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Sheridan moved forward with the adoption of James. Luis was crushed to learn that Sheridan was moving on with Chris. Chad and Valerie were caught in an embrace. JT returned to Harmony. Tabitha's bowl forecast an upcoming funeral. Fox and Miguel went head-to-head in a game of kamikaze basketball. Theresa finalized her will, granting custody of Little Ethan to Julian.
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Passions Recaps: The week of October 2, 2006 on PS
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Monday, October 2, 2006

Miguel told Kay that he hadn't had sex with Siren. He'd made out with her to protect Kay. He told her that he loved her. Tabitha thought that Miguel was making the situation worse, since Kay was already confused. Moreover, she begged Endora not to intervene. Miguel wanted Kay to choose because he did not want to be Kay's rebound. Kay forgave Miguel for jumping to the wrong conclusion about him.

Endora was in her own little world, at some point in time, prior to that moment. She was listening to Fox complain about the situation with Kay and Miguel. Fox also expressed a slight dislike for Siren and how strange she was. Endora couldn't stand to see Fox unhappy, so she zapped Siren and transformed her into a little doll. She conjured up a fish tank and dumped Siren in there. She promised to let Siren out some day when she was on her best behavior. Siren was out of Fox, Miguel, and Kay's lives for the time being, thanks to Endora.

Fox was planning to take Kay out to dinner, so he headed to the kitchen to see her, but before he could get there, Endora redirected him to Sam's kitchen. Endora did not want Fox to walk in on Kay and Miguel. She hated seeing Fox so unhappy. In the meantime, Fox thought he was in the twilight zone. He didn't know how he'd gotten to Sam's kitchen, and Noah thought he was acting strangely. He seemed pretty unbalanced but didn't know that Endora was the cause of it. All he knew was that Harmony was a very strange place.

Tabitha was annoyed that Endora was interfering, since she wanted Fox to learn the truth about Miguel and Kay. She thought it was for the best, since Miguel wouldn't be free to be with Charity if he was with Kay. Miguel was pressuring Kay not to marry Fox. Fox was on his way back to see Kay, but she was still with Miguel in the kitchen. Tabitha announced that Fox was on his way, loudly enough so that Kay could hear her. Kay immediately grabbed Miguel and hid in the closet. Miguel couldn't resist temptation and began to kiss Kay. Kay told him to stop but couldn't resist Miguel's charms and gave in to temptation.

Paloma and Simone were not buying Jessica's excuses. They sensed that Spike had been hurting her again. Meanwhile, Spike broke into Sheridan's cottage to steal her valuables. Chris walked up behind him and threatened him with a knife at his throat. Spike told Chris to speed up the process with the embezzlement -- or else he would tell Sheridan the truth about James.

Back at the Crane pool, Paloma and Simone tried to talk some sense into Jessica. Simone told her to run away from Spike and press charges against him. Spike overheard Simone. He grabbed ahold of her and twisted her arm. He told her to stay out of Jessica's life. Paloma ordered Spike to let go of Simone, and he refused.

Paloma grabbed ahold of Spike and twisted his arm. She told him to leave Simone and Jessica alone. Jessica told Paloma to leave Spike alone. Spike threatened to tell the truth about Jessica's dead johns if Simone and Paloma did not stay out of his business. He also told them that they would be accessories, since they knew about the johns and had covered it up.

Pilar was still trying to convince Theresa to tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan. Whitney also tried to convince Theresa to tell the truth, but Theresa was not budging. Valerie took Little Ethan to see Theresa, and Theresa told him that they would be together forever and ever. Meanwhile, Ethan grabbed ahold of the envelope with Theresa's will. He was shocked at the contents. Gwen asked to see it and insisted that Ethan go with her to confront Theresa.

Gwen told Theresa that she had deliberately sent the will to Ethan, and Theresa told her that Valerie had made a mistake. Gwen was not buying it. She thought that Theresa had sent it to Ethan on purpose. Ethan and Gwen did not see Theresa's letter about Little Ethan. Theresa felt better, but wondered where the letter was. Ethan accepted Theresa's request to take over Crane Industries and take care of Little Ethan if she was no longer alive. Gwen was not pleased with that arrangement.

In the meantime, the letter about Little Ethan was in plain view on Ethan's desk. A mystery person walked into Ethan's office, grabbed the letter, and read it. Theresa stalled Ethan and Gwen while she sent Pilar to retrieve the letter. The mystery person heard Pilar's footsteps and replaced the letter on Ethan's desk. Pilar retrieved the letter while the mystery person hid underneath Ethan's desk. Pilar returned to Theresa's office with the letter in hand. Theresa could put her mind at ease for the moment.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Spike was furious after Simone and Paloma's inquiries about Jessica's bruises. He told his wife to stay away from her friends, or they might get hurt, too. Paloma and Simone realized Spike was blackmailing Jessica about the dead johns. The girls read through the police reports, hoping to prove Jessica's innocence.

Martin ran into Katherine, and they talked about their difficulties in reconnecting with their families. Pilar overheard their conversation and reminded them that they were terrible people, lest they forget.

Sheridan was thrilled when a judge gave the okay for her to adopt James.

Fancy and Luis ended a workout session with a kiss.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Sheridan, Chris, and James arrived home after the successful conclusion of the adoption hearing. Sheridan was officially James's mother. The house was decorated with balloons. Gwen and Ethan arrived bearing presents. They were all very happy. Chris, Ethan, and James went into the kitchen. Gwen embraced Sheridan and told her what a wonderful mother she would be. Sheridan accidentally called James, "Marty." Sheridan corrected herself and told Gwen that she loved James like her own. Gwen assured Sheridan that she understood and knew that Sheridan would be a wonderful mother.

Elsewhere in Harmony, the scene shifted to Tabitha's kitchen table, where she, Fox, and Kay sampled wedding cakes prepared by a renowned pastry chef. "One of the perks of being a Crane bride is getting so many choices," said Fox, who tried to persuade Kay to try another cake. Kay demurred, but Fox wanted to make everything perfect for the wedding. Kay thought about her perfect wedding, but instead of seeing Fox as the groom, she pictured Miguel. Tabitha thought out loud and conjectured that Kay had more important decisions to make than which cake to pick. Tabitha speculated that Kay had to decide on which man to marry.

At Crane headquarters, Chad and Valerie discussed how anxious Theresa had been to keep Ethan from seeing the contents of a smaller envelope that had been included in the packet with her will that Valerie had accidentally delivered to Ethan instead of the company safe, where it was supposed to have gone. Valerie told Chad that she did not know what the smaller envelopes contained. She also told him that despite recovering the envelope, Theresa still seemed very edgy and scared.

In her office, Whitney asked a visibly shaking Theresa what was wrong. Theresa told Whitney, "It's bad enough that Ethan and Gwen know that I've left Ethan in charge of the entire Crane empire as trustee for Little Ethan, but if they ever find out why, that Little Ethan is..." At that moment Jared walked in. He looked stunned. Theresa glanced around nervously.

Chad told Valerie that he did not understand why Theresa had left all the Crane assets to Ethan as Little Ethan's trustee. Valerie agreed and said that Ethan was not even a Crane, unlike Chad, who ruefully admitted that he was the bastard son of Alistair, who he dubbed a racist. They continued to speculate about Theresa's motives. Valerie suggested that it was because Ethan had been disinherited when it had been discovered that his biological father was actually Sam Bennett. "There's more to it than that!" Chad declared.

In Theresa's office, Whitney asked Jared "How long have you been standing there?" "Long enough to know I'm not crazy about this," he said, pointing back and forth between Whitney and Theresa. Theresa asked, "What?" Jared said that every time he walked into the room, they suddenly clammed up, and he wanted to know why. He did not understand why they looked so guilty.

Jared made a shopping joke. Theresa and Whitney covered and pretended that they were feeling guilty about having pie. Theresa and Jared talked a little business. Jared left, and Theresa shut the door. Whitney suggested that she tell him, but Theresa said that she did not want anyone to know that Little Ethan was Ethan's biological son until after she was dead.

In the cottage, Gwen said it was natural for Sheridan to think about her biological son and that Gwen understood because she thought about her deceased daughter every day, even though she loved her adopted daughter as though she were her own flesh and blood. She was very happy for Sheridan. Ethan, Chris, and James were playing with the remote-controlled vehicle that Gwen and Ethan had brought as a present for James. They were noisy, so the men decided to take the toy outside. James called Sheridan "Mom," and she lit up happily. Gwen sensed that Sheridan was thinking about Luis and said so to Sheridan.

Theresa and Whitney argued. Whitney urged Theresa to tell Ethan the truth, but Theresa feared that Ethan would sue for custody and win. She would not take the chance. Whitney pointed out that Gwen and Ethan might figure out her reasons if they put the pieces of the puzzle together.

In Tabitha's kitchen, Miguel walked in and noticed that Fox had fed Kay marzipan cake. He told Fox that it made Kay sick and had done so since they'd been kids. Tabitha thought, "This isn't going to be as much fun as I thought it would." Kay and Fox looked uncomfortable."Why did you pick that cake?" asked Fox. Kay said that she'd wanted to make him happy. Fox wanted a cake they both liked. Fox and Kay moved to another part of the kitchen, and Tabitha told Miguel that he was playing with fire. Miguel told her that he knew what he wanted, and he was looking at a long and happy future with Kay.

In the hallway at Crane, Chad told Valerie that he would put in a good word with Theresa for her. Impulsively, Valerie thanked Chad with a friendly hug. The elevator doors opened, and Jared saw them. He got the wrong impression and looked away.

Whitney continued to point out how smart Ethan was and how easy it would be to "connect the dots." Theresa was fearful of losing her son. "He's all I've got," she insisted. Whitney asked Theresa about Jared, about whether or not she loved him. Theresa dithered for an answer, then told Whitney that nothing came before her son, Little Ethan. A credulous Whitney didn't understand why, if that were true, Theresa did not tell Little Ethan the truth about his parentage. Theresa vowed that she would when no one could hurt either her or her son.

Whitney insisted to Theresa that secrets had a way of being exposed, no matter how many good intentions were involved. Theresa remained in denial. She made Whitney promise that after she died, she would say Theresa had done what she'd thought was best for her son, because she feared that Gwen and Ethan would take Little Ethan away as they had her daughter, Jane. Whitney promised but told Theresa that it would be years and years before she died. Theresa looked away. Whitney wanted to know if there was something that Theresa was not telling. "I don't know," said Theresa, "I just sort of have this feeling...It's just in case."

Outside the cottage, James played with the car, and Ethan and Chris talked about what a good second mom Sheridan would be. While Chris and Ethan discussed how James had lost his mother in a tsunami, Ethan asked Chris about his job. They discussed Theresa, and Ethan told Chris about Theresa's will. He said that it made no sense. Inside, Sheridan told Gwen that Luis was everywhere that she went. She'd even seen him at the courthouse with Fancy.

On that very happy occasion for Sheridan, seeing Luis reminded her of all that they had lost. It made the day bittersweet. She loved her husband and family, Sheridan assured Gwen. She had to put the past behind her. Both she and Luis needed to move on. Sheridan was committed to her husband and son. She and Luis needed to move on, she insisted again. Gwen said that it would be very tough on her to keep her commitment to Chris if Sheridan wished she were married to someone else.

Ethan continued to talk about the terms of the will with Chris and speculated on Theresa's reasons. Chris pointed out that Theresa respected Ethan's legal abilities and did not want to leave Julian in charge. Ethan admitted that he loved Little Ethan as much as he would if Little Ethan were really his son.

Inside, Gwen informed Sheridan about the terms of the will. Gwen told Sheridan that she thought something else was going on, because she was sure that Theresa had not wanted Ethan to see the will until after her death. They agreed that it was bizarre behavior. Gwen wanted to know about a smaller envelope that had been with the will but had since disappeared from Ethan's office. She thought that the contents of that envelope would answer all her questions.

"No more," said Tabitha as she pushed away a plate of cake. Fox told Tabitha that she was "off the hook" and asked for Miguel's opinion. Miguel said that he would pick the lemon cake if it were his wedding then he left the house. Fox said he did not like lemon, and Tabitha said, "Too bad," because Kay had loved lemony things since she'd been a girl. Fox and Kay took a break, and Kay was noticeably quiet and unsettled. She said she had a stomachache.

Fox left to call the chef. Tabitha told Kay she had big problems. Kay said her mind was made up. She was going to marry Fox. Her gut told her to marry Fox. Tabitha told Kay that she had better be sure that she could live with her decision for the rest of her life.

Gwen and Sheridan continued to discuss Theresa's motives for putting Ethan in control of Crane should she pass away. Whitney told Theresa that she thought that Chad was cheating on her. She mentioned the many times he'd receive a phone call and then leave, ostensibly for work. She also mentioned seeing Chad with Valerie. Theresa wanted to fire Valerie, but Whitney said no, because she was not sure and did not want to get Valerie fired if she was innocent.

In the hallway, Valerie thanked Chad again and went back to her office. Jared confronted Chad, who assured him that he had only been comforting Valerie. Chad acknowledged that it had looked bad. Jared told Chad to be careful, and Chad said he would. Miguel was outside, playing basketball, fantasizing about a kiss with Kay, when Fox challenged him to a game. Fox immediately stuffed a basket. Tabitha cast a spell over her bowl to see into the future. She saw the wedding but did not want to tell Kay what she saw. Everyone was there, she told Kay, "but it is not for your wedding."

Gwen and Sheridan joined Ethan, Chris, and James outdoors. The adults discussed Theresa's will while James played with his toy. They concluded that Theresa simply thought that Ethan would be the best manager. All went inside. Gwen lingered and pondered Theresa's motives. Alone, she vowed to get to the bottom of Theresa's bequest.

Jared and Chad discussed Theresa's will. Jared was concerned but thought that he could replace Ethan in Theresa's heart. Theresa wanted to fire Valerie, but Whitney said that she was probably overreacting. Whitney questioned Theresa's need for a will. Theresa shared her feelings that something bad was about to happen.

Fox and Miguel continued their duel on the basketball court. Tabitha told Kay that people were gathered in the church for a funeral. "Someone very close to you is going to die," intoned Tabitha to a stunned Kay.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Jared and Chad watched in confusion as Fox and Miguel played a rough game of basketball.

Kay was aghast when Tabitha's bowl showed a funeral in Harmony. Kay wanted to know who it was, but the casket was closed.

Luis was recruited for an undercover sting operation at a mob-run strip club. When Fancy voiced concern for his safety, Luis told her he would have undercover backup in the club. When Luis was already inside, Sam got a call saying the undercover backup had been exposed, and Luis was on his own.

Sheridan and Ethan caught up, chatting about their love lives. When they talked about the contents of Theresa's will, Sheridan suspected something had happened to make Theresa give up on winning Ethan back.

Theresa breathed a sigh of relief, knowing the only person who would tell her secret could not be found. Meanwhile, Rebecca was delighted to receive a text message from J.T., her tabloid editor lover. When Gwen told Rebecca about Theresa's will, Rebecca suggests they hire J.T. to figure out Theresa's secrets. Gwen was sickened at the thought, reminding her mother that J.T. could easily finish her marriage if he came to town.

Friday, October 6, 2006

Luis was being watched and could not get to move around freely. While he awaited his backup, Fancy showed up as a stripper. Out of concern for her safety, Luis approached Fancy and told her that she should not be there. She told Luis to leave her alone before her cover was blown. Lester, the club owner, was getting suspicious of Fancy and Luis, since they'd shown up unexpectedly.

Luis tried to put Lester's mind at ease by turning the tables on him. Luis accused Lester of being the mole the FBI had planted. Fancy chimed in and said that Luis had visited the club she worked in Boston. Lester took the bait. To make it even more convincing, Fancy had to give Luis a lap dance. She had to maintain her cover as well as Luis'. Lester walked out of the room to handle some business in the back. Luis and Fancy were alone, but Lester's goons watched from afar.

Luis accused Fancy of playing games and wanted her gone, but Fancy wasn't going anywhere. Luis wondered what was going on in the back room, since Lester kept disappearing. He couldn't get to snoop because he was being watched, and he had to deal with Fancy. Luis managed to get rid of Fancy for the moment. Lester wanted to get Luis more involved in the operation, and Luis accepted his offer.

Lester was not really getting Luis involved. He wanted to find out if Fancy and Luis knew each other because he thought something was not right with them. Luis found out that Lester was running a porn ring. He also discovered that Fancy was the new star of the next porn flick.

Kay inquired why Fox was unconscious, and Miguel told her that it had been an accident resulting from their one-on-one basketball game. Kay worried that the funeral Tabitha had seen in the magic bowl could turn out to be Fox's funeral. Tabitha told Kay that she had not seen who was going to die. Fox was okay. He had hit his head very hard, and Jared thought he should be checked out by someone just in case he had a concussion. Fox told Kay that he did not need a doctor.

Both Jared and Chad agreed that Miguel and Fox were at war, since they'd been playing such a rough game. Chad left to meet with his mystery date. He told her that he was glad that they'd arrived separately because he'd just run into someone he knew. Back at Tabitha's house, Miguel and Fox got into another squabble over a broken stove that was not broken. Tabitha had to explain the mess in her house, so she lied about her stove exploding.

Theresa thought J.T. was still in hiding based on confirmation from her private investigator. She didn't want J.T. showing up to spill the beans on Ethan about Little Ethan's true paternity. Whitney asked Valerie if she had seen Chad, and Valerie replied that she had not seen Chad in a while. Whitney sensed that Valerie was nervous and shared it with Theresa.

Theresa told Whitney that Valerie and Chad were not having an affair and to stop worrying. Whitney was not convinced, since she had no explanations for Chad's late-night phone calls and his late work schedules. Valerie got a call while she was in with Theresa and Whitney. She asked the caller why she had received a call while she'd been in with Whitney and Theresa. Theresa told Frank, the P.I. to follow Chad.

Rebecca asked J.T. his reason for being in Harmony, and he told her that he was there to see her. Rebecca promised to meet J.T. on one condition: he had to find out why Theresa had named Ethan in his will to oversee Crane Industries if she died. Rebecca told J.T. that she could not see him because of Gwen. He told her not to mention it to Gwen. Gwen and Ethan overheard Rebecca telling J.T. that Gwen did not have to know, and it was making them both suspicious of Rebecca.

Rebecca lied to Gwen and Ethan to cover her tracks. Ethan was not buying Rebecca's explanation. He thought Rebecca and J.T. Cornell knew why Theresa had left him in charge in case she died. Gwen and Rebecca wanted to know why Ethan was so fixated on J.T. all of a sudden. He told them that it was because of what had happened in Rome. Gwen asked Ethan if he believed Theresa. Ethan told Gwen that he didn't believe she'd had anything to do with leaking to the tabloid, but Ethan thought Rebecca knew J.T. intimately.

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