As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 2, 2006 on ATWT

Carly and Simon are kept from making love when a electrical tower crashes on them, destroying their model apartment. When Jack rushes to Carly's rescue, he is upset to find her cuddling on the couch with Simon, and assumes they did more. After an angry Jack leaves, Carly vows that she and Simon will not be defeated; instead they will show the world by finding money to start a new project. Emily blames Meg for her baby being stillborn. Later she and Paul hold a private memorial service for little Jen, and Emily refuses to let Meg or anyone else attend. Lily suffers memory loss and is haunted by Rose. By the end of the week she remembers everything and begs Luke to forgive her for not accepting the fact that he's gay. Lily believes Rose's ghost wants her to find Rose's daughter and she decides to start looking for her. Everyone is disturbed that Craig is back in town, but he maintains that all he wants to do is make amends. However his presence continues to put a wedge between Dusty and Lucy. Gwen prevents Will from telling Jade that they slept together. Gwen feels they have no chance of getting back together as long as Jade is pregnant with his child. Despite what Gwen says, Will is still determined to win her back and gets Jade an apartment so they won't be living together. Maddie grows suspicious of Jade's pregnancy and unsuccessfully tries to play private eye. She tells Will and Gwen that she thinks Jade is lying, but Will refuses to believe Jade would do that.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 2, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, October 2, 2006

Carly told Simon to cool his jets until the building was finished. Simon suggested vilifying their exes, since Carly had nixed purely gratuitous sex. Meanwhile, literally icy Katie reunited with a stressed Mike in an abandoned cabin. Meanwhile, a "smoking" Simon lazed on the bed and enticed Carly to kiss him. An electrical tower crashed into the building then collapsed on them. This dampened even Simon's lust.

In the cabin, Mike and Katie did what they always did. Back at the project, Simon freed Carly from the debris around her. He told Carly he hoped his gallantry earned him his way with her in the future. Once freed, Carly was horrified to see their damaged dream. Blissful, Katie dreamily told Mike, "I don't need a baby, I just need you," The two entrepreneurs drowned their sorrows with Champagne; on the other hand, the "wannabe" parents went back to practicing for the event.

At the frigid farm, Emily's newborn girl turned blue. "Why isn't she crying?" Emily hysterically screeched as Meg snatched the preemie away and tried to resuscitate her. Emily hounded Nurse Meg as Paul attempted to soothe her. Meg wasn't successful, although she tried her hardest. "Is she sleeping?" Emily asked. Tearful, Paul saw the truth in Meg's eyes and was forced to tell Emily that the baby couldn't be revived. "You're lying to me!" Emily shouted -- just like when he'd told Jennifer that her baby had died. She accused Paul and Meg of a baby switch then got more hysterical.

Energized by adrenaline, Emily bolted out the door, calling for little Jen. Inside the farm, Meg held the tiny corpse and told it she wasn't alone. Paul scooped Emily up and carried her back in, holding her as she demanded to see little Jennifer. Meg gently gave Emily the tiny body. "She's so beautiful," Emily crooned. But the baby didn't wake up, so the truth sank in. Emily sobbed again.

At Oakdale Memorial, a shocked Holden found Lily awake and praying in the chapel. Lucy, meanwhile, joked with his dad about overreacting to the baby's strep throat. Grateful, Dusty offered to help her out. Lily blankly stared at Holden as he asked her how she'd gotten to the chapel. "Don't let Rose go," she pleaded, explaining, "She brought me." Holden tried not to look disbelieving as he lightly reminded her that Rose had passed on.

Then, Luke burst in. He tried to run out, but Lily told her son how much she loved him. They hugged each other tightly, like they never wanted to let go. Lucy thanked her new "slave" Dusty with a kiss before running off elsewhere to practice her Hippocratic Oath. Dusty repeatedly thanked Lucy for saving Johnny's life.

Next, Bob and Holden talked about Lily's post-coma possibilities as she struggled to remember her life. A bit later, Dusty freaked out as a nurse informed him that Johnny's "father" had taken the baby out. Safely back in bed, Lily was puzzled when Holden mentioned Ethan. "What baby?" she asked. Looking for his own toddler, Dusty strolled into the sun room and found Craig Montgomery.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Carly and Simon downed Champagne amid the debris of Frasier Towers. He snuggled with her, but she balked, interpreting the disaster as a warning from a higher power not to get busy. Carly tried to be upbeat about the project, but he revealed that he was broke. Simon was sure Carly could bounce back and showed her pictures for her résumé. She wept that her career and marriage had gone up in smoke. They snuggled together under a blanket to get some sleep.

Paul comforted Emily, who cooed over the dead body of their daughter. Jack arrived and was able to take Emily and her child to the hospital. Jack comforted Meg and asked about Carly, but Meg didn't know anything. She felt guilty for not saving the baby. Then, Jack got a call from Margo that Simon's building was damaged.

Jack made his way inside the building and was dismayed to surprise Simon and Carly together on the couch. Carly thanked him and asked about the kids. She said she hadn't gotten trapped on purpose. Jack tried to usher them out, but Simon said he would take Carly home. After Jack and the firefighters left, Simon needled her. She suggested they rise from the ashes -- "literally" -- and show the world they had it going on. Carly vowed to find more money for another project.

Holden explained to Lily that she had been in a coma, and memory loss was normal. However, she didn't even remember being pregnant. Lucinda arrived to comfort her. Holden fetched little Ethan, and they bonded. Later, Holden took in Faith and Natalie, as well as Luke. Alone with Holden, Luke feared that Lily would remember that he was the reason she'd fallen. Holden assured him she would understand. Surrounded by all her family, Lily was grateful to be back. Suddenly, a vision of Rose appeared and admonished her to take a head count; somebody was missing.

In her room, Emily was inconsolable, but Paul tried. When Meg appeared, Emily shrieked, "You killed my baby!" Paul defended Meg, and Susan arrived to comfort Emily. Meg vowed to stick by Paul then get married and have their own family.

Seeing Craig holding Johnny, Dusty hissed, "Give me my son, or I'll kill you." Lucy revealed that Craig was the masked man who had saved her and Johnny on the road. Dusty sniped at Lucy for defending her father and threatened to call the cops. "I'm the natural father," Craig pointed out, adding that he was a free man because his case had been overturned on appeal.

Lucy kept Dusty from pummeling Craig but scolded her father, so Craig assumed they were back together. Dusty reminded Craig about the court order keeping him away from Johnny. Craig told Lucy he was here to put things right with her. He blamed Dusty and Paul for tricking him, but he was motivated by hope, not revenge. Lucy told Dusty she hadn't known Craig was back, but he asked her, since she did, what she would do.

In the chapel, Paul lit a candle and asked God if he was being punished for taking Johnny away from Jennifer. If so, God should tell her Paul was sorry. Then Paul said God should have stopped that night's tragedy. "I'm punished," he confessed. Craig rolled up to marvel at the sight of Paul on his knees.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

At the hospital, Holden returned to visit Lily, and Lily was seeing visions of Rose, who said she was upset with Lily for not taking care of someone. Rose then faded away, and Lily tried to figure out who Rose wanted her to take care of. In the hallway Luke ran into Jade, gave her the good news that Lily was awake, and discussed his concerns about Lily not being the same. Holden bumped into Luke and Jade and advised Jade not to visit with Lily, since she was not herself. Jade continued to try to reach Will, but when he didn't answer his phone, she went by Lily's room, where Lily waved her in. Lily thought she had promised Rose to take care of Jade.

Lily still believed that Jade was Rose's daughter, and Jade left the room to get a nurse. As she left, she ran into Luke, who was angry that Jade had gone into Lily's room. Luke made Jade go back into Lily's room, where Lily not only remembered that Jade was not Rose's daughter but also remembered that she and Luke were angry at each other. She didn't immediately remember why they'd been fighting. Later, Lily flashed back to her fall then said she remembered everything.

Gwen and Will were together in bed the morning after the storm and began to discuss their relationship and future. Will and Gwen talked about their happiness and began to make love. Afterwards, they were out in living room, talking about why they'd gotten together and about their future. Jade returned in a cab to Will's house and lied about insisting to the doctors that they make sure their baby was okay. She let him know that she and the baby were fine. As she told Will how happy she was to be back alone with him, Gwen walked in, and Will went to Gwen's side and told Jade that Gwen had spent the night with him.

Dusty and Lucy discussed Craig's return, and when questioned about her future with her father, they argued over Lucy's indecisiveness in dealing with Craig. When Dusty saw Margo, who offered congratulations on Johnny's safety, he told her about Craig's return to Oakdale and Craig's visit with Johnny. Margo and Dusty questioned how it was possible for Craig to be released from jail, and after calling Tom, they learned he'd been released on appeal. The court had decided that it couldn't prove that Craig had switched the babies, so there had been no motive for him to drive Rosanna off the road. The charges were then reduced to reckless driving, and he was released on time served. Later, Dusty and Johnny left the hospital.

At the Lakeview, Lucinda and Lucy discussed Lily's waking from the coma, and Lucy dropped the bombshell that Craig had returned to Oakdale. Lucy talked with Lucinda about Dusty's anger, and Lucinda took Dusty's side and warned Lucy about Craig's inclination to do wrong and hurt people. After much discussion, Lucy admitted that she was scared of her father and what he might do but still felt how much her father loved her. She said she couldn't just forget him.

In the hospital chapel, Paul discovered Craig, and even though Craig seemed sympathetic to Paul's loss, Paul refused his condolences and blamed Craig for the death of his sister, Jennifer. Craig told Paul that he had returned to Oakdale to undo the bad things he had done, and Paul ranted to Craig that he could not undo the loss of Rosanna. Meg overheard Paul's anger and pain and also heard Paul threaten to finish Craig off. Meg walked in, and Craig told Paul that he would call the police if Paul threatened him again. Craig taunted Paul with remarks about Meg's happiness and snide remarks about the women in Paul's life then left the chapel. Alone in the chapel, Meg and Paul discussed Craig, and she tried to convince Paul not to be vengeful.

After leaving Paul and Meg, Craig found Margo, and she told him about her discussion with Dusty and warned Craig not to pull another stunt involving Johnny or Dusty. Craig then told Margo he was back to make things right and give her a chance to apologize to him for not sticking by him when he had been fighting Jennifer for his son. Craig told her that the only thing that was important to him was family, and it was the real reason he had returned to Oakdale.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Gwen stopped Will from telling Jade about their night together, insisting that nothing could change between them as long as Jade was pregnant with his child. Will refused to believe her and later took action to get Jade to move out. Meanwhile, Maddie was making peace with Dallas when Jade arrived, misinterpreted the situation, and warned Dallas not to believe whatever Maddie was saying about her. Jade's paranoia piqued Maddie's interest -- as did Dallas relating how Jade had said her pregnancy was a secret. Later, Maddie called Gwen to say something weird was going on with Jade.

Dusty dropped the bomb of Craig's return to upset Barbara while Margo debated giving her brother a second chance. When Casey heard Craig was back, he went ballistic over the pain Craig's baby switch had caused him and Gwen. However, it turned out Casey's conflict wasn't just with his uncle when Margo asked him to give Craig a chance. At the same time, Dusty told Barbara he planned to have Johnny guarded 24/7 and wasn't worried about Craig's return. Barbara went to Craig to plead with him to stay away from her family. Later, Craig decided to leave the hospital against Lucy's wishes, and Chaz, Dusty's new bodyguard for Johnny, intercepted Lucy from getting near Dusty and Johnny.

If Luke was worried Lily would remember she wanted him not to be gay, his fears were washed away when she remembered everything and begged his forgiveness for not accepting him the way he was. But despite the peace she'd made with Luke, Lily was still troubled by Rose's request that she was still not finished doing what needed to be done. Later, against Holden's better judgment, Lily decided to find Rose's lost daughter and take care of her the way she should have done from the beginning.

Friday, October 6, 2006

At Java, Maddie told Gwen she thought Jade was faking her pregnancy in order to keep her hooks in Will. She looked up the phone numbers for the various health clinics in town and called the first one on her list, going through steps on her cell phone so that her number wouldn't show up on the caller ID system at the clinic. When she said she was Jade Taylor and needed a copy of her medical files, the clinic asked for her patient ID number or Social Security number; unable to provide either one, Maddie hung up.

At Will's place, Jade walked in with coffee from Java, and Will told her he had rented an apartment for her and prepaid it for six months; she could move in that day. She was upset to hear that but calmed down and told him it was not that she didn't appreciate it, just that she wished she and the baby mattered half as much to him as Gwen apparently did. Will assured her that the baby did matter to him. Jade's cell phone rang, and it was the woman from the health clinic, telling her she was sorry they had been disconnected. When Jade said she hadn't called them, the woman told her someone was trying to get her medical files.

Jade hung up and told Will that she thought it was Maddie and that Maddie had to be trying to prove something -- maybe that Jade was faking her pregnancy. Will assured her that he didn't believe that was true. A cab arrived to take Jade to her new apartment, and Will left to go to Java, where he told Maddie about the phone call Jade had gotten from the clinic. Maddie tried to convince him to go to the clinic to try to get a peek at Jade's files, but Will said as much as he'd like to think she was faking it, he believed Jade really was pregnant. Maddie left, and Will sat down to talk to Gwen, who filled him in on how college was going, saying she liked her music theory class and had to write two or three original songs for it. Will asked if any of the songs would be about them, and she said, "Only all of them."

Henry went to see Emily to give her a ride home from the hospital because Susan was all tied up with storm victims. Emily called him a traitor for having called Meg to say she was planning to leave town with Daniel, but Henry insisted he had acted as a good friend by doing that. He told Emily that if she needed to blame someone for what had happened to her baby, she should blame him. Meanwhile, Meg told Paul that she had made arrangements with the hospital chaplain to have a memorial service for baby Jennifer and that she'd like to be there, too, to tell Jennifer goodbye; Paul thought that would be fine.

When Paul went to see Emily, she begged him to let them be alone together to say their goodbyes to their baby, saying it was the one thing she'd be able to do for her daughter. Paul left to tell Meg, who said she was not surprised and assured him it was okay. Meanwhile, Henry told Emily that one day, she'd want to call the one person who had never asked her, "What's in it for me?" and she said, "Don't wait for your phone to ring!" He left, saying, "I will, Emily -- for as long as it takes."

Paul returned and took Emily to the hospital's chapel, where the chaplain offered his condolences and told them their baby had been a gift that had been taken the moment it had been given. He said there was no answer to "why," but they'd had a glimpse of parenthood and should always mark their daughter's birthday. He told them perhaps their baby's mission had been to remind them how precious love was then he had them light a candle for the baby and one for each of them, to represent their bond as a family. The chaplain left, and Emily asked Paul, "What happens when the candles go out?" Paul hugged her and said, "If we remember her, she'll always be a part of us."

A nurse told Meg that a package had been delivered for her; Meg opened it, seeing a beautiful glass vase, and thought it was from Paul, but the card read, "Congratulations on your engagement. With warmest regards, Craig Montgomery."

At the Lakeview, Chaz, the bodyguard Dusty had hired to protect Johnny from Craig, tried to stop Lucy from approaching Dusty and the baby. Dusty told Chaz that it was okay to let Lucy approach, and when she sat down, Lucy told Dusty that she'd never liked being told what to do or who to see -- by anyone. She told Dusty she loved her father but that she could separate who he was to her from who she thought he should be to Johnny. She said she didn't want Johnny to grow up having to make excuses for his dad the way she had always had to make excuses for hers, and she said she wanted Johnny to be proud of Dusty. Then she introduced herself to the bodyguard and explained exactly who she was, and Dusty told him, "She's okay."

Mr. Yamamoto walked up, explaining that he had a business meeting in Chicago that allowed him to make a side trip to Oakdale, since Dusty had needed to cancel his meeting in New York. He said he had a conference room set up for a meeting if Dusty could attend, and Lucy told Dusty she'd watch Johnny for him, accompanied by Chaz. Dusty and Mr. Yamamoto left; as soon as Lucy sat down with Johnny, Craig walked in, and the bodyguard grabbed him. Lucy demanded to know what he was doing there when he should be in the hospital, and he told her he'd checked himself out against medical advice. Lucy told him she thought he'd said he'd changed, and Craig asked if she expected him to just sit by and watch another man raise his son; she said yes, if he really loved Johnny, that was what she expected him to do.

Craig informed Lucy that he had rented a suite upstairs at the Lakeview, and at that moment, Dusty walked up, took Johnny from Lucy's arms, and demanded to know what Craig was doing there. Craig said Dusty could keep him from holding Johnny, but he couldn't make him invisible; glancing at the bodyguard, Dusty replied, "I wouldn't be too sure about that!" Craig left, and Dusty turned on Lucy, saying, "Is this becoming a habit? Setting up Johnny?" Lucy insisted she'd known nothing about her father's discharge from the hospital or plans to stay at the Lakeview, but Dusty told her to tell him what she and her dad had planned next, because he was not in the mood for any more surprises.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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