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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 3, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, October 3, 2005

In Mexico, Lily and Holden find Luke hurt, but all three are confronted by an armed Bianca and her thug. Bianca tells them that she intends to kill them all so that she can sell their body parts on the black market. Holden distracts Bianca by demanding, "Kill me first," while he makes eye contact with Lily. Lily hits the thug over the head with a heavy cut glass pitcher while Holden wrestles the gun away from Bianca. As the police lead Bianca away, Lily asks Bianca where Keith is, but Bianca pretends ignorance. The representative from the American consulate takes Luke away to be checked by a doctor, and Lily and Holden prepare to go home with their loving feelings unresolved.

Jennifer awaits her release from the hospital. She tells Dusty that she id determined to recover from her addiction so that she can be strong when she reclaims her baby. Dusty promises to support her, and they discuss their next step, an interview with Nurse Thompson. Dusty leaves and goes to the Lakeview, where he meets Paul and Emily. Emily volunteers to go pick up Jennifer, and Paul and Dusty spar verbally, neither trusting the other. Earlier at the Lakeview, Meg has met with Eli, the genetics expert, who has told her that Rory's DNA shows that, although Casey was not the baby's father, a relative of Casey's must have been the biological father. Meg immediately suspects that the baby's father is Craig, Casey's uncle. Meg goes to Deerfield, where she finds Jennifer waiting to be released. She combs Jennifer's hair to help her get ready to go home, and Emily walks in and asks, "What's going on?" Meg exits gracefully, handing the comb to Emily. Jennifer signs herself out, and Lily takes her back to the Lakeview to meet Paul and Dusty. Emily tells Paul that Meg was combing Jennifer's hair. Meanwhile, Meg meets Eli once again and asks him to check the DNA from Jennifer's hair against Rory's dna.

At police headquarters, Cass Winthrop tells Iris that he will go talk to Carly, based on the information Iris has given him about her baby's death. Cass and Iris gloat about the money both plan to receive from Rory's trust fund. Outside Carly's house, Carly tells Gwen that her whole family is going to Switzerland to visit Rosanna. Will arrives and takes Gwen away and tries to calm her down, but Gwen continues to push away Will's offer of friendship and support. Cass demands that Carly give Rory up in return for his silence about Carly's past. Gwen goes to the police station to pick up Iris.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Off Cass' threats, a panicked Carly wants to leave town but Jack turns to Jessica for help. Unfortunately, Jessica doesn't see much hope unless she can get a judge to suppress the sealed records. Meanwhile, Iris remains cryptic but certain that Carly will give up her claim to the baby. After, Gwen admits to Will how much she's hoping her mother will finally come through for her. Later, while Jack's admitting to Jessica his fear that Carly's headed for a crash, Carly warns Gwen that no matter what she did all those years ago, Gwen will never get her baby back. While Maddie confirms to Henry that she has terminated her online correspondence with Byron, BJ is reminding Katie of plans he made for dinner with her to discuss the new show. But, Katie begs off in favor of a night alone with Mike and BJ doesn't press, hoping instead they enjoy the wine he sent Katie. Realizing he's the one who sent her the wine and not Henry, Katie heads off to apologize for her outburst. Henry's hesitant at first, then tweaked when he hears the wine came from Katie's new boss BJ Greene. Later, Henry realizes BJ Greene and Byron Glass could be one and the same. Tom subtly lets Casey know that he should watch himself with their new houseguest. But, Casey quells any concerns Tom and Margo might have had about him and Maddie by proclaiming her a total freak. Maddie seems to share the same fondness for Casey until Tom explains Casey's rudeness comes on the heels of the Gwen incident. Later, Maddie surprises Casey by asking the dreaded question: Who's Gwen?

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Carly went to Gwen's and started to ramble on about how she was a good mother and that she never intended to hurt her baby brother when she realized that Gwen had no idea about the incident. Carly than got a call from the nurse saying that Rory was sick so she left leaving Gwen wondering what Carly was talking about. Gwen called Iris and told her to come over right away. Once Iris showed up Gwen demanded to know what she knew about Carly. Iris told her about Carly killing her baby brother but left out that Iris was the baby's mother. Cass came over and Gwen demanded he go to the judge and tell him about Carly killing her brother. Cass and Iris told Gwen to relax and not to do anything stupid. After Cass left Gwen told Iris she did not need anyone and that she was going to get her kid back herself.

Maddie asked Casey about Gwen but he refused to tell her anything and told her to mind her own business. Henry came looking for Maddie so Casey left. Henry made Maddie go online to find out information on BJ and Byron because he believed they are the same person. After pulling up some pictures they both realized that BJ and Byron are indeed the same person. Henry went to WOAK to confront BJ and BJ admitted he was Byron. BJ offered Henry a very well paid job as his assistant if he did not tell Katie the truth. After much soul searching Henry took the job and told BJ he would keep his secret.

Katie was feeling very uneasy about BJ and told Mike she did not like the way BJ was flirting with her. Mike tried to ease Katie's feelings so he bought her a figurine of two people making snow angels reminding Katie of the wonderful times her and Mike spent together.

Holden told Lily that he still loved her and asked about her feelings for Keith. Lily admitted to having strong feelings for Keith but told Holden that she still loves him. Holden wants to bring the family back together but Lily told him she wants to take things slow and see what happens. Holden and Lily began to kiss when Lucinda walked in. Holden left to give them some time alone. Lily told Lucinda that she was happy and that she and Holden were going to try to work things out. Lucinda than decided to tell Lily that she is having a mastectomy.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Iris tries to get Gwen to calm down about Carly. When she inadvertently blurts out that she won't ever get the money that way, Gwen finally sees Iris's true colors. After getting rid of her mother, Gwen goes to the hospital and overhears Carly and Jack discussing a possible adoption of Rory. Gwen gets an idea and calls the nurses' desk, claiming she has news for Carly about Rosanna. Falling for the ruse, Carly leaves the child with a nurse, whom Gwen is ultimately able to get the baby from. Later, Carly rushes back to find the baby is gone as Gwen takes the child off into the night. While Emily and Paul plan to get Jennifer out of Oakdale for a bit, Barbara catches Jennifer and Dusty packing to go to Florida off of a tip that they will find Nurse Thompson there. Dusty covers. After, Jennifer is able to convince her brother she wants to leave Oakdale for a while to escape the pain and he sets off for Europe to find them a place to live. Meanwhile, Holden inadvertently tells Emily how Meg returned to Oakdale for Dusty and when Emily shares this news with Paul, he is elated, thinking Meg will keep Dusty away from Jennifer. However, unbeknownst to Paul, Jennifer and Dusty prepare to take off on a search for her baby together. Lily and Sierra reel from the news of Lucinda's scheduled mastectomy and Sierra is equally stunned to discover that Lily and Holden are apparently involved once again. Later, Holden learns the news about Lucinda and comforts her but Lucinda tells him the thing that will help her the most is to see Holden back with Lily. Meanwhile, Lily comes face-to-face with a just returned Keith.

Friday, October 7, 2005


Lucinda, Holden, and Luke discussed what had happened in Mexico. Luke wanted to know what had happened to Keith, and when Lucinda and Holden made everything sound like Keith's fault, Luke defended him and said he would never have knowingly left Luke in trouble in Mexico. Luke was worried that something bad might have happened to Keith, so Lucinda decided they should tell Luke about Keith being involved in smuggling human organs out of Mexico to sell in the United States, and Holden told Luke that Keith had been working with Blanca, the woman who had kidnapped him. Luke still thought something bad had happened to Keith if he hadn't turned up yet, but Holden assured him that the authorities were looking for Keith. Luke then told Holden that he thought he and Lily looked different, and Lucinda told Luke that something was happening between his parents that he would be very pleased about. Holden walked out, and Lucinda told Luke she thought that Holden and Lily would get back together. She also told Luke that she was having surgery in the morning for her cancer.

Meanwhile, outside the house, Keith had encountered Lily and explained to her what had happened, telling her that he had been hit over the head by someone at the clinic when he went to try to find Luke and then left in the desert to die. A farmer found him and took him to safety. He told Lily he had spent the next 2 weeks looking for Luke in Mexico. He also said he had thought he was helping people by transporting the organs and that he hadn't known they were using live donors and exploiting people to get the organs. Holden then walked outside and saw Keith and told him to get lost. Keith told Holden he needed to talk to Lily and that it wasn't his business, but Holden said, "It is now." Keith realized things had changed between Lily and Holden, and he left, telling Lily that things weren't over between them yet and that he would come back later after she'd had more time to think about things.

Emily waited with Paul at the airport for his flight to Italy, which was delayed because the pilot was ill. Eventually, Paul's flight was called, and he kissed Emily goodbye and left to board the plane. At the same time, Dusty and Jennifer were waiting for their flight to Tampa, Florida, where they were going to try to find Nurse Thompson and get her to admit that she had switched Jennifer's baby with another baby at the hospital. They saw Emily and tried to avoid her but ended up running into her anyway. Emily told them they'd just missed Paul, but when she saw that they had bags with them, she asked them where they were going. Dusty and Jennifer made up a story about going to a fashion show to talk to a designer who could fill in locally for Jennifer while she was out of the country, and they told Emily that they were going to Philadelphia and then to New York but that they'd be back in a few days. Emily told them she didn't think Paul would like the idea of Jennifer traveling for work very much, and she wanted to call him, but his cell phone was already turned off for the flight. Jennifer told Emily she didn't need to justify her actions to Emily unless Emily intended to make her feel like an invalid for the rest of her life; Emily said of course not, and she wished them luck on their trip. After they left, Emily checked with the ticket agent, saying her sister-in-law had just gotten on the plane and she needed to reach her; the agent told her the flight for Tampa had already left. Emily then called Paul on his cell phone and left a message for him, then returned to the ticket agent and asked for a ticket out on the next flight to Tampa.

At the hospital, the nurse told Carly that Gwen had told her she was Carly's babysitter, so she had left Gwen alone with Rory when she had to leave the room. Carly called Jack to tell him that Gwen had taken Rory. Jack had the hospital exits monitored and told Carly that they'd find Rory. They went to Gwen's apartment and could see that she had been there; a mechanic from Burt's Garage told them he had seen her leave about a half an hour earlier. Jack reassured Carly again that they had an APB out for Gwen and that they would find her, and he sent a policeman to Iris's house to see if Gwen was there and to bring Iris back to him for questioning if Gwen wasn't there. Carly had a meltdown, blaming herself for leaving a baby alone again, just like she'd done with her brother, and letting Rosanna down. The uniformed officer brought Iris to Gwen's place to talk to Jack, but Iris denied knowing anything about Gwen taking the baby. Carly accused Iris of helping Gwen take Rory to get back at her for what happened to her baby boy, but Iris said if she was going to steal Carly's baby for payback, she would have done it a long time ago. Jack asked Iris where she thought Gwen might have gone, and Hal walked in and said wherever it was, he thought that Will might have gone with her and might be helping her.

Gwen took Rory up to the roof where she and Will both used to go for quiet thinking time and called Will to ask him for help, telling him it was an emergency and that she really needed him. He told her he was on his way, but then Hal walked in and asked if he could spare a few minutes to talk about Jennifer being released from Deerbrook. While they were talking, Hal got a call from the station about the APB that had been put out for Gwen and the baby. Will took the opportunity to leave while his dad was busy. When he got to the roof, he couldn't believe that Gwen had stolen the baby; she insisted it was stealing because she was his mother. She told Will that she'd found out that Carly had killed her own baby brother when she was a kid, and she also told Will that he'd been right about Iris being out for the baby's trust fund money. She said that Will was the only one she could still trust. Will pointed out all the reasons why Gwen would be in trouble for this and all the reasons why it wasn't a good idea for her to just take off by herself, thinking she could manage to get a job and go to school and find someone to watch the baby for her. Gwen told Will she wanted to go to New York, and she asked him to take her to an out-of-town bus station to catch a bus, but Will said he'd drive her to New York himself, telling her that two of them could take better care of the baby than just one of them could. Gwen agreed and told Will that she had an ex-teacher who lived in New York with whom she was still in touch and that she planned to contact her. Will thought that sounded like a plan, and they left.

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