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Ava allowed Olivia to go free, but both women could not seem to find any ground to accept their mother/daughter relationship. Jonathan broke up with Tammy so that he could be a husband and father to Lizzie, even though he was sacrificing his happiness. Lizzie admitted to Tammy that she had always had feelings for Jonathan. Josh asked Cassie if he could move in with her. Harley and Gus were excited about their pregnancy news. Reva's farewell party turned disastrous as Billy went off the wagon, Jonathan met her at the bridge where she planned to end it all, and, minutes before she was to take the plunge, Josh called her cell phone to plead with her to retrieve Billy. Reva returned, but she collapsed and needed to be rushed to Cedars, where Billy finally had to reveal Reva's secret to Rick, Lillian, and Mel: Reva was dying from breast cancer; Billy called Josh, who rushed to Cedars and was shocked to find Reva on the brink of death. Meanwhile, Cassie and R.J. had no idea that their trip to Paris would be cancelled due to the devastating news.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on GL
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Monday, October 23, 2006

At the farmhouse, Josh awakes from a dream in which he and Reva had been decorating Cross Creek for Christmas. While Josh is telling Reva he is happy she is including him in the festivities, Reva tells him she needs his help and hands him a set of car keys. He tells the dream to Cassie and they dismiss it. He begins building shelves for her closet while she goes on errands. Matt Reardon arrives to visit with Josh. They discuss Matt's returning to work for Lewis, Josh and Reva's breakup, and Josh' dream. Josh insists that he is happy with his new life with Cassie. He thinks Reva's leaving town again will help him move forward with his new relationship.

Cassie's errand is to go find Reva. When Reva's not at Cross Creek, Cassie goes to Billy' room at the hotel and lets herself in using the housekeeper's passkey. In addition to photographs of Josh, Cassie finds Reva's medical marijuana. When she is almost caught by the housekeeper, she retreats to Company. She leaves a message on Jon's cell phone, asking him to identify something she has found. Unfortunately, while she's on the phone, two policemen enter Company and witness her dropping the bag of marijuana from her purse. They arrest her and take her to the courthouse. She has called Josh to meet them there. Josh talks Cassie's way out of the arrest when she explains that she found the bag outside of Company and was going to turn it in to the police. After the police let her go, Josh asks if the marijuana belonged to Blake. Cassie won't confirm it and tells him she has to find the friend the drug belonged to.

Josh returns to the farmhouse. Matt has finished the shelves and gives Josh the extra set of keys he had to Cross Creek.

Billy and Reva are admiring Reva's new red convertible sports car. Reva cryptically refers to it as her way out when she's ready to go. She's feeling optimistic about everyone's future—Josh and Cassie are happy, her children are happy, and she's fine with it all. Billy has a surprise for Reva and insists she drive them to it in her new car. They arrive at Cross Creek to find that Billy has decorated the cabin for Christmas. They play carols on the stereo, Billy gives her a tacky Christmas present as a gift, and they share a kiss and hug under the mistletoe. They both are teary-eyed as they discuss her impending death. She feels lucky that she's had time to prepare for it. She starts to leave to go on a ride by herself in her new car, but she is too weak.

After a rest, Reva gets a visit from Cassie who wants to talk to Reva about the marijuana she found. She tells Reva that she now knows why Reva has been acting strangely and why she is so pale. Reva believes Cassie has found out the truth.

Olivia is on trial for hiring someone to kill Ava. Alan is confident Ava will not show to testify. Just then, Ava enters the courtroom. She is the prosecution's lead witness. While she sets up the bad relationship she and Olivia have had, she shocks the courtroom when she denies that Olivia wanted her killed. She insists that the hired thug was hired simply to scare her. Olivia's case is dismissed. Buzz and Olivia embrace, as do Coop and Ava. Ava speaks to Olivia alone. She stresses that she said what she said on the witness stand because that is what she wanted to do. Ava tells Olivia that the two do not share a connection. Ava doesn't want to end up as someone who hates and is bent on revenge like Olivia is. She says she took her cue from her "real mother."

Ava and Coop go to Company where Coop tells her that her mother would be proud of her for what she did in the courtroom. Coop tells her that as horrible as it was the way she was conceived, at least it gave her life. Ava is distraught at the thought her father was an evil person.

Olivia and Buzz return to Olivia's room with Emma. Olivia tells Buzz that she realizes that Ava is like her in the way she laid into Olivia when they were alone together. When Buzz asks her what's next, Olivia says there is no next. Buzz informs her that Ava's going to want to know who her father is because everyone wants to know where they came from, even if it's horrible.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Reva blurts out to Cassie that "it's bad," and that "there's no cure for it" – but when she realizes that Cassie is talking about finding her marijuana, she covers by pretending she recently overcame a drug addiction. The sisters share a nice moment when Cassie comments how amazing Reva's been lately and how wonderful it is that they've all been able to move on but have stayed in each other's lives. The talk makes Reva realize that her work in this world is done. Everyone she loves is happy and at peace – and now she can be, too. She tells Billy that it's almost time and asks him to help her plan the biggest, flashiest good-bye party Springfield's ever seen. She'll save up all of her strength, put on her red dress – and when the party's over, it'll be time for her to drive off that bridge. Earlier in the day, Billy is struggling to stay strong knowing Reva's days are numbered. Billy's conflicted, wanting to respect Reva's wishes but also feeling pangs of conscience that Josh doesn't know Reva's dying. Billy wonders if he should tell. But as he's about to, Josh tells Billy how happy he is with Cassie – and that his days rescuing Reva are over. It's Billy's job now to take care of Reva. Josh shows just how ready he is to be with Cassie for the long haul when he asks to move into the farmhouse – and she says yes. The blogger responds to Mallet's newspaper interview – with a new threatening message. Mallet uses this as an excuse to see Dinah again, calling a bunch of the victims together to look for clues. Jeffrey gives Mallet a tip but it turns out that he made it up, hoping to throw the PD off track so he can find the guy himself, make him disappear. Dinah and Mallet share a close moment, but it's interrupted by Marina – who, in trying to help those two get back together, pisses Dinah off. She storms out. Harley and Gus hope to hear news from Dr. Sedwick that Harley's pregnant but are disappointed to learn that she's not.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Inside the Light: Landslide

Leaning over the railing at the lighthouse the night of the party, Reva says goodbye to the sun, the sky and all of Springfield. In her hand, she clutches the keys to the sports car, vowing no tears tonight for her big send-off. In the hotel, She's donning her red dress, helping Billy get ready. He wishes they could wait a few weeks so that Marah and Shayne can be there. Reva claims she's weaker by the hour. It has to be right now because she needs all her strength to push the petal to the metal and drive herself over the bridge. Reva's Oklahoma accent kicks in as she hopes that everyone will remember her dancing, drinking and living life to the fullest, not weak and dying of cancer. Billy doesn't think he can pretend everything is fine during the party since he knows what will happen after. As her last request, Reva begs him to prop her up tonight.

When they arrive at Towers Olivia, Buzz, Jeffrey, Gus, Harley, Frank, Blake, and Rick are already there. Harley and Gus discuss the "Oklahoma Fabulous" party with Reva before Buzz dips her and gives her a big kiss. To each guest she makes special comments-even Olivia, telling her that she wanted her there because she was part of her life. Blake notes that Reva makes her bon voyage sound permanent. Reva replies that nothing is permanent. She tears up, making Blake and Jeffrey promise to take care of the town for her. No matter who wins the election, it's all about the people. As they skeptically stare at her, Billy tells them that she gets sentimental when she drinks. "She does?" Blake gives a perplexed stare. Once Reva and Billy move away, Jeffrey wonders to Blake if Reva is trying too hard.

Arm and arm with Rick, she apologizes for what Jonathan did to him. She urges Rick not to waste his time feeling sorry for himself. As they watch Harley and Gus dance to the song, "Let's Give Them Something to Talk About," Rick spills the news that Gus and Harley are expecting. Reva bounces over and congratulates them. Anxiously they shush her and want to know how she found out. She points to Rick, who stands beside Blake. Blake is giving the thumbs up as if she knows, too. Reva wants Harley to promise that Susan will be part of the baby's life. On to handsome Frank, she poignantly kisses him and asks him to be happy because life is too short. Spotting her kids, she saunters over to Jonathan and Lizzie. Lizzie is radiant in her sparkling champagne colored maternity gown. When Alan enters the party, Reva encourages Lizzie to speak to him. Reluctantly, she does. Alone on the deck, Jonathan expresses his frustration with his mother's plans.

While he gets what she is trying to do, he doesn't understand why it has to be now. Reva already has her mind made up, and they solemnly toast to having found each other. Jonathan reveals that he will stay married to Lizzie, and it's over with Tammy. Reva shakes her head, knowing that he loves Tammy. Sardonically, Jonathan tells Reva that it's not her call or her problem any more. She'll be gone and the rest of them need to move on. With a tough decisive nod, he leaves her on the deck. Her mouth gaps as she feels the gravity of her son's words.

Back inside, Alan warns Reva that he hopes she's not high because he has no breadsticks for her. Jonathan laughs cynically and Reva worries that all Alan's bullying wound him up alone. When Alan denies that he's alone, Reva points out that he's in a loveless marriage, his sons whom he didn't shoot hate him, and Lizzie trusts Jonathan over him. Alan retorts that he attended this party for one reason: to watch her and her lush of a boyfriend drive off into the sunset to find themselves for about the fiftieth time. Billy comes from behind him and tells Alan to shut up. Sensing a problem, Frank joins the circle.

Further, Alan apologizes about her mess of a marriage to Josh, and reminds Reva that Josh is now comforted in her sister's arms. He lectures Reva for answering her problems by running off. Everyone's attention draws to the conversation as he continues spouting off. He wishes her bon voyage because everyone's lives-including her granddaughter's-will go on. Jonathan shoves Alan and roars at him to get out. Frank slips between them to squash the fight. Reva calms Jonathan by saying it's okay because she will need Alan. To Alan, she swears that he had better do right by Jonathan and Lizzie when she is gone or she will haunt him. With perked brows, Alan repeats the word "haunt." She corrects her word choice, saying, "hunt" him down if he hurts them. Alan backs down and Billy yells for the music and party to continue.

At the door, Tammy ambles in. Reva takes her aside for a glass of bubbly. Reva discusses the situation with her and Jonathan. Tammy explains that things have to be this way. Tammy asks Reva if she will take her along on trip with Billy. She wants to go rather than watch Lizzie and Jonathan share their lives together. Reva tells Tammy that she can't fit in the two-seater car. Besides, she doesn't believe that the Tammy and Jonathan story is over. Tammy isn't so sure. She wonders if each person only gets one true love. As Josh enters the party with Cassie, Tammy wonders how anyone can let go of that.

Reva greets Josh and Cassie and gets them drinks. Buzz and Billy look on. Buzz thought Reva would rather die than part with Josh. Billy says, "...Nothing can break their connection not even..." When he doesn't finish, Buzz turns, wondering, "Not even what?" Billy covers by saying that not even the new sports car he gave Reva. The men huddle as Billy describes the new BMW. Gus tells Billy that he can buy him one, too, if he wants. Jeffrey and Frank agree. Jonathan is distracted. This is harder than he thought. Lizzie wonders if it's because of Tammy. For once, Jonathan isn't thinking of Tammy. He grabs Lizzie to dance so that later, they can tell Reva they had fun.

At the bar, Cassie, Josh and Reva discuss the kids. Reva wants them to promise that they will look after Jonathan and Lizzie. Josh agrees to watch out for them until Billy and Reva tire of their adventure and come back. Reva disagrees that they will come back. They might find some paradise. Josh remembers that Reva once told him that paradise was her home. She disagrees that she would ever say something so corny. Laughing, Josh points out that it was said at Christmas. Everyone can be corny at Christmas. The holiday reminds him of the recent dream he had of Christmas at Cross Creek. During the dream, Reva asks for his help and car keys appeared in his hand. Josh thinks he dreamed it because he must be sensing that maybe she doesn't really want to leave. Reva gets dizzy and Billy swoops in to hold her up.

Reva makes light of her dizziness and grabs another glass of champagne. Into the party come Hawk and Rusty. Reva kisses them and unruffles Hawk's ornery feathers about the purpose of the party and about Cassie and Josh. Rusty rolls his eyes, and Reva takes her father aside, expressing that Josh will always be a part of her. She'll take that to her grave. They hug.

The karaoke machine is wheeled out. Jonathan gripes and Reva yanks him by the jacket, trying to make him go first. He screams, "No, Mommy!" and makes a bratty childlike face. Reva ropes Billy into it. He doesn't want to either, but privately, she whispers that she needs everyone's eyes off her. Billy takes the mic and sings the first verse of "Pretty Woman." Everyone claps along. He sings, "No one can look as good as you..." Unable to go on, Billy shuts off the machine, points to Reva and says, "Damn you, Reva. I can't do this. I just can't sing. Sorry..." He manages a chuckle, but the smiles across the room fade in the silence.

Party-loving Reva tells everyone that Billy's singing makes her want to cry, too. After the guests challenge one another back and forth to sing, they call for Reva to do it. She takes the microphone. Her guests sentimentally listen as, before singing, Reva tells them that they all have a piece of her heart-Even Alan. In the back of the room, he raises his glass to her. Reva says that she'll never forget any of them. Cassie listens with confusion on her face and Joshua pensively absorbs her words.

Reva sings the Dixie Chick's "Landslide." The recorded version fades in. During the song we see a montage of Reva's best moments in Springfield including but not limited to: the country club fountain scene with Josh and the one with Jonathan years later, the lakeside wedding to Joshua, the time she almost drowned from jumping off a bridge into icy water, the birth of Marah, the opening of Buzz and Reva's place, WSPR, a younger Billy Lewis's kiss and more. In the last memory Reva wears the infamous red sequined gown as she checks her fiery reflection in a mirror. The song leaves the crowd pensive and emotional.

Jeffrey takes the stage with Blake and Tammy to sing "My Girl," by the Temptations. Jonathan accosts Reva as she tries to slip out of the party. He doesn't want her to leave without saying goodbye. Reva urges him to keep the party going for her. After a sullen exchange of glances with Reva, he pretends to be happy as he declares a tequila shot challenge at the bar. On her way out, Reva discovers a curious Towers guest who she invites join the party. She directs the stranger to Billy. Just before she gets on the elevator, Josh catches Reva by the arm, saying that she isn't going to get away with sneaking out without a goodbye.

Reva smiles because Bud knows her so well. Joshua believes that they could know each other for hundred years and she'd still surprise him. They don't have a hundred years, only tonight, she tells him. Sincerely Joshua asks her what is really going on and if his dream is connected to it. She doesn't know; maybe it is. He asks if she just doesn't like to say goodbye. Despairingly she agrees that she doesn't, especially to him. Joshua knows something is on her mind. She acts as if she is only half here. Reva agrees that her mind is on the big adventure ahead. Joshua feels that it's always been that way with them. Reva is always looking for the next big adventure. Fumbling and head down, he admits that he has always been looking for her. Reva doesn't think that it was her that he was always looking for. Josh wants to know if she really believes what she said. What Reva believes is that he and Cassie are good for each other and make each other happy. He says that is not what he asked, but Reva cuts him off, telling him to be happy with Cassie and don't let anything interfere with him getting all happiness he deserves. Hesitantly Joshua clamps his mouth. With resolve, he wishes the same for her, too-always. At that time, the guests are singing, "Bye-bye Love." She urges him to join in. He asks her if she is leaving. She nods and he realizes that this is good-bye. Tearfully she says goodbye to Joshua. He kisses her check. As he walks away, she calls to him and he turns. The guests are singing, "Bye-bye love, hello loneliness. I think I'm gonna cry..." Fighting back sobs, she all she can do is wave to him. He gives one last nod. She watches as he rejoins the group and kisses Cassie.

The guests laugh, dance and sing. Rick sings into a spoon. Amid the crowd we see all those whom Reva loves. We see all whom have been burdened with her secret. Jonathan takes a shot while, without a care, Blake swings the microphone as she dances. Hawk turns up a bottle as Frank and Rusty hug. Jonathan switches from a shot glass to swigging from a bottle. Tammy and Cassie hug, sharing a microphone while Josh stares off and slowly takes a shot. Reva kisses the wedding band she wears around her neck and boards the elevator. The boisterous party goes on without her.

In the parking deck, she learns that Billy took her car keys as an insurance policy for his goodbye to her. He holds her, crying because he's not as tough as he thought. She believes he is her knight in shining armor. He sniffles, preferring to just be her Billy. She affirms that he is her Billy. That is why he will give her the keys. He regretfully he squeezes them after placing them into her hand. Openly crying, he tells her that every moment of it has been a pleasure. She shuffles over the driver's seat. The "In a Moment" song begins to play as she refuses to let Billy get sad. She shoos him back to the party. With a tearful and half mad chuckle, she starts the engine. "All right, this is it," she says, putting the red convertible into drive and rolling away.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Reva is on the brink of taking the final plunge. But as she searches the airwaves for just the right song to die by, Billy is alone among the remains of her "going away" party – succumbing to his grief in the bottom of a whiskey glass. Unaware of Reva's fate (and Billy's), Josh and Cassie arrive at the lighthouse, the place that had come to mean so much to Josh and Reva. It's his idea to be here – to let go of the past and its memories, and to launch his new life with Cassie. But while they look forward to the future, Jonathan is desperate to find Reva and say one last goodbye. Realizing she's already left on her last ride, he catches up with her at the bridge – just in time to share one final moment, filled with the humor and emotion he and Reva always manage to bring out in each other. This same night, Tammy tries to put her breakup with Jon behind her but a run-in with Lizzie renders that impossible. Though she tries to take the high road, something Lizzie says triggers Tammy's worst fear – that Lizzie has been using her, and Jon, and the baby all along. Lizzie, far from cringing, stands tall and while admitting nothing, owns up to wanting to make a family with Jon. She won't apologize and in an unexpected turnaround, seems to be the more mature woman, while Tammy seems painfully young. Tammy hooks up with Marina and Remy, her new roommates. And with them, it's true, she can act her own age – without all the angst that's accompanied her time with Jon. She can even flirt with Remy, who sees right through it. As for Lizzie, she catches up to Jon and lets him vent his rage and pain at losing his mom. For this one night at least, she's his anchor. Josh and Cassie find Billy drunk. Baffled that Reva has gone, Josh manages to call her (unaware of what she's about to do), just before she sails off the bridge. Reva has to choose between continuing on her last ride, or coming back to save Billy from himself.

Friday, October 27, 2006


Ava is at home looking at old photographs when Coop comes upon her. An upset Ava bemoans the fact that looking at photos of her mother used to comfort her but now everything's changed. Coop tries to convince her that nothing has really changed-the woman who raised her is still her mother. Ava is still upset and shuts herself in the bathroom and begins sobbing. Suddenly, Coop gets a call from Ashlee stating that she needs them both at Company.

Buzz (with Ashlee's help) arranges for a family dinner with him, Olivia, Ava, and Coop at Company. When Ava, Coop, and Olivia realize that Buzz set the whole thing up, they all get upset but Buzz convinces them to sit down and eat for him. During the tense dinner, Ashlee tries to smooth things over by telling Ava that she knows what it is like to have a tense relationship with one's mother. Ashlee thinks they need to talk to one another and hash things out. She believes it will work, unless they are too much alike. Olivia insists they are nothing alike and rushes out and Buzz rushes out. Coop and Ava leave also and run into Alan-Michael on the way out. Ava surprises him and Coop by suddenly volunteering to work on a report with Alan-Michael. Alan-Michael accepts and Ava explains to Coop that she just needs to get her mind off Olivia. Later, when they are done working, Alan-Michael brings up Olivia. Ava wants to change the subject but he goes on to tell her that she cannot run from biology. Alan-Michael states that she needs to find a way to deal with Olivia and her father. Alan-Michael brings up the possibility that Olivia could be lying about Ava's father-he could be an honest guy. Alan-Michael offers to put his PI's on the case.

Back at her apartment, Olivia rails at Buzz for meddling. When he admits that he did it partly because Ava is his son's girlfriend, Olivia accuses him of being selfish. She then goes on a rant about the Coopers not being all that great and telling him that he isn't good enough for her and should just get out of her life. When Buzz gently points out that she needs someone who loves her no matter what and will never leave her, she apologizes. Buzz accepts the apology and states that the person she is angry at is not him-it is Ava's father. He is the man who caused her to stop trusting people and he states that she needs to find a way to forgive him. Later, Olivia takes out a St. Jude necklace, the same one she had when she was a teenager. Just then, Ava arrives at her door and demands to know the truth about her father.

Billy is drinking at Towers when he sees a vision of Reva. He realizes the vision is real when she snatches his bottle of liquor away. Billy is happily surprised since he thought she was at the bottom of the river. Reva tells him that she has decided to stay a few more days. Reva gets Billy to promise him no more booze and no more self-pity. As Reva prepares to take Billy home, she suddenly collapses. She is rushed to the ER where Rick demands to know what happened. Lillian and Mel are there as well and Lillian finds medication on Reva. As they scramble to save Reva, Rick yells that he needs to know what is wrong with her. After hesitating a little, Billy apologizes to an unconscious Reva and tells them everything about Reva's cancer and her previous treatment. He also admits that Reva kept it a secret from everything; the only ones who know are him and Jonathan. As Billy waits, the group is able to stabilize Reva but she is critical and Rick suggests that Billy call the family. Afterwards, Billy calls Josh and tells him to come to Cedars-Reva needs him. Josh, who would be flying to Paris with Cassie and RJ if the plane had not have been grounded due to heavy storms, arrives at Cedars bellowing for someone to tell him what the hell is going on; when he spots an unconscious and sickly looking Reva, the bellowing stops. Shocked to the core, Josh can barely ask what happened.

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