All My Children Recaps: The week of October 10, 2005 on AMC

Julia shot Garret. Tad and Zach rescued Julia and Di. Ryan made a decision about his and Jonathan's futures. Greenlee learned that Kendall was pregnant.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 10, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, October 10, 2005

Adam was enraged over the news of Chandler Enterprises. He berated JR because he felt JR had practically handed Krystal half of the company pie. Krystal stood by in disbelief over Adam's behavior toward JR given the circumstances with Di. She finally spoke up, reminding Adam that JR had more important things to worry about at that moment and that instead of yelling at JR, Adam should be giving his son support.

JR did not appreciate Krystal's interference. He pointed out that Di was only missing. It did not mean that she was dead. JR told Krystal to spare him her false concern. When Stuart arrived to have a private word with JR, things quickly deteriorated. JR stormed out, followed shortly afterwards by Stuart. Krystal once again tried to get through to Adam that his priorities were skewed, but Adam would have none of it.

The Fusion party kicked off, and it was clear to the ladies it was a great success. Simone noticed Greenlee's absence and questioned Kendall. Kendall gave them a story about Greenlee needing some rest and relaxation because she was stressed out waiting for the pregnancy results. Talk of the pregnancy led Simone to ask Kendall how Erica had taken the news of Kendall's surrogacy. Kendall told her that Erica had taken it very well -- so well, in fact, that Kendall was certain Erica was up to something.

Later, during the party, Dani overheard Simone and an important critic talking. When the critic propositioned Simone with a sleazy deal to discuss a favorable review back at his hotel room, Dani was prompted to act. She confronted the man, and Kendall soon joined Dani and warned him to write a fair review or she would go to his supervisor with complaints of his behavior. Both Simone and Kendall reassured Dani that she had done the right thing in speaking up. Her instincts about the man had been right on target.

As the party progressed, JR arrived. He was furious with Kendall and felt betrayed. He asked her if she was in cahoots with Krystal and David to take him down. Kendall was completely confused. She pointed out that she had done everything in her power to help him and that he had been positively orgasmic over her help. Disgusted with JR's behavior, Kendall ordered him to leave and turned away. JR panicked and stopped her. Completely vulnerable, he asked her to help him, explaining that he feared his mother might be dead.

Zach, Tad, Mimi, and Garret were assembled in Mimi's office. She told Garret that both Zach and Tad were convinced that he was the Dragon. Garret pretended to be shocked at the suggestion. He claimed his innocence, but it was clear that neither Tad nor Zach believed a word. Feigning concern for the delicate position that Mimi was in, Garret asked Mimi how he should proceed with her friends. Mimi let Garret know that she did not consider them her friends and that in her opinion, Garret should tell them to go to hell.

Garret continued to play the innocent as Tad explained how they had reached the conclusion that he was the Dragon. He was not impressed. He turned to Mimi and offered to answer any questions that she might have. Mimi quickly assured Garret that she didn't have any questions. She knew the kind of man she had married. Tad conceded that maybe he and Zach were on the wrong trail, and they left Mimi's office. Once they were alone, Tad told Zach that he had a new plan. They would wait for Garret to leave and follow him. Zach suggested that they just wait for Garret to leave and beat the truth out of him.

Moments later, after Garret told Mimi that he had to return to New York to tie up some loose business ends, Garret left the police station. As Tad and Zach started to follow him, a police officer walked up and cuffed them together. It was obvious it was a delay tactic ordered by Mimi when the officer admitted that he had made a mistake and would release them just as soon as he found the key to the cuffs. Tad and Zach returned to Tad's office after realizing that they had temporarily lost Garret's trail. Stuart arrived a few minutes later and demanded to talk to Tad immediately.

Julia tried to go over the plans to overpower Garret and kill him. Di was reluctant. She told Julia that she thought they should spare Garret's life. Julia was shocked. She reminded Di of what a monster Garret was and of all the ways he had ruined Julia's life. Di listened but remained steadfast in her belief that Garret should not be killed. She explained that Garret should be punished but Julia should not be the one to do it. It would ultimately destroy her soul. Di felt the best thing for them to do would be to turn Garret over to the police.

Julia disagreed. She was certain that Garret would get a team of top-notch attorneys who would do everything that they could to keep Garret out of jail. Di agreed that he very likely would but pointed out that the lawyers wouldn't be able to help him if Di and Julia testified against him. Julia pointed out that the first thing Garret was going to do if Di took the stand would be to reveal to everyone that she was not Dixie. Di was very aware of that and told Julia that it was the price she would have to pay in order to see Garret put behind bars.

Later, when Garret arrived, Di was standing alone by the windows. He asked her where Julia was. Di explaind that they'd had an argument and that Julia was in the other room. Garret accepted the explanation then confronted Di about the letter. He accused her of lying about it and making a fool out of him. While Garret and Di argued, Julia who was crouched behind the kitchen counter with a heavy object for a weapon, slowly rose. As she approached Garret from behind, Di glanced at her. It was enough for Garret to realize that someone was behind him.

Garret turned just as Julia lowered her arm. He was able to wrench the weapon out of her hand and, with a powerful blow to the face, knocked Julia unconscious. Filled with rage, Garret turned to a cowering Di and pulled out a gun. Di pleaded for her life as Garret expressed his disappointment over her betrayal. He told her that he had no intention of killing her and then pulled out his cell phone. With his gun pointed at Di, Garret ordered the person on the other end to pick up a "package" and to take the doctor with him. He went on to explain that he had someone from whom he needed help retrieving information.

After Garret hung up, Di started to behave strangely. She begged Garret to get her a glass of water. After hesitating a few moments, Garret walked into the kitchen. He received a powerful jolt as he turned on the water and as a result, the gun fell from his grasp. Di quickly tried to reach it, but Garret stopped her. While Garret was busy subduing Di, Julia came to and was able to reach the gun before Garret. Garret and Julia struggled over the gun while Di picked up the weapon that Julia had wielded earlier and approached Garret from behind, intent on helping Julia.

Greenlee told Erin that she would never let go of Ryan as Ryan stood in the next room, listening. In an effort to help Greenlee, Erin asked her what would happen if by some miracle Ryan were to return to her. Greenlee became quite upset, seeing the question as a streak of cruelty. She chastised Erin for her insensitivity and told her that if Ryan were alive, he would have returned to her long before. Anything else would have been a betrayal of what they had shared.

When Greenlee started to leave, Erin followed her out to the front porch, apologizing for hurting Greenlee. Greenlee was too angry and accused Erin of having a cruel streak. Greenlee went on to mention Jonathan and how sick and sadistic he was. Erin defended her brother, telling Greenlee that Jonathan was not well and that the anger Greenlee felt toward Erin did not give her the right to talk about Erin's brother in such a manner. Greenlee was disgusted and left.

After Erin returned to her house, she apologized to Ryan for the things that she had said to Greenlee. He was too shaken up over the revelation that Greenlee was in such a bad state. He had thought she was strong enough to move on with her life. Ryan felt tremendous guilt for his actions. Ryan realized that he had defeated Greenlee in a very profound way. Erin was sympathetic. She asked him how he felt learning about her miscarriage. Ryan admitted that he didn't know how to feel about it. It was tearing him up inside, knowing how much Greenlee wanted their baby and how empty she had become.

Greenlee walked into a hospital with an elderly woman who had stepped out in front of Greenlee's car and had nearly been run over. She explained to the nurse that she had noticed the bracelet with the hospital's name on it around the woman's wrist. The nurse thanked Greenlee and checked the woman's hospital band. The nurse told Greenlee that the woman was an Alzheimer's patient and that she had apparently wandered off. She went on to tell Greenlee that the woman's family was going to be grateful for Greenlee's kindness in taking the woman back to the hospital.

She asked Greenlee to wait a moment while she took the woman to her room. She wanted to take Greenlee's name and number, certain the family would want to thank Greenlee personally. Greenlee sat down to wait. As she was looking around, Greenlee noticed a man sitting in a wheelchair, wearing a bandage on his head. She stared at him in horror as she realized that the man she was looking at was Jonathan.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ryan told Erin that his death had killed Greenlee, too, but that wasn't supposed to be what happened. He asked what he had missed, and Erin told him he had missed how much Greenlee loved him. Erin told Ryan to tell Greenlee he was alive. He said that if he went back, it would kill any shred of faith she had in them and would hurt her as badly as him staying dead. Erin told Ryan not to tell Greenlee what had really happened but to fudge the truth. He said that it would just be one more lie. He said that he owed Greenlee the chance to hate him, and she had every right to never forgive him.

Greenlee saw a glimpse of Jonathan at the hospital but he disappeared. She ran to the nurses' station and demanded to know where Jonathan Lavery was and insisted that he was a killer and had to be found. The nurse checked and told her that there was no Lavery at the hospital. Greenlee ran down the hall, thinking she again saw Jonathan, but it was someone else. She then decided that she hadn't really seen Jonathan.

J.R. apologized to Kendall for his behavior at the Fusion launch. He told Kendall that he should have seen the danger Di was in. He said that if he lost his mother, he wouldn't know what to do. He said that Dixie had begged him to make up with Jamie, but he was still so bent on revenge, he wouldn't listen. He asked how she ever forgave Ryan and Greenlee and got over her anger. J.R. said that sometimes it felt like other than his mom and Little Adam, all he had was the hate.

Kendall told J.R. that the forgiveness was good for her, and if he could find forgiveness for Jamie and Babe, he might just replace the hate with love. He told her he needed to get back to the search for Dixie, and she told him to keep good thoughts. Back at Fusion, Simone told Kendall that the Fusion launch had been a success. Simone asked Kendall why she hadn't taken the pregnancy test yet, and Kendall replied that if she weren't pregnant, it was the last chance they had because Ryan's samples had defrosted in the blackout. Simone told Kendall that she had to take the pregnancy test immediately. After taking the test, Kendall returned with the pregnancy test in her hand.

Julia stood over an unconscious Garret with a gun, prepared to shoot. Di stopped her and told her that killing Garret would take away any chance of her having a life. Garret woke up and asked Julia to let him live. Di told her not to destroy her life by taking his. She again told Garret that for nine years he had stolen her life and then killed her husband. Garret lay on the floor with a smug look on his face as Julia had flashbacks and heard Noah's voice. She finally pulled the trigger and shot him. Di told her that it was over and there was no more hiding.

Di told Julia that they had to get out of there before Garret's men arrived. Seconds later, the door opened, and two men were there wanting to know where the Dragon was. When they saw Garret on the floor, they told Julia and Di that they wouldn't live long enough to brag about killing the Dragon. Tad and Zach then broke into the room as well as Derek and the police. Julia confessed to killing Garret, but Di said it was all in self-defense.

Julia told Zach that he was wrong about Dixie and that the real Dixie was the one who had risked her life for Julia that day. Julia told Di that she would never tell her secret about not being Dixie. Zach lead Julia out of Garret's room as Julia took one last look at his dead body.

At Tad's office, Babe ran into Jamie and tried to explain her choices and that not everything was black and white. She told him that everything she had done was for her son. Jamie wanted to know what secret she was hiding this time. She told him there was no big secret and that she just hoped one day he would stop hating her. J.R. showed up and told them that Jamie had satisfied the terms of Phoebe's will, and if they wanted to get back together, there was nothing he could do about it. Both Babe and Jamie declined the offer.

J.R. told Jamie that he had been too harsh with him, and Jamie asked where the real J.R. was. J.R.'s phone rang, and Dixie was on the other line. She told him she would be home soon, and he told her that he and Jamie would be waiting for her and Tad.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Zach took Julia to a safe house until all of Garret's associates were no longer a threat to her. Julia took in her plush surroundings and started talking to Zach about the way she had treated Zach during the previous few weeks. As Zach was about to leave, Julia made a surprising confession. She told Zach that she had not killed Garret in self-defense. She'd had the choice to let him live.

Later, after Julia freshened up, she took advantage of the buffet Zach had arranged for her. As Julia helped herself to some food, Julia began to tell him about what had happened with Garret. Zach asked Julia if she had any regrets. Julia thought about it for a moment and admitted that she was at peace with what she had done. Julia received a surprise when Zach went to open the door, and Anita and Sam rushed in. He stepped out of the room while the family enjoyed their reunion. Julia was filled with joy as she realized that she no longer had to hide who she was from the world.

Zach arrived home but, instead of going into his place, he decided to knock at Kendall's door. When Kendall opened her front door, Zach told her that the bad guys were gone and he was not dead. Kendall threw her arms around him in relief.

Derek and Livia broke the news of Garret's death to Dani. Dani was shocked as they gently explained things to her, outlining Garret's criminal past and what had recently transpired with Julia. They also told her the disturbing discovery made at Garret's after the shooting. The police had found a photo album filled with pictures of young girls, including a few of Dani on the last page. It was clear, based on the pictures, what Garret's intentions toward Dani had been.

Derek and Livia told Dani that she had been right about Garret all along. Dani was relieved but also deeply hurt that Mimi, her own mother, had chosen the word of her boyfriend over the word of her daughter. Derek and Livia didn't attempt to make excuses for Mimi. Instead, they focused on Dani and how proud they were of her. When Dani asked where Mimi was, Livia explained that she was being questioned about the case and her role in things. After Livia gathered her things so that she could join Mimi, Derek reassured Dani that he had no intention of leaving her alone.

Everyone was gathering at the Chandler mansion to await Dixie's arrival. When Babe arrived, JR was less than happy to see her and didn't mince words letting her know. Krystal quickly ushered Babe away so that they wouldn't interfere with the family reunion. Shortly afterwards, Brooke joined the family, closely followed by Tad and Di. Di was quick to reassure everyone that she was fine and apologized profusely for worrying all of them. She answered several questions about her harrowing experience but was still visibly overwhelmed by everything.

As Di talked about secrets, she became quite distressed and ran out to the patio for a moment to compose herself. While she was sitting out there, Stuart walked up. He was greatly relieved to see that Di was unharmed. He also handed her the letter he'd been holding for her. When Del joined them, Stuart made his excuses and left. Di agonized over whether or not to tell the family the truth about who she really was, but Del convinced her to keep her secret. He took the letter from her and burned it before taking her inside to show her how she had affected the family.

Inside the house, JR took a moment to speak privately with Tad. He thanked Tad for helping to return Di home. Tad used to the opportunity to remind JR that JR, Jamie, and Dixie were the most important people in the world to Tad. Later, JR led Little Adam down, and in a moment of tenderness, offered Jamie the chance to hold Little Adam. Jamie accepted, and the three of them spent some time together by the sofa. Di walked in with Del and witnessed the brothers playing with Little Adam. Di was deeply moved.

Elsewhere, Brooke talked to Adam. She told him that she knew of his marriage to Krystal and thought that he had finally found the woman that he so richly deserved. Adam did not appreciate her parting shot of "Yeehaw, Mr. Krystal Carey.". A few minutes later, Brooke tried to help Tad sort through his feelings about Dixie and advised him to speak to Dixie about his concerns.

Upstairs, Krystal and Babe went back and forth about telling everyone the truth regarding Dixie's true identity. Krystal had doubts over whether or not telling everyone that Di wasn't Dixie would truly be the best thing. Babe felt that Tad loved Dixie, not Di.

Di became quite emotional seeing Jamie and JR together. She told JR how happy she was to see the three of them together. JR responded by sharing with Di what he had gone through when she was missing. He had realized that he wanted to be the man that she could be proud of. Di tearfully told him that she was proud of him. After a heartfelt hug, Di turned to everyone in the room and once again apologized for keeping them in the dark about what was going on. She thanked them all for forgiving her and letting her back into their lives.

Just then, Krystal and Babe entered. Babe stared transfixed at Jamie, who was still holding Little Adam, while Di did her best to make them feel welcome. Visibly shocked and somewhat uncomfortable, Babe and Krystal quickly made their excuses and left the party. They returned upstairs and immediately shared their impressions from the gathering downstairs. Both realized that Di sincerely loved the family and would make any sacrifice necessary for them, and vice versa. They questioned how they could reveal the truth under those circumstances.

Di found Tad outside on the back patio, after he stepped out for a breath of fresh air. She told him that they could all be happy since all the secrets were behind them. Tad turned to Di and asked her if that included the secret that she was not Dixie, but her half-sister, Di. Di was stunned.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

While the Chandler clan and extended notables waited impatiently in the living room, Tad confronted Di about her true identity out on the patio. Di quickly realized that Tad had read the letter she had given to Stuart to hold -- but that Stuart hadn't filled her in on that part. Tad asked if her revelation was the other reason she hadn't wanted him to see the letter. After receiving a silent admission, he asked if she remembered why she had hidden it from him for so long. Finding her voice, she admitted that she had been scared of what his reaction would be.

Tad told Di that, unlike Stuart, he found it very difficult to forgive liars -- and that she should be terrified. Tad noted that he finally understood why she had turned him down every time he had asked her to help Julia, and he went on to say that she was correct -- the contents of her letter effectively ended anything that they had shared up until that point. Di tried to defend herself, but Tad interrupted, saying that her true intention was to never get caught. Tad told her that while she had done an excellent job with the details, apparently the rewards she got from stealing her dead sister's life were more than worth all the lies. Di then said that she had never meant for things to get out of hand, but she had just gotten caught up.

Tad told Di that the saddest thing was that in the beginning, no one had wanted to believe that she was Dixie, but their desperation to have Dixie back had allowed her to skate around all of their skepticism. He told her that while she might have perfected the mannerisms on the outside, she was missing the most critical part -- the heart that Dixie had. He continued to dismantle her by saying that her friend, the Dragon, had been more merciful than her -- because when he killed people, it had been quick and clean. Her style, however, was to rip the hearts out of people while they were still breathing. Di had expected Tad to be furious with her, and knew that she deserved it, but Tad told her that he was just getting started.

Without thinking, Di blurted out that she loved Tad and his sons just as much as Dixie ever had. Quietly enraged, Tad said that he was going to do whatever it took to forget that she had said those words. He went on to say that with the help of everyone in the Chandler house that was celebrating "her" survival, she would be ripped apart, lie by lie. However, before he revealed her for the fraud that she was, he wanted to know who had come up with the idea -- because he knew that she couldn't have done it alone. She remained mute, causing Tad to grab her and demand the truth about whether or not she -- or her associates -- had had anything to do with Dixie's death. She swore that she hadn't, but Tad wasn't so sure that he believed her.

Tad asked how Del was involved, and she explained that when Dixie's kidney had started to fail, he had gone looking for her -- and during the seven weeks they had spent in the hospital recovering, she had asked a lot of questions about the sister she had never known, less one phone call before the procedure. She told Tad that it wasn't a part of some plot, and Tad surmised that it was just convenient information for when David showed up on the scene and exploited her. She told him that she had done the best she could, and Tad laughed wryly, waiting to hear a tale about her pained childhood. He told her that no matter what had happened when she was growing up, she didn't have the right to rip apart people's lives -- because if she thought she did, he wanted her to go into the Chandler living room, and tell everyone about it.

Inside, Opal prattled on about how she thought that Tad was proposing to Dixie yet again, and how Dixie and Julia would have been found much more quickly had they waited until she had finished her tarot card reading. Then, Palmer sauntered in, and even Adam's proclamation that he was in no mood to be in the company of his long-time rival did nothing to sour Palmer's good spirits. In fact, Palmer had enough good mood to spread around the room, and proceeded to dip Krystal and lay a kiss on her. While everyone in the room looked on in shock, JR noted that perhaps he and his ex-wife were the only sane people in Pine Valley.

Palmer announced that his show was just his way of saying congratulations to the happy couple. He ragged on Adam a bit for the lack of elegance of his latest trip to the altar, and Krystal chose that moment to announce that Adam had given her the greatest gift: half of Chandler Enterprises. Most of the participants were taken aback by this news, and Palmer advised her to keep her wits about her -- as Brooke was the only wife to get the better of Adam in a divorce settlement to date. Everyone continued to mill around the living room, and after Brooke offered Krystal luck in her marriage to Adam, Adam approached Brooke.

Adam asked Brooke to leave with him so they could talk in private. Brooke declined, and Adam noted that while everyone in town seemed to think she was a nice person, she was really a fake. Adam told her that if she were real, she would sympathize with his plight instead of offering help to his new bride. Brooke laughed in his face, noting that she wouldn't feel sorry for a guy who went off to do some dirty work and, because he couldn't hold his liquor, ended up being served poetic justice.

Adam admitted that he had loved Brooke once, although he was finding it hard to believe. She started to shoot the same back at him but then amended her thoughts -- she told him that in the now, he was the same man that she had divorced. However, if he saw the man she had married, she asked that he pass on her greetings -- as that was the man she truly loved. On the other side of the living room, Babe asked JR what he was so worried about. JR admitted that things had been good, and he didn't want Tad to mess things up. Babe was sure that wouldn't happen, because fate had presented Tad and Dixie with another shot at happy ever after. Knowing this, JR further admitted that he couldn't shake a bad feeling he'd had brewing inside.

Di blurted out that she wouldn't beg for forgiveness because even though she had done things wrong, she had also improved the lives of the people Tad cared about. Tad told her that she didn't get the credit -- that if anyone had caused an improvement, it was Dixie. Di insisted that she should at least get partial credit because she had given Dixie to them and made her real again. Tad stripped her of that badge by saying that all she had done was steal someone else's family. He then told her his theory: that she had kept the truth hidden and dragged her feet while Julia's life hung in the balance until she could find a way to silence the Dragon forever -- thus keeping her secret safe.

Sorrowfully, Di told Tad that Julia was the one that had ended Garret's life -- although he hadn't given her a choice in the matter. Unmoved, Tad reminded her that Dixie was still dead, and that Di had done everything but rob her half-sister's grave. JR appeared from the doorway to the living room in time to hear Tad's last remark, and inquired about the details. Then, seeing Di's tears, he chastised Tad for not enjoying the fact that Di was back, alive and unharmed. Di told JR that she hadn't been honest with anyone, and that she would appreciate it if he went back inside and kept the party going while she wrapped up her conversation with Tad. Before going, JR reminded Tad that holding a few things back was not a bad thing -- that Di had had a good reason for what she had done, and that it would make things better from there on out.

JR shocked Tad by saying that he had been thinking about the christening for Little Adam, and how he was ready to try it again. He asked Tad to again step up and fill the role of godfather. Touched, but knowing he had to choose his words carefully, Tad said that if JR wanted him, he'd be there. JR turned, told Di not to be too much longer, and went back into the house. When the door closed, Tad asked how Di could set up Dixie's entire family for a fall they would never recover from. He asked how she could hand them all a miracle that was nothing more than a shameful lie. She told him that her love for him, and the boys, had never been a lie.

Tad told Di that JR would never forgive her once he found out the truth, and she responded by saying that Tad could choose not to reveal the truth -- that no one had to know. Tad refused to lie for her, despite all her efforts to make him see that she could effect a positive change on everyone's life. She called on Dixie's memory to cause a change of heart, but Tad demanded that she not presume to know what Dixie would do in a situation like that. He knew, and freely reminded her, that one phone conversation did not make Di an expert on her half-sister. Di swore that she had gotten to know Dixie, and that if Tad gave her a chance, she could make Dixie proud.

The party started to wind down, with Opal and Del headed for SOS, Brooke and Jamie headed home, Krystal headed up to bed, and Adam headed to meet with the cognac in the library. Babe and JR remained the lone partygoers in the living room, as they continued to wait for Dixie to return inside.

On the patio, Di stared Tad down, waiting for an answer...and he said volumes by simply walking away.

After embracing Zach for a moment in her doorway, Kendall quipped that she thought Zach would be chained to Julia for life. He told her that it was over, and that he was all hers again. Kendall admitted that she was not willing to go that far, but Zach noted that she did care whether he lived or died. She confirmed as much, saying that the secret was out. She backpedaled and said that she had to care because even though she was the reason the casinos were open for business, he was the reason they ran as well as they did. Zach thought that they would be fine without him, but Kendall wasn't so sure.

Kendall asked about Zach's adventures out in the world. He gave her the simple version: Julia was safe, and the Dragon was slain and his empire was no more. Seeing that Kendall was content with that, he took his turn in the question department. Zach noted that Kendall had a glow about her -- and he wanted to know if he was the cause, or if it was because she was pregnant. Kendall said that she wasn't ready to talk about her gestational status, and before he could press any further, Greenlee walked in. Kendall asked how her trip had been, and Greenlee admitted that she had actually gone to see Erin.

Alarm bells rang for both the Slaters, and Zach tried to get confirmation about what he had just heard; Kendall reminded her best friend that Erin had been deemed off-limits. Greenlee admitted that she had changed her mind at the last minute, and that it hadn't been a big deal. Zach demanded to know why Greenlee had gone to Nova Scotia, but Greenlee had a better set of questions and asked why he was involved in the conversation. She further asked if there was some information about the Lavery clan that he hadn't shared yet. Upon hearing that, Kendall shifted her line of thinking, and noted that she would be interested in hearing her husband's answer as well.

Zach defused the situation by simply stating that Erin Lavery was the unknown in the equation. That spurred Kendall to ask what the lone Lavery sister was like, and how she had reacted to the surrogacy. Greenlee informed Kendall that she hadn't gotten around to telling her. Instead she had gotten emotional and defensive, and even better -- she had thought that she had seen Jonathan at a local hospital. Kendall noted that her scenario was impossible because Jonathan had been buried under tons of rubble. They retired to the couch, and Greenlee told Kendall that she hadn't expected the visit to hurt so much -- that she had thought she could band together with Ryan's one remaining relative. The truth had ended up being that Erin was odd, secretive, and unwilling to connect.

Zach chimed in that it was probably for the best that she hadn't told Erin about the baby. Then, Greenlee said that she might have gotten to that and much more if Erin hadn't set her off. Kendall asked for details, and Greenlee said that Erin had asked what she would do if Ryan were alive, and how would she feel about it. Kendall ranted for a moment about how horrible Erin was to have said such a thing, and Zach jumped in again to back his wife up.

Realizing that it was the best time, Kendall revealed that she was indeed pregnant, and that Ryan could live on. Tearfully, Greenlee hugged her best friend and announced that she could finally face Ryan's memorial service. Zach took that moment to go, leaving the duo to celebrate. They toasted to their success with wine glasses full of milk. Before they could drink, Zach returned with a gift: a box full of bubblegum cigars.

As Ryan tried to sketch out a plan for building Jonathan a ramp, Erin jokingly asked if he could build one that went all the way to Pine Valley -- especially considering that was where Jonathan wanted to go. She then told her big brother that there was no reason why they couldn't go back -- after all, Greenlee still loved him. Ryan noted that it was not a matter that could be solved by flipping a coin. He had left Greenlee because he had thought that her life would be better without him -- he certainly couldn't just go back to make himself feel better. He also said that he needed more information before making such a huge decision.

Erin knew that he needed confirmation that Greenlee would forgive him -- and told him that she was certain forgiveness would happen in time. Before they could delve any deeper, the phone rang. Erin answered, and found out that Jonathan had escaped from his hospital room, and they didn't know where he was. Erin and Ryan scrambled for their things and headed out the door.

A short time later, Ryan and Erin arrived at the hospital, harried and worried. They ran into a nurse in the hallway and asked for a status update. She told them that Jonathan had thought he had seen someone that he knew. Confused, since they didn't believe he knew anyone but the staff, they questioned who it might be. The nurse said it was an odd name...and then remembered: Greenlee. She asked if they recognized the name, but Ryan lied and said that they didn't.

The nurse assured them Jonathan still had to be in the hospital and went off to check with security. Once she left, they pondered why Greenlee would have been there. Ryan surmised that it had to have been in Jonathan's head -- especially since he was so fixated on returning to Pine Valley. Then, they realized that while he was on the loose, Jonathan could very easily call Greenlee. They decided to split up in an attempt to assist the search party, and minimize their losses, with a promise to meet back at the starting point.

After looking high and low, Ryan found Jonathan and took him to the meeting place. Erin showed up soon after, and together, they told Jonathan that as a brain surgery patient, he couldn't take off alone. Jonathan brokenly told them that he had seen Greenlee at the hospital that day, but Ryan tried to convince his little brother that it wasn't possible because Greenlee was still in Pine Valley. Before the disagreement became an all-out war, Erin pulled Ryan back and confirmed that Jonathan had indeed seen Greenlee.

Not wanting to hash out what had happened in front of Jonathan, they got him back to his room and in bed. Jonathan insisted that Ryan find Greenlee and tell her that there was no reason for her to be afraid anymore. Ryan made all of the appropriate soothing noises, and then asked his brother to get some rest. He left the room and asked for more information from his sister. Erin told him that she had heard the nurses downstairs talking about an American woman who had freaked out because she had thought she had seen a murderer. She further related that the nurses' description of the woman had sounded exactly like Greenlee.

Ryan pondered what could have happened between the house and the hospital to make Greenlee go in. Erin was clueless, but they both realized that she would have used the name Jonathan Lavery -- which no one in the hospital had heard before. Erin thought that it might only be a matter of time before the staff started to make the connection. However, because Greenlee had no proof, Erin thought that the staff was a long way off from putting the puzzle together. The end of the tunnel was a long way off, too, according to Ryan, because he knew that Jonathan wouldn't give up. He believed that as soon as Jonathan got better, he was going to hightail it to Pine Valley.

Erin wasn't convinced that it was a completely bad idea, but Ryan knew that if Jonathan blindsided Greenlee with information about everything -- from him surviving the shooting and the cave-in at the mine, to Ryan staying dead -- Greenlee wouldn't be able to handle it. After a moment of additional discussion, Ryan realized that Greenlee deserved the truth. Erin asked if he was going back to Pine Valley, but instead of answering, he just guided her back into Jonathan's room. Once inside, Ryan informed both of his siblings that he was going to go back to Pine Valley so that he could tell Greenlee the whole truth. Then, when Jonathan was released from the hospital, he and Erin could travel back there as well.

Friday, October 14, 2005

At the New Beginnings office, Erica thanked Josh for trying to get the truth out of Kendall, but she had decided she wanted to get all the dirt on his father. Josh showed no interest in messing up his father's life and told Erica that he wanted no part in her plan. Erica updated Josh on Kendall and Greenlee's pregnancy plot, which surprised Josh. Erica asked Josh if Greg had ever done anything similar to cross the line, but Josh told her no.

Erica pressed further, but Josh refused to help her. Josh reminded Erica that she should not threaten his job over her own personal problems. Erica insisted that she did need his help to destroy his father. Josh told Erica that he wouldn't let her control his life, like she was doing with Kendall's. Although Greg was not the world's greatest dad, he was an excellent doctor, Josh pointed out before walking out of Erica's office.

Greg was surprised to see Kendall and Greenlee waiting for him in his office. When Greenlee and Kendall told them that they thought Kendall was pregnant, Gregory simply said that he was unable to work on their case anymore. He explained that Erica was not happy with him impregnating Kendall. Greenlee said that Erica could be upset, but she could not mess up their plans because it was perfectly legal. Greg confirmed to Kendall that she was pregnant after he took his own test.

Greg interrupted Greenlee and Kendall's glee by telling them that he would not work with them unless Erica backed off. He had many clients that he could not lose because of Erica's power over the press. Kendall told Greg that she would get her mother to back off, but had no intentions of finding another doctor. Greenlee and Kendall left the office, ready to trample over Erica to keep Greg's reputation in society very high.

Di told Little Adam how lucky he was to be a part of the Chandler family, but JR overheard her say that she was scared she would lose him. JR thought that Di was scared that if she moved in with Tad, JR would get mad and not let her see his son. When Di asked him if he would do that, JR admitted that he hated Tad for letting him think his son was dead. Di tried to defend Tad, but JR told her that he hated having a parent who lied. "But hey," JR said, at least he could trust her.

JR gave his blessing if Di and Tad wanted to remarry. Di told JR that she had not been honest with Tad, and because of it, he was upset. Besides not admitting that she had known Garret, there were other things she had lied about to protect him and JR, Di explained. Jamie walked over with a gift for Little Adam, but JR was displeased with the miniature football. JR put down Tad in front of Jamie then mentioned the baby-snatching ordeal. Di asked the brothers to stay put and returned with a plate stacked high with Dixie's famous chocolate chip cookies. JR started chomping them down with Jamie as Di looked on with a smile.

Julia slept restlessly in her hotel room. She dreamed that as she continued to shoot Garret, he got up and tried to attack her. When Anita went over to touch Julia, Julia threw her against the dresser and mirror out of fright. Julia immediately got up and checked on Anita, just as Tad walked in. Anita seemed fine, so she left Julia alone with Tad.

Tad asked how Julia was, then immediately asked about the time she had spent with Di. Julia realized that Tad knew who Di really was and admitted she knew the entire story. Julia told Tad that she would not put Di down because thanks to her, Julia had gotten her life back. Di had even been ready to lose her dream life to save Julia, Julia said. Tad was not as forgiving, explaining that he had thought the love of his life was back.

Tad told Julia that he was not going to keep Di's secret, but Julia doubted it because he would have spilled already. Julia tried to make Tad realize how Di had improved their family -- and that alone was not worth destroying. She also told him that she understood wanting a life so badly that giving everything up was worth it, just like Di had. Julia said that even Dixie would have preferred someone who drew the family all together rather than apart. She even questioned if Tad wanted to tell the truth just to get revenge on Di. Tad asked Julia how she would feel if Noah turned out to be a fake, trying to make her see that he was not out seeking revenge.

Erica called Tad to ask him to investigate Greg, but was interrupted when Kendall and Greenlee walked in. They told Erica that Kendall was pregnant with Greenlee and Ryan's baby. Erica was shocked, but pretended to be happy for them, although Kendall caught on to her act. Greenlee and Kendall warned Erica that if she did not back off Greg, they would not let her see the child, and it would ruin the relationship Erica had with Kendall.

Josh went to see his father and overheard him talking to one of the nurses, Hazel. Hazel told Greg that she had warned him to stay away from Kendall, but he had not listened and because of it, everything could blow up.

Tad went to see Di as Jamie and JR finished off the cookies. Tad told Di that he had decided he would not tell the family who she really was -- she would.

On the rooftop of Fusion, Mimi went to see Danielle and tried to make amends. Mimi told her daughter that she should have believed Danielle when Danielle warned her about Garret's true intentions. Danielle started to walk away, but Mimi stopped her and asked for Danielle to forgive her. She also added that she had been suspended and was being investigated by internal affairs. Mimi admitted that she couldn't care less about her job. She was upset at herself for choosing a man over her own daughter.

Danielle said that her mother's decisions did not matter anymore, since Garret was dead. Danielle told her mother that she thought Mimi was really sorry, but did not understand the hurt that Mimi had put her through. Mimi promised to never make the mistake of not believing her daughter again, but Danielle warned her mother not to make promises that she couldn't keep. Mimi told Danielle that after Derek yelled at her, he and Mimi had agreed it was best for her to live in Pine Valley. Danielle sniped that she would not have seriously moved back with Mimi.

Mimi told Danielle that she hoped they could be friends one day and wanted to keep in touch. She kissed Danielle on the forehead and told her goodbye. Before Mimi made it to the door, Danielle called her back. They shared a hug and said, "I love you."



Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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