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Oakdale was devastated to lose one of its most beloved residents when Detective Hal Munson died in the line of duty. The tragedy drew some couples closer together, including Gwen and Will, and Carly and Jack. Margo decided to hold a memorial service at Yo's, since Hal would have wanted everyone to have a good time and not be sad and mourning him. Many shared their wonderful memories of Hal and talked about how he had touched their lives. Later, Jack and Carly broke the news to Parker at the police station and gave him Hal's badge. Meanwhile, Simon feared for Carly's life after Spiro threatened to harm her if his loan wasn't paid up. When he couldn't find Carly, Simon rushed to the police station and was jealous to see her there with Jack and Parker. Katie fought her growing feelings for Simon, and Margo encouraged her to stick with Mike. Carly and Simon plotted to steal Vienna's crown jewels in order to pay Spiro back, but Jack put a damper on their plans. Adam arrived in town because of his father's death and decided to stay. When he bumped into Jade, not realizing who she was, he invited her to go with him to the ball. Even though Lily warned her not to, Jade couldn't resist the offer. Tom decided to accept Craig's job offer so he could keep an eye on his brother-in-law. Paul hired a private detective to follow Craig, and continued to be jealous of Craig's obvious attraction to Meg. Emily agreed to spy on Craig for Dusty. At the ball, everyone was convinced that Craig was up to something, then a magician made him disappear.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on ATWT
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Monday, October 23, 2006

In Will and Gwen's cottage, Will devastated from the phone call revealed to the others that it was Margo who had called with news of his father's death. Casey and Maddie ran off to be with Margo at the police station. Will tried to wrap his mind around the news and they decided they need to go tell Barbara. Before they left Will broke down in tears in his wife's arms.

At the police station Jack saw an upset Margo and she told the news to him. Margo explained it was when Hal tried to save the life of a 15 year-old when he got in the way of gang gunfire and a bullet took him down. Casey and Maddie arrived and they consoled his mother. Margo said Hal would want everyone to celebrate with beers and laughter and not mourn for him, so she decided there should be a memorial at Yo's.

In the hospital board room, Dusty and Barbara debated Craig's involvement in the gala. Dusty got Barbara to agree that money is money and it would help the hospital. Out in the hall Lucy again questioned her father's motives when Meg walked up. Paul soon followed and Dusty and Barbara came out of the board room. Dusty said Barbara now agreed Craig underwriting the gala was fine. Paul disagreed, saying Craig was just using it to stay in their lives. Will and Gwen arrived at the hospital to tell Barbara and the others the bad news. They went in the boardroom for privacy and Craig eavesdropped.

Simon and the goons argued in the Lakeview lobby. Simon explained to Spiro that Jack, Carly's ex, was her tie to the police and Carly did not tell them anything. Spiro told Simon the interest on the loan had now doubled since Jack took him in for questioning and he would get his "pound of flesh" anyway he could.

Katie busted in on Carly in Simon's room and Carly wanted to know what she was doing. Katie warned her that Simon was dangerous and she needed to leave him alone. Katie asked how far they had gone. Carly said not yet, but the situation had come up many times and they had not done anything. Carly then explained that she knows how Katie felt, but Katie needed to decide if her feelings for Simon were worth losing Mike. Carly's phone rang and she ran out of the room.

Katie proceeded to snoop. Simon came in and not knowing who she was he threw her down on the couch. He asked what she was doing and told her to leave and never come back. He asked where Carly was and she didn't know where she ran off to. Simon left and Katie's phone rang. It was Craig. He told her Margo was at Yo's and she needed to be with her since Margo lost a dear friend.

Paul and Meg sat in the Lakeview and Paul said they should go and be with Will. As they were leaving Emily walked in and Paul told her about Hal. Emily cried, hugged Paul and then Henry showed up. Henry told Emily he would take her over to Yo's.

Carly showed up at the police station to be with Jack. They consoled each other and agreed they should both tell Parker the news together. Dallas and Jessica came in and Dallas volunteered to hold the fort down while everyone was at Yo's. Jessica wanted her nephew to come along and Jack said it was OK.

Everyone arrived at Yo's. Many reminisced and had flashbacks of Hal. Jack and Carly arrived and Jack asked for a moment of silence as he held Hal's police hat in his hands. Jack then spoke in Hal's honor and made a toast. Jack placed the hat on a bouquet of flowers at the end. The memorial wound down and Jack and Carly went to go tell Parker.

A frantic Simon still didn't know where Carly was since she wasn't answering her phone. He rushed to the police station and could see Jack , Carly and Parker in the interrogation room. Jack and Carly explained to Parker that his father would always love him. Jack told Parker even though he wasn't his father he would always be there for him. They gave Hal's badge to Parker.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lily tells Jade she's going to have to shape up if she wants to be a part of the family and that means no hanging out with Will. Later, when she sneaks out to see Will, Lily is worried. Meanwhile, Adam arrives in Oakdale, heartbroken over the news of his father. Margo comforts him and he decides to stay in Oakdale for a while. Later, Casey tells Adam about Gwen and her music. Simon finds Carly with Jack at the police station. When Jack leaves, Simon makes his presence known and asks Carly to go to Australia with him, fearing their safety. But, Carly says she won't go and just when Simon feels all is hopeless, something in the paper gives Simon hope. Craig is talking business with a mourning Emily when Dusty enters, wanting to enlist Emily's help in keeping tabs on Craig. Emily promises to help him. Later, Craig goes to see Margo and Tom and stuns them both with a job offer for Tom.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Paul meets a private detective at the Lakeview and hires the man to trail Craig. Paul tells the detective to follow Craig until the following night at the benefit and let him know if Craig is doing anything illegal. Paul informs the detective that he will not be going to the ball.

Kim brings a rack of donated costumes to the hospital for the nurses to pick through for the Romantic Royals costume ball. As Meg digs through the costumes, Kim informs her there is one with her name on it. As she holds up and admirers the Guinevere costume Craig walks in and smugly says, "Just as I thought, fit for a queen". Meg tells Craig she can't accept the dress and the two argue over Craig's intentions. Craig explains that he got her the dress because she is the only one who has treated him as half human and he had the dress made for her as a thank you. Craig leaves and as Meg admires the dress again Paul walks in and questions what she is doing with the dress. After learning what the dress is for, Paul tells Meg she isn't going to the party and she responds "The hell I'm not". Meg tells Paul that she has to go because Dr. Hughes has ordered all the hospital staff to attend and then she reminds Paul that Craig isn't the only one who hurt Jennifer. Paul then figures out that the dress is another gift from Craig and Meg tells Paul he is making too much of this entire ball and the dress. Paul then says he is going to go to the ball to keep Meg safe and that he will go as Lancelot to her Guinevere.

At the police station, Margo is lost in thought as she looks at a picture of Hal and Tom and remembers the good times. Katie walks in with donuts and coffee and Margo reflects on her life with Hal and the sadness she feels over his loss. As Margo tries to pull herself out of her funk she asks Katie how she is and then Katie begins to cry. Katie tells Margo that even though her and Mike are in a really good place, Carly is convinced that she, Katie, still has feelings for Simon and Katie is also upset that Simon is in love with Carly. Katie asks Margo how to get her feelings for Simon to go away. Katie wonders if she could still be in love with Simon and Margo reminds Katie of the ice storm and how she searched through the night for Mike. Margo explains to Katie that the reason she may still have feelings for Simon is that she never got to say good-bye. Katie admits that Simon is still a "stupid fantasy" she can't get over and Margo tells Katie to go be with Mike.

At the same time, Tom meets up with Adam at the local bar and talks about his hectic work schedule and how it keeps him from Margo and the family. Tom tells Adam about his recent job offer and Adam tells Tom that it is worth it to work for Craig if it gives him more time to be around the family. Tom explains that even though he is sold on the idea of working for Craig, Margo is not, and he won't do it without Margo's approval. As Katie leaves, Adam and Tom walk into the police station to discuss Craig's job offer with Margo. Margo expresses her dismay at the prospect of Tom working for Craig. At that moment, Craig has walked in and heard this discussion and wants a chance to prove Margo wrong. While Tom and Margo discuss working for Craig, Adam confronts Craig about what he did to Jennifer and tells him not to do anything to hurt his mom or Tom. Just then Tom walks in with Margo and says he will take the job on one condition; that the job is short term and he can leave whenever he wants with a large severance package and that the only association they have will be during working hours.

After Katie leaves Margo she goes to find Mike and Katie admits she has been sticking her nose into someone else's business, Simon and Carly's, and then tells Mike he means way too much to her and she doesn't want to lose him. She tries to convince him to take the week off and go home with her and spend some time alone. Mike explains they can't just lock themselves away because of the upcoming ball and the two discuss their costumes and they decide to go as Tarzan, king of the jungle, and Jane, his queen.

On Carly's porch, Simon looks at the picture of Vienna in her diamonds and talks aloud about how good she looks in her crown jewels. Carly opens the door and demands her paper back from Simon so she can see whatever it is he is trying to hide from her. Simon shares his plan with Carly about stealing Vienna's diamonds from her to pay off Spiro. Carly conveys her disapproval and tells Simon they need to get over to the model unit to work on their project and that his how they will pay Spiro back. As the two enter the finished model apartment, Simon remarks how worried he is about the project and then convinces Carly to go back home. Carly then removes an expensive French vase and places it on a table and Simon walks Carly out. Then we see Simon return to the apartment and throw the vase to the ground. Afterwards, Simon goes to Carly's house and he is greeted by Carly who has set out champagne to celebrate their accomplishments. After a brief toast, Carly kisses Simon on the cheek and as she goes in for a deeper kiss Simon says, "I can't do this". Simon tells Carly he can't kiss her because he is worried about the art work at the model apartment and then convinces Carly to return with him to the apartment to set up more art. Back at the apartment, Carly and Simon discover their investment has been trashed.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Casey, Gwen and Will were setting up Crash for her performance and Adam showed up. Gwen met Adam for the first time and he liked her. Casey was really hyped up about Adam hearing her music. Adam promised he would come to the show. As Adam left Maddie came in and informed the teens Lisa had costumes for everyone. They headed off.

At the hospital Kim gave Lucy her ticket and informed her of the costumes Craig had providing. Lucy chose Cleopatra. Lucy asked Kim what she thought her father was up to. Kim commented that as long as it made money for the hospital, it was fine. Lucy eyed Dusty on the phone. Luke came by and Kim gave him two tickets. She also said Jade was welcomed to come.

Dusty was on the phone with Emily, who was at the police station. She saw Vienna go into the station and Craig walked out. Craig asked Emily who she was talking to. She said her mother. Then Tom walked out and they told Emily about Tom working for him. The two went off to the Lakeview to sign the contracts. All the while Emily had her cell on and Dusty heard the whole conversation. Dusty told Emily to follow them and find out what was going on.

Lucy knew the look on Dusty's face after he hung up, and asked what her father had done now. Dusty informed her Craig had the DA and the Chief of police in his back pocket. He was more worried than ever. Lucy assumed Dusty would be her Marc Anthony at the gala, but he had to be on alert and told her to go without him. Lucy was asked by a Dr. Conner to go to the gala. She accepted.

Craig and Tom signed their contracts at the Lakeview and Emily arrived on the premise she needed to talk to Tom about Daniel. Craig and Tom only had to talk about one more detail and Tom walked Craig out. Emily took the chance and rummaged through Tom's briefcase. Tom caught her and asked what she was doing. Emily asked why he was going to work for Craig. Tom said to keep an eye on him and he warned Emily to watch out for him.

Emily rushed over to the hospital to tell Dusty what happened. Dusty sent her off to find out more. Emily found Craig at Yo's talking to a dark-haired young man. She overheard Craig say to the man that he needed someone to disappear.

Carly asked Simon who trashed the condo and Simon admitted it had to be Spiro. Carly realized how crazy Spiro must be since the condo was how he would get his money back. Carly feared for her life and her kids since Spiro saw her at the police station. Simon told her of his plan to steal the crown jewels and she would just be a distraction for the prince. Simon then said he'd take all the responsibility and asked her to leave. Carly did leave for a second but came back in and wanted to know what she needed to do to carry out the plan.

Jack went over the security plan for Vienna and the crown jewels in the police station. Jack asked her if she had any ties to Simon. She said yes. Vienna could tell Jack had had dealings with Simon too and suggested they make Simon jealous-- just for fun. Jack got down to business, telling her he would follow her throughout the event and that she should let him know her whereabouts at all times.

Lily took Jade to Fashions to shop. Lily and Lisa went off so Lily could try something on and Jade heard the teens coming. Jade hid behind the cash register. Gwen went up to the register and Jade popped up. Gwen asked why Jade was following them. Jade said she was there first. Then Lily came out and explained Jade was embarrassed and they left. The teens chose their costumes and returned to Crash.

At the Lakeview Lily and Jade wound down after the confrontation and Luke showed up. He gave Jade her ticket and Lily told her it was not a good idea to go since Will would be there. She hesitantly agreed.

Crash was packed and Gwen admitted to Will that a singing career was what she wanted. Gwen went in to a chanting crowd and put on her show. After the show an angry Casey could not believe Adam missed it. Adam was at the hospital with his Aunt Kim catching up on the family. He wondered aloud if Gwen and Will knew what a successful singing career would mean. Kim told Adam he didn't give them enough credit.

Friday, October 27, 2006

At Lily and Holden's house, Ethan and Natalie are dressed for trick-or-treating, while Faith is said to be at a friend's party. Luke, dressed for the ball, takes pictures of everyone, and then Lucinda and Lucy arrive. Lucy's date, Dr. Steven Conner, arrives next, and Lucy awkwardly introduces him to everyone, then makes a hasty exit. Lucinda asks where Jade is, and Lily says she's staying home so as not to cause any more awkward moments between her and Gwen and Will; Lucinda makes a sarcastic comment about this, which Jade overhears. Jade comes out and tells them she's just going to stay home and hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters. Lucinda and Luke leave, and Lily tries to talk Jade into coming with them, but Jade says maybe next year. They leave, and then Jade decides to go out on her own. She goes to Yo's, where she runs into Adam Hughes/Munson. Adam runs off a guy who's trying to hit on Jade, then he introduces himself as simply "Adam" and asks why she's not out with friends; she tells him she has no friends. He gets a phone call, and it's Will and Casey, who tell him he needs to come to the ball and be with his family, something Margo has put them up to. He agrees to meet them there, and when he hangs up, he asks Jade if she'd like to go to a party with him.

Carly gets ready for the ball in Simon's suite. She tells Simon she knows just how to distract the prince, because she has found out what he's obsessed with; then, she comes out dressed to look like Princess Grace of Monaco. She goes downstairs, while Simon makes the suite ready to seduce Vienna, scattering rose petals on the bed before he leaves.

Craig approaches Katie and Mike at the ball, seeing Katie in person for the first time since his return to Oakdale; he tells them he's a new man. Elsewhere at the ball, Paul realizes that Craig picked out Meg's costume personally, and he is upset that she didn't tell him before. Tom Brody, the private investigator Paul hired to check on Craig, comes up and tells Paul that Craig has hired a magician for the party; Paul is not impressed with this news, and Meg looks unpleasantly surprised to hear that Paul has hired someone to dig up dirt on Craig. Meanwhile, Emily tells Dusty that she overheard Craig telling a man that he needed to "make someone disappear tonight." Dusty worries that this means Craig is going to try to take Johnny away, so he has Chaz, the bodyguard, take Johnny upstairs. Craig walks up afterward and asks Dusty where Lucy is; Dusty says she'll be at the ball, and he's on his way there, too. Craig then tells Emily it's time she put in an appearance at the ball, and they leave to go into the ballroom.

Barbara comes downstairs and joins Will and Gwen, who compliments her on how beautiful she looks. Luke and Lucinda arrive, as do Craig and Emily, Lucy and her date, and Dusty. Bob Hughes thanks everyone for coming and introduces Craig, who makes a short announcement about a silent auction going on in another room before he introduces the Prince of Leonia and his escort, Vienna Hyatt.

Emily finds Dusty and tells him she has found out that Craig's jet is gassed up and ready to go, waiting at the airport to take off tonight, but she doesn't know where it's going. Simon comes downstairs and approaches Vienna, telling her he's still very attracted to her and wants her to make excuses with the Prince and meet him later in his room. Vienna walks away, and Carly approaches Simon and tells him he has to call off his plans to steal the royal jewels because Jack is the one working security. Simon tells her he can't call it off but that she should back out. Vienna goes up to Katie and tells her she hears it's over between her and Simon; Katie says that's true, but she tells Vienna that Simon is in love with someone else, and she gestures toward him and Carly. Simon walks away from Carly, but the Prince comes up to her and asks who she is; Carly tells him he can call her Grace. He appears to be intrigued, but Lisa approaches him and asks if they can have the dance he promised her. He leaves with Lisa, and Vienna grabs Carly and demands to know what she's doing with "my Simon."

Craig introduces a magician, Magnifico, who proceeds to perform some sleight of hand for the audience. Magnifico then says he will now make someone disappear, and he asks for a volunteer; Emily tells Dusty that's the man she saw Craig talking to earlier about making someone disappear. Craig volunteers for the magic trick, and the magician puts him in a magic box and makes him disappear.


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