One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 10, 2005 on OLTL

Michael was jealous of Marcie and Hugh's friendship. Nash had Antonio arrested for breaking and entering. Jessica stopped Tess from getting an abortion. Todd needed an alibi. Hesser arranged to have Cristian murdered, but Evangeline and John worked together to free him. Kelly wondered why her surgery had been postponed.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 10, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, October 10, 2005

Adriana delivers Antonio's cash to Rex but reminds him she just wants to be friends. With help from Paige, Bo gently explains to a worried Matthew why Nora has been hospitalized. At Statesville, Carlo triumphantly reminds Cristian that he is powerless to fight his programming. Blair smells a rat when Todd talks about taking the kids on an impromptu vacation to Greece. As the partially decomposed body of a woman is fished from Llantano Lake, John and Bo arrive to view the remains. Natalie angrily confronts a bristling Evangeline, who denies that she's been working to reestablish her hold on John. Paige struggles to reassure Matthew after the boy confesses how scared he is about his mom. Battling the pain, Cris manages to fend Carlo off. John makes a gruesome discovery downstream from the woman's corpse. Ginger tells Adriana why she fears something terrible may have happened to her aunt. Natalie hits the roof after discovering that Evangeline is representing "John Doe." Duke and Adriana rehash their quarrel and apologize for the harsh words they exchanged earlier. Carlo decides to eliminate a liability. As the technicians work to identify two victims, Bo wonders what would motivate someone to kill a mother and her baby.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tess shows up at the clinic, prepared to go through with an abortion. The nurse practitioner tells her that she can take more time to think about this important decision, but Tess assures her that she is confident. She says that she can't think ahead to her own future, and certainly not to that of a child. The nurse gives her some sedatives, which quickly start to take effect.

Meanwhile, Antonio shows up at the bar Tess and Nash have been frequenting, carrying "Missing" posters featuring Jessica's face. The bartender is unable to offer him any information, but she tells him that the evening bartender, Jimmy, might be of some assistance. Antonio decides to wait for Jimmy, and in the meantime he fields a call from Layla, who wants to know if she should give Jamie lunch. While Antonio is on the phone, Nash wraps up his meeting with the label manufacturer and approaches the bar. He spots the poster of Jessica and demands to know who is looking for her. The bartender describes Antonio, and Nash takes off. Antonio comes back inside, and the bartender tells him that the guy who just bought the winery on Rt. 22 was inquiring about the posters. Antonio takes off for the winery.

Nash phones Tess, and he can tell that something is wrong. She makes up an excuse about shopping, and he tells her he'll meet her back at the winery. He also warns her that Antonio is on the hunt for her, but reassures her that he'll protect her from Vega at all costs. Nash then goes home, filled with excitement about the labels he is having made up to honor Tess: Esprit Libre, which is French for free spirit. As he ponders this venture, Antonio comes up the walkway towards the front door!

Meanwhile, Jessica comes out to warn Tess that she doesn't know what it's like to lose a baby. Tess fights her off and frets about Antonio tracking her down. She falls under the drugs for a moment, and Jessica wakes up in control of the body! She vows that she won't let Tess kill her unborn child.

Bo is called to the Llantano River to investigate the body of the drowned woman. John soon joins him and makes a further gruesome discovery: the body of the woman's unborn child, also in the water. Back at the station, Bo receives the coroner's report, confirming that the woman was murdered. At that moment, Rex waltzes into the office and announces that it's been three weeks since Margaret Cochran disappeared. Bo calls Todd, who is busy lying to Blair and Viki, and asks Manning to run a story on the bodies of the woman and child. Todd grows nervous, but Bo pretends that he's just using Manning to help flush out the killer. Rex tells Bo that he is going to have to give up police work in order to devote himself to Ultra Violet, but he agrees to take on one more case: investigating the death of the woman and her unborn child.

Over a game of shooting hoops, Spencer warns David to keep Dorian out of his business. When Spencer insults his fiancé, David pushes his brother up against the wall and defends Dorian's honor. Spencer is not to be stopped, however, and he makes it clear that if David doesn't prevent Dorian from meddling in Kelly's plans to have surgery, something very bad will take place. David cannot understand why Spencer wants so desperately for Kelly to get pregnant, but Spencer will not divulge specifics. After David leaves to contact Dorian, Spencer talks to Paige on the phone, asking her whether she persuaded Bo to attend David's bachelor party.

Meanwhile, Asa, Kevin, and Duke receive their engraved invitations to Vickers' bachelor party. No one wants to go, but they eventually agree that it will be a good way to see what Truman wants with their family. Kelly shows up after the family meeting and angrily blasts Kevin for telling Dorian about her plans to let Spencer perform surgery on her. Kevin apologizes but insists that he has a bad feeling about Kelly undergoing this operation.

Dorian and Viki chat about bridal shower plans, but Viki's mind is focused on Jessica. Although Dorian has just had words with Blair and Kelly about Kelly's plans to conceive a child with Kevin, she is able to keep her mind on plans for the shower, especially since it something that concerns her. She gives Viki a partial guest list and tells her she will fax the rest over later! Viki makes a few wise cracks before leaving, and Dorian receives a frantic phone call from David.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

As John and Bo mull over the latest suspicious death in Llanview, they decide to take a field trip to the scene of the crime. Luck is with them as they return with an overlooked piece of evidence, not only covered with some blood but having the possibility of being the item that gave the victim splinters in her fingers.

A disappointed Kelly wonders why Spencer really postponed her surgery and suggests that perhaps Kevin was behind it. He swears to her that he wasn't and he will be just as happy without a baby. They wonder if Spencer could have lied about the reason for the delay.

At Capricorn, Todd lies to Blair about his phone call. He also contacts his paper and tells Denton to get down to the police station to scope out the latest dirt on the victim because he wants to scoop the other newspapers. At a nearby table Dorian wonders what is bothering David. Recalling the latest encounter with his brother, David orders Dorian to back off her blackmail of Spencer. Dorian is immediately suspicious of David backing his brother but he just explains it away by saying he doesn't want her involved in a mess.

They also argue over her meddling into Kelly's upcoming surgery.

Kelly and Kevin arrive to confront Dorian about the surgery postponement but she denies being mixed up in it. Kevin talks to her alone about the threat someone made to his family but she jokingly states that it was her. He doesn't believe her at all and gives her a warning.

Antonio gets to Brennan Winery as Nash is inside, pondering Tess' whereabouts. Spying Antonio outside, he silently unlocks the door and lies in wait for Vega, hammer in hand. Antonio finds evidence of Tess/Jess being there and wonders out loud what she has done to him. Nash can't contain himself so makes his presence known. The men argue about Tess/Jess; Nash wants Antonio to stop his stalking as Antonio tries to explain how Tess really doesn't exist. Nash declares that Tess is his now and he loves her. As Antonio attempts to explain further they are interrupted by policemen, there to arrest him for breaking and entering.

Jess cries as she successfully stops Tess from going through with the abortion and tries to get up from the table. The nurse misunderstands her reasons for crying and gently lays her back down, going off to get the doctor. When the doctor and nurse return, Jess mutters that she wants to keep her baby. She manages to get her point across and is promised that the procedure won't be done. Tess returns and wants to see the doctor. She harasses Jess who only wants to get to Antonio.

There's a blood drive going on at the Love Center as Paige and Spencer volunteer their services. He wants to know why she's upset; she advises him that she was forced to send Bo to David's bachelor party and hopes that he's blackmailed some day too. He silently remembers Dorian and her visit to do just that and retorts that he would be able to take care of himself. Paige vows to fight him and says that she is no longer afraid of him. In fact, she retorts, he won't divulge their secrets because that would mean his losing his advantage over her. Duke and Adriana both show up to give blood. They try to make plans for later but they both have other commitments. Adriana acknowledges that she heard of someone out to get Duke's family but has no idea of who it might be. Duke thinks it could be Spencer and they begin to wonder aloud about his coming to Llanview. Todd arrives with Blair and has words with Spencer regarding his recent secret run-in with Margaret. As Duke's blood is drawn, he questions Paige none too subtly, on her marriage to Spencer and whether she remembers him having any grudges against the Buchanans. She's unaware of it but urges him to be careful. Spencer flirts with Blair. Duke admits that he kissed someone else.

Denton overhears the latest at the police station on the possible evidence found and dashes off to tell Todd. Bo tells John that he doesn't want Natalie hurt, as he brings up the faux Cris. John confesses to always doing what is best for Nat, even if she doesn't believe it. Bo gets John to go home and no sooner does this happen then the DNA results come through. The blood seen on the newly found evidence did not match the victim. The blood type is O-negative.

Paige gets to Capricorn to see David and questions his progress with Spencer. It's worry time as it seems that his plot against the Buchanans is embracing all of them.

Todd hears the news from Denton and relives Margaret hitting him over the head.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Natalie complains to John about his former flame working to set "John Doe" free on appeal. At Statesville, Cris tells Evangeline how close Carlo came to killing him. Duke sheepishly admits to Adriana that he kissed Ginger but insists it meant nothing to him at all. Todd learns why the police believe the blood found on the tree limb belongs to a murderer. Antonio calls Layla from the Napa police station following his arrest. Adriana icily advises Ginger to keep her filthy mitts off of Duke. Todd scrambles to cover his tracks in the wake of the gruesome discovery at Llantano Lake. Evangeline fears her embattled client may not survive one more night behind bars. Spencer suggests to Ginger that they work together so they can both achieve their hearts' desire. Natalie weeps to think that Cristian's "impostor" could soon be walking the streets again. After Layla pays his fine, Antonio resumes his search and quickly comes face to face with Jessica. Kelly asks Spencer to reschedule her procedure and is confused when he continues to vacillate.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Blair and Todd arrive home to find Viki distraught over the news of the dead woman and baby. Viki immediately acts suspicious of Todd and asks Blair to fetch her a glass of water to take with her medication. Once they are alone, Viki asks Todd if he knows whether the dead woman is Margaret, but he denies having any information. When Todd goes to take a phone call, Blair rips into Viki, accusing her of keeping Todd's secrets. Viki sticks to her decision to honor Todd's trust in her, but reassures Blair that he will tell her when the time is right. Blair goes upstairs to check on the kids, and Viki asks Todd if he did something to Margaret. He doesn't answer, but she insists that he doesn't have it in him to commit such an act. She says that she could understand him making a "half convincing" argument for killing Margaret, but that there is no way he would kill an unborn child. After Viki leaves, Todd takes off for work, and Blair decides to investigate his secrets. She finds a receipt for a car servicing that took place on September 19th (the day the dead woman was murdered). When Todd arrives home, Blair demands to know why he had the car serviced that day when they had just had it done nine days before.

Natalie and John are sharing a tender moment on the roof when Evangeline storms onto the scene. She demands to speak to John about their case, but Natalie is having none of it. She insists that she be let in on the discussion, and points out that there are no open cases at the Llanview LPD that both of them would be involved in. John asks Nat to trust him, and she reluctantly leaves him alone with Van. Evangeline makes her case to John, asking him to help her get Cristian released from Statesville. She believes that Carlo Hesser might have him killed before the night is over. John says that even if Hesser was brain washing Cristian, they have no evidence to offer the warden. Evangeline accuses John of wanting to keep Cris in jail so that he can have Natalie to himself. John finally agrees to help Van when she produces the piece of paper that has one of Hesser's mind control triggers written on it.

In Statesville, Evangeline's concerns prove correct as Carlo Hesser bribes a guard to bring Cristian's life to an end. The guard presents Cristian with a brand new cell mate, a burly guy named Hatchet. The guard implies that Hatchet will kill Cristian and that the guard will make it look like a suicide. Cristian uses his strength to fight back, but the guard and Hatchet manage to subdue him and push him onto the cell floor. The guard then produces an ominous looking piece of rope ... is Cristian doomed?

Natalie heads back to Llanfair, where Viki has just lost a call from Antonio. Viki informs Natalie that Antonio has found Jessica and is bringing her home, but that the phone went dead before she could get any other information. Natalie tells her mother how much she misses Jess. Viki can sense that something else is wrong, and Natalie opens up about her concerns regarding Evangeline. Viki offers comfort and support.

Rex provides Bo with an eye witness to the "pregnant woman." This man was fishing when he ran across Todd and Margaret and asked Todd for some matches. With the help of the witness, a sketch artist produces a portrait. Rex asks Bo if he recognizes the man, but Bo remains quiet.

Meanwhile, Denton pokes around the station, hoping to glean information about the investigation for Todd.

At the Love Center, Michael is the doctor on duty for the blood drive. When Marcie and Hugh show up to donate, it becomes apparent that Hugh is squeamish around blood. Michael uses this to his advantage, drawing out the procedure and poking Hugh unnecessarily a couple of times. Meanwhile, Marcie and Michael have a nice conversation about the writing she has been posting on the Internet. There is obviously still a spark between the two, but Michael soon takes up a flirtation with the gorgeous nurse who is assisting him with the blood drive. When Hugh is done donating blood, he feels weak and falls to the ground. When he comes to, Michael is very rude to him, and Marcie leaps to the ADA's defense. It's apparent that Marcie has feelings for both of the handsome men!

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