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Passions Recaps: The week of October 9, 2006 on PS
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Monday, October 9, 2006

Miguel and Fox are still arguing with each other over Kay. Tabitha blames Kay for the turmoil she is in. She Kisses Miguel and then Fox, so of course there will be fireworks. Tabitha threatens to throw Fox and Miguel out if they don't stop arguing. Kay feels guilty for all the trouble she has caused, including hurting her mom, and she wishes that she has never been born. Endora hears Kay's wishes and grants her the wish by making Kay disappear. Endora's spell works because Fox has not heard of Kay since Endora made sure Kay was never born.

Lester is testing Luis by watching his reaction to Fancy starring in a porn flick. Luis tells Lester that he doesn't care what Fancy does, but Lester isn't buying it. Luis tries to talk Lester out of using Fancy by stating that she is not an actress, but Lester doesn't care. All he knows is that Fancy is going to do just fine. Luis is upset at Fancy for getting them in this mess, and he has no idea how he will get them out of it. Lester brings out Fancy's costar, Gary, and he is looking forward to making the movie with Fancy. Luis and Fancy were about to make a run for it, but Lester caught them. What will they do now? Luis tricks Gary into abandoning the part. Fancy is hoping that Luis' cover is not blown or else she will be on her own. Ironically, Luis disguises himself as a cop and replaces Gary, so he is going to be Fancy's costar instead.

Whitney wishes she had a private investigator like Theresa because she needs proof that Chad is cheating on her. Whitney also wishes that she had two men fighting over her like Theresa since Chad is being unfaithful to her. Theresa is secretly having Chad followed because she cares about her best friend. Whitney changes the subject because it's too painful to think about Chad cheating. She focuses on Theresa and her family instead. Theresa thinks that JT Cornell is still missing, but he is actually in Harmony. Jared shows up to work and Whitney thinks that Chad is also back at work. Jared tells her that Chad had some place else to go. Whitney is more suspicious of Chad than ever.

Ethan continues to badger Rebecca about her telephone companion. Ethan is insisting and finding out all he can from Rebecca about JT despite Gwen's resistance. Gwen is upset with Ethan because she thinks that his quest for the truth has everything to do with Theresa and not being able to get over her. Gwen tells Ethan to drop it because neither she nor her mother has met JT before Rome. In addition, she tells Ethan that he is looking for an excuse to leave her to be with Theresa. Ethan tells Gwen that he does not want to be with Theresa, and Gwen apologizes. Gwen manages to get rid of Ethan, but she thinks Rebecca is up to something. Rebecca finally tells Gwen that JT is in Harmony. Gwen tells Rebecca to get rid of all the naked pictures of JT on her phone just in case Ethan sees it. Moreover, she tells Rebecca to tell JT to hightail it out of Harmony. Ethan returns and insists that Rebecca tells him who she is text messaging.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tabitha realizes Endora granted Kay's wish that she had never been born. Per Tabby's orders, Endora brings Kay back, but only as a specter. Kay watches as Fox and Miguel rave about their girlfriends, and she sadly notes they are both happier without her.

To protect Fancy, Luis convinces Lester to let him appear in the porn scene with her. Unable to extricate themselves from the situation without blowing their cover, Luis and Fancy pretend to have sex for the camera.

Jared romances Theresa, but she privately can't stop thinking about Ethan.

Ethan reads a text message on Rebecca's cell phone, which says, "I miss you. We haven't talked since Rome." Ethan demands to know if she's been communicating with J.T. Cornell. Rebecca tries to cover, but Ethan decides to track down the signal to see where her messages are coming from.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

At home, Whitney says goodnight to her son, Miles as she closes his bedroom door. She picks up a picture of Chad and starts talking to him. She knows that he is keeping a secret, which she believes is an affair with Valerie. Chad walks in wearing workout clothes and greets her cheerfully. He gives her roses. "Why am I not surprised?" Whitney responds unenthusiastically. "What's wrong? Don't you like the flowers" Chad asks. Whitney tells him that what she does not like is the way he disappears and she does not know where he is. She demands to know where he has been and whom he's been with. Kay, Tabitha and Endora are in the dining room of Tabitha's house watching Fox and Miguel kissing their girlfriends. Kay thanks Endora for granting her wish to see what would happen if she had never been born. "Piece of cake" Endora responds. "Remember they cannot see you." She adds. Tabitha tells Kay and Endora to stop talking to each other, but Fox, Miguel and their dates think she means them because they cannot see Kay. She is invisible to them. Tabitha covers quickly and pretends that she meant something else. Tabitha Kay and Endora huddle around the table, so that Tabitha can talk to Kay and it will appear that she is whispering to Endora. Tabitha tells Kay that just because the boys are best friends, have good jobs, fancy cars, great apartments and beautiful girlfriends, it does not mean that they are better off without her. "Could have fooled me," says a disgruntled Kay. At Sheridan's cottage, she and Chris are in the bathroom, in a bubble bath together, in a tub, surrounded by candles. Sheridan asks Chris if he is hiding something from her. He flashes back to his thoughts on the day he burned the incriminating file that proved his connection to Alistair. His thoughts are regretful. Sheridan notes that she talks about her past and Chris does not. She wants to know why he tensed up when she mentioned his parents. Chris looks away. At the hotel, Lester is holding a gun to Fancy's head. Sam tries to reason with him. Luis is poised for an opportunity, and also tells him to put the gun down. Lester demands a helicopter. Rebecca and Gwen are hurrying to meet J.T. in his hotel room before Ethan finds him. Rebecca tells Gwen not to worry, that everything will be fine, but Gwen is not convinced. Meanwhile, Ethan has traced Rebecca's cell phone to the hotel and is very close. He wants to vindicate his hunch. An unconscious J.T., clad only in his underwear, is lying face down on floor in the hallway. Theresa and Jared come out of another room. They hear a groan and start toward the sound. Gwen, Rebecca, Ethan, Theresa and Jared all appear to be converging on J.T.

Chad is incredulous. He asks Whitney why bringing her flowers means that he has been with someone else. Whitney tells him that it is what men do when they feel guilty. Chad remembers himself in a towel, in a hotel room with someone else. He denies it to Whitney. She continues to demand the truth. Chad has no immediate response. Miguel and Fox seem very happy. Kay thinks maybe she should just go away instead of having Endora reverse the spell that Kay has asked her to cast. The boys go outside to fix Tabitha's fence. Their girlfriends start giggling and talking. Kay overhears them discussing how much money they are going to get after they marry and divorce Fox and Miguel. Kay is outraged. Tabitha suggests that maybe Fox and Miguel are not better off without Kay. In the tub, Chris thinks to himself that Sheridan can never know that before he came to love her, he worked for Alistair, or that James is not his son. To Sheridan he explains that he is not hiding anything, it is just that his time in the witness protection program has made him reticent about discussing his past. He tells Sheridan that he did not mean for her to be concerned. Sheridan accepts his explanation and apologizes for doubting him. A police officer enters the room where Lester has a gun a Fancy's head, but leaves quickly. Lester wants a copter. Sam negotiates with him. Sam and Luis speak privately. Luis points out that Harmony does not have a helicopter. They decide that Sam will stall Lester and Luis will take him down. Sam talks. Fancy and Luis exchange looks. She ducks. Luis grabs Lester and the gun. They struggle. A shot rings out. Fancy screams. Theresa and Jared draw closer to J.T., who regains consciousness and munches on a doughnut. By the time they get to the room service cart he is gone. They go back to their room. Ethan passes by as soon as they close the door. Ethan finds the overturned room service cart. J.T. crawls to his room. Gwen and Rebecca spot Ethan, but he does not see them. J.T., who has found his pants, surprises Rebecca and Gwen, who knees him in the groin when he hugs her. She demands, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Whitney continues to require answers from Chad. He tells her he was in Boston on business. Whitney questions him and pleads answers. He says OK. He will tell her. Kay is incensed as she listens in on the conversation of Fox and Miguel's companions. Tabitha tries to convince Kay to let Endora reverse the spell. Kay resists. First she wants to teach the two girls a lesson. Tabitha says, "Count me in." "Me, too" thinks Endora. They start whispering together. Rebecca wants to play nurse to J.T.'s pain, but Gwen is angry and in a hurry to move J.T. out of the hall. She hears Ethan calling her name. She and Rebecca are frantic as they grab J.T.'s legs and start to pull. Ethan moves down the hall, calling out for Gwen.

The girls speculate about what they will get after their divorce. Tabitha tells them they are "heartless whores." They threaten her. "Fire one," says Kay. Endora throws one of her magic bolts and both become very disheveled. Probably a fate worse than death for two such shallow, conniving women. They notice that their hair is coming out by the handfuls. "Fire two," says Kay. Endora shoots another pink bolt and the girl's clothes fall apart. "You're evil," they screech. Tabitha cackles triumphantly. When Fox and Miguel come in (both are shirtless after working in the yard), the girls tell them that the weddings are off and they stomp out. Fox and Miguel are nonplussed. Whitney wants to know why Chad was in Boston. He tells her it was to see another woman. Luis is unhurt. Sam says, "Good work," as Luis cuffs Lester. Fancy wonders about the gunshots. Sam says that they went into the floor and that both Lester and Luis are lucky. Lester does not see it that way. "You're alive," snarls Sam as Lester is taken away. Another officer starts teasing Luis about his "film" debut as a porno star. Sam tells the officer that Luis and Fancy did what they had to do to protect their cover. He tells the officer that Luis and Fancy worked together and that he could learn a lot from the teamwork they displayed. Fancy smiles at the compliment and gives Luis a knowing look and puts her head on his shoulder. Sam demands to know what is going on. He tells them that if they are dating he will kick them both off the force. Jared and Theresa are in bed kissing when they hear noises in the hall. Gwen and Rebecca are arguing as they drag J.T. down the hall. Ethan roams the corridors calling for Gwen. Rebecca wants to leave J.T. and save herself. Gwen is afraid that if they leave him, J.T. will tell Ethan everything. J.T. hears Ethan and they all run. They think they have found J.T.s room, but the key does not work. Jared and Theresa hear suspicious noised outside their door and prepare to open the door.

Whitney wants to know the name of the woman in Boston with whom he is having an affair. Hold it, says Chad. He went to Boston to get a present, a doll for Whitney that looks like her. Whitney is sorry. Chad tells her there is no other woman, he was teasing. He loves her. Whitney tells Chad her fears, but says that she is feeling foolish about doubting him. They hug. Chad looks insincere. Endora brings Kay back. "It's good to be back," she says. Where were you, asks Miguel. Everything is as before. J.T. tries to open the door. Gwen and Rebecca hustle him away before Theresa and Jared can open the door. They think the hotel is haunted. Ethan continues to wander the hall calling for Gwen. He thinks he hears voices. Maybe the hotel is haunted, he thinks.

Whitney continues apologizing to Chad. They start kissing. She asks him to make love to her. Kay keeps saying how glad she is to be back. Fox and Miguel compete for Kay's attention. Tabitha warns Endora not to interfere because her "It's a Wonderful Life" spell has caused enough problems for one night. Luis assures Sam that he and Fancy are not dating. Sam is mad at Fancy for going undercover without permission. Luis tells Sam that if she had not, they might not have been so successful in nabbing Lester and the pornographers. Sam is worried about what will happen if the tape they made gets out. Gwen and Rebecca finally help J.T. find his room. Ethan hears J.T. Gwen struggles with the room key as Ethan closes in.

Whitney and Chad make love. While they kiss, Chad remembers being with someone else and thinks that being with Whitney is not enough. Tabitha and Kay tell each other that they cannot imagine not being in each other's life. Tabitha tells Kay that life is all about love and that if Kay wants to be really happy, she must marry the man she really loves. Easier said than done. Kay tells her. There is no sex tape, Luis says because they faked it. Sam says he hopes it does not get out. An officer rushes in and tells them to watch the news. They turn on the TV and the tape is airing. Sheridan gets a call telling her to turn on the TV news. She and Chris do and they see the tape of Luis and Fancy. Jared tells Theresa that he wants to make her happy. She encourages him to make love to her all night long. Gwen, J.T. and Rebecca make it into J.T.'s room seconds before Ethan finds them. He is outside the door, vowing to find out the truth about Rebecca outing him as a Bennett, and Theresa naming him as trustee for Little Ethan in her will. He knows the answer is behind the door. While Ethan pounds outside, Gwen, Rebecca and J.T. cower inside.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

At the hotel, Rebecca and J.T. hide in the closet as Ethan pounds on Cornell's door. As they make love, a blissful Whitney tells Chad she'll never doubt his fidelity again. Sam berates Luis and Fancy after their skin flick hits the airwaves. Meanwhile, Sheridan watches the video with a sinking heart. Ethan finally gets the door of the hotel room open and is surprised to find Gwen waiting with a sexy invitation. Luis and Fancy's steamy video sparks controversy and scandal all over Harmony. Theresa continues to fantasize about Ethan as she lies in bed with Jared. Chortling to recognize Paloma's cop brother in a porn flick, Spike suggests to a shuddering Jessica that they make an "adult film" of their own. Luis continues to defend himself and Fancy to an irate Sam. Simone and Paloma are appalled to see Spike strike his wife and send her sprawling to the floor. Gwen nervously attempts to distract her husband after he hears a strange sound coming from the closet.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Simone and Paloma are worried about Jessica and are encouraging her to leave Spike and press charges against him. Jessica tells them that Spike is her husband and that he loves her. Paloma decides to get some intervention for Jessica. She wants the entire family to confront Jessica as a group and show her that they are willing to stand by her if she decides to get help. Simone mentions Spike's threat about the dead Johns, but Paloma wants to call his bluff in order to save Jessica's life. Paloma tells Sam and Noah about Jessica's situation. Sam threatens to kill Spike, but Paloma tells him that that's not the answer since he would go to jail, and Jessica would be left alone. Paloma tells Sam about the intervention idea, and he agrees to do it for Jessica's sake. Sam, Noah, Kay, Paloma, and Simone approach Jessica in regards to Spike, but she is resisting the help. She is in denial about Spike since she thinks he loves her. Jessica's family and friends rally around her, and she finally admits that Spike does hurt her. She is willing to do what it takes to make it stop since her family and friends are behind her.

Sheridan assures James that she is ok. Sheridan reads James a story. Chris hears a noise outside and decides to go check it out. It's none other than Spike. He threatens Chris to speed up the process so that he can get his money. If Chris doesn't do it right away, Spike will fill Sheridan in on Chris' identity and his relationship to James. Spike and Chris hear Luis and Fancy coming towards them, so they ran and hide.

Luis almost gets in a car accident because he is fantasizing about his and Fancy's porn flick. He gets a dispatch that the silent alarm on the Crane estate has been tripped. Luis hopes that Sheridan is safe since the last incident on the Crane estate almost killed Pilar. Luis decides to check Sheridan's cottage for any intruder since it's quiet at the mansion. Fancy looks around outside while Luis looks inside. Luis walks in on Sheridan watching the porn flick of him and Fancy on the news.

Whitney believes that Chad is not cheating on her and tells Theresa. Theresa tells Whitney that she can't stop thinking about Ethan, no matter how hard she tries. Whitney tells Theresa not to blow it with Jared because he is the only one who can take her mind off Ethan temporarily. Whitney gushes over how lucky she and Chad are to have Miles in their lives. Chad has other things on his mind and Whitney senses it. He tells her it's nothing. His hotel room key is right next to his clothes on the floor, so he had to lie to Whitney in order to hide it. Chad tells Whitney that the last thing he ever wants to do is hurt her. Back at the hotel room, Jared and Theresa get a little frisky. They are right next door to Ethan and Gwen's hotel room.

Ethan swears up and down that there is someone in the hotel room closet. Gwen tells him it's nothing. Ethan thinks that it must be a vermin. JT overhears and asks Rebecca if Ethan just calls them a vermin. Ethan is walking towards the closet and Gwen faints and is imagining how it would play out if Ethan discovers that JT and Rebecca are in the closet. She imagines that Ethan is calling her a liar and accuses her of framing Theresa for the tabloid debacle. Ethan is very angry and asks Gwen for a divorce. Gwen begs Ethan not to leave her because she only did it because of her love for him. Ethan manages to get Gwen out of her fainting spell and asks her why she is telling him not to leave her. Gwen lies to Ethan and tells him that she is lightheaded since she didn't have much to eat, which affected her blood sugar level. Ethan decides to go downstairs to get Gwen something to eat, but he hears more noises in the closet and wants to go check it out in order to keep Gwen safe. Gwen tells him not to worry because she would check it out herself. She talks out loud that she is about to check the closet, so JT and Rebecca hide further in the closer. She changes her mind about dinner since Ethan is so fixated on the noises in the closet. She decides to continue seducing Ethan instead. Ethan hears noises again, and this time Gwen can blame it on the guests next door to them. Ethan tells them to keep it down not knowing that it's Jared and Theresa in the next room. Ethan decides to go tell the guests next door in person to keep it down. Now is the perfect opportunity to get Rebecca and JT out of the closet, so Gwen tells them to hightail it out of there in 30 seconds. Ethan knocks on Jared and Theresa's room and tells them to keep it down. Theresa tells Jared that whoever is knocking at the door needs to get a life, and Jared decides to go tell the person that very same thing. When Jared opens the door, he realizes it's Ethan. Theresa is shocked to see Ethan. Rebecca and JT try to make a run for it but think someone has seen her and it's all over.

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