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Passions Recaps: The week of October 3, 2005 on PS
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Monday, October 3, 2005

Jessica calls Simone in a panic, asking her to come to the hotel to help her. When Simone gets to the hotel, Jessica explains what happened and shows Simone the man's dead body. She shakily tells Simone that all she remembers is having the creep on top of her. She wanted him to stop, but he wouldn't, and she blacked out. Simone asks if she remembers stabbing the man and Jessica admits that she doesn't, but says there is no other explanation. She tells Simone that Spike gives her a knife to carry every night in case someone gets too rough, and Simone finds the knife on the floor and picks it up with a tissue. Simone says Jessica didn't necessarily kill the man, and it could have been Alistair's doing. Simone tells her that Alistair has a vendetta against her entire family, and Jessica moans that if Alistair had his hand in this, she's done for. Simone says not if they play this right, and she directs Jessica to go clean up while she cleans the room. Simone has wiped down the room and gotten the sheets off the bed when Jessica gets out of the shower, and they are about to leave when the police bang on the door.

At the airport, Paloma and her friend Roberto are confronted by a security guard who informs them that Paloma has been red-flagged and he needs to check her bag. He tells her to come with him and that there is nothing to worry about, unless of course she is smuggling something. Later, the guard comes into the room where Paloma was waiting and says he has bad news; they found what was in her bag. He asks her what she stowed in there, and tells her that a confession from her would ease her sentence.

Sheridan leaves the restaurant and talks to Chris before coming to a decision about Luis. In the restaurant, Alistair tells the judge to start the wedding and Theresa walks down the aisle. Alistair leads her to the judge, who tells them they need witnesses for the marriage certificate, so Alistair grabs two of the restaurant staff and says they will do. Before they start, Whitney stops them and asks to talk to Theresa. After they talk, Whitney has not been successful in convincing Theresa to stop the wedding, but Theresa has managed to convince Whitney to be her bride of honor. They go back to Alistair and the judge, and the judge starts the ceremony. As he is talking, Theresa remembers the prediction she got from a "gypsy" (Tabitha) a few years ago that said she would be living in the mansion as Mrs. Crane, and wonders if the gypsy really meant Alistair. Although the entire room objects to their marriage, the judge goes on with the wedding at Alistair's bidding, and they say their "I dos" (or rather, Alistair says them,) and Theresa and Alistair are officially pronounced man and wife. The nightmare is not over, however; Alistair has another surprise in store for Harmony. He says that he would like to thank them all for coming, and he is hoping to kill two birds with one stone tonight. He yells for someone to bring in the boy, and the nanny walks in with Little Ethan. Alistair announces that he is going to adopt Little Ethan and make him the sole heir to the Crane empire!

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

In the Customs office at the airport, the officer kept grilling Paloma and her friend about what was in her suitcase and she even though she knew there was something in her bag, she denied there was any contraband. Just as Paloma was ready to jump out of her skin with fear, another officer came in with her luggage and told her she was free to go because he hadn't found anything. After Paloma and her friend left the office, he revealed to her that he'd slipped the package out of her bag and into his jacket. The first officer was still suspicious of Paloma, so he called the Harmony PD to stop her on her way home and check her luggage again.

At the Seascape restaurant a poisonous Alistair alerted everybody in his family that because he had wed Theresa and because they had all let him down, he would adopt little Ethan, make him the heir of Crane Industries and the fortune and the rest of the family were all disinherited. Ivy questioned whether she'd still get her alimony and Alistair clarified that those who hadn't spent their trust fund already (sorry Fox), still had their fund. Those who worked for Crane Industries now had to perform or be fired. Fox was enraged that he was a "true" heir and had lost out to yet another bastard relative. Chad made a challenging comment to Fox that he'd climb over him on the Crane corporate ladder which precipitated a brawl between the two of them. They were pulled apart and sent to cool off. Poison Ivy took the opportunity to point out to Valerie that Kay would really be on the warpath now, so she should strike first. Tabitha and Endora watched the proceedings with glee as everybody felt the pain of Alistair's pronouncements. Eve started to get an inkling that Rebecca had some power over Julian to make him unhappy, but he wouldn't share the news with her that he could never divorce Rebecca. Fancy despaired to Noah of ever having enough money now. Chris sensed that Sheridan was unsure about having the FBI find Luis and bring him home, but in the end she chose to still have him come home. Theresa was outraged that Alistair was going to adopt her son and when Alistair, little Ethan and Theresa danced to a love ballad, Alistair issued his first warning to little Ethan to never talk back to him. Gwen tried to convince Ethan to go back to the mansion, grab Jane and skedaddle out of town. Instead, he counseled her to get out of the marriage immediately. With one evil look from Alistair, she knew she was a fly caught in the spider's web.

At the motel, Simone and Jessica cowered in the room as the police officer warned that he was coming into the room. He burst in and the girls escaped with everything but one of Jessica's earrings out of the bathroom window. After checking around, the officer called Sam to tell him that the suspect in this murder resembled Jessica. Sam asked Eve to go with him to meet the officer at the motel.

After running away, Simone and Jessica called Paloma to pick them up. She was shocked at the news of Jessica's profession and the death of her john. Simone told them that after everything that Alistair had done to the Bennett family, she surmised that Jessica had probably been set up by the evil tycoon. As they heard police sirens approaching, Jessica fell apart and cried that the police would catch her and she'd go to jail for being a serial killer.

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Sam and Eve arrive at the motel room Jessica was staying at, and the police officer there tells them that the description of the woman in this room matched Jessica's. He says that he heard two female voices in the room and he wanted to give Sam a chance to look around and see if he can find anything implicating Jessica. Eve examines the body and reports her findings to Sam. She says judging by the patterns of the stab wounds, the attacker was probably a female or a small male. The three of them start combing the room for evidence. While they work, Eve deduces that it may have been Simone in the room with Jessica, and Sam finds an earring on the floor-one of a pair he gave Jessica for her sixteenth birthday. The police officer asks if Sam found anything, and Sam says no.

Outside, a panicked Jessica, Simone, and Paloma throw the bag of evidence in the car and speed off to the Bennett house. When they get there, Simone tells Jessica to go change and go to bed so Paloma and Simone can burn the evidence. Jessica gets changed and brings her clothes out to them to burn. She hugs them and thanks them before going up to bed, and Simone and Paloma light the evidence on fire as Simone worries that she missed something. At the airport, the security guards are still looking into Paloma and have sent the Harmony PD after her.

At the restaurant, Tabitha is delighted by Alistair's latest announcement as Alistair tells Little Ethan he is now the prince of the Crane Empire. Fancy complains to Noah about being cut off from her inheritance and Julian asks Rebecca about the papers he signed. Rebecca reveals that by signing them, he agreed to stay married to her forever. Julian doesn't want this and says he will find a loophole. Ivy talks to Fox, who says he is happy that at least he still has his Crane Industries job, and Chad confronts Alistair about his own job at Crane. Alistair says it will be Chad's own fault he'll lose his job and Alistair walks away. Ethan tells Gwen he couldn't convince Theresa to leave Alistair, but agrees to try again. He goes to speak to Theresa while Noah tells Fancy to get a job, or, if money is the most important thing to her, tell her grandfather that she's leaving Noah. Fancy doesn't want to do this. Ethan tells Theresa to prove her love for Little Ethan by getting out of the marriage. Theresa says she will leave Alistair if Ethan commits to her, and Ethan refuses. Sheridan tells Gwen that Luis may be coming back to Harmony. As Alistair explains to Little Ethan what his new position as heir means, Tabitha reveals to Endora her plans to marry Endora and Little Ethan, and Ivy, who overhears, is disgusted because Julian is thought to be the father of both children. Chris tells Sheridan he has news about Luis and the FBI agents want to talk to her back at the B&B. Theresa tells Ethan she understands that if she can't have Ethan, she may as well be with Alistair and her son.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Gwen, Ethan, Alistair, Theresa and little Ethan returned to the Crane mansion and the staff awaited them at the door ready to swear allegiance and await instructions. The nanny gave Theresa an update on Jane and Gwen reminded her that she and Ethan were Jane's parents only to have Alistair remind her that they live there as his guests and Mrs. Crane is in charge now. Gwen fumed about the nanny and when they were alone, she told Ethan that they had to run upstairs, pack and leave with Jane. Alistair and Theresa came back and overheard their plans. Theresa told them that she wanted both of her children to stay at the mansion and Alistair threatened Ethan with losing his job at Crane Industries as well as being black balled from any position as a lawyer if they left with Jane. Gwen stormed off swearing that she wouldn't lose another baby to Theresa and then Alistair started making his wedding night demands on Theresa. He told her that this night might cover two or three nights of his arranged sex schedule with her. Gwen went off on a tirade against Ethan in their bedroom because he hadn't stopped her from marrying Alistair. She despaired of losing everyone that mattered to her. Ethan sat her down and told her to stop being paranoid. Gwen continued her rant and Ethan told her he was going to go downstairs to make her some warm milk. In the kitchen, Ethan heated the milk and Theresa came into the kitchen. He told her that he thought she was feeling it was all too much for her being Alistair's wife. She acknowledged it all and went into his arms crying and begging him to help her. He stroked her hair and back and tried to soothe her. She begged him to take her and the children out of there to stop him from making her do all the sexual things he wanted. Ethan told her that it wasn't him making her stay there. She said it was his fault for taking Jane away. He reminded her that it was her fault for continuing to make bad decisions. She told him she'd thought she could handle being Alistair's wife, but she couldn't stand having to be at his beck and call and having her life under his thumb. Ethan told her that he'd help her and she jumped to the conclusion that he'd do what she wanted. He said he'd help her leave town, but he wouldn't leave his wife. He told her to pack her stuff and little Ethan's stuff and he'd get her out of town. She wanted to know about Jane and he said that by court order she was staying with him and Gwen. Theresa said that was why she'd married Alistair. He told her he'd help her get out or she could stay there and be Alistair's plaything until he died or she killed him. Upstairs, Gwen paced as she waited for Ethan. When he got back with the milk, she wondered what took him so long. He told her that Theresa was desperate to have his help in leaving with little Ethan. She wanted it in writing. Theresa threw things into a suitcase when Alistair barged in demanding a conjugal visit. She asked for a few moments to get ready and he pulled his robe loose saying that her time was up. As she cringed, he chortled that now the fun begins.

At the Bennett house Paloma and Simone burned all the evidence from the motel room while Jessica fretted in the kitchen and thought about calling Spike. The girls came in and encouraged her to get some rest. Noah and Ivy burst into the kitchen to find the girls. They gave Paloma the bad news that Theresa had married Alistair. Paloma couldn't understand at first, but when they said it was for Jane, it made sense to her. Jessica was jumpy as Noah tried to talk to her. The girls decided to spend the night with Jessica. Sam came home and smelled smoke from the barbecue and wondered what had been burned there. He fished out some of Jessica's clothes. He came in through the kitchen door and was surprised to see Jessica. She threw herself into a hug with him and asked if it was okay for her to be there. He told her that she was always welcome there and then when a serious look came over his face Ivy asked if he'd gotten another call from the officer. He said he hadn't but was concerned about the case and when he said a man had been murdered, Jessica's face went ashen. He described the murdered man and scene and asked Jessica if she knew anything about it. She said that if he didn't want her there, she'd leave and Noah pulled her back saying that they wanted her there. When the girls went upstairs he told Ivy what he feared. Noah and Ivy were in disbelief, but he explained about the witness description and the clothes from the barbecue. They were all crestfallen. Noah swore that if she did kill a guy it had to be in self defense. Sam told them that if she was on drugs, she could have done anything. Noah said that he couldn't believe his kid sister would do that. Sam told them that it was really hard, but he was going to have to turn her in as a suspect. They were aghast at the prospect and Sam said he'd give her a chance to turn herself in, but if she didn't, he would turn her in for her own good. Upstairs, the girls made up a cover story about all of them hooking up at a club and staying together. Jessica wondered what if she really killed the guy and Simone told her that it was what Alistair would want her to think, especially after setting up her dad and Noah. Simone assured her that she collected all the evidence and burned it to a crisp so there was nothing connecting her to the dead john.

At the B and B Chris and Sheridan chatted after he put James to bed. FBI agent Dave Hall came rushing in and slammed Chris up against the wall, upset with him for leaving witness protection and blowing his cover by calling them over an unsecured line. He said he'd bolted to find his son and Sheridan stood up for him saying that he'd called them on her behalf. Sheridan warned them not to wake the rest of the guests. Sheridan told Chris that she felt the blame for him calling the FBI to search for Luis. Chris told her that he'd had to do it because she had done so much for him and James. She said she'd never be able to repay him for all he'd done and the agent told them that he had to relocate Chris and James. She was sad and asked the agent to let them stay until Luis got home. The agent told her he had news about Luis. He informed them that after Luis left the hospital, he took a ferry to Morocco. Sheridan asked how soon she could talk to Luis and the agent told her that Luis was dead.

An unseen woman with red fingernail polish laid a red rose on a newspaper story of Alistair and Theresa's wedding and then ripped Alistair out of the picture.

Friday, October 7, 2005

Gwen is hopeful when Ethan tells her that Theresa is leaving Harmony. However, when Ethan explains that he will help Theresa leave town, Gwen fears Alistair's retribution. Alistair barges into Theresa's room, insisting they start their honeymoon. When he sees her suitcase, she admits that she is planning on leaving him.

Simone and Paloma report to Jessica that they burned and buried the murder evidence.

Noah and Ivy attempt to convince Sam not to turn Jessica in for murder.

Sheridan reels over the news that Luis is dead. Because Chris blew his cover, the FBI agent wants to take Chris and James to safety.

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