One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 12, 2005 on OLTL

Layla and Antonio moved in together in order to continue their ruse. Rex and Adriana worked on a file that Dorian had stolen from Spencer's computer. Kelly told Kevin about a procedure she might undergo in order to have a child. Cristian composed a letter to Natalie but ripped it up. Margaret attempted to kill Starr, and she met with Todd.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 12, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, September 12, 2005

John sits in on a stake out when he realizes he can see into Natalie's room, so he decides to give her a call. She is surprised and a bit shocked that he can see what she is doing and even wearing at the time. While talking Natalie expresses how happy she is that they have found their way to each other finally. Though he finds it hard to really put his feelings into words he does call her his girlfriend. Even with that admonition she still is curious about his feelings for Evangeline. She asks if he still thinks about her and admits that she still thinks about Cristian. John tries to avoid the subject of Evangeline and after leaving the window for a while Natalie returns in a little more revealing sleep wear.

Meanwhile Cristian sits in solitary and remembers the good times he had with Natalie. The trip down memory lane prompts him to write her a letter telling her the truth. In it he admits that he hid the truth from her as a way to keep her happy. He admits that he wanted her to have more than what he could offer from behind bars and hopes that she finds love with someone else. However after remembering her reaction to his telling her he was a fake he decides against sending it and tears it up.

Asa, and the rest of the Buchanan men celebrate their merger when Spencer comes busting in to assist in the festivities. He admits that he is surprised that they were able to push the Kano merger through. Asa boasts about the Buchanan men and their ability to pull off the impossible. Bo and Kevin fill Asa in on Spencer's history with Kelly and Paige, which makes the situation even more awkward. Shortly after Bo gets an urgent call and has to leave. Spencer congratulates Asa on the merger and then leaves. After he departs, Asa tells Kevin that he does not trust Dr. Truman and resolves to keep an eye on him.

Starr is out cold when Blair enters Craze and finds that something is terribly wrong. Margaret is in the process of finishing Starr off when she wakes up and fends her off for the time being. She tries to escape, but the door is locked. So she tries to keep her at bay as long as possible. Meanwhile Blair is fighting to get into the room to save Starr. Finally Margaret has Starr right where she wants her and Blair spots the fireman's axe. She uses it to break down the door and Starr escapes. Blair is determined to go back in and finish Margaret off herself but Margaret is already gone. Todd shows up when Starr is mentioning Margaret's talk of the baby. He tries to convince Blair that it's just Margaret's fantasy to have a baby with him and that there is no baby. Bo and the rescue squad show up to take Starr to the hospital. After the attending checks her over Todd goes in to talk to her. She tells him what Margaret told him and Todd assures her that he will take care of Margaret.

Duke enters Capricorn and asks Evangeline if she's seen Adriana. She informs him that she just left with Rex and he decides to go after her. Phil comes in next and sees Evangeline. They decide to forget about their previous experience and start over. She is still fixated on the DNA test. He asks why exactly she is worried about it and she insists that it is mainly for curiosity. After discussing John's motive for hiding a secret of this magnitude he decides that he will help her get the results interpreted.

Rex walks Adriana into her home and before leaving mentions getting a good night kiss. He gives Adriana a hard time about Rex constantly leaving her and after she gets frustrated enough she insists that the kiss meant nothing. Just as she tells him Duke walks in and asks what kiss they are talking about. Rex confronts Duke about leaving Adriana at Capricorn for as long as he did and the fact that he didn't bother to call either. After making his point he tries to leave, but Duke asks again what kiss they were talking about. Rex thinks quickly and makes up a story about a girl at the bar. Duke accepts the story and Rex leaves. After Rex is gone Adriana vents to Duke about how angry she is with him for constantly leaving her and sometimes not returning. He insists that they continue their special night now that he's back; however Adriana is too angry and declines spending more time with him for the night.

After having another spat with Todd about Margaret, and the safety of her family Dorian returns to their table to figure out the password for Spencer's file. She works some information out of David while asking about his childhood. Dorian prods for more information and ends up getting more information than she really needed. David gets bored with sharing his family history and suggests they return home. When they get home David proposes practicing for their honeymoon. Dorian stalls while David goes upstairs. She tries with their mother's name and gains access to the files and the first thing she sees is information on BE.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Rex is no closer to finding Margaret after questioning a bartender at the Palace Hotel. Marcie becomes curious when she overhears Rex and wants to know why Rex is searching for the woman. He tells her that he's doing it for Bo because he feels he owes him. Marcie seems satisfied with the answer. Rex follows Marcie to her table in the hopes of picking her brain to see if she might have any ideas where someone like Margaret would be hiding. Marcie points out that she's a writer, not a profiler and has absolutely no idea where Margaret could be. As they talk, Marcie notices a piece of paper that Rex has on him and snatches it away before Rex can stop her. She notices a sketch and the initials A.C. It doesn't take Marcie long to realize that the sketch was drawn Adriana. She immediately suspects that Rex has romantic feelings for Adriana but Rex is quick to deny it, insisting that they are merely friends. Marcie is worried that Rex is holding back because of Jen. She tells him about how she felt after Al had died and that she never thought she'd feel the same way about someone again but that eventually she fell in love with Michael. Rex asks her why, if that is the case, she isn't still with Michael. Marcie doesn't have an answer for him so she tries another tactic to help Rex move on. She takes his cell phone and flips it open. She tells Rex to pretend that Jen is on the other line and to tell her what he's feeling. Rex is initially reluctant but Marcie insists. She explains that talking to Al helped her tremendously. Rex takes the phone, closes his eyes as instructed and begins talking. He tells Jen that he still hasn't erased her number from his speed dial despite Lindsay having disconnected the number months earlier. Marcie asks Rex what Jen's response is. Rex tells Marcie that Jen is laughing at him for being a fool. He snaps the phone closed and walks away.

Nash and Tess return to the vineyard. Tess is a bit tipsy and in a cuddly mood as they talk about love. As she snuggles up to him, Tess tells him that she wants him to love her as much as Antonio loves Jess. Nash is a bit taken aback by the comment and pulls away to ask her what she meant by that. Tess explains that Antonio had a great love for Jess and he thought he could save her. Nash reassures Tess that he will do anything and everything that he can to make sure that Tess feels safe and loved by him. They then make love. Later, Bruce pays Nash a visit. Tess is less that pleased to see the man who slipped her a date rape drug and tried to take advantage of her unconscious state. She is outraged when it's clear that Nash has business to conduct with the would-be rapist. When Tess steps outside at Nash's request, Nash questions Bruce about how he found him. Bruce lets him know that a mutual acquaintance gave him the information. Bruce then asks for the money Nash agreed to pay him for a job he was hired to do. Nash hands him the money and demands to know when the job will be done. Bruce tells him that it's not an exact science and that he'll be in touch. After Bruce leaves, Tess wants an explanation about what kind of business Nash could be doing with a man like that. Nash is evasive. He tells her that it's old business and that he doesn't have much choice.

Antonio receives a phone call about Jess. She's been tracked to California but that's where her trail ended. Antonio is frustrated and insists that his private investigator earn the money he's being paid and find Jess immediately. After Antonio disconnects the call, Layla arrives with her suitcase. Antonio is less than pleased at the prospect of Layla setting up house with him. He questions what could possibly be in it for her to pretend to be his girlfriend so that he can win custody of Jamie. Layla tells him it's a role of a lifetime. Antonio isn't satisfied. When Layla mentions Evangeline, Antonio begins to suspect that maybe it's sibling rivalry that is motivating Layla. Layla denies it. She tells Antonio that Evangeline won the competition a long time ago. Antonio makes one more attempt to discourage Layla by pointing out that winning the custody of Jamie will not be the end of things between him and R.J. R.J. will continue to look for reasons to take Antonio back to court to regain custody of Jamie. Antonio also admits that he is still hoping to find Jess and be reunited with her. Layla remains steadfast in her decision to help Antonio. As she unpacks, Antonio finds a picture of himself with Jamie and Jess. When Layla sees him staring at it with a sad expression, she gently suggests that he put it away for the time being.

Dorian is unable to open the files she copied from Spencer's laptop. She is interrupted when Adriana walks in and asks her what she's doing on the computer. Dorian closes her laptop and lies about having been given a CD by her wedding planner of various music. Sensing Adriana is upset and hoping to distract her from the laptop Dorian asks her what is bothering her. Adriana tells Dorian about the romantic evening that she had arranged for herself and Duke but that Duke walked out in order to attend to a work related matter. Dorian is shocked when Adriana goes on to admit that after Duke left, Adriana had kissed Rex. Dorian can't believe that Adriana would have anything to do with Rex after he had framed Dorian. Adriana isn't in the mood to listen to Dorian put down Rex and decides to switch the subject by walking up to the laptop with the intention of listening to the music the wedding planner had suggested. Before Dorian can stop her, Adriana opens the laptop and sees what Dorian was really working on. She confronts Dorian, angry that she is apparently spying on Duke's family. Dorian refuses to acknowledge any wrong doing despite the evidence to the contrary. When she tells Adriana that she can't even open the files, Adriana points out that it's only because they are encrypted. Realizing that Adriana may be able to help her, Dorian switches tactics and tries to enlist Adriana's help. Initially Adriana refuses but Dorian is finally able to convince her. While Adriana is working on the files, Dorian receives a call about Starr being admitted to the hospital and rushes off to check on her.

Bo tells Blair that he has an APB issued for Margaret. Blair isn't reassured that her family is safe and tells Bo that he had better find Margaret before Todd does. While Bo is question Blair about what Todd may know of Margaret's whereabouts, Michael interrupts with the results of Starr's blood tests. Bo asks Michael if he would be allowed to question Starr but Michael feels that it would be best if Starr talked to her parents first. Blair is highly doubtful that Starr would have any information that would help Bo but agrees to talk to her anyway.

Starr wants answers from Todd. Is Margaret pregnant with Todd's child? Todd doesn't answer Starr who is distraught at the idea of Margaret being pregnant with Todd's baby. She tells him that her life just started getting back to normal at school and is worried how the news would affect Blair. Todd reassures Starr that she and Jack are the only children he will ever have. Starr is somewhat comforted until Todd asks Starr to promise not to mention Margaret's pregnancy to anyone including Blair and the police. When Starr wants to know why, Todd explains that he's afraid that they may go easy on Margaret because of her condition and he doesn't feel that they should. He wants her to pay for what she had done to his family. Just then Blair walks in to talk to Starr. When Blair questions Starr about everything that happened with Margaret, Starr is vague. She tells Blair that Margaret talked crazy and didn't make any sense. Blair is satisfied with the answers.

Spencer visits Paige in her new office. She is not happy to see him. Paige warns him that she will not let him bully her into helping him further whatever agenda he has. Spencer isn't impressed with her warning. When Paige mentions that Bo has asked her to move in with him, Spencer cautions her about agreeing. Paige ignores him. She tells Spencer that she has paid for all of the mistakes that she made while she was with him but Spencer disagrees. More important, Spencer warns her, is that Bo too might disagree if he learned of the things that Paige has done. Just then Bo stops by Paige's office for a quick visit. Spencer explains his presence by telling Bo that he had stopped by to congratulate Paige on her promotion. Spencer mentions that Paige had just told him about Bo's offer that Paige move in with him and Matthew. Bo smiles and turns to Paige who announces that she has decided to accept his offer and move in with him and Matthew. Bo is thrilled.

Rex finds another hotel employee and shows him a picture of Margaret and asks if he's seen her. The employee does not recall the face but when Rex mentions her name, he remembers hearing it before. Later, Rex calls Bo at the hospital and tells him that someone at the Palace Hotel remembers seeing a man who fit Todd's description talking to an older gentleman with grey hair about an extermination project. Bo realizes that the man Todd was speaking to was Jackie.

Bo questions Todd about it but Todd claims to have no idea what Bo is referring to. Todd remains uncooperative despite Bo threatening to arrest him for obstruction of justice.

Spencer spots Todd standing the hospital corridor and walks over to Michael to ask him if any of the Mannings had been admitted. Michael tells Spencer about Starr. While Todd's back is turned, Spencer walks into Starr's room to find both Starr and Blair asleep, their heads together. He gently brushes some hair off of Blair's face. As Dorian begins to walk into Starr's room she overhears Spencer talking to himself and saying "I'll finish up what I came here for and I will have you Blair." Dorian quietly closes the door and walks away with a thoughtful expression on her face.

Todd makes a phone call to place a classified ad. He requests that the ad read "Peggy, you won. Contact me, TJ's dad."

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cristian dreams about Natalie and is taunted by Carlo who says he was saying her name. He denies talking in his sleep as he denies even being Cris. Carlo manages to get him riled up which brings up the question that if he's not Cris, why is he upset when Natalie is mentioned? Cris does everything to get Natalie out of his head but only ends up encouraging Carlo's mockery.

Nash finds Tess talking to Jess but when he questions her about it she refuses to talk. They argue about it and afterwards he places a call to someone and asks for information on Jessica Buchanan, mentioning that she has a twin. The couple makes up.

Nat joins John at the diner which meets with Carlotta's disapproval, citing the fact that Nat is betraying Cris' memory. She apologizes though and admits that she still sees Nat with Cris in her mind. She really does approve of John. Antonio stops by with Layla so that he can fill his mother in on their moving in together. She is quick to object, stating that they haven't known each other very long. After hearing what Antonio has to say, Carlotta realizes that he's doing it to get Jamie and that she'll have to trust him. She makes sure that Layla knows she's very protective of her family's happiness. While Antonio speaks to Carlotta, Layla is quick to express her usual condemnation of John's dating Nat over Evangeline. Natalie has her own say regarding Layla stealing Antonio from Jessica and the two bare their fangs. When Layla states that she'll be with Antonio longer than Nat will be with John and that he'll realize he's made a mistake leaving her face down in the gutter, McBain overhears. He hastily comes to Nat's defense, telling Layla that she's crossed the line. Natalie is feeling doubtful now and tells John that she'd never leave him and that she hasn't made a mistake. John doesn't quite answer her question asking him the same but excuses himself instead to make a phone call. He asks her to meet him at Rodi's later.

Todd picks up Starr at the hospital and convinces her that Margaret is not pregnant with his child. He advises her not to repeat anything to anyone, especially Blair. Dorian and David show up; she has a confrontation with Todd as usual but also ends up having one with Starr. She asks to speak to her alone and tries to pry information from the girl. Starr assures her repeatedly that she would never tell her a thing and in fact accuses her of being the one to hurt the family, not Todd. She further completely shocks Dorian when she accuses her of stealing Viki's checks and forging her name. Meanwhile, David offers his help to Todd since he understands what it's like to want to protect family now. He cares about Todd's kids and Blair too. Todd declines his offer, ever after David spies Jackie choking Todd and telling him that their deal is off due to the police asking questions about him. Dorian is angry to think that David is offering Todd his help but he explains that it's only to protect the others. She reminds him that she will not allow any secrets. Starr and Todd share a chuckle over the girl's retorts to her aunt and he again promises that he's not hiding anything and that Margaret will not have a Manning.

Kevin and Kelly stop at Rodi's to pick up pizza for Starr's return. They talk about many things including their previous dreams of having children. Kelly can no longer contain herself and divulges the news about Spencer's new procedure which may allow her to have a child. Kevin advises her that though it's wonderful, it won't matter to him if she doesn't get pregnant and that his only concern is for her welfare. When they get to the Mannings' place they accidentally set off the alarm and drop the pizza. They joke and Kevin realizes it's time to confess that he knew about Margaret being around. Just as Kelly learns of Margaret's pregnancy by Todd, the rest of the gang walks in. Kelly is in such shock that she runs out for some air, followed closely by Kevin and then Todd. Todd is nervous because he can't let Blair know any of this. He is determined to set Margaret straight. Dorian presses Todd for information and tells him it should have been him attacked, not Starr. He agrees with her; she says she's not fooled.

Antonio and Layla return home reassured that Carlotta understands what they're doing. She asks about Cris and says she has something to tell him.

Nat gets to Rodi's and learns it's closed for a private party. John is standing by the pool table; he tells her it's about the present and wants her to know that he didn't make a mistake. They play a game of pool and then share a slow dance.

Margaret looks at the latest copy of the Sun and headlines about herself. She also spots the personal ad to her from Todd and immediately phones him.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Spencer backs Michael in the diagnosis of an emergency case and compliments his abilities. When Michael says he and Paige often disagree, Spencer takes him to lunch to give him tips on how to work with her. But the lunch is abruptly canceled when Spencer receives a call about a surgical case and recommends Michael perform the procedure. Michael is a little suspicious of why Spencer would recommend him but is reassured when Spencer compliments his abilities.

Marcie sits in a restaurant and works on her writing. When Hugh catches her and is curious about what she is writing, she says she is taking a new approach and writing a memoir. He pushes to see it until she finally relents. He reads a description of a man he says is a creep because the man in the piece dates women he doesn't care for. He reads on and the description eventually mentions someone puking on his shoes, at which point he recognizes himself. He asks if Marcie sees him as being shallow because of his dating models that he finds boring. She tells him if the description fits, he should accept it, and he gives her a kiss on the cheek. Michael and Spencer arrive just in time to witness the kiss, but Marcie says running into Michael doesn't bother her. Hugh encourages her to send her comments to publications to see if she can get a syndicated column. Marcie says she is going to kill the file she is working on, but when Marcie leaves the table, Hugh saves a copy. When Marcie returns, he tells her he agrees the piece is no good and that she should keep working.

Antonio thinks of Jessica as Layla prepares for a visit from the social worker. Antonio has to remind Layla that they are not really a couple. R.J. and Lindsay bring Jamie for a visit and are surprised to see Layla. When Antonio tells R.J. that Layla is his girlfriend, he and Lindsay suspect that Evangeline has arranged the situation to balance the race question. When Lindsay refers to Jamie, as her child, both Antonio and R.J. are shocked. Lindsay says she knows Jamie is not her biological child, but she loves her as if she were. Antonio tells her that the courts will return the child to him and that Lindsay shouldn't get too attached. Antonio later tells R.J. that Lindsay needs help.

When the social worker arrives, she sees Jamie in Lindsay's arms. Antonio takes the child from her, and the social worker asks R.J. and Lindsay to leave. During the home visit, the social worker questions Antonio's commitment. But Layla explains that Jamie means more to him than anything and that the child is what brought them together and gives their relationship meaning. When the social worker leaves, Antonio tells Layla she laid it on too thick. Layla said she hadn't told any lies, and Antonio reminds her they have to be careful.

After leaving Antonio's, R.J. and Lindsay go to Rodie's, where Lindsay pushes R.J. to do something to fight Antonio's relationship with Layla, insisting it is fake. R.J. replies they need to talk about her relationship with Jamie and what it has come to symbolize to her. He wonders if what is good for Jamie is not good for Lindsay. Lindsay reacts in anger, saying it is unfair to think she doesn't have Jamie's interests at heart. R.J. says it made her seem too intense when she referred to Jamie as her child in front of Antonio. Lindsay says she just loves Jamie and wants her to feel safe, and Antonio couldn't use that against them. But R.J. says Antonio will do anything he can to get Jamie back, and Lindsay apologizes for what she said. As R.J. takes a call from his lawyer, Lindsay thinks that she does not want to lose Jamie. At Lindsay's apartment, she obsesses with R.J. picking Jamie up on time. R.J. encourages Lindsay to stay home while he picks up Jamie, and she says R.J. thinks she's crazy. R.J. says he loves her kind of crazy.

Dorian and David are visiting Blair, and when Todd receives a phone call and insists on taking it in the hall, Dorian asks Blair to let the children stay with her until Margaret is gone. Blair refuses, and Starr backs her, saying she wants to stay at home and that she blames herself for the pending explosion. She says Margaret is making them all keep secrets. She says there is more going on that Todd has told them and that the truth is going to push Todd to take bigger chances.

The call Todd receives is from Margaret, but he pretends it is a telemarketer. When he hangs up on her, she calls back and tells him if he hangs up again, she will come and get him. He then tells his family that it is the security company calling about the security codes and steps into the hall to make arrangements to meet Margaret. She tells him to bring Jack. He refuses, and Margaret tells him that she wants Jack to be with them to be her baby's big brother. Todd tells her that isn't going to happen, and she replies that if it doesn't, she will kill Blair and Starr. Todd then swears that he will come to her and leave Blair and Starr for good. Margaret says she will leave Blair and Starr alone as a wedding gift to him, so Todd pretends to go along with her dreams of a peaceful, blissful life together. They agree to meet unarmed, but Margaret repeats her threats to Blair and Starr. Todd then goes back into the apartment and says he wants to speak to his family alone. Dorian resists leaving, but David talks her into it. Todd tells Blair and Starr that he is going out and wants them to know that he loves them and Jack very much. Blair says he is scaring them, but Todd reassures them that he just wants them to know that he loves them. He admits that he lied about who called but says it was the police and that he is working with them to find Margaret. Todd and Blair share a kiss, and he leaves to meet Margaret, revealing that he has a gun attached to his ankle. Meanwhile, Margaret pulls a gun from her purse.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Cristian summons a priest to his cell. He confesses that the DNA test proved he really is a Vega, and the priest suggests that he come forward with the truth immediately. Cris says that he has to continue living a lie, because otherwise, Natalie will spend the rest of her life waiting for him to get out of prison. He also admits that it's hard for him to see her with John McBain, and that he wishes she was healing herself with a different man. The priest asks him if he can continue to live a lie, and Cris says that he doesn't know anymore.

Meanwhile, Natalie is bothered when John basically ignores her at the station. Rex reminds his sister that John was very open about his relationship with Evangeline. Natalie confronts John with this fact, and he makes an announcement in front of the entire squad, ending by planting a passionate kiss on Natalie's mouth.

Bo and John are gathering information about R.J.'s dirty dealings, and Rex asks to be included on the case. Bo decides to think about a way to once again use Balsom.

Adriana is trying to crack the encryption on the disc that Dorian stole from Spencer. She wants to know who is out to destroy the Buchanans. Rex comes by La Boule from the police station and works with Adriana to translate the disc. Dorian comes home from Blair's just as they crack the encryption. She kicks Rex out of the house, then checks out the contents of the disc with Adriana. They discover several years' worth of articles pertaining to Buchanan Enterprises, dating back to the time of the Kano merger. Dorian tells Adriana that she must promise to keep her mouth shut about their findings, but Adriana is hesitant. Just then, Duke shows up at the door and asks what the ladies are talking about.

Kelly sets off for Blair's to tell her the truth about Margaret's pregnancy. Upon arriving, she runs into Spencer, who has just convinced Dorian and Blair that he knows nothing about Margaret. Spencer senses that Kelly wants to tell Blair the truth, and he intercedes by bringing up the treatment he is going to perform on Kelly to help she and Kevin conceive a child. Blair is grateful to have some good news, and Kelly leaves without actually telling her cousin the truth. Spencer tells Blair he is grateful that they can still be friends, despite the fact that he told her he was wildly attracted to her. Blair admits that she can see them becoming very, very good friends, but maintains that she is deeply in love with Todd.

Todd meets Margaret in the woods by a secluded lake, packing a gun in his boot. Margaret pulls her own gun on him, but he sweet talks her and ends up getting her to drop it. When two campers come by to ask Todd for matches, Margaret grabs a piece of wood and knocks Todd on the back of the head; his gun goes flying. She picks up the gun and forces Todd to march to the shore. When she spots an island in the distance, Margaret gets the idea that it would be the perfect getaway spot for she and Todd. He suggests that they take a boat to the island, and they head towards the marina. Margaret seems reluctant to actually get in a boat and reveals to Todd that she can't swim. Todd presses the idea of taking a boat to the island, acting like he wants to be alone with Margaret. She tells Todd that she wants to sing a song that she wrote for little Todd, Jr., and then she starts reciting the words to "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." Pointing a gun at Todd's back, she makes him join in on the singing as they head down to the boats ...

Asa wants the Buchanan men to settle together on one large piece of property, but Kevin, Bo, and Duke have their own ideas for residences. Asa decides to call Clint in London to ask him to partake in his little plan. Asa compliments Duke for saving Buchanan Enterprises.

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