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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 25, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, September 25, 2006

Simon and Carly are rushing to get the demo apartment in order, when he pulls her into a kiss. Carly snaps that making a living is more important to her than a roll in the hay, and proceeds to walk out. Gwen comes by and confides in Carly that she's moving on from Will, but needs money to move into the dorms. Carly is sorry she can't help. Simon pipes up that he has a scholarship fund set up for just these sorts of occasions. He writes a personal check to Gwen. Simon later admits to Carly he did it for her. Carly agrees to remain his partner. Dusty tells Lucy he's still too connected to Jennifer to consider starting anything with Lucy. She sobs to Lucinda. Dusty calls Lucinda and reports that he's going on a business trip for Worldwide. Lucy in convinced he is running away from her. When Jade feels sick, Will agrees that she can move in with him. Will tells Kim he'll be responsible for his child. Jade is thrilled, but Will makes it clear he doesn't love her. Meanwhile, Maddie helps Casey move into the dorm and tells Margo she finally believes she has a chance to recover from her trauma.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jade is waking up Will and in his drowsy state he thinks its Gwen, then he realizes it's Jade. Jade thanks Will for taking care of her and heads off to take a shower. She turns and sees Will sadly hanging his head in his hands. Jade walks into the living room in her underwear and asks Will if he can see the bump. She starts to look for a job online and he tells her it would be better to drive around and look for help wanted signs. She says she doesn't think she can brave the storm and doesn't have any warm clothes. Will tries to give her some money for clothes and she gets angry and tells him that if he wants her to leave he should just say so instead of trying to bribe her. Jade packs up in a huff and tells Will she's leaving. Will doesn't stop her, but he insists that she take the money. She takes his car keys and walks off into the storm. Later she's driving in the storm admiring the new dress she bought.

Gwen is unpacking at the dorm and comes across a picture of her and Will. Casey comes by with coffee and they discuss being on their own. Gwen seems down and Casey sees the picture and tells her that maybe this isn't the right move for her. They talk about steps in life and Gwen says she really wants to stay at the dorm and go to school. Casey's roommate barges in on Gwen and Casey hugging and assumes they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Gwen and Casey are shocked at how much he looks like Alex. He tells them that Alex was his cousin. He explains that he grew up in California and didn't really know Alex. He introduces himself as Elwood. Casey introduces Gwen and explains that Gwen is his friend, not his girlfriend. Elwood starts hitting on Gwen and she tells him that she's married and then calls for help from Casey. Gwen decides to borrow Casey's car to do some shopping for her room. Casey tells her that might not be a good idea that it's starting to sleet outside. She heads out to get away from Elwood. Gwen is driving and serious weather advisories are on the radio. She ignores them and starts to daydream about Will. The car starts to spin out of control and she ends up off the road and can't start the car again. Someone arrives to help and as Gwen rolls down the window she sees that it's Will.

Lucinda arrives at Dusty's to drop off some contracts and also to tell him that she thinks it's awful that he's running away from Lucy. They argue and Lucinda accuses Dusty of using the company as an excuse to hurt Lucy. She asks him if maybe it has more to do with the fact that Lucy is Craig's daughter. Dusty cuts the conversation short, tells Lucinda he's going to New York and he will not discuss his private life with her anymore. The babysitter arrives and Dusty runs down his list of instructions and then he picks up Johnny and tells him how much he loves him. He only loves Johnny. Dusty is on his flight and they get delayed because of the weather. Johnny's babysitter calls the hospital because Johnny has a high fever. She talks to Lucy and Lucy realizes that she's talking about Johnny and tells the babysitter to stay there. Lucy leaves to go take care of Johnny. She arrives and realizes that the acetaminophen didn't work and Johnny needs to go to the hospital.

Lucy and Bob are at the hospital talking about the approaching storm. Bob comments that it would have been a good day to stay home but Lucy says she had nowhere else to be. Meg arrives at work and she and Lucy talk about the possibility of a very busy ER due to the storm. Paul returns Meg's call and she tells him that she tried to follow Emily but was unsuccessful. Paul convinces her to keep an eye on Emily. Bob and Meg hear the weather report and Meg decides to go out to the farm to check on all the livestock. She bumps into Henry and he alludes to the fact that Emily is planning on leaving town with Daniel. Meg calls Emily and asks her to meet her at the farm. She threatens Emily with the police if she doesn't show up.

Mike stops Dr. Chen at the hospital and tells her that he's reconsidered; he'd like to go ahead with the fertility testing. Mike is anxious to get the test done, but the Dr. tells him she's not available and that he needs to schedule an appointment with her assistant for next week. Mike finds Nancy at Java while he's looking for Katie. She tells him that Katie went home and is waiting for him. The power goes out and Mike insists on driving Nancy to the hospital to be with Bob. He leaves Nancy at the hospital to go home to Katie.

Katie and Nancy meet at Java and Katie tells her that her marriage is in big trouble. She tells Nancy about the fight they had at the hospital and that he won't answer her calls. Nancy explains that Mike has feelings and doesn't want to have a baby in such a sterile, controlled way. She advises Katie to stop with the calendar and temperature taking and books and just concentrate on how much she loves Mike. Katie leaves to go home and apologize to Mike. Katie comes home to an empty house and starts to prepare a nice evening for Mike. Margo arrives to check on Katie and Katie tells her she's worried about Mike.

As Meg enters Java Emily confronts her and tells her to stop following her or she's going to call the police. Emily points out all the places that Meg happened to be at the same time as Emily and Meg says it's just coincidence. Emily accuses Meg of doing Paul's dirty work and tells Meg she feels sorry for her. Meg calls Paul and leaves a message for him to call her; she can't deal with Emily anymore.

Henry arrives at Margo's and they talk about how guilty they feel about Maddie. Henry wonders if he's doing the right thing by letting Maddie live there. Margo assures him he's made the right decision. Margo invites Henry to stay and wait for Maddie to get back. He declines until he sees a soaked Emily outside a window trying to get his attention. Margo gets a call to go into work to prepare for the storm. Henry lets Emily in and she says she was just checking on Daniel. She sends Henry to get her a towel and then starts rummaging through Tom's desk. Henry catches her and wants to know what's she's looking for. She says she needs Daniel's passport and his immunization records. Henry tries unsuccessfully to convince Emily not to go through with kidnapping Daniel. She tells him she has a flight booked for the next day and she is leaving Oakdale for good. Emily finds what she needs and runs out.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

While the storm starts to really slam into Oakdale, Dusty sits at the Oakdale airport waiting to take off for New York only to be told his flight is delayed due to bad weather. Even on the ground the plane is being bumped by strong winds and Dusty sits and stares at a picture of Johnny. Meanwhile, back at his apartment Lucy is convinced Johnny needs to go to the hospital and after being told that no ambulances are available she decides to take him in on her own. Just as she leaves instructions with the babysitter Barbara walks in and refuses to let Lucy take Johnny to the hospital. Lucy continues to try to prove to Barbara that Johnny needs treatment and while Barbara is on the phone trying to get an ambulance Lucy sneaks out with Johnny. Dusty gets the message that Johnny is sick and after some negotiation gets off the plane. At the same time we see Lucy struggling to drive through the storm to get to the hospital and then see her and Johnny in an accident, but both seem unharmed. Back at the airport Dusty and Paul try to pay a cabby to take them back to town.

Emily shows up at the farm to confront Meg and stop her from reporting her to the police. The two women have a long discussion about Paul and Meg reveals that Henry has told her that Emily is planning on leaving the country with her unborn baby and Daniel. Emily claims Henry is wrong and how she wouldn't do anything to rile Tom. Meg tries to convince Emily she can have a good life in Oakdale but when that fails she tries to have Emily call her mother, but Emily refuses to see the logic of her argument and then when all else fails Meg locks Emily in the barn. While trying to escape the barn Emily starts to have labor pains. After calling Paul and leaving him a message about what has been going on Meg rushes into help Emily who is in pain and who tells Meg that her water has broke.

Will runs into Gwen in Casey's smashed up car out front of their house and offers to help. At the same time Jade is on the icy roads and is involved in an accident. Will continues to help Gwen and they both try to get Casey's car out of an icy ditch. After unsuccessfully freeing the car Will talks Gwen into returning to their house to call for a tow truck. Back at their house Gwen is told there is no chance for a tow truck until the next day and she will have to stay with Will for the night. Just then the power goes out and while trying to get a fire started and candles lit Gwen learns Jade spent the night with Will last night. Will and Gwen both think back to the past when they spent their first night together at Barbara's cabin. Will tries to persuade Gwen to forgive him and give their marriage another try even though Jade is pregnant.

Katie talks to Margo about her concerns with Mike not being home yet and the argument they had over the visit to the fertility specialist. Nancy calls Katie to let her know Mike is on his way home, but Katie is still worried and with good reason as we soon see Mike also ended up in a huge pile up that coincidentally also involved Jade and multiple other cars. At the crash scene Jade is trapped in her car and finally rescued by Dallas, but she is winded by the air bag and taken to the hospital. We also see an unconscious Mike with blood on his head and back at Katie's house Margo receives a call about the crash and she and Katie rush out to see if Mike is involved in the pile up. At the hospital Jade refuses to be examined by Dr. Hughes while back at the crash scene Katie and Margo discover Mike's empty car. Jade finally agrees to be seen by a different doctor after Dallas insists she be seen. Dallas manages to get a call through to Will to let him know that Jade was in an accident and she is at the hospital. Will informs Dallas that Jade is pregnant and later Dallas questions Jade about her pregnancy. Katie learns that Mike is unaccounted for and discovers blood in the snow. As Will starts to leave for the hospital to check on Jade Gwen asks him stay.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bob urges Holden not to give his kids false hope about Lily. When they enter her room some time later, Lily is gone. Paul and Dusty end up sharing a cab and, when Paul realizes Dusty is hurrying to Johnny, Paul lets him go first. Dusty runs to the hospital while Paul checks his messages, hears about Emily and rushes to the Snyder barn. Meanwhile, Meg tells Emily to stay put, Meg will get medicine to try to stop Emily's contractions, but Emily tries to reach her car. Meg gets her back in the barn and attempts to keep her warm and still. Unfortunately, the barn catches fire. Paul sees them both through the flame. Lucy tries to smash her way out of her stalled car with Johnny, when a stranger wearing a ski mask swoops in and saves them both from a falling tree. He's pinned, but urges Lucy to take the baby to the hospital. She does, and connects with Dusty. Dallas wants to know why Jade didn't tell him that she was pregnant. A nurse overhears and later demands to know why Jade never said anything when she was X-rayed. Meanwhile, Gwen and Will talk, kiss and make love.

Friday, September 29, 2006

At the construction site, Simon and Carly finish painting. When Carly opens the curtains, she sees the effects of the ice storm, which she didn't even know had occurred. She and Simon bemoan the fact that this means the realtors can't come to see the finished penthouse, but Simon tries to look on the bright side of being stuck with Carly in a beautifully appointed penthouse that still has electricity. They change into robes and smoking jackets that Carly has bought as "accent pieces" for the suite, and as Simon offers Carly some champagne, the power finally goes out. Carly worries about her kids, but Simon points out that Jack would have made sure they were safe, so Carly relaxes, and when Simon begins to try to romance her, she tells him to shut up and just kiss her.

Lucy runs into Dusty in the woods and tells him she lost control of her car and went into a ditch. He asks about Johnny, and Lucy says his fever was very high and that he needs to get to the hospital right away. She tells Dusty to go on without her, because she'll just slow him down and she needs to go back to look for the man who helped her get out of her car, but Dusty insists that they all go together. Just then, a man rides up in some type of tractor/plow and offers them a lift; when Lucy asks, he tells her he saw her car in the ditch but didn't see any signs of anyone trapped near it.

Jack and Margo go to Memorial Hospital, where Bob asks for their help in keeping the ER moving in an orderly manner. Margo is worried about Katie, who is out looking for Mike, but no one has seen either of them yet. Meanwhile, Luke and Holden tell Lucinda that Lily is missing, and when they get no help from the staff, they split up and begin searching the hospital for her, floor by floor. Luke runs into Bob and tells him about his mom, and Bob says he'll take the time to find out what happened to Lily because "Lily's important to me." Lucy and Dusty arrive with Johnny, who ends up just having a case of strep throat, but Bob tells Lucy she did the right thing by bringing him to the hospital because he could have had seizures with a fever that high. Dusty gives Lucy a kiss on the forehead as thanks "from Johnny" and then kisses her on the cheek as thanks "from me." Holden, Luke, and Lucinda all meet up again, with no news about Lily; a gurney is wheeled by with a dead body covered up on it, and Holden asks if he can see who it is because his wife is missing; when he pulls back the sheet, it's another woman, not Lily. Relieved, Lucinda takes Luke down to the hospital daycare center to check on the girls while Holden stops by the chapel. Kneeling, Holden remembers his "visitation" from Lily; when he turns around, he sees Lily in the flesh, sitting in another pew.

Out in the woods, Katie stumbles across some type of building where she finds Mike.

Paul finds Meg and Emily trapped in Emma's burning barn, grabs a blanket and throws it in the trough to wet it, then runs into the barn and drapes the wet blanket over Meg and Emily. They run out of the barn, and Paul grabs another blanket and follows them. Their phones are still not working, so they take Emily to Emma's house, where Meg begins directing Paul as to what supplies to get to prepare to deliver Emily's baby. The ice storm eventually puts out the fire in the barn, so they are safe at the house. Emily blames Meg for her water breaking, saying she locked her in a burning barn. She says she refuses to let Meg be the one to deliver her child and that she'll walk to the hospital if she has to, but it is obvious that that is not an option, and Meg tells Emily that she'll just have to deal with it. Emily then tells Paul she's worried that he and Meg will take the baby and leave as soon as it's born, but Paul promises her he won't do that. As she prepares to deliver her baby, Emily tells Paul that if it's a girl, she wants to name her Jennifer, because Paul's sister was so good to her, and Paul is obviously very touched by this. He provides plenty of encouragement as Emily pushes, and Meg delivers a baby girl.. Emily says, "It's Jennifer!" but then asks, "Why isn't she making any sound?"

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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