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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 6, 2006 on GL
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Monday, November 6, 2006

On Main Street, Frank briefs Marina, Harley, Mallet, and Gus on their security details during tomorrow's mayoral election. Dinah calls Harley away to set it up so that Mallet is assigned to protecting Ross's children, of which, Dinah is one. Gus and Harley realize that Mallet and Dinah need to talk to each other so they literally push the two together. Dinah points out to Mallet that the two had fun when playing with the fake blood on Halloween. Mallet points out that later that night, he had to deliver Dinah to Jeffrey.

On her deathbed, Reva tells Josh, Cassie, and Billy that there is no pain in dying, only light. She tells them she'll love them forever and dies. The three weep for Reva and begin to leave the room. Josh, however, hears something and insists that Mel examine Reva. After less than a few minutes, Reva's pulse and breathing return. They all rejoice, although Mel tries to get them to not get their hopes up. Jon and Lizzie arrive at Reva's room and Lizzie places a picture of Reva's granddaughter on Reva's pillow.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Ava tries to pressure Olivia into admitting if she ever, at anytime during her pregnancy with Ava, felt any feelings for the baby. Olivia remains harsh with Ava and insists she never felt anything for the child, only misery. When Ava leaves her, Olivia has a flashback to a stormy night when she was pregnant with Ava. A young Olivia starts out trying to comfort her unborn child, but ends up trying to convince herself that she can't wait to get rid of the baby once it is born.

At Reva's bedside, an excited Josh gets the idea to call in everyone who loves Reva to have them take turns being by her side until she comes back to them fully. Everyone is on board with the idea. Cassie says she'll make a list of people to contact, Billy goes to Main Street to find people, and Lizzie and Jon go to Company to get food for everyone. When Josh apologizes to Cassie for not finding time for them, Cassie assures him that this should all be about Reva. The group has been successful in rounding up well-wishers. During a montage to a song called "Sounds of Freedom," Reva is first visited by Tammy, followed by Remy, Harley, Gus, Frank, Buzz, Coop, Marina, Dinah (who reads get well cards to her while Mallet looks on with a smile), Hawk (who turns on the t.v. for her), Rusty, Billy, Josh, and Cassie.

Tammy leaves the hospital and Remy follows her. She works out her disappointments about both Reva's situation and her own aloud. Remy says that he didn't even need to be there as Tammy seems to have worked everything out on her own. Olivia and Cassie encounter one another in the hall. Olivia, while saying she is pleased that Reva is better, plants a seed in Cassie's mind of what Cassie's future might be should Reva survive.

Getting food for everyone at Company, Lizzie confesses to Jon that she loves him. She explains to him how a crush developed into actual love. When Jon tells her that he can't feel the same way, Lizzie is mature and says she understands that. She just wants to be straight with him. He takes what she has said to heart.

After everyone has taken turns signing up on the schedule for sitting with Reva (Dinah and Mallet will be watching soaps with her at 3:00 tomorrow), they all go back about their scheduled plans until it is time for their return. Everyone has gone except for Cassie. She watches as Reva opens her eyes and says, "Heaven?" Josh responds, "Springfield, sorry." As Cassie watches and listens, Josh tells Reva that he is there with her and that he knew that she would come back. He continues that he will never let her go.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

It's Election Day. Main Street is decked out in red, white and blue. Buzz and Coop discuss Ava wondering if she's interested in getting closer to Olivia. Coop tells Buzz Ava is not interested in knowing about her birth parents.

Olivia recalls overhearing Ava's conversation about her morning meeting to learn details about her father. Olivia vows to not allow that to happen. Buzz tells Olivia he needs her help with something today. Buzz asks Olivia to go to CO2 to talk with Coop. She tells Buzz she should talk to Coop alone. Olivia meets Coop at CO2. She apologizes about the situation with Ava having caused tension between him and his Dad. She tells Coop that she understands Ava is trying to sort out her feelings. She tells Coop that she knows Alan-Michael is helping her try to find her father. Olivia asks Coop if he's joining Ava in Alan-Michael's suite to review his findings. Coop claims he "forgot" and excuses himself. Olivia has a flashback about the night of Ava's conception.

Ava meets Alan-Michael in his room to learn more about what he discovered about her father. Alan-Michael has had people working on finding information in Springfield and San Cristobel. He tossed a pile of folders containing a multitude of information about her past her adoption, her school transcripts, her stepfather but nothing about her father. Alan-Michael said the files contain information on Olivia's story about how she got pregnant. A woman on staff the night of the party remembers an upset, disheveled girl being escorted out of the party the story appears to be true. Alan-Michael gives Ava a guest list from the party which would contain Ava's father's name. Coop shows up at Alan-Michael's door. Ava lets him in.

Coop sits and looks through the files. Coop tells Ava if it were him, he wouldn't do this, but if she does do this, he will be the one to help her. Coop sarcastically comments that the information looks promising and thanks Alan-Michael for all he's done and they leave. Coop tells Ava he left his keys in Alan-Michael's room and goes back in. He closes the door and tells Alan-Michael he's Ava's boyfriend. Coop tells him he'll be the one to help Ava from now on. Alan-Michael tells Coop Ava's slipping away from him. Alan-Michael tells Coop Ava may find he has more in common with him than Coop. Coop tells Alan-Michael Ava will find out he's just a jerk.

Jeffrey runs into Blake outside Company. Blake tells Jeffrey her friends, the Coopers, invited her to "hang out" at Company. Blake asks Jeffrey about his friends. Jeffrey tells her he likes to travel light. Blake tells Jeffrey it's sad how he makes being connected to people a bad thing. Jeffrey tells her she's "too" connected. Blake asks him if he wins if he'll be a "disconnected mayor". He tells her he'll be the mayor able to step back and make an objective choice. He tells her he has to write his speech. Blake tells him to write two versions. He invites her to celebrate his victory later. Frank shows up asking Blake if he could join her. She tells him it's the nicest offer she's had in a long time. Frank tells Blake Ross would be proud of her. Blake said she needs to win the election. She wants to continue Ross' projects and for her children to be proud of her. She needs the town to take her seriously. She needs to be seen as more than Ross' wife. Blake said she's been alone since Ross died. Blake tells Frank she doesn't have anything to hold onto. Frank hugs her. Blake tells Frank how nice it is to talk with someone.

Marina tells Ashlee she'll be in trouble if she is aware of anything the blogger will do to disrupt the day. Ashlee swears she told Marina everything she knows and her only conversations were through email. Mallet dismisses Ashlee. Mallet tells Marina he has Diaz following Ashlee. Marina is annoyed Mallet isn't keeping her in the loop. Marina tells Mallet partners share things. Mallet tells Marina he can't trust himself around Dinah.

Dinah goes to Jeffrey's room to find he is having the locks changed. Jeffrey tells Dinah the polls are showing he's winning. He tells her it's the last day as a private citizen. Dinah asks for a new key. Jeffrey tells her she's not getting a key because as of now, she no longer lives there. Jeffrey said he'll have a certain image to uphold. He tells Dinah that last couple of months have been great, but all good things must come to an end. Dinah claims he's been planning this. Jeffrey tells Dinah to move on. Dinah tells him he is embarrassed to be seen with her. Jeffrey tells her he's doing her a favor by throwing her out. He tells her he's trying to get her back with Mallet. She accuses him of being a politician. Dinah ask Jeffrey why he wants to get rid of her. He walks her out of his room telling her "it's been real."

There's a knock at the door. It's Jeffrey's boss from the past again telling him he's getting one last chance to get out of the race. He tells Jeffrey if he does, the Agency will continue to protect him. Jeffrey asks what will happen if he won't go along with that plan. He tells him all bridges will be burned and all secrets will be revealed. Jeffrey tells him, "Not if you never make it out of this room." He tells Jeffrey he made sure a lot of people saw him come to his room. Jeffrey tells him he is not dropping out of the race. Jeffrey tells him he's so close to being able to erase his past, to be able to look at himself. Jeffrey told him he's not going to let anyone get in the way. He doesn't owe the Agency anything. Jeffrey tells him he's out of the Agency and living his life not the one they created for him.

Mallet and Marina tell Blake they need to take extra precautions against the blogger. Blake tells them she's hired someone from Chicago for extra protection a pretty blonde who wants to go over the security details. Mallet flirts with the security officer from Chicago. Dinah confronts Marina asking her if she's really just Mallet's partner. She tells her yes. Dinah asks if Marina knows Mallet's whereabouts. Marina knows he's flirting with the woman from Chicago, so sends Dinah in to witness the situation. Dinah backs out of the door. She asks Marina who Mallet is talking with inside Company. Marina tells her Mallet's going to have dinner with Natalie and that Natalie's thinking about moving to Springfield from Chicago. Dinah said she has plans with Jeffrey and walks off. Marina laughs hoping she didn't give Dinah the "wrong impression."

Dinah storms back to Jeffrey's room, telling him she's been with him every step of the race, busted her hump and lost everything in the process. She believes he owes her and she wants a front-row seat to the finale.

Marina tells Mallet that Dinah stopped by while he was with Natalie. Marina told Mallet to thank him that she lead Dinah to believe he had a "thing" with Natalie. Mallet nervously thanks her.

Olivia is at CO2 and runs into Jeffrey's "boss." She has a flashback to having talked with him in the past when she was dealing with the pregnancy where he tells her to go home and forget it ever happened. She tells him she's pregnant how can she forget? In the present, Olivia grabs him by the arm and tells him she knows him. He tells her she's mistaken. Olivia pushes it reminds him of how they know each other. He tried to walk away. She pulls him back and begs him give her the name of the man he was protecting. Olivia threatens to scream the truth. He tells her he remembers her and the man she was with. He tells her the man is right behind her. Olivia turns around to see Jeffrey's picture.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Inside the Light: Springfield Burns

Olivia accosts Ditkins on Main Street, accusing him of being the one who tried to buy her silence about the rape and pregnancy. Ditkins finally admits it to her. When she demands to know who the rapist was, he instructs her to look behind her. She swivels to see a poster of Jeffrey O'Neill. Olivia can't make the connection between O'Neill and her rapist because she saw the rapist's face. Her rapist did not look like Jeffrey/Richard. Ditkins hints that perhaps he was Jeffrey before Jeffrey assumed Richard's facial identity.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey O'Neill leads in the polls and he can almost taste victory as he and his camp anxiously await poll results. Not desiring to appear too cocky, Jeffrey declines Dinah's offer for a glass of champagne. She reminds him that he already set about a thousand bottles on the stage to await his victory. He asks Dinah if she knows how long he has waited for this kind of validation. Dinah guesses it was since prison and wonders what he did to wind up there all those years ago. Though she assures him that he can trust her with the answer, Jeffrey doesn't reveal any secrets.

In a series of flashes to the past, Ditkins reveals to Olivia his first meeting with her alleged rapist. Young Jeffrey is questioned by Ditkins regarding his seriously long criminal record. He informs Jeffrey of Olivia's rape claims. Jeffrey arrogantly denies it, saying that she kissed him and it escalated from there. Ditkins yells that she was only sixteen. Jeffrey is affected by the news of her age. If he had known her age--then cuts himself off, insisting that she didn't say no to him. Ditkins knows that people will believe this poor girl over Jeffrey. However, because of Jeffrey's ability to impersonate people, the agency decided that his talent is useful to them. They take advantage of what he did to Olivia to enslave him in their service.

Olivia ponders what kind of agency is this that he belongs to. In a flash from the past, Young Jeffrey wonders the same thing. He says that he doesn't think they aren't the police or prosecutors. To this, Ditkins replies, "No. I'm the guy that keeps them from getting to you."

Olivia is distraught that they let Jeffrey get away with ruining her life. Ditkins claims that he is out of the business and can do no more for her. He leaves her alone and she remembers in flashing snippets how Young Jeffrey assaulted the semi-conscious Young Olivia. In the present, Olivia uses her cell phone to report an assault.

Staring at Jeffrey's poster, Olivia still can't believe it. From behind, Ava approaches. Humbly, she apologizes to Olivia. She now believes her about the rape. She can't imagine what that type of thing would do to someone. Walking away, Olivia replies, "It made me who I am."

Meanwhile, Harley and Frank stroll into Blake's campaign headquarters, wondering about how much Ashlee, who wears a SF Burns tee shirt, really knows about the blogger. They discuss the new state of the art police station underway and Blake reminds them that, if she is elected, the police are her first priority. Blake, in a red dress, is frantic as she trails in the polls by fifteen percent. She can't understand why people are sucked in by O'Neill when no one has any idea of what is behind his smile.

Jeffrey and Cassie exchange words outside of company after she votes. He seems bashful while speaking to her, not wanting to pry into whom she voted for. He asks her about Reva, saying he wants to get by to see her later. Cassie whispers that she voted for him. Even though Blake is her friend, he's a good friend, too-one that has seen her naked. Jeffrey thinks that's a good reason to vote for a candidate. Cassie spies his St. Jude necklace and wonders what it is. The charm represents The Patron of Lost Causes. Jeffrey was given one when he was young, but he lost it. He felt the charm brought him luck, and so he replaced it for today.

Meanwhile, Olivia is fixated on the original charm as she pinches it between her fingers. She is perpetually in thought as Ava slinks beside her to say she's off to vote. "O'Neill for Mayor," she awkwardly touts. Sardonically Olivia agrees. Once Ava is gone, Olivia remembers when she awakened after the rape and discovered the charm. Again she dials her cell phone. While Jeffrey is talking to some citizens, his cell phone rings. Olivia is on the other end. She tells him she needs to see him right now. Jeffrey can barely hear her over the crowd cheering his name. He wants to call her back later. He clicks off. Anxiously She paces, clamping the charm. As she remembers herself doing the same thing as a teenager, a voice over plays of Olivia explaining to Buzz how she craved attention from boys. This one who raped her so was so much older and more exciting. The memories blur between the explanation to Buzz and Young Olivia calling about her rape only to be hung up on. She is shattered into the present by voters on the street chanting for Jeffrey.

With the crowd now in the distance, O'Neill calls Olivia back and leaves her a message that now he can talk. Remy and Marina emerge from company and they comment with Jeffrey on how the blogger must have run out of Ammo. Meanwhile, someone wearing a red top and female wedding rings signs into SF Burns. That person pulls up Jeffrey's photo. She types, "The truth about Jeffrey O'Neill's criminal past..." The camera zooms up to Blake's eyes as, behind red rimmed glasses, she says, "Sorry, Jeffrey, I didn't want to do it, but it's your time to burn." Ashlee interrupts her to announce that the last of the returns are coming in.

(Part of my show was preempted by the President, but apparently,) On Main Street both camps have gathered. Among the balloons and cheers, Jeffrey pours himself a glass of champagne to have on hand when he is declared the winner. Olivia broaches him and makes cryptic accusations. He can hardly discern her words over the roar of the election crowd. Jeffrey prepares to take the stage with ninety-five of the precincts reporting. Blake is actually declared the winner of the race by a slim margin. Respectfully, Jeffrey hands his unsipped champagne to Blake. As she makes her victory speech, she sips the champagne and collapses on the stage. While she is rushed to the hospital, Frank discharges Marina and Remy to investigate any foul play that might be associated with Blake's sudden collapse.

While Blake is wheeled into emergency in a neck brace, Lillian and the medic discuss how she crashed on the way there and they barely got her back. Marina and Remy enter Blake's headquarters with gloves and begin sweeping the scene. Marina discovers Blake's laptop is almost logged into Illegally checking through its files, she concludes that Blake is the blogger. She calls Harley. Harley wants to know if they found anything that can rule out poisoning for Blake. Marina explains to Harley that Blake's computer contains source files for The Springfield Burns dating back to when Ross died. She and Harley agree that, if Blake was poisoned, their suspects could be one of the people burned by the blog, including themselves.

Jeffrey takes to the podium in the square to report on Blake's accident. His words trigger more negative memories for Olivia. Jeffrey saying that Blake is incapacitated makes Olivia tearfully quiver. Jeffrey announces that, as runner up, he will assume Blake's duties until she is well. Among the chants for Jeffrey, Olivia clutches the charm on its chain. Jeffrey's new charm is now visible from behind his tie. In Olivia's mind, the old charm dangles from Young Jeffrey's neck as he ascends upon Young Olivia. Finally Olivia finally accepts that it is really Jeffrey who took advantage of her. Frantically, she again dials to report an assault.

Thursday, November 9, 2006


As Jeffrey is on Main Street announcing that he will take over Blake's duties until she recovers, Olivia spots the medallion that Jeffrey is wearing and realizes that he was the man who raped her years ago. She calls the police to report an assault but when she can't quite explain that it occurred in the past, she hangs up and decides to handle it herself. Olivia plants herself on the podium next to Jeffrey and begins to tell the press about Jeffrey but is interrupted by Mallet who wants to question Jeffrey. Afterwards, Buzz tries to ask Olivia what she was doing but she will not discuss. Buzz starts talking about Ava's father and implies that maybe he has changed. An Angry Olivia states that people do not just get to change and storms off. Meanwhile, Mallet is accusing Jeffrey of poisoning Blake. Jeffrey denies even knowing that Blake was poisoned until now and questions what his motive would be. Mallet suggests that not only could Jeffrey get Blake's position as mayor, he may have also discovered that she was the blogger. Jeffrey cannot believe that Blake would do that, but Mallet thinks Jeffrey is putting on an act. Later, Olivia confronts Jeffrey in his office, telling him she has not forgotten who he is or how good he is at saving himself.

An angry Dinah is at an unconscious Blake's bedside at Cedars. She accuses Blake of trying to ruin her life because she was always jealous of her close relationship with Ross. An angry Dinah wants to know why Blake would ruin her one shot at happiness-her relationship with Mallet. As Dinah rants that Blake deserves to die Blake's heartbeat spikes. As Dinah continues to rail at Blake, Marina arrives and demands to know what Dinah is doing. Dinah tells Marina that Blake's heartbeat keeps spiking; they need to get a nurse. She and Marina then leave the room. Out in the hall, Marina discusses her theory that Dinah poisoned Blake. After all, everyone knows she hates Blake. Dinah points out that Blake hurt a lot of people with that internet site which intrigues Marina because there is no way she should have known Blake was behind it. Dinah covers that everyone knows about it, she heard it from the nurses. However, it is clear that Marina does not believe her. Later, at the police station, Marina looks at the security tapes from the Beacon and sees that Dinah entered Blake's room today. She calls Mallet to show him the tape. There's also something else---when Dinah entered the room she was empty handed; when she left she was holding papers. Papers regarding SpringfieldBurns. Later, Dinah is preparing to leave the Beacon when she is stopped by Mallet.

As Billy is telling Josh and Cassie that Reva is improving, they hear a crash in her room. It was Reva trying to get out of bed. As the group explains that she is suffocating and just wants to get out, Rick arrives with her rest results. He explains that she is cancer-free. Apparently, the bone marrow transplant did work; it just took her immune system a while to kick in. Rick tells Reva that she can go home but she needs to be careful. He cautions her that it is too soon to call it remission; remission is only remission after five years. Later, Billy and Josh help fill out Reva's discharge papers and discuss Reva-namely who should take care of her. Josh still feels betrayed by Billy for not telling him about Reva all along. Billy points out that Reva needs someone who could give her undivided attention and his is divided between her and Cassie. Meanwhile, Cassie is trying to convince Reva to stay with her but Reva is not too comfortable with that idea. She is still hurt about Josh and Cassie, mainly because she loves Cassie so much that she cannot hate her the way she wants to. Cassie demands to know where they stand but Reva cannot think about that right now. Later, as Billy is preparing to take her home to the Cross Creek cabin, Reva thanks them all. She states that although she thought she was sparing her family by keeping her secret, she realizes that they spared her by being with her in her time of need. Later, at the farm, Cassie wonders if what she and Josh have is all because Reva orchestrated it. Josh tries to tell her that what they have is real.

Friday, November 10, 2006

When Cassie sends Josh to talk with Dr. McCabe. Cassie confides in Harley about her relationship with Josh. Cassie says that Reva's going to have a hell of a fight on her hands if she wants Josh back. Meanwhile, Reva is angry at herself for giving Josh and Cassie her blessing. Billy is more than happy to take care of Reva, but to his surprise, she's called Lillian. Reva doesn't think it's fair for Billy to have to be her caretaker. Billy admits he wants Reva to love him the way he loves her and leaves. Cassie is uneasy after Billy tells her that Reva kicked him out, as Reva shows up at the farmhouse and tells Josh she couldn't stay away. When Jonathan hears that Reva was released from the hospital he rushes over and finds Josh talking to Colin. Jon tells Josh not to rub Reva's face in the fact that he's with Cassie now and wonders if Josh can't walk away because he realizes how much she had to love him in order to do what she did. Mallet accuses Dinah of poisoning Blake, then trying to skip town, but Dinah tells Mallet to trust that she's innocent. Mallet believes Dinah is innocent, but Marina is still skeptical and convinces Mallet to question her once more. Mallet thinks Marina is acting like a jealous girlfriend and explains to her that the look in Dinah's eyes proved her innocence to him. Olivia calls Jeffrey out on trying to steal the mayoral title from Blake, as she sets the stage asking Jeffrey if he's ever taken advantage of innocent girls before. When they're interrupted, Olivia is spurned once more and attempts to attack Jeffrey, but he disarms her as she drops the bombshell on him. As Jeffrey reels from the revelation that he is a father, Olivia tells him she "got rid" of the baby. And if that wasn't enough, Harley tells Jeffrey that the poison was meant for him. Harley asks if Jeffrey knows anyone who might want him dead.

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