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Passions Recaps: The week of October 16, 2006 on PS
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Monday, October 16, 2006

Spike is trying to lure Jessica back into his clutches since her family and friends have gotten to her. Jessica has fallen prey to Spike once again. He threatens to testify against Jessica. Jessica is emotionally weak to stand up to him, so she has defied her family and her friends and is standing by Spike's side, lies and all.

Endora is up to her old tricks again. She is using magic to misbehave. Apparently, she tricked Fox and uses her magic to get a chocolate bar, which Fox had taken away from her. Fox tells her that she will not be getting anymore chocolate, and Endora has taken offense to it. Tabitha wishes that Endora would use her powers to get Miguel and Kay together instead. Endora decides to get back at Fox by taking Kay away from him. She puts Fox into a deep sleep and makes Kay and Miguel disappear. They are both in an alternate universe, and Miguel is making use of the opportunity to be with Kay. They are both dancing and kissing passionately. He tells Kay to admit to him that she really wants to be with him.

Fancy has mistaken Chris for the perpetrator and started kicking him. She realizes her mistake and apologizes. Chris lied to Fancy and tells her that he did not see the intruder. Sheridan asks Luis to explain the porn video, and he tells her that it was not real. Luis wants Sheridan to admit to him that she loves him, but Sheridan tells Luis that it's over and wants to be with Chris and James. Chris and Fancy walk in on Luis when he was about to kiss Sheridan and asks what is going on.

Jared spotted Rebecca while they were trying to make a run for it. Rebecca notices and immediately tries to get JT back in the hotel room since she realizes that Theresa is also in the hotel. Gwen notices that Jared is looking in the direction of JT and Rebecca. Theresa sees Jared looking and asks what is going on, but Jared quickly tells her that it was nothing. Rebecca and JT are off the hook for the time being. Ethan tells Jared and Theresa that whatever they were doing is loud and asks them to keep it down. Theresa agrees to keep it down. JT just cannot keep his hands off Rebecca. Rebecca is making noises again, which is making Ethan suspicious. Gwen is trying her best to distract Ethan from paying attention to the closet. Ethan thinks that it's Theresa and Jared going at it again, and Theresa and Jared think it's Ethan and Gwen, but it's really Rebecca and JT. Theresa cannot take it and decides to go tell Ethan and Gwen to keep it down. Meanwhile, Gwen tells Ethan to do the same thing so that she can get to tell Rebecca and JT to leave. While Gwen and Ethan are by Theresa's room, they hear the noise coming from Ethan and Gwen's room, but they aren't there, so Theresa decides to go see for herself with Ethan, Gwen, and Jared in tow. Ethan tells Theresa about the noises in the closet, and Gwen tries to get Theresa to go back to her room, but Theresa insists that they check the closet again. Theresa checks the closet, but did not see JT or Rebecca. They managed to get to the balcony. While they were there, they couldn't help but getting frisky, even in the rain. Rebecca just cannot keep it down. Theresa hears the noises and realizes that it's coming from outside. Gwen is quaking in her boots. Theresa senses Gwen's fears and calls her on it. Gwen calls her bluff and tells her to go look on the ledge. Theresa opens the window and sees JT, and she is not too excited about it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Kay and Miguel continue their fairytale evening while under Endora's spell. Miguel wants Kay to realize and admit that she loves him and wants to be with him only. She tries to resist the chemistry between them and runs off into another part of the ballroom. She then realizes that Endora has put a spell on the two of them. Tabitha speaks out to Kay and tells her to be patient. Miguel comes after Kay and they begin dancing. After Miguel continues to profess his love for her, Kay finally admits that she loves him and they begin to kiss.

Noah and Spike fight in the Bennett living room and Sam has to break them up. Spike tells Sam he wants to have Noah arrested for the assault on him because he didn't do anything to cause the fight. Sam asks Jessica if Spike did anything and after seeing Spike out of the corner of her eye, she says that Noah caused the fight. Sam has no other choice than to have Paloma place Noah under arrest. Ivy, Simone, Paloma, Noah and Sam cannot figure out what Spike has over Jessica to cause her to act the way she is. Spike informs Sam that he's moving out and taking Jessica with him. Sam begs Jessica to stay but she tells him that Spike is her husband and when she took her vows "for better or worse" she has to leave with him. She then packs her bags and they leave.

Chris and Fancy walk in on Luis and Sheridan while they are in an intimate hug. Chris wants to know what's going on and Sheridan tells him that he deserves to know the truth. She then tells him that she has deep feelings for Luis. Fancy and Luis go into the living room to give Chris and Sheridan privacy. Chris tells Sheridan how much he loves her but can't stand to be second best. He also tells her that he doesn't want to stand in the way of her happiness and she has to make a decision for once and for all. Sheridan goes out into the hallway and sees Luis and Fancy holding hands and laughing and goes right back to Chris and tells him that she definitely chooses him and James. They then join Luis and Fancy in the living room and tells them everything is okay. Sheridan tells Luis goodbye and he says the same to her.

Theresa looks out the window and sees Rebecca and JT on the ledge. She can't believe he's in Harmony. Ethan, Jared and Gwen want to know what she sees. Theresa struggles to know if she should tell the truth or not. While on the ledge, Rebecca and JT are wondering what's taking Theresa so long to tell the rest what she sees. They then begin to have sex on the ledge while they wait. Gwen is also curious as to the delay because she knows Theresa has been waiting to out her for a long time. Theresa lies to the group and says she sees nothing. They then want to know why she didn't answer them the first time. Before she answers, a front desk clerk calls the room and informs Ethan that other patrons seen a couple on the ledge and that the hotel was sending people out to check it out. Ethan then asks Theresa how she didn't see the couple if other people did. They all then hear noises outside and Ethan goes to the window to check.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Though Tabitha scolds her for imprisoning Kay and Miguel inside her head, Endora refuses to release the couple from their enchanted ballroom. Gwen is puzzled by Theresa's obvious attempts to prevent Ethan from catching J.T. and Rebecca. Eve comes to the Crane mansion to retrieve the last of her belongings and is forced to endure vicious barbs from a snarling Julian. Ethan finally spots Rebecca having sex on the ledge but her partner scuttles off without showing his face. Tabitha covers for her daughter in front of Fox. Meanwhile, Miguel again urges Kay to dump her fiancé and marry him instead. Certain Cornell was the man on the ledge, Ethan doggedly pursues Rebecca's lover. Meanwhile, Pilar urges Theresa to let the truth about her son's paternity come out at last. As they watch a romantic movie on TV, Eve and T.C. fondly reminisce about the start of their own love story years ago. Jared begins to suspect that Theresa has been helping J.T. pull a vanishing act.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

At the police station, Sam speculates that his daughter is being blackmailed by her loathsome husband. Meanwhile, Spike drags a protesting Jessica down to the wrong side of town and threatens to expose her part in the murders unless she starts turning tricks once again. Tabitha begs her daughter to bring Kay back before Fox grows suspicious. Ethan finally collars Rebecca, then is surprised to discover that the man she's hiding isn't J.T. at all but one of the hotel's bellhops. Julian warns Fox that his missing fiancée is probably with Miguel even as they speak. In the ballroom, Miguel swears to Kay that Charity was only an infatuation and means nothing to him now. Paloma realizes what Spike is holding over his wife's head but keeps mum in front of Noah and Sam. Endora finally releases Kay and Miguel from her spell but lands them both in hot water when they find themselves suddenly sharing a bubble bath. Sam, Noah and Paloma are dismayed to discover Jessica back on the stroll. As Gwen and Rebecca hold their collective breath, Ethan presses Theresa to explain why she seems to have changed her tune about Cornell.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Luis decides to stay at the mansion just in case there is another intruder. Fancy wonders if Luis is there to protect her or Sheridan. Sheridan couldn't sleep because she could not get Fancy and Luis off her mind, so she heads over to the mansion. Fancy decides to play a love song to get Luis' attention. She got his attention, but Luis went out to get some air. Sheridan imagined that she runs into Luis and they kiss passionately. She reminds herself that it's only a dream but looks up and sees Luis looking down at her from his bedroom window at the mansion.

Julian tells Tabitha that he is not going to let her stop him from seeing Endora. He will sue for custody if that's what it takes. Meanwhile, Kay is in the bathtub with Miguel upstairs, and Fox is trying to get in the bathroom since Kay won't answer him. Kay is still wondering how she got from a ballroom to a bathtub with Miguel. Kay realizes that she is not dreaming, so she has to make sure Fox does not see her with Miguel. Fox manages to get in and wonders why Kay looks so astonished. Well, Miguel is hiding in the bottom of the bathtub, so Kay is trying to keep it together. Tabitha is still having it out with Julian downstairs. She brings up Timmy and tells Julian that he would have been disappointed that he is trying to take Endora from her. Julian tells Tabitha to leave Timmy out of their conversation. Tabitha is now focused on Kay, Miguel and Fox. She has to do something because if Fox discovers that Miguel is in the tub with Kay, he will beat him to a pulp. Endora zaps Miguel to his bedroom before he drowns in the bathtub. Fox is getting suspicious of Kay's behavior and wonders why she is acting so strangely. Fox apologizes to Kay because he thinks that she was with Miguel without knowing that Miguel was indeed in the bathtub with Kay. Tabitha tells Endora that she has to watch her temper because she almost hurt Fox's feelings had he found out about Miguel and Kay. Julian is having second thoughts about suing Tabitha for custody of Endora because Timmy would not have approved of his behavior; however, he feels that Timmy would approve of him being a part of Endora's life. Tabitha tells Julian that he hasn't learned anything from Timmy because he is still as mean as ever. Julian assures Tabitha that Timmy did change him. He was a better person until Eve broke his heart. Julian tells Tabitha that he will not let anyone stomp on his heart again, so he is going to use ever legal means to get custody of Endora. Tabitha uses witchcraft to shake the room and tells Julian that he will never get Endora. Julian is not scared of Tabitha. She tells him to leave and never to set foot in her house again.

Gwen and Rebecca are wondering why Theresa is not taking this huge opportunity to tell Ethan that she saw JT. Theresa tells Whitney her worst fear. She brings Whitney up to speed on JT's whereabouts and the conflicts he can cause her and Ethan. Gwen tells Rebecca that whatever secret Theresa is keeping it has something to do with leaving Ethan in her will if she dies. Gwen wants Rebecca to go get the dirt from JT. Meanwhile, Theresa is telling Whitney that they have to get to JT before Gwen and Rebecca does. Gwen confronts Theresa about her secret and tells her that she must have learned something from JT in Rome and is keeping it from Ethan. Moreover, she tells Theresa that if she finds JT before she does, she will get him to spill the beans. Theresa tells Gwen that she knows nothing. Gwen is wondering what could be more important to Theresa than winning Ethan back. Theresa tells Gwen to drop it, but Gwen wants to find JT and bring Theresa down.

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