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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 9, 2006 on GL
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Monday, October 9, 2006

Ashlee sees the Springfield Burns website over Dinah's shoulder at CO2. It is a photo of Marina and Mallet inside a big red heart. Marina sees the same image at the station and is being teased by her co-workers. Mallet is being followed around by another reality show television crew. Marina shows him the site. When he goes to his desk, Mallet finds Dinah waiting there to taunt him about his "new girlfriend." Mallet half-heartedly accuses Dinah of being the blogger. When Dinah leaves, Frank asks Mallet what he's doing with his daughter. Mallet insists there is nothing going on and that he wasn't thinking of pairing Marina up with another trainer. Marina nixes that idea.

At CO2, Dinah runs into Olivia after Olivia has tried to get Ava to talk with her. Ava will have nothing to do with it, saying she will turn Olivia in the next day unless Olivia turns herself in first. Olivia reveals to Dinah that Ava is her long lost daughter. Dinah is stunned and tells Olivia she needs a "fixer." Olivia leaves to go find help for her situation. Dinah is left with a devious look on her face when she sees Mallet and Marina together.

At Towers, Mel and Alan walk out on Rick and Beth after Jonathan reveals Rick and Beth's affair. Beth follows Alan to the mansion where he tells her that she is weak and powerless if she tries to live in her past. Alan had thought their marriage was heading toward being a true one. Beth doesn't want to leave. Wielding a letter opener, Beth reminds Alan of the power she once had over him at the cabin. He tells her she will be sent to the spare bedroom, and knowing her, would see her at breakfast the next morning at 7.

Rick has followed Mel home. She doesn't want to have anything to do with his explanations of the full blown affair with Beth. She tells him to pack up and leave.

After a fistfight between Remy and Jon, Tammy leaves towers with Remy and Jon and Lizzie go to the grounds beneath Tammy's window. Jon, drunk, desperately tries to get Tammy to listen to him. Meanwhile, Beth is crying over old photos of the four musketeers, Rick looks at photos of him and Mel, and Mel breaks photos of her and Rick, and throws the barbecue off the patio.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Coop and Marina are determined to find out why Olivia has it in for Ava. They get into Olivia's room at the Beacon and are shocked to see a picture of Ava and her mother.

At the same time, Olivia knows that time is running out before Ava will turn her into the cops. In need of an ally, she pays a visit to Alan. Using his granddaughter as bait, Olivia attempts to enlist Alan in keeping Ava at bay. But Alan has had it with women in general and wives in particular and makes no promises. However, he gives Beth a way to earn her redemption by getting rid of Ava.

Earlier in the day, Beth goes to the hotel room that was her trysting place with Rick only to find Mel waiting for her. The two women take off the kid gloves and give vent to the emotions that have been bottled up even before Rick confessed to the affair. Simultaneously, Leah knows that her parents' marriage has hit a speed bump. Rick realizes that he can't keep the truth from her and admits that he and Beth are the reason. Leah, who has defended her dad throughout, sees him warts and all. She turns her back on him and Rick is more alone than ever.

While all this is going on, Gus and Harley are keenly aware of her ticking biological clock. Today is a great day to make a baby. Their determination to make it memorable runs into a serious roadblock when Rick comes knocking, in need of a friend.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Inside the Light: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Marina Cooper awakens to the Cooper clan (Buzz and Jude are not in this episode) crowded in her bedroom at the boardinghouse ready to help her celebrate "Marina Day." Today this Cooper makes history as the youngest officer promoted to detective on the Springfield force. After saying she just awakened from the strangest dream with all of them in it, Marina affectionately gives her family members names from The Wizard of Oz; Zack gets to be Toto. Right away Auntie Em (Harley) ushers everyone out so that Marina can prepare for her ceremony later that day.

Marina Day turns introspective as she ponders her life and her choices. Running into Mallet at the firing range, she tells him that to her ceremony she has invited family and co-workers-who are just about the same people. Mallet wonders if she has a date and if anything is still going on with her an Alan-Michael. Marina declares that she has no boyfriend. With boyfriends like crazy Ben, disabled Shayne, married Danny, and egotistical Alan-Michael behind her and continuing the Cooper family detective legacy ahead, Marina wonders if her life has gone the way it should.

Next on her trip down the yellow brick road, she finds Alan-Michael in the parking garage. She thinks she's a glutton for punishment and Alan-Michael feels that meeting in the parking lot is perfect for getting robbed-or carjacked, says the man behind them holding a gun. Marina volunteers Alan-Michael's car while Alan-Michael haughtily asks the robber if he has any idea with whom he's dealing. After he reveals that Marina is a cop, the robber forces Alan-Michael and Marina into the trunk of her car and takes off in Alan-Michael's vehicle.

While tramped in the trunk, Marina admits that she might have wanted to invite Alan-Michael to be her guest today. Surprised that she would want him there, Alan-Michael kind of leaves her hanging with no answer. He finds a screwdriver lodged in his backside and they break out of the trunk. He tells her that she doesn't sound happy about joining the ranks of the Cooper detectives. He senses perhaps she didn't make this choice herself. She agrees that she's having doubts. He offers her a position on his security staff. She's good at what she does and they can have more adventures together. Marina doesn't answer him either, saying she has a ceremony to prepare for.

Back at the boarding house as she gets ready, she receives a knock at the door. On the threshold she discovers a bouquet of flowers with a note from Alan-Michael, reminding her of his offer. Another surprise knock comes to the door. Marina opens it to find her mother Eleni. Eleni wouldn't dream of not being there for her daughter. She says that she can do anything for her that she needs, including get her out of the whole thing.

She questions Marina about whether she is taking this position so as not to disappoint her father. Eleni reminds Marina about the acting dreams that she once had. Marina, visibly upset, defends herself. She says things happened-like Shayne's accident. Eleni confesses that she is really afraid that Marina is only doing this for Frank instead of going after whatever else is out there for her. Teary Marina asks her what's out there that's so great? Was it so great for her when she left? She asks Eleni to be happy for her because she's made her choice. Eleni agrees, they embrace and Eleni leaves her to finish dressing. Marina is still debating her life even after her shower. As she gets ready, she starts singing into her hairbrush, "These Boots were made for Walking."

At the ceremony down on Main Street, Frank and Eleni speak as Marina eavesdrops. When she thinks her mother is about to express her doubts to Frank, Marina rushes over and interrupts them. Just then Harley urges them to be seated for the event. As she accepts her promotion, she remembers back to when young Marina said goodbye to her father and moved to California with Eleni. Even after the ceremony, her date Eleni (because Alan-Michael did not show up) is still asking her if everything is okay. Back home, she flashes to the future, where she's very old, still working at CO2 and still taking care of her family. Alan-Michael (looking young and virile) comes to see her. Taking one look at her, he says that he's too late.

Back at the station, she and Mallet talk about her family's expectations of her. She questions whether he wants to be her partner or if she even knows what she's doing. Mallet suspects that she might only be doing her job for Frank. Marina admits that she doesn't know. Mallet advises her to trust her instincts and follow her bliss. He urges her to find that thing that makes her feel as if she belongs and she'll find her happiness. He says that maybe he'll see her later at the party for her at Harley and Gus's tonight. Marina wonders if he has something better to do. He tells her no, but maybe she does.

Everyone's voices are in her head as she continues to think about what she wants to do. "Enough!" she yells and starts packing bags. She runs into Remy on Main Street, and he wants to know where she's going with the bags. Marina declares that she's following her bliss. Outside of Harley and Gus's new home, she says to herself, "next stop bliss." Inside everyone greets her, and she announces that she has brought her dirty laundry and gifts for everyone because she loves them. Frank promises her that she will not let the job consume her. Zack skips up to her and asks her how the story with Toto ends. Marina replies, "There's no place like home."

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ava has a gut feeling that Olivia will never turn herself in and when Coop comes looking for her, she pours out her fear and her desire to make Olivia pay for all the harm she's done. Coop is clearly conflicted, since he has just learned that Ava is adopted and that Olivia is all too aware of it. Left momentarily alone, Ava gets a visit from Beth, who has come at Alan's bidding to try to convince her to back off Olivia. Beth is basically blunt and honest with her, but Ava is hardly convinced to back off especially when Alan-Michael appears to defuse the situation and send Beth on her way. Once again, Alan-Michael is prepared to help Ava in ways that no one else can, especially a nice guy like Coop. Meanwhile, at Gus and Harley's, the clock is still ticking and Harley is still ovulating. But Rick's presence in the house continues to be a roadblock to bliss. And even when they manage to get rid of him for the night, Buzz and Olivia arrive to seek Gus and Harley's help in dealing with Ava. Later Coop arrives, too, and he confronts Olivia with what he's learned believing that she intends to use the knowledge of Ava's adoption as a means to hurt her. Olivia denies but when Ava shows up, things turn even uglier as Ava hurls accusations at Olivia, and Olivia claims she's been misunderstood. By day's end, Gus and Harley slip away to begin the baby making business. But Olivia and Ava's confrontation leads to an impulsive vow from Olivia that threatens to reveal her real relationship to Ava. While all this is going on, Marina is enjoying her first day on the job as a detective. Mallet and her fellow cops tease her but clearly appreciate her. Dinah walks in on their appreciation and sees red. While she tries to issue a not so subtle warning to Marina to keep clear of Mallet, Jeffrey tracks Mallet down, determined to stop the Springfield Burns blogger.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Cassie is having a very bad day. As a flustered Cassie is trying to take the burnt brownies (for RJ's bake sale) out of the oven, Josh arrives. He tries to calm her by kissing her but she's still stressed since there is some kind of problem with the blueprints. Josh suggests she go to the office and check it out. When she states that she cannot since she has to wait for RJ to come out, he offers to stay while she goes out.

Remy arrives at Tammy to "arrest" her. Tammy figures he is joking but then is surprised to find herself at the police station. Remy tells her to sit down and he gives her an offer--move in with him and Marina at their new apartment. Tammy tries to decline since Jonathan wouldn't approve since he doesn't like Remy. Marina joins in and they both gang up on Tammy to convince her to be their roommate. Remy tells Tammy that she needs to start living her own life without Jonathan. Tammy still is not sure and asks if they need an answer right away. Remy states that the owner of the building wants an answer by 6pm today.

Jonathan comes across Reva on Main Street looking at car brochures. Jonathan asks if she is really going through with it and asks that she take him her. Jonathan proceeds to tell Reva that Tammy has left him. But why should Reva care? She is not going to be around anyway. Reva tries to get him to tell her what happened. Jonathan only states that he tried to shed some light on Remy and his family and Tammy announced that she needed her space. When Jonathan again states that Reva may be taking the best way out, Reva tells him to stop talking like that. Jonathan quietly admits that he does not want her to go. Reva puts her arm around him and says she does not want to either, but assures him that she is not going right away since she has more to do. Afterwards, Reva assures Jonathan that even after she dies, she will still be with him. She then apologizes for saddling him with all this and asks him to continue to keep her secret. At this point, Cassie is coming back from the office and overhears Reva tell Jonathan that she hates leaving him. Wondering where Reva is going, Cassie stays hidden and listens in. She hears Reva tell Jonathan that she has purchased the fishing shack for Jonathan and Tammy and encourages him to patch things up with her. When Jonathan leaves, Reva meets with a man who, unbeknownst to Cassie, is Reva's doctor. Out of earshot from Cassie, the doctor tries to convince Reva to come to the hospital since she is especially susceptible right now but she refuses since she does not want to spend her remaining days in a hospital. When Reva goes home, Cassie follows. As a tired Reva goes to take a nap, Cassie sneaks into her room and sees a bank statement by the door. Seeing a withdrawal of $ 250,000, a shocked Cassie takes the paper and sneaks back out, with Reva none the wiser.

Josh is trying to fix Cassie's oven when Tammy arrives to ask his advice about Remy and Marina's offer. Tammy admits that she is afraid of accepting since it would be taking a step away from Jonathan who is everything to her. Josh replies that no one is "everything' to anyone. Tammy asks when did he decide to leave Reva and he tells her when he discovered he was more miserable than happy. Josh goes on to say that he is glad he took the risk to leave. Afterwards, Tammy calls Remy and tells him that she is moving in. Remy tells her to meet him and Marina at the building to see the landlord. Immediately after, someone gives Tammy a message from Jonathan to meet him at the fish shack. However, since it is almost six, Tammy hesitates. Meanwhile, Jonathan waits at the shack with a romantic picnic.

Cassie returns home to find that Josh has fixed the stove and made brownies (with help from Tammy) A worried Cassie informs him that she thinks Reva is in trouble.

In front of Buzz and Coop, Olivia and Ava argue about Ava's attempted murder allegation. A desperate Olivia tries to convince Ava that she would never hurt her but Ava calls her a liar. Olivia then threatens to have Ava charged with reckless endangerment of a minor which makes matters worse and Ava stalks off with Coop following. As Coop is calling Frank, Ava calls Alan-Michael to ask for his help. Alan-Michael asks her to meet him at the police station. There, Alan-Michael presents Ava with a photo of the man who attacked her. His PI's have not found him yet, but they are working on it. Just then, Frank enters and recognizes the man in the picture. That is Gillespie--the man Olivia filed a complaint on. Ava informs Frank that Gillespie is the man who attacked her and Olivia is the one who hired him. Frank warns Ava that without proof, it is her story against Olivia's.

At Buzz's, Olivia thanks Buzz for believing her but he replies that he does not; he does not believe anything she is saying. Equally upset, Olivia tells him to just call Frank then, but Buzz states cannot do that either because he loves her. He just needs to protect her from herself. Olivia is touched by Buzz's display of unconditional love and they make love. Olivia promises Buzz that she will make him proud of her; she will stop doing stupid things. At that point, Frank knocks on the door to arrest Olivia. Upon seeing Ava, Olivia tells her that she cannot do this and blurts out that she is Ava's mother.

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