. But Jonathan shoots back that Sandy's arrival in Springfield was all part of a con, so he's no better. Jonathan makes it clear that he cares for Tammy; Sandy states that he does too and he won't let her go with Jonathan. He states that if it's the last thing he does, he will save Tammy from Jonathan. Jonathan then turns the conversation to Sandy--some things just aren't clicking about his past. Jonathan warns Sandy that he will dig into Sandy's past to see what's there. Sandy doesn't seem too concerned; he even dares him to do it. Suddenly, Tammy enters and throes Jonathan out. Tammy begins telling Sandy how sorry she is and that she refuses to give up on them. Tammy takes hold of his hand and tells him that she wants him to come back home with her. Sandy softens slightly and tells her that he wants to believe her. Tammy states that he can; she wants to make this work. Sandy's conflicted and seems to be on the verge of agreeing when a nurse arrives to bring him a note. It reads "I Found you." After quickly crumpling up the note and lying to Tammy about what it said, Sandy tells Tammy to leave.

Rick meets Michelle and Robbie at the airport. Michelle tells Rick that Robbie missed his father and all his friends and so she wants him to take him back to Danny's to stay. Michelle tries to convince Rick that this is for the best. Robbie knows that she's depressed all the time and she can't tell him why. Rick tries to convince Michelle that she has another child; Robbie needs her. But Michelle insists that she can't stop thinking about the little girl she lost. Rick thinks Robbie can help her, but Michelle states that that isn't fair Robbie. She wants him to be in a happy home and she's just not happy. She then floors Rick with the news that she's not going back to California. She reveals that she's going about to clear her head and is leaving no forwarding address. Rick doesn't like this idea and insists that she needs to let her family help her, but Michelle is adamant.

Cassie and Jeffrey arrive at Cedars to find Danny holding Hope. Danny tells Cassie that they have a situation--Dinah told him about Hope being Michelle's. Cassie tries to tell Danny that's a lie and that Hope is hers, but he obviously doesn't believe her. Marina's there with Danny and points out that Dinah's story makes sense and corroborates with her previous investigation. Marina then mentions the DNA test Jeffrey had done that concluded that Cassie was the mother. Jeffrey tries to explain to Danny and Marina that he lied then because he wanted to tell Cassie first and give her a chance to decide what the do. Cassie states that Edmund told her that he bought the baby and Jeffrey points out that a second DNA test revealed that Michelle was not Hope's mother. Knowing that Jeffrey lied once, an upset Danny isn't too trusting right now and insists that another test be done. Cassie argues that it's not necessary but Danny insists that it is. He tells them that that could be Michelle and his baby. Cassie's shocked since she thought Tony was the father of Michelle's baby. Rattled, Cassie goes off to think, leaving Danny with Jeffrey. Jeffrey tries to get Danny to let it go, but an angry Danny insists that Michelle has a right to know her baby could be alive. But when Danny tries to call Michelle, he's shocked to learn that her phone's been disconnected.

Dinah walks over to talk to an upset Cassie. She apologizes for losing her baby. She tells Cassie that it was a girl. Dinah laments that that child was her chance to do something selfless. Cassie points out that her selfless act was all based on lies, but Dinah admits that it wasn't all lies. There were moments of genuine kindness between them. Dinah tells Cassie that one day she decided to stop hating her; two days later, she lost the baby. Cassie assures Dinah that losing the baby was not her fault. Dinah seems repentant and apologizes for all the lies that brought them to this point. She states that she can't make up for all the pain she caused. Cassie suddenly says she can--she can make sure Hope's her baby. That's how Dinah can prove that she's really changed.

Danny learns from Rick that Michelle has left for good and can't be reached. Cassie comes to take Hope home, but Danny won't let her. He wants a DNA test run on him and Hope and no one is leaving until it's done.

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