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Passions Recaps: The week of October 30, 2006 on PS
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Monday, October 30, 2006

Miguel expresses his dislike for what Kay has done to Sam and Grace; however, Fox is willing to overlook it. Kay feels sorry and is beating herself up, but Fox is right there to comfort her. Miguel just can't get pass Kay's behavior because Maria doesn't even know her grandmother. Even though Fox forgives Kay, she is unhappy in regards to Miguel's feelings about her right now.

Rebecca thinks Chad is smart for going to a sleazy motel since Whitney would never dream of going there. Meanwhile, Whitney and Theresa are facing Gwen in JT's hotel room. Gwen tells Theresa that she is too late because she and Rebecca have already gotten to JT and they know her little secret. Rebecca walks in and gives Gwen away by asking her if JT tells her the secret yet. She isn't aware that Theresa is in the room with Gwen. Well, Gwen is right back to being in the dark. Theresa creates a diversion by throwing some of the money in the air, so that she could get by Rebecca in order to leave to go find JT before Gwen and Rebecca get to him first. While JT is on his way back to his hotel room, he runs into Rebecca, Gwen, Whitney, and Theresa. He only recognizes Rebecca at first since he is drunk, but then he realizes that Theresa is staring him in the face. He turns around and runs in the opposite direction. Gwen blocks Theresa in order to slow her down. Whitney and Theresa decide to split up so that they both have a better chance of finding JT. Chad hears Whitney's voice a second time. He looks outside but does not see her. Rebecca sees an opportunity that amuses her and seized on it. She gives Whitney the impression that the room next to Chad's is JT's room. Chad realizes that it's Whitney, so he hides. Gwen catches up with JT first, and Theresa is right behind her. She offers JT the hush money. Gwen pleads with JT not to take the money, but JT is in way over his head, so he has to consider taking the money. He pushes Gwen aside and tells her to give Rebecca his best. He runs away with Theresa and the money. Gwen tells Rebecca that it's too late, but Rebecca tells Gwen that not all is lost yet. She offers up her body to JT plus matching Theresa's offer and running away with him. JT tells Theresa that she may have the money, but Rebecca has the honey and pushes Theresa away. Theresa yells at JT and tells him to wait. Meanwhile, Whitney goes inside a motel room thinking its JT's, but she finds Valerie there instead. Whitney automatically concludes that Valerie is with Chad and insists that the person underneath the covers shows his face. She pounds on him and tells him to get up. Chad shows up at the motel room and asks Whitney if she thought that he was the man sleeping with Valerie. Whitney acknowledges Chad and apologizes to him for jumping to the wrong conclusions but wants to know what he is doing at this tacky motel. Chad lies to her and tells her that Crane security reported that she was in this area and is looking out for her safety. Chad also wants to know what Whitney is doing in the area, so she tells him about JT. On the other side of the motel room, Rebecca and Theresa are still trying to convince JT to take sides. JT is getting dizzy because he has too many choices: money, sex, money, sex, and pizza. JT decides to take Theresa's money since it's staring him right in the face. Gwen catches up with JT and Theresa and there‘s a tug of war. Theresa is pushing JT to leave town with the money, and Gwen is pulling JT towards her. Back at Valerie's motel room, Whitney apologizes to her and to Chad for the second time. Rebecca notices that Chad manages not to get caught and wonders how she could use his secret to her advantage.

While playing a game of pretend with Fancy, James indirectly tells Fancy how Chris got shot. Fancy senses that James might have seen Phyllis' murderer and decides to ask James more questions. James points out Spike as Phyllis' attacker. Meanwhile, Luis is telling Sheridan that he is at the cottage to arrest Chris for murder. Sheridan tells Luis that he has gone mad because Chris did not kill anyone. Luis is trying to convince Sheridan that Chris is connected to Alistair and his omega society, but Sheridan doesn't want to accept it. Furthermore, Luis tells her that he is only trying to protect her. Sheridan tells Luis that she has Chris to protect her. Well, Luis tells her that if he were her husband, he would not leave her unprotected knowing that there is a murderer still at large. Sheridan and Luis continue to bicker about Chris while throwing accusations at each other. On the other side of the Crane estate, Spike tells Chris that he had to clean up his mess by killing Phyllis because he left a document lying around with the omega symbol on it. Chris is telling Spike that he was very foolish for killing Phyllis because of the investigation. Spike reminds Chris that those omega documents could have linked them both to Alistair; however, Spike dropped the document, and Chris is the one who retrieved it. Chris asks Spike how Phyllis knew her since the medical examiner said that Phyllis knew her attacker. It turns out that Phyllis and her husband were frequent visitors to Spike's club. Anyway, Chris tells Spike that as soon as he gets him his money, he doesn't want to see him again. Chris reminds Spike that he is living in a dreamland because Alistair hired him to be James' father.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fancy carefully interrogates James about the man he saw on the Crane grounds. When the person she is inquiring about walks past the window, James points him out. Unfortunately, he has his back to the window and Fancy can't see Spike's face. Spike sees Fancy looking at him and bolts. Fancy gives chase.

Gwen and Theresa fight over a new man - J.T. Cornell! Theresa shoves J.T. down a very large laundry chute. Gwen rushes to the basement to catch him with Theresa in hot pursuit.

Sheridan announces to Chris that Luis wants to arrest him for murder. An angry Sheridan believes Luis is after Chris in order to break up her marriage. Paloma interrupts the argument to ask if they have seen Fancy since she ran off.

While working at the Blue Note, Noah laments over losing Fancy to Ethan. Across the room, a guilty Chad asks Whitney to stop apologizing for doubting him.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Tabitha and Endora come home after trick-or-treating; commenting on how they have to endure it so no one will suspect them of being witches. The doorbell rings. Tabitha opens the door to a girl dressed as an ugly witch. The girl and Tabitha get into an argument. Tabitha tells her that witches are not ugly, but the girl insists that they are. Endora zaps her and makes her pretty and thinks, "That's how real witches look -- beautiful like me and mummy." Tabitha shows the girl a mirror and she runs away screaming. Tabitha and Endora share a laugh and Tabitha says she can hardly wait until Endora can go to the cemetery with her and party on Halloween. Endora zaps up some spirits and goblins and makes Tabitha very, very happy. Outside, Kay and Fox discuss how badly Kay is feeling about keeping Ivy's secret. Fox comforts Kay and tells her that he understands and does not blame her. At the Blue Note, Sam tries to reach Grace by phone and leaves a message asking her to call. Ivy tries to talk to him but he shouts at her to go away. At another table, Chad and Whitney discuss Theresa, who looks surprised. Gwen and Ethan are dancing. Gwen tries to comfort him, but Ethan is upset by his mother's lie, which destroyed Sam and Grace's marriage. Ethan is adamant about not lying. In Sheridan's cottage, Luis telephones Fancy, who lies unconscious, in a tunnel, next to her ringing cell phone. Spike picks it up and gloats about knocking her out. Gwen thinks she sees someone she recognizes with Theresa and leaves Ethan. Theresa is surprised to see Jared, who tells her that he thought they had plans. Theresa apologizes for forgetting. Jared wants to know what is going on, but Gwen interrupts and is startled to see Jared, who is wearing a jacket similar to the one JT is wearing. Rebecca and JT arrive at the Blue Note; however, Rebecca spots Theresa and quickly leads JT away. Luis, Paloma, Sheridan and Chris try to figure out what Fancy meant when she told Paloma that she was following a murderer. Luis thinks that she got a telephone tip. James is out of the room, so none of the adults consider that James is the one who actually saw the murderer. In the tunnel, Fancy is still unconscious and Spike fears that Fancy will identify him when she wakes up.

Fox, Kay and Maria join Tabitha and Endora. Fox takes Maria and Endora to their bedrooms. Kay tells Tabitha that she finally told the truth and that she is upset because everyone hates her. Tabitha says that neither she nor Fox hates her. Kay is really upset because Miguel will not forgive her. Outside, Miguel is still upset, but realizes that he still loves Kay, even though she hurt her family by keeping Ivy's secret. At the bar, Sam and Noah comfort each other and commiserate. Ivy tries to talk to Sam again. Gwen tells Jared that from the back he looks like a friend of hers before walking away with Ethan. Jared tries to get answers, but Theresa is evasive.

Tabitha comforts Kay, who now, does not understand why she was so mean-spirited. Tabitha points out that Miguel's attitude has taken him out of the mix so Kay will not have to worry about which man to marry. She tells Tabitha that she only wants Miguel to still like her. Luis looks at the Crane Mansion security tapes but finds no trace of Fancy. He tell Paloma to call the station and put out an ABP. Luis is worried and wants to get a search team out for Fancy. He says that Fancy is smart and would have called for back-up if she could. In the tunnel, Fancy is bound and blindfolded. She wakes up and starts screaming questions as she is being fondled by Spike, though he is unknown to her. Rebecca and JT make love in the storage room of the Blue Note. JT want a martini and wants to go into the club to get it. Rebecca insists that she go alone and locks JT in the storage room and goes off to get Gwen. Jared questions Theresa's trust in him. She continues to be evasive. Jared is upset and leaves. Rebecca signals to Gwen, but she ignores her and continues to charm Ethan.

Ivy keeps telling Sam that she did what she did for love. Sam says she is sick. He tells her that she lied about Ethan being his son also. He tells her that she does not have the right to play God. Ivy keeps defending herself. She is not justifying, she is explaining. Sam is not convinced. He tells her to leave. She does not. She insists that she loves him. She did not do it to hurt him; she did it for their love. She asks him to understand. Theresa tells Whitney that she is losing Jared. Whitney tells her to confide in Jared. She tells Theresa that secrets destroy relationships. Theresa says that she has lost Jared for good. As she says this, Jared comes back with flowers for Theresa. He tells her that he can wait for Theresa to tell him in her own time because he loves her. Ethan tells Gwen to go talk to her mother. Gwen does, but is upset with her mother for interrupting. Rebecca tries to tell Gwen about JT, but Gwen shushes her and returns to Ethan. Across the barroom, unseen by anyone who knows him, JT puts on his jacket.

Miguel walks in on Kay and Tabitha. Before he can talk to Kay, Fox walks in and encourages Kay to go to bed. Miguel tells Tabitha that even though he does not understand how Kay could keep Ivy's secret, he loves her and will not give up on her. Sheridan tells Chris that she loves him and believes in him. Search teams are unsuccessful in their effort to find Fancy, who, Luis knows, would have checked in if she could. Spike continues to touch and taunt a terrified Fancy.

Miguel tells Tabitha that he will continue to fight for Kay. He leaves to give Maria a good night kiss. Tabitha wonders what Grace will think when she comes home and finds out what Kay did. Fox comforts Kay, who bemoans her actions and feels sorry for herself. Luis and Paloma fear for Fancy. Luis leaves the cottage to search for Fancy himself. Fancy struggles and cries while Spike looks on and plots to himself and thinks, "No Prince

Ivy tells Sam she does expect forgiveness. She just wants understanding. He does not relent. The phone rings and Grace is on the line. Sam tells her it is very important. Jared asks Theresa to dance. Jared tells Theresa that he loves her. He wants her to trust him, but he can wait. Theresa says that she does not deserve him. They hug. Rebecca notices JT at the same time as Gwen. Ethan is oblivious, as Gwen hurries to help Rebecca corral JT. Ethan goes for a table. Gwen gloats that she will soon know Theresa's secret. JT waves for Theresa as Gwen and Rebecca drag him away.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

The Blue Note continues to provide the backdrop for several Harmony residents. At the bar, Theresa shares with Jared that she's willing to sacrifice her life with Ethan for the sake of her son. Ethan walks up just in time to overhear their conversation and asks Theresa what she means. Jared decides to let Theresa and Ethan talk about this in privacy and steps away. Chad and Whitney are on the dance floor. Whitney tells Chad that she loves him so much and that she wishes others could be as happy as they are. Chad agrees with her but is daydreaming of his night in the motel room with his other woman. Sam and Ivy are sitting at a table. Sam has received a call from Grace. Ivy can only sit and listen as Sam tells Grace about Ivy's scheme. Grace has a hard time believing what Sam is telling her and takes a moment to talk with David to seek the truth. Ivy continues to tell Sam that she did this all for love. While Sam continues on the phone Whitney pulls Ivy aside and tells her she is appalled by what Ivy did. Ivy lashes out at Whitney and reminds her about the time she told Fox that he was the father of her unborn son in order to keep a secret. Whitney tells her that was different because she was desperate. Ivy says she was desperate too and that's why she did what she did. Ivy then informs Whitney that Eve helped keep her dirty secret. Whitney doesn't believe what Ivy is telling her. Ivy begins to walk back to Sam's table as she's telling Whitney to just ask her own mother for the truth. Rebecca and Gwen force JT into a back room in hopes of getting him to spill his guts about Theresa's secret. JT tells them it will take double the money that Theresa paid him before he tells.

Luis is still questioning Chris at the cottage while Paloma and Sheridan look on. Chris adamantly denies being involved in Phyllis' murder and Fancy's disappearance. Luis knows Chris has something to hide about both of those issues but right now is more concerned with finding Fancy. Sheridan wants Luis to find Fancy before it's too late. Luis and Paloma leave and begin searching for Fancy. Sheridan and Chris spend some time talking on the couch. Sheridan then decides to take a nice bubble bath for relaxation and Chris offers to join her. On the way to the bathroom, James awakes and tells them he can't sleep. Chris tells Sheridan to go ahead and start while he gets James a snack. Once Sheridan leaves the room, James tells Chris that he saw him talking to a man outside of Little Ethan's house. Chris is shocked and then realizes that Spike is the one who has Fancy.

Spike continues to hold Fancy captive in the tunnel. He keeps her hands tied and her eyes blind folded so she can't get a look at him. Fancy prays to God that whoever has her won't hurt her. Spike, however, takes his knife and begins to tear at her clothes while he's running his fingers up and down her body. Fancy fears that she'll be raped. While Spike is trying to kiss her, Fancy is able to knee him in the groin and kick him out of the way. Spike goes unconscious after hitting his head on a board. Fancy yells for help.

Ethan tells Theresa he is perplexed about her comment about sacrificing a possible relationship with him for the sake of Little Ethan. She says she has stopped trying to be with him because no matter how many times she's told him that Gwen and Rebecca was the one who outted him, he's continued to stay with Gwen. Ethan assures Theresa that if there is no evidence that Gwen and/or Rebecca did tip the tabloid agency, he would leave Gwen because he won't be with a woman who continually lies to him. Even though Theresa is eager to hear that Ethan would leave Gwen, she becomes concerned because she knows she's also holding a secret. She tells Ethan she can't talk anymore and runs away. Ethan is determined to find out what Theresa is holding from him.

Luis and Paloma are searching for Fancy but get no leads. When Luis confronts a guy on the docks for information, Paloma begins to think that Luis has fallen in love with Fancy because of the way he's talking about her. Paloma tells Luis her beliefs, but Luis tells her she's wrong; his only concern is finding Fancy because he was the one who should have been helping her. Luis also tells Paloma that he's concerned for Sheridan's safety too.

Back at The Blue Note, Sam and Grace continue to talk on the phone. Grace tells Sam she wants to talk with Ivy and he hands her the phone. Grace tells Ivy that she has always been forgiving and Ivy is happy to hear that. However, that happiness is short lived because Grace warns Ivy that she's on her way back to Harmony and when she get's there Ivy is a dead woman.

Whitney is on the phone with Eve while Jared and Chad talk. Jared warns Chad to back off from his other woman but Chad says he can't do that. Whitney insults her mother for taking part in Ivy's scheme.

Gwen and Rebecca plead with JT to fess up but the only piece of information he gives is that the secret is bigger than big.

Friday, November 3, 2006

Chris figures out that Spike has Fancy and calls him on his cell phone. He tells Spike to let her go because Luis and the entire police force are out looking for her. Spike wants to have some fun with Fancy first before letting her go. Chris realizes that Spike is being foolish, so he sets out to find Fancy. Spike resumes attempting to rape Fancy; however, Chris shows up right in the nick of time. Spike is not sure if Fancy saw his face, so he wants to kill her, but Chris won't allow it. Fancy realizes that there is someone else in the cave other than Spike, so she offers the person money if he/she rescues her. Spike tells Chris that Fancy has to die because they both would be in trouble since Chris is in the cave with him and Fancy. Chris tells Spike to let Fancy loose in the park with the blind fold on, so that someone could find her because killing her is not an option. Spike doesn't know for sure if Fancy can ID him, so he is not taking any chances. Spike turns to get Fancy, but she is gone. He and Chris chase after Fancy, but before they could catch up, Fancy falls through a broken floorboard. Spike thinks he is home free because he thinks Fancy did not survive the fall.

Luis is still looking for Fancy but is coming up short. His lead is a dead end.

Kay is happy that Fox is on her side, but her happiness is short-lived. She thinks that Grace is going to hate her when she finds out about her role in Ivy's plot. At the Blue note, Grace tells Ivy via phone that she is going to make her pay for all that she has done to her. Grace is making plans to fly back to Harmony. She tells Sam how sorry she is for the choices that she has made, but Sam tells her that it's not her fault since it was all a lie orchestrated by someone else. Grace feels sorrier for Jessica because of her lifestyle, and she blains herself for not being there for her. Once again, Sam tells her that it's not her fault. Kay has a terrible dream that Grace has confronted her about her role in Ivy's plot to destroy her. Grace lashes out at her and tells her that she is a selfish and wicked girl that watched her family gets destroyed. Grace tells Kay that she doesn't think that she can ever forgive her. Furthermore, she is going to find Charity and reunite her with Miguel because Charity deserves to be with Miguel. She would not have done all the things Kay did because Charity is a good girl. Kay awakens and realizes that she does not want Grace to come home. Sam tells Grace about what Kay has done. She tells Sam that she is taking the next flight home. Grace calls Kay and tells her that she is an evil monster. Kay tells Grace how sorry she is, but Grace is angry and tells her that she is a heartless monster and that she disowns her. She also wishes that she had never given birth to Kay. Sam tells Ivy to pack her things and vanish because Grace is coming home, and he does not want any trace of Ivy at the house.

Theresa wants to be sure that Ethan is leaving Gwen before she tells him the truth. She is also concerned about Little Ethan's (LE) legacy because if the truth comes out, he stands to lose everything. Whitney asks Theresa if she is willing to give up her own happiness for money. Theresa tells her that it's not about money but more about LE's legacy. Theresa claims that she has put up with Alistair's evil and disgusting behavior for LE's sake. Whitney reminds Theresa that the only reason she married Alistair was to keep Ethan away from Gwen. Moreover, Alistair did not adhere to Theresa's version of the bargain. Besides, LE does not need the money since it won't make him happy and the money belongs to the Crane in the first place. It will also destroy him. Theresa tells Whitney that she won't let that happen. She insists that it's not about the money and more about losing LE to Ethan and Gwen; however, Whitney tells her that it is all about the money since Theresa is willing to forgo her happiness in order to keep her secret. If she really loves Ethan and wants to be happy with him, then it wouldn't matter if LE loses everything since her intention was to get Ethan all along. Theresa finally admits to Whitney that she has been letting the money cloud her judgment and she is willing to find JT and tell Ethan the truth. Theresa calls JT's cell phone and realizes that it's ringing in the club, the same club that she is in. Meanwhile, Gwen and Rebecca are trying to hide JT from Theresa. JT's cell phone rings and Rebecca tells him to turn it off. Rebecca and Gwen plan to slip JT out the back, but it's too late. Theresa has already discovered that JT is in the club. She tells Gwen and Rebecca that she is going to fight for Ethan and have JT tell him the truth, and this time she is going to win.

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