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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 19, 2005 on GL
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Monday, September 19, 2005

Dreading the outcome of the Spaulding vote, Gus goes to Alan to wash his hands clean of the company. He feels a strong pull back to his detective roots. He begins to consider returning to them.

Meanwhile, Harley is shocked to have been elected Spaulding's new CEO. Blake, India and Lizzie encourage her. But when Beth arrives, she is not happy with the news. Later, Gus is incredibly supportive but refuses to join her in leading the company. Harley is left conflicted and undecided about her future with Spaulding.

Beth informs Alan that Harley has been elected. Then she confronts him about his role in Coop's accident. Alan remains calm and assures her he already has a plan to set things right. Beth doesn't buy it. She threatens him with divorce but ultimately, it's clear she isn't going anywhere and Alan knows it.

Caught by Jeffrey at the hospital with Dinah's prescription pills, Edmund goes back to his drug abuse cover story to throw him off his trail. But Jeffrey insists Edmund come clean about his drug problem with Cassie immediately. He drags Edmund off to make the confession.

At Cedars, Michelle and Cassie bond with Hope in Cassie's arms. Both women are unaware of to whom Hope actually belongs. When Danny arrives, he finds Michelle's connection with the baby too much to bear. He leaves to revisit the rosebush planted in remembrance of their baby. Affected, he places a mysterious call to Marina.

Meanwhile, Michelle inadvertently reveals to Cassie that she knows Edmund has changed for the better. But before Cassie can question her, Jeffrey and Edmund arrive. Edmund is not happy to see them together.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Despite his feelings for Michelle, the loss of the baby has left Danny determined to create a future with Marina. He urges her to move in with him immediately. But Marina can't shake her own suspicions about the night of Michelle's accident. She realizes Danny is trying too hard to forge ahead. She tells him she wants to take things slowly. Meanwhile, off of Edmund's advice, Michelle begins to contemplate leaving town.

Dinah is trapped in the recreated farmhouse, fighting off her despair and trying to keep hope alive. In her imagination, she conjures all the men in her life and how each of them could potentially come to her rescue. But, in the end, Dinah realizes no hero is on the horizon. If she's going to be rescued, she's going to have to do it herself.

Jonathan learns from Tammy that Cassie's baby was born. Armed with the knowledge that Dinah lost her baby, he heads to the farm with Tammy to find out what is happening. In front of Cassie and Tammy, Jonathan is about to blow the whistle on Edmund's deception until he sees how happy little Hope has made everyone. Jonathan doesn't drop the bomb but confronts Edmund. He demands to know what he's done.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey is busy at work when he receives a threatening message from an unknown party.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

With his distance from Reva growing, Josh gets back into the dating game. Unfortunately for him, his first date with young, beautiful Stephanie brings him to Outskirts. His brother Billy is working there. Billy tries to get him to see the error of his ways, but Josh is in no mood and takes his date elsewhere.

At the farmhouse, Edmund and Jonathan are having a heated discussion. Jonathan vows to find Dinah, no matter what. Edmund warns that if he wants to be the bearer of bad news, he could dash Cassie's dreams with the news the baby isn't hers. Inside, in an effort to put her own problems aside, Reva pays a visit to Cassie and the baby. They are sharing a family moment when they are interrupted by Jonathan and Edmund's argument. Edmund covers but when Tammy arrives, Jonathan reiterates to her his intention to find Dinah. Tammy can't help but feel jealous.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey is spooked by the death threat he received. He thinks it was sent by the criminals in the case on which he is working. To keep Cassie and Hope safe, he keeps his distance, much to Cassie's dismay. He enlists Ross' help in bringing the criminals to justice. At the same time he pledges to help Ross find Dinah, believing her to be somewhere in Europe.

Upon returning from her startling trip to Sandy's hometown, Tammy confronts him about the gravestone she discovered with his name on it. Sandy nimbly offers an explanation and Tammy's doubts seem to be eased. Later, Sandy convinces himself that he needs to take the plunge and ask Tammy to marry him.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Harley debates whether to take the Spaulding CEO position. Gus reassures her that she's up for the challenge. He agrees to consider a return to the police force if she agrees to take the Spaulding job.

Olivia gives Bill the cold shoulder for not taking her to the airport. Harley springs the news of her appointment on an incredulous Olivia. Olivia says Harley's time in prison will pale in comparison to being the CEO. Harley bristles when Olivia tells her that she's in over her head. Harley visits Alan in the hospital. He tells her he can't think of anyone who deserves the job more than she does. He wants the job to chew her up and spit her out. She says she will survive. He warns her that the power will change her and destroy her marriage.

Ava and Bill try to encourage Olivia, who is still upset that she is not the CEO at Spaulding Enterprises. Olivia sets her sights on a new challenge: Lewis Construction.

Michelle tells Rick she's going to California to work with their father. He thinks it is a wonderful idea for her to give herself time and space to heal. She says she's leaving Springfield for good. She doesn't want to have to face the memories on a daily basis.

Mallet prods Marina to follow her instincts about Michelle's accident and to not worry about hurting Danny's feelings. Marina believes Michelle's baby didn't die in the accident. Michelle finds Marina asking Bill about who Michelle stayed with before she gave birth. Marina tells Michelle there's something about the night of the accident that doesn't make sense. Michelle tells her to let it go. She breaks down with guilt over driving while she was in labor and leaving her baby in the car. Marina pleads with Michelle to let her help her find closure. Michelle confesses it broke her heart to see Marina with Danny. She is still in love with Danny.

Gus asks Frank for his job back. Mallet and Gus spar. Frank tells Gus he can have his old job back on one condition . . . that he partner with Mallet. Frank thinks they complement each other. Mallet tells Gus that if they work together, he will learn why Harley fell in love with him. They reluctantly agree to a temporary partnership.

Zack gets into a fight at school and tells Harley he hates being a Spaulding. Gus shows Harley his badge and surprises her with news that his new partner is Mallet. Gus tells her she is his hero.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Harley is at the Jessup farm visiting with Cassie before she has to go to work. It's her first day as CEO of Spaulding and Harley is very nervous. Cassie assures Harley that she'll be fine. the conversation then turns to Cassie and Jeffrey. Cassie admits that things aren't that great--Jeffrey seems to be avoiding her and the baby. Cassie thinks Jeffrey is freaking out about the baby and is having second thoughts about them becoming a family. Harley doesn't believe that to be the case and then leaves to go work.

Harley then arrives at Spaulding and meets her new assistant, Steven. As Harley is setting up her new office, Beth arrives with flowers. Beth tells Harley that she wants them to have a good working relationship. Harley's not buying it however, which leads Beth to bring up Harley's "ignorance and complete lack of experience." Just then Steven enters to announce that the press is there to see Harley. Beth offers to meet with them or have them sent away, but Harley knows that neither option would make her look favorable and states that she'll meet with them herself. Though she's nervous, it obviously goes well since Harley returns to the office in a great mood.

Edmund arrives at the farm replica in a very good mood. Dinah asks about the pills and is devastated when he reveals that he couldn't get them because of Jeffrey. Dinah tries to talk some sense into Edmund by telling him that he won't get away with this--that someone will figure this out, but Edmund is certain that everything will work out for him. Not even Dinah's concern about Michelle's feelings move Edmund; he doesn't seem to feel guilty about that at all. He then tells her that he plans on getting Jeffrey to stay away from Cassie by making Jeffrey believe that Cassie and her family are in danger because of him. Edmund seems to relish in telling Dinah is plans. Dinah tries to take advantage and starts massaging Edmund, asking him if all of this plotting is too tiring. As she appears to relax Edmund, Dinah grabs a dishtowel and tries to choke Edmund with it, but he overpowers her. After warning her to never try that again, he goes out to Company get her something to eat.

Jeffrey outside the farm, on the phone trying to figure out who exactly is threatening him and his family. When he hangs up, Cassie spots him and although he tries to hurry out, she corners him, demanding to know what's going on with him. She tries to get him to admit that he's been avoiding her. Jeffrey tries to explain that it's complicated, but Cassie simply tells him to fix it. Suddenly, Edmund passes by and watches the exchange. He then text messages a note to Jeffrey--"Don't forget; we're watching all of you." When Jeffrey reads the message, he tells Cassie he has to leave now. Cassie can tell that he appears to be running away and asks when he'll be back but he does['t provide an answer. He then tells her that he loves her. Cassie tries to get Jeffrey to stay but he refuses and hurries out.

A very upset Marina's at Company ranting to Buzz about the news that Michelle told her. Not only does she know that Michelle is moving to California but she also knows that Michelle is still in love with Danny. Marina doesn't quite know what she's supposed to do with this information; she loves Danny and is fearful about his feelings about Michelle. Marina ultimately talks herself into being honest with Danny. She goes outside (where Danny is waiting) and tells him about Michelle's moving to California. As expected, Danny is upset and wants to go off to confront Michelle. Marina asks him to kiss her before he goes. After giving her a kiss, Danny heads off to see Michelle. Marina then heads back inside to bemoan her fate. Soon after, Jonathan comes in and unexpectedly tarts asking Marina questions about missing person cases. When Marina learns that Jonathan's friend has been missing for a few weeks, she gets concerned since the first few hours are the most crucial. After Jonathan leaves, Marina informs Buzz that she told Danny about Michelle's leaving. While trying to convince herself that she did the right thing, she suddenly starts talking about how Michelle's story with the baby doesn't make sense. Marina knows Danny was not with Michelle, yet Michelle insists that Danny delivered the baby. Buzz chalks it up to Michelle being delusional that night and seeing what she wanted to see. He also thinks Marina is letting her mind go into overdrive due to the fact that she's studying to be a cop (not to mention that her feelings for Danny are causing her to worry) He advises her to just let it go and focus on the here and now. Marina concedes that Buzz makes perfectly good sense, but states that she as to get to the truth.

Michelle's with Rick at the Bauer home. Rick tries to trick Michelle into staying in town by stating that Ed's planning on coming back, but Michelle knows that's a lie. Caught, Rick admits that he's lying; he just doesn't want her to leave. Michelle states that she has to, that here it doesn't feel like she's lost her baby. As Rick continues to try to persuade Michelle to stay, Danny suddenly arrives. Danny's upset that Michelle is leaving; he accuses her of running away from her life and abandoning her son. Michelle tries to convince him that she has to go, but he admits that he doesn't want her to go away. He tells her that he wants her to stay for their son's sake. He's concerned about how this will affect Robbie. Danny's words about not wanting to handle "the fallout" have an affect on Michelle and she starts ranting about their hectic past. She tries to get him to admit that his life was only calm when she was gone, but he doesn't want to hear that. An upset Michelle then confesses that she can't stay because there's too much between them. She can't deal with the fact that he's with somebody else. As an upset Danny tries to convince her that they can't go back, she tells him that she feels lost without him. She then kisses him passionately, a kiss that he returns.

Edmund returns to the farm replica in a sour mood after having seen Jeffrey with Cassie. He brings Dinah her food, which she isn't sure is safe to eat. To prove that it's not poisoned, Edmund eats from the plate himself. Suddenly, Edmund and Dinah both hear a noise outside. As Dinah tries to scream for help, Edmund clamps his hand over her mouth and holds her back to keep her from drawing attention.

Outside is Jonathan, who must have followed Edmund from Company. Wondering what exactly is behind the door, Jonathan proceeds to pick the lock.

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