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Passions Recaps: The week of September 12, 2005 on PS
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Monday, September 12, 2005

Ivy overheard Fox offer Kay a job as his executive assistant. He told Kay that Crane Industries was like Congress, "We take care of our own." He convinced her to accept the position by telling her that Crane would pay for college classes and had a day care. He even offered to take care of telling the cannery. Kay accepted, and they kissed. Ivy ran into Valerie, who said she owed her job to Ivy. The former Mrs. Crane warned her that Kay was starting at Crane, and might try to get to Chad through Val.

In the courthouse, Rebecca and Gwen panicked about Theresa finding the disk, which Becca hid and then forget where she put it. Gwen decided to head home to search.... Meanwhile, Pilar and Theresa were searching for the disk. Theresa was determined to win Ethan and her kids back, while Pilar worried about her daughter getting involved with Alistair. Finally Theresa stumbled onto a false bottom of Rebecca's underwear drawer.

Whitney fled from court, followed by TC and Chad. TC made Chad go back into the courtroom, while TC told his daughter not to keep running. She insisted she couldn't see anyone that she loved again. Later, she realized she left her keys in court, but didn't want to go back in to get them. Chad stood behind her, holding out her keys. She tried to bid him farewell forever, but he attempted to convince her to stay and make things work between them for Miles's sake. Whit said she loved them both, but hopefully Miles would understand her choice someday, and left.

In court, Liz tortured Eve by holding out a plane ticket, but Eve couldn't bear to leave her family. She worried if Nancier knew Simone's secret too, as her younger daughter got called to the stand. Nancier tried to get Simone to admit she was gay, causing Liz to leap up and claim that Eve was a horrible person, a drunk and a whore, who didn't stop their father from raping Liz. She called her sister a monster. Ethan told Eve that Liz's outburst, "will bury you alive."

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

At the Crane mansion Alistair and Fancy discussed her glum mood and he tried to cheer her up with the prospect of jewelry from Tiffany. She told him that what she wanted couldn't be bought with his money. He called somebody and made an arrangement to compensate them and his car would pick them up. When the doorbell rang, a young man was ushered into the living room and though Fancy looked interested, he could only be seen from the chest down. It was Edmund Sinclair, the grandson of one of Alistair's competitor's. Fancy pulled her grandfather aside and told him that she wouldn't go out with Edmund. Alistair accused her of loving someone from the wrong side of the tracks. She denied it and said it was just that she wanted to be alone instead of on a date. Alistair told her that he planned to merge the companies and wanted her to go out with Edmund to get business secrets. He planned to tear apart the Sinclair assets after the merger and destroy the rest of it. Fancy thought he was cold and calculating. Alistair told her that Sinclair should have known that he couldn't be a friend and competitor. Upstairs, Pilar and Theresa found some disks under a false drawer bottom. Gwen talked to her mom on her cell phone and watched from outside in the hall as Theresa inserted a disk in a computer. It was full of sexual images of Rebecca. The next disk was worse. Rebecca pressed her to stop Theresa from finding the right disk. Gwen went flying into the room, arms waving wildly as she threw clothing in the air. As Pilar and Theresa stood there trying to figure out what was wrong with Gwen, she ran past Pilar and grabbed the rest of the disks out of Pilar's hand. Gwen raced to the basement and lit the incinerator. As Theresa chased her, she heard the incinerator fire up through the wall vent and raced to stop her. Theresa made her accusations and Gwen admitted it because she was going to melt the disks and nobody would believe Theresa. Theresa lunged at Gwen, knocking her to the cement floor. Gwen threw the disks in the incinerator and Theresa reached into the fiery blast to get them out.

At the Bennett house Sam and Noah talked about how tight finances were. Noah suggested selling the B and B now that Grace is gone and Sam vehemently told him that they'd never sell it. Noah tried to tell him that Grace wasn't coming back, especially not to them. Sam told him that he hoped he never had someone break his heart the way Grace broke his. He told him to be very careful about whom he fell in love with. When Sam went to the kitchen, the phone rang for Noah. It was someone who had a financial proposition for him and he was willing to go along because he wanted to help out with the bills. Sam was upset when he found out it was a bartending job. He knew Noah was looking to fall in love and settle down and counseled him to get a better job that used his college degree. At Noah's guilty look, Sam took a wild guess that Noah had fallen in love with Fancy. Noah laughingly denied it saying that whatever was between them was ancient history.

At the courthouse Rebecca was out in the corridor talking to Gwen on her cell phone as she tried to remember where the disk was. The maid called her on the other line to tell her that Pilar and Theresa were in Rebecca's bedroom and the disk might be in there. Inside the courtroom, Liz ranted incoherently from the audience area about her drug addicted whoring half-sister and how she abandoned her when they were young. When security pulled her out of the courtroom, Eve asked Ethan how damaging the outburst was and he told her it didn't look good. The next person Grace Nancier called to the stand was T.C. She asked him if Eve had threatened to kill Liz that night at the church. He had to agree and when Ethan questioned him, T.C. testified that Liz had come to town and pretended to be a stranger while blackmailing Eve. Nancier then asked whose bedroom, Eve moved to when she left home and made scandalous accusations about Eve living with her former lover and not changing from her youth. She next called Julian to the stand and asked about the things Eve had done when she was with him when they were younger. Then she asked if Eve had access to the poison at the hospital. Ethan objected often during the testimony and the judge kept warning both Ethan and Nancier to stick to the facts. Nancier asked Julian who hated him enough to see him dead. Julian wouldn't answer and when the judge cited him with contempt, Eve burst out with the fact that he didn't need to protect her. The prosecutor withdrew the question since Eve answered it. Julian made a speech to the court about how wonderful Eve was. He equated her to Mother Theresa. The next witness called was Liz. Liz sat there grinning her "I've got you" grin at Eve and Eve realized that Liz had her right where she wanted her.

At a bar, Noah performed magically a la Tom Cruise in "Cocktail." Fancy purred, "bartender, we're waiting" and then he turned around to see her with Edmund.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Eve fears the worst as her vengeful sister is sworn in and begins testifying. Pilar struggles to hold back her daughter after Theresa attempts to dive into the incinerator to retrieve the discs Gwen threw into the fire. Noah takes a job tending bar at the Blue Note but his first shift quickly hits a snag when Fancy arrives on her date with the snobbish Edmund. As they enjoy spending time with little James, Sheridan apologizes to Chris for doubting him earlier. From the witness stand, Liz once again rails at Eve for abandoning her to an abusive father years ago. Pilar finally manages to wrench Theresa away from the flames and is appalled to see the burns on the young woman's arm. Chris helps a giggling Sheridan clean up the bed-and-breakfast after a broken washing machine sends a sea of suds throughout the house. Ethan glumly prepares to discredit his own mother-in-law as Grace calls Rebecca to the stand. Theresa vows to wipe the triumphant smile right off of her rival's face by telling Ethan how Gwen confessed. With his case crumbling, Ethan advises his sorrowful client to accept a plea bargain.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

At the B and B Sheridan confronted Chris after he told James that he'd have to work hard to pretend to be his father. She grabbed the phone to call the police and Chris grabbed the phone from her and pled with her to hear him out. He said what he meant was that he hadn't had much experience raising James since he'd been gone so long and he was worried he'd screw it up since he didn't know how. She apologized for thinking the worst and Chris told her that she needed to trust him. She explained that it was hard to trust anyone after her father had helped her half-sister kidnap her son and she didn't think Luis would be able to keep his promise to find them and bring Marty back to her. He told her that if she couldn't keep jumping to conclusions, he doesn't want to live with that judgment. Sheridan immediately assumed that Chris was going to leave with James. He settled her down again and the oven timer went off. Sheridan was trying her hand at baking one of Grace's puff pastry recipes. Chris picked one of them off of the cookie sheet and popped the hot morsel into his mouth. He judged it "not bad" so Sheridan tried one and immediately spit it out because it was dry and tasted bad. She despaired of having breakfast for the guests in the morning, but Chris gave her a list of ingredients and told her he'd teach her how to make his mother's breakfast casserole. Sheridan watched Chris and James coloring together and got teary because she missed Luis and Marty. Chris reassured her that Marty would be home soon. His casseroles came out of the oven and they sampled one to find it was delicious. She gave Chris a big thank you hug. After Chris took James up to bed, Sheridan wondered what he couldn't do. Sheridan went to check on them and found Chris sacked out on James' bed with his clothes on and one of James' books open on his lap. She put the book away and covered him up.

At the Blue Note Edmund and Noah recounted stories of Noah's youthful escapades with the ladies, much to the discomfort of Fancy. Edmund said he'd been jealous that Fancy was staring at him when they first came in. Noah told him not to worry, because he'd never waste his time with a girl like Fancy. One of the stories included a side note about a hangout called the Burger Shack that Theresa burned down. Edmund asked what he'd been up to and Noah gave the short version, ending with being in Las Vegas. Edmund asked if anything memorable happened there and as Noah stared into Fancy's eyes he said that nothing happened there that meant anything to him. Edmund told story after story of Noah and his conquests. Fancy tried to pull Edmund away to a table, but it wasn't ready so they sat at the bar and she asked questions to find out more about him. For every question his answer began "thanks to Noah, I..." She got sick of hearing him extol Noah's virtues and ran off to the restroom. While she was gone he asked Noah what he should do. Noah recommended ordering Fancy's favorite wine. Since Noah knew what wine was Fancy's favorite, Edmund asked him if there was something going on between the two of them. Noah denied it and asked why. Edmund said that he didn't stand a chance with Fancy if she had a thing for Noah. Edmund and Fancy were finally seated at a table and started getting to know each other better. Noah took the wine to their table and Fancy purred at Edmund about being so smart to find out what was her favorite wine, but he stuck his foot in it when he told her that he'd gotten the recommendation from Noah. Noah glared at him and Fancy derided Edmund for having to ask a stupid bartender for dating advice and then stormed off to get a cab home. Edmund was perplexed about what he'd done wrong and Noah told him that some women were like Arabian horses. Edmund asked, "what—expensive and overbred?" Noah laughed and said that they were proud, wild and temperamental. He told Edmund it wasn't his fault, some women just couldn't be tamed.

At the courthouse Liz and Rebecca drooled with anticipation as they watched the prosecutor offer Eve a terrible plea bargain—fifteen years for each charge to be served consecutively. Liz told her that it was justice for destroying lives. Ethan scoffed at the offer and Nancier told him that they'd be lucky if she got anything less than a life sentence without a chance of parole. She felt the judge and jury both wanted to be stern about law and order. As tempers flared, Eve called the prosecutor a monster and so Nancier pulled the deal off the table. Liz and Rebecca gleefully told Eve that she was done for and Rebecca reminded her that her time with her husband Julian was soon to end. Eve hugged Julian as she realized her freedom was almost over. Julian warned Rebecca that he was going to keep investigating why she was in the church basement when Liz was poisoned. Julian and Eve left the room and Liz made the point to Rebecca that she'd like to know what Rebecca was doing in the basement too. Rebecca blew her off saying that she was late for Pilates and Liz stopped her from leaving, the light dawning, and insisted she answer. Rebecca hemmed and hawed about just going downstairs while everybody was waiting to see if Luis and Sheridan would get married. Liz asked her how she managed to get there just as she collapsed and Rebecca asked her if it wasn't worth it to see Eve go to prison for the rest of her life. She giggled as she said it was good for both of them and then cunningly said "we'll have to do lunch sometime and dish." Rebecca said that for now though she would live by her commandment, "Though shall keep thy mouth shut," and she zipped her lips. Liz said the only commandment she lived by was, "Revenge is sweet." She said that all she's ever wanted to do was ruin her sister's life because Eve ruined hers and now there was no escape. With a cat eating cream smile, she purred, "Vengence is mine." Ethan caught up to Julian and Eve in the corridor and reaffirmed that the plea bargain was dead. Eve told Julian it was all right because Ethan would change the jury's opinion of her. After Ethan left, Eve let down her brave front and asked Julian if he thought Ethan would be able to defend her. Julian had his own proposal for keeping Eve out of jail—he'd fly them out of the country that night. Eve was aghast at the idea. She didn't want people to think she was guilty. He told her he'd served on the prison board and he couldn't allow her to go there since they were just big warehouses full of lost souls. She cried that her children needed her and he promised to send a jet for all of them. She told him he couldn't give up his whole life for her and he begged her to go saying that without her his life had no meaning. Julian told her to just say the word and they could be somewhere safe starting a new life.

At the Crane mansion Theresa and Gwen fought by the basement incinerator as Pilar tried to keep them apart. Theresa was sure that she could convince Ethan that Gwen had sent the story of his paternity to the tabloid despite the fact that Gwen had burned up the disks that Theresa and Pilar found in Rebecca's room. As the women struggled, Pilar fell on the cement floor towards the incinerator. When they found that Pilar was okay, Gwen threatened Theresa telling her to get out of the mansion; that Ethan would never leave her and after this stunt, they'd get Jane permanently. After Gwen stomped back upstairs she got Jane and cheerfully told her that she would always be there with her, the mommy, and her daddy now that she'd gotten rid of the evidence of something that would have made her daddy mad. In the basement, Pilar tried to talk Theresa into leaving the mansion. She said she couldn't because Gwen had Ethan and Jane. Pilar stroked her cheek and reminded her that Ethan was Gwen's husband and Jane would be with them now if Theresa hadn't be so stubborn about bringing charges against Gwen. Theresa cried bitterly that she couldn't see working at the cannery and thanking Gwen for letting her see her own child for an hour once a month. Pilar comforted her and Theresa was unable to accept defeat asking, "What about Ethan? Fate said we're meant to be together." Pilar gently asked her if that was true, wouldn't they be together now? Theresa defiantly told her mother that it isn't over until she has her family back. She paced as she said she would go and tell Ethan that Gwen had confessed and then burned the disks and if he didn't believe her she would go to Alistair for help. Pilar asked her what price she was willing to pay—her body AND soul? Ethan came home exhausted from the trial and collapsed on the sofa next to Jane and Gwen. This made a cozy familial tableau for Theresa and Pilar to see from the foyer when they came up from the basement. Pilar tried to compel Theresa to leave with her, but Theresa insisted that she had to stay and get help from Alistair. Pilar commented that they looked like a real family and Theresa stared at them saying that his real family was with her and little Ethan and she was going to make it happen. Pilar reminded her that when she sells her soul to the devil she'll be in eternal damnation. Theresa said she didn't care about the cost so long as she got Jane and Ethan back and at that point, Gwen looked up and the two locked stares; Gwen self-satisfied and Theresa determined.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Fancy is back at the mansion and Alistair pays her a visit to ask about her date with Edmond. Fancy says that she went home because frankly Edmond was a bore. She says he was more interested in an old friend he's met up with. She says she doesn't want to see him again, but Alistair tells her she has to, because he needs her to help him get a merger with Edmond's family. He says that he may someday need her to marry him, and Fancy is shocked. She says she couldn't do that, and Alistair says it would only be business and walks off. Fancy asks out loud if he really expects her to marry to help out with a merger. Ivy overhears and says yes. She says that is just how her marriage happened. She asks Fancy not to make the same mistake. She guesses that Fancy cares for someone already anyway, and deduces that it's Noah. She tries to talk Fancy out of liking him, and she says she's not right for Noah and Noah isn't right for her. Ivy tells Fancy she doesn't think Noah would ever be happy being "Mr. Fancy Crane."

Liz and Rebecca go to the Blue Note, where Noah is bartending. Rebecca says they can never speak of Eve or the trial again, and they shake on it. Rebecca notices Noah and goes over to the bar, where she not-so-subtly flirts with him. She is rejected, however. Liz talks with Noah and tells him that this is the most business the Blue Note has seen since its opening. She says he's hired. Fancy comes to the Blue Note and is greeted by Liz. She tells Liz she left her wrap here and she's come to pick it up. Liz goes off to look for it, leaving Fancy alone with Rebecca, who starts talking about Noah. At the bar, Liz tells Noah that a customer saw a rat go into the storeroom and Noah goes to take care of it, much to the disappointment of the ladies at the bar. He enters the storeroom and is about to get the rat when he looks up and sees Fancy. He asks what she's doing here.

Gwen and Ethan's nanny takes Jane to bed. Theresa tries to kiss her daughter goodnight, but Gwen stops her and says how dare she try to do that after what she pulled tonight. Ethan asks what she did, and what happened to her arm. Theresa tells him that she was trying to save disks from the incinerator-the disks with incriminating evidence against Gwen and Rebecca that proved they were the ones who revealed Ethan's true paternity. She tells him that Gwen admitted to her face that she was the one who sent those papers to the tabloid. Theresa tells Ethan that Gwen and Rebecca did this to stop Ethan and Theresa from getting married. Ethan asks Gwen if this is true, and Gwen admits to throwing the disks in the incinerator but denies that they contained what Theresa says they did. She says all they had on them was proof of Rebecca's more interesting "escapades," and she didn't want Theresa ruining her mother's reputation. Theresa cries that she's lying, and Ethan says he doesn't think Theresa would stick her hand in the incinerator just to retrieve that. Gwen says Theresa is insane, and even tried to push Gwen in the incinerator. Theresa admits to this and says she lost control when Gwen confessed. She yells that she's not lying, and it happened exactly the way she says it did. Ivy walks in after overhearing part of the conversation and lies to Ethan that she was there when this happened. She says that Gwen is telling the truth. Theresa screams that Ivy wasn't even there, and desperately repeats her story to Ethan. Ethan is reluctant to believe that Ivy and Gwen would lie to him. Theresa says they're lying to his face right now, and someday she'll make sure he knows exactly what they've done. She walks off. Gwen privately thanks Ivy for covering for her, and Ivy says that Theresa's story was ridiculous. Ivy tells Ethan and Gwen that they need to be concerned for Jane's safety and make sure that Theresa never gets custody again. Ethan says he can't take Jane away from her mother.

Eve agrees to flee Harmony with Julian after he tells her Ethan doesn't think he can win the case. Eve goes to see Whitney, and explains her situation. She cries that she's sorry for everything she put Whitney through, and says she failed her miserably. Whitney protests that she didn't fail her at all, and says she isn't angry with Eve anymore. Eve says she guesses this is the last time they'll see each other, and she sobs that she loves Whitney so much. Mother Superior enters the room and says that Julian is waiting for Eve. Eve says goodbye to Whitney and asks her to keep an eye on Simone. Eve exits, and Whitney starts crying. Outside, Julian tells Eve the plane is waiting for them now and they have to leave.

Theresa goes to see Alistair. She tells him she's all his; she's coming over to his side completely. Alistair asks her if she's sure, and she confirms this. She says in return for helping her get Jane and Ethan back, she'll do anything.

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