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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 6, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, November 6, 2006

At home, an angry Margo gave Tom some heat about working for Craig. Maddie and Adam came over for dinner. While waiting for Casey to show, Maddie almost told Adam Casey and Gwen's history. Casey showed up and told Adam the whole story. Adam said he didn't like the position this put him in, both brothers bending over backwards for her. Casey called him wishy-washy about working with Gwen. Adam told Casey if he and Gwen didn't click creatively, it wouldn't work out anyway.

Craig and Lucy headed over to Fairwinds where they could discuss Johnny's custody in private. Lucy threatened to have him arrested for kidnapping her and Craig flatly refused to give up his fight for his son. Craig told Lucy Dusty was no good and was just after her money. Lucy left. Craig called Tom to come over anticipating Lucy going to the police. Lucy went to the Lakeview and talked to Dusty. Lucy said she didn't really want to have her father arrested but Dusty pressed the issue. Lucy went back to Fairwinds with Margo & Dusty. Margo placed Craig under arrest.

Jack overheard Carly on the phone leaving a message for Simon about how Simon's important to her. Jack came in and asked if she was in love with Simon. She didn't know. Jack then told her he missed her and wanted her back. Carly knew the only reason he was back was because of Simon. Jack told her she belonged to him and he moved in to kiss. Carly turned away. Carly told Jack it was too hard being his wife and trying to live up to his standards and it was easier with Simon. Carly asked Jack to go.

Katie found Simon at her front door. Simon confessed that if he wanted Carly or any other woman, he had to let Katie go. Simon saw her "dream wedding" box and started pulling out the mementos. He remembered what each one meant. Katie grabbed at a figurine belonging to Mike that was in the box. It shattered. Katie broke down and Simon hugged her. Katie calmed down and the two sat down on the couch. Simon asked why she was throwing the box out--because of him. Katie got upset again thinking about all the lies and heartache Simon created in her life. Katie said she hated him and started beating on his chest. Their anger turned to passion and they kissed.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Margo arrests Craig for Lucy's kidnapping. Craig accuses Dusty of manipulating Lucy. Lucy tells Craig she doesn't want Johnny to end up like Bryant. Craig acknowledged how he hurt Bryant, but that he loves all his children. Craig tells Lucy she will regret what she has done. Margo locks Craig in a cell. Craig tells her the charges won't stick. Craig said she doesn't have any evidence he kidnapped Lucy. Craig says Lucy's credibility has been compromised. Margo said she will put together a case piece by piece proving Lucy was tortured by her own father. Margo tells Craig he should let Johnny go. Margo tells Craig he has forced Lucy into an awful choice and exposed her to the press and their greedy desire for a horror story. Tom walks into the cell area and listens to Margo's speech to Craig. Tom tells Craig it's enough and he's taking Margo home. Tom tells Craig he's quitting that he's not dividing his family. Craig said they have a contract. Tom tells Craig to sue him.

Emily walks into the jail. Craig tells her betrayal is like death it happens in threes, but so does revenge. Emily tells Craig it is his fault Tom quit. She said he was bluffing with Dusty and he's lost. Craig tells Emily he signs her paychecks. He tells Emily she'll have a front row seat to how the evening will spin around to his favor.

Dusty tells Lucy he and Johnny will not forgot how much this has cost her. Lucy tells Dusty she doesn't want Johnny to know about this situation. Dusty said Johnny will find out about this; that Lucy has guts and she'll be his hero for being so strong. Dusty asks Lucy to stay with him tonight. They embrace in a passionate kiss and ask each other if they're sure about what they're doing. Lucy said she thought her father would be different and that she almost gave him another chance. Dusty told her he thought that made sense. He said Jennifer gave him another chance. He asked Lucy if she did this for him. Lucy said she did it for herself. Dusty said she had options, but that she put herself on the line for him and he would always be grateful. Things heat up between them.

Gwen and Will meet with Adam to review some of her material to which Adam asks Gwen if it's the "best she's got". Will defends Gwen's work to Adam. Adam says Gwen needs to come up with her own sound. Gwen sings her newest song. Adam suggests some changes and a formal singing coach. Will tells Adam Gwen doesn't need a coach, but Adam tells them that she does if she wants to go beyond singing at Crash.

Jade showed up with pictures of the party. Gwen is upset Jade showed up. She accuses Jade of having followed her and Will. Adam defends Jade. He tells Jade he's not going back to L.A. yet. He tells her he doesn't care what Gwen and Will think about her. He tells her he wants to call her later. Adam takes Gwen outside to tell her she's a tough girl and to act like it. Adam tells Gwen "tough" makes it in this business. Gwen tells Adam she's had more "tough" in her lifetime that he's ever seen. Adam tells Gwen he knows she doesn't like him. Gwen tells him it's about the music. She tells Will she wants to stay and get some work done. Gwen sings her song to them and Adam tells her the song was beautiful and should go on the album. She tells Adam she has to leave to study for an early test. Adam tells Gwen she needs to decide whether she wants to be on the dean's list or the billboard's list not both. Adam tells Gwen he needs a commitment. Will tells Adam she's already told him she's committed and he either believes her or he doesn't. Casey tells Adam to back off. Will tells Gwen they could find someone else. Gwen tells him she doesn't want to find another producer she wants to stick it out.

Lily visits Carly. Carly shares her feelings and the discussion she had with Jack. She tells Lily it's really over with Jack and that she has more in common with Simon than she realized. Carly tells Lily how exciting it is to be with Simon. Lily tells Carly she understands, but warns Carly of Simon's dark side. Carly tells Lily she is drawn to his dark side. Lily asks Carly if she's in love with Simon. Carly is unsure, but does see Simon in her future. Carly tells Lily she and Simon are ready to move on. Carly tells Lily she will always love Jack, but she's not the person for Jack anymore. Carly tells Lily she left a message telling Simon of her feelings, but that she hasn't heard back from him. Lily tells Carly she should call Simon again. Carly thinks that looks like she is desperate. Lily tells Carly she should go track Simon down and tell him he's "the one."

Meanwhile Simon is in bed with Katie. They get dressed and Katie is upset that they made love. Simon said he didn't come to see her to have that happen. He said he came to make some peace with the past. Katie accuses him of having been wanting to take her away from Mike. Simon tells her she is unable to forget anymore than he is able to forget. She said she broke her marriage vows that she's a cheat and a liar. She wanted to be with Mike forever. Katie said Simon only cares about himself. Simon said they were both caught up in what just happened. Katie tells Simon to get out of her life and stay out this time.

Simon returns to him room and listens to Carly's message. Simon comes out of the shower to fin Carly sitting in his room. He tells her he got her message. She's upset he didn't return her call. She asks him what he had been up to tonight.

Mike comes home to find Katie crying and asks her what is wrong.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

At Java, Margo looks on as Tom, who has decided not to work for Craig, tears up his huge retainer check from Craig and the two are caught kissing by Casey who has come to talk to his parents. Margo and Tom let Casey know about Lucy charging Craig with kidnapping her years earlier and about Tom leaving his job with Craig and basically being unemployed. Casey then reluctantly tells them he needs to talk to them about money. Casey tells Tom and Margo that he wants to stop working at Crash so that he can work with Adam on producing Gwen's demo tape. Tom and Margo agree to give him the money to supplement his leaving his job at Crash because the opportunity to work with Adam is great. As they are getting ready to leave Java, Margo gets the call that Craig has been released on bail.

At the jail, Emily and Craig are discussing his situation when his lawyer arrives with good and bad news. Craig's lawyer tells him he has bail, but the trial for the kidnapping of Lucy is fast approaching and she will need to discredit Lucy, but Craig tells her not to worry that he will take care of Lucy. Craig and Emily return to Fairwinds where Craig begins to tell Emily about his plan and shows Emily a vial of white powder and Emily assumes it is to drug Lucy. Emily says she doesn't want to be a part of drugging Lucy and as they are talking Margo arrives and Emily makes a hasty retreat. Margo tells Craig not to jump bail or hurt Johnny or she will make sure to keep him out of Johnny's life and in jail.

At Fairwinds, Lucy and Dusty are on the couch kissing when they receive a phone call from Emily telling them that Craig is going to be out on bail tonight, but that the kidnapping case will move quickly. Lucy and Dusty decide to leave Fairwinds together since Craig is on his way home. Back at the Lakeview, Lucy and Dusty run into Johnny, Barbara, and Chaz and Dusty takes Johnny upstairs with Chaz while Lucy stays downstairs to talk to Barbara about her relationship with Dusty and their interaction. Barbara tells Lucy that everyone will perceive that she is pressing charges against her father because of her feelings for Dusty. Barbara tells Lucy to make sure no one has anything to talk about and Lucy reminds Barbara that she is the only chance for Dusty to keep Johnny. After Barbara and Lucy talk, Dusty comes back downstairs to talk to Lucy and she tells him that Barbara is right and they should stop seeing each other until the case is over. Dusty agrees and kisses her before she leaves.

Back at Katie and Mike's house, a distraught Katie is surprised by Mike who has returned and tells her he is not taking the job in Chicago and that they can keep trying to have a baby. Katie tells Mike she is sorry and he thinks she is apologizing about not being pregnant, but Katie is upset by what she has done with Simon and gets up to walk away and steps on a broken ornament. As Mike removes the glass from Katie's foot he tries to get her to tell him what is wrong and she tells him she has made a huge mistake. Katie begins to tell Mike about what happened with Simon when they are interrupted by the doorbell and Lucinda who has come to talk to Katie about her book. Katie tells Lucinda she is almost done with the pages she needs and Katie promises to have the pages to her tomorrow. As Lucinda leaves, Mike asks her to go easy on Katie and then he returns to Katie and tells her he understands that she is upset not only about not being able to get pregnant, but also about her deadline. He assures Katie he will always be there for her and she tells him how lucky she is to have him. Mike carries an injured Katie up to bed and tells her not to worry, everything will be better in the morning.

Meanwhile, Carly has turned up at Simon's to find out why he hasn't returned her message about their relationship. Carly tries to convince Simon to be with her and she tries to find out why Simon has had such a change of heart. Carly apologizes for her behavior earlier and let's Simon knows she cares about him and that she told Jack that she and Simon are not just business. Simon is upset because he has already slept with Katie, partly because of what Carly had said to him earlier. Carly tells Simon she is not looking for a commitment, but that she just wants to see where their relationship will go. Simon finally admits to Carly that he doesn't want to hurt her and that she was right about him not being for her. Carly tells Simon that they already know the worst about each other and she wants to be with him for the fun. Carly finally asks Simon if he wants to be with her and when Simon refuses to say anything she leaves.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

In a studio rented for Gwen to record, Adam and Casey waited impatiently for Gwen and Will. The couple was at Java waiting for coffee. Will asked Gwen if she needed to wait and get some rest before recording since she was up all night with school-work, but Gwen was a trooper so they went t the studio. When they showed up Adam told Gwen to be early next time. Will doesn't want Adam to be so hard on her. Adam explained that Will just didn't understand music. Gwen understood they needed to make it better.

Gwen sang the song again. Will overreacted and Casey tried to explain the process to him. Adam joined Gwen in the studio and asked her about the origin of her song. She explained how it was about being scared, her pregnancy and hope for the future of her child. Adam said it didn't ring true to him and that it was really a sad song. Gwen did the song much better using these emotions Adam stirred in her. Their time was up in the studio. Adam sent Casey and Will to get another hour so they could finish up. Adam sat at the board and saw Gwen sleeping through the glass.

Katie worked on "Oakdale Confidential" and imagined Simon on the screen. She jumped up and Mike saw her. He asked what was wrong. Margo came to their door and Mike left. Margo asked Katie what was wrong. She confessed Simon was her problem. Margo told her it was fine as long as she had not acted on it. Katie almost confessed the whole truth but Margo interrupted. Margo told her about writing all her feelings down to get the situation in perspective before she talked to Mike about it. Margo had somewhere to go. Katie picked up her laptop and confessed all to it.

Carly went to Simon's room to hand in her letter of resignation and breaking of their partnership. Simon told her he was sorry for how he had acted. Someone knocked on the door. It was their broker with great news. All the units were sold and some wanted Carly to decorate for them. The broker left. Simon and Carly got closer. Carly asked him why he pushed her away and if he was over Katie. He changed the subject and told her there was something he need to take care of. Carly went. Simon picked up his phone and called Katie. Katie came over to Simon's room.

Craig told Emily she'd be poisoning someone. Emily protested that there was no way she would poison Lucy. Craig told her Meg was the target. He told her that Meg would just feel like she had the flu. Emily then thinks Craig is setting her up. He told her this way they both would get what they wanted. She could be there for Paul through Meg's illness and the two would grow closer. Emily refused. Craig told her if she did, she was out of a job. Em said she didn't want to but would. She wanted to know all his plans but Craig remained tightlipped. Craig took her to the Lakeview where Meg was having breakfast.

Meg sat down for breakfast at the Lakeview. Paul surprised her and informed her that he had set up the meeting, not Dr. Bob. She knew. Paul apologized about what he said about Craig and her. Paul told her about Craig being arrested. Meg didn't like him gloating about it. She also didn't like that Paul didn't think she could handle Craig. Paul listed all the women Craig had screwed over. Paul told her she couldn't handle Craig. Paul decided to leave before the conversation got heated. Emily appeared and asked Meg if she could join her.

Friday, November 10, 2006

In the recording studio, Adam complains to Will and Casey about Gwen falling asleep on the job. Gwen awakens and insists she wants to make this record. Jade, meanwhile, has arrived at the recording studio and flipped on the switch that lets her hear what's happening in the studio, so she overhears all the arguing about whether or not Gwen's really ready for her big music recording opportunity. Adam goes back to the engineering booth and sees Jade, who says she just dropped by to watch a genius at work. Gwen comes out and tells Adam she wants to stay and keep working on her recording; Adam agrees and tells Jade she can stay if she wants to watch them finish up. Jade does, and Casey, Will, Jade, and Adam all listen to Gwen recording another take of her song. Adam tells Gwen it's pretty good, and she hugs him. Jade leaves with Adam as Casey and Will hug Gwen.

Craig goes to Paul's place, where he says he wants to make sure he's not causing any friction between Paul and Meg. He tells Paul that "what happened at the gala" was entirely his fault. He says he kissed Meg, and Paul laughs. Craig then asks if Meg told him about the kiss; instead of answering, Paul says Craig should go now. Craig says he had to continue the pattern of him and Paul going after the same women, but he says it's "no fun twisting the tiger's tail if you don't roar." Craig leaves, and Paul calls Meg and leaves a message on her phone for her to call him, then he leaves, too.

Emily tells Meg she wants to have a cup of coffee with her and try to mend some fences. She explains that she's in therapy now, which Meg says is terrific, and that the therapist says she should try to resolve any issues she has with other people. Meg agrees to listen. Emily fakes a coughing fit; when Meg gets up to get some water for her, Emily reaches over and drops the drug Craig gave her into Meg's coffee cup. After Meg returns with her drink, Emily continues talking about trying to get past the hatred she had for Meg and Paul, but Meg begins to feel ill, saying she may have picked up a bug at the hospital. When Meg says she thinks she needs to go home and lie down, Emily says that's just an excuse to get out of talking to her, and she takes it all back about wanting to mend fences with Meg. Emily storms off, and Meg, feeling quite weak, puts her head down on the table. Her phone falls off the table, and Craig appears and picks it up for her.

Carly and Mike sit and talk about her breakup with Jack and her current involvement with Simon. Mike says he's been rooting for her to get back with Jack, but if she's happy with Simon, then he wishes her luck and hopes Simon doesn't let her down like he has everyone else.

Katie goes to see Simon at his suite after he calls and asks her to come over. There, he says they can't ignore the fact that they slept together, but she was right to tell him it was over. He says it was a terrible mistake and will never happen again; the look on her face shows that that's not what she was thinking. Simon tells Katie that the memory box and the house itself brought back all kinds of memories for him, but he now sees what Katie has known for awhile: it's too late for them, and it's time they each moved on with other people. He is surprised when Katie doesn't seem happy to hear this news. Upset, Katie tells him he'd better not ever tell anyone about them sleeping together, then she says she wishes him luck with Carly; as she opens the door to leave, she sees Carly. She tells Carly that she's not interrupting anything at all, and she almost runs from the room. Carly tells Simon she wants to know what made Katie leave in such a hurry and what's she's hiding. He tells her that just as she had to let Jack know that they were definitely finished, he had to cut all ties with Katie. Carly tells him this means they're both finally free, and Simon adds that they're "filthy rich." They become passionate and fall together onto the bed.

At Mike and Katie's house, Lucinda and Mike go inside and talk about how they haven't been able to reach Katie. Lucinda needs the latest pages for the sequel to "Oakdale Confidential," and when she sees Katie's laptop, she suggests they just look on it and print out the pages. Mike refuses, saying that's like spying on Katie. He gets Lucinda to leave and tries again to reach Katie on her cell phone, but Katie, who's meeting Margo for coffee, doesn't answer. Katie tells Margo that she and Simon slept together; Margo tells Katie she's not the first person in their family to make that mistake, but she'd better hope that Mike never finds out. Katie suddenly realizes that she's written down the whole story on her laptop, and although Mike's not the type to spy on her, she'd better hurry home. Meanwhile, Lucinda has called Mike and told him that the publisher simply must have the next installment of Katie's book immediately, and that he should decide whether he'd rather tell Katie he had to pull it up on her laptop or that her whole book deal has been postponed. He tells Lucinda he'll do it, and he opens the file on Katie's computer marked "Oakdale Confidential." When Katie rushes into the house, she sees Mike looking at her laptop with a stricken look on his face.


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