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Kay asked Tabitha to cast a spell on Fox to make him successful in his family and business. Tabitha agreed and cast the spell without specifying the high cost Kay would have to pay -- the 'boys in the basement' wanted Kay's love for Fox and his for her. Chris contacted the FBI to find Luis, and instead they delivered the news that Luis had been killed in a Moroccan bar fight. The casket arrived at the airport, and Sheridan gasped when it was opened. The FBI took Chris and James back into deep cover witness protection, and they'd never be able to contact Sheridan. Because Eve's case was dismissed, the D.A. moved to arrest Liz, but Eve wouldn't sign the complaint, and they were unsure that they had the evidence to pursue it on their own. Despite Eve's compassion, Liz's venom was as strong as ever; she vowed to get revenge. Gwen told Alistair not to get in the way of her marriage to Ethan, and then when she found Ethan comforting Theresa after she had found out about Luis' death, asked for a divorce. This declaration was interrupted by the sound of Martin shooting Alistair. Everyone ran to the scene and discussed the implications of Alistair's death, only to find that the gun Alistair had given Martin to shoot him was loaded with a blank. Alistair relished finding out how they had all reacted in the moment.
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Passions Recaps: The week of October 10, 2005 on PS
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Monday, October 10, 2005

No one can believe it when Jessica confesses to killing the john. Noah thinks it had to have been self-defense, and he comforts Jessica while Sam tells Ivy this doesn't look good for Jessica and whoever her accomplice is. Sam asks Jessica who helped her clean the room and why she ran if the killing was in self-defense. Simone comes to Jessica's defense and says Sam misunderstood; Jessica was at the club with her. Sam thinks they are lying and says that if Simone is the one who helped Jessica, she's going to jail too. Simone says Jessica is still stoned and only admitted to getting blood on her clothes. Sam asks where the blood came from, and Simone says that Jessica has been cutting herself again and shows them the cuts on her stomach. Sam says he's sorry to hear that, but that doesn't explain why he found Jessica's earring at the crime scene.

Theresa and Alistair have an argument about Little Ethan. Alistair says Theresa and Little Ethan are two of the most important people in the world right now. He threatens that if she walks out the door she'll never see her son again, and snarls that he has given her everything she has ever wanted. Theresa talks back to Alistair and is slapped across the face. He says she has to learn to obey, and Theresa admits that she has no choice but to stay. Alistair tries to force himself on Theresa, and Katherine comes running in to help when she hears Theresa's screams. Alistair shoves Katherine out of the room.

Ethan promises Gwen that Theresa will be out of the house tonight. Gwen says that she doesn't think Theresa will leave. She tells him that Theresa will never stop trying to get Ethan. Ethan tries to convince her that he is going to help Theresa and Little Ethan leave, but he won't go with them. Gwen is not quite convinced but says she can't wait until both of them are gone. Ethan vows that nothing can keep Theresa from leaving this house. Gwen goes to bed and while she is sleeping, Katherine comes to get Ethan and tell him that Alistair is attacking and forcing himself on Theresa. Ethan is livid and runs to Theresa.

Alistair forces himself on Theresa and rapes her. He forces her to pretend to be happy, and when Ethan comes by her room, what Theresa is saying makes him think Theresa played him for a fool. Later, Alistair gets up, leaving Theresa crying in the bed. He suggests she start fantasizing about Ethan before walking off, laughing, to his own bed.

When Theresa gets up and goes into the kitchen later, Ethan is down there storming around. He asks if she changed her mind about leaving. He yells that Gwen was right about her, and he will never believe another word Theresa says.

When they learn that Luis may be dead, Pilar tells Martin to call Katherine for Sheridan's sake. Martin does so and Katherine says she will be right over. Chris is told that he and James need to leave Harmony and Sheridan begs him not to. Chris says that he's not going anywhere and is berated by the FBI agent. Katherine arrives at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house and a tearful Sheridan tells Katherine the details, but says she doesn't believe that Luis is dead. The agent gets a call that he says is the lab with the results of the DNA tests.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

In the Bennett's kitchen, Ivy and Noah looked on as Sam interrogated Paloma, Jessica and Simone. He felt that Jessica was lying about not being involved in the murder and the girls concocted stories for each of his questions. Ivy and Noah seemed willing to accept their story that Jessica was assaulted by another prostitute who resembled her and stole her earrings and the blood on her clothes came from Jessica cutting herself. Sam refused to buy it and considered taking the girls into the living room, separating them and interrogating them one by one to see if their stories held up.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, agent Hall received a phone call so Sheridan, Chris, Martin, Pilar, and Katherine each asked him if Luis's DNA, fingerprints and dental records matched the dead body. He finally confirmed that it was Luis's body and offered to help with the funeral. They declined the help and then all began to grieve their loss. Sheridan blamed herself and listed all the things they had done together for the last time. Sheridan's grief was augmented by the announcement that the FBI had to take James and Chris immediately back into the witness protection program. Sheridan bade them a tearful goodbye and admonished Chris to follow through with his plans to christen James. After Chris and James left with the FBI agent, Sheridan collapsed in Katherine's arms.

In the Crane mansion kitchen, Ethan confronted Theresa. He felt that he finally saw her for the gold digger that Gwen insisted she was all along. Theresa kept trying to get a word in edgewise and when Ethan finished she slapped him and accused him of betraying her. She explained that she'd only been playing a role with Alistair since any misstep would send her packing and she'd never get to see little Ethan ever again since their prenuptial agreement gave him full custody of little Ethan whether she was there or not and Alistair threatened to take it out on the boy whenever she displeased him. Ethan still thought he could find a way to get her and her son out of there, but Theresa didn't relish a life on the road, always having to look over her shoulder.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tabitha enjoys peeking in on the tormented Lopez-Fitzgerald clan through the magic of her all-seeing bowl. Meanwhile, Martin bitterly informs Pilar and Katherine that he blames Alistair for the loss of both his sons. Agent Holt again presses Chris to flee Harmony at once but Sheridan tearfully clings to her friend and begs him not to leave. Fox confides to Kay how strange it feels to be flying without a net for the first time in his privileged life. Gwen snarls at Theresa after spotting her hugging Ethan. Though Katherine reminds him why he must renounce her forever, Martin refuses to turn his back on the woman he loved so long. Later, Pilar is dejected to see her husband embracing Katherine. Ethan is forced to separate Gwen and Theresa after the two enraged women begin throwing punches at one another. Kay coaxes Tabitha to cast a spell which will guarantee that Fox makes a big success at Crane Enterprises. Chris reassures Sheridan when she fears that she inadvertently sent Luis to his death.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

In Kay's bedroom, Fox was kissing her and his mind was on business. She wanted to get him asleep so that Tabitha's "success" spell could take effect and he wanted to send emails. Since Kay wasn't getting him to sleep, Tabitha worked her magic by casting a spell on the outside of the bedroom door. When she came in with her pot of brew, Tabitha cackled about Kay and Fox continually "playing push push." Tabitha told her that she should succumb to the dark side and she'd be able to do this kind of magic on her own. Kay told her that she'd leave all the magic to Tabitha and Endora. Kay asked if the spell was guaranteed and Tabitha warned her that it would be fine unless the person who requested the spell reneged on the contract. Kay asked about the contract and she swore that she'd pay the price without asking what that price would be. Tabitha brewed up a potion that included hair from Kay, toenail clipping from Fox and "hair of Newton-Wayne Newton." A white fog spewed out of the witch's brew and then four red male figures came out of it, grabbed Fox and lifted him up off of the bed. They turned him over and over rapidly and Tabitha spoke an incantation. The red men pulled the energy from Tabitha, raced through Kay and knocked the women over as they flew out of the room. Kay and Tabitha were exhausted and when Kay got up and touched Fox, she thought he was dead because he was so cold.

At the Blue Note, Noah tended the bar and Fancy flirted with him. He took her to the storeroom and he'd set up a candlelight dinner for her. He only had twelve minutes to be with her because he had to get back to work. Julian and Eve came in hurriedly to meet with the D.A. and a police officer. They thought the judge may have reversed his decision and the police wanted to arrest Eve, but they were there to arrest Liz instead. As Liz strode up to them, she reached out and slapped Eve resoundingly; "Damn you Eve, this is all your fault." Liz swore that she'd never had any poison and that either Eve or her married lover set her up. Eve told her that Rebecca hated her and she was totally surprised at Rebecca's testimony. Liz spit out venomously that one of them had paid off Rebecca. Liz demanded very loudly that they all leave her place of business. The D.A. handed a form to Eve. She had to sign it in order to press charges against Liz. Liz hollered at the D.A. saying that he just needed to convict somebody of all the crimes that had happened on his watch because he was up for re-election. Liz told her to just sign it because it was the perfect retribution for her getting involved with T.C. and exposing Eve as the lying whore she is. Even though Julian encouraged her to sign it as well, Eve decided not to press charges.

At the Crane mansion, Gwen strode into her mother's bedroom, turning on the light as she entered to complain about Theresa not moving out because she was being held there against her will. Rebecca looked slightly guilty and slightly annoyed and then Alistair popped his head out from under the covers to ask what the problem would be. Gwen was disgusted that her mother would hook up with Alistair. Gwen wanted to know why he was hurting everybody in the house by keeping Theresa there and asked him why he wouldn't just let Theresa leave with her son so that Gwen could get on with her life in peace. He told her it was nothing personal but he'd rather punish those that had betrayed him than help her in her marriage to that traitor Ethan. He told Gwen to stop worrying about who was in her mother's bed and think about who should be in hers then pulled on his robe and got out of bed to take care of other business. She then told him that she wouldn't let him get between her and Ethan or her baby. He laughed at her spunk and then through clenched teeth told her to never threaten him. She just glared back at him. He told her it was unwise to cross him and reminded her about what happened to Antonio and Luis. She smirked when she said that Antonio was dead, but Luis was fine. He said, "think what you like" and then kissed Becky good night. After Alistair left, Gwen asked her mother how she could stoop so low. Rebecca told her that she had to keep tight with the lord of the manor then asked her if Alistair could be right about Ethan. Gwen assured Rebecca that he would be waiting for her in their bedroom. Rebecca reminded her that Theresa had drugged Ethan once and pretended to be Gwen in order to get pregnant so they both left quickly. Ethan knocked on Theresa's door so she opened up to find Martin and Pilar with him. They tried to break the news of Luis's demise gently and Theresa fell apart in Ethan's arms. Theresa didn't believe it and wanted to see the body. Ethan gave his condolences and Theresa was angry at herself for failing to heed everybody's warnings about Alistair. Martin reminded her that every bad thing that had happened to their family had happened because of Alistair and then he threatened to take him down. Theresa said she wished she could kill him. Pilar told her it wasn't worth it and she couldn't bear it if she went to jail because all she has left are Theresa and Paloma. Theresa asked if they'd talked to Miguel and Pilar said that she'd emailed him, but hadn't heard back. Theresa bemoaned not listening to their advice and acting out of anger. Pilar told her that Luis would want her to learn from her mistakes. Ethan told her that she'd do a lot better if she'd step back from situations and assess them without going on emotions. She asked him if he thought there was hope for her and he pulled her into a hug and told her he knew there was hope for her. They realized that Martin was gone and Pilar worried about Alistair getting killed. Alistair sat down at the desk in his office, popped a pill, lit a cigar and smiled broadly as he took a slug of brandy. As he made plans to return to his new bride, Martin burst into the room, arms set like a gunslinger at the O.K. Corral. He sneered that Alistair had killed two of his sons and now he was going to kill him. As Alistair roared with laughter at this comical scene, Martin pulled a gun. Gwen with Rebecca charged into Theresa's room to find Ethan comforting Theresa and worrying about Martin being gone. As Ethan looked horrified, Gwen said she knew who was going to be killed, "Theresa!"

At the Bed and Breakfast, the agent got a call that Luis's body would be arriving soon. Before he could explain the content of the call, Sheridan had assumed that they'd misidentified the body and she was let down anew when told that wasn't the case. Sheridan grieved all over again because she blamed herself for Luis being dead. The FBI agent told Chris that they had to get out of there before the mob realized he was there and Chris didn't want to leave Sheridan in her fragile state of mind. The agent asked him if he wanted Sheridan to have to mourn his and James's deaths as well. Sheridan agreed that he should leave and then asked if she could ride out to the airport with them. He wanted to give Sheridan his new cell phone number, but the FBI agent told him that he was going into deep cover and could never have contact with Sheridan again. She realized he was right and apologized. The agent was adamant that they had to immediately because the mob had had plenty of time to trace him to there. The agent went out to get the car ready and as Sheridan said her final good bye to Chris, two men entered with guns drawn. Sheridan gasped that they'd found him.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Martin threatens Alistair and Alistair laughs in his face. Martin says what he does tonight will make up for abandoning his family all those years ago. Alistair laughs again and tosses Martin a gun. He tells Martin to shoot him, right in the heart. Martin points the gun and shoots! Alistair slumps in his chair.

Gwen tries to attack Theresa, but Ethan holds her back. Gwen screams at Theresa, calling her a number of things, including being just like the woman who "stole" Martin from Pilar. Theresa asks how Gwen lives with herself, living with a man who loves someone else. Gwen snaps and screams that she is sick and tired of seeing Ethan in Theresa's arms every time she turns around and she wants a divorce! Ethan and Pilar tell Gwen she doesn't understand, and they say they came here to tell Theresa of Luis's death. Gwen is taken aback and says she is so sorry to Pilar. However, Gwen says Theresa is using Luis's death to her advantage. Pilar can't take Gwen attacking her daughter anymore and screams at her to stop it. All of a sudden a gunshot rings through the mansion.

Ethan, Pilar, Theresa, Gwen and Rebecca run in to see Martin holding the gun in front of Alistair in the study. It certainly appears that Alistair is dead. Rebecca nervously says that Theresa is now Alistair's widow and she'll control everything. Theresa thanks Rebecca for reminding Theresa of her new position-but then Alistair gets up. He explains that the first shot was a blank-if only Martin had fired twice, Alistair would be dead. Alistair says this proved that Martin really could kill him, that Pilar really loves Martin, and that Theresa really will take advantage of any situation. He asks if any of them got the message that Sheridan is at the airport to get Luis's body and he suggests they go. They file out, all except Theresa, who Alistair asks to stay behind. Alistair forcibly plants a kiss on her but she resists. Alistair backs off, but not without the threat of more to come. When he is gone, Theresa stumbles to his desk and finds a letter opener. She says since Alistair won't give her a divorce, there is only one way out.

The men Sheridan and Chris think are after their lives turn out to be FBI agents sent to take them to the airport. When they get there, Sheridan and Chris say their goodbyes. Chris says he will never forget her. Sheridan says goodbye to Chris and James and hugs James. She gives James a picture of herself so he never forgets her and he and Chris walk off. Two men in suits come into the room and tell Sheridan they have Luis's remains. Sheridan sobs over the casket and asks them to open it so she can be positive it's him. They oblige, and Sheridan looks into the casket and gasps.

Kay panics, thinking that Fox is dead. Tabitha says Fox is definitely not dead, although he will be changed just as Kay wanted when he wakes up. Kay asks Tabitha about the "high price" she will have to pay to the boys in the basement. After some prodding, Tabitha reveals what Kay will have to give up: Fox's love for her.

Noah and Fancy's romantic dinner is interrupted by the news that Liz is being arrested. Eve tells the DA that she doesn't want to press charges and saves Liz from going to jail. When the DA says that they can arrest Liz even without Eve's consent, Eve says they don't have enough evidence or good witnesses, and they give up and leave. Liz is still nasty to Eve after this, and Julian and Eve argue about if Eve did the right thing before walking away.

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