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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 16, 2006 on GL
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Monday, October 16, 2006

At the farmhouse, Josh and Cassie disagree about the level their involvement should be in Reva's latest troubles. Cassie eventually persuades Josh to find out what is going on so he leaves to find either Billy or Reva.

Reva's alone in her room trying to write a goodbye letter to Josh. She can't do it. Her doctor calls and she puts him off because all he ever does is confirm she doesn't have much time left. Billy arrives to move her things to Cross Creek, but she has other plans. They go to a funeral director's office to plan her funeral. When the director tries to steer her toward purchasing an expensive casket even though she's being cremated, Reva becomes livid. She turns her anger around, however, and decides she wants to throw an extravaganza for her funeral, complete with mechanical bull. When she and Billy leave, Billy offers to be the ringmaster at her circus/funeral. Reva is ready to go for it! She tells Billy she'd like to take a walk alone to get some air. She goes to Main Street where she is approached by Josh who insists on knowing what is going on with her.

At the police station, Tammy has been not been heeding the request Jon sent in his note to her. He has asked her to meet him at the boathouse, but she opts to sign the lease on a new apartment with her new roommates Remy and Marina. When Tammy excuses herself from the other two for a moment, Jon calls her cell phone. Remy keeps the call from Tammy until after the lease is signed, then he fesses up. Marina is later impressed with his honesty and says that she supports him for Tammy ahead of Jon.

After Jon realizes that Tammy isn't showing up at the boathouse, he begins trashing the place until Lizzie shows up to stop him. They share what little sandwiches are left and play at naming the baby. The choices so far are Reva (nixed by Jon—there's only one Reva), Turkey Sandwich Randall, and Bingo. Tammy shows up and Lizzie makes an exit. Tammy is not there to meet Jon, but to tell him he needs to back off until the baby is born. Seeing him until then is too painful for her. An eavesdropping Lizzie looks please. After Tammy leaves, Jon looks broken.

When Frank is ready to haul Olivia off to jail for her misdeeds toward Ava, Olivia blurts out that she is Ava's mother. Ava is furious that Olivia would like about such a thing. The two cry and yell at one another. Olivia has documents proving the adoption. Coop tells Ava it may be true. Ava is stricken by the possible news and insists that Olivia be arrested. Olivia tells Frank to cuff her and take her away to jail. Just then, Emma enters the room and all present are saddened at the sight of the young child being separated from her mother. As she is leaving, Olivia tells Buzz to try to hold on to the good times they had together. Ava gets alone with Buzz in order to apologize for what is happening. Buzz tells her that there is no need to apologize, but what will Ava do if it turns out to be true.

At the police station, Frank begins to book Olivia for the attempted murder of Ava Peralta. Alan shows up saying that he will post bail for Olivia.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Dinah and Jeffrey are at his place discussing the blogger. Jeffrey mentions that whoever finally nails the blogger will be considered a hero. When he goes to take a shower, Dinah uses his password to set up a meeting with the blogger. Later, Dinah arrives at the arranged location but is suddenly struck from behind. Mallet finds out, asking what happened and telling her that they received an anonymous tip stating the blogger was at the location. Dinah admits that she was the one who called the police. She set up the meeting but was clubbed from behind. Mallet accuses Jeffrey of putting her up to it, but she denies it. Dinah states that she wanted Mallet to get credit for catching the guy, hoping he'd get a promotion. She states that she wanted to make up for the fire. At this point, Marina and Jeffrey each arrive at the scene. After Mallet and Jeffrey argue about Dinah putting herself in danger, Jeffrey takes Dinah to the hospital. Later, when scouring the scene, Mallet talks to Marina about Jeffrey; he does not like how he messes with Dinahs head. Mallet then wonders why Jeffrey was on the scene to begin with. Marina reminds him that Jeffrey stated that he saw Dinah's email and followed her. Mallet wonders if Jeffrey isn't trying to nab the blogger himself as a ploy to win the election. Mallet tells Marina that he needs to keep Dinah safe and catch the blogger before Jeffrey.

Harley comes to the farm to barrow some fertility books from Cassie. Their conversation turns to Josh when Harley notices that he is missing. Cassie states that she sent Josh to talk to Reva since she is worried about her. Though she denies it, Cassie keeps on the look out for Josh to return, prompting Harley to state that there is no shame in being afraid of Josh & Reva. When Harley brings up being at Reva and Billy's almost-wedding, Cassie pesters her for details. She wants to know why Reva called it off; was it because of Josh? Harley tells Cassie that when she was with Reva, Reva mistakenly said she would be happy to marry Josh. Reva caught her mistake and tried to cover. Harley states that Reva told her that although she loves Josh, she realizes that they can never be really happy together and she wanted everyone to move on. Harley reminds a worried Cassie about the problems she and Gus have had for the past few years and tells her friend not to worry about the past or the future but to let herself be happy now.

On Main Street, Josh tells Reva that he is worried about her. He tells her that Cassie overheard her telling Jonathan she was leaving town and saw Reva meet with a man who appeared to be threatening her. He then tells her about the bank statement. Reva gets increasingly upset at this invasion of her privacy and blurts out that she gave Josh up -- what more does Cassie want? The phrase gave up catches Josh off-guard since she did not give him up, she pushed him away. He then asks if Cassie is right. Did something make her leave? Reva lies and spins Josh a story of her having a gambling problem. She states that she and Billy kept going off to casinos. Josh asks if Billy returned to drinking, but Reva hurriedly denies it. She states that Billy did not even want to come with her at first and makes it clear that none of this was his fault. She states that Billy gave her what she needed at the time. Reva tells him that if Josh knew what she was doing he would have wanted to fix her for save her, instead of concentrating on the hospital project. Josh agrees that he would have dropped everything to fix her and tells her she made the right choice. Josh offers to help Reva out by selling Cross Creek and giving her some money. Reva adamantly refuses, telling him it would rip her heart out. When she talks about all the warm memories that cabin has, Josh gets confused. He points out that when they signed the divorce papers, she made a point of wanting to move on but sometimes she talks like she wants them together. Reva dismisses the question by pointing out that everyone is happy now. Reva points out that her problems Is almost over now. Josh tells her that she does not have to leave, but Reva states that she does. However, she does not tell him where she is going or when she will be back. After they part, Josh goes back to the farm and finds that Cassie has given him his very own drawer to keep her stuff if when he stays over. An upset Josh tells Cassie about Reva's problem. When Cassie asks what he is going to do about it, Josh points out that Reva does not want their help. He suggests they focus on each other.

Meanwhile, Reva writes Josh a goodbye letter, telling him that he is her life, her heart and her soul. She writes that his happiness is the most important thing to her and he will always be the love of her life.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Inside the Light: Sins of the Father

Dreaming, Jonathan finds himself in bed with Lizzie and his adoptive father, Alfred. Alfred taunts him, assuring him that he is exactly like him and will eventually hurt his child. He awakens to Lizzie telling him they have a child-birthing class. Alfred follows Jonathan even now that he's awake. At the hospital Jonathan tries to get out of the class, but seeing his father in the background changes his mind. Lillian conducts the class, and Jonathan volunteers to demonstrate the techniques which Lillian teaches. Every thing he does seems to be wrong in some way or another, but he turns his errors into jokes.

During breathing exercises, Lizzie and Jonathan argue because he mentions how he is going back to Tammy once the baby is born. Lizzie thinks he's going to abandon her and the baby. While they argue, she gets cramps. He thinks she is faking for attention, but she says the cramps are real. Jonathan doesn't believe her and walks out on her. He goes into another room to call Tammy. Her phone is disconnected. Puzzled, he closes his cell phone and again Alfred appears. Alfred makes an inappropriate comment about Tammy and Jonathan takes a swing at him. He ends up causing such a commotion that Remy comes into the room. They fight about Tammy. Remy laughs at him for believing Tammy will come back to him, much less stay with him despite his wife and baby. Trembling like he's about to burst, Jonathan threatens to come after Remy if he gets with Tammy. Remy leaves as he says that Jonathan will be too busy with diapers.

When Jonathan is back outside the classroom, Alfred reappears with a baby doll. At first they joke about the doll. Alfred then disciplines the doll, calling it a bad baby, dropping it on the floor and stepping on its neck. He kicks the baby doll, saying it ruined his life. No longer laughing, Jonathan tells Alfred that he's psychotic. His life won't be like that. Once again the conversation turns to Tammy. Alfred scares him into believing Tammy will be with Remy; his whole life is slipping away. Jonathan decides he knows where he needs to be.

At CO2, Marina expresses her fear of walking in on Remy and Tammy in the shower. Tammy swears they are not hooking up. When she leaves the restaurant, Jonathan grabs her from behind. She screams and bites him. When she figures out who is it, she huffs, saying she can't do this. He chases her back to her hotel room. Exasperated, Tammy admits that everything she wants with Jonathan he has with Lizzie. It hurts her too much, and she won't do it any more. Jonathan blurts out that he's leaving Lizzie.

Back in birthing class, Lizzie makes excuses for Jonathan's absence. Lillian tries to convince Lizzie that a baby will not make Jonathan love her. Lizzie reaffirms that Jonathan makes her happy. She won't give up on their marriage. Meanwhile, Jonathan slips off his wedding ring, declaring the marriage ends now. Tammy questions him about his decision. He only married Lizzie, he says, because he thought he could still see Tammy. He tells her that they just have to find another way to deal with Alan. The two make love together.

After class, Lizzie runs into Rick. Hesitantly, she asks Rick if he thinks people are meant to be together. Rick tells her it's tough to care about someone who is connected to another. He cites how he loved Beth who was always with Phillip. They both wish Phillip were there. Lizzie wonders if her father would have liked Jonathan. Tactfully, Rick says if Phillip knew Jonathan could take care of his little princess, then he would be his best friend. Meanwhile, in bed with Tammy, Jonathan reaffirms he will have both her and his baby.

Back at the apartment, Lizzie is alone with Roxie when she doubles over with horrible pains. Jonathan awakes with a bad feeling. Tammy brushes it off to just dreaming. They decide Tammy will pay her rent with Marina and Remy until they find a replacement roommate. In the mean time, they will find a real home together. He sighs, thinking of how they now have to tell Lizzie.

They arrive at Lizzie's apartment and find her bleeding and passed out on the floor. Tammy tries to call the ambulance, but Jonathan picks Lizzie up and heads out the door with her, brushing past ghostly Alfred. Alfred urges him to leave Lizzie there, solving his problems. At the hospital, Rick and Lillian get Lizzie to a bed and usher Tammy and Jonathan out of the room. Guilty because he didn't listen to Lizzie earlier, Jonathan prays that God let the baby live and not take out his mistakes on Lizzie. Reva finds Jonathan sobbing outside of Company. Reva tries to get him to not blame himself, but he believes this is payback for his mistakes. Finally admitting she is not God, Reva believes God doesn't do evil things to people just because they mess up. Jonathan confides his fear of being like his father, Alfred. As he falls into tears, Reva encourages him. She holds his hand, leading him back to the hospital. Reva says a silent prayer, asking God to take her instead of the baby. Anxious, Jonathan looks on as Rick and Lillian tend to Lizzie.

Lillian emerges and Jonathan immediately asks if Lizzie is okay. Seething, Lillian gripes that now he cares. Reva tries to defend him, but Jonathan agrees that he promised to help Lizzie and he failed. Rick approaches and informs them Lizzie's high blood pressure has led to preeclampsia, which can lead to seizures. We hear the "In a Moment" song playing very softly as Rick tells them this can be fatal. They must get Lizzie's blood pressure down. Rick allows them to see her, but when Tammy reaches for Jonathan's hand, he grabs Reva's, and mutters, "No," to Tammy. Reva encourages him to go in with Tammy. Jonathan enters the room with Tammy hesitantly tip-toeing behind him. Lizzie appears to be sleeping with monitors hooked up to her. He bows down beside Lizzie's bed and moans, "What did I do..." With red eyes and shaking hands, he softly shrinks at her beside. We hear the song lyrics, "I can't remember what I was about to say..."

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Jon waits by Lizzie's bedside, anxious about her (and the baby's) condition. When she wakes up, though, she's full of anger and bitterness over being deserted by Jonathan. She's sure none of this would have happened if he committed to being with her, just a little bit, as opposed to this fence-straddling he's been doing. Lizzie gets that he loves Tammy but despite all his words she's sure he doesn't love this baby. Jon's rocked and trying to tell her she's wrong – and he reacts instinctively, yelling for Tammy to get out of the room! He's never yelled at her in quite that way and she rushes away. Jon's anxious to follow but won't leave Lizzie's side until he's sure she's stable. When he finally does go, he runs into Alan and once again his commitment to the child is called into question by Alan and Mel both. He sees Gus and Harley, happily anticipating their own baby – and Jon, with much hammered home today, finally finds Tammy. And she can tell by the look on his face they have hard choices to make. Ava learns Coop was aware she was adopted, but didn't tell her before Olivia blew the secret wide open about being Ava's mother. Betrayed, she rushes off, Coop unable to stop her. Meanwhile, Buzz tracks Olivia down and tries to get an understanding for the depth of anger and resentment she feels for Ava. Olivia confides in Buzz about her painful past – that she was raped and doesn't know who the father is. Buzz sees she's taking her anger out on Ava and encourages her to work on getting past it. At that moment, Coop arrives, thrown to hear what happened to Olivia years ago. At the same time, Ava has found a little comfort in her room's mini bar. Tipsy, she runs into Alan-Michael, who is helpful to her, saying he can step in and make sure Olivia pays for what she did to Ava. Ava looks at him gratefully. She invites herself into his room – and we wonder what's coming next as Alan-Michael follows her inside.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Jon and Tammy have come together in a moment of truth. He's got a future ahead that can't fairly include Tammy. After the close call with the baby, Jon knows where he belongs, and the time has come for Tammy to look towards a future of her own. They part, Tammy going back home to pack for her new apartment, Jon returning to the hospital to take Lizzie to their home together.

Coop hears that Olivia was raped at a young age - Ava is the product of that violent act. Meanwhile, Ava is with Alan-Michael. She's tipsy, full of confusion over how to cope with all these changes in her life and, after her fight with Coop, she's clearly vulnerable. It seems Alan-Michael might take advantage. But he sees her hurting and does the right thing, calling Coop.

Alan-Michael continues his quest to best Alan. He finds the hit man Olivia hired, convincing him to testify in the hearing Alan has arranged to try to get the charges dismissed against Olivia. Ava is not sure how she feels about that, especially when Coop tells her about Olivia's rape. Alan comes to Ava with a personal plea to get her to stay away. It looks like Olivia might actually get away with her crime. But Ava arrives at the hearing room, ready to take the stand.

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