One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 16, 2006 on OLTL

Spencer claimed to be Asa's son. Todd and Blair questioned Spencer about Margaret's baby, but Spencer refused to provide answers. Michael and Marcie decided to research Tommy's birth parents but didn't get the answers they wanted. Antonio asked Nash to be in his wedding party. Adriana advised Dorian that she would never forgive her.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 16, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, October 16, 2006

Evangeline walks into Rodi's and catches Cris defending himself from an inebriated Nash. Unfortunately Evangeline assumes that Cris through the first punch until Claudia pulls her aside and informs her that Cris was only defending himself as Nash through the first punch. Claudia also shares with Evangeline how distraught Nash has been since losing Tess and now he fears losing his baby as well. Claudia's concern for Nash prompts Evangeline to ask Claudia if she is in love with Nash. Claudia tells her that it doesn't matter since Nash is still in love with Tess.

While Evangeline is getting the facts from Claudia, Antonio calms Cris down who has decided to press charges against Nash for striking him. Antonio orders Nash a cup of coffee and pulls Cris aside to ask him not to bring the authorities in on the situation. Cris can't believe that Antonio is defending Nash. Antonio tells Cris that he feels sorry for Nash since he has lost everything and is finally coming to that realization. Cris still feels that Nash is a danger to Antonio, Jessica, and Brennan and wonders how Jessica would feel if she found out that Antonio was defending him. Antonio tells Cris that Jessica has shown more compassion than he has when it comes to Nash and that he is trying to be more understanding. Antonio agrees to take Nash home while Cris stays behind. Evangeline apologizes to Cris for jumping to conclusions. Cris tells her that although he doesn't see his anger totally calming down, he is willing to work on it so that he can be with Evangeline. A touched Evangeline feels that their relationship is worth a second chance and makes up with Cris.

Asa visits Spencer and they have a discussion about Spencer's mother. Asa reveals that he loved Spencer's mother despite what she might have told Spencer. However, Spencer isn't buying it and feels that Asa ruined his mother's life. Nigel tries to intervene between the two men but Asa has one final thing to say to Spencer before leaving. He tells Spencer that if he tries to hurt his family again, he will kill him.

David and Dorian scheme to bring down Spencer and the Buchanan's all at once. As Dorian stays behind, David visits Spencer in jail and asks him to sign papers making David his power of attorney. Spencer scoffs at David's suggestion and wonders what is in it for David. David tells Spencer that since he is getting the death penalty he might as well turn everything over to him. Spencer tells David that he has an attorney that he trusts and he will not be signing over his assets to David. David tries to hold information over Spencer's head but when Spencer doesn't budge on his stance, David reveals that he knows that Asa is Spencer's daddy.

Viki reveals to Clint that David has moved in with Dorian. Clint tries to hide his jealousy but after Viki leaves to go meet with Jessica, Clint heads straight to Dorian's. While there he sees the tree that David drew with all the Buchanan men's names. When Clint questions why his family is on the piece of paper, Dorian covers by saying that she has a friend who is looking for a job and she suggested he talk to each of the Buchanan men on the list in hopes of finding a position. When Clint questions why Matthew's name is also on the list, Dorian suggests that her friend may need to do a paper route until they can find something better. Their discussion leads to Clint asking how long after they broke up did it take for her to invite David back into her house and her bed. Dorian is offended that Clint would question her about her private life especially since he told her that he didn't care about her. An infuriated Clint leaves declaring that he doesn't care what Dorian does.

Viki meets Jessica and Brennan at the park and can't wait to start discussing Jessica and Antonio's wedding plans. Jessica is apprehensive about marrying Antonio when Natalie has just lost John. Viki feels that a wedding is just what the family needs in order to help them heal from their losses. Jessica decides that Viki is right and can't wait to start planning her wedding and picking out the perfect dress. Looking at Brennan makes Viki question Nash's role in her life. Jessica tells Viki that losing Tess has not been easy for Nash and he keeps coming around. Viki is still concerned but Jessica convinces her that marrying Antonio is the right decision for her and that Nash will not be a problem.

Blair shows up at the penthouse with bags in tow declaring that she and the children are moving back in. A furious Todd tells Blair that the children are welcome but she isn't as he throws her bags into the hall. Blair tells him that no matter what he does she is not leaving and throws in his face the fact that she still has a key. When she goes to retrieve her bags, Todd locks the doors and reveals that he had the locks changed. Starr and Jack arrive and an elated Todd lets them in. Todd tells the children that they can stay but their mother can't. Jack tells his father that he won't move back without his mother because she is the only one who knows the special words to make the bad dreams go away. Todd tries to reason with Jack but Jack remains stubborn in his resolve to go where Blair goes. With Starr unwilling to go back to Dorian's and Todd unwilling to split up the children, he reluctantly agrees to allow Blair to move back in. Todd takes Jack upstairs to his bedroom while Starr gives her mother her approval on her scheme to win Todd back.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

After confirming David's news that he is indeed Asa Buchanan's son, Spencer goes into a tirade about how he promised their mother that he would get revenge on Asa for what he did to her. David, knowing that their mother was slightly off, tries to reason with his brother but Spencer is determined to make Asa pay for his misdeeds. Spencer shares with David how close he was to exacting revenge on all the Buchanan men until he became distracted by Blair. David agrees to carry out Spencer's plan for him if he signs the power of attorney papers. Spencer is adamant that since John is dead and there are no other witnesses to the charges that have been brought against him, he will be out of jail soon and doesn't need or want David's help. Spencer also informs David that he is going to make sure that Hugh inherits everything in the event of his demise.

Dorian runs into Adriana and Rex at Capricorn where she is setting up a special dinner reservation for herself and Clint. Adriana does a little prying and finds out information that she secretly plans on using against Dorian. Dorian wonders how Adriana is doing and Adriana confirms that she has found an apartment and is doing well. When Dorian leaves to deliver an invitation to Clint, Adriana joins Rex who was trying to convince Ted to do the right thing and testify against Vincent or he may find himself on the other end of Cris' fists yet again. Adriana shares with Rex her scheme to ensure that Dorian's plans with Clint are ruined.

Antonio helps a grateful yet skeptical Nash sober up. Nash wonders why Antonio decided not to have a drunken Nash thrown in jail. Antonio shares with Nash all the things R.J. did to try to keep him away from his own daughter. Antonio feels that Nash should not have his daughter taken away from him even if it is an uncomfortable situation. As Nash and Antonio "bond," Nash realizes that Antonio is probably the only other person who can really understand what Nash is going through. Nash promises to move on with his life without the liquor and asks Antonio to apologize to Cris for him.

Cris and Evangeline visit Layla who is heartbroken over the fact that Vincent set Cris up. Evangeline is sympathetic but she also reminds Layla that Vincent is bad news. Layla feels that Vincent showed her a different side and treated her better than anyone had in awhile. Cris also sympathizes with Layla but stands by his decision to bring Vincent down for setting him up. Cris and Evangeline reveal to Layla that they have hired Rex to get the goods on Vincent.

Vincent runs into Natalie on the docks and wonders what she is doing there. Natalie tells him that she came there to gather her thoughts. Vincent decides to share with Natalie how he and Layla have parted ways. Natalie wonders what he did which amuses Vincent but at the same time makes him think about his actions. Natalie tells him that she is in no position to judge him because she remembers all the terrible things she did when she blew into town. Cris' love changed Natalie and for that there will always be a special bond between them. When Natalie tells Vince that if anyone messes with Cris they will have to deal with her, Vincent rethinks his decision to confess his misdeeds to Natalie.

Dorian breaks into Clint's place in an attempt to leave him an invitation to her special dinner set up. She almost gets caught but manages to elude a suspicious Clint. As she is placing his invitation on the desk, David calls her with news that he has struck out with Spencer and needs her help to determine his next course of action. Dorian refuses to help him with his vendetta against the Buchanans fearing that she will lose Clint forever if he finds out. David tries to reason with her but Dorian is adamant about not getting involved. David reminds her that he was all set to help her with Clint and Adriana but Dorian feels that she has the situation under control and ends her call with David after leaving the invitation. Clint barely misses her as she makes her escape, but he finds the invitation that she left for him.

Bo visits Paige and Hugh at the hospital. Paige encourages Bo to visit with Hugh and when he does, Hugh asks him where he is. Bo shares with Hugh how he was in an accident and is in the hospital which slight agitates Hugh causing the doctor to sedate him a little more. Paige thinks that it is an encouraging sign that Hugh recognized Bo and hopes that it means that Hugh is getting stronger. When Bo suggests that they grab a bite to eat, Paige insists that she needs to stay with her son. Bo convinces her that she also needs to take care of herself and they leave to go and enjoy a steak together. David sneaks into Hugh's room and has him "sign" papers which will ensure that Spencer will continue paying for his actions.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

As Dorian makes her final preparations for her romantic rendezvous with Clint, an obviously jealous David tries to talk her out of it. He also mentions the underhanded way in which he obtained Hugh's signature for his contract to get Spencer's presumed Buchanan inheritance. He's quite happy that he appears to be the one with the upper hand for a change. Dorian adamantly advises him to lay low until Spencer is convicted and then he can try to get his money. He makes fun of her real and honest persona; she retorts that he'd better listen to her.

Evangeline stops by Nora's office to wish her well at Spencer's hearing. Nora is feeling quite insecure and is sure she will throw the whole thing, freeing Spencer. She's insistent that he not go unpunished. Vange gives her a pep talk and tells her how common her feelings are. Nora invites her to be second chair but Evangeline declines, accepting a consulting position instead.

The Buchanan men meet up to hit some golf balls. Bo and Kevin poke fun at Clint, citing Dorian's unending pursuit of him and how she'll never give up. Clint insists that she was only an attraction for the moment and that they're through. He certainly couldn't be with her when she hasn't even shown any remorse for what she did to Adriana.

After Blair happily sends Jack off to school, Todd confronts her with the absurdity of the situation. She calls it a normal transition but he insists that he's only putting up with her being there for Jack, so that he won't think his dad is a monster. He doesn't want her there and it won't work, he insists yet again as she leans over to kiss him. He calls her crazy and compares her to Margaret who also wouldn't listen to what he was saying. Blair of course, denies being anything like their former nemesis. They agree to head to Spencer's hearing together but first Todd calls Evangeline to give her advance warning, for when she sees them together. We're not together, Todd informs her.

Nat pays Spencer a visit to blame him for what happened to John. The tables are quickly turned when a vehement Spencer accuses her of being angry with him because John devoted more of his attention to Spencer than to her. If Nat is tortured it's her own fault that John is dead, he continues. John was very aloof, not loving and he only became happy when he thought he had the man responsible for his father's death. Natalie only had leftover crumbs of attention from him because she wasn't woman enough to keep him happy. John probably would have taken his ring back eventually and gone back to Evangeline who is way more of a woman than Natalie, he snarls. She knows John never loved her, even if she does have a ring. John was incapable of loving anyone but himself and was really an emotional cripple. Natalie is speechless and insulted and voices her sympathy that poor Spencer is so miserable. Did his father make him that way, she wonders. When he mentions that his father will pay, Natalie is confused. Isn't your father dead? Spencer is certain that he will not be found guilty.

When Michael and Marcie meet at the courthouse to finalize their adoption of Tommy, they learn that he was previously adopted. Michael figures it was probably a teen mother and reassures Marcie when she's concerned over not being able to learn of Tommy's medical history. He's a doctor and he'll look out for their son, Michael consoles her. Shortly after, the courtroom begins to fill as people arrive for Spencer's hearing. When Spencer arrives he comments on how cute Tommy is which piques Marcie's curiosity. His lawyer warns him not to look smug. When the judge orders Spencer to stand to hear the charges against him, Spencer remains seated. After being warned of contempt, he does stand up but it's only to make a speech. The judge and lawyer both try to get him to stop but he doesn't. His lawyer threatens to quit. He announces that he couldn't stand because Spencer Truman is not his real name. Asa Buchanan is his father and he's a Buchanan boy!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Layla told Adriana that Rex was digging up dirt to put Vincent away. Adriana explained that Cris hired Rex to find out who set up the fight. Adriana had an errand to do. (Scroll down for more on that.) Vincent popped in and Layla asked Vincent if he drugged Cris. Vincent remained silent. "Go and redeem yourself somewhere else. We're through," Layla snapped.

Rex got some information about the whereabouts of Todd Jr. A source admitted to having seen a baby near Spencer and learned that Spencer dropped the baby off to someone in a car. "Gotcha, Spencer, you smug bastard," Rex smiled. Rex went to the penthouse to update Todd on the hunt for Todd Jr. Todd told Rex though he had done more bad things than good, he (meaning Todd) thought he was a good father and wanted to be a good dad to Todd Jr. Blair let Todd know that she wanted to help him.

Vincent hoped that Nash's current problems wouldn't prevent him from making his first loan payment.

Antonio told Jessica about Nash's little fight with Cris. Jessica was horrified and wondered what Nash was thinking. Antonio explained that Nash was in a tailspin sort of like the one Antonio went into when he learned he was a Santi. Jessica asked Antonio for help planning the wedding. He said anything as long as she said 'I do' to him. Nash knocked at the door and thanked them for putting his daughter first. He asked Jessica to tell Bree about Tess when Bree would understand it. Jessica said she could only do that with Nash's help. Nash headed out but then Antonio asked Nash to be part of the wedding. Jessica's eyes almost popped out of her head.

Spencer told the Buchanan men all about Asa's affair with Emma Bradley, his mother. The entire courtroom was riveted and horrified at the same time. Bo brought up the suggestion of a DNA test. The Buchanans got their dander up. Blair stormed out and declared that Spencer would never get near her kids again. Todd chuckled at the whole thing. Bo said Spencer would not be joining them for Thanksgiving, or any other holiday for that matter. The arguing continued until the judge was announced and everyone had to come to order. The judge said that the defendant's parentage has no bearing on this case and added that this was not a circus. The judge ruled that there was enough evidence for Spencer to stand trial for the murder of Thomas McBain. Evangeline was elated but Nora didn't think she'd be ready to do the full trial. She almost lost her bearings while in front of the judge.

Dorian asked David to move out of her personal space because she wanted to focus on Clint in the courtroom. Kevin was going to head over to Grandpa's to see what he knew about Spencer's claims.

Dorian's planned rendezvous with Clint was about to hit a big bump in the road: Adriana told the manager at Capricorn that Dorian wouldn't be able to make it. Viki also got an invite to Capricorn. Clint showed up early, as did Viki. Before Dorian could leave her house, Adriana locked her in the closet.

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Buchanans gathered to break the news to Asa that Spencer claims he's Asa's son. Asa was upstairs resting but Nigel clued them in to the fact that Emma Bradley was one of the great loves of Asa's life. Bo, Kevin, Kelly and Paige recalled all the crazy events that had happened on New Year's Eve, the night that Spencer left a photo of Emma in Asa's cabin. And they wondered if Spencer might indeed be a Buchanan.

Todd paid Spencer a visit. He made it clear that he wasn't interested in his confession but was eager to know more about Spencer's vendetta against the Buchanans. "Where's Mummy? Mummified?" Todd said with glee. Todd also asked "Where's my kid?" Blair butt in and let Spencer know that they had moved back in together in the penthouse. Todd played along and the two pretended to be very connected. Spencer repeated that he didn't think the prosecution had a leg to stand on and he'd be out of jail soon. "We'll see," Todd said. Todd pointed out that Spencer had some real serious father issues.

Evangeline ran into Claudia at Rodi's. After a few niceties, Claudia asked how Cris was after the Nash altercation. Rex asked for a few minutes with Cris. He gave him the update on the conversation he'd had with Ted. Rex thought it would be hard to get Ted to go on the record. Antonio offered to help Cris find proof that the fight was rigged. Claudia was surprised to learn that Antonio left Nash alone with Jessica and the baby. Antonio told Claudia he wasn't concerned at all and that in fact had asked Nash to be in the wedding party, something Claudia thought was a bit odd.

Neither Nash nor Jessica could believe Antonio's suggestion that Nash be in the wedding party. Nash said, "it would just be too weird." Jessica didn't know what to say. Antonio added that as he's Bree's father, then he's part of this family. Nash and Jessica still thought it was weird, but Jessica eventually went along with it. Nash apologized for having kissed her at Rodi's and promised that it wouldn't happen again. Jessica apologized for having punched Claudia. Nash thought they should cut Claudia a little slack. Jessica waxed poetic about how wonderful Antonio is and Nash responded, "You really like the dude."

Viki and Clint were both confused to be at Capricorn for a private party. "Something's fishy going on here," Clint said. They wondered who might have set this up, but then decided to enjoy their delicious free meal.

Meanwhile, Dorian tried to break out of the locked closet. She thought David was behind it, but we all know it was Adriana. Dorian had a meltdown behind the door, while Adriana stood outside with the key in hand. Adriana had a moment of charity and let Dorian out of the closet. Adriana then confessed to having locked her mother in the closet deliberately. Dorian asked Adriana how she could be so cruel. "I learned everything about being cruel from you," she said. Dorian tried to say it was a mistake, the whole stalking charade. Adriana stormed out, "I'm never going to forgive you for what you did." Dorian looked in the mirror. "Oh my God, I can't possibly meet Clint looking like this," she said, and she ran up the stairs. She had to return to get her purse. Rex though Adriana was being a bit harsh to her mother.

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