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Jonathan decided to move back in with Erin, Annie, and Emma. Ryan asked Annie if she had any interest in finding Emma's biological father. The Greg Madden murder trial began. Jamie tried to prove that Tad was lying. Colby overheard Babe tell Krystal that she had slept with Josh.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 25, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, September 25, 2006

Ryan and Annie were at ConFusion together. They wanted to have fun and be wild. Ryan asked Annie to go on his motorcycle, but she refused. Annie asked Ryan to do karaoke, but he refused. They laughed about how hard it was for them to be wild and proceeded to take shots. Annie told Ryan she would miss him after she left town. Ryan urged her to stay. He believed she and Emma liked Pine Valley. Ryan added he needed her at work and as a friend. Erin and Jamal came over and stated they wanted her to stay also. So, Annie decided not to leave. Everyone was happy and hugged Annie. Then, Annie and Ryan took another shot. Also, Jamal told Erin he enjoyed hanging out with her. He invited her to a concert. Erin was surprised and asked if it would be a date. Jamal said yes and Erin accepted. Meanwhile, Di tried to convince Jamie that Tad was lying about Dixie. Jamie asked if Di resented Tad for dumping her. Di asserted she was not being spiteful and that she truly believed Tad was liar. Then, Julia walked up and heard what Di was saying about Tad. Julia told Di to stop. Jamie yelled at Julia and said he did not need her help because they were not together anymore. Julia was shocked because she thought there were no hard feelings between them. Jamie then told Di he agreed Tad was lying. He promised to find proof of Dixie's innocence. Amanda and Jonathan were also at ConFusion. Amanda was busy with paperwork all night because Lily was no longer there to take care of it. Jonathan stated Lily was very good with office duties. Amanda saw Jonathan's sad expression and told him to take a break. Jonathan asked Amanda to go with him. They went outside and began talk. Jonathan thanked Amanda for being a great friend to him and Lily. He also said she did not have to avoid mentioning Lily. He thanked Amanda again for caring about him and kissed her. Jonathan then asked if they could continue being friends with benefits. Amanda immediately kissed him and they hooked up. Afterwards, they cuddled on a lounge chair together.

Babe and Josh were kissing passionately in the pool on Fusion's rooftop. Meanwhile, JR was in the Fusion office. He saw Babe's dress and looked distressed. So, he went up to the roof. When he got up there, he saw Babe naked in the pool, but Josh was hiding on the side of the roof! JR asked what she was doing in the pool. Babe claimed the air conditioning broke and she used the pool to cool off. JR then grabbed her and said he wanted to make love. Babe yelled no and pushed him away! JR proceeded to tell Babe that he loved her and she looked beautiful. Babe told him to stop and they both left the roof. Josh emerged from his hiding place and recalled kissing Babe in the pool.

Sydney saw Colby in the living room with a bunch of snacks in her arms. At first, Sydney was excited to see Colby, but saw the tunnel open and quickly got mad. Sydney realized Colby had been hiding out and called her a lying, cheating, bitch! Colby begged Sydney to listen to her side of the story. Colby stated she was drunk and crashed the boat by accident. Sydney did not care. Sydney told Colby that Adam was looking for her and that everyone was really worried. Colby believed it was better if everyone, especially Adam, thought she was dead. Colby said Sydney could have all of her jewelry and clothes if she did not tell on her. Colby then went to the safe and said she was leaving Pine Valley forever. Still, Sydney refused to help her because Colby had sex with Sean, even though she liked him. Sydney called Colby a slut. Colby said she could not be a slut since that was her first time. Colby thought sex would be amazing, but it was not. Colby did not feel amazing or cool afterwards. Colby admitted she regretted doing it with Sean. Then, Babe and JR came home. Colby begged Sydney not to tell and ran into the tunnel. JR and Babe walked into the living room and inquired why there was food all over the couch. Colby listened anxiously. Sydney said she was cleaning out the pantry as a punishment for drinking on the boat. Sydney then went to bed. Babe wanted to go to bed also, but JR asked her why she was being so weird. Babe said JR was the reason. She said JR always shut her out of his life and this made her doubt their relationship. JR said he loved her, but could not change. Babe thought this was ridiculous because he was able to change from an alcoholic, drug addict to a sober man. JR finally opened up and said he could not feel pain because it would kill him. JR explained he always had a terrible feeling inside of him. He never wanted to acknowledge it because it made him feel like he was drowning. It was the drugs and alcohol that made the feeling go away. Babe asked why he never told her about this. JR said he did not want the feeling to take over and destroy everyone he loved. JR said he loved Babe and would try to be more open. He believed Babe was a saint and completely trustworthy. Babe recalled her night on the roof with Josh and looked upset. JR asked her to come to bed with him. Babe said she wanted to be alone

Kendall was with Spike in her condo. Kendall tried to get her baby to fall asleep by talking to him. She was going to tell Spike she loved him, but ended up saying, "I love you Ryan." Kendall realized her mistake and got upset. She worried over her love for both Zach and Ryan. Kendall then fell asleep. She dreamed Zach came home. Zach told her he loved her and would never leave. They kissed, but when they stopped, Zach turned into Ryan. Kendall was startled. Ryan professed his love to Kendall. Kendall said she loved him too, but did not think it was possible to love both men. Ryan stated she made it work and brought her outside. Outside, she saw herself with Zach too. Then Derek came to take Zach away. Zach said he found a way to make Kendall's decision easier. Zach was then in an electric chair. Kendall called out for Zach as Ryan tried to bring her inside. Then, Derek pulled the switch and Zach was electrocuted. Kendall woke up terrified. She then heard someone at the door. Kendall was shocked to see Josh. He came inside and yelled that someone had to blow up Babe's marriage. Josh then called JR an idiot. Kendall told Josh to explain to his big sister what happened. Josh asked her not to mention their familial ties. Kendall apologized, but still listened. Josh asked how Babe could be in love with a man that hurt her so much. Kendall said she did not know because of her own situation. So, Josh told Kendall that Zach was bad for her and she should leave him. He stated there was another man out there who was more deserving of her. Kendall proceeded to tell Josh about her conversation with Babe. Kendall explained she tried to encourage Babe to leave JR for Josh. Josh was confused since Kendall hated Babe. Kendall said she wanted Josh to be happy and Babe made him happy. She also said the look in Josh's eyes was pure Kane, which meant he would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. Kendall thought Josh was going to blow up Babe's marriage!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Kendall wanted to talk about their almost night of passion, but Ryan said that if all they ever were was friends he would be fine. Jamie came by and said that he thought Dixie and Zach were being set up by Tad. Kendall asked if Tad admitted he was lying and Jamie told her that although it was not concrete evidence when Dixie said she was innocent, he looked in her eyes and he believed her. Kendall wasn't so impressed with Jamie believing Dixie's eyes. Another knock on the door brought Annie with some contracts to sign. She told Ryan that she had a lot of fun last night and they started flirting a bit. Ryan left and Kendall asked Annie why she decided to stay in PV. Annie told her that Ryan convinced to give PV a shot and Kendall said that it sure didn't take long to get her hooks into Ryan.

At Fusion, Josh informed the ladies that Babe had fired him. Simone asked a lot of questions about what happened and Josh told them that Babe let him go. Simone said that she was officially rehiring him and he should take advantage of the offer. He said that if she cleared it with Babe, he would help her. Dani told Josh she would be there for him like he was there for her.

Babe was awakened by J.R. and he told her that he loved and missed her and that he never wanted her to spend another night away again. Krystal entered and asked why she slept on the sofa instead of in her bed. She asked Babe where she was last night, but Babe said she was at work. As Colby listened from the tunnels, Krystal coaxed Babe into a confession about Josh. She asked Krystal if it was possible to be in love with two men at the same time. Krystal asked if she was going to tell J.R. and Babe said she couldn't. Krystal told Babe that she had to figure out what she wanted. The doorbell rang at the Chandlers' and when Babe opened it, Josh was on the other side. Babe tried to get Josh to leave, but just then they heard voices from behind the wall. Josh opened the "secret" door and there was Colby and Sydney arguing. Josh told Colby that for someone who was supposed to be dead, she sure had a mouth.

Adam came in and told them that Colby was gone forever. He said that they called off the search and J.R. suggested they start their own search. Sydney went to Colby and told her to come clean and tell Adam she was alive, but she said she had to get out of town. Tad came by and asked Adam if he had called Liza. Adam told Tad he had not and Tad said he would take care of it. Brooke told Tad that if he knew the truth about Dixie, then he had a responsibility to tell, but if this was for revenge he would regret it for the rest of his life. Brooke told him that she knew what Derek was holding over his head and not to worry about the boys because they would help them in any situation.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dixie went to the Chandler mansion to see JR. JR told her Colby was dead and she consoled JR. Dixie also told JR she did not want him to go to the trial, but JR said he was going. Meanwhile, Babe and Josh were shocked to see Colby alive in the living room. Colby then pretended to faint and have amnesia, but Babe and Josh were not fooled. Then, Josh grabbed Sydney from out of the tunnel. Sydney revealed Colby's plans to steal money from the safe and run away. Babe yelled at Sydney for helping Colby fake her death and Sydney left the room. Babe proceeded to chastise Colby for putting her family through a lot of unnecessary grief. Colby then threatened to tell JR about Babe and Josh's affair. Meanwhile, Sydney saw Adam in the hallway and announced Colby was back. Everyone rushed into the living room and was ecstatic to see Colby alive. Colby pretended to have amnesia with Adam too, but Babe exposed Colby. Colby told Adam she was scared because of the boat accident. Colby claimed she did not know her lemonade had alcohol in it and this caused her to get drunk and crash the boat. Adam said he loved Colby and would always protect her. Adam and Krystal then left to call Liza. JR was not happy to see Josh, so Josh left the mansion. Colby proceeded to tell JR that Babe had sex with Josh, however; JR did not believe Colby. He thought it was another con and warned Colby not to lie about Babe anymore. Colby was frustrated and stormed out of the room. JR apologized to Babe for Colby's comments and said he loved her. Babe stated Colby was a liar and then they hugged.

David broke into Tad's house. He went into the bedroom and retrieved material for a DNA test. As he opened the door to leave, Tad came in. Tad was suspicious and asked if David planted anything, like a bugging device. Tad assumed David was trying to help Dixie with the trial because his plan to find Kate failed. David slyly smiled and revealed nothing as Tad looked around. Tad did not see anything, so he told David to leave. David smugly told Tad that he would soon know it all.

Kendall accused Annie of trying to "hook Ryan". Annie explained that she and Ryan were just friends. Kendall was not convinced. She believed Annie wanted to get Ryan into her bed. Annie smiled and Kendall became annoyed. Annie stated that she was happy to see Kendall had feelings for Ryan. Annie said she wanted Ryan to be happy with Kendall and Spike. Annie also explained her life was finally stable and she did not want to jump into another relationship, especially with a man in love with someone else. Annie then asked why Kendall would allow a dangerous man like Zach around Spike. Kendall defended Zach and said he would never harm her son. Annie realized Kendall still loved Zach. Annie then left and watched Emma play hopscotch outside. Ryan walked up and was glad to see them. Ryan proceeded to ask if Annie was interested in finding Emma's biological father. He also asked if Emma's father even knew she existed. Annie admitted Emma's father did not know about her. Ryan offered to help her look for him, but Annie denied the help. She said maybe one day she would look, but not right now.

Josh walked into Fusion and saw Kendall working. Kendall asked if Josh blew up Babe's marriage yet. He said he would not make his move until he was sure he could win over Babe completely. Josh added that he was optimistic. Kendall said she was done with optimism and feelings. Josh said he did not think Kendall should go to the trial alone. He asked if she would go with him. Kendall stated she was not going and asked why Josh was. Josh said he owed it to Greg, despite his terrible actions. He also thought it might help him and Kendall get closure. Kendall explained that Zach did not want her there, so she would not go. Josh believed Kendall still loved Zach. Kendall said Zach no longer wanted her. Then, Josh left for the trial.

Ryan went to see Zach in the witness room at the courthouse. Zach asked if Ryan was there to nail his coffin shut. Ryan explained he could have hurt Zach many times, but helped him instead. Zach asked why. Ryan stated it was because Zach saved Spike. Ryan also said he would have a clear conscience if Kendall chose him over Zach. Zach asked if he could have Kendall back if he was freed. Ryan stated he would not stand in Zach's way if Kendall wanted to stay married. Ryan then told Zach to put a leash on Dixie. Ryan explained that Kendall did not need anymore of Dixie's stunts. Zach was confused. Ryan did not explain further. Then, when Ryan walked out, Dixie walked in. Zach asked Dixie what happened with Kendall. Dixie did not want to say, but finally admitted she spied on Kendall and Ryan and got caught. Zach was not happy. Dixie said she did it for Zach because she thought Kendall was not faithful. Zach told Dixie to stay away from Kendall. Dixie asked if he still loved Kendall and Zach said yes. Dixie looked upset. Then, an officer came in and announced it was time for the trial to begin. Dixie walked out and saw Tad. They glared at each other. David saw them and smiled. David gloated that their together forever was shot to hell and it was because they never found Kate.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Although Tad tries to apologize for the position that they are in, Dixie notes that she feels as though she is being burned at the stake, and Zach is quick to agree. Unwilling to battle outside the court, Tad steps around the partners in crime and shuts himself away in the witness waiting room, leaving them face to face with David. Zach tries to dismiss him but David's eyes gleam with the desire for trouble. Before he can indulge himself, Palmer comes around the corner, much to Dixie's dismay. She suggests that it would be better if he went home, since there are parts of the testimony she would rather he not hear. He brushes her concerns off and tells her to think positively about her chances of being acquitted. As the guard announces that it's time to go into the courtroom, Palmer makes his way to the witness room. Tad immediately tells him that he doesn't want to testify any more than he expects Palmer wants him to. Palmer says that he understands, and that he has the answer to all of Tad's problems in his pocket. Thinking that the only way he can get out of it is to be dead, Tad makes an assumption and tells Palmer to shoot him. Palmer tells Tad that he deserves nothing less considering all he had done to Dixie. He then notes that although Tad was responsible for taking Dixie away from him once, he would not be allowed to do it again. Tad insists that he didn't want the pregnancy to kill Dixie, but Palmer rebuts his claim by saying that he had more than enough money to pay for the kind of care Dixie would have needed. Tad then tries to use Palmer's son to sway him, saying that becoming a murderer wouldn't garner any positive results from Petey. Believing that his son would eventually understand, Palmer begins to draw the gun, but Tad easily disarms him. Caustically, Palmer notes that since Tad doesn't have the decency to turn the gun on himself, he hopes that Tad will be struck down once seated upon the witness stand. A short time later, Brooke enters the room and finds a sullen Tad waiting to be called. She tells him that she can't find their son anywhere, and Tad tells her that Jamie thinks him a perjurer, and is probably out trying to find evidence to prove it.

As the defendants make their way into the courtroom with Livia, David takes the opportunity to verbally cut Zach down and blame him for the hot water that Dixie is currently in. Dixie lashes out as an attempt to silence him, but Livia cautions her against making a scene. Livia then urges David to leave well enough alone, and to find a seat. Once he does, she tells Dixie and Zach that they will hear a lot worse than what David can dish throughout the trial, and that it would be in their best interest to hide any rage they feel. If they don't the prosecutor won't need Tad's testimony - he will use their own behavior against them to put them away. They approach their table and in short order find themselves in a staring contest with Josh. They break the eye contact soon after and settle into their chairs. The attorney for the prosecution comes in and tells Josh in low tones that with the evidence and the testimony, Dixie and Zach will more than likely be convicted. This pleases Josh and he goes to step out of the room for a moment. He comes face to face with the love of his life and her husband, and in that uncomfortable moment, JR asks his perceived nemesis for a favor. Babe asks that they do it another time, but JR tells her that between the three of them, there will never be a good time, and he would rather get things settled. Contrary to his belief, JR asks Josh to keep Colby's hiding in the tunnels a secret, as the punishment she is receiving at home is more than enough for a 16 year old who had a lapse in judgment. Josh tells him that the only person he is planning to exact revenge upon is Greg Madden's killer. JR ekes out his appreciation and he and Babe take their seats. Josh take a seat across the aisle, and becomes lost in his own thoughts, hearing the voice of the man who raised him in his head. The voice is interrupted when Jeff Martin takes a seat to his left. Seconds later, Erica takes a seat to his right. They tell him that they want to be at the trial to show their support, but that they would leave if that is what Josh wants. He considers it for a moment, and then allows them to stay. Joe makes his way in as well, and takes a seat on Josh's side in the back.

Ryan approaches the defense table but before he can get a word in edgewise, Zach tells him to stuff his good luck speech, as he knows that Ryan is simply waiting for Zach to be put away before making a move on Kendall. Ryan clarifies that he is on Spike and Kendall's side, and that his position doesn't mean that he wants Zach convicted - as that might cause more trouble. He then points out that he does indeed want Kendall - just not by default.

The bailiff calls the court to order and announces the judge's entrance. As the judge seats everyone, he thanks them for how they have handled the case thus far, and reminds them that Greg lost his life, and that the lives of Zach and Dixie hang on the balance. The prosecutor presents his opening arguments to a silenced court room, reminding everyone that any personal opinions about Greg's actions or any sympathy about Dixie's plight should not factor into their final decision. He makes note that Greg did not deserve such a horrible death, causing Josh to tense at its mention. Erica instinctively touches his hand to comfort him. Livia follows, attempting to dismantle the evidence that the prosecution plans to use to seal the conviction. She explains it away, and notes that Tad is the weakest point, as he is simply a jealous ex-husband seeking to make his ex-wife pay.

Jamie drags Di to an empty cargo area at the airport, and attempts to explain that there may be some bit of evidence that may help prove Dixie's innocence. Di tells him that the only evidence that matters is what Tad will say in the courtroom, and that trying to find evidence here months after the fact is nearly impossible. Jamie tells her that she has a choice: she can go back to the courtroom and watch her sister get convicted, or help him out. They start by interviewing the people in public places, but they strike out. Di tells Jamie that all of the people she spoke to were too busy and saw everyone on the date in question. Jamie thinks that perhaps they would have better luck jogging the memory of people that work behind the scenes. They give it a go, and strike out again. Before they can wallow in their failure for too long, they are spotted by an airport employee who tells them that they aren't allowed to be in the cargo area. Di asks if he had been working in the area on June 5th, and he simply asks for their IDs. He then tells them they need to go back to the terminal but Jamie interrupts, hands him a picture of his father and asks if the man in the picture had been spotted in the cargo area on that date.

At Fusion, Simone, Erin and Dani witness a news broadcast announcing the start of the murder trial against Zach and Dixie. After listening for a moment, Simone wonders aloud if there will be a video feed showing Kendall marching up to the courthouse. A split second later, the TV blinks off and Kendall announces her arrival by saying that she belongs at work because Zach is no longer a concern of hers. She tries to sit down and work but her cohorts simply mill about, waiting for a meltdown. Frustrated, she insists that she is fine and that the trial does not excuse them from work. Simone tries to temper her tirade but Kendall won't oblige. She spots the wedding rings on her left hand and thinks that perhaps they are confusing others. She tells them that the rings are habit and proceeds to yank them off her finger and throw them in the garbage. She goes on to say that the trial, their thoughts about what's going on and even the very mention of Zach's name are no longer allowed in the office. The elevator doors open, and Myrtle boldly says Zach's name. She directs Kendall to fish her rings out of the garbage and to accompany her to the courthouse. Kendall stands there stunned, so Myrtle reminds her that she can't be fired and asks why she is hesitating. They take a seat at the desk, and Myrtle encourages Kendall to put the rings on and go be supportive of Zach. When Kendall continues to vacillate, Myrtle tells her that Zach isn't guilty and that she believes so based on his word. Kendall thinks it's blind faith, but Myrtle tells her that she knows who Zach is deep inside - the same way Kendall knows him. Kendall admits that Greg's murder changed everything but Myrtle tells her that she knows Kendall still feels the same love for her husband, despite everything that has happened. Resisting, Kendall restates her conviction, citing that Zach's guilt is evident because he was more concerned about being a hero to Dixie. She adds that the tangible evidence and testimony that places him at the scene with Dixie bolsters her belief. Myrtle asks Kendall to hand over the rings that Kendall had been tossing about, and when she does, Myrtle closes her hand around them, and pulls an old carnie trick. She goes to give the rings back but when she opens her hand, Kendall finds it empty. She then opens her other hand and reveals the rings. As a stunned Kendall tries to figure out what just happened before her eyes, Myrtle tells her that even though we might think we know what's true - sometimes we are wrong.

As Livia continues with her opening arguments, Kendall makes her way into the courtroom and takes a seat beside Ryan. Livia notes that Tad was looking to reconnect with his ex before he found out that she had been tricked into giving away their child, and then points out that there is a thin line between love and hate - just as Zach turns around and spots his wife. Livia notes that all present in the courtroom will meet dozens of people throughout the course of the trial that also had reason to want Greg dead. At that, Josh looks around at key Pine Valley residents and mentally drums up a scenario for how they could have kidnapped Greg and gotten him into the coffin. Livia interrupts his thoughts with a line of questioning aimed at her brother, pointing out that Zach had been singled out as the murderer in a case the year before, based mostly on a coerced confession and an eyewitness account. This angers Derek, and they quickly fall into a heated exchange that ends with the prosecution asking for it to be stricken from the record, and the judge making it so. Then, Tad is called to the stand, and the tension in the room becomes palpable. He is sworn in, and upon sitting, he locks his blazing gaze on Dixie. As the prosecutor questions him, it comes out that the police found out about the theory incriminating Zach and Dixie by bugging Tad's house. From this admission, Josh pictures another scenario involving the defendants. The prosecutor then questions him about his take on Dixie's relationship with Zach, followed by a series of queries about what he saw the night of Greg's disappearance. On cross-examination, Livia makes it a part of court record that the only reason Tad consented to testify is because Chief Frye threatened to charge his children with evidence tampering. She then moves on to discussing his relationship with Dixie, which spanned three marriages. He recounts the events along a timeline four years in the making. Livia makes it clear that Tad's feelings in the end were ones of hurt and resentment because when Dixie needed help finding their daughter, she went to another man. On redirect, the prosecutor asks if any of Tad's negative feelings tainted his testimony - or if everything he said was true. Tad confirms as much, and is stunned, along with the rest of the courtroom, when Jamie bursts in, calls him a liar and says that he can prove it.

Friday, October 29, 2006

Jamie burst into the courtroom and beseeched Tad to admit that his sworn testimony was full of lies, noting that he had evidence that proved it. The judge called a recess. A pensive Josh bolted; Babe fought the urge to follow him. Jeff and Erica went after their son and Josh vented about how this latest roadblock to closure about his father was tearing him up. Babe approached him and he was grateful for her support.... Di expressed her fury with Tad to Del; JR directed his anger directly to Tad. Tad told JR that Jamie had done everything he'd done in order to create reasonable doubt and that he was proud of him, but insisted, "I'm standing by every word I said."... Kendall was filled with guilt at the thought that she might have believed the wrong person (Tad) instead of the right one (Zach).... David warned Dixie that he might still get revenge on her.... Tad was sequestered in another room as the witness Jamie had dug up at the airport was called to the stand. The witness testified that Tad had been locked inside a security room at the airport the entire night of June 5 and could not have possibly seen what he testified to having seen. Footage corroborating his testimony was entered into evidence. Tad was then called back to the stand. He denied ever having seen the airport employee when Livia showed him a picture. The judge warned Tad about perjury laws but Tad stuck to his story. Livia again played the security footage of Tad and Tad maintained that he wasn't the man in the video. Livia got under Tad's skin about Kate and Dixie and he flew into a vengeful rage about "that selfish bitch," Dixie, who was aghast and mortified.

At the Chandler manse, Adam fretted to Krystal about Colby's legal woes. Krystal tried to get Adam's attention but he was busy grilling Sydney about where Colby had gone. Syd reluctantly revealed that Colby had gone to visit Sean.

At Cambias, Annie convinced Jonathan to move back into the penthouse.... Annie picked Emma up at the Miranda Center, where Krystal gazed at an infant and sighed, "What have I done?"....

Colby showed up at Jack's to see Sean. She did her best zombie impression but when he failed to be scared, she was offended. But Sean made it clear to Colby that he did care about her. When he put his hands on her arms, an arriving Adam barked at him to get away from his daughter. Adam tossed plane tickets to Barcelona at Sean but Sean refused to leave town. Back at home, Adam made it clear to Colby that he was going to keep a close eye on her. Krystal called him into the parlor; both Adam and Colby came in. What greeted Adam? A banner that read, "Congrats Daddy 2B."

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