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Monday, September 19, 2005

Chad comes into his office and finds Valerie. She offers to watch Miles while he goes to the Blue Note. Chad starts to ask her to go with him, but then thinks of Whitney and changes his mind. Valerie is frustrated and tells him to get over Whitney. She says she is not asking for a commitment from him, but they can have fun together and it would help him loosen up at work. She says he needs all the advantages he can get with this place being as cutthroat as it is, and she warns him about Fox working on a top secret project. She offers to be his "spy" in the office, and he thanks her.

Fox and Kay talk about business. Kay says she likes her job, she just wishes she was more confident. She thanks him for the opportunity and they kiss before Fox explains to her his secret project he's been working on. He says he is trying to partner Crane Industries with China, but he has to run the project by the Asian office first. He tells her all he needs her to do is email his proposal to the Asian office within the hour, and he opens the files on his laptop to show her. While they are working, Chad, Valerie and Miles come in. Fox introduces Kay as his new assistant, and then talks to Miles. Chad and Fox almost start bickering, but Valerie stops it. They talk about Whitney instead, and Fox asks if there's anything they can do. Chad asks Fox to become Miles's godfather. Fox is surprised and honored, and says of course. Chad tells him this calls for a toast, and they go off. Kay stays to finish up her work, and Valerie watches her through the door.

Theresa tells Alistair that she is on his side and Alistair calls her foolish. He says being on his side would mean that she condones his actions, and Ethan wouldn't approve of that. Theresa says Ethan wouldn't have to know, and Alistair calls her na´ve and deluded. Theresa says she is neither, and she will do whatever he wants if it brings Ethan and Jane back to her. Alistair says that even if she joins forces with him and Ethan leaves Gwen, Theresa couldn't go back to him because Alistair will own her body and soul. His phone rings, and he seems dismayed by what he hears. He tells her he has personal business to take care of and says he will need her final answer when he returns.

Ethan refuses to stop Theresa's one-on-one time with Jane. Ivy says Theresa is an unfit mother and it's not fair to Jane, Gwen or Ethan to let her spend time with the baby. Gwen tells Ethan that Gwen will do anything, even use Jane to get Ethan back. Ethan thinks she is exaggerating, and Gwen points out that Theresa even made a pact with Alistair, "the devil himself." Ivy says Theresa is incompetent and she would even hurt Jane to get Ethan back. Ethan refuses to believe this and says he can't support them. Gwen thinks he is making a big mistake. Ethan leaves, and Gwen vents to Ivy about Theresa. Ivy says Ethan will soon realize how dangerous Theresa is, and then Theresa won't be able to be alone with Jane. Theresa overhears this, rushes in and yells that Gwen will never keep her from Jane. Gwen says oh yes she will; she and Ethan will make sure Theresa never spends time alone with Jane again. Theresa doesn't think Ethan would ever keep Jane from her, but Ivy lies that Ethan completely agrees with them. Gwen adds onto the lie, saying that Ethan is filing the necessary papers right now to make sure Theresa is never alone with her daughter again.

Pilar and Martin are talking about Theresa when Ethan pays them a visit and tells them that things at the mansion are a little out of control. Pilar tells him she saw Theresa stick her hand in the incinerator, and Ethan informs her that Gwen and Ivy see Theresa's actions as those of an unfit mother. Pilar and Martin both are adamant that Theresa would never hurt Jane, and Ethan says he knows that, but Gwen and Ivy made a good point and Theresa's actions lately seems indefensible. He wants them to help him keep her from sabotaging herself anymore.

At the Blue Note, Fancy wants to know why Noah is in the storage closet. He tells her the truth and asks why she's there. She says she was looking for her wrap and she doesn't believe Noah's story. She thinks he followed her there. Noah answers sarcastically that that's exactly the reason, and then snaps that she is delusional. He says she probably heard Liz telling him to come back here, so she came to ambush him. Fancy tells him to get over himself because she is just not that into him. Suddenly the rat runs between her feet and she screams and jumps into Noah's arms. They almost kiss, but then Noah puts her down and says he has to go back to work. Fancy tries to leave, but one of the doors is locked and the other is jammed. While this is happening, Alistair comes into the Blue Note in search of Fancy and is told by Liz that she's not there. He is taken by a security person to the storage room, but they can't get the door open. Inside the room, Noah tries screaming for help but it's not use. Noah asks why she really came back here, and Fancy says she had no idea he was working here-until, Noah says, she came in with "Eddie Sinclair." Fancy changes the subject and points out the alcohol on one of the shelves. Alistair has made his way to the alley, from which he can look through the window in the back door. He sees Noah and Fancy together and is furious.

Julian and Eve are in the plane about to leave Harmony. Julian is promising to spend the rest of his life making her happy when Eve hears a siren. Julian investigates and sees the police headed toward them. He yells at the pilot to get the plane off the ground, but the pilot says their way is blocked. The police want them to come out of the plane, but they end up having to come onboard and arrest both Julian and Eve. They are taken to jail, where Eve apologizes for getting Julian so involved, but Julian says being involved is what he wanted. Eve says they'll send her away forever, but Julian says he won't let them.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house Ethan talked to Pilar and Martin about helping him get Theresa herself and little Ethan to move out of the mansion. Then he felt that if he convinced Theresa to break her ties with Alistair, he could convince Gwen to let Theresa see Jane alone. They agreed, but Pilar expressed her concern that Theresa is unstable at the moment. Ethan wanted to get Theresa calmed down and acting responsibly before he worked out a custody arrangement. Martin and Pilar thanked him for caring so much and being so kind to Theresa.

At Crane Industries, While Chad and Fox drank to Fox being Miles' godfather; Kay took care of communicating some business information to the Asia office for Fox. When Kay left to join the celebration with Chad and Fox, Valerie snuck in and deleted the emails to sabotage the woman Ivy Crane told her would stab her in the back. When Fox and Kay returned to his office, they discovered that nobody had replied to his email. Back in Chad's office, Valerie told him that Fox had been working on a project with the Asia offices and kept him out of the loop, but since she wanted them to come out on top she deleted the emails. He was very pleased with her initiative and agreed that they'd win. Fox called the Osa.k.a and Singapore offices and found that they hadn't gotten the emails. Fox and Kay dug deeper and discovered that the emails had been deleted. Kay apologized profusely. Valerie and Chad walked in and asked what was wrong. Fox admitted that he'd missed a deadline on a project that he was looking forward to doing. As the guys stepped out of the office, Valerie played innocent with Kay and told her not to worry, everybody makes mistakes at first. Kay sensed there was more going on and told Valerie that she hadn't made a mistake, but had been set up to fail. Valerie told her that she couldn't learn from her mistake until she admitted she'd made one.

At the Harmony jail Eve and Julian commiserated about getting caught trying to leave the country. They knew it would torpedo her case and implicate him as well. Eve decided she better get used to being locked up while Julian bribed Judge Riley to take care of his own bail. Julian had determined that Alistair was the one who turned them in to the police. Julian apologized for getting her in deeper trouble than before and promised to find a way to get her out of jail. Eve told him that she'd gone along wit the plan. After Julian left, Eve tried to sleep, but dreamt of Liz's tirade against her in court.

At the Crane mansion Ivy and Gwen told Theresa that Ethan was submitting the paperwork for permanent custody of Jane because she was unhinged; whereupon Theresa overturned a living room chair as she raged that Ethan would never do it. They told her that she'd never see her daughter alone again. She told them that they were lying because Ethan wouldn't cut her off from Jane and Gwen replied that he'd finally seen her for what she was and listed all the evil things she'd done and that she might hurt Jane. As Theresa stormed off, Rebecca arrived with a cat eating cream grin and wondered what had happened to Theresa. Ethan arrived and Gwen asked him if he'd decided what to do about Theresa. He put her off and snarled at Rebecca for her damaging testimony against Eve. Gwen asked how bad it looked and Ethan told them that Eve would probably go to jail for the rest of her life. Ivy smirked as she realized that the details of her plot to get rid of Grace were going to be buried forever. Gwen glared at her guilty mother as she said how horrible it was since Eve had always been so good to them. Ethan then delivered a bombshell to Rebecca-Julian's divorce settlement offer. She was shocked that he was so cheap that he'd left out her car and driver, food and care for her donkey, or thongs for her pool boy. Ivy told her to get used to it because she still hadn't gotten her final payment. Ethan pointed out to Rebecca that she signed a pre-nup, hadn't been married to Julian very long and they didn't have any children, so she shouldn't expect much. Rebecca swore she'd get more even if she had to hold "little Julian" hostage. Rebecca went off to bed just before Julian arrived home. Gwen accosted Ethan about the "whole Theresa thing" again and Julian burst in to explain what had happened with trying to escape with Eve. Ethan despaired of getting her off unless they found the real perpetrator. Julian and Ethan went over the list of people who could have been involved in each of the attempted murders and suddenly it occurred to Julian that Liz may not have been the intended victim. He gasped when he realized that if Eve was the victim it made sense that Rebecca was nearby when the poisoning took place. He decided to go have a little discussion with his soon to be ex-wife. Gwen nagged Ethan yet again about his decision regarding Theresa and he told her that he'd convinced Martin and Pilar to help him get her and little Ethan back home with them. He told her that once Theresa was in a loving environment, she would listen to reason. Gwen was beside herself with internal frustration. Rebecca sat in bed fuming about the divorce settlement then drifted off to sleep. Julian woke her by covering her mouth with his hand and she struggled. He took his hand off of her and she accused him of trying to scare her to death so he didn't have to pay her any alimony. He told her that her death was tempting, but he needed her to testify that Eve wasn't the one who tried to kill Liz. He accused her of putting the poison in the punch cup. In her bedroom, Theresa didn't wait to see what Ethan really felt about Jane's custody, but panicked and called Alistair (following Fancy from his limo) to say she agreed to go along with him and do everything that he wanted. He told her she better be sure because there was no turning back. Theresa lay in bed talking to a picture of Ethan and her kids and told him that maybe she'd never get him back now, but she'd at least get Jane soon.

At the Blue Note Noah and Fancy were accidentally locked in the wine cellar. As they sat there drinking wine, Alistair lurked on the other side of the door raging about Fancy's disloyalty and plotting in his mind to do away with Noah. Fancy apologized to Noah about what she had told her grandfather at Sheridan's cottage because it wasn't true; it was just what she thought Alistair wanted to hear and Alistair mourned his loss as she kissed Noah. Liz finally came looking for Noah. They told her that he was helping Fancy look for her wrap and ran out quickly. Noah took her to the beach where they had their earlier date and grabbed up driftwood to start a bonfire. Then set to warming up Fancy with dancing and his kisses. As they made love on the beach, Alistair watched and went over the edge as he swore to destroy her and Noah Bennett.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Julian forcefully questions Rebecca about that poisoned punch; he accuses her of being the poisoner!

As she paces her jail cell, Eve worries that her permanent home will be in prison.

Spike pushes Jessica and she falls into the path of an oncoming car. When the driver stops to make sure she is okay, Spike encourages her to proposition him.

Ethan and Gwen hope that Martin and Pilar will be able to talk sense into Theresa. When her parents entreat her to come home with them, Theresa refuses. Martin physically removes her from the mansion.

Noah and Fancy make love by a bonfire on the beach. Angry Alistair watches form the shadows, vowing to make Fancy pay for dating that son of a Bennett.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Alistair seethed as he watched Noah and Fancy make love on the beach Fancy convinced Noah not to tell anybody about them for now, especially her grandfather. Fancy giggled as she told him that what her grandfather didn't know wouldn't hurt him and he took aim at them with a revolver only to have it jam when he tried to shoot them. He stormed off to get help in taking them down and destroying them. He found Noah's junky car and slipped a gun into the glove box then called the police. The police showed up on the beach and asked them to get dressed and stand up. They herded Noah and Fancy back to the car and asked if it was his. He acknowledged that it was and then one of the cops found the unlicensed, unregistered gun and a half pound of cocaine. They arrested a protesting Noah. Fancy told them it was a mistake and a watching Alistair muttered under his breath that it was no mistake and she was going to pay in ways she never knew were possible.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house pled with Theresa that Alistair would only use her and then throw her away without giving her anything in return. She lashed out at them for kidnapping her. She told Martin she didn't have to listen to him since he'd abandoned her and the family. Martin told her to at least listen to her mother and then left to give them space. Pilar stood up for Martin to Theresa and told her that she needed both of them to save her from herself. Theresa arrogantly told Pilar that she knew what she was doing and Pilar called her a fool. She reminded her that putting her faith in Alistair would destroy her. Pilar asked her why she was disrespectful to them and Theresa said she needed to be happy. Pilar asked her if she was really so stupid to believe Alistair's lies. Theresa closed her eyes and waved her arms to emphasize that she thought Alistair was a powerful man who could help her get what she wanted. Pilar told her that she hadn't even told Martin that Alistair had raped Theresa because she was afraid he'd go after Alistair and kill him. Theresa said it was none of his business and Pilar was anguished as she asked Theresa if it was her business. She asked Theresa how she could think about going back there where Alistair could and would do anything he wanted to her. Theresa cried that it was because Ethan and Gwen stole her baby and Pilar reminded her that it was because she acted like a crazy person in court that she'd lost Jane. Theresa told her she had to do what she had to do. She left to go to the mansion and Pilar went for a walk.

In the Crane mansion living room Ethan and Gwen discussed the problem of Theresa. Gwen was sure that Theresa would come back and Ethan was convinced that Martin and Pilar would be able to keep her back at home. In Rebecca's bedroom, Julian tried to get the truth out of her about the poisoning. He tried to make a deal with her-if she helped him get Eve off, he'd give her anything she wanted. She fantasized for a moment about living like a queen and Julian groveling at her bedside before he brought in a surprise for her-a donkey with a flower wreath. Julian started shaking her in her black feathered peignoir and she lied about knowing nothing. He swore that he'd cut a deal with the prosecutor and she zipped her lip so he started choking her and shaking her. She went running out into the hallway yelling that Julian tried to kill her where Gwen came to her aid. She asked what happened and Rebecca told her that Julian had accused her. Gwen pulled her back into her room to talk. Rebecca explained about Julian's offer and Gwen angrily told her that she couldn't accept it because she'd go to prison for the rest of her life and Theresa would use it against them to get Jane back. As Julian started to leave the mansion, Ethan asked if he'd gotten any information. Julian had to admit that Rebecca had kept mum and it was all up to Ethan, but he'd get Eve free if it was the last thing he did. Then he left to go comfort Eve at the jail. Gwen went back downstairs to be with Ethan and told him that her crazy mother was annoying her. He put on the stereo and drew her out onto the patio to dance. They rejoiced that Theresa was gone and she slipped from the shadows of the living room to tell them that she was back and never going to leave.

Martin ran into Katherine at the wharf and the commiserated about Theresa throwing her life away. Katherine said she felt like she was to blame. She started to go and he asked her not to go yet. Pilar approached just as Martin hugged Katherine. Katherine told him that she needed to go and he needed to remain committed to his family. She pulled away from him, saying that it wasn't fair to Pilar and left. Pilar stood there with tears in her eyes as she realized that Martin was still not over Katherine.

At the Harmony jail, in Eve's cell, she said her good-byes to Simone, Whitney and Chad. They tried to lift her spirits by telling her not to give up before Ethan presents her defense and besides; Julian could still come up with something. Eve apologized for putting them through such a rough year instead of telling the truth to begin with. They told her that they had blamed her for their unhappiness and they were wrong. They said they prayed that she doesn't get convicted of something she didn't do. She told Simone to follow her own heart. She encouraged Whitney to not go back to the convent, but to stay and mother her baby and be a friend to Chad. Eve told her that she really hadn't sinned against God. Julian returned to say that he hadn't been able to get anything to help her yet. Chad, Whitney and Simone left. A vice office took Jessica in to the jail to book her. When she gave her name to the booking officer he realized she was Sam's daughter. He told her that they'd put in a good word with the judge because it was her first offence and they respected Sam-it she gave up her pimp. She refused to turn in Spike and then the officer took a hold of her wrist to help her stand up. She winced, so he looked at her wrist and saw that she was cutting herself again (Sam had told him about her habit). She asked for her phone call and when the officer asked if she was going to call her father, she sounded peeved as she said she'd call someone else. The vice cop asked her to give up her pimp and Jessica said she couldn't. He asked her why not, since he'd abandoned her the second he saw the cop's badge. Jessica yelled that he loved her. As the cop walked away, Spike walked in to bail her out. He was peeved that she'd almost gotten her caught and asked her how long he was supposed to put up with her being so stupid. He pulled her across the street telling her that he'd cost her so she had to get back on the street. Simone saw them and told Spike to leave Jessica alone. She took a swing at him and Spike pushed her down to the street. She got up and begged Jessica not to go with Spike.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Fancy and Ivy see the morning paper. The headline reads "Ex-Top Cop Sam Bennett Under Investigation for Kickbacks and Fraud." Fancy wonders how Alistair found out about Noah, and Ivy snaps that Alistair knows everything and he will use this to his full advantage. Alistair says yes he will as he walks in. Fancy pleads with him to leave the Bennetts alone. She says it was her that hurt Alistair, not them. Alistair says Fancy broke his trust, and it was almost like a knife in his heart. Fancy cries and says she's sorry. Alistair counters that she's pathetic, just like Julian, Sheridan, and Fox, but he never thought that she would disappoint him. Fancy says she is really sorry and that she is begging him not to let Sam and Noah suffer. Alistair roars that Cranes do not beg. He snarls that he gave her everything and she lied to him, so she will watch him lay waste to the family of the man she thinks she loves. Fancy leans on Ivy and cries. Alistair says that he will not let what happened to Ivy happen to his blood, and he forbids her to love Noah. He yells to stay away from Noah or else, and Fancy runs off crying. Ivy tries to follow her, but Alistair grabs her and says she's not going anywhere until she hears what he has to say. Ivy asks why he can't let her be happy, and tells him not to break Fancy's heart. Alistair says that what Fancy feels for Noah is lust, plain and simple, and in this house, what Alistair says goes. He suddenly grabs Ivy and kisses her. Ivy breaks away and sputters that he is a bastard. Alistair informs her he has always wanted her and he will have her, and Ivy shakily tells him he is delusional. Alistair tells her to worry about her own future and says that any advice she gives to Fancy may come back to haunt her. Ivy walks away.

Sam comes to see Noah in jail. He says he knows that Noah was set up, and Alistair wants to take their whole family down, including Sam. He shows Noah today's paper, and Sam tells Noah that the city council is going to audit the police department's books. He says Alistair has stepped up the war and is going to focus in on the Bennetts, just like he did to the Lopez-Fitzgeralds when Luis was seeing Sheridan. Sam then tells Noah the only way to bail Noah out is for Sam to sell his own boat, but Noah protests this and convinces Sam to wait until Noah tries to get friends to loan him the money. Before Sam leaves, he asks if Fancy is worth all of this, and Noah says she is worth all of this and more. After Sam leaves, Noah is presented with a new cellmate, whose attacks he is dodging until the guard comes to get Noah and says his bail has been posted. Noah is released and given back his things. He asks who bailed him out, and Fancy steps out. She is crying as she hugs him and apologizes. Noah says it's Alistair's fault, not hers. Fancy sobs that she is not good for Noah and they shouldn't see each other ever again because she cares too much about him to ruin his life.

Sheridan and Chris talk in the kitchen, and she is surprised when he asks her if she would be James's godmother. She asks him if he's sure, and he says he is. Sheridan tells him she would be proud to do it. Sam enters the room to talk to Chris. Chris has asked him to be James's godfather, and Sam asks him why. Chris says that Sam seems like the best man in Harmony, but he will understand if Sam doesn't want to accept. Sam says he would be honored, and Chris takes James away to watch a TV show. Sam sees Sheridan hug Chris before he goes, and he asks if she's forgotten about Luis already. No, she says, of course she hasn't. She says she still thinks about and prays for Marty every night. Sam asks what she would do if Luis came back alone. He tells her that Luis has risked his life, his job, and his very soul to be with her. He doesn't want Sheridan to forget how much he loves her. Sheridan says she won't forget. Sam says he has to go, and he and Sheridan hug. Chris comes back when Sam is gone and asks if Sheridan is okay. Sheridan tells him she was thinking about Luis. Chris says they have both been through a lot, but they have been focusing a lot on James, and he thinks it would be good for them to go out on a date. Sheridan tells him she's not ready for that yet, and Chris says he understands before going to check on James.

At the courthouse, the defense part of Eve's trial begins. Ethan calls to the stand his one and only witness, Eve. As she is sworn in, he tells Julian that Eve is their only hope. Ethan asks Eve to tell them about her relationship with Liz. Eve says they used to be very close, and she never knew that when she left, their father would molest her. She says if she had known, she would have done anything to protect Liz. But Liz came to Harmony to get revenge on Eve for leaving, and Liz used Eve's family to get to Eve. She says her husband and daughters were innocent victims of Liz's abuse, all to hurt Eve. Eve starts to cry as Ethan asks if she tried to kill Alistair. Eve says she did not; in fact, she saved his life on two separate occasions. Ethan asks if she attempted to kill Julian. Eve says she threatened to, but so did half of Harmony that night. She tells him that she was not the one who shot him. Ethan then asks if she tried to murder Liz, which Eve also denies. She says she was the one who performed an emergency tracheotomy on Liz when she was poisoned. She cries that she hates what Liz has done, but Liz is still her little sister and she still loves her. Ethan says he has no further questions, and Nancier starts her cross-examination. She asks Eve how she expects the jury to believe those lies; after all, didn't she lie on several occasions to TC about her past? Eve admits this is true, and also admits to lying about cheating on TC. Nancier says Eve lied under oath, so why should the jury believe her? Nancier sits down, and Ethan gets up to ask Eve again whether or not she tried to kill Alistair, Julian, and Liz. Eve swears that she didn't, and she is allowed to step down. Rebecca comes in and talks to Liz as the jury leaves to deliberate.

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