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Erica struggled to accept Kendall's surrogacy plans. Jonathan was anxious to make amends. Ryan's feelings for Greenlee tormented him. Julia and Di agreed to work together against Garret.
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All My Children Recaps: Daily Recaps | 2005 on AMC
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Monday, October 3, 2005

JR finds Babe in the hallway and orders her to leave. Babe refuses to go anywhere. She tells him that she is worried about her mother and won't leave until she is assured that her mother is safe and sound. Together, they barge into the master bedroom. They are frozen in the doorway when the take in the sight of Adam and Krystal peacefully sleeping in bed together, their arms wrapped around each other. Upon their shocked and somewhat disgusted gasps, Adam and Krystal wake up. They are equally shocked when they realize the position they were in while sleeping. Both immediately deny that anything untoward happened between them. After JR walks away and Adam dashes into the bathroom, Babe tells Krystal about David's revelation that Dixie is actually Di Kirby. Initially, Krystal questions David's reliability but Babe explains that the truth came from Dixie who told him about her half-sister before she died. Krystal is momentarily stunned to realize that Adam was right about Di all along. Just then Adam walks in. Having heard the tail end of what Krystal said, he asks her what exactly he had been right about. Krystal quickly comes up with a lie that Adam accepts. Alone once again, Krystal warns Babe not to tell anyone, not even JR, about Di's true identity. After Babe leaves, Krystal calls Tad and leaves him a message that she needs to speak to him about something he may not want to hear. After the call, Adam returns to the bedroom. He offers Krystal a great deal of cash take up residence in a hotel but Krystal refuses. She points out that the minute she walks out the door, he will use that against her in a divorce. They are interrupted when Del comes to the door looking for Dixie.

Downstairs, Babe suggests that she and JR team up to break up their parents' marriage. JR is suspicious but he is interrupted from questioning Babe about it when Tad walks in looking for Dixie. They are soon joined by Adam, Crystal and Del. Tad explains that Dixie may be in danger and that it is urgent that they find her. JR realizes that Dixie has been in trouble for some time and that Tad knew all along. Angry at Tad's deception, JR becomes confrontational. Tad forces JR to focus on the present and tells everyone about the letter that Di had written. Adam immediately leaves to mobilize his staff to search the house and grounds for the letter. He returns a few minutes later with one of the maids who has a letter for Tad. Tad reads the letter but it's not the one he was searching for. In the letter, Di makes it clear that she's gone to confront the dragon and that she doesn't expect to return alive.

Erica nearly sees the pregnancy test that Kendall picked up when she surprises her daughter outside of Kendall's townhouse. Kendall quickly hides it with some mail before turning to face her mother. Worried about the nature of Kendall's relationship with Greenlee, Erica questions Kendall about it. Kendall doesn't relieve Erica's fear as she discusses how close they are and how much she loves Greenlee. Completely misunderstanding Kendall, Erica leaves to track down Josh. She asks him to help her find out if Kendall is gay. Josh is a bit surprised that Erica would suspect Kendall was gay. Erica explains that lately Kendall and Greenlee have been acting rather oddly and she has overheard and seen certain things that lead her to believe that there is more to their relationship than sisterly love or mere friendship. Josh is reluctant to help. Erica points out that he doesn't have to sleep with Kendall to determine if she is gay or not. He can flirt with her or make a pass at her to see if Kendall responds to Josh's advances. Josh points out the flaw in Erica's plan. Kendall may not be attracted to Josh which wouldn't necessarily prove that she's gay. Erica dismisses the possibility, pointing out that Josh is a very attractive man. He asks her what if, for the sake of argument, Kendall is gay? Erica tells him that she would be fine with that but she isn't fine with Greenlee being the object of her affection given Greenlee's history of being self involved and destructive.

After Zach and Tad are released from the bank, Zach returns to his townhouse. He is accompanied by one of his men who updates Zach on Di's whereabouts. After informing Zach that they lost Di's trail, Zach orders him to do everything he can to pick it back up again. Kendall overhears the exchange and approaches Zach before he can enter his townhouse. She tells him that she does not want the stress of her husband dying while she's pregnant. Zach turns to Kendall and asks her if she is certain that she's pregnant. Kendall admits that she picked up a test but that it's too soon to take it. He assures her that he has no intention of dying so she may rest easy. Kendall offers him the option to end their marriage but Zach declines. He makes it clear to her that he is perfectly content with their arrangement and doesn't want to divorce her.

Di tries to reason with Julia in the hopes of convincing her that they need to work together if they hope to outsmart the dragon and walk out of the penthouse alive. Julia is reluctant to listen to Di. She is too focused on extracting revenge for Noah's murder by killing Garret. Di is equally determined to talk some sense into Julia. She explains that the key to Garret is his ego and that they need convince him that they don't pose a threat to him. She tells Julia that Garret has to feel as if they worship him, see him as someone superior to them. Julia is repulsed by the idea of Garret laying a finger on her. Di points out that Julia is too old for Garret's tastes. Di goes on to explain how she met Garret. Di had been a kid on the streets, stealing when Garret found her. He took her in and taught her to appreciate the finer things in life. It was great for three years until Di grew up and developed a mind of her own. That's when Garret lost interest in her and eventually sent her on her way. Hearing the story, Julia becomes suspicious. She realizes that what Di is telling her doesn't mesh with what she knows about Dixie's life. Di is forced to admit that she is not Dixie but before she can go on to explain who she is, Julia attacks her. Convinced that Di was sent to track her, Julia gets Di into a headlock. Di manages to break free and quickly tells Julia that she is Di Kirby, Dixie's half-sister. Julia settles down as Di tells her story. Once Di is assured that Julia believes her she once again tries to persuade her into working together to convince Garret that they don't mean him any harm. Before Julia can give Di her answer, Garret walks in.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

by HAL

Jonathan awoke after his brain surgery and attempted to get out of bed. He fell to the floor and Ryan helped him back into bed. The doctor told Jonathan to be patient and that it would take time for his speech and other things to come back. Jonathan kept repeating that he wanted to go back to Pine Valley and Erin said that they should take him. Erin gave Ryan reasons for going back and Erin explained that if he was out of control and dangerous, he would have shown it by now. Erin said that Ryan was a good and loving man and that he needed to accept it.

Dr. Madden told Kendall that she needed to tell Erica of her surrogacy plans. Kendall explained that Erica wouldn't be throwing any baby showers for her and that she would think what she was doing was wrong. Josh knocked on Kendall's door, flirted for second and then propositioned her. She wanted to know what game he was playing and why. He told her she was fabulous and then asked her if she was gay. He admitted that Erica thought she and Greenlee were gay. Kendall laughed and asked what in the name of Rosie O'Donnell was going on. After a hysterical laughing jag, Kendall told Josh that he had made her year. Kendall ran out telling Josh that she was going to go have some fun with Erica.

Greenlee went to Erica's studio and reminded her that she promised to stay out of Kendall's life. Erica, still thinking that Kendall and Greenlee are gay, told Greenlee that she wanted this stopped. Erica told Greenlee that she was just using Kendall and she would put a stop to it. As their conversation continued, Greenlee realized that Erica was not talking about Kendall having a baby. Just then, Kendall came in to the office and said that Erica knew everything. She then grabbed Greenlee and kissed her. Kendall whispered to Greenlee to play along. Kendall told Erica that she should put them on her show because they personified New Beginnings. After making Erica crazy, Greenlee and Kendall came clean and told her that they were not lovers and that thinking they were gay was outrageous. Before they could leave Erica's office she confronted them and said that although she misinterpreted their secret, she knew there was a secret and wanted to know what it was. Erica told Kendall that this wasn't interference but that it was a mother's love wanting to protect her.

J.R. blamed Tad for the danger Dixie was in. Tad explained that if he was looking for the letter that named the man who was after she and Julia. Del told Tad that he might find Dixie in New York City but couldn't tell him exactly where. Krystal went to Tad to tell him that Dixie was really Di Kirby but couldn't go through with it. Opal showed up at the Chandler mansion with a Tarot card saying that Dixie was in danger. She then pulled the newlywed card and said that Dixie was in the clutches of a newlywed. Babe continued trying to be supportive of J.R., but he made it very difficult. Krystal left the house and Adam followed.

Garret told Julia that if she lived or died was entirely up to her. Garret told Julia that she could focus on revenge and death or years of safe living under his protection. Di tried to tell Julia that Garret could be trusted. He told Julia that she now held Di's life in her hands, whatever she chose for herself she also chose for Di. He asked what she wanted more, her life or revenge. He told Julia that he could give her anything she wanted if she trusted him. Garret told Julia that trust had to be mutual and that she had to get past her hatred. Julia asked how she could forget that Noah was killed and Garret told her that she had to understand that Noah didn't die because of him but because of her. Julia extended her hand to Garret and said that she would protect his identity. He told her he knew she still wanted him dead.

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Ryan admits that he'd give anything to in order to hold Greenlee one more time, however he can't go back. He sees it as a selfish act now that Greenlee is pregnant and moving on with her life. Erin doesn't agree. She thinks that Ryan has the power in him to break the cycle of violence that they grew up with. Ryan insists that abuse runs in their family and he has made the right decision when he left Greenlee. When Jonathan is brought in, Ryan questions the doctor about Jonathan's prognosis. The doctor feels that with therapy, Jonathan's speech should improve. He also feels that Jonathan is ready to be released and transferred to a rehabilitation facility. Over Ryan's objections, Jonathan makes it clear that he intends to return to Pine Valley even if Ryan decides not to go with him.

Josh demands some answers from his father. Greg tells Josh that he can't give them to him because it may betray doctor/patient confidentiality. He orders Josh to stay away from Kendall which frustrates him further. Josh tells his father in no uncertain terms that he will pursue whomever he wishes including Kendall if he's so inclined before storming off.

Erica pressures Kendall and Greenlee about the secret that they've been keeping from her. Kendall capitulates and tells her mother about the surrogacy. Erica is stunned but seems accepting of the idea initially. Greenlee explains what Kendall's gift means to her after learning from Dr. Madden that she can't have children. Erica is sympathetic but worried that Kendall may have difficulty giving the baby to Greenlee after feeling it grow inside of her for nine months. When Erica wonders how Kendall can be so certain she can give the baby up, Kendall gently points out that Erica was able to have a baby without becoming emotionally attached. Erica misunderstands, explaining Kendall that her feelings had nothing to do with Kendall and everything to do with the rape. Kendall assures her mother that she understands what motivated Erica to give her up for adoption and is not judging her. She is just pointing out that like Erica, Kendall will be able to give the baby up without any regrets. Erica realizes that Kendall is at peace with her decision. Still grappling with the news, Erica is supportive. She tells Kendall that she loves her and Greenlee that she's become quite fond of her. Erica agrees not to tell Jack for the time being but offers to prepare him for the news when the time comes. After Kendall and Greenlee leave, Erica walks over to her desk and makes a call. She asks the person on the other end to come to her office immediately. A short while later, a concerned Dr. Madden walks in.

As Kendall and Greenlee arrive at Kendall's place, Greenlee receives a call. It's from her private investigator. After she hangs up, she asks Kendall if she's in the mood for an adventure. Her investigator called with Erin's address and Greenlee wants to go talk to her.

When Jamie arrives at the Chandler mansion, Babe is under the mistaken impression that Jamie is there because of her and David's recent revelation to JR. He quickly informs her that he's there to help find Dixie. JR, standing nearby, declines the offer and walks out of the room. Alone with Jamie, Babe lets him know that she is disappointed in him for going to David. She tells him that their relationship is over and what she does is no longer any of his concern. Jamie lets Babe know that the only reason he came to the Chandler mansion was to offer his help to find Dixie. When JR returns, he tells Jamie that he isn't stupid enough to fall for Babe again and she's not stupid enough to think that he would so Jamie can rest easy that JR won't fall for any of Babe's schemes to marry him. JR also makes it clear that he doesn't want nor appreciate Jamie's help in finding Dixie. After Jamie leaves, Babe tries to give JR some advice about Dixie. JR doesn't appreciate it and orders Babe to leave.

Jamie returns to his apartment to find Amanda baking cookies wearing nothing but a frilly apron and panties. He asks her how she managed to get into his apartment and if her outfit is her idea of foreplay. Amanda response is to flirt. When that doesn't seem to work, Amanda admits that she's afraid and wanted to be somewhere safe. After Amanda gets dressed, Jamie invites her to stay the night at his apartment which Amanda gladly accepts. She's disappointed to learn though that Jamie intends to leave and help Tad in his search for Dixie. While Jamie goes to change clothes, Amanda takes the opportunity to riffle through his mail. She finds a letter from Janet but doesn't manage to stuff it into her pants pocket before Jamie walks back into the living room. He takes the letter from Amanda and reads it. He sees that it's from Janet and addressed to him. Amanda nervously tells him that Janet is crazy and known to randomly write people about all kinds of strange things. Jamie ignores her and reads the letter. When he is done, he looks up at Amanda and asks her why she didn't tell him that they were getting married.

Krystal goes to see David. She is furious that he knows about Di and kept it from her. David has no remorse. He tells her that he enjoyed watching everyone as they stewed in their holier than thou juices while Di conned them. He is even happier to realize that Krystal has not told everyone the truth about Di. He lets her know that he relishes being the one to tell them much to Krystal's dismay. She warns David not to breathe a word of the truth to anyone but he ignores her. As David walks to the door, making it clear that he intends to find everyone who would be interested in the truth about Di, Adam walks up. David takes the opportunity to taunt Adam while Krystal accuses Adam of following her. David is amused when he senses that Adam is attracted to Krystal, the hottest thing to step out of a double-wide. Adam and Krystal are both quick to deny that there is anything except animosity between the two. After Adam storms out, David points out that Krystal missed her opportunity to be the one to tell Adam. She once again warns David to keep the truth about Di to himself.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

As a horrified Amanda listens, Jamie reads a letter from her mother aloud. In it, Janet expresses her joy over their upcoming nuptials. Not only is she excited that Jamie will be joining the family, but the idea of grandkids to come is the best news of all. When he is done, Amanda snatches the letter from his hands and turns her back on him. Jamie stares at her incredulously until she faces him once more. Dejected, she admits that she told her mother the story about them being engaged because she thought it would improve her mother's mood. She informs him that not only does her mother not leave the house, she also won't talk to anyone but her daughter. She then tells Jamie that she doesn't expect him to plan a real wedding or make any kind of announcement, but Jamie doesn't think it's that simple. He points out the ads that Janet sent with the letter, including pictures of dresses and floral arrangements. He tells her that there won't be a Martin/Dillon wedding - now, or ever. He then says he doesn't believe that a made up wedding was the only way to convince her mother that she wasn't coming home. Amanda informs him that she tried other ways, but this is the only one that made a difference. She admits that the reality - no strings attached - wouldn't have registered with her mother. Jamie questions aloud whether Amanda understands that phrase. Amanda tells him that not only does she understand it - but she is ready and willing to prove it, and kisses him. Jamie lets the kiss linger for a few moments and then breaks it off, noting that he is waiting for a phone call from his father. She tells him that she can do rain checks - and he says that would be okay for the sex part. However, he tells her that she has to ditch any and all notions of "Mrs. Amanda Martin." If she doesn't end that charade - he will put an end to what they have going. A short time later, Tad calls and Jamie agrees to meet up with him so that they can search for Dixie. Before leaving, he reminds Amanda to make sure the fake engagement is called off. Amanda agrees, and as soon as he leaves, she calls her mother. She chastises Janet for sending the letter to Jamie - but confirms that the engagement is still on.

Erica expresses her outrage at how far Greg took his desire to help Greenlee have Ryan's child. She tries to say that she understood when he told her that Greenlee was on an experimental drug, but he reminds her of just how callously she treated him. Ignoring the correction, she angrily informs him that he had no right to play god with her daughter's life. Erica unloads her thoughts and tells Greg she believes that his ploy was about nothing more than making money and improving his prestige. She doesn't believe that he thought about the psychological toll that the pregnancy could have on her daughter. She is shocked that women have been coming to him for years for help, not knowing that he wouldn't stick around to help clean up the messes that he caused. When she pauses, Greg manages to say that he can't believe is that Erica pretends to be a loving and supportive mother. What he really believes is that the pregnancy will do nothing but create a strong and positive bond between Greenlee and Kendall. Infuriated, Erica goes to the phone. Greg, thinking that she is going to call security, tells her not to bother. She corrects him and says that she is going to call the police, the medical board or whoever she can so that she can put an end to his career as soon as possible. Greg grabs the phone from her, slams it back into the cradle and reminds her that he is the best in his field. He then tells her that there are procedures that need to be followed when a surrogate is being considered, and Kendall was no different. According to Greg, Kendall passed the psychological evaluation with flying colors, but Erica doesn't believe him. She thinks that with all of the traumas Kendall has suffered in her life, her daughter would make the worst candidate to carry another woman's child. She tells Greg that Kendall was a product of rape, and that at the time, Erica felt she had no choice but to give her up. It is only recently, Erica tells him, that Kendall has begun to learn how to truly love someone. Greg says that giving birth for your best friend is the ultimate show of love and sharing, a lesson that Erica obviously missed. Erica thinks that Kendall has given enough to Greenlee - most importantly, Ryan. She thinks that after Kendall spends 9 months bonding with the baby growing inside her, her heart will be ripped out giving that baby to the woman who stole the love of her life. Erica goes on to say that Greg had better hope the procedure didn't take, because if it did - he will have effectively killed Kendall. Erica calls Greg an egomaniac but Greg tells her that he used all of the available tools to head off any kind of disaster. Erica tells him that the one tool he didn't use was the phone - she thinks that he should have called her, and she could have told him what kind of disaster they were looking at. Finally reaching his limit, he calls Erica a spoiled brat and notes that she hasn't changed. He remembers that she always thought that everything was about her and what was convenient for her - and she still does. She can't believe that he dares to twist the situation around to make her look like the bad guy. In turn, he can't believe she would dare deny another woman the right to a child, when she conceived one and had every intention of throwing it away. Furious, Erica hauls off and lands a resounding slap across his face. Without a word, Greg turns to leave - but Erica is unwilling to let it go. She asks if this latest event was just another notch in his belt, and if he was just going to walk away and leave another woman's life in shambles. Coldly, Greg reminds her that Kendall is an adult and as such, she made her choice - not him. He suggests that she deal with it. She tells him that she will - first, by hoping that that the pregnancy didn't take and second, by hoping that Greenlee finds another way to deal with her that doesn't involve Kendall. Erica then announces her intention to ruin Greg's career so that he can't destroy any more lives. Greg counters by saying that he gave Kendall and Greenlee a miracle and he would continue to do such for other women in need. Erica thinks that this can't be the first time that Greg has stepped over the line. She plans to dig until she finds something - and then she will use it against him.

Zach wraps up a phone call with the person he has looking for Di and Julia just as Lily, Sam and Anita show up. Anita demands to know what Zach did to her sister, and Zach flippantly asks which Santos sister he sinned against this time. Enraged, Sam attempts to land a blow to Zach's jaw in Julia's name, but Zach is easily able to stop the punch. Lily and Anita manage to pull Sam back from the fray that almost was, and insist that violence is not the way to go. Sam informs his aunt and his girlfriend that because Zach had the inside track on Julia's whereabouts for weeks, he can certainly lead them to her now. Zach tells them that while he doesn't know Julia's current location, he has people looking for her and is willing to do whatever he can to help. Not wanting Zach's brand of assistance, Sam warns him to stay away from his family - because he won't tolerate Zach hurting anyone that he loves again. He then announces that he is done wasting time on Zach, and that he is going off to find his own clues. Anita tries to change his mind by stating that he doesn't know what he is looking for. Sam replies that there is a member of his family that needs help - and neither Anita nor Zach can stop him from looking for her. With those words, he leaves the office, and Lily follows close behind. Zach suggests that Anita go after her nephew but she informs him that she has a few questions for him. She wants to know why he is still involved in Santos family matters. She wonders if it's still for Maria - despite the fact that she is now living on the other side of the country. Zach points out that because she was there, Anita knows that he didn't attempt to contact Maria once since leaving Pine Valley. Again, she asks him why, and he tells her that why is a very good question - and that he is sick and tired of answering it. He tells her that if she wants him out, he's out. Anita wonders how it's so easy for Zach to give up on her family. He reminds her that it's what she wanted, because obviously he can't want to save a woman's life unless it scores him points with Maria. Anita asks him to cut out the sarcasm, so Zach takes the opportunity to put Anita in her place: he and Maria are over - they said their goodbyes and accepted the end. However, he realizes that he caused Maria a lot of pain, and if there is something he can do to give back to her - even a little bit - he will do so, regardless of what the rest of the family thinks of him. Anita asks if he thinks Julia will die and then, when he remains silent, asks him to share his thoughts. Zach admits that he doesn't know where Julia is or who she's with. Anita can see the worry on his face but he tells her it doesn't matter what she sees or thinks because it isn't about her. He tells her that the concept he is presenting her with is really not that difficult to grasp: there is a woman hanging on to life by a very thin thread - and he won't let her fall. Anita ponders Zach's words, and then tells him that she finally feels like she understands him. Zach doesn't really want to hear it but Anita tells him anyway. It's not that Julia is Maria's sister - it's that she's a woman. Anita figures Zach has a chivalrous complex and can't walk away from a woman in danger. Bypassing her assessment of him, Zach tells Anita that he liked her better back when they were playing cards for candy. She reminded him that she ended up hating him - but she knows now that she was wrong. Zach decides that he has had enough of their heart to heart, and asks if she would mind leaving so that he could get some work done. She doesn't, and takes her leave.

Jonathan insists that he needs to go back to Pine Valley, and that he will do it alone if he has to. He tries to get out of bed but only succeeds in nearly crashing to the floor. Ryan and Erin pull him back and remind him that he can't leave the hospital until he is 100% ready. Unwilling to give up, Jonathan brokenly tells them that because the tumor is gone, he is better - therefore they can go back to Pine Valley and see Greenlee. Both Erin and Ryan try to talk Jonathan down from his ideas - telling him that if he just follows the doctor's orders, everything will be okay. Suddenly, someone knocks over a cart in the hall, causing a loud crashing sound. Still highly sensitive to sound, Jonathan finds it difficult to deal with the commotion. His siblings manage to bring him back from the edge of agitation in time for Jonathan to pose a question seemingly out of the blue: is Lily okay? Ryan tries to blow off the question but this only agitates Jonathan. He manages to relay to his siblings that he was responsible for scaring Lily by making her see red and hear loud noises. He wants to make reparations by writing her a letter, telling her about the tumor and that he is better. He asks Ryan if he would take the letter to Pine Valley but as before, Ryan merely recoils at the mention of their shared hometown. He protests, which upsets Jonathan even further, and Erin breaks in to neutralize the situation. She tells Ryan that Jonathan should just be allowed to write the letter, and then nonverbally indicates that they don't have to send it. She brings the table on wheels over for Jonathan - but when he picks up the pen, he is forced to ask Ryan if he knows how to use it. Erin and Ryan tell Jonathan that pens and writing will be covered in his physical therapy, and that his apology letter can wait until then. Jonathan insists that it has to go out now and asks for Ryan's help. Ryan reluctantly starts to address the letter to Lily, but Jonathan says that a letter to Greenlee has to be written first. He dictates that he's sorry, that the bad is all out of him and that it is safe for them to be family again. He then notices that Ryan stopped writing and asks why. Ryan tells him that it is important for them to stay as far away from Greenlee as they can, but he can't make his brother understand why. Unable to explain the situation further without revealing too much, Ryan simply chooses to walk out of the room. Bewildered, Jonathan asks his sister if Ryan is mad at him. She tells him that he asked Ryan some hard questions and their brother was having a hard time dealing with them. She assures him one more time that he is a good person at heart, and that he is on the mend, and then heads out to the hallway to find Ryan. She finds him standing not far away and asks why he is so against returning to Pine Valley. She reminds him that he just told Jonathan that he didn't inherit evil from their father - and asks why is it so hard for Ryan to believe the same thing about himself so that he can return to his wife? Angered, Ryan says that he is never going back to Pine Valley, and that he doesn't want to talk about it ever again. Noting his change of mood, Erin asks if his anger makes him want to hit her. He dismisses the question as nonsense - and she points out that he just contradicted his only reason for staying away from his wife. Caught, Ryan stalks off.

Greenlee admits to Kendall that she needs to go see Erin. Kendall tries to convince her that it's not a good idea, but Greenlee has other ideas. She thinks that she needs to connect with all remaining Laverys for the sake of her child. Kendall points out that Greenlee may not get the wonder meeting of her dreams with Erin, but Greenlee feels that finding a Lavery for her baby to love is the most important thing. Kendall admits that while the idea is good in theory - what will happen if Erin doesn't love the baby back? Kendall then notes that making rash decisions - such as rushing off for a surprise visit to someone who may not even want to meet them - will cause them nothing but undue stress. Greenlee admits that the waiting is what is really driving her crazy, and that she doesn't know what she will do if the stick doesn't turn blue. She voices her hope that the procedure worked because she is afraid they won't get another chance. She then tells Kendall that if there is no baby, it will be like watching Ryan die all over again - and she fears that she will die with him this time. Kendall stops her and says that while she is anxious about the waiting as well, hopping on a plane to Nova Scotia won't change that fact. Greenlee ponders this for a moment and then agrees - deciding on the spot that she will go to find Erin alone. Greenlee knows that meeting up with and talking to Erin will open the floodgates of her emotions and that she will be reminded of Ryan - but that despite the grief, it will all be worth it. She believes that she and Erin can help each other. Kendall is skeptical - knowing that Erin lost all three of her brothers in a matter of months, she can't just believe that Erin is completely sane. Kendall thinks it's possible that Erin might place some of the blame for that with Greenlee, and she is unwilling to let her best friend walk into that kind of open fire. Greenlee doesn't think that Erin would or could come after her in a malicious way, but Kendall thinks that there is a much worse case scenario. Kendall thinks that Erin could take one look at Greenlee and then tell her to go to hell. She doesn't want to see Greenlee suffer that kind of heartache. She tells Greenlee that what she needs is something else to focus on. Greenlee does admit that she has been trying to get involved with other things to stay sane. She talks about how she made a huge donation to the Humanitarian Organization, and how she is setting up a fundraising drive at Fusion. However, Greenlee says, she can do all of that and still have thoughts of her baby running through her mind 24/7. She thanks Kendall again for everything - because in doing so, she has found a way to give Greenlee hope again. Still, Greenlee believes that there is more love like that waiting for her baby in Nova Scotia. Kendall finally agrees that finding Erin is important, but begs Greenlee to wait until they know there is a baby for sure before they take off. Greenlee gives in a little, and then admits that when Erin called, she told Greenlee that she would call her back when she was ready to meet her. Even though the waiting is hard, Kendall notes that Erin sent a very clear message and that they need to respect that. Kendall then tells Greenlee that she trusts Kendall to take care of her baby for nine months - can't she go one step further and trust Kendall to take care of her best friend as well?

Out on the highway where Julia was last seen, Lily is confident that she can use her stellar detective skills to solve the case and find Sam's aunt. Amazed, Sam admits that he admires her not only for being so smart, but also for being able to stay so calm and focused. He tells her that he has way more faith in her than in Zach Slater. They search the scene for a while, but Sam is starting to feel skeptical because the cops had already passed through. Lily tells him that despite the fact that her detective novels make the authorities seem infallible - she knows they really aren't. Just then, they come across a valet ticket from the Pine Valley Yacht Club. Lily makes an assumption that whoever dropped it might be the one that kidnapped Julia. Sam thinks it might be a stretch but Lily thinks it could be their first clue.

Ryan heads back to the cabin and grabs a pen and a piece of paper from the desk, intending to write a letter if his own. In it, he admits to Greenlee that he still loves her and always will...but that his love for her prevents him from coming back. He will never again risk her safety at his hands. He then writes that although she will never see the letter, he knows that he made the best decision for both of them.

Across town, Kendall is finally home, but at a loss as to what to do with herself. Initially she opens her door and peers across the courtyard to see of Zach is home. Seeing only darkness, she closes herself indoors once again and places a call to her husband's cell. Upon hearing his voice, she wryly tells him that she was checking in to see if he was dead yet. He tells her that he is fine and then asks if she's pregnant yet. Not having an answer for him, she just gets him to agree that they will keep each other updated on their individual progress.

Greenlee packs a suitcase and makes plans via phone to go someplace warm. At the last minute, she changes her mind and decides to go to Nova Scotia.

Friday, October 7, 2005

Babe finds JR at the bank threatening Alfred because he will not release Di's personal account information to him. Babe tells Alfred that Dixie is missing and they only need a moment of his time. Alfred agrees after telling a security officer everything is fine. Babe tries to make Alfred understand what JR is going through if his mother had disappeared. Alfred agrees to pull up Di's financial statements, then walk away from his desk to make a phone call. JR thanks Babe for her help, grabbing the attention of Josh, who is also at the bank. JR and Babe find out that Di had not used her credit card since the day before she disappeared. JR realizes that something is wrong with Di, but Babe assures him that with all the people who are looking for her, she will be found. After JR leaves, Josh asks Babe why she was being so nice to JR. Babe reminds him that JR is her baby's father and if she has to be JR's best friend to get more time with her son, so be it. Josh claims that if she loves her son, she will not try to give up her life for his.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam looks at a document, cursing JR for something that he has done. Adam pushes the papers in his coat as soon as Krystal walk in, inquiring about Di. Adam tells her he has not gotten any news and is still trying to muster up an apology for everything that has happened with them. Adam claims that Di's disappearance has prompted him to realize that life is short and he spent too much time pushing JR away by thinking his mother was a fake. Adam claims that Krystal is part of his family now and she deserves respect. Krystal does not understand where Adam's nice guy routine is coming from and thinks he needs a doctor. Adam claims that he is not sick, revealing that he was just faking it to sooth her over. JR comes in and Adam seems upset that Chandler Enterprises is back to them, not happy. Adam explains that now half of Chandler has been handed to Krystal too.

Aidan tells Tad that people spotted Di talking to Garret after the wedding when he returns to their office. Aidan says that the wedding was small, but Di may have spoken to other people there. Tad shows Aidan the parking voucher from the yacht club that Sam and Lily found, noting that the yacht club is where the wedding was and the area that Julia disappeared from. Zach walks in after being given some new information about Di and Kevin. Tad and Zach take a newspaper article with Di and Garret standing next to each other to Mimi. She seems surprised, but explains that Garret knows a lot of people because he is involved in so many charities. She confirms that she saw him and Di at the wedding talking. Tad mentions that Garret was seen talking to Di on the day that she and Julia disappeared. Mimi says that there is no need for them to interrogate Garret. Tad shows Mimi the parking voucher and asks her to dust it for prints. Tad tells her about the dragon, which alarms Mimi somewhat because of Garret's tattoo. Tad and Zach tell them that, despite what Mimi thinks, they are not out to get revenge on her by using Garret.

Back at Di's and Julia's isolated apartment, Di takes her photo out of Garret's album. Julia finds bleach in the bathroom and tell Di that she can use it to poison him. Di shoots down her idea so she throws the bleach in Garret's face as soon as he walks back in. Julia immediately asks Garret if he is ok, but tells them that the jug was filled with water. He left it that way to test Julia, but she failed. Di tries to get Julia to back off Garret, but she has no intentions of playing nice with him. After Julia goes into her bedroom, Di tells Garret that she just needs more time to get Julia in his side. Garret says that Julia is not a friend if she lets Di get killed. Di counters that he can't kill her because her letter is still out there. When he asks her to hand over the letter, Di tells him that the letter is her insurance policy. Garret reminds her that it is her policy, not Julia's. When Di refuses to tell him about the letter, he takes his gun out and threatens to kill Julia right there. Di finally gives in and calls the person who has the letter. She says that she needs it back and asks for the letter to be put in the boathouse in an hour. Garret gives Di a kiss on the cheek and tells them both to behave. Julia tells Di that when Garret gets his hand on the letter, it could end both of their lives because now he knows that he can no longer trust Di. Julia tells Di that if they want to live, they can use some moves Noah taught her on Garret when he returns. In the end, it might kill Garret, but it would save them, she says. Di agrees to help Julia bring Garret down.

Ryan tries to take a nap at Erin's but is awakened when he hears a knock at the door. Ryan peeks out of a window and is shocked to see Greenlee there. Erin walks up to Greenlee and after introductions, Greenlee apologizes for not asking to visit her in advance. Erin asks her to come back in a few weeks, but Greenlee says that just being near her makes her feel closer to Ryan. Erin lets Greenlee inside and sees Ryan hiding behind one of the closet doors. Greenlee shows Erin some of Ryan's belongings so she could understand the type of man that he was. She pulls his motorcycle sun glasses, a clown nose from a circus that he wanted Erin to have and Dynamite Kiddo comic books. When Erin asks him if Ryan was like their father, Greenlee gets upset because she does not understand where that came from. Greenlee threatens to walk out, but Erin stops her. Greenlee thinks that Erin will blame Ryan for shooting Jonathan, but she explains that he did it to save her and her friends. She tells Erin that Ryan thought he was damaged by his father after getting out of the cave. Greenlee admits that Ryan was so angry the night that he died and almost hit her, but stopped. Instead of hurting her, he ran off the edge of a cliff, she says. Greenlee apologizes for getting angry at Erin, but that it just upsets her when Ryan compared himself to their father. When Erin asks why Ryan got upset with her the night he decided, Greenlee explains that she told him she was pregnant, but lost the baby after Ryan died. Erin apologizes for Greenlee's loss as Greenlee explains that losing the baby made her feel like she had lost everything. Greenlee says that Ryan made he realize that she could love again after Leo died. He filled a hole in heart and she will never love anyone ever again, Greenlee says. Ryan touches the knob on the door and peeks his head out as Erin and Greenlee hug.

As Tad and Zach pressure Mimi to question her husband about Julia and Di, Garret walks through the door.

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